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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Haunter12O

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    B R E A T H   O F   F I R E   I I
    I.	Introduction/Version History
    II.	Characters
    III.	Walkthrough
    IV.	Secrets
    V.	How to beat the Hardest Bosses
    VI.	Credits/Legal Stuff
    Why did I write this FAQ-
    Well, I know this game is VERY old. And the fact that it’s for Super NES, 
    and you don’t play Super NES… So I’ve written this FAQ so I won’t get 
    flooded with e-mails like I do on my other FAQs. Also I’ve written this FAQ 
    so I can catch up.
    -1st Version
    -Did the characters and a sixth of the walkthrough
    Born in-Gate
    Ryu is the main hero. He is born in Gate where an incident occurs letting 
    him see the Mother Dragon. Then he escapes the rotten town and finds a 
    monster that completely destroys him. 10 years later he and his friend Bow 
    set on ranger journeys to get money. Ryu’s special skill is Guts, which may 
    critical hit the monster. Overall Ryu’s sword skill is great and his defense 
    is perfect.
    Born in-??
    Bow is the one that tells Ryu to escape Gate. Later on, Ryu and Bow are good 
    pals and travel around doing missions for money. This character is the best 
    hunter, because he can shoot very far. He uses bows and arrows. This is a 
    good characters but not the best.
    Born In-Farm Town
    Rand is a worker at the Coliseum in the town of Coursair met by Ryu. Rand is 
    a pretty tough weird-unicorn that was born in Farm Town. You get him at the 
    very beginning but only for one boss fight. Then he leaves and comes back 
    later. Overall, he is strong. But he might not be speedy.
    Born In-Town South of Farm Town(forgot name)
    Katt is found fighting Ryu in the Coliseum. However, Ryu saves her from the 
    Poison needles after the fight. And she travels together with him to find 
    the person who shot the Poison Needle. She is very fast and her attack is 
    pretty good. She also has a good chance of doing a ‘Special’ blow. But the 
    thing that sucks is the cost of her spells and her defense.
    Born In-Windia
    Nina is a lost princess who studies magic in the Magic School in Hometown. 
    No one knows that she is a princess, not even the people in Windia, where 
    she was born. I think they forgot. Anyway, Nina is a very good spell caster. 
    Not the best, but very good. She has offensive spells. Put her in the back 
    so she wouldn’t get hurt a lot. The other thing that sucks about her is 
    Speed, Defense, and offense. MP is high.
    Born In-High Fort
    Sten is a Magic Show Host that appears in Windia. However, no one seems to 
    appeal to his magic. After he accidentally puts Ryu in another dimension, 
    the other find Ryu, and Sten apologizes and pays back as a ‘slave’ to Ryu 
    and the party. The special skill he has is the arm grab. He uses a lot of 
    fire spells too. But everything else about him sucks majorly.
    Born In-Sima Fort
    This is the worst character. Jean is a frog prince of Sima Fort who gets 
    impostered by another price who is a follower of the Dark Dragons.
    Jean has a sword but it doesn’t do a lot of damage. And his defense and 
    offense is very low.
    Born In-The Woods?
    The grass man that is the main showcase in the circuses. You get Spar after 
    freeing him from the sideshow chief known as M.C Tusk. Spar is only good for 
    going through trees and forests, but his other skills aren’t so powerful. 
    Everything he has is average. And he has a skill that attacks all enemies. 
    He is the most AVERAGE character.
    When you first start the color will be black and white. You will see your 
    sister, Yua, run off. Ganer, you father, will yell and tell her to come 
    back, but she doesn’t. He sends you to find her. You are upstairs in your 
    room. Before you go downstairs check your dresser to find a Herb. Now go 
    downstairs and talk to Ganer. NOTE-If you don’t go downstairs, Ganer will 
    keep yelling.
    Once you get downstairs, Ganer will tell you that Yua has run off and you 
    have to go find her. Go outside and go northeast and you will see a bush 
    blocking your way. This is a town. Talk to everyone outside and the gate 
    guard and all the people and the bush will mysteriously disappear. Go north 
    into a forest. Here, I forgot where to go but you can figure it out since 
    this is not a maze and there are no enemies. Once you get through, color 
    will appear. You will see your sister Yua. But as you go to get her, a Beak 
    jumps in front of you and you will have to fight it.
    BOSS #1-Beak
    You can’t beat this boss. You will cause 1HP or 2HP damage to it and it will 
    cause more. Don’t bother using items. Once your HP gets low, Ganer will come 
    and save you using Thunder and killing the Beak.
