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    Boss FAQ by Kenshin Zlash

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                                Castlevania: Dracula X
                                      Boss FAQ
                        by Kenshin Zlash(Kenshin_zlash@juno.com)
                        For Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    I.Version Info
    1.Legal Crap
    2.What is Dracula X?
    5.Boss Strategies
       A.Stage 1
       B.Stage 2
       C.Stage 3
       D.Stage 4
       E.Alternate Stage 4
       F.Stage 5
       G.Alternate Stage 5
       H.Stage 6
       I.Stage 7
    6.Saving Annette and Maria
    7.Enemies that aren't bosses, but are just as annoying
    8.Stupid Tricks You Probably Won't Ever Use During the Game
    I.Version Information
    Date                 Version
    ----                 -------
    4-10-02              v1.0-First Version of the FAQ.
    4-12-02              v1.5-Fixed the spelling of Annet
                             -Added new attack for Serpent Boss
                             -Added Death section
                             -Added more attacks for Dhuron
                             -Fixed the spelling of Wallachia
                             -Fixed the ACSII art
    4-13-02              v2.0-Added Annoying enemies section
                             -Fixed some minor errors
    5-12-02              v3.0-Fixed some minor errors
    5-13-02              v4.0-Added Stupid Tricks You Probably Won't 
                              Ever Use During the Game section
                             -Took away the (*FINAL) note because I keep updating
                              this thing anyway
    11-5-02                  -Small Legal Crap update
    1.Legal Crap
    This FAQ is property of Kenshin Zlash.   This FAQ is only allowed to be put up
    on: (1) gameFAQs.com, (2) Any site owned by the author.  No one except the sites
    listed may use this FAQ.  PERIOD!
    You are allowed to print and distribute this FAQ freely
    as long as no money is paid for it.  If anyone makes money off this FAQ, it
    better be me.    Anyone caught taking this guide as their own at any time
    will be severely punished.
    2.What is Dracula X?
    Dracula X is the prequel to Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight(Casltevania:
    Symphony of the Night). It was released for the Turbo Duo CD system in Japan.
    Luckily, there was an import of it to the SNES.   It doesn't have the same 
    CD quality music and sounds, but this game is just as fun.
    Dracula X for SNES is a very under rated game.  It recieves the most bad 
    reviews I've ever seen.  The thing is, most people judge this game too badly
    compared to the CD version.   This is the first CV game I've played and its
    the reason why I got hooked on CV in the first place.
    The Story to Dracula X goes beyond the classic "Dracula's Castle has risen 
    again, and you must go in and defeat him".   In this game you play as Richter
    Belmont, a member of the Belmont family(duh!).   When Dracula's Castle rose
    again, Dracula kidnapped Richter's girlfriend, Annet, and her sister, Maria.
    So now you must go and kill Dracula, and save Annette and Maria.
    Also, this is one of the hardest Castlevania games out there.  The bosses 
    don't make life any easier.   This FAQ will give you all the stuff you need
    to know to beat the bosses much easier.  Rather than give a huge paragraph 
    saying what to do, I'll list all of the boss's moves, and tell you how to 
    counter them.   I follow this manner because boss fights aren't always the 
    same each time.
    3. Controls
    Dracula X uses very simple controls.  If your not good at doing any moves, 
    play around a bit in the first area of the game.
    Note: This is assuming you have default controls.
    Button               Function
    ------               --------
    Right                Move Richter to the right
    Left                 Move Richter to the left
    Up                   Weapon throwing position
    Down                 Crouch
    B                    Jump
    Y                    Whip
    X                    Item Crash
    B(twice)             Backflip (learn this!!)
    Up+Y                 Throw subweapon
    Hold Y+left or right Moonwalk
    These are really important and are key to winning.   In order to use a Sub
    Weapon, you must have one heart (with the exception of the clock).  Use 
    Up+Attack to use a SubWeapon.
    Cross-The best weapon to have with you at all times.   When you throw one of
          these, it will spin forward for about 1/2 of the screen's length, then
          it will stay spinning in one spot for a while, then return back to you.
          Note that you are only able to throw 3 crosses during a boss fight.
    Item Crash-Eight crosses will fly around the screen crazily.   Does decent
               damage for 15 hearts.
    Dagger-A very weak weapon, but the fastest one.   When thrown, three daggers
           will quickly fly across the screen.
    Item Crash-Richter will throw about a 100 daggers forward, decimating any
               enemy in your path for 10 hearts.
    Holy Water-Richter will throw a bottle of water on the floor, and a blue 
               will travel a little bit forward.   Great for taking out slow 
    Item Crash-A huge storm of holy water will come down on all enemies.  Does
               good damage for 20 hearts.
