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    Fusion FAQ by HyperJMax

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    Title: Breath of Fire 2 Fusion Result Guide
    Composed by: HyperJMax on August 9, 2001
       This is a guide for the shaman fusion process in Breath of Fire 2.
       First, I must acknowledge that there are others who have composed 
    similar guides on this subject. Also, I received the data about how to 
    get the Earth Shaman* from many outside sources.  I give you as much 
    credit as I can, seeing as I don't know your names.  I think mine is 
    the best on this subject, however.     
       This guide is meant to be used in anyway you see fit, (people just 
    up and take these guides anyway) as long as you say it came from 
       Here is what I will tell you:
    1.	The shamans and how to get them.
    2.	About shaman combinations.  Listed by character, with detailed 
    NOTES: The "Main Character" and Bleu do not combine with shamans, they 
    all result in failure.  However, Spar has 3 morphed forms (but I think 
    Spar sucks).  Also since the Holy Shaman, Seny, seems to have no effect 
    on the characters, even if the combo does not fail, I'll ONLY list her 
    combinations IF they result in a morphed form or failure.
       1. The shamans, and how to get them.
       Sana-Fire Shaman-obtained in an event you must pass (so you CAN'T 
    miss her) after you defeat that big shell boss in the underground and 
    save the villagers in the town of Capitan.
       Seso-Water Shaman-get her in the Witch Tower after the witch is 
    defeated, she is the one that was the only girl statue in that tower.
       Spoo-Wind Shaman-another one you CAN'T miss.  The group finds mist 
    in a valley and need to go to Weather Tower (the small castle looking 
    thing in a north sea, with a fish-man at the entrance) at the top of 
    one of the sides of the tower is Spoo, she joins you after removing the 
    mist from the valley south of the huge forest.
       Solo-Earth Shaman- (still not too accurate on this) the first time 
    you get to Rand's Town (FarmTown), Rand's mom will eventually tell you 
    to go to the Namanda Shrine (cave to the west) and pray.  Go to the top 
    of the cave and put A LOT of money in the box, then ring the bell in 
    the room out and to the left.  Eventually (seemingly at random) after 
    you destroy the Eva Church, she'll appear in the garden in FarmTown*.
       Seny-Holy Shaman-after you destroy Bando Church and defeat that 
    giant zombie-bat, go to the hall with the arrows, and press the left 
    arrow as many times as possible, she should be in the room (sometimes 
    she's not, that also seems to be random, I should do more research).
       Shin-Devil Shaman-Check the left cave door in the town of Gate after 
    you fight the boss Habaruku and decide to open the gates.  She is 
    ALWAYS there, hasn't failed yet.
       2.  About shaman combinations.
       Normal is when the shaman granny says, "You look the same but have a 
    new power."  The character does not change color or form. The character 
    has a higher stat.
       Special is when the shaman says, "Oh, look at you this a great 
    success".  The character changes color but not form.  The character has 
    a much higher stat.
       Morph is when the shaman says, "Look at yourself this a great 
    success." The character changes form, is different in some ways and has 
    much higher stats.
       NOTE: percent increases are rounded out slightly.   
    Here are my results for fusions:
       NINA + Sana = Normal- Offense up 10%
       NINA + Seso = Normal- Wisdom up 30%
       NINA + Solo = Normal- Defense up 5%
       NINA + Shin = Normal- AP up 20%
       NINA + Spoo = Special- Vigor up 50%
       NINA + Sana & Shin = Normal- Offense up 10%, AP up 20%
       NINA + Seso & Shin = Normal- Wisdom up 30%, AP up 20%
       NINA + Solo & Shin = Normal- Defense up 5%, AP up 20%
       NINA + Sana & Spoo = Special- Offense up 10%, Vigor up 50%
       NINA + Seso & Spoo = Special- Wisdom up 30%, Vigor up 50%
       NINA + Holy & Wind = Morph: (She has larger wings, fancier clothes)
    Wisdom up 75%
    Offense up 10%
    Defense up 10%
    Vigor up 20%
    AP up 50%
    New command, "Bnsh.".  Forces enemies to flee, but you do not gain EXP.  
