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"The best video game adaption of the blockbuster movie!"

Introduction- Ah yes, Batman Returns. I remember going nuts when I found out they made this for the SNES back in the day, and it's held up amazingly well over the years. Konami almost always made a quality game, and this is an excellent example. The NES port was dull, the Genesis port was decent, this port is brilliant.

Story (9/10)- Follows the movie remarkably well, starting at the beginning. Of course, it's been adapted to work as a side scrolling fighter, but cinema scenes help keep the game true to the film. As you probably know, you are Batman, facing both Catwoman and The Penguin. The game starts at the beginning, goes all the way to Batman being framing for the Ice Queen's murder, and up to the end. The story is never very important in fighters, but it's overall a good translation here.

Gameplay (10/10)- Excellent. Just excellent. Unlike many other side scrollers, this one doesn't get stale. Along with the standard punch/kick/jump kick formula, Batman can pull off a special move, drop bombs, use a grappling hook, even block. He can smash two clowns together, throw them up against the wall, even wing batarangs at them in order to stun them. The levels keep things fresh. You'll go from a standard scroller, to a complete 2D one, and then to a cool driving stage.

Graphics (10/10)- The graphics are amazing. All the characters are well detailed, large, and realistically animated. Konami put their all into this category. The stages are extremely well done, showing loads of detail. Even the cinema scenes are digitized amazingly well. There's not much more to be said, the graphics are simply awesome.

Sound (10/10)- More good stuff. The music is incredible. Every stage features an excellent, movie-quality soundtrack, the SNES had a great sound system and this game shows it. The sound effects all sound realistic. Punch a clown, it sounds like a clown being punched. Slam someone against a wall, it sounds appropriate.

Replay (8/10)- The game is long, and at times pretty difficult. Once it's finished, I don't think you'll want to play through all over right after again. Still, it's a nice to plug in and play every once in awhile.

Overall- An amazing game, Konami did an exceptional job in bringing the movie license to the SNES. Most movie based games are pretty awful, that's not the case here, it's one of the rare exceptions where a movie based game is superb. This is one worth picking up if you're looking for a quality SNES fighter.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/09/04

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