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"From slow to boring"

A good basic storyline, some interesting characters and a bit of humour. That smells like a good game! Well, Capcom was able to blow it off!


The best point in the game, and they aren't that good compared to other things made on the same system. Still, the background seems alive and battle scenes are well drawn. The effect of the night/day changing has been well made too.

Fun Factor:

Normally, I put that section later, but to better understand the rest, you must have read this. That game should have been fun! But some little things happened along the way.
1st- The level ups right at the beginning. Don't even thing to go through that first cave without any level ups! That started the game well...
2nd- The "go from A to B to A..." called the back and forth. It happened too many times that you have to walk back to the last village for a little thing and having to return. And it takes time to do those travels!
3rd- The storyline really starts at about the half done to the game. They start to tell you about it as late in the game as that! Before that moment, you only travel to complete the next mission given to you...
That makes the game very boring and slow

Sound effect/music:

That music goes with the game and for that game it isn't a good thing. The player would need a more upbeat music to keep him from falling asleep. As for the sound effects, no complaints...

Replay Value:

There is 3 different ending, counting the bad one. To be frank, the supposed best one is not mine I kinda prefer to avoid the "too happy" ending. If you like the game, I guess the replay value could be higher than standard Rpg...But for me it would be another 20 hours (or about) of boredom.


Well, it has it all... but Capcom blew it and really bad! Still, if you can see past those major flaws, you COULD enjoy the game but remember me when you'll have to do those back and forths...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 09/29/01

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