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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Zzyzzyxx

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/14/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            ____                       _                           
                           / __ ) ___   ____ _ _   __ (_)_____                     
                          / __  |/ _ \ / __ `/| | / // // ___/                     
                         / /_/ //  __// /_/ / | |/ // /(__  )                      
                        /_____/ \___/ \__,_/  |___//_//____/                       
                                ____ _ ____   ____/ /                              
                               / __ `// __ \ / __  /                               
                              / /_/ // / / // /_/ /                                
                              \__,_//_/ /_/ \__,_/                                 
                   ____          __   __   __                      __              
                  / __ ) __  __ / /_ / /_ / /_   ___   ____ _ ____/ /              
                 / __  |/ / / // __// __// __ \ / _ \ / __ `// __  /               
                / /_/ // /_/ // /_ / /_ / / / //  __// /_/ // /_/ /                
               /_____/ \__,_/ \__/ \__//_/ /_/ \___/ \__,_/ \__,_/                 
    Beavis and Butthead FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by Zzyzzyxx
    E-mail: Kobe_5@hotmail.com
    MSN Messenger: Same as E-mail
    Version 1.1
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Version History
    Getting Started
    Couch Fishing
    Highland High School
    Streets of Highland
    Highland Hospital
    Turbo Mall 2000
    GWAR Concert
    Legal Information
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VERSION HISTORY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Version 1.1: Went through the guide and fixed up many errors
    Version 1.0: Released version, most of the FAQ is finished
    Date: 8-14-02
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Beavis and Butthead was made in 1994 by Viacom Newmedia. You might've seen 
    their TV show on MTV before, which I'm sure was much more popular than their 
    video games. This game lacks a good story, graphics, sound, and pretty much 
    anything else you can think of that makes a good SNES game. Most people only 
    bought this game because they love the TV show so much that they thought they'd 
    check out the game. This game is very easy and you'll have it beat in no time. 
    That being said, I'll move on to the story.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STORY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Beavis and Butthead want to go to a GWAR concert and the only problem is that 
    they don't have any money. They think that if they take pictures of themselves 
    doing cool things, they will be able to get in for free. You play through four 
    levels and at the end of each level you get to take a picture and then go couch 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONTROLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Left/Right: Move character left or right
    Up: Enter doors, stick tongue out to eat falling food, interacts with various 
    backround objects, makes a block move while fighting in certain levels
    Down: Duck, pick up things on the ground such as ammo, extra lives etc.
    A Button: Butthead leg-throws Beavis when close to each other
    B Button: Jump
    X Button: Run (while holding left or right)
    Y Button: Use weapons, if they have no weapons it does the same thing as the L 
    L Button: Butthead picks his nose or Beavis scratches his butt, if the two are 
    close to each other, one will slap the other
    R Button: Nothing
    Select: Change characters between Beavis or Butthead in a one-player game, 
    change words on password screen, change choices on options menu
    Start: Start, pause, enter
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GETTING STARTED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    When you first start the game, you get the little message that says:
    Beavis and Butt-head are not role models. They're not even human. They're 
    cartoons. Some of the things they do would cause a real person to get hurt, 
    expelled, arrested or possibly deported. In other words, don't try this at 
    It then brings you to the Beavis and Butthead title screen. You can make 
    Beavis laugh by pushing any button on the control pad and make Butthead laugh 
    by pushing A, B, X or Y. To continue, push start.
    You will then go to the main menu.
    1 Player Go: Starts a one-player game. You start out controlling Butthead, but 
    you can switch to Beavis simply by pushing the select button.
    2 Player Go: Starts a two player game. Controller one controls Butthead and 
    controller two controls Beavis. The only way to switch characters is to switch 
    Options: Brings you to get options menu. Here you can turn the music on or off, 
    switch between stereo and mono, and select the difficulty level. The three  
    difficulty levels are wimp, cool and dude with wimp being easy, cool being 
    medium and dude being hard.
    Password: Lets you continue from a previous game. You get a password after each 
    level you complete.
