Review by Draco Knight

" A Hair Short Of Perfection."

Breath of Fire 2, wow. When I hear this name I remember superb graphics(although not as good as CT and SD3), great gameplay, an awesome story line, and characters that will touch you're heart as the game progresses.Also the musicians did a great job in setting an appropriate atmosphere. When people think of a sequel, they believe it won't be half as good as the original.. Well, I think Breath of Fire 2 is at least twice as good as Breath of Fire 1. Now let's take a look at the ratings...

Graphics: 9/10.
BoF2 would be ranked in the top twenty five as far as graphics go for the SNES. There is a beautiful rendered overworld map that is highly detailed. The graphics will always be superb, just play through the prologue and you will fully see what I mean. The charcters all have different field and battle abilities that are animated extraordinarily well. Also, the towns are a thing of beauty.

Gameplay: 8/10.
Gameplay is fairly great as you can roam around freely around from the most eerie caves to the most stunning and complex cities around. And like most other RPG's you're gonna be fighting alot, this is most defiantly true in BoF2. There is also many things you can find to occupy your time, such as cooking food in your own town, hunting and fishing, or just hanging out at the pub.

Controls: 9/10.
The controls are perfect as they are extremely logical(that's hard to find in controls today!) and will probably take you five minuets to master these simple controls. These aren't the best controls you're ever gonna find on the SNES, but they come darn close. Also, It may take you a bit to adjust to the battle controls if this is your first time playing a Bof game.

Story: 10/10.
Just plain great. At first your goal is simple but soon it becomes unclear. You start out as a ten year old boy living in the town of gate, where you father is the priest. One day Yua, your sister, runs to the back of the forest where you are attacked by a Beak! I'll let you play to find out the rest, and it only gets better. I mean what can be better then playing as a member of the Dragon Clan with eight lovable characters, slaying bad guys, and exploring the world.

Music: 8/10.
The music is relatively fine. Some towns have the same repetitive music but there are several that have there own separate music that really sets the mood for the atmosphere. There is a great many sound affects during battle that set the mood that make you think you're there. Not too many complaints here except the repetitive town and dungeon music can get on your last nerve.

Overall: 9/10.( Not an average)
With graphics that will suck you in from the start, great characters that slowly make they're way to you heart, superb controls and gameplay, music and an amazing story line that you will spend dozons of hours enjoying, you can rest assured this is one of the great RPG's of our time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/01/01, Updated 08/05/01

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