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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Hellspawn

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    BY  : Hellspawn
    MAIL: avanrompaey@geocities.com
    URL : http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Lair/5837
    1. Story
    2. Characters
          2.1 Main Characters
          2.2 Support Characters
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Index of Items
          4.1 Common Items
          4.2 Scenario Items
    5. Item Effects
    6. Index of Equipment
          6.1 Weapons
          6.2 Armor
          6.3 Accessories
    7. Index of Monsters
    8. Index of Spells
    9. Dragon Shrines
    10. Gobi's Shop
    11. Karn's Forms
    12. Rod5 Sites
    13. Dragon Marks
    14. Dragon Stone Doors
    15. General Hints
    1. STORY
    When the Dragon Family was at the peak of its power, a goddess of desire 
    The goddess, Tyr, granted wishes. The Dragons fought each other for her power.
    Tyr encouraged the fighting and watched the war between the Dragons escalate.
    When the world was at the brink of destruction, a warrior stepped forward.
    The warrior battled Tyr with his 7 companions and locked her using 6 keys.
    These "goddess keys" were scattered throughout the world and hidden away.
    The Light Dragons balanced the power of the family and peace reigned again.
    2.1 Main Characters
    HERO - He is a member of the Light Dragon family, but he hasn't developed his 
    powers yet. He will embark on a quest to stop Zog from conquering the world. He 
    is the only one who can fish for items.
    NINA - Princess of Waylan. She will meet the Hero during the search for the 
    Remedy. The Hero will rescue her from the clutches of the wizard and then she 
    will join him. She can cast defensive and recovery spells.
    BO - He can hunt if he is leading the party and can also walk through forests. 
    He can cast minor offensive spells.
          Buffalo - Meat
          Bird - WMeat
          Deer - Antler
          White Deer - W-Ant
    KARN - The world's greatest thief. Karn can open locked doors, disarm trapped 
    chests and avoid hidden pits when leading the party. He can also learn morphing 
    GOBI - He can morph into a big fish when he has the sphere and he is underwater. 
    When underwater, he can cast some offensive spells.
    OX - One of the metal smiths, Ox can break down weakened walls and rocks when 
    leading the party. On the overall map, he can hit some trees to get nuts and 
    BLEU - The sorceress who imprisoned the goddess Tyr. She has excellent offensive 
    spell casting ability.
    MOGU - He joins the party after you save him from his dream. He can dig in the 
    dragon marks to find special treasures
    2.2 Support Characters
    Sr-1, Sr-2, Sr-3 - Winlan soldiers that will help Nina and the Hero defeat the 
    wizard and get the Remedy.
    3.1 The Beginning
    CHESTS: 300 GP
    DESCRIPTION: As soon as you wake up in the burning room, search the drawer to 
    the right to find a V-Ptn. Then follow the old woman. Talk to everyone 
    downstairs and you'll learn about SARA. You'll also learn that THE DARK DRAGON 
    FAMILY is attacking other dragon families. ZOG, the Dark Dragon King wants to 
    conquer the world by destroying THE LIGHT DRAGONS. Then Sara will turn everybody 
    to stone to protect them. Then she will fight against Jade. Jade will inform her 
    that they have the GODDESS KEYS, and the fight will end. After reading the 
    story, you'll return to normal. Then the old woman will tell you about the myth 
    of THE WARRIOR OF THE DRAGON. Then open the chest to receive 300 GP. Exit the 
    house and explore the ruined village.
    3.2 Drogen
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the village and buy equipment if you want. When you're 
    finished, exit the village and go west. Cross the bridge and continue north. 
    Then turn east. Continue east until you find a big city. Enter the city
    3.3 Camlon
    CHESTS: 70 GP (x2), Herb (x5), BronzSD, Gauntlet, SuedeCP, Visor, Antdt (x2), 
    150 GP
    BOSS: Frog
    DESCRIPTION: Talk to the citizens and learn that the city, NANAI, is occupied by 
    the Dark Dragons. Go north into the castle. Follow the corridor and you'll reach 
    a clean fountain. Drink from it to replenish your HP. Then continue north. Open 
    the nearby chests and go down the stairs. Open the stone door and get the 
    chests. Do the same in all floors. You'll have to fight a Frog in the end. To 
    defeat it, just use your normal sword attack. Have some Herbs ready because you 
    will need them. The Frog uses three different attacks. It can spit you some kind 
    of acid, it can hit you with its tongue (weakest attack) or it can jump onto you 
    (strongest attack). It can also recover some HP when its about to die. When you 
    take out all its HPs, it will regain some, so you'll have to kill it twice. 
    After you kill the Frog, get the last two chests. Then exit the castle. The King 
    will talk to you and you'll learn about the QUAKE CONTROL, who is in the Dark 
    Dragon's hands. They will ask you to find it and disable it so the quakes stop. 
    Exit the castle and head northwest. Follow the path until you reach a big city. 
    That's Nanai. You have to enter at night or you'll be kicked out by the guards.
    3.4 Nanai
    CHESTS: 150 GP (x2), Herb (x2) --> City
    Antdt, 650 GP, B-Stn, ArmPad, 70 GP, F-Stn, Cure --> Cave
    BOSS: Knight
    DESCRIPTION: Sneak into the city at night and stay as far as you can from the 
    guards. If they catch you, you'll have to start over. Go into the inn and search 
    the drawer to find a S-Ptn. Then enter the northern house far from the guard and 
    open the chests. You can buy weapons in the shop to the east. Then go into the 
    northeastern house and open the chests. Finally, go into the big building in the 
    center of the city. Open the metal door and climb down the stairs. You'll end up 
    in an underground cave. Cross the bridge to the east and open the chest. Explore 
    the cave thoroughly and open all the chests. Then take the stairs leading down 
    to reach the second level of the cave. Explore the second level and you'll find 
    the stairs leading to the Quake Control. You'll have to fight a Knight to 
    recover the machine. Use your sword and Herbs when needed. The Knight uses a 
    powerful sword attack and casts T. Bolt. You'll have a hard time beating him. 
    Use the B-Stn and the F-Stn if you have them. He can also cast Recover when low 
    on HPs. Again, after you take out all of his HPs, he will still live, so you'll 
    have to give him a couple of extra blows to kill him. After you kill him, take 
    the key from the stone mechanism (E-Key). Step into the teleporter on the right. 
    Nanai will be destroyed. Then you'll return to the king. They tell you to travel 
    east to WINLAN. Go back to where Nanai was and continue east. Follow the path 
    until you reach a city and a cave nearby. Go into the city.
    3.5 Winlan
    CHESTS: SuedeSH, SuedeHT, Herb (x4), Antdt (x2)
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the village and but supplies if you need to. Search the 
    drawer in the eastern house to find a V-Ptn. Then go north into the palace. Talk 
    to the guards there to learn about the land of ROMERO. Talk to the lady blocking 
    the door and she will talk with the princess. You'll learn the king was poisoned 
    and they need the REMEDY to cure him. Now you control Nina, the princess. Talk 
    to the people next to the king to learn about the wizard of KARMA. Go to the 
    first floor and open all the chests. Go down into the basement and pick the 
    treasure chests. Then exit the castle. Exit the village and go into the western 
    3.6 Cave West of Winlan
    CHESTS: Cure, SuedeGN, 150 GP, 70 GP, I-Ore, Herb (x2), B-Stn, C-Stn
    DESCRIPTION: Talk to the soldiers and allow them to join the party. Go down the 
    stairs and open the chest. Continue north through the bridge. You'll eventually 
    reach the stairs leading up. Take them and go north, then turn west. Open the 
    chest and climb the stairs in the right. You'll end up in another region of the 
    map. Go west and enter the town.