    Once you select a one or two player game, you pick which level you want to play 
    in.When you first start out, you can choose from Highland High School, Streets 
    of Highland, Highland Hospital or Turbo Mall 2000. Streets of Highland is 
    probably the easiest if you're just starting out.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COUCH FISHING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    After you beat a level, you'll get to go couch fishing. Couch fishing is to 
    raise your health meter for the next level. You try to catch as much food as 
    you can until either the time runs out or your line gets snagged. Your line 
    can't be snagged while you are bringing food back up. You have to try to avoid 
    the old lady and the dog. To avoid the old lady, just move your line over her 
    head when you see her. The dog is very hard to avoid, though. If you practice 
    it enough you'll be able to avoid it.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HIGHLAND HIGH SCHOOL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ----------------------------------- PART 1 ------------------------------------
    Beavis and Butthead walk through the halls in this part. It is fairly easy. 
    Check the first phone to get a coin. Get the paintball guns and all of the ammo 
    that you can. Simply shoot the skateboarders that go through the hall and watch 
    out for Todd kicking lockers over. A lot of times you can just jump over the 
    skateboarders instead of shooting them to save some ammo, but we all know that 
    it's more fun to shoot them. Ammo isn't really a problem in this part anyways. 
    Make sure to check all of the lockers by pushing the up button because there is 
    ammo in one of them. You can use your one coin to buy something from the 
    vending machine for more health.
    Soon you will approach a door. Go through it. Check the phone to get another 
    coin. Walk into Stewart and he will give you ammo. Make sure to jump over the 
    janitor or he'll hit you with his mop. When you get to the end of the room, 
    walk into Stewart again to get more ammo. Then exit the room.
    After you shoot a number of skateboarders, you will come to a second door. Walk 
    past the door a tad and open up the second locker to get more ammo. Then walk 
    back and enter the room.
    In this room you will see a number of skateboarders for you to shoot. Again, 
    walk into Stewart and he will give you a piece of pizza. Check the phone to get 
    three coins. Keep walking past the exit door to get an extra life. Then you can 
    exit the room.
    When you exit the room, go to the second locker to get more ammo from it again. 
    You will then see a vending machine that you can buy food from. If your health 
    is low, use your coins to buy some food. Note that you can only buy three items 
    from any vending machine. You will come to another door, and that is the end of 
    part one.
    ----------------------------------- PART 2 ------------------------------------
    This is the cafeteria part of Highland High School. In this part, you will get 
    some kind of baseball bat with boxing glove on the end type weapon. You need to 
    watch out for people throwing food at you in this part. If you hit the fat blue 
    kid four times, two pieces of food will fly into the air that you can eat to 
    bring up your health. He's usually hard to kill because a skateboarder will 
    always come at you while you're hitting him. You can hit Daria and try to catch 
    her piece of pizza. Also watch out for Butthead's dad flipping burgers at you. 
    Just keep walking and they will go up a hallway. That is the end of part two.
    ----------------------------------- PART 3 ------------------------------------
    They're back to walking through the halls. You can either have them get ammo or 
    keep your previous weapon. I suggest that you just have one use the ammo and 
    one keep the previous weapon if in a one-player game. You can switch between 
    the two to use the different weapons as needed. If it's a two-player game, just 
    do it however you want but remember that the ammo is more limited.
    After you walk a little bit, you will approach a door that Mr. McVicker comes 
    out of. Shoot him and then go through his door. You will then be in this little 
    room where you run back and forth getting food to fill up your health meter 
    until the timer runs out. Just make sure you don't get hit by the falling 
    objects while running from one side to the other. Once your health meter is 
    full, it's best just to wait for the timer to expire so you don't get hit by a 
    falling object at the last second and not have full health when you exit.
    Once the timer expires, you will be back in the hallway. You'll have to 
    constantly turn around to either shoot or hit Mr. McVicker so he doesn't catch 
    you. You'll also have to shoot a bunch of skateboarders and watch out for Todd, 
    like normal. You'll go by a vending machine, but you'll probably only have one 
    coin. If you do spend it in the vending machine, make sure it's right after you 
    shoot Mr. McVicker so he doesn't catch you while you're getting your food.
    You will then come to another door. There's not very much in this room. You can 
    get a different weapon here by pushing up by the little drawers in the 
    counters. I suggest that you don't get it because you'll only get six shots and 
    you'll lose all of your ammo if you decide to get it. Watch out for Earl 
    throwing something at you and also watch out for Todd. The only thing that's 
    useful in this room is the ammo that Stewart will give you.
