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"Toads will beat frogs anyday!"

In a new world where everything is different, the toads Rash, Zitz and Pimple have to make there way through it and be the best. This world is the Super Nintendo. Unfortunately Battletoads in Battlemaniacs didn't become the best, but they are still one of the best action games on the SNES. Battletoads in Battlemaniacs is a nicely done action platformer that contains good music, good graphics, and very good gameplay. Battletoads:Battlemaniacs(BiB) came out in around 1993 and stuck to the greatness that the NES Battletoads provided. Tradewest is the company who made BiB and RARE produced it and of course this is licensed to Nintendo. That's about the only history I know about this game and now I get the oppurtunity of reviewing a great game otherwise known as Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.

STORY:(7/10) The Dark Queen has captured Zitz and taken him to another world. It's up to Pimple and Rash to go through a time portal and save Zitz at all costs. The thing I didn't like about the story, which affects the game itself is the fact that since Zitz has been captured player 1 has to be Pimple and player 2 has to be Rash. I personally think it's dumb and that Tradewest should've done something like having the Dark Queen capturing the professor. That would allow all the characters to be playable, but that's just what I think would've made it better.

GAMEPLAY:(10/10) This is a perfect beat-em up game that is really fun with two players. As in previous Battletoad games, you walk around in the level beating the living crap out of bad guys who get in your way. There is decent amount of levels and they are pretty hard. It's hard, but it doesn't get you mad and causes you to cuss out loud derogetory terms. Instead it is fun and keeps you persistent until the end, or atleast it did for the people I know who played it including myself. The attacks that both Rash and Pimple can do is electrifying. When seeing these toads do funny yet powerful looking moves on the enemies it doesn't seem like the SNES could do it. I'm not saying they are special, but they look really cool. When two guys trap you just press attack and you will see yourself blowing huge fists right in their jaws. The toads can ram their heads into evil or even give them the big boot. The cool thing about BiB is that the scores get racked easily. Just beating one guy gives you about 5000 or more points, but that could also mean the number of hits you do. The attacks that Rash and Pimple do are different so you won't be seeing the same attacks when playing with both controllers. Some levels have you walking through it or you're on a vehicle beating up guys or things that try and kill you. The bosses are pretty hard and can drain your life easily. When starting BiB you will have 3 lives and the life meter has about 8 dots and those dots are pretty tough to get rid of. Some of the enemies that you fight do some crazy attacks like ramming their stomachs into you or using weapons against you that look weird. The difficulty as I said isn't too hard, but their is 3 continues also for you just in case you can't quite handle it. Too bad there is no options for changing the dificulty level. The only option settings you can change are the sound for either being stereo or mono. All you have to rely on in this game is your fists, because as in most action games like this there are enemies coming from left and right and even up and down sometimes. That's pretty much all I can say about BiBs gameplay. It's really fun and addictive and is better with two players. The only bad thing, but not really bad thing is that 1st player has to be Pimple and I prefer Rash.

MUSIC/SOUND:(10/10)I really really liked the music in Battletoads. For some reason I have always liked the music in action games, but I think that Battletoads probably has the best music and especially in this one. It's a mix between techno and rock. Not really techno, but because the fact that video game music is considered techno that is the reason. I like level 1, 2 and 5s level music the best. Level 2s music gives off the feel of the area with its music and with the rock n roll added into it it sounds like there is some serious A double S whooping to give off. I can't explain how the music sounds other than that it's like rock, but for the most part why I like it is not only because it sounds good(it does)but because it gives off a feel of the mood and feel of the game. That's what music is supposed to do right? Or atleast something near that. The music is very enjoyable and I love going through the levels. Some may even see me bobbing my head or humming the beat. I don't like the music in Bib, I love it! As for the sound, it's good too but I don't think I can go indepth about it as I did with the music. The sounds were clear and good to hear. Most of the noise that I heard was the indication of me doing something good like getting another life or knocking something out. The sounds aren't as noticeable as the music, but are pretty easily noticeable nonetheless. The sounds are nicely done and nicely detailed as to what it's doing. Overall the sound was very good and the music was pure genius.

CONTROLS:(8/10) This isn't very bad, but got annoying easily. In most SNES games the Y button or A button is used most(for RPGs and action games), but in BiB the buttons are confusing. The attack button is B in which most games is the jump button and the jump button is A. I am not sure if this game was remade from Nintendo onto Super Nintendo, but the buttons could've been done on NES. The good thing about these control is that since the button configuration is so small it is not confusing at all once you get the hang of it. The controlling of the characters is smooth as the rest of the game. The controls weren't much of a problem to me, but in case you don't like it you can't do anything about it because you can't change the buttons either. To run is easy and similar to some other action games which is to tap the directional button twice for the direction your going. Kick and punch is the same button which might be weird for some other people, but the buttons activate differently on how the enemy is. For example, if an enemy is on the ground an unconscious your character will kick the enemy and if he is standing up then you will punch him/her/it in the face or chest. The controls could've been done better to ease the players, but it isn't bad the way it is.

GRAPHICS:(9/10) I wouldn't say they are perfect, but these graphics are really good. The Battletoads and the other enemies and characters look very well detailed. The Battletoads have lines in their arms showing off there huge biceps. The backgrounds fir each stage look good and there is background within the background in most of the levels. What do you mean? Well I'll answer your question viewers, the first stage is a volcano stage and you are walking on red, rocky surface and in the background you can see volcanoes bursting and the ocean is red. It's the background within a background because what your walking on is already background. Anyways, the graphics are really good and everything, not just the background but everything is colored very nicely and seems like a comic book. For the SNES these are really high quaity graphics, but they couldn't fit any other system. Some people say that the graphics are so good that they could be on [insert system name], but BiB looks and is only on the SNES.

REPLAY:(7/10) it's even fun to play again after beating the game. It's just not as fun as the first time. I usually play this game over to listen to the music and just beat on enemies. BiB is really fun when you involve Rash meaning two player games. it is not only easier, but cool to play with a friend. Don't worry about secrets in this game because I don't think there are any. I don't know what else to say about the replay value other than it's pretty good, but don't spend too much time playing this over and over because it won't do you no good other than listening to great music.

OVERALL:(9/10) Battletoads in Battlemaniacs(yes I spelled it out fully) is possibly the greatest Battletoad game ever. I think it also might be the lst one where it's just the three other than the versions on the arcade. I truly recommend buying this game for many reasons. The music is great, the action packed fun of the game is great and the graphics are great also. If you are a fan of action games than this is a must own game. Don't rent it, go out and buy it at some pawn shop or any other store you know of that sells SNES games. You people don't know what you are missing out on if you don't buy this game. As a matter of fact you don't need to buy it, but it would be better, you just have to and I mean have to play this game and experience its greatness. I love this game and if you play this you might love it too.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/16/00, Updated 05/16/00

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