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    Boss FAQ by GeckoGamer

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    Version Final
    Last Updated: 4/14/00
    By David Harriman II
    (C) Copyright David Harriman 2000
    Table Of Contents
    I) Version History
    II) Contacting Me=
    III) Items
    V) Beating the Bosses!
    VI) Cheats
    VII) Copyright Information
    IIX) Credits
    I) Version History
    1.0 - The only so far. That is, if I decide to make another version.
    Final - Everything is complete and the crapppy title is gone.
    II) Contacting Me
    Need to tell me something i just got to know, compliments, comments, help? Anything, as long as it's not
    SPAM or anything offensive. Keep Cool, got it? OK, if you want to e-mail me, my e-mail address is
    GameXMaster@aol.com. I wont reply to your mail unless I want to so no whining if I did not give you a
    reply! Thanks.
    III) Items
    Bomb - Aim at the point you want your bomb to take off and it will slowly fly there. In a short time it will explode.
    Try thinking ahead and laying it ahead of your opponent so once it takes off it will hit your opponent as soon as
    she/he comes in to veiw.
    Plasma Bomb - And if you thought the bomb was powerful wait till you see the plasma bomb. Once your gun is
    fully charged-up launch this and it will fly a little faaster than a regular bomb and hit your opponent. IT'S VERY
    Homing Laser - Once you use this, laser beams will start coming down and will automatically hit your opponent as
    long as it's visible. It's powerful, but of course, nothing is as powerful as the plasma bomb.
    Cursor - One of the weaker items, as soon as you use this a cursor will appear on the screen for you to see where
    you'll hit.
    Sheild - Onced uesd, the sheild will protect you from attacks for a limited time. A good time to use this would be on
    Ivan or if you accidently (I hope) chopped off Scarab's legs.
    V-System - An upgrade of the sheild, it will not only sheild you but increases your power and speed for a longer
    time but still limited. Try not using this unless you have a lot of health left because it takes away your health.
    IV) Beating the Bosses!
    Heres your chance now to kick some major butt!!!
    NOTICE: Hardly never use machine gun mode! Its better without unless you want an unbeatable challenge.
    << A. Boss 1 >>
    Name: Garam
    Pilot: Guido
    Height: 7.55 meters
    Width: 7.35 meters
    Weight: 21,000 kg
    Max. Speed: 135 km/h
    Engine: Madal GSR 1,900 kg /// Madal GSX 1,250 kg
    Difficulty: 2/10
    How To Beat: Here is the very start. You'll start off with one bomb. Don't waste it here. Save it for later
    because this boss is a cinch! He'll start off by hurring off toward the right. You'll follow. Start off by striking
    him twice with full blast to the chest! Always better if you can get some more. Anyways, then, charge up
    ready to blow out his next attack. Then again. If your luck, you aimed correctly and your shot went right
    through and hit him. If your not, who cares! At least he's the easiest boss in the game! You'll still beat him
    I'm sure. Well, at least I think so. So anyways, just keep hitting his chest. Thats when he'll get mad and
    throw his hand at you. You'll take in a good number of damage. This means your getting close to beating
    him. Finally, he'll be finished!
    << B. Boss 2 >>
    Name: Scarab
    Pilot: Ikhnaton
    Height: 8.00 meters
    Width: 7.35 meters
    Weight: 98,700 kg
    Max Speed: 90 km/h
    Engine: Eratos FS-V 2,900 kg
    Difficulty: 3.5/10
    How To Beat: Huh, weak point? HA! This time it gets a little trickier. Shooting him with full blast wont work
    this time! This guy could've beat everyone he met, if it only wouldn't open up its weak point. What a HUGE
    mistake! So if your wondering, the weak point is in the middle of its belly. Very easy to notice, right? Well,
    he wont open it up for a while, so you should take out his guns. I doubt you'll finish early but if you do, then
    take out its arms. DO NOT take out his legs though. It will take forever and you'll end up killing yourself.
    Even if it does do him some major damage. He'll give you everything hes got when hes down. So, once the
    weak point opens up, shoot it with full blast. Machine gun shooting wont help a bit! In a matter of fact, it
    almost wont do anything! Anyways, once you shot it, this is your chance when you can freely attack any
    part of its body with more damage! All you have to do now is keep shooting at it's chest and wait untill it
    falls! A good time to use the machine gun now is when it will throw
    << C. Boss 3 >>
    Name: Lorca
    Pilot: Lorca
    Height: 9.4 meters
    Width: 5.0 meters
    Weight: 22,700 kg
    Max Speed: 125 km/h
    Engine: AVG Pegasus 2,330 kg
    Difficulty: 4/10
    How To Beat: Lorca's fast, really fast. Not only that but he's skinny like his machine wich makes him very hard to hit.