    3.7 Romero
    CHESTS: Herb, WtrJr --> After killing the Wizard
    Antdt, Herb, Tablet, Cure, 900 GP --> After taking care of the zombies
    DESCRIPTION: Talk to the guard in the door to learn the locations of KARMA and 
    AGUA. Search the drawer inside the inn to find a L-Ptn. Go into the house with 
    the hole and jump into it. Push the pots and make your way to the barrel. Search 
    it to find a Map. Search the drawer in the second floor of the northeastern 
    house to find a ProtnB. When you're finished, exit the village and head west. 
    You'll reach a forest.
    3.8 Forest West of Romero
    CHESTS: Herb, Bandage, 150 GP, W-Ptn, Herb
    DESCRIPTION: As soon as you enter, go north and open the chest. Then go 
    southwest to find another chest. Go northwest and open a chest containing 150 
    GPs. There's a hidden chest behind a lonely tree. Find it and open it to reveal 
    a W-Ptn. After getting all the chests, head southwest to find the exit. Then go 
    west into the towers.
    3.9 Wizard's Tower
    CHESTS: M-Drop (x2), Charm (x2), Herb (x3), Life2, Cure (x2), Rang
    BOSSES: Morte, Mortea, Wizard
    DESCRIPTION: As soon as you enter the tower, go north and drink the clear water 
    to recover health. Then fight the Morte standing on the right. The Morte uses a 
    powerful weapon attack. Just attack it with your three fighters and use Herbs or 
    Nina's Cura spell when needed. Explore the first floor completely and pick up 
    the chests. To explore all floors and get all chests, you have to use the 
    different stairs on the levels. Later, you'll have to fight another mini-boss 
    called Mortea. Use the same strategy as with Morte. Use the C-Stn if you have it 
    to make things easier. Go up the stairs and cross the bridge. You'll be in the 
    other tower. Explore it all then go down to the basement. There you'll encounter 
    the wizard. He will fill the room with Xeon Gas that will drain your power. 
    Fight the wizard. After a while of futile effort Nina will ask the soldiers to 
    go and get some help. The wizard will then destroy you but one soldier will 
    escape morphed into a bird. Dark Dragons will chase him but he will arrive at 
    Winlan. They will ask the Hero to help them rescue Nina. Agree to help them. 
    Exit Winlan and talk to the members of the rescue party. You'll reach the tower. 
    The commander will help you get to the wizard, but you'll have to face him 
    alone, for the Xeon gas is harmful for him. Go down into the basement and go to 
    the far left. Open the chest. Then go to the center of the room and face the 
    Wizad. The Wizard can use powerful spells such as T. Bolt or Freeze. Use the B-
    Stn on him for 80 points of damage. He can also cast Petrify to increase his 
    defense. After defeating him you'll obtain the Remedy. Then you'll escape to 
    Winlan and go into the castle. Go and talk to the King. After Nina joins the 
    party, go down to the basement and take the tunnel. Exit the tunnel and head 
    southeast. There's a forest but you can't enter because of a tree. After a while 
    of walking east, you'll find two cities separated by a dry river. Enter the left 
    one. The city is called TANTAR.
    3.10 Tantar
    CHESTS: Herb, Key --> After recovering the water
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the village and buy weapons and supplies if you need to. As 
    always, check the drawer inside the inn for a Charm. Explore the houses and talk 
    to the people to learn about TUNTAR. Talk to the blacksmith. He'll make you a 
    SAW if you give him the I-Ore. Agree and receive the Saw. Go into the house in 
    the center of the town and learn about the RING. Search the drawer in the second 
    floor to receive a W-Ptn. Go back to the forest and use the Saw to chop down the 
    tree blocking the entrance. Now go inside.
    3.11 Forest of Despair
    CHESTS: Life, T-Drop (x2), Wrist, Herb --> Forest
    T-Drop (x3), Life (x2), LongSD, Herb (x5), Life2, Acorn, WolfHT
    BOSSES: Pog, General
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the forest thoroughly but be careful with the monsters 
    because they are really powerful. Open all the chests and then find the exit. To 
    find the exit, go all the way northwest and then take the narrow passage leading 
    east. You'll find a stone building. Go inside and kill the two guards. Then 
    continue exploring the building. You'll have to kill two more guards to pass. 
    Get the chests and go down the stairs. You'll have to kill three guards to reach 
    the old man. If you let him lead you to the weapons you'll fall into a trap and 
    will have to fight POG. Pog attacks you twice per turn. Once with each head. Use 
    your sword and healing spells when needed to defeat it. B-Stn works well against 
    it. After you defeat Pog, a man will save you. Then you'll have to fight the 
    General. Use sword attacks and healing spells to kill him. Then, Bo will join 
    the party. Exit the forest and go to the village east of Tantar.
    3.12 Tuntar
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the village and go to the house in the middle. Talk to the 
    chief to learn that the stone robot to the north can move the rock that blocks 
    the river. They tell you to look for the secret of the robot in a town near 
    Romero called Agua. Search the drawer in  the second floor of the chief's house 
    to find an Herb. Also search the drawer inside the inn to find a Cure. Exit 
    Tuntar and go to Romero. Once you reach Romero, talk to everyone and the chief 
    will ask you to get rid of the zombies in exchange for information about Agua. 
    You'll learn about THE CLEANSING WATER that can save the soil. Now with Bo in 
    your party, you can walk through the forests. Go into Romero and talk to 
    everyone during the day. Then wait until night and talk to the old woman near 
    the entrance. Then go into the hole next to the grave. Exit Romero and head 
    southwest. Go into the cave surrounded by water.
    3.13 Cave Southwest of Romero
    CHESTS: Herb (x3), NiceHT, F-Stn, T-Drop, BronzHT, Apple
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the cave completely and open all the chests. Then go 
    northwest. Then east, north and west to find the stairs leading down. Go to the 
    lower level and fill the WtrJr with the Cleansing Water. You'll automatically 
    appear in Romero. The soil will be purified and the zombies will disappear. Then 
    the elder will inform you about Agua. Open the chests and talk to the people of 
    Romero to learn about THE GODDESS, and THE KEY in Agua. Exit Romero and head 
    northwest into the floating city. Now with the Tablet you can enter Agua.
    3.14 Agua
    CHESTS: Apple, Acorn (x2), Life2, Herb (x2), SunHT, IronSH, ThiefCL, HairBand, 
    Bracelet --> Before getting Ox
    3000 GP, Life, SilverBR, Life2, FlameSH --> After getting Ox
    BOSS: Wisp
    DESCRIPTION: You have to complete a dungeon in order to reach the city of Agua. 
    There are lots of chests, open them all and then find the stairs leading up. 
    Explore all other floors thoroughly. In the last floor, there's a pillar with a 
    purple ball onto it. Push it and Wisp will attack you. Use Bo's Fry spell and 
    the E-Key. Have Nina cast healing spells when needed. Wisp uses two types of 
    attack. One that damages all your party and one that damages one member. After 
    you defeat it, search the pillar to find the KngKey. Go back to Tantar and head 
    north. Find the Stone Robot and go inside.
    3.15 Stone Robot
    CHESTS: Herb, BronzHT, Acorn, Life2, Mrbl1
    DESCRIPTION: Enter the robot through one of the legs. Then explore the inside 
    opening all chests. You'll eventually find a general and two soldiers. Fight 
    them and kill them. Then push the stone plaque and activate the robot. Now use 
    the teleporters to open the remaining chests. Use the teleporters to go to the 
    command room. Push the stone pillar and the robot will move. Using the robot's 
    power you'll destroy the rock blocking the river. Now go back to Tantar and talk 
    to the chief. He'll give you the key to the cave where the Ring is located. Go 
    north into the cave next to where the Stone Robot is now standing.
    3.16 Cave North of Tantar
    CHESTS: W-Ptn
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the passage and find the exit. You'll appear next to the 
    cave containing the ring.
    3.17 Ring Cave
    CHESTS: Life, Life2, 2000 GP, Herb, Acorn, SkySH, Ring
    BOSS: Gremlin
    DESCRIPTION: Open the entrance door with the key and start exploring the cave. 