    If you just wanna run and pick up items from boxes in the last 
    dungeons, this is the skill to have.
       NINA failures:
    Shin & Spoo
    Sana & Seso
    Seny & Shin
    Spoo & Solo
       JEAN + Seso = Normal- Wisdom up 30%
       JEAN + Spoo = Normal- Vigor up 40%
       JEAN + Seso & Spoo = Normal- Wisdom up 30%, Vigor up 40%
       JEAN + Seny = Morph: (Looks kind of thin and super-hero like)
    Wisdom up 45% (Wisdom up 50% if it is Seny & Seso)
    Offense up 20%
    Defense up 15%
    Vigor up 35% (Vigor up 45% if it is Seny & Spoo)
    AP up 25%
    New Command, "Chop". Does 999 damage to all enemies at the next turn, 
    it misses sometimes, but rarely.  This is a fantastic ability.
       JEAN failures:
    Any combination that includes Sana, Spoo or Shin.  
       SPAR + Shin = Special- AP up 40%
       SPAR + Seso = Morph: (Looks like a girl, blue clothes and big hat)
    Wisdom up 40%
    Offense up 15%
    Defense up 10%
    Vigor up 30% (Vigor up 40% if it is Seso & Spoo)
    AP up 35% (AP up 55% if it is Seso & Shin)
    New command, "Spor."  Seems to put allies to sleep, but if they are 
    already asleep it awakens the allies.
       SPAR + Solo = Morph: (Looks like a seed sprout)
    Wisdom up 30% (Wisdom up 35% if it is Solo & Seso)
    Offense up 15%
    Defense up 10% (same boost even with Solo & Seso)
    Vigor up 55% (same boost even with Solo & Seso, but like 3 or 4 points 
    AP up 15%
    New Command, "Bud".  Focuses all attacks on the same enemy through the 
       SPAR + Sana & Shin = Morph: (Looks like a dragon made of vines)
    Wisdom up 55%
    Offense up 25%
    Defense up 10%
    Vigor up 45%
    AP up 45%
    Same Spar Command, "Ntre."
       SPAR Failures:
    Sana & Seso
    Spoo & Solo
    Seny & Shin
       KATT + Shin = Morph: (looks like a blue skinned woman with long 
    blond hair)
    Wisdom up 25% (Wisdom up 30% if it is Shin & Seso)
    Offense up 25% (Offense up 30% if it is Shin & Sana)
    Defense up 10% (Defense up 15% if it is Shin & Sana)
    Vigor up 50% (Vigor up 60% if it is Shin & Spoo)
    AP up 50%
    New Command, "Keep".  High damage on the next turn, disregards defense, 
    so it's great for those enemies that only lose 1-3 hp with each hit.
     KATT Failures:
    Any combination NOT listed here:
    Shin & Sana
    Shin & Seso
    Shin & Spoo
       STEN + Seso = Normal- Wisdom up 25%
       STEN + Spoo = Normal- Vigor up 25%
       STEN + Solo = Normal- Defense up 10%
       STEN + Sana = Special- Offense up 35%
       STEN + Seso & Spoo = Normal- Wisdom up 25%, Vigor up 25%
       STEN + Seso & Solo = Normal- Wisdom up 25%, Defense up 10%
       STEN + Sana & Solo = Special- Offense up 35%, Defense up 20%
       STEN + Sana & Spoo = Morph: (Looks like half a body, but strong)
    Wisdom up 25% 
    Offense up 55%
    Defense up 10%
    Vigor up 50%
    New Command, "Sweh.".  Changes the enemies in the screen.  More useful 
    than it sounds because Sten reliably gets the first turn in most 
    battles.  Ineffective against bosses.