    Once you beat Beak, talk to Yua. She will be facing the dragon skull and she 
    will say that the only reason why she runs off and goes here is to see her 
    mother. Ganer will leave. There will then be a choice, it doesn’t matter 
    what you say, though. Now go back through the forest, and go back to Gate 
    town. It is now colored. Look around and go to the church and talk to the 
    priest. You will be put to bed.
    At night, the dog-like archer next to you will wake up and say, “come on, 
    let’s get out of this place!” then you will have a choice of YES or NO. If 
    you say NO the archer (bow) will go downstairs. When you go through the door 
    he will come back and make you go. Now go downstairs and outside. Go down to 
    the gate and exit the town.
    After that you will have to head west. While you are doing this, rain will 
    start to pour. Bow will tell you to go to the nearest place for cover. Go 
    west and north into the cave.
    Party-Ryu, Bow
    Once you enter, you’ll see a huge worm tail. It will crawl away. Follow it 
    north, west, and north. You will come to a huge monster and it will say 
    something to Ryu and kick Bow out of the scene. You will now how to fight 
    this being.
    BOSS #2-Barubary
    This boss you can’t beat. It’ll do 200+HP to you and kill you.
    Now you’ll see a weird castle and it is the beginning of… Breath of Fire II.
    Party-Ryu, Bow
    What are the people talking about?
    Stuff, different stuff. And they brag about Hometown.
    Ryu and Bow will be talking to the ranger elder for a mission. Then a girl, 
    Mina, comes and tells you that she needs to find her pig Suzy. No problem. 
    This is your first mission. Head down and down and right and up the stairs.
    You are now in lower hometown. There are many shops and apartment buildings 
    here. Go to the weapon shop and collect money for Suede Stuff and SteelAR. 
    Go to the item shop and buy herbs and antidotes. Go outside and fight 
    enemies to gain levels. Or just head east, and south to Mt. Fubi
    WORLD MAP 1-
    Party-Ryu, Bow
    Enemies-E.Sludge, Gonghead, Hunchback, Leech.
    Head east, south and west to enter Mt. Fubi. Before going there make sure 
    you gain levels up to 6. Mt. Fubi is a dangerous area and there are some 
    bosses. Head to the circus for now, south of Hometown.
    This is one of those fun places. The Tunlan Circuses are open daily. Not at 
    night. Pay 30C to walk in and look around. You can buy turtle food and give 
    it to he turtle. Go to the north to exit. This is actually a total waste of 
    time of your level upping.
    MT. FUBI-
    Party-Ryu, Bow
    Enemies-Goblin, Gonghead, Leech, Corpse, Widow.
    Boss-Harpy Sisters.
    When you enter. You will fight many goblins and gongheads around the 
    outside. Enter the cave and head north, then east, then north and recover in 
    the recovery spring. You can recover here and gain levels too it would be 
    good. Head back south, then east, then north, climb the stairs, west, north, 
    climb the stairs, east, and south along the path. You will exit the first 
    cave now. Climb the slope and you’ll hear voices. Now you will have to fight 
    a boss!
    BOSS #3-Harpy Sisters
    HP-Front Sister: 80
       Right Sister: 50
       Left Sister:  50
    Party-Ryu, Bow
    These sisters are pretty easy as long as your on the right level. Be on 
    level 6 or higher. That means you should gain level near the recovery spring 
    in Mt. Fubi. First just attack them. Next round they will start an argument 
    and attack each other, doing around 10HP damage to each other. After that 
    just keep on attacking them. They always seem to attack Ryu. Have Bow heal 
    if Ryu’s HP is low. Once you beat the front sister, the others are easy.
    After beating the sisters, head west and the boulder will fall, taking part 
    of Mt. Fubi off with it. You can’t head back now. And there is now a 
    shortcut through Mt. Fubi at the bottom. Head into the cave and north, west, 
    south, and west to get the Fireball. Save this for a later boss fight. Do 
    not use it yet. Head back north and east this time, then head south and you 
    will reach a pit. Fall down and you’ll meet a guy named Azusa. Talk to him 
    and head south, now head south down the slope and you’ve completed the first 
    When you enter you’ll see an old beat-up house. Save in the Dragon Statue 
    and head inside. You’ll see an old man yelling “help!”, he is attacked by 
    cockroaches trying to take his food. Now you will go into a fight with the 
    cockroaches. Just attack them because it’s a 1-hit kill to each one. Once 
    you beat them, the old man will say “stay back!” because the BIG Roach is 
    BOSS #4-Roach
    Party-Ryu, Bow
    This fight will be a breeze. Just attack the roach only. It attack only too. 