    Jump into the waterfall and you'll end up in the area with the ring. Once you 
    find the Ring, step onto the teleporter and it will take you back to the 
    entrance. Go back to Tantar and go into the elder's house. Watch the marriage 
    and then the elder will tell you that you can cross the river using the Stone 
    Robot. Exit Tantar and you'll discover that the Stone Robot was stolen by the 
    Dark Dragons. With it, they will destroy Tuntar. After this, enter the robot 
    again and make your way to the top. Talk to the commander, who will reveal his 
    true form... the Gremlin. He is quite difficult to kill. Use Fry spell, the E-
    Key and healing spells when needed. After you kill it, the robot will jump into 
    a volcano and lava will erupt. Now you can go south via the solidified lava. 
    Cross the bridge to the south and enter the dragon shrine.
    3.18 Dragon Shrine
    CHESTS: Melon
    BOSS: Talon
    DESCRIPTION: Put the Hero as leader in your party and talk to the old man by the 
    door. You'll be allowed to pass and complete the first stage in your training as 
    a dragon warrior. You'll have to beat Talon to complete the test. Use the E-Key 
    to defeat him. Then exit the shrine and enter the cave to the southwest. Find 
    the exit. After you exit the cave go south into the port city.
    3.19 Auria
    CHESTS: Life (x2), W-Ant, Mrbl1, Acorn, Antdt, Cure (x2), G-Tiara
    DESCRIPTION: You'll be jailed as soon as you enter the city. Search the square 
    with water in the upper right corner to find the PrisnCL. Talk to the man in the 
    bed. Answer yes when he asks if you want him to help you. Once you're out, don't 
    go close to the guards or they will arrest you again. First, go inside the 
    building with the fish sign above it. Buy some Vitamins in the item shop. Then 
    go to the second floor and give the vitamins to the man with the hiccups. He'll 
    reward you with 5000 GP. Then move the drawer in the wall and go through the 
    passage. Push the white pot and search the floor under it to find a Life2. Then 
    go inside the lower left big house and search the drawer to find a S-Ptn. Then 
    open the chest. Go upstairs and search the drawer to find a Cure. Then open the 
    chest there. Explore the drawers in the lower right house to find a V-Ptn and 
    2000 GP. Go to the upper left house and talk to the woman there. She'll ask you 
    to help her son who went to the forest. Search the drawers in that house to find 
    the SmartRG and a Life. Then go to the upper right house and search the drawers 
    to find a L-Ptn and Mrbl3. Talk to the old man upstairs with Nina leading the 
    party and heal his back ache. He'll give you 20000 GP. Exit Auria and go back to 
    the cave to the north. Find the exit and go to the clear in the forest. Talk to 
    the fairies. Then go to the clear between flowers to find the cursed man. Talk 
    to the man. Then go back to Auria and talk to the woman who asked you to find 
    the man. She'll give you 20000 GP. When you're done, go into the northern house. 
    Talk to the rich man and agree to help him. He'll ask you to save his daughter. 
    Go upstairs and search the drawer to find 2000 GP. Buy a G-Bar in the item shop 
    if you have the money. You must buy this item sooner or later. When you have it, 
    exit Auria and go into the cave to the east.
    3.20 Cave Leading to Bleak
    CHESTS: Cure, ShellHT --> Before getting Karn and Ox
    Dart, G-Bar --> After getting Karn
    L-Ptn, A-Ptn --> After getting Ox
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the cave and open the chests. There are some doors that you 
    can't open until you have Karn in your party. When you exit the cave, go into 
    the town to the east.
    3.21 Bleak
    CHESTS: Herb (x4), Life, W-Ant
    DESCRIPTION: If you stay at the inn, make sure you have the Pouch or the 
    innkeeper will steal money from you. If you do have the pouch, you'll catch him 
    when trying to rob you and he'll pay you 5000 GP. Go into the house to the east 
    and push the barrel. Search the floor under it to find a Life2. Go to the 
    northern house and trade the G-Bar for the Icicle. Exit Bleak and go into the 
    cave to the west. You'll end up in the desert. Use the Icicle to cool the air. 
    Head south and you'll find Arad.
    3.22 Arad
    CHESTS: Fife --> After killing the SandWorm
    BOSS: SandWorm
    DESCRIPTION: There's nothing important in Arad. Just go and talk to the mayor. 
    Agree to kill the worm. Then, exit the mayor's hut and go to the northeastern 
    part of town. Fight the SandWorm there. Use normal attacks and healing spells 
    when necessary. Then, the mayor will give you the Fife. Go outside and step onto 
    the stone plate by the Krypt entrance. Use the Fife to make a bridge appear.
    3.23 The Krypt
    CHESTS: Herb (x3), Life (x2), DreamRG, Dagger, IronSH, HeadGear, IcyHT, Cure, 
    Antdt, SkullHT (x2), HuntCL
    BOSS: EyeSpy
    DESCRIPTION: Many of the chests in the Krypt are trapped. You can wait until you 
    get Karn to open the chests. Explore the Krypt, find the stairs leading down and 
    then you'll have to fight EyeSpy. Use spells for massive damage. When he loses 
    all his eyes, he will begin using Thunder Bolts on your party. Have healing 
    spells ready. After you defeat him, go down the stairs and open the chests. When 
    you open the blue chest a trap will trigger. Luckily, Karn will arrive to save 
    you. After talking a bit, he will join you and ask you to find a certain book 
    from the tomb. Go down the stairs. Put Karn as leader of your party and open all 
    the locked doors. Go down the stairs and search all the coffins. Kain will gain 
    confidence. Exit the Krypt and go back to Bleak. Enter the tower west of Bleak.
    3.24 Tower of Darkness
    CHESTS: 2000 GP (x2), B-Stn, Life, Life2, Herb, Cure, HornHT, Turban, Mirror
    BOSS: Cloud
    DESCRIPTION: When inside the Tower of Darkness, use the stairs to explore all 
    the floors and open all treasure chests. Climb to the top and fight the Cloud. 
    Use powerful spells and attacks. Have healing spells ready. Cloud will attack 
    you with spells. When he is low on HP, it will use Devistat, a spell that does 
    45 points of damage on all members of your party. Use Hero's Thunder Dragon 
    magic to make things easier. After you defeat it push the pillar to receive the 
    DkKey. Then go down and talk to the old man. He'll give you the Mirror. Exit the 
    tower and go back to Auria. Go to the rich man's house and go into the basement. 
    Open the doors with Karn. Talk to the girl. Then go back and talk to the rich 
    man. You'll use the Mirror to make Ross realize that giving up the LtKey won't 
    help. Go down again and talk to the girl. Agree to help them fight the Dark 
    Dragons. Now you can open the chests and enter the Tower of Light.
    3.25 Tower of Light
    CHESTS: Herb (x5), Dart, B-Stn, MetalSH, F-Stn
    DESCRIPTION: Enter the Light Tower through the basement in the rich man's house. 
    Climb to the top and push the pillar to receive the LtKey. Go to the docks and 
    fight the Knight and the Archer. Defeat them and they will destroy the ship. Now 
    you'll need to move a big rock that is blocking a cave to the north to be able 
    to continue. Gobi will trade a G-Bar for the GnPwdr to blast the rock. Exit 
    Auria and go north into the cave. Set the explosives and blast the rocks. Now go 
    on and find the exit. You'll be attacked by two SpearMan. Defeat them and 
    continue west. Enter the Dark Dragon's ship.
    3.26 Dark Dragon's Ship
    CHESTS: Herb (x2), Acorn (x2)
    BOSS: Squid, Octo
    DESCRIPTION: Kill the Archer that attacks you as soon as you enter. Go down the 
    stairs and kill the Archer and SpearMan. Climb the stairs up and fight Squid. 