       STEN failures:
    Seso & Sana
    Spoo & Solo
    Seny & Shin
       RAND + Sana = Normal- Offense up 20%
       RAND + Seso = Normal- Wisdom up 25%
       RAND + Spoo = Normal- Vigor up 20%
       RAND + Solo = Special- Defense up 60%
       RAND + Sana & Spoo = Normal- Offense up 20%, Vigor up 20%
       RAND + Seso & Spoo = Normal- Wisdom up 25%, Vigor up 20%
       RAND + Solo & Sana or Seso = Morph: (Looks kinda' like a short boar)
    Solo & Sana Wisdom up 25%
    Solo & Seso Wisdom up 35%
    Solo & Sana Offense up 30%
    Solo & Seso Offense up 25%
    Solo and Sana or Seso Defense up 30%
    Solo and Sana or Seso Vigor up 60%
    Solo and Sana AP up 25%
    Solo and Seso AP up 30%
    Same Rand Command, "Wake".
       RAND failures:
    Solo & Spoo
    Sana & Seso
    Seny & Shin
       BOW + Sana = Normal- Offense up 15%
       BOW + Seso = Normal- Wisdom up 25%
       BOW + Spoo = Normal- Vigor up 30%
       BOW + Solo = Normal- Defense up 10%
       BOW + Seny & Shin = Morph: (An ugly, but strong robot with a GunArm)
    Wisdom up 40%
    Offense up 25%
    Defense up 25%
    Vigor up 35%
    AP up 40%
    New Command, Spry."  Attacks all enemies, like Jean's "Jab", but with a 
    much smaller drop in attack power.
       BOW failures:
    Sana & Seso
    Spoo & Solo
    Sana & Spoo
    Sana & Solo
    Seso & Spoo
    Seso & Solo
       BONUS TIPS: Other strategies and stuff I found out myself (you may 
    have seen them before, but I'm saying I found them myself) that I'm 
    going to let ya'll know.
    1.	Always keep a TwinBW weapon, it enables Bow's normal attack to 
    hit two times.
    2.	Bow's morphed form makes it easier to hunt food since his shot 
    travels further and faster.
    3.	Many enemies on the north island drop an Extract which 
    regenerates all of 1 ally's HP, but the Roast is better since 
    you can fit Roast x 9 in one item space.
    4.	Death magic never fails (at least for me) on the giant sludge on 
    north island or the mammoth looking guy in the first part of the 
    final dungeon (before that underground dragon village).
    5.	The Angel spell helps a lot in the place called ThvsTomb (the 
    place with the face traps)
    6.	If you have the cook as the head of your town, buy ShaveIces, 
    F.Spices and Frizbees in the town of Gantz.  Have the guy in 
    your town cook at least 2 of them and you'll usually get an item 
    that boosts your stats (like Chrono Trigger's "tab's" or FF7's 
    7.	A well-equipped party including morphed Rand, morphed Bow and 
    Bleu is the most well balanced party you can hope for.  Bleu has 
    her "Shed" command and a LOT of magic.  Rand = HP, you always 
    need ONE of those guys on your team who can take the hits.  Bow 
    would be a normal well-balanced character, but his healing skill 
    puts him in first place as a partner.  They, should be morphed 
    since morphed allies usually have 40-50% more AP.
    8.	The big blue gonghead enemies on north island occasionally drop 
    the Van.Ext. (I don't know what it means but, it restores 120HP 
    to all allies).
    9.	If you want your town to be useful, DO NOT accept these 
    worthless bums who don't do anything: Poo, the guy at the 
    Corsair inn.  The guy in Windia Castle who wants to build a dojo 
    (he has a purple tear mark, but I forgot his name).  Watts, the 
    riddle guy at the fair.  
    Well, that's it, I hope any of y'all readers find this useful. I 
    tried to refrain from personal opinions, but....ah well.  Anyway, 
    hoped y'all like this info, C'ya (HyperJMax, hyperjmax@hotmail.com)

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