    Once you exit the room you will have to continue to shoot Mr. McVicker, Todd 
    and the skateboarders for a little ways. You will come to another door, and 
    that is the end of part three.
    ----------------------------------- PART 4 ------------------------------------
    This is the gymnasium part of Highland High School. Beavis will sit on 
    Butthead's shoulder, swinging the baseball bat with boxing glove weapon. If you 
    are in a two-player game, whoever controls Butthead will walk and be able to do 
    the block move and whoever's controlling Beavis will swing the weapon. This is 
    one of those few parts where the up button will do a block move.
    You will swing at basketballs, skateboarders, and Todd and Earl with their 
    wrench in this part. You can do it so that if you hit a basketball it will go 
    flying and hit a skateboarder or Todd and Earl. You can also just plain hit 
    them without using the basketballs. You have to make sure that you don't get 
    hit by the basketballs, though. If you see a basketball that's about to hit you 
    in the head, push the up button to block it. Just keep going and the part will 
    be over.
    ----------------------------------- PART 5 ------------------------------------
    This is the locker room part of Highland High School. Both players start out 
    with the baseball bat with boxing glove weapon. You will need to watch out for 
    the lady that whips you with her towel. If you hit her, she will fall down for 
    a couple of seconds, giving you enough time to get by her. You can also duck to 
    avoid being hit. You'll then come up to some showers. The first couple showers 
    turn on and off, so you can just walk through them when they're off. After 
    that, you'll come to showers that stay on. You need to use the leg-throw to get 
    them off. Have Butthead leg-throw Beavis over the shower and then have Beavis 
    turn it off by pushing the up button by the lever. If you're in a one-player 
    game, the computer player will automatically turn it off when you leg-throw him 
    over. When you're past those showers, watch out for the coach. If he catches 
    you, he will slam you against the floor a couple times, which really lowers 
    your health meter. You will then come to a door that you should go through.
    Check the phone in the room to get a coin. You will see the coach a couple of 
    times, so be ready to hit him. At the end of the room, Stewart will give you a 
    piece of pizza. You can then exit the room.
    When you're out of the room, watch out for the little exploding things. As soon 
    as you're by them, be ready to hit the coach. You will then have to leg-throw 
    Beavis past two showers. Then you’ll come to a couple toilets with an alligator 
    in one and a waterfall in the other, followed by some more exploding things and 
    the coach again. You will go past a vending machine, but you shouldn't get 
    anything from it since the towel lady is standing right next to it. Once you go 
    past a few more toilets and the coach one last time, you'll be at the end of 
    part five.
    ----------------------------------- PART 6 ------------------------------------
    This is the final part of Highland High School. You're back in the gymnasium, 
    just like in part four. You'll have to avoid basketballs and skateboarders 
    until you get to the last fight against Todd and Earl. These two are by far 
    the easiest level-ending enemies. You simply hit them with your weapon and hit 
    basketballs at them. They'll try to hit you with their wrench, which never 
    happens. You're more likely to get hit by the basketballs than by Todd and 
    Earl. Beat them and you're finally done with Highland High School.
    Next, you will take a picture of them beating Todd and Earl. Then you'll get 
    your password that you can write down if you want to. Make sure to go couch 
    fishing next. You can read about couch fishing in the section I made called 
    Couch Fishing!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STREETS OF HIGHLAND ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ----------------------------------- PART 1 ------------------------------------
    Streets of Highland is probably the easiest level in the game. When you first 
    start, grab the baseball bat with boxing glove weapon. As soon as you grab it, 
    duck so the old lady doesn't hit you with her cane. Walk a little further and 
    have the other player grab the next weapon. You must watch out for 
    skateboarders, shopping carts, birds, birds dropping eggs and dogs throughout 
    the level. There is a lot of food on the sidewalks that you can eat to get more 
    health. As you get further, make sure to jump over the rakes, otherwise you'll 
    get hit by them. With all of the food, you shouldn't have very much trouble 
    getting through this part.
