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Let's start off by saying that the 1990 or 91 Battletoads arcade game(yes,there was one)was very exceptional and maybe even groundbreaking since it was the very first game with high amouts of blood,although for some reason people didn't flock all over it like they did Mortal Kombat a couple of years later.I would review it,but I haven't seen it in a LONG time.
Soon afterwards,a Nintendo Battletoads was released that was completely diffrent(of course it was,this is Nintendo we're talking about).This one was just as good,and perhaps the longest, HARDEST action game of all time(I brought it in 92 and just finished it two years ago),and I still have a decent amout of fun with it today.
Now,to the matter at hand,93's Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.
The plots of these games were never meant to be that special, seeing how the BTs were just another of millions of TMNT clones at the time,but it's better than the plots of the other two.It's about a virtual reality computer program called''The Gamescape''that has a sprite named Salas Volkamire, whom teams up with the Dark Queen,has a Psyco Pig(I didn't name them)jump out of the screen somehow and,you guessed it-capture a princess,and also Zitz,the''smart''toad(though intellect is useless in a BT game).
Thus,after the plot,you get to the second flaw on the game;you select either Rash,the''cool''toad,or the ''strong'' toad,Pimple to rescue Zitz and the princess.But the truth is, while Rash is considerably faster than Pimple,Pimple is NO stronger than Rash,even when I counted the hits it took to beat the first boss with each toad,there was no difference at all,so unless you want to handicap yourself,pick Rash.
You have about as many moves as you did on the other toad games,but there two truly innovative aspects to the game;on the two player mode,one toad can throw a enemy while the other swats it out of the sky with a jump punch thereby having him fly into one more jump punch,then after the deadly game of tennis is over,you can give him the boot while he's on the grond!The other innovative thing you can do on the game is dodge one enemy when he attacks,he will charge on and often hit a fellow pig or skeleton,then that character will retaliate and attack the one that did the accident,then it goes back again,sometimes getting four or five enemies involved,making a very amusing conflict while they while you can watch them waste themselves until it's time to clean up when there's only one or two left!
I would give this game an extra point for these unique attributes,but even with this,they're both only useful on the
first level,since you're always racing or riding on the other levels.
Which brings me to the NEXT problem,while the NES Battletoads had twelve+ very tough but fun levels,this one only has six+. Even worse,these six levels are just remakes of certain NES levels but SHORTER!Even the music is worse than the NES version!It also has less enemies and obsticales.The interface of the Dark Queen,the BTs,and the proffesor also lost most of it's magic.
GAMEPLAY:7-the fighting engine is very original,watching enemies fight eachother and doing team teqhniques could make the game IF you had to use them past the first level.It can be a lot of fun on the first level with two players but even that can get boring after the first five times.After that and the wookie-hole2 level you can just give up because it has that same lame''one player dies and the other goes with him'' engine as the NES version,only now it's unforgivable,since the first level is the only true fighting level.
GRAPHICS:6-vivid yet bland backgrounds and decent yet basic character graphics make for a very average experience.
SOUND/MUSIC:6-once again average.The music is very empty,and just copies of the NES music-but worse.The sound is pretty good through.The sound gets a 7,but the music gets a 5.
LEVEL DESIGN:5-as I said before,I wish there were levels where you really had to use all your moves,but instead,you just get copies of only half of the NES game's levels.Plus this game only has TWO BOSSES!One of my favorite parts of games.
Also,Volkamire is a cool character,but you don't even fight him through any part of the game(accept at the ending,where you have to TRY to get the bad one)!Even at the intro,a Psyco-pig kidnaps the princess-all Volkamire does is brag at the beggining,but near the end,he runs like a wuss!I haven't given any real spoilers(not that I can on the weak ending), but I'm just telling you not to get your hopes up.
CHALLENGE:8-just cut the NES versions challange in half(but that's still saying a lot!
REPLAY VALUE:3-not much at all,except for on the first level.
OVERALL:5-playing the NES,Genesis or(good luck)arcade Battletoads games or Battletoads/Double Dragon are all better bets than playing this rushed version.Compare NES versions to SNES versions of Mega Man,Ghouls n' Ghost,or Gradius and you will see vast audio and visual diffrences on the SNES.But then again,their fighting partners,the Double Dragons also had a very bad Super NES debut.
Speaking of which,how come I haven't seen either one of these icons in a game since their teamup six years ago?

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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