    Axe-A huge axe is thrown at an arc.   Very tricky to time it to hit your
        opponenent.  Very powerful also.
    Item Crash-Eight axes surround Richter and are thrown out.   Not good for 15
    Stopwatch-Bad, weak, and heart consuming.   Don't use this in boss fights at
    5.Boss Strategies
    5A. Stage 1-Cereburos
    This is a three headed dog.   You shouldn't have too much trouble with him
    if you follow all my directions.   Use your cross for this guy.
    Bite-He does this attack when you are really close.   Nothing really to 
         worry about.   Just stay a bit away when whipping.
    Fireball-When you hit him, he'll jump back, then throw a fireball to the ground
             which will continue moving on the floor until it gets off the screen.
             To avoid this, turn your back to the fire, and do a backflip over it.
    Pounce-He does this immediately after the fireball.  So after you backflip,
           duck down and wait for him to fly over you.   Then start throwing 
           crosses or whipping him.
    5B. Stage 2-Bat
    This bat guards the gates of the Castle.   It is also the same first boss in
    the first Castlevania.   Use a knife, since you'll need to hit him fast.
    Split-When you hit the large bat, he'll split into about 20 small bats that 
          move in a long chain.    Keep whipping at the chain while their moving
          around to take some more damage.   When they turn back into the large
          bat, throw the knife at him and repeat.
    Final Attack(?)-When you have taken all the damage from the bat, he'll keep
                    moving.   The chain of small bats will turn bat into the big
                    bat and then he will shoot out the small bats before dying.
                    Climb on the top platform to avoid this.   You won't take any
                    damage anyway.
    5C. Stage 3-Dhuron
    These guys appear in other Casltevania games but are much smaller.   But in
    Dracula X, you face a large headless knight with a big lance.   There are 
    two ways to beat him, with a key (needed to save Maria and Annette) or a 
    Stab-This guy's lance is huge.   Very huge.   He's hard to hit since he'll 
         be keeping his lance held downward all day.   Try your best to stay a 
         little bit out of range of the lance and whip him at the same time.   
         The stab is very hard to avoid, so when you see him rear back, do a 
         backflip as quick as you can.
    Ground Wave-Dhuron sends a big blue wave from the ground out to you.   Get
                on top of platforms to avoid this.
    Slow down-He throws his head up into the air, and it glows with a green flame.
              He'll fly at you, and if he touches you, you'll be slowed down and
              take damage.   Simply jump over it, but be careful when it comes
              back.   Dhuron is very vulnerable when his head is flying around.
    Eartquake-Dhuron's head will fly up in the air and the ceiling will fall down.
              Quickly go under a platform to take cover, or do an item crash, 
              which you will remain invincible and won't take damage.
    Diving Stab-Dhuron will jump into the air and stab into the ground with his 
                sword.   Very difficult to avoid.
    Final Attack-He throws his head up into the air, and it bursts into 5 fireballs
                 that go downward.
    Note: To get some real quick hits off this guy, stand on the low platform on
          one of the sides of the screens.  Then when he walks close, duck down 
          and whip at him like crazy.
    5D. Stage 4-Minotaur
    A monster from Roman(or was it Greek?) mythology.   It is a beast with a body
    half-man, half-bull (bull on top, man on bottom).  Use an axe for this guy.
    The Minotaur can block crosses and knives with his huge axe, so those are 
    completely useless.
    Stance-The minotaur stands with his axe blade held out.   You can duck down
           whip him from under the axe blade.   Be careful of the...
    Stab-When your too close, the minotaur will stab you with his axe.   Move 
         back when you see him about to do this.
    Bull Charge-A very fast attack.   He ducks down and flies right through you.
                To avoid this, as soon as you see him duck down, quickly turn 
                your back to him and do a backflip.  You should make it over 
                him.   The minotaur charges strait into one of the walls, so he
                gets his head stuck in the wall and tries to get his head out for
                a few seconds.    Whip him to death while he's stuck in the wall.
    Stone Breath-Another up close attack.   If your doing the duck and whip 
                 method mentioned above, you'll most likely get hit by this. 
                 You CANNOT move at all for about 3 seconds if he stones you.
                 Another attack you'll need to avoid.
    Rock Throw-The minotaur scoops up a bunch of rocks and throws them up into 
               the air.  You can whip at the rocks, but you may get hit.  Stay in
               close to have the rocks just go over you.
    Note: Time your axe to go over the Minotaur's axe and hit him.   Very easy
          tactic if you want to stay away from him.
          There is also a chicken in the platform on the right side of the screen
          floating in the air.   Break open the rock and a chicken will fall out.
    5E. Alternate Stage 4-Necromancer
    If you fell in the piller hopping room in stage 3, then you will skip Dhuron
    and go straight to the Necromancer.
