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"An interesting game with a few twists"

Breath of Fire 2 is certainly different to other RPG's I've played. Granted, I am a squaresoft boy true and true, but even so....Flying towns, mixing souls, dragons,'s something I don't expect.

The game starts with the hero (Ryu by default) as a little kid. He goes to meet the dragon above his town (every town has one, doesn't yours???) when he comes back no-one remembers him. He leaves town with a dog person (bow) and meets a massive demon which kills him. Cut to ten years later...look! He isn't really dead. That isn't explained to well to me.... he starts his quest VERY low-key (what other game has you starting out by rescueing a pig??) and becomes very epic fairly quickly. Perhaps a little too quickly, but that might just be me. Also this game has a darker, more adult feel to it which is certainly a good thing. Yes, people who play RPG's can be mature!

Fighting is the traditional turn-based affair, which works really well. Each character (there 8 plus one hidden) has a different ability in battle and different spells etc. Ryu can call dragons, Nina can regain AP (magic points) Sten can act dead (useless if you ask me) and so on.

There are a lot of characters, but I found only five worthwhile, and even then the fifth one becomes redundant after finding bleu....if you do it of course.

The music is great. I get goosebumps every time I enter Windia :) I love it and sometimes just play the game for the music.

Fighting is good, but way too repetitive. Think walk three steps fight walk three steps fight and you've got the idea. It's kinda good though because if you didn't fight that much you would never EVER beat the bosses....Damn that Terrapin!!

Mixing souls is a great idea, as is the modes of transport (whale, giant bird, town). I had lots of fun finding all of the shamans and the little extras here and there (tolens, dragon powers, chopchop etc).

Magic is fairly standard, you gain it through levelling. Some of it is impressive, like BoltX, and thankfully all are useful (unlike the characters.....)

The game can plod on a little and some parts you will HATE (anyone say Hightower??) Levelling is a must: this game is hard. Oh, and I recommend stopping when you get to drags on forever...sure the ending is worth it, but even so...

Overall, a good game, a little different. If you like kinda slow-ish games which are DAMN hard sometimes. Buy it (well, at least rent it a lot :)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/28/00, Updated 03/28/00

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