    Not only that, but if you shoot his legs or his arms they'll get chopped off from his body. I mean thats as no good
    because hardly any damage would be dealt and it comes right back on so steady your aim but there is a good thing
    to it. If you use your machine gun then blow off all of his legs and arms it will keep him from doing his Sonic Spin
    attack. You should rather instead take him out quickly by keep hitting him with charged-up turbo shots in the
    easiest place, his chest. Try not hitting him when he is running away or speeding up. It's to risky and then he just
    might have time to do his Sonic Spin attack. Just keep hitting him like that. Soon, he'll be down!
    <<D. Boss 4>>
    Name: Ivan
    Pilot: Antonov
    Height: 15.72 meters
    Width: 25.20 meters
    Weight: 382,000 kg
    Max Speed: 20 km/h
    Engine: Rotarev Oval
    V30 ,300 PS
    2,200 rpm
    Difficulty: 7/10
    How To Beat: Finally, you first real challenge. Antonov focuses more on power and armor more than speed. You
    have to admit, he is hard. What he'll do is he'll protect his weak, yet powerful point untill it charges up while
    attacking you with his guns attatched to his knees and head of his machine. They attack one by one so
    memorize the order of which they go in first and then block them with your machine gun. Also, theres no use in
    attacking his legs because it will take a painful and very long time. You rather shouldn't, it's to risky. Instead
    wait till he finished attacking and hit the middle of the doors. Machine gun actually CAN get them open quickly
    its just that they'll close quickly and you wont have much time for a turbo attack unless you use a bomb. Once
    the doors open either use a nice bomb or start using turbo shots whatching also to block his shots. They're quite
    powerful you know. If your quick engough right when the door opens and he's charging up and ready to hit you
    use a turbo attack right in the middle which will will block the shots and also hit hi weak point. It's very useful.
    Keep reapeating untill finally half of his body is knocked out along with most of his healt. Now your chance, the
    only problem is he'll hit you with whatever he has and hopefully you can survive.  Ignore the pain and start giving
    him whatever YOU'VE got and if your good enough you'll finish him.
    <<E. Boss 5>>
    Name: Artemis
    Pilot: Tasha
    Height: 9.32 meters
    Width: 5.25 meters
    Weight: 19,550 kg
    Max Speed: 120 km/h
    Engine: Ariel AS 1,800 kg
    Difficulty: 4/10
    How To Beat: Hope your not scared of heights because on this level your jumping down a cliff and battling. It goes
    down for a long time. A REALLY looooonnnnnnng time. Anyways, your fighting a girl but don't get the wrong
    idea. She is very fast-paced and agressive. Try taking out her missle system on her back but it will take out theose
    deadly missles. Once you take that part of herr back off you'll do her some major damage which will then give you
    the advantage to beat her before she could do no more.
    <<F. Boss 6>>
    Name: Schneider
    Pilot: Alfred
    Height: 8.39 meters
    Width: 8.05 meters
    Weight: 21,290 kg
    Max Speed: 125 km/h
    Engine: Anti-Gravity Control
    System Alfred QZ-IG
    Difficulty: 5/10
    How To Beat: He'll start off by running away to the right. Once he is visible take out the three orbs to do some nice
    damage. Note that a bomb wont do much help here on this guy. Now he'll start to make a new orb that wouldn't
    wouldn't do much help on his side but if you don't take it out he'll make a new one. So take it out quickly. You'll
    find that it doesn't do much damage at all. Nearly nothing.  Once thats out keep doing turbo shots to his chest
    untill it rips off. Thats good sign because now when you hit him you'll do a lot more damage. Also, It wouldn't
    matter that much if you take out it's legs because when you do you'll find he didn't really need them because he
    was levitating off them.
    <<G. Boss 7>>
    Name: Valius
    Pilot: Edward
    Height: 10.07 meters
    Width: 5.45 meters
    Weight: 16,800 kg
    Max Speed: 110 km/h
    Engine: FJR Asuka/S 2,150 kg
    Difficulty: 8.5/10
    How To Beat: This is one of the toughest of all bosses in the game (not including the last). If not, the hardest! He
    can wipe you out before you get a chance to even hit him! He was just a poor old guy to untill Anubis had to
    brainwash him to be a bodygaurd for him because of his combat techniques. It would be a good idea now to use
    any special items you've saved up now to use it on him. The trick to beat him is to be very accurate and use your
    items at the right time, right moment. Also, when he's charging up for special attack quickly hit him so you'll
    damage enough to the point where you'll paralyze him for an instant. If your not quick enough, either you still have
    a chance by hitting your turbo with his or just hope it doesn't hit you. Thats about it, just keep this all in mind.