    ----------------------------------- PART 2 ------------------------------------
    You get to go clothesline jumping in this part! You have to time your jumps to 
    avoid the big black dog and the little white puppy from getting you. There's no 
    weapon to kill them with either. Make sure that you make every jump from 
    clothesline to clothesline. That's all there is to this part, not too 
    ----------------------------------- PART 3 ------------------------------------
    You're back to walking on the sidewalks in this part. Have them each get the 
    baseball bat with boxing glove weapon in the beginning. Have the one that gets 
    the first weapon hit the kid in the car that you'll see just before you get to 
    the second weapon. As you keep walking, hit the cart and jump over the water 
    fall. Slide forward on the slippery stuff, not backwards. Then you'll come to 
    some sewers. Hit the sewer lid as soon as it flies off, sprint and hit the next 
    sewer lid before it flies off, etc. If you wait too long, alligators will pop 
    out of some of the sewers and try to bite you. Just avoid a couple of 
    waterfalls towards the end of level and that's about it.
    ----------------------------------- PART 4 ------------------------------------
    In this part, you clothesline jump some more, but you get to use weapons. Hit 
    the big black dog with your baseball bat with boxing glove weapon and avoid the 
    birds that fly on the top of the screen. After the first set of clotheslines, 
    you'll jump onto land and have to hit some birds until you get to the next set 
    of clotheslines. The second set is harder since the birds will fly in the 
    middle of the screen also. The part is over once you get past the second set of 
    ----------------------------------- PART 5 ------------------------------------
    This is the final part of Streets of Highland and probably the most difficult. 
    There are a lot of birds that drop eggs and swoop down at you. You'll also have 
    to watch out for a couple of dogs and rakes before you get to Mr. Anderson. You 
    might not have very much health left if you haven't died during the entire 
    level yet, so don't worry if you die once.
    Pick up the first three apples that you see. Keep walking and try to get as 
    many of the next three as possible. Walk back a little bit and throw all of the 
    apples at him using the Y button. Jump to the right side and pick up the apples 
    that he throws and that don't break. When he shoots one at you, jump to avoid 
    getting hit. He will then turn around and shoot apples towards the left. If 
    you're on a one-player game, the computer player will throw the apples that 
    don't break back to you. Pick up all of them and wait for him to face you 
    again. As soon as he faces you, run up to him and throw all of your apples at 
    him. If he's not dead yet, stay on the same side that you're on. Wait for the 
    computer player's apples and throw them all at him as soon as he faces you 
    again. He should then be dead.
    Beavis and Butthead will then go inside his tool shed and take his chainsaw. 
    You'll get to take a picture of them cutting down all of the trees on the 
    block. Write down the password if desired, go couch fishing and you're done 
    with Streets of Highland.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HIGHLAND HOSPITAL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ----------------------------------- PART 1 ------------------------------------
    When you first start, walk through the first door. Have both Beavis and 
    Butthead check all of the four phones. You should find a total of 12 coins. 
    Don't buy anything from the vending machines that follow, since they should 
    have a full health meter. You'll then come to a machine where you can change 
    the music by turning the lever. I recommend changing it, since the other music 
    kind of sucks. Just before the exit door, grab the two gas weapons that are on 
    the wall. Continue to walk past the door and get the extra life. You can then 
    exit the room.
    Avoid buckets on the floor, doctors throwing carts at you from the hallways, 
    and doctors jumping out at you from behind curtains. The best way to avoid 
    getting hit by the doctors is to wait for them to jump at you and then just 
    keep walking and spray them from behind. Continue walking right and you'll 
    come to another door.
    Spray the two doctors and grab Stewart's pizza in this room. It's not worth 
    going in if your health meter is full.
    After you spray a couple more doctors, jump over a cart and get more gas 
    weapons, you'll come to the third door.
    Avoid getting plunged by the man with the plunger. Simply duck and spray him 
    when he's close to you. You can then eat Stewart's pizza. Keep walking until 
    you come to two cabinet doors that contain food in both doors. After that 
    you'll come to three more cabinet doors. In the third door, there is more gas 
    weapons. If your health meter isn't full, leg-throw Beavis on top of the 
    cabinet and eat the soda up there. That's all for this room.
    Just keep spraying the doctors, jumping over buckets and carts and you'll come 
    to an elevator door. That is the end of part one.