    And ewwwww, what IS that thing on top of it? Just keep attacking and use Bow 
    for healing if necessary.
    Once you beat it, the old man Niro will thank you. He will also be glad to 
    share his dinner with you. And his dinner is…Mina’s pig Suzy! Bow will stop 
    Niro and take the pig. This place is an important site, so remember.
    Head back to Mt. Fubi and take the shortcut right and then south back to the 
    Hometown area. Then head to Hometown. Once you’re in it, DO NOT buy any 
    weapons or armor. Also you might want to un-equip Bow’s stuff and sell it, 
    but I wouldn’t do that. Head west and north downstairs to the Ranger Guild 
    and talk to the elder. Suzy will jump out and Mina, the girl with wings, 
    will thank you. Bow, expecting a kiss from her, gets mad and doesn’t want to 
    do this mission again. Mina leaves. However, he elder gives his pay to Ryu 
    and Bow: 500C. This is now officially the end of your first mission. Exit 
    the Ranger Guild and Bow will ask you if you are tired, say YES. Then you 
    will go to sleep.
    What are the people talking about?
    The treasures stolen and Bow, who they think stole the treasures.
    Bow will be awakened at night by a woman who lives in Hometown. She will 
    tell Bow that her name is Kilgore and she needs Bow’s help so he can steal 
    back the treasures that Trout, the richest person in Hometown, stole from 
    her. Bow agrees, and leaves. Kilgore goes back to her house.
    When you awaken at night, you’re able to move. Leave your room, and head 
    downstairs. Exit your apartment, and talk to the people. You will learn that 
    Bow has somehow stolen the treasures and everyone says he’s guilty of 
    robbery. Head north from your apartment, a girl will be running, she bumps 
    into you, says “Excuse me” then runs off. Head north, west, and north and 
    enter the house (not the church). This is Kilgore’s house. Talk to her and 
    she will tell you to save Bow because he was framed somehow. Go east from 
    the house and talk to the guard guarding the entrance to Trout’s House. Head 
    back west, south, east, south, west, and north and enter you apartment. Go 
    back to you room and Bow will be there. He will tell you that he did not 
    steal the treasures.
    Bow wanted to get the treasures back to Kilgore. So he was about to enter 
    the treasure room, however, the girl that bumped into you before was the one 
    who stole them. She ran off with treasures from the treasure room and bumped 
    into Bow. She ran from him outside. Bow got suspicious and entered the 
    treasure room and it was empty. Upon exiting the treasure room, Trout’s 
    guards spotted Bow, and Bow ran. Bow is now into hiding and he can’t let 
    himself be found. He tells Ryu that he might be able to hide in the old 
    Ruins west of Mt. Fubi, where that man Niro lives and tried to cook the pig.
    A guard suddenly start knocking on the door saying “Bow! I know you’re in 
    there!” Bow hides in the trash can. The guard enters and looks around, then 
    tells Ryu, “if you see Bow anywhere, let me know, we will arrest him whole 
    burglary”. Bow will now be following you hidden in the trash can. It looks 
    like a trash can is always following you. Head to the exit south of your 
    apartment, and the guard will stop you. He will ask you a question:
    Guard: Ryu, what is that?
            Trash      Bow
            Comic Book
    If you pick Trash he will say: Hmm… Looks suspicious. You may go
    If you pick Bow, he will say: Really? I personally think Bow is innocent, 
    you may go.
    If you pick Comic Book, he will say: What? Really? Something like that, I 
    forgot what he says for this one though.
    Once you’re out of Hometown, head east and south to Mt. Fubi. NOTE-Bow will 
    not be fighting with Ryu. That’s why you might’ve wanted to un-equip all of 
    Bow’s stuff. Go through Mt. Fubi, take the shortcut once again, and head 
    west to Niro’s Ruins.
    Niro will gladly accept to keep Bow for a while but he has to share the 
    food. Bow tells him that he is a good hunter and he can hunt down animals 
    for food. You leave Bow in the Ruins with Niro, and he tells you that you 
    can get information about the thief in the town of Coursair. Coursair is a 
    town that has a coliseum, and people go there to fight. The annual fight is 
    this year, right now. Exit the ruins and take the shortcut through Mt. Fubi 
    once again. If you are low on HP head back to Hometown and heal. If not, go 
    east through the bridge into a new area…
    WORLD MAP 2-
    Enemies-Tsi. Fly, Eaterman, Biruburu, Demon Kid.