    Hero's Thunder Dragon works excellent against it. Search the drawer to find a V-
    Ptn. Climb down the stairs. Open the chests. Then return to Auria and set sail. 
    After a while you'll be attacked again. You'll have to fight two Archers and a 
    SpearMan first. Then you'll have to fight three more Archers. Finally, you'll 
    have to fight two Archers and then Octo. Use the same strategy you used against 
    Squid. When you defeat it, the ship will sink and you'll appear in an island.
    3.27 Prima
    CHESTS: MystSF, Sphere --> After defeating the Dark Dragons
    DESCRIPTION: When you awake in the deserted island, Gobi will tell you that 
    Prima is near that location, and that you need the Gills in order to reach it. 
    At this point, you'll control Gobi in a quest to find the Gills. Go underwater 
    and head west. You'll find the city of Prima. Search the drawer inside the inn 
    to find the TideHT. Go to the Guild and ask for the Gills. They will tell you to 
    go to Gant. Exit Prima and go south until you reach a beach. Go back to the 
    surface and walk south. Then follow the path until you reach Gant.
    3.28 Gant
    CHESTS: Goods
    BOSS: Morteo
    DESCRIPTION: Go to the northern house and talk to the man there. You'll learn 
    that the Dark Dragons attacked Gant and took away all the young men. He'll ask 
    you to deliver Goods to Prima. Agree and go upstairs. Check the drawer to find 
    an A-Ptn. Explore the rest of the city and check the drawers in the houses to 
    find a L-Ptn and the HrGlas. Exit Gant and go back to Prima. Take the Goods to 
    the guild and you'll receive the Gills. Then, a survivor of a Dark Dragon attack 
    will arrive. There's a ghost that wants to take him to the Nether World. Gobi 
    knows how to kill the ghost. Say no to the guild owner until he offers 6000 GP. 
    Then go back to the surface where the party is. Now that you have the Gills, you 
    can breathe underwater. Go back to Prima and fight the ghost. Use normal attacks 
    or spells against Morteo. It's not so difficult to kill. After you defeat it, Ox 
    will join your party. Now that you have Ox with you, you can go back to Agua and 
    break the cracked wall to get the treasure. You can also go back to the cave 
    east of Auria. Use Karn to open the locked doors and get the treasures and use 
    Ox to break down the weakened walls and open the chests. After getting these 
    treasures, return to The Krypt and get the B-Rang using Ox. Then go back to 
    Gant. From there, walk east until you find a small hut.
    3.29 Hermit's Hut
    DESCRIPTION: Enter the hut and talk to the Hermit. He will identify the B-Rang 
    and tell you that it may be repaired in Gant. But first you have to save the 
    people of Gant. Go back to Prima. From Prima, walk northwest. Go back to the 
    surface and walk south. You'll find the Dark Dragon's fortress.
    3.30 Dark Dragon's Fortress
    CHESTS: GiantHR, EchoHT, Herb (x2), MetalSH, Life
    BOSSES: Toad, GrimFowl
    DESCRIPTION: Use Ox to break through the walls and to get the chests. Climb up 
    the stairs and open the chest. Fight the LancerX. You can choose not to fight 
    the LancerX if you want. Explore the dungeon completely and find the stairs 
    leading down. You'll have to fight Toad to free the Gant people. Use Dragon ad 
    healing spells. After you defeat it, free the Gant people and they will tell you 
    that the rest of the prisoners along with the weapon were taken to Nabal. Now go 
    back to Gant and repair the B-Rang in the northern house. There's a secret 
    passage in the same house. Go to the eastern room and push one of the drawers. A 
    secret passage will be revealed. Go through it and smash the rocks with Ox. Talk 
    to the old man with Karn and he will teach him the Shin spell. Go back to the 
    fortress and cross it. Walk north and you'll reach a forest filled with 
    GrimFowl. Take the egg and a GrimFowl will attack you. Defeat it and pick up the 
    Egg. Then exit the forest and walk north into Nabal. Throw the Egg there and the 
    GrimFowl will distract the guards. Go inside Nabal.
    3.31 Nabal
    CHESTS: MagicRG, Cure
    DESCRIPTION: Go to the eastern part and push the pots. Search the floor under 
    them to find a SkullRG and a Life2. Then go down the stairs. Go south and break 
    down the wall. You'll find the General, but he will leave while you are attacked 
    by his henchmen. You'll have to fight SlimeX. They are quite powerful, you'll 
    have to use your best spells and attacks to defeat them. Then, the General will 
    set sail to destroy Prima. You'll automatically travel there. Go upstairs and 
    talk to the sleeping man. Search the bed to receive the Statue. Then go back to 
    Nabal to pick up the treasure. Search the lower left corner of the dock to find 
    the Clog. Now that you have the Statue go back to Arad. North of Arad, you'll 
    find a small moving village.
    3.32 Wisdon
    CHESTS: Herb (x4), ProSH (x2), Life2, Life (x2), OldSP, SilverBR, RageHR, 
    BOSSES: Wisp, Cloud, Myst
    DESCRIPTION: Talk to the ghosts in the village to learn about the sorceress. 
    Then go down the stairs leading to the dungeon. Go north and turn west when you 
    reach the intersection. Use Ox to break down the walls and open the chests. Do 
    the same for the right way. Then go back to the intersection and head north. 
    Explore the dungeon getting all the treasure. When you exit the dungeon go 
    inside the castle. Drink from the fountain and go up the stairs. Talk to the 
    ghosts and fight them. Wisp will attack you first. You've fought him before. 
    Just use the same strategy. You'll then have to fight Cloud. Finally, you'll 
    have to defeat Myst. After defeating the three ghosts the sorceress will awake. 
    She will give you the OldEgg and tell you to throw it into a volcano.
    3.33 Underwater Volcano
    CHESTS: SharpBW, 3000 GP, Herb, PowerDR, 2000 GP, M-Drop
    BOSS: Pincher
    DESCRIPTION: Go back to Prima and walk north. Enter the cave beneath the 
    volcano. As soon as you enter go east and open the chest. Explore the first 
    floor and the find the stairs going up. You'll find the lava in the third level. 
    Throw the OldEgg there and it will hatch. Then, you'll be automatically 
    teleported to Winlan, where Bleu will join your party. Then, you'll appear back 
    in Prima waiting for the Dark Dragons to make their move. When they do, the 
    Typhoon Bug will appear and sink their ships. Then, you'll be underwater again. 
    Walk a little bit north and fight the Dark Dragon leader, Pincher. After you 
    defeat it, you'll learn more about the story, Zog and Jade. When you can move 
    again, go back into Prima and go to the guild. The guild master will give you 
    the Sphere. Now with the Sphere you can cross the chasm underwater. Cross it and 
    go northwest until you find a beach. Go back to the surface and walk northeast 
    until you reach Gust.
    3.34 Gust
    DESCRIPTION: Push the barrels and the block in one of the houses and you'll fall 
    into a hole. Then push the barrels in the correct order and have Karn talk to 
    the old man there. He will teach Karn the second spell, Debo. Search the drawer 
    inside the inn to find the Sash. Then exit Gust via the northern exit. Keep 
    going north and you'll reach Cort's Laboratory.
    3.35 Cort's Laboratory
    CHESTS: Herb (x2), Cure2, L-Ptn, Rod4, M-Cura
    BOSSES: K-Roach, RugaX, FlowerX, HornToad 
    DESCRIPTION: Cort's Flower turned everyone insane in Gust. Enter through the 
    steel door. The chests are guarded by Rogue. Defeat him to obtain the treasure. 
    Climb the stairs leading up. Once in the second floor, Cort will appear and 
    shrink your party with a new formula. Find and enter the mouse hole in the 
    northern wall. Find the mouse village and rest at the inn if you want. Then go 
    north and fight the three K-Roach. Defeat them and return to the mouse village. 