    ----------------------------------- PART 2 ------------------------------------
    You drive a cart down a room in this part. If you're in a two player game, 
    Beavis will spray the doctors and Butthead will drive the cart and jump over 
    buckets. You will see a lot of packets hanging off racks that will give you 
    five more sprays. My strategy would be to spray just before you jump over every 
    bucket because there's usually a doctor that tries to hit you right after you 
    jump over a bucket. You'll hit a doctor most of the time when you spray before 
    each bucket. Don't worry about running out of shots because you'll have more 
    than enough if you get all of the little packets. Also, watch out for the 
    buckets while running through the X-ray machines.
    ----------------------------------- PART 3 ------------------------------------
    This part is fairly simple. All you do is jump from platform to platform. Just 
    don't stand on them too long or they will keep going down and you will 
    eventually fall. Some of the jumps are kind of long, so don't jump until you're 
    on the very edge of each platform.
    ----------------------------------- PART 4 ------------------------------------
    At the beginning, grab the gas weapon. When you hit the sticky goo, make sure 
    to jump over the buckets. Just duck to avoid the plunger men. All you'll see 
    for awhile are plunger men that you can either spray or just duck to avoid and 
    the sticky goo with buckets. You'll eventually come to a door.
    You mind as well not even go in this room. There's some sticky goo and two 
    hospital workers that you'll have to spray. You can't gain anything from this 
    Keep walking and you'll come to four cabinets. There is nothing in any of them. 
    Have Butthead leg-throw Beavis on top of the cabinets and open the little vent.
    This is similar to the cafeteria when you go through Mr. McVicker's door. Run 
    across the room to get the food but watch out for the bombs that fall in the 
    middle. You should stop and wait for the time to expire once you're health is 
    full to make sure you come out with full health.
    Once you're out of there, walk a little ways and you'll come to an elevator 
    door. That's the end of part four.
    ----------------------------------- PART 5 ------------------------------------
    You're back to riding in the cart in this part. Beavis shoots, Butthead drives 
    and jumps over the buckets. Only this time you'll have to watch out for Todd 
    wheeling up behind you in his wheel chair and hitting you with his wrench. Just 
    spray before every bucket and jump over the bucket as soon as you spray. If you 
    do that, you should be fine.
    ----------------------------------- PART 6 ------------------------------------
    This is the final part of Highland Hospital. You'll have to take out the mad 
    nurse. Simply hit the nurse and as soon as she gets up, hit her again. If your 
    timing is perfect, you will have her dead in no time. Otherwise, she'll jump up 
    and try to hit you with her butt. Just get your timing down and you won't have 
    to worry about that.
    You will get a picture of them beating up the mad nurse. Write down the 
    password, go couch fishing, and that's all for the Highland Hospital.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TURBO MALL 2000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ----------------------------------- PART 1 ------------------------------------
    At the beginning, grab the baseball bat with boxing glove weapon. Duck when the 
    lady tries to hit you with her cane. You'll have to hit a few cops and watch 
    out for falling grocery bags. When the last bag falls, food will fly in the air 
    that you shouldn't need to eat unless you already got hit. You'll then enter 
    the Pet Store.
    ----------------------------------- PART 2 ------------------------------------
    Have the other player grab the second baseball bat with boxing glove weapon 
    after you hit the cop and the dog. You'll then come upon a few snakes. The best 
    way to get by these is to walk up to them and as soon as it bites, walk back a 
    second so that it doesn't eat you, and then run by. Grab Stewart's pizza, hit 
    another dog, and then you'll enter the aquarium.
    The aquarium can be fairly difficult. You'll have to hit any fish that you see. 
    To hit some fish, you'll have to jump just a little bit off the ground and 
    swing. Eat any food that you see on the ground and make sure to get the extra 
    Once you're out of the aquarium, you'll go by a vending machine. Buy something 
    from it if you need to. Then just go through the exit door to leave the Pet 
    ----------------------------------- PART 3 ------------------------------------
    Once you're out of the Pet Store, you'll see another baseball bat with boxing 
    glove weapon. You should both already have it, so there's no need to grab it. 
