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"RoTD material! (And come to get yer frog legs)"


''Get yer frog legs, get yer frog legs''. A ramification of such utterly disrespectfull comment to a battle toad frogs would result serious, serious ass kicking. This game is the epitome such bravery. This game features fighting martial art toads which they battle their way through the levels and keep progress on and on into the game. The fighting part is fun in itself and you shall comically fighting action as you play the game. Battletoads in Battlemaniacs isn't a game that should be over looked because of its unconventional characters and game play. Without father delay, I'll present you with the ''meat'' of the review.

Game Play

The game play is somewhat of an generic game play that is ubiquitous for the SNES console that includes Final Fight and Final Fury and the other plethora of games that includes beating them up single handily an then continuing beat up the endless lop of enemies.

Yawn? I'm afraid not! This is an interesting change because it includes something that you wouldn't find in some games: comical fighting. This includes your frog (*gets slap* I mean, toads, sorry Mr. Battle Toads!) morphing his arms into a battle axe or other weapons and enlarging his foot into a boot in which he uses it to kick the rear end of the enemies. Not only that the fighting comical but you get a change in enemies as well: instead of human opponents, you'll face with MEANIE PIGS. Pigs equipped with nefarious weapons that want to inflict damage to you and your love ones.

I couldn't stress enough that this isn't JUST a fighting game, but also an action platform game as well. This means that your frog has the ability to jump and dodge and run around in the stage and avoid getting hit by some hammer or something. Also, another fun factor in the game that I should mention is that fact you get to ride in this motorcycle in one of the rounds in which you have to keep jumping or you hit a brick wall thus dying a horrible death.

There isn't any weapons in which you can pick up in the game but that is ok because your frogs know the art of unarmed combat in which they use grappling and striking abilities to defeat the opponents. I love the actually fighting part of the game because the sight of picking up a 200 lbs pig and throwing over the cliff seem to appease me.


As we come towards the end of the review we can conclude at this game has the utmost evolution of gaming ... ok, not really. This game is just a comical twist to your regular beat them up while affording the ability to mix beat-them-up and platform action together.

Do no argue with Angry LUEser.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/14/04

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