    Fireball-The Necromancer will shoot a slow moving fireball that will follow
             you.   It will shoot out two smaller fireballs that go left and right
             diagonally up.   You can whip the fireballs.   Each fireball can slow
             you down and you won't be able to jump or throw subweapons.
    Skeleton-He makes skeletons appear on the ground.   They are very annoying.
             Whip them if you want them dead.
    Note: To kill him easily, jump in the air and throw a cross at him.  He will
          fly to the other side of you and should get hit by the same cross again
          ending in multiple hits.
    Tombstone Shield-After taking away his first energy bar, his life will fill up
                     again, and he will make a bunch of tombstones circle around 
                     him.   After they circle around him a few times, he'll throw
                     them at you.  Just whip at them and they'll break.
    Mudman-Same as the Skeletons.   He'll make Mudmen appear.
    Final Attack?-When you kill him the second time, the Necromancer will turn in
                  to a pile of dust, then explode.
    5F.Stage 5-The Werewolf
    Some legend of a man who turns into a werewolf in a full moon.   Use a cross.
    Spin-The Werewolf will climb on the wall or ceiling, and spin straight at you.
         Use your backflip or jump over him to dodge this attack.
    Punch-His punch should never hit you cuz you have to be really close to get 
          hit by the punch.   The one you might get hit by is the punch that has
          fire coming out of it.
    Slide-The slide goes almost halfway across the screen.   Jump over him.
    Fireball-The Werewolf throws a fireball at you.   Simply turn your back to 
             him and do the backflip over the fireball.
    Charge-Sometimes while the Werewolf is jumping to the wall, he'll do this 
           charge.  Duck under it.
    Bounce-When his health is low, he'll roll into a ball and start bouncing 
           around the screen.   This shouldn't be too hard to move, jump, or flip
           over from.
    Final Attack-When his power is gone, the Werewolf will leap to the middle of
                 the screen and punch the ground, making flames come out.   Then
                 he'll die.
    5G.Alternate Stage 5-Serpent
    This can be a tough enemy to hit.   He'll move very fast and you have to hit 
    him ask quick as you can.   His weak point is his head.
    Dive Attack-The serpent jumps out of the water every once in a while.   Note
                that his body will only hurt you when it is in the foreground, not
                in the background(i.e., behind the bridge won't hurt you, but when
                he is coming down in front of the bridge it will).
    Fireball-He will come with his head out of the water, and throw flames on the
             ground.   If you hit him in the head before he throws the fireballs,
             he will fall back into the water without attacking.
    Twist-The Serpent will wrap its body around the bridge and twist around all
          the way to the end.  Stay between the parts of his body that are on top
          of the bridge and walk in the direction that he's moving to avoid 
    Final Attack-After getting hit for the last time, the Serpent will fall into
                 the water.   It'll be strangely silent for a few seconds, and 
                 The Serpent's Skeleton will fly straight up to where your 
    5Hi.Normal Level 6 Boss-Big Skull
    A large skull takes Annet(since you didn't save her).  Use the cross against
    this enemy.   Just throw your crosses at him since he'll be moving so slow
    and can take many hits at once.
    Flaming Eyes-The Skull's eye's come out and they will fly around you for a 
                 bit.   Becareful to dodge these and not fall off the clock 
                 tower.   You can hit the eyes if you want.
    Spinning Eyes-The Skull's eyes will come out of his head and start spinning
                  around.   Very easy to evade.
    Lighting Eyes-The eyes will now float around and shoot bolts of lighting
                  directly under them.   These are almost impossible to avoid by
                  jumping over or anything.   Stay between the beams if possible.
    5Hii.Alternate Level 6 Boss-Death
    Death is Dracula's best friend.   Death is a skeleton who carries around a 
    large scythe and takes people's souls.   Cross is very helpful here.
    Sickle-Death floats around the screen while his sickles appear in various
           places on the screen and fly out at you.   You can whip at them, but
           there will be too many to just sit down and whip at them all day.
    Slow Down-If you touch Death, you will be slowed down.   Hit him to keep him
    Note: Use the cross to get lots of hits off his first form.
    Slash-When about half of his energy is gone, Death will stand on the ground 
          and pull out his scythe in the middle of the platform.   He preforms 
          the slash often while his sickles will still fly at you.
    Spin-Death will jump into the air and spin with his scythe straight at you.
         Very nasty move...  Stay away as far as possible.