    There are no coins in the phone that you will then come up to. After you pass a 
    snake, you will see a phone that has a coin. Have Butthead check it to get the 
    coin. You'll then come up to Earl. He throws these little ball things at you 
    that you should hit back at him. After you hit so many at him, he will fall 
    down and you can then kill him. Next, you'll see the whipping lady. She can be 
    hard to hit if you've had no practice doing it in the past. As soon as she 
    raises her whip, run at her and swing. She will then fall over and you can walk 
    After you hit a dog and pass a snake, you'll come to three phones. Butthead 
    should get a coin out of the first one and Beavis should get a coin out of the 
    second one. Proceed to go up the elevator.
    Once up the elevator, you will have to kill Earl right away. Next, you'll have 
    to hit a dog, avoid falling groceries, pass a snake, and finally hit the 
    whipping lady. There will then be more falling bags. Food will come out of the 
    third one that you can eat if you need it. After you pass a snake and avoid a 
    falling bag, you'll come to a vending machine. You should not buy anything 
    unless your health is very low. If you're health, however, is very low, make 
    sure to kill the dog by the vending machine before you buy something. Have 
    Butthead check the phone after the vending machine to get another coin. I told 
    you not to buy anything from the vending machine because there will be a bunch 
    of falling bags that you can get a bunch of food from.
    You will then see two pogo sticks that you can get on. Now you get to go ant 
    squishing! Press B to jump really high or don't press B for a lower jump. 
    These are some huge ants! Just make sure that they don't hit you when they jump 
    at you. A little bit after you get on the pogo stick, you'll come to water with 
    alligators in it. I just take full jumps through all the water and usually only 
    get hit once. Once you pass the water, you'll have to squish some more ants and 
    then you'll get off the pogo sticks and go up an elevator.
    There are no coins in the first phone you see there. Grab the baseball bat with 
    boxing glove weapon and have Butthead get the coin in the next phone you see. 
    After you hit dog and pass the snake, you'll head down a hallway.
    ----------------------------------- PART 4 ------------------------------------
    In this part, Beavis will ride in a cart and Butthead will push. It's similar 
    to part two in Highland Hospital. If in a two-player game, whoever is Butthead 
    drives and whoever is Beavis shoots. You will have 50 shots with the squirt gun 
    to squirt any cops you see. You'll also have to jump over the plants you see on 
    the ground, avoid falling grocery bags, and drive fast enough so that the cops 
    can't hit you from behind.
    ----------------------------------- PART 5 ------------------------------------
    This is the arcade part. Check every machine for coins with both Beavis and 
    Butthead, switching between them with the select button, except for Butt 
    Fighter. Also don't check Spacerdid for coins if in a two-player game. You can 
    play Butt Fighter in a one or two-player game and you can only play Spacerdid 
    in a two-player game.
    In Butt Fighter, you battle the other player or computer. Butthead kind of 
    punches and Beavis can knock you out with his breath and then jump and hit you 
    with his little weapon. I'd say that Butthead has the advantage.
    I found Spacerdid to be a fun two-player game. You're both in spaceships and 
    you drive around trying to blow each other up. Whoever blows up three times 
    first losses.
    TIP: To get an infinite number of coins, go by the third coin machine and play 
    Spacerdid. After every game, check the coin machine by the game to gain two 
    coins. It only costs once coin to play. Keep doing it to get a lot of coins. 
    This only works in a two-player game.
    After you walk by all the arcade machines, you can buy some food in the two 
    vending machines that you'll see. You will then exit the arcade.
    ----------------------------------- PART 6 ------------------------------------
    You get to go ant squishing in this part again. After the first two cops try to 
    hit you, it's all ant squishing. Look back at the end of part three for tips on 
    ant squishing. After you squish a lot of ants, you will get off your pogo 
    sticks and go through a hallway.
    ----------------------------------- PART 7 ------------------------------------
    This is the final part of Turbo Mall 2000. You have to fight Billy Bob here. 
    Get some food from the vending machine if you need it. Once Billy jumps, hit 
    him just before he hits the ground to prevent plants from falling. As soon as 
    you hit him, run to other side side and jump so that when he swings his sausage 
    at you, he will miss. Just repeat that until he's dead.
    You will now get to take your picture and go couch fishing, like you always do 
    when you beat a level. But now that you've beat all four levels, a fifth level 
    opens up, which is the Gwar Concert.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GWAR CONCERT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ----------------------------------- PART 1 ------------------------------------
    At the beginning, this plane will try to drop these things that explode on you. 
