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"Great story, but it maimed my attention span. Try this one first, before all else."

Graphics: 8.5/10
Music & Sound: 7/10
Control: 7/10
Plot & Characters: 9/10
Fun Factor: 5/10
Overall: 7.3/10 (7/10)

This was a rare purchase for the money because only a few copies can be bought only through a used game's dealer, but I'd have to argue that it's only average in quality except for the marvelous story.It's pretty good game if some of the elements I really disliked were taken out of it...

Graphics: The adventure starts here. Okay... the graphics are pretty good and are pretty colorful. The characters and enmeies are all kind of unique in thier own ways, but they aren't really up to par with the most noted RPGs on this same system. Despite this, you'll run through large dungeons and interesting towns. Some of the places you visit are really messed up (inferrence to the innards of the whale and most other dungeons). The animation is pretty average too... The spells are pretty unique in their own right too and some of the characters have some pretty bizarre attacks. The game's visuals are slightly above average but nothing that really stands out to be noticed (at least I thought so). The only gripe is that when you're on the overworld or in a town talking to people, the characters are rather small and kind of annoying looking. I have still yet to see a Capcom RPG with street fighter-esque graphics and animation styles, but you take what you can get from this one.

Music & Sound: This is part of what really trashed the the game for me. It's average and has it's low and dramatic points, but I'm sick of that dungeon theme. SICK OF IT I TELL YOU! The dungeons were bad enough, but the music with them made me go insane. The fight and boss themes get pretty old after enduring them for what seemed like forever. All I can say is that this is average and that I relly didn't find a whole heck of a lot that made me want to dub it, so there ya go...

Control: Not much to really comment on here because the controls are similar to what any RPG player has seen in any other RPG: confirm/cancel, etc., etc. Only thing I disliked was navigation in dungeons or just trying to make small steps to get around something which sort of made things a little more annoying.

Plot & Characters: The best part of this game is right here. While it's not as awesome as FF3's or Chrono Trigger's plot, it stands out well. The thing that made me give it a 9 was that the story was cool but it wasn't translated very well with the graphics. Let me point out that if this was a book it would be pretty damn cool! You've got some surprises here and there, and the thing I liked the most about the story was the integration of eligion into the plot. It's not a typical empire with guns and ass-kicking robots (though that isn't an entirely lousy concept, but it was so overused) you're up against, you're attacking a religion that is worldwide and one that people will almost kill you when you try to elimate it because in reality it's EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOU! It's all led by a guy that reminds me of the leader of the Heaven's Gate “cult” except he's more evil than that guy. As far as characters go, there are some cool concepts that aren't very well illustrated by the graphics, and most of them have a signature move that makes them differ in importance from the others. Thing that grabs is is that they are so...unusual...that it's insane. You've got Rand who's some huge rhino-type animal with a pea-sized head, there's Katt who's one hot feline (minus the face), Nina...she's a depressoid outcast with wings, Bow (what kind of name is that!?) the dog guy, Spar the easily ignited grass man, Jean (UGH! KILL HIM!)the fat frog who just ANNOYS everyone TO DEATH, the hero, and that's about all I can really remember. Oh wait! I forgot that insane monkey guy too (can't AHA! It was Sten and his little fez!)... There's some good character development here as well. Each character has a past ordeal to conquer , so it stacks up in terms of adding a good effect on the plot. Basically, the creativity in character concepts is interesting as well as the enemies. Plot good. Characters good. The highlight of the game...

Fun Factor: As nice and involving as the plot was, the replay value for the game sucked. Gaining levels was slow and killed my normally long lasting attention span. What was cool was being able to get people to live in a town that you build through the course of the game and finding just the most important and well needed people will make you come back to play it again. There's also quite of things to overlook which, when trying to get them WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS. Playing through dungeons also mad me a very frustrated gamer, because the random battles were terrible. I understand that going through a dungeon with no foes is pointless, but when you fight EVERY TWO STEPS it gets to be something that makes you want to just give up. Fights just suck and boss battles are even worse. You'll trudge through a long dungeon with hardly any places to refresh your party's HP and status along with the scarce save points... then you fight a boss that whoops your ass. It may be challenging to some, but a literal pain in the ass to those who are well stocked and go in at full vitality and leave just about dead and then have to fight afterwards on top of that! Sheesh! For the most part, I almost fell asleep with the monotonous gameplay. Gain levels for levels for another five hours. There are other things to do, but level gaining is just so monotonous and slow, it makes what the rest of the game has to offer seem like it was lost in space. This just killed the game. I'm sorry it sounds so cruel, but honestly it did.

Recommendations: Ahhhh.... I'd say rent or borrow this to see if you like it. It's cool in some respects, but in terms of replay, you might want to try and tolerate it. It depends on what kind of other RPGs you've played before. Give it a try. GIVE IT A TRY!

Overall: 7.3/10 (7/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 09/29/01

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