Review by Skye7707

Reviewed: 07/13/04

Toads with fighting skills? YES!!!!!

~ Introduction ~

Yes, toads with fighting skills, large stone hammers, kung fu feet and so on, why not? You have rabbits with guns, talking dogs and more funny stuff so this is another cool game to play. This is one of my favorite snes games. Beat as much orcs as you can. Kick them with your feet, fists, hammers and stuff, oooooooh I like it so much :) ^^.

~ Game Play ~ 9/10

You're one of the battletoads, Rash or Pimple. You play alone with Pimple or together with a friend, so you would be pimple and your buddy would be Rash. The point of this game is kicking orcs away from the screen by using your fists, feet, hammers and more cool stuff. Your final blow will always be with a large hammer or a huge foot :).

~ Fun Factor ~ 11/10

This is FUN, who wouldn't want to kick orcs with some crazy cool toads? Add some cool special effects and the whole game is Superb!

~ Story ~ 7/10

Some queen called the Dark Queen captured Zitz and placed them to some unknown world. You (Pimple) or with a friend (Rash) will need to rescue them. You need to go to a teleporter and save them from being killed. That's the story, nothing more, too bad there isn't a very good story line.

~ Graphics ~ 9/10

Pimple and Rash look nice, they can do some pretty good moves. The orcs really look like they're the bad guys. All things are pretty good detailed, some areas are interactive, like you walk on something and it'll drop into the ground, or a volcano will erupt when you walk near it. The graphics are quite good for a Super Nintendo game. Hopefully they'll make a Battle Toads 3D in the future, that would be great.

~ Music and Sound ~ 10/10

The music is just SUPERB! It's funky, cool and all those other words describing the music is great. All levels have cool music in it and you'll hear a "boink" when you hit an orc. I won't get tired of listening to this music. It's something like techno music!

~ Controls ~ 8/10

Those are pretty easy, just move, jump and hit. Nothing more, easy to use.

~ Play Time & Replay Ability ~ 8/10

The game is and will still be great after beating it 3 times or more, that's just cool about a game, when you can replay it over and over without getting tired of playing.

~ Overall ~ 8/10

A nice toad fighting game, some things could have been better though.

Rent or Buy? First rent it, if you like it you should buy it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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