    They will give you the M-Cura to revert the effects of the potion. You'll return 
    to normal. Then take the stairs leading down. Use the floating platforms to 
    reach Cort. You'll then have to fight RugaX. RugaX is in fact Nicholie 
    transformed by the Flower, but he's wounded. You'll need the Oil to cure him. To 
    find the Oil, first go into the cave in Gust. Kill the G-Fly. After you kill it, 
    take its corpse. Exit Gust and go into the sea. Walk southeast and you'll find a 
    beach. Go back to the surface and enter the cave nearby. Talk to the frogs. 
    Exchange the G-Fly for the Oil. Go back to Gust with the Oil and cure Nicholie. 
    Go north to the Laboratory and fight the FlowerX. Defeat it and go back to Gust. 
    Go to the Flute player's house and search under the bed to find the Maestro. 
    Then go to Nicholie's house. You'll have to fight RugaX again. Then, Nicholie 
    will be back to normal and will fix the bridge. Cross the bridge and Cort will 
    attack you as the HornToad. Kill him and cross the bridge. Travel west to 
    Gramor, the home of the Mole people.
    3.36 Gramor
    DESCRIPTION: You'll learn that Mogu was put in coma by a Dark Dragon's spell. 
    Agree to get the item from Tunlan and you'll receive the Cowl. Now, exit Gramor 
    and go back into the sea through the beach near Gust. Go south from the beach 
    until you find another beach leading to a small island with a city on it. Enter 
    the city.
    3.35 Tunlan
    CHESTS: Bolster, Melon (x2), M-Drop
    DESCRIPTION: Go into the northern house and turn right. Climb up the stairs. 
    Then you'll reach a room with a locked door and four statues. Take the left 
    narrow corridor and a statue will push you into a hole. Once inside the hole, 
    push the lower right box and search the ground under it to find the Rod5. You'll 
    need this in order to get some important items. Then talk to the old woman and 
    princess. Exit Tunlan and wait for the night (or use the DkKey) and return to 
    the palace. Go into the princess room via a crack in the wall. Look at the marks 
    on her back while she takes a bath. Blue, red and white from left to right. Go 
    to the safe and try to open it. You'll watch a little scene and the Dark Dragons 
    general Cerl will take the TmKey. After waking up return to the safe and pick 
    the treasure. Before returning to Gramor, buy some fishing bait and equip your 
    hero with the Rod5. Then teleport to Romero. From there, walk west. After a 
    while you'll come across a well. Fish there to receive the DragonSD. Then go the 
    Dark Dragon fortress where the Gant people were held prisoner and cross it. Once 
    you're in the other side walk west. Follow the path and you'll find the second 
    Dragon Shrine.
    3.36 Dragon Shrine
    CHESTS: Mrbl2
    BOSS: Bain
    DESCRIPTION: Once you have the DragonSD you can enter the second shrine. Battle 
    and defeat Bain to receive Ice, Fire, Bolt and Gold Dragon spells. Now return to 
    Gramor with the Bolster. Enter Mogu's Dream.
    3.37 Mogu's Dream
    DESCRIPTION: Exit the village and go east then north until you find the tower. 
    Enter and explore it. Find Mothro and fight it. You can't hurt him yet, so run 
    away. Notice that green plates make walls disappear and red ones make them 
    reappear. Exit the tower and go back to the village. Someone will have repaired 
    the bridge leading south. Cross it and enter the cave.
    3.38 Poisonous Cave
    CHESTS: LightSH, Life, HeadGear
    BOSS: Mothro
    DESCRIPTION: Make your way through the poisonous gas and reach Courage. Unite 
    him with the other attributes and Mogu will join your party. Go back to the 
    tower where you'll have to climb to the top. There, you'll fight Mothro. Defeat 
    it and the dream will end. Exit Gramor and go south. Use Mogu to dig in the 
    strange looking tree and find the Root. Now you can dig in the dragon marks to 
    find treasure. Dig in the mark northeast of Camlon to find Karn's Doof spell. 
    Then go to Bleak and have Karn lead the party while transformed in Doof. Move 
    the heavy cabinet in one of the houses to find Karn's Puka spell. Also, move the 
    other cabinet and search the floor under it to find the ClearCL. With Puka, you 
    can open the dragon marked stone doors. Go back to Gramor and enter the cave to 
    the south. Find the exit and enter the village to the west.
    3.39 Spring
    DESCRIPTION: Search the drawers in one of the houses to find an Herb. Then go 
    into the ice and head south. Go south until you reach the tower. Dig in the 
    Dragon Mark to find the entrance.
    3.40 Spyre
    CHESTS: Cure2, Shell, A-Ptn, FlameAR, WorldAR
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the first levels of the Spyre and open all the chests. 
    Reach the top and push the pillar. Mote will appear and send you into the dream 
    world again. Exit the village and go into the cave to the north.
    3.41 Dream World Cave
    CHESTS: Cure, JadeBW, L-Ptn, Trident, Smoke, CursedHT, FaceMask
    BOSS: Mote
    DESCRIPTION: Explore the first floors and you'll find Mote's conscience. 
    Continue north and then up the stairs. You'll reach an area with recovery water 
    and a save spot. Go north through the narrow corridor. When you reach the maze 
    that spins when you touch the pressure plates, remember that the way you are 
    facing after the spin is the way you were going before the spin. When you reach 
    the room with the damaging plates, look for hidden pits to access the correct 
    stairs. Then, you'll reach a room with lots of stairs. Take the lower right one 
    and you'll reach Mote. Fight Mote for a while. At first, you can't hurt him, but 
    then his conscience will appear and you can kill him. Mote can be resistant to 
    magic or resistant to attacks. If he is diffused, he is resistant to magic, if 
    he is sharpened, he is resistant to attacks. If you hit him with magic, he will 
    become diffused and if you hit him with attacks, he will sharpen. Alternate 
    magic with melee attacks to defeat him. Once he's dead, the dream will end and 
    you can obtain the SkyKey by searching the pillar. Then push the stone plaque 
    next to the pillar to restore the weather in Spring. Go back there. Go into the 
    cave in the waterfall and find the exit. Then walk south until you reach Carmen.
    3.42 Carmen
    DESCRIPTION: You'll learn that time was stopped in Carmen. All are paralyzed 
    except for a man. There's a barrel in the second floor of the upper right house. 
    Search the ground under it to find a W-Ant. Exit Carmen and go to the tower to 
    the east.
    3.43 Tock
    CHESTS: Life, EvilCN, IcyAR, Cure, G-Tiara, Life2, GuardSH, AgileHT, WolfSkin
    BOSS: Cerl
    DESCRIPTION: Enter Tock and use the warp arrows to reach the top. When you reach 
    it, Cerl will warp you out. Go back to Carmen. Talk to everyone and then go back 
    to Tock. Fight Cerl. She'll warp you out once more. Go back to Carmen. Talk to 
    the others and then go south to the big tree. Hit it with Ox to get the Fruit. 
    Go back to Cerl's castle. Enter the castle and go upstairs. Cerl will give you 
    the key. Then Goda will appear and the castle along with Alan will disappear. 
    Then you'll appear in Tock. Go to the top and Nina will place the TmKey in the 
    machine. Carmen will return to normal but Nina will be lost in time and you'll 
    be thrown near Tunlan.
    3.44 Finding Nina
    DESCRIPTION: Nina has warped back in time and is now located in Tunlan. She has 
    amnesia. Go to Carmen and talk to the doctor. The doctor will tell you to make a 
    Tonic. The ingredients for the tonic are: P-Fish, Root, C-Nut and W-Ant. Then go 
    to the northeastern part of the village and talk to the mysterious man. He will 
    vanish. Search the spot where he was standing to find the Pass. To find the 
    Root, dig with Mogu the area below a strange lonely plant south of Gramor. The 
    W-Ant can be found by hunting a white deer. The C-Nut can be found by hitting 
    any palm tree a couple of times. Finally, the P-Fish can be fished in the bridge 
    to Scande. When you have all ingredients, take them to the doctor in Carmen and 
    he'll give you the Tonic. Then return to Tunlan and cure Nina. Now, she can fly. 