    5I.Stage 7-Dracula
    The Lord of Wallachia and Count of Castle Dracul.   The legend is that some 
    guy liked dipping his bread in his enemies blood, then when he died, he made 
    a deal with the devil and become a vampire.   Now we know him as Count 
    Now this battle is hard as hell.   Your chances of falling in this level are
    very high, and you can be knocked off at any time.   Also, Dracula's weak
    point is his head.   It will be very hard to hit him, he has a high amount of
    health, and this battle will be long.   You'd better have your cross if you 
    want to win.
    Teleport-Dracula will teleport on to different pillers every time.   Be sure
             to hit him with your whip instead of your valuable crosses.
    Fireball-After teleporting in, Dracula will open his cape and throw out 3 
             fireballs.   You can whip them down.
    Big Fireballs-After teleporting in, Dracula will shoot out two big fireballs,
                  one high, and one low.   You can duck under the first one, then
                  jump over the second one.
    Transform-After you deplete Dracula's life bar, he'll turn into a big winged
    Fireball-Dracula will now shoot some really fast fireballs at you.   Here's
             where your cross comes in handy.   What you do is get back(at least
             two pillers away) and throw 3 crosses into the middle of his body
             where his hands are.   Not only will this take tons of damage, it 
             will block the fireballs from coming out.   
    Sonic Boom-After throwing the three crosses at Dracula, he'll drop onto a 
               piller and do a HUGE sonic boom thing.   If he's on a high piller
               and your on a low one, then duck down immediately.
    IMPORTANT: Don't fall when your getting the gem after killing Dracula!
    6.Saving Annet and Maria
    Remember the piller room in Stage 3?   If you passed this, you'll get to a 
    room with a key in one of the candles.  Pick it up.  It will take the spot in
    your subweapon slot, and you must live with the key in your possesion until
    you reach the two doors you'll need to unlock.   Now, defeat Dhuron and go 
    until you reach the 3rd section of stage 4.   There will be a door halfway 
    up.   Use the key(up+Y) to open the door.   Inside will be Maria.
    After you've save Maria, keep going up until you reach the room with another
    door.   Open the door and you will end up in the Alternate Stage 5. Go through
    the stage until you reach a room that looks something like this:
    --------| <--Whip  /-/  =======
            |    here /-/    |  |                    Entrance->
            |        ==========           =====================
    ~~~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   <--Water
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   <--Water
                                    ============== <--Platform underwater
    My ACSII art is crap, but you get the picture.   Whip at the little crack in
    the wall where the water is coming out of.   The water will drain when its 
    broken(since when does closing a faucet drain the water in a bath tub?) and
    climb down to the platforms and into the room to the left at the bottom.
    Annet will be there.
    7.Enemies that aren't bosses, but are just as annoying
    These are some enemies that will give you trouble in every stage.   
    Axe Armor
    These things are walking armors that toss, or throw axes at you.   They take
    many hits and can be very annoying with many other enemies on the screen.
    Medusa Heads, Bats, and Crows
    If I got a penny for every time one of these has knocked me too my death, or
    took off lots of health before I even got to the next area, I'd be really 
    rich.    They only take one hit, but with the ways all of them fly, you'll
    end up missing alot.
    Spear Guard
    Purple knights with long spears.   You have to stay just far enough to hit 
    them and not be hit by the spear at the same time.   When you see them rear
    back with their spears, do a backflip.   That move does lots of damage and 
    sends you flying back.
    Found in a few stages, these things are really small, and really fast.   You
    will miss a few times before hitting them, and they will jump all over you
    causing damage.
    8.Stupid Tricks You Probably Won't Ever Use During the Game
    Here is the section with little tricks I've found while messing around one
    day.  They aren't very useful in anyway, but what da hell?
    1.Reverse Backflip
    To do this trick, do a backflip.  While pressing B twice, hold the directional
    pad in the opposite direction you were facing.  Now Richter will do a jump in
    the air and then suddenly backflip the opposite direction.   Not useful but I
    find it cool.   0_o
    2.Backward Jump Attack Thing
    This one can be useful if you use it correctly.   First do a backflip (double
    tap B).   While Richter is doing the flip, press Y (attack).  Richter will
    whip while going backwards.  You can also use a subweapon for this.   I find 
    this move useful when I'm trying to avoid enemies and attack them at the same
    time (like when fighting Death for example).
    I hope you found my FAQ helpful.  If you find out any errors, or something left
    out in this FAQ, please email me at Kenshin_zlash@juno.com.
    Here are the people I would like to thank in helping me make this FAQ:
    Gamefaqs.com-for putting up the FAQ
    Me-For Writing it
    Snes9X.com-for having the best SNES emulator
    My Aunt-for buying me the game
    Konami-For making the best video game series on earth
    Nintendo-for making SNES
    The guy who created nintendo-For creating nintendo
    The guy who founded Konami-For making the best video game company which makes
    other hit series like Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

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