    The enemies here are pretty tough. If you get in a fight with Demon Kid and 
    Biruburu both, be prepared to heal or run, it will be hard. Go north and 
    keep going and through the bridge. If you tried going here earlier on a low 
    level (although it would be nearly impossible because of the Tsi Flies) then 
    there would be a guard blocking your way through the bridge. This time there 
    isn’t. Head north and there will be a city with a big coliseum in it. Head 
    What are the people talking about?
    The coliseum opening and the girl who will be fighting and Baba, the other 
    When you enter go straight to the weapon shop and buy as much as you can. 
    Also sell your old equipment and Bow’s if you have it. The RangerCL is good, 
    but you might not have that much money for it. Go outside and get that much 
    before even starting an event in Coursair. Also take the time to go in the 
    church and talk to Ray. He will be important later on.
    Once you have the RangerCL and all the other equipment, use Time Warp if 
    it’s day or wait till night. When it’s night, go to the bar and talk to the 
    guy leaning on the counter next to the north door. He is Rand. He will ask 
    you if you want to go fight in the coliseum, because you need as much 
    evidence as you could about the thief who stole the treasures back in 
    Hometown. But the only way is to fight. Rand says that tickets are all sold 
    out and the only way to enter is to “borrow” Baba’s axe from Baba. But Baba 
    lives in the heart of Tag Woods, to the north of Coursair.
    Exit Coursair and head north to the sign. You can go west but don’t do that 
    yet because the enemies there will be tough. Head north and when you see 
    woods to your left, head left and enter the forest.
    Enemies-Bug Bear, Harpy, Docaden, Eaterman
    The enemies here are VERY difficult to kill. If you meet a Harpy and a Bug 
    Bear, get ready for a tough battle. Harpies will heal, however, they can 
    become stupid and heal them if not injured. Anyway, head north and west for 
    two paths on the west. It doesn’t matter what you take because they both 
    leads to the same treasure chest. Get it, and head north. Here go into the 
    tree house and take the ride east. Exit, head south, east, and north for 
    another ride. This time it goes south. Exit the ride and head south, take 
    the left path and keep going south. Around here if you’re playing the 
    emulator version you can save state and fight a lot to gain a lot of levels. 
    Keep going south.
    Now head west through a narrow path. Head south, west, and you’ll see Baba. 
    Baba tells you that he doesn’t like you. Now you will have to fight him!
    BOSS #5-Baba
    This battle is very easy, even though you’re alone. All Baba does is attack, 
    and the damage done is not so high. Just attack him and use herbs when 
    necessary. Be careful of critical hits because they will do a lot. Just 
    attack him once he’s dead.
    Once you beat Baba, he will get mad. Baba will then give you his axe and he 
    tells you that he will never fight again. Now you have to take the long 
    route back through Tag Woods and south to Coursair.
    Once you’re back at Coursair, head over to Rand during the night. Everyone 
    will call you Baba because you have his axe. Everyone THINKS you’re Baba. 
    Once you talk to Rand, the coliseum will be opened. If you need items or 
    equipment, this is the time to buy it all. If you need to rest at the inn, 
    go there. Once you’re prepared to enter the coliseum, go north all the way 
    and enter.
    Boss-Fighter, Katt
    When you enter, there will be guards guarding the doors the west. Head east 
    and north. Go through the door, there will be a woman behind the counter, 
    talk to her. Then head to the left door and there will be a fighter. You 
    will need to beat him so you can pass the test.
    BOSS #6-Fighter
    This is a very easy boss. Just attack him and he will die in no time. Oh 
    yeah, be careful of critical hits, cause they will do a lot of damage.
    Once you beat the fighter and pass the test, go back to the room with the 
    woman behind the counter in it. Go to the right door now. The manager, 
    Augus, will be standing there. Talk to her and she will say that the 
    spectators like killing more than just fighting. She says that she will fire 
    poison needles at the girl fighter you’ll be fighting and she will die, and 
    the spectators will enjoy it. Head back to the place with the woman behind 
    the counter, head south, head west, and the guards will be gone. Head north 
    and to the west door. If you enter, you’ll be able to walk around. If you 
    touch anything, the fighter girl will appear and tell you to get out of the 
    girl’s locker rooms and will kick you out. Now head to east door and take 
    the treasure chest. As you’re about to take it, Rand comes in, and tells you 
    he knows what Augus is doing. He does not want this to happen.