    Go northwest of Gust for the third set of Dragon spells
    3.45 Dragon Shrine
    CHESTS: Melon
    BOSS: Avian
    DESCRIPTION: Battle Avian to receive the Rudra spell. Then go back to the cave 
    with the Cleansing Water and when you reach the water, dive into it. You'll find 
    the entrance to the last Dragon Shrine and you'll learn Agni if you have all the 
    Dragon Armor and have learned Rudra. Now, with the Pass you can enter Scande, 
    which is located in the middle of the swamplands to the south of Carmen.
    3.46 Scande
    DESCRIPTION: Check the drawer inside the inn for an Herb. Talk to everyone and 
    learn about the climber who climbed the tower. Now exit and go to Spring. Find 
    the climber and he'll give you the B-Part. Take the broken parts to Gant, where 
    they will repair them. Go back to Scande and put the parts in the switch next to 
    the elevator. Climb the tower and talk to the mysterious man. He will tell you 
    to seek the D-Hrt, a weapon that can destroy any dragon. The D-Hrt is located in 
    Tunlan. Surprisingly, you'll discover that the D-Hrt is a song. A woman will 
    give it to you in a bottle. Go back to Scande's Tower.
    3.47 Scande's Tower
    CHESTS: Mrbl1, IcyCN, Glove, PowerHT, Cure
    BOSS: Zog
    DESCRIPTION: Explore all floors and find Zog at the top. Fight him and defeat 
    him. Use the Agni spell to quickly kill him. The Sara will appear. The hero will 
    give the goddess keys to Sara, and she will betray him by giving the keys to the 
    mysterious man who is in fact Jade. Then the mole people will appear and help 
    you escape. Exit Scande and go to Agua. Climb to the top where Jade will 
    activate the Pagoda Towers. Teleport there using the device in Jade's room.
    3.48 Pagoda Towers
    CHESTS: PowerAR, Domino, AgileAR, FlameDR, TrapGrd, StoneHT
    BOSS: Sara
    DESCRIPTION: Step onto the pressure plates to reveal stairs. Climb up and you'll 
    find Sara. She will attack you and you'll have to kill her. Then continue 
    climbing and you'll find Jade. He will warp you out and resurrect the Obelisk.
    3.49 Obelisk
    CHESTS: FlameHR
    BOSS: Jade
    DESCRIPTION: You cannot enter the Obelisk yet. First, go to Gramor and talk to 
    the master digger. Learn about the I-Claw. To find it, fly to an island 
    southwest of Tantar. Talk to the old woman by the door. She would like to talk 
    to a weapons collector. Then fly far south into the hermit's house and he'll 
    give you the List. Take the List to the old woman. She'll give you an 
    unidentified weapon. Take it to the old man. Go back and forth a couple more 
    times and you'll receive the I-Claw. Go back to Gramor and talk to the master 
    digger with Mogu leading the party. You'll learn how to use the I-Claw. Now go 
    and enter the Obelisk that is located where Scande was. Use the floating 
    platforms to advance. Find Goda and kill him. Then you'll reach a tricky area. 
    Although the rooms look the same, they are not. Find Jade and kill him once and 
    for all. After you kill Jade go down the elevator and meet Tyr, the Goddess of 
    3.50 Tyr, the Final Battle
    BOSS: Goddess
    DESCRIPTION: Once you meet Tyr, ask for a wish to restore HP and AP. Then say no 
    and you'll fight. After a while, you'll talk again and Sara will appear and tell 
    you to use Agni. If you don't use the Agni spell, Tyr will not show her true 
    form and you'll get the BAD ENDING. If you use the Agni spell, she will show her 
    true form. Defeat her this way and win the game with the GOOD ENDING. 
    Congratulations, enjoy the ending.
    4.1 Common Items
    =========    ===========
    A-Ptn        Your Agility will increase
    Acorn        This item will recover AP
    Antdt        This works as an antidote for poison
    Antler       This works as an antidote for poison
    Apple        This item recovers some HP
    B-Stn        You can use this item during a battle (Bolt)
    C-Stn        You can use this item during a battle (Cold)
    Charm        You'll return to normal
    Cure         This item recovers some HP
    Cure2        This item will recover the HP for all party members
    F-Stn        You can use this item during a battle (Fire)
    Herb         This item recovers some HP
    L-Ptn        Your Luck will increase
    Life         This will put you back into fighting shape
    Life2        Everything will return to normal
    M-Drop       The party will return to normal and the members will recover all HP
    Mackrl       This works as an antidote for poison
    Meat         This item will recover the HP for all party members
    Melon        This item recovers some HP
    Mrbl1        This will produce one perfect hit
    Mrbl3        You can travel while avoiding enemies with this item
    ProtnA       Your Attack Power will increase temporarily when you use this item
    ProtnB       You can use this item during a battle
    S-Ptn        Your strength will increase
    T-Drop       This item changes Zombies back to normal
    Tuna         With this, you will return to normal and recover your HP
    V-Ptn        Your Vigor will increase
    W-Ant        This item will recover AP
    W-Ptn        Your Wisdom will increase
    WMeat        This item will recover the HP for all party members
    4.2 Scenario Items
    =========    ===========
    Bolster      This will allow you to creep into people's dreams
    Book         The secret techniques of the great thief are recorded in this Book
    Cowl         This item will help you understand any language
    D-Hrt        This is a legendary weapon
    DkKey        This has a connection to the goddess, Tyr 
    E-Key        This has a connection to the goddess, Tyr
    Egg          This is the egg of a GrimFowl
    Fife         This item reveals hidden bridges
    Fruit        This is a strange fruit
    G-Bar        This is pure gold
    Gills        This will allow you to breath in water
    GnPwdr       You can use the GnPwdr to blast the blocking boulder
    Goods        The goods from Gant are in crates
    HrGlas       This item switches night and day
    I-Ore        A blacksmith would appreciate this ore
    Icicle       This item cools the surrounding area
    Key          This key will open the cave
    KngKey       With this key, you can operate the Stone Robot
    List         There are many weapons listed
    LtKey        This has a connection to the goddess, Tyr
    Maestro      This melody communicates with your heart
    Map          Push the Start Button to see the world
    Mirror       This Mirror allows you to see the world of spirits
    Oil          This is an ingredient for a tonic
    OldEgg       This is an ancient egg
    P-Fish       This is an ingredient for a tonic
    Parts        This is to be used in Scande Tower
    Pass         You can enter Scande
    Pouch        The Pouch is secured by a string
    Ring         This is a symbol of strength and courage
    Root         This is an ingredient for a tonic
    SkyKey       This has a connection to the goddess, Tyr 
    Sphere       You've got to become a big fish
    Statue       With this statue, you can enter Wisdon
    Tablet       The secret password to enter Agua is written here
    TmKey        This has a connection to the goddess, Tyr 
    Tonic        This is medicine
    WtrJr        The mysterious power of this jar absorbs a great amount of water
    ITEM                 EFFECT
    ====                 ======
    DkKey                Turns day into night
    E-Key (Earth Key)    3.5 spell (30 damage)
    HrGlas               Advances time 12 hours
    IcyCN                Chill spell (100 damage)
    LtKey                Turns night into day
    Trident              LStorm spell (95 damage)
    WtrJr'               Restores all HP and AP for all members (one use)
    6.1 Weapons
    ITEM NAME    AP    WGT    TYPE        WHO
    =========    ==    ===    ====        ===
    B-Rang       60    2      One Handed  He
    BroadSD      34    5      One Handed  He
    BronzBW      14    2      Two Handed  Bo