    <<H. Boss 8>>
    Name: Baron
    Pilot: Carlos
    Height: 11.40
    Width: 5.65 meters
    Weight: 31,700
    Max Speed: 155 km/h
    Engine: Mirage AXIS/V 2,280 kg /// Mirage AXIS/S 1,250 kg
    Difficulty: 7/10
    How To Beat: Seemslike an Edward copier with that mask. It also makes him heavily protected and goes with his
    shining armor. He concentrates more on armor and speed more than power but altough he will though, when he's
    heavily damaged, sacrifice his sheild for power by throwing it at you. Use your machine gun to make him put up
     his sheild if you want to get rid of him the very quickly if you can, use a turbo-charged shot. Keep doing this
    untill he'll finally throw his sheild at you. Hope that it misses and keep attacking him with turbo shots to finish him
    off. Keep in mind that to try not to use any plasma or homing missles on him because you've got a opponent ahead
    of you to waste it on.
    <<I. Final Boss>>
    Vital Statistics: ???UNKNOWN???
    Difficulty: 9/10
    How To Beat:
    PART 1:
    Your toughest challenge lies yet, ahead. Hopefully you saved up some good items. Keep in mind,
    he has two forms so try not using any items on his first but if you have at least two items and one of them is a bomb
    don't worry, fire at will because you'll get two on the second part of this boss. Just keep firing at his chest no matter
    what happens. And try blocking the double turbo shots by hitting him with a turbo shot before he has time to fire
    it off. Once he's finish, prepare for part two.
    PART 2:
    Prepare for him to reveal his true form but don't get fooled by your health. Some of the nicer cheifs you've beaten
    are back and bad. Well, bad as in on your side. After the little chit chat they'll rfill your health meter and give you
    two bombs if you have room enough. Now, you'll be off. Try blocking all of his shots because if you get hit it's
    you'll be in for some painful amount of damage. Once he fires shots from his floating eyes be prepared for for his
    shoulders if you should call it, to pop down and fire. Hopefully you have a Homing Missle or Plasma bomb in
    handy because now is the time to use them. If you have homing aim for one of his shoulders and if you have a
    plasma aim in the center of him. Then take care of the rest of his body. If you don't you should start off with the
    eyes and memories when it fires and right before it will open it fire a turbo shot at it to explode it. Do the same with
    the other one. Then go on to his Legs and fire turbo shots starting only with one of them, then going on to the next.
    Your probably almost dead by now and also now you can block out his shots more easily. Once his shoulders slide
    down use a bomb for each making suer you hit both of them because then you'll have and easier time taking them
    out. After your finished taking out one of them gon on with the next. After that you'll weaken him. He'll give it
    EVERY SINGLE THING HE'S GOT to kill you even if it means sacrificing his own life.
    THE END?
    Once he's beat, get prepared for the credits and I know that you probably have the urge to reset the game but just
    wait till the end and it will give you a code for a more difficult level wich where the enemies are way more faster,
    stronger, and will even have more ands different, but even more stronger moves. If thats to hard, good thing, you
    can now choose a difficulty level. Sorry, there are some people out there who want to earn the code fair and square
    so I can't give it away. I don't want to spoil anything but go to my cheats section for more information about it.
    V) Cheats
    Harder Difficulty: This cheat requires the SNES controller. So, if you have one plug it in to one of the slots and
    press select and L at the title screen. If it doesn't work try it again. You shouldn't cheat on this mode with
    a cheating device. If you really want to get good at it play this mode on each difficulty. After a while I
    beat it.
    VI) Copyright Information
    COPYRIGHT ©2000, GeckoGamer (glenrLce@aol.com) BY LAW. NOBODY, OR NO COMPANY,
    If you see this Walkthrough/FAQ on any other site besides the ones below , contact me as soon as
    Don't you dare e-mail me. i changed my mine about my guide. The only two people using it is
    Gamewinners and GameFAQs and I want it to stick that way, Thanks.
    I'd Like to thank/For/Contact/URL/
    CJayC (GameFAQs)/Posting this guide up/Gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com/http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    Webmaster of Gamewinners/posting this guide/?/http://www.gamewinners.com/
    Thank you all
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