    Rand comes up with an idea to give you and the fighter girl some antidotes 
    to heal from the poison needles. He takes the treasure (1000C) and goes to 
    buy some. However, when he tries to give one to the fighter girl, she kicks 
    him out. SO Rand gets the idea to give you both so you coul heal yourself 
    AND the fighter girl. The guard will now move. Head north, east, and north 
    and be prepared to fight the fighter girl, Katt. The people will NOT be 
    cheering for you, Baba, because they think you will suck. Katt comes out, 
    and now here comes a free boss fight.
    BOSS #7-Katt
    The boss fight will be quite hard. She will probably critical hit you at the 
    beginning and cause about 40HP damage. Don’t sweat, just use an herb and 
    keep attacking. The fight is fairly tough, sometimes you will lose an 
    attack’s turn when she starts taunting you. She fights like Baba (Tag 
    Once you beat Katt, get ready for TWO routines you can do now. Your dragon 
    meter will go up depending on which routine you choose, so get ready.
    ROUTINE #1-Save Katt
    Right after the battle, hold UP even though they will still be talking. If 
    you do this, you will move Katt into the hide and save her from the poison 
    needles. After this she will wake you up and join your party. You will also 
    get Rand. Now you have 3 members in your party to fight the next boss. The 
    Dragon Meter will be good on this one.
    ROUTINE #2-Don’t save Katt
    If you do not hold up after the battle, the needles will hit her. Rand will 
    then wake you up in the inn and tell you to go kill the one responsible for 
    firing the poison needles. You and Rand will fight him, but not Katt. Try to 
    go for Routine #1, because this one sucks.
    No matter what routine you choose, you still fight the same boss. I 
    recommend you go with routine 1. The next part is a guide for routine 1.
    Party-Ryu, Katt, Rand
    Once you wake up and get control of yourself, head out of the inn and west 
    and north. Enter the coliseum, and head east. Go into the room with the 
    counter, and go to the door on the right. Augus, the manager will be there. 
    She will tell you that her poison needles have failed, Rand will also be 
    there. Rand will try to kill Augus, but Augus turns into a creature and will 
    try to kill you all. Here comes a boss fight!
    BOSS #8-Augus
    Party-Ryu, Katt, Rand
    This is the first “real” boss fight. Augus will always power up his strength 
    all the time. And sometimes it will hit two characters causing a lot of 
    damage. Have Ryu and Rand attack, and Katt use herbs and healing. The 
    reason? Rand is weaker, but he is slower than Augus, making him go last. You 
    will be causing about 35HP damage per attack. And maybe even 80HP on a 
    critical hit. Also, the counterattacking you have is useful. There is one 
    spell Augus can use that can harm all of your characters. After you take 
    about 610HP away from him, he will kill two characters, then just attack him 
    once and he dies. This is a very hard battle.
    After you beat Augus, it will say some last words, and die. Now if you took 
    Routine #2, this is when you’ll go back to the inn and negotiate with Katt, 
    and she will join you. If you took Routine #1, you’ll decide to go to Niro’s 
    Ruins and work on rebuilding the house.
    Exit the inn, and exit Coursair. Head south, through the bridge, and go 
    east. Now go south to Mt. Fubi and take the shortcut, exit Mt. Fubi, go west 
    and enter Niro’s Ruins.
    When you enter, you’ll see Bow. Bow looks at Rand and Katt, and privately 
    tells you that he wants Rand, and not Katt, because he has a feeling if Katt 
    starts working, she’ll break that thing. Bow will say out loud that he needs 
    only Rand. You will lose Rand now, and have only Katt. You need more 
    information on where the thief girl went, so exit the ruins, go east, take 
    the Mt. Fubi shortcut, head north, west, and back into Hometown.
    When you enter hometown, go north, and east where the big building stands. 
    You see the gate break, and three hoods surround a girl, named Nina. Nina 
    tells them to stop bothering her, and makes them leave using her magic. She 
    heads back to the Magic School.
    Enter the Magic School, go upstairs, and go to the classroom to the east. 
    You will see Nina talking to the headmaster, Yuji. Then another hood comes 
    and tells Nina that the hoods have kidnapped her sister, Mina. And as you 
    know, Mina is the person that made you go to your first mission to find 
    Suzy, her pig. Nina goes with the hood of Joker Gang to Mt. Rocko, the Joker 
    Gang’s hideout. Yuji tells you to save the sisters, because the Joker Gang 
    does bad things.
    Exit the Magic School, and exit Hometown. Go east, south, east, and north. 
    Go north until you see a sign saying “Beware of hoodlums!” from that sign 
    head west, and there should be a cave to the north. Go north, and enter the 
    cave which is Mt. Rocko.

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