    BronzRP      7     2      One Handed  Ni
    BronzSD      12    3      One Handed  He
    Cane         8     2      One Handed  Bl
    Club         30    6      One Handed  Ox
    Dagger       32    2      One Handed  Ka
    Dart         46    2      One Handed  Ka
    DigCW        42    2      Two Handed  Mo
    Dirk         5     1      One Handed  He
    DragonSD     110   20     One Handed  He
    EvilCN       20    6      One Handed  Bl
    EvilRP       55    7      One Handed  Ni
    FlameDR      74    7      One Handed  Ka
    FlameHR      120   8      Two Handed  Ox
    FlameSD      122   10     One Handed  He
    GiantHR      60    12     Two Handed  Ox
    HeroBW       220   8      Two Handed  Bo
    HeroSP       56    4      One Handed  Go
    IcyCN        30    10     One Handed  Bl
    IcyCW        88    3      Two Handed  Mo
    IronCW       74    3      Two Handed  Mo
    IronHR       45    8      One Handed  Ox
    IronRP       14    5      One Handed  Ni
    JadeBW       80    8      Two Handed  Bo
    Javelin      34    3      One Handed  Go
    LightRP      10    2      One Handed  Ni
    LongBW       28    5      Two Handed  Bo
    LongSD       26    4      One Handed  He
    LoyalRP      64    6      One Handed  Ni
    MoonBW       66    1      Two Handed  Bo
    MystCW       120   1      One Handed  Mo
    OldSP        42    5      One Handed  Go
    Pike         24    4      One Handed  Go
    PoisonBW     42    6      Two Handed  Bo
    PoisonRP     20    5      One Handed  He, Ni
    Pole         12    2      One Handed  Go
    PowerDR      66    7      One Handed  Ka
    PowerSD      62    8      One Handed  He
    RageHR       75    8      One Handed  Ox
    Rang         18    2      One Handed  He
    Rapier       10    4      One Handed  He
    RustCW       60    4      Two Handed  Mo
    Sabre        8     2      One Handed  He
    Scythe       20    3      One Handed  He
    SharpBW      54    7      One Handed  Bo
    ShortBW      20    4      Two Handed  Bo
    ShortRP      5     1      One Handed  Ni
    Sickle       50    6      One Handed  He
    Sleeper      100   8      One Handed  Go
    SpineHR      120   15     One Handed  Ox
    SteelBW      35    5      Two Handed  Bo
    Stick        5     1      One Handed  Bl
    ThrowDR      20    1      One Handed  Ka
    Tri-BW       96    12     Two Handed  Bo
    Tri-DR       54    6      One Hnaded  Ka
    Trident      74    6      One Handed  Go
    WingRP       32    4      One Handed  Ni
    WingSD       96    8      One Handed  He
    6.2 Armor
    ITEM NAME    DP    WGT    TYPE        WHO
    =========    ==    ===    ====        ===
    AgileAR      92    0      Armr        Ni, Bl
    AgileHT      42    1      Helm        All
    AngleAR      76    3      Armr        Ni, Bl
    ArmPad       8     2      Armr        He, Bo, Go
    Bandage      5     1      Shld        All
    Bandana      5     1      Helm        All
    Bracelet     12    3      Shld        Ni, Bl
    BronzAR      25    9      Armr        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo, Bl
    BronzHT      10    4      Helm        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    BronzSH      8     3      Shld        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    ChainHT      25    8      Helm        All
    ChainML      20    2      Armr        He, Bo, Ox
    ClearCL      100   0      Armr        Ni, Bl
    Cloth        1     1      Armr        All
    CursedHT     62    20     Helm        All
    DivingHT     32    6      Helm        Go
    Domino       42    7      Helm        Ni, Bl
    DragonAR     110   0      Armr        He
    DragonHT     80    1      Helm        He
    DragonSH     128   5      Shld        He
    Dress        8     25     Armr        Ni, Bl
    EchoHT       28    3      Helm
    EvilRB       90    1      Armr        Ni, Blx
    FaceMask     35    5      Helm        He, Ka, Mo
    FlameAR      82    10     Armr        He, Mo
    FlameSH      38    8      Shld        He, Ox, Mo
    FlameSH      52    5      Shld        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    G-Tiara      2     5      Helm        Ni, Bl
    GaiaMask     36    4      Helm        He, Ox, Mo
    Gauntlet     8     1      Shld        All
    Glove        20    6      Shld        Bo
    GoldHT       14    6      Helm        All
    Gown         18    1      Helm        Ni, Bl
    GuardSH      32    10     Shld        He, Bo, Ni, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    HairBand     8     2      Helm        Ni, Bl
    HeadGear     16    5      Helm        All
    HornHT       37    6      Helm        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    HuntCL       16    4      Armr        He, Bo, Ka
    HuntGL       30    8      Shld        Bo
    IcyAR        80    10     Armr        He, Bo, Ox
    IcyHT        16    6      Helm        He, Bo, Ox
    IcySH        30    5      Shld        All
    IronHT       32    6      Helm        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo 
    IronMask     30    7      Helm        Ox
    IronML       27    9      Armr        He, Bo, Ox
    IronSH       12    4      Shld        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    IronSL       22    5      Shld        Go
    LightCL      68    1      Armr        Ni, Bl
    LightSH      36    10     Shld        Ni, Bl
    LoveHT       64    10     Helm        Ni
    MaskSH       65    8      Shld        All
    MetalAR      39    10     Armr        He, Bo, Ox, Mo
    MetalSH      16    5      Shld        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    MetalSL      25    5      Shld        Go
    MystSH       48    5      Shld        He, Bo, Ox, Mo
    NiceHT       6     3      Helm        All
    PlateAR      24    4      Armr        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo 
    PowerAR      84    8      Armr        Ni, Bl
    PowerHT      44    3      Helm        Go, Ka
    PrisnCL      10    2      Armr        All
    ProSH        32    5      Shld        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    QuartzAR     50    9      Armr        All
    RangerVT     40    8      Armr        He, Bo, Go
    Robe         2     1      Armr        He, Bl
    SageML       25    14     Armr
    ShellHT      25    1      Helm        Go
    SilkGN       15    4      Armr        Ni, Bl
    SkullHT      25    10     Helm        All
    SkySH        15    1      Shld        Ni
    SpineCL      60    10     Armr        Go
    StarSH       70    2      Shld        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    StoneHT      48    16     Helm        Mo
    StrawHT      2     1      Helm        All
    SuedeAR      14    7      Armr        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo 
    SuedeCP      5     4      Armr        He, Bl
    SuedeGN      10    6      Armr        All
    SuedeHT      3     6      Helm        All
    SuedeRB      35    2      Armr        Ni, Bl
    SuedeSH      2     1      Shld        All
    SunHT        12    8      Helm        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo
    ThiefCL      30    4      Armr
    Tiara        10    2      Helm        Ni, Bl
    TideHT       0     0      Helm        All
    TrapGrd      40    4      Shld        Ka
    Turban       11    1      Helm        All
    Visor        6     2      Helm        He, Bo, Ox, Go, Ka, Mo 
    WolfHT       12    4      Helm        Bo
    WolfSkin     80    11     Armr        Bo
    WoodSH       5     2      Shld        He, Bo, Ka
    WoolRB       25    2      Armr        Ni, Bl
    WorldAR      80    9      Armr        Ox, Mo
    WorldML      75    11     Armr        He, Bo, Ox, Mo
    Wrist        10    2      Shld        All
    6.3 Accessories
    ITEM NAME         WHO
    =========         ===
    DarkBR            Ka
    LoveBR            Ni, Bl
    MystSF            Ni, Bl
    WindBR            Ni, Bl
    NAME       EP     GP     TREASURE   ABILITY
    ====       ==     ==     ========   =======
    Ameblob    90     67     None       None
    Blaze      1290   540    None       Burnout
