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"A shadow of former glory"

The original Battletoads for NES was a charming and extremely challenging beat em up that featured a few mini game type levels where you piloted a vehicle. This sequel is an incredibly lazy attempt to use the same formula for success, but the good design of the original is GONE.

Graphics: Well, this is a Rare game, and Rare never snuffs Graphics for cart space. The sprites are detailed enough. Animation is fine. No slowdown from what I can remember. No complaints here.

Sound: There are a few good tunes in this game, but nothing too special. Once again, no complaints.

Game Design: This is where the original kills this sequel. The original had 12 levels, a few of those being obstacle course type levels where the player(s) are in control of a vehicle. This game ends up being one or two beat em up levels with four obstacle course levels. The game quickly transforms from a beat em up to an obstacle course game. Rare just didn't seem to put their heart into the design of the game this time; it's as if the designers didn't really want to be making it. The whole thing just seems lazy and incomplete. The levels and little fighting that remains are slow paced and boring. The two characters are poorly designed; the small fast one is indeed fast, but the slow strong one is actually no stronger than the speedy one! To make up for it's incredible shortness, Rare made the game frustratingly difficult (although not nearly as challenging as the original). A challenge can be fun in a game that's enjoyable to play, but a super hard poorly designed game is just frustrating. Unimaginative controls. There's jump. There's attack. Not much else. 2 player mode is usually the saving grace for mediocre beat em ups, but not here; this game is hardly even a beat em up after the first level, and if your partner crashes in an obstacle course, you both are forced to start over at the start. Eventually, one of you will likely end up losing his or her lives first, at which point the loser will force both players back to the beginning of the level. Now, the loser probably has more lives, which means the OTHER player will probably die first next time.. forcing both players back to the start of the level once again. It's a frustrating cycle and makes you want to stick to one player.

Overall, this is a very unremarkable attempt was made at designing this game. Seriously, this is an extremely poor effort; I know Rare can do better than this. You need look no further than the original Battletoads for proof.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/22/03, Updated 02/22/03

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