    You'll have to avoid them. Pick up the baseball bat with boxing glove weapon. 
    Hit the fat dude that trys to shoot you and grab the other baseball bat with 
    boxing glove weapon if in a two-player game. Then hit the whipping lady, 
    skateboarder, and fat dude again. Make sure the fat dude doesn't catch you, or 
    he will beat you until you're dead. Buy something at the vending machine if 
    your health is low. Once you get past the whipping lady, skateboarder, and fat 
    dude again, you will be through part one.
    ----------------------------------- PART 2 ------------------------------------
    Watch out for Butthead's dad flipping burgers at you in the beginning. Get the 
    paintball guns that you will see. It will be much easier to kill the people 
    with a paintball gun rather than the other weapon. You'll then pass a couple 
    arcade machines that you can play if you feel like it. Buy some food from the 
    vending machines if you need the health. Shoot the fat dude that comes out of 
    the curtains when you see him, and get any paintball guns you see. The rest 
    shouldn't be too hard.
    ----------------------------------- PART 3 ------------------------------------
    Do not get the baseball bat with boxing glove weapon you see at the beginning 
    if you have the paintball guns. It will make it much more difficult. You'll 
    have to keep shooting the fat dude and any skateboarders you see. Also, watch 
    out for falling objects.
    ----------------------------------- PART 4 ------------------------------------
    You'll have to constantly shoot the fat dude behind you. Also, watch out for a 
    guitar player that will jump up and try to hit you with his guitar thingy. The 
    last dude you see on the stage can kick you also. After you shoot the fat dude 
    many times, the game's over. You then get to take a picture of them with Gwar 
    and see all of the ending credits with the previous pictures that you took.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TIPS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The only way to get items that are out of jumping range is to use the leg-
    throwing method. Get them close to each other and have Butthead leg-throw 
    Beavis to wherever the item is. Push select to switch between characters when 
    needed if you are in a one-player game.
    Make sure to interact with background objects. You'll find a lot of coins in 
    the phones, and sometimes ammo in lockers.
    Go couch fishing as soon as you can. If you decide not to go couch fishing 
    after one level, you can't go back and do it. For example, you can't save up 
    your couch fishings and just do them all at once.
    Make sure that you have both Beavis and Butthead check every phone for coins. 
    Sometimes only Beavis will find coins, and sometimes only Butthead will find 
    them. You can switch between the two by pushing the select button if in a one- 
    player game.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FAQs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Q. How many different Beavis and Butthead games are there?
    A. From what I know, there's a Beavis and Butthead for the Super Nintendo, Sega 
    Genesis, and Game Boy.
    Q. Which version is the best?
    A. The only version I've played is the SNES version, so I really don't know 
    what to tell you.
    Q. Is there a big difference in the difficulty levels?
    A. No. The only difference in difficulty levels is that you start out with five 
    lives in wimp, four lives in cool, and three lives in dude.
    Q. How come you spell it Butthead instead of Butt-head, which is how it's 
    suppose to be spelled?
    A. It's spelled Butthead on GameFAQs, and it's a lot easier to type Butthead 
    instead of Butt-head.
    Q. Which level do you think is the easiest one in the game?
    A. I found Streets of Highland the easiest level. If you're new to the game, I 
    suggest you start there.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Viacom Newmedia for making the Beavis and Butthead video game
    Mike Judge for creating Beavis and Butthead
    Me for writing this FAQ
    You for reading this FAQ
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LEGAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    If you see any errors, have any questions, comments, or if you just think that 
    I’m missing something in my FAQ, E-mail me at Kobe_5@hotmail.com and I’ll give 
    you credit for any information that you might have. If you have MSN Messenger, 
    feel free to add me. My messenger name is the same as my E-mail. If you’d like 
    this FAQ on your website, E-mail me along with the address of your site. You 
    must have my permission before posting this FAQ on any website. Be sure to put 
    something about Beavis and Butthead in the topic of any E-mails that you send 
    me to make sure that they get read. The latest version of this FAQ can always 
    be found at www.GameFAQs.com. This FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright ©2002-2003 

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