    Blurb      60     30     None       None
    Bulla      4      6      None       None
    Buzzer     195    75     None       None
    CactusX    540    405    None       None
    Chimera    840    280    Acorn      None
    Chopper    720    450    Herb       None
    Crab       1530   540    None       None
    CrawlerX   375    225    None       None
    Creep      12     12     Herb       None
    Creon      330    180    None       None
    D.Flea     420    135    None       Silence
    D.Knight   1170   450    None       Deflect, AgileUP
    D.Rider    75     45     None       None 
    Entity     2520   1200   None       Deflect
    FireHead   2100   1500   None       Inferno, Petrify
    Flea       4      6      Herb       None
    Flower     2700   900    None       Paralyze 
    G.Knight   150    300    None       None 
    Ghoul      1050   450    T-Drop     None 
    Gloom      7      18     Herb       T.Bolt
    LancerX    750    510    Cure       None 
    M.Scorp    960    360    None       None 
    M.Slime    9999   9999   Herb       None
    Mage       210    105    None       None 
    Peril      1080   210    None       None
    Phoenix    1080   540    Herb       None 
    Slime      1      4      Herb       None
    Soldier    1980   1080   None       None 
    Sorcerer   900    300    None       None 
    SpearMan   750    510    Cure       None
    Stool      60     30     None       None 
    WarHog     240    120    Meat       None
    WarHogX    2040   720    None       Burnout
    Warlock    1440   540    None       T.Bolt, Curse
    Zard       90     67     None       None
    Zombie     105    54     Mrbl3      RotAway
    Zoom       1200   300    C-Stn      Blizzard, Blast, Shock
    *NOTE*: Experience points (EP) and Gold pieces (GP) values are when you defeat 
    the enemy in the first round. The longer you take, the less EP and GP you'll 
    ====    ==  ======
    3.5     3   30 Damage on enemy party
    5.5     8   50 Damage on enemy party
    9.5 15  80 Damage on enemy party
    Ag-Up   8   Increases Agility for one character
    ATK-Up  15  Increases Attack for one character
    Blast   18  Powerful Burst Damage on single enemy
    BoltX   30  Devastating Shock Damage on single enemy
    Bomb    5   Weak Burst Damage on single enemy
    Boom    11  Medium Burst Damage on enemy party
    Char    36  Potent Fire Damage on enemy party
    Chill   12  Powerful Frost Damage on enemy party
    Cold    5   Weak Frost Damage on single enemy
    Cura    3   Recovers 50 HP for one character
    Cura2   6   Recovers 100 HP for one character
    Cura3   15  Recovers 250 HP for one character
    Dig     5   Lets you escape from battle
    Drain   2   Drains small amounts of AP from an enemy
    Ebb     3   30 Damage on enemy party (Underwater only)
    EbbX    5   50 Damage on enemy party (Underwater only)
    Eco     8   70 Damage on enemy party (Underwater only)
    EcoX    10  100 Damage on enemy party (Underwater only)
    Exit    20  Instantly teleports you out of current dungeon
    F-Ball  9   Powerful Fire Damage on single enemy
    FireX   30  Devastating Fire Damage on single enemy
    Flame   6   Medium Fire Damage on single enemy
    Flare   3   Weak Fire Damage on single enemy
    Flee    20  Lets you escape from battle
    Fort    6   Increases defense for one character
    FortX   14  Increases defense for entire party
    Frost   9   Medium Frost Damage on single enemy
    Fry     10  Medium Shock Damage on single enemy
    Gale    24  Powerful Shock Damage on enemy party
    Heal    5   Recovers status for one character
    Hold    8   Paralyzes one enemy
    Hush    6   Silences an enemy
    Ice     30  Potent Frost Damage on enemy party
    IceX    48  Devastating Frost Damage on single enemy
    Idle    5   Slows an enemy down
    Lk-Up   6   Increases Luck for one character
    Lstorm  11  Medium Shock Damage on enemy party
    Nova    42  Potent Burst Damage on enemy party
    NovaX   54  Devastating Burst Damage on single enemy
    Para    10  Stops time for a single enemy
    Renew   10  Revives a dead character
    Rub     20  Instantly kills an enemy
    Sap     1   Drains small amounts of HP from one enemy
    Shield  8   Increases resistance for one character
    Spark   4   Weak Shock Damage on single enemy
    Warp    2   Teleports you to any previously visited town
    Zom1    5   Powerful Damage on an undead enemy
    Zom2    15  Potent Damage on an undead enemy
    *NOTE*: Damage dealt by spells may vary depending on enemy resistance to magic.
    Dragon Shrines are places where the Hero can battle dragons to gain spells.
    LOCATION              FIGHT    REWARD
    ========              =====    ======
    South of Tuntar       Talon    Snow, Flame and Thunder Dragon spells
    Southwest of Gant     Bain     Ice, Fire, Bolt and Gold Dragon spells
    Northwest of Gust     Avian    Rudra spell
    Under mystic water    None     Agni spell
    10. GOBI'S SHOP
    This is a list of the items you can get when Gobi plays merchant in Prima and 
    =========       =====
    AngleAR         18000
    Antd x9         80
    B-Stn           12
    Cure x9         2700
    Cure2           1950
    EvilRB          5994
    F-Stn           12
    G-Tiara         12000
    HuntGL          2700
    LightRP         48
    Mackrl          60
    MaskSH          12000
    MetalAR         5400
    ProtnB          180
    Rod2            1200
    Sleeper         2400
    Smoke           60
    SteelBW         2400
    Tuna            1200
    11. KARN'S FORMS
    A mixture of Karn, Gobi and Bo. He can fire arrows and walk through forest in 
    the global map. Found in Gant in a secret passage behind a moving cabinet.
    Found in Gust by moving a crate in flute player's house.
    A mixture of Karn, Bo and Ox. Stronger than Ox, he can move objects that Ox 
    can't. Found by digging with Mogu in the mark northeast of Camlon.
    A combination of Karn, Gobi, Ox and Bo. He can breath to open the dragon marked 
    stone doors. Found in Bleak by moving the cabinet with Doof leading the party in 
    one of the houses.
    12. ROD5 SITES
    These are sites where you can use the Rod5 item along with some kind of bait and 
    receive important items.
    Well - Far west of Agua and east of third Dragon Shrine
    You'll receive the DragonSD needed to enter the second Dragon Shrine
    Well - Northwest of Tantar
    You'll receive the Slab
    Pond - Western pond with ducks in Spring
    You'll receive the DragonAR
    Well - West of Gust. You'll have to fly to reach it
    Receive the DragonSH
    Well - Southwest of Arad
    You'll find the DragonHT
    These are sites where Mogu can dig to find secret treasure.
    LOCATION                   REWARD
    ========                   ======
    Northeast of Camlon        Karn's Doof spell
    Far northeast of Tantar    L-Ptn, A-Ptn, V-Ptn, Clog
    Island north of Winlan     V-Ptn, S-Ptn, Sash
    South of Spring            HeroBW
    South of Scande            LoveHT, StarSH, AgileHT, Life2, L-Ptn, A-Ptn, S-Ptn,
    These are sites where Karn in his Puka form can open doors to find powerful 
    LOCATION                          REWARD
    ========                          ======
    North of Auria                    DarkBR
    Southwest of Gust                 LoveBR
    Southwest of Tunlan               WindBR
    1) Search all the drawers you come across. They generally have useful items in 
    them. Search also any moving object such as pots, boxes and others. They can 
    also hide items.
    2) When traveling underwater, use Gobi as the lead character and morph him into 
    a big fish (only after you recover the Sphere). This way you won't be attacked.
    3) To find the Tri-Rang, search behind the Pagoda Towers before they are 
    4) You can refill the WtrJr in Tunlan or in the mystic spring.
    5) Check the throne after defeating Jade to find the Emperor Sword. Also check 
    the right pillar to find the Star Hammer. Use it as an item to produce the Comet 

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