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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VideoMaster

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    Castlevania Dracula X
    A Walkthrough 
    Started:             June 20, 2007
    Originally Finished: June 21, 2007
    The Contents
    1) Introduction and Game History
    2) My Updates
    3) Story
    4) Walkthrough
    5) Conclusion
    1) Introduction
    Hey all. Welcome to my very first walkthrough that I have ever written. I only
    heard about Castlevania Dracula X only about two or three months 
    ago despite Konami releasing it in 1995 as a port for the SNES. I've never 
    been a "huge" fan of the series, as in I've played all the games. However, 
    that's not to say I don't love the games, which I do. I've played only about 
    four Castlevania games before this, including the first three on the NES. But
    this is the only one of the series I have beaten. 
    One thing you may notice about this guide is that I won't waste your time
    with needless things. There will be no fancy ASCII graphics, nothing about 
    controls, etc. Other guides cover that well enough and I assume you have the
    manual. Instead, I will only write this for gameplay.
    One thing you should take note of with this guide is that this is written under 
    the assumption you are going for the best ending and are going through the 
    levels where you save Annette and Maria. So, at least for now, I won't have a 
    level or two in this guide.
    If you need to contact me with questions, tips you might want me to put in my 
    guide, or comments, email me at colossus1986@yahoo.com and put "Castlevania X" 
    or something similar so I won't accidentally delete it in a fit of 
    spam-destroying craziness!
    This guide can only be used by Gamefaqs and no where else that the author 
    doesn't place himself.
    2) Guide Updates
    1) June 20, 2007: I began writing this guide.
    2) June 21, 2007: Beat the game once again as I finished writing the guide. 
       Possible updates as time goes on will be listed here.
    3) Story
    The year is 1792. Everything is maxin' and relaxin' until the evil Count 
    Dracula returns from the grave. Returning to his old tricks, he sets his 
    sights on getting revenge on the Belmont clan for their exploits against him 
    in the past. 
    As the great-grandson of Simon Belmont, it is up to Richter Belmont to grab 
    his family's whip and fulfill your family destiny yet again by killing Count 
    Dracula and his minions once again. Unfortunately, complicating matters is 
    that Count Dracula has kidnapped your girlfriend, Annette, and her younger 
    sister, Maria. Richter must rescue them from Dracula's clutches before 
    challenging the evil vampire lord himself.
    4) The Walkthrough!
    Stage One - A Town Ablaze
    ----Section 1----
    Giga-gasp! Count Dracula's forces have set your village on fire! Are we 
    going to stand for this? I tell you no! Head to the right and whip the three 
    candles you see for two small hearts and a dagger. Continue on and whip the 
    skeleton you encounter. Right past the skeleton you will see two paths--you 
    can continue straight on or climb the stairs. If you skip the stairs, the 
    candle below holds a small heart. The wooden structure above has another 
    skeleton on it with another candle with an axe behind it. Don't worry, you 
    can backtrack a little and get both candles. 
    Preferably, the axe is my favorite subweapon in the game against bosses. 
    Nonetheless, go with either the axe or the dagger, whichever you want 
    more. Note that if you die, you will lose your subweapon and whatever 
    amount of hearts you have.
    Once you pass the wooden structure, you will encounter another lumbering 
    skeleton and a candle. Whip the skeleton and then the candle for a big heart 
    worth five small ones! Continue on and finish the first section of this level 
    to find yourself inside a building you must scale. 
    ----Section 2----
    Above you is a thinner skeleton that will throw bones at you and jump around. 
    Take him out as soon as possible. If you grabbed the axe, that will be easy. 
    Also first appearing in this area are bats. Watch out for them while jumping 
    up. Whip all the candles you see while jumping up as well--you know the drill.
    Jump on the middle platform and you will see another bat hanging on the top
    platform and another of the skeletons from the bottom. Be careful and kill them.
    Once at the very top, walk right to go to the next section.
    ----Section 3----
    Great, we're out of that stuffy building. To the right are two candles and 
    another bone-throwing skeleton. Kill it. In this section you will encounter two 
    more common enemies in the game--Medusa heads and skull towers. Don't worry, 
    both are simple to take out. Along the bottom path is a boomerang. If you want, 
    take it. At the end of the bottom path is a hunk of meat. If you need it, grab 
    it. Otherwise, if you don't need either the new subweapon or food, take the top 
    path and leave the section. 
    Along the top path is a cross behind a candle that kills all enemies on screen
    instantly. At the end of the top path, be careful of the moving platform. Jump 
    across and leave the section.
    ----Section 4----
    In this section, you will encounter two more skeletons at once. Be careful,
    the one at the top has a habit of jumping down and landing on you. Head up the
    stairs and grab the dagger if you need it and jump to the next platform, 
    carefulof the skeleton first. Continue on and leave this very short section.
    ----Section 5----
    AH! Call George Romero someone! Oh, nevermind. In this section, you'll 
    encounter another enemy you'll be seeing throughout the game--zombies. Kill the
    one that appears and however many else. Be careful though and don't take too
    much time as a triceratops will appear behind you to chase you. I wouldn't
    worry too much about the candles. Just keep going to the right avoiding
    pitfalls, turning platforms, and zombies.
    ----BOSS FIGHT!: Cerebrus----
    Congratuliations on making it to the very first boss in the game, Cerebrus the
    three-head dog. As the first boss fight, you can expect it won't be the hardest 
    boss fight in the game. Along your way to where Cerebrus appears, collect all 
    the hearts you find behind the candles. Can't have too many, as the saying 
    goes. Keep going right until you come to the wooden platforms and commence the 
    first boss fight.
    Do you see the top wooden platform? Want to make this boss fight extremely 
    easy? Then stay on the top. Cerebrus won't jump past these platforms and his 
    fire ability can't touch you here. Just simply remaing crouching and keep 
    whipping whenever the boss gets close enough. After the correct amount of hits,
    the boss will be defeated. Collect the orb and move to the next stage!
    STAGE TWO - Storming The Castle
    ----Section 1----
    After showing Dracula's forces we mean business, Richter has now arrived at the
    entrance of Dracula's castle. Jump over the pitfalls collecting the hearts and
    the boomerang if you want it. While doing so, watch out for the fishmen who
    jump up out of the water. Soon enough you'll reach several large platforms
    separated from each other.
    Don't remain on these for too long as each one will crumble and fall to kill 
    you. Continue until you find another gap you must leap over and onto a grey 
    looking platform. As the other did, these will begin crumbling and collapse 
    as you walk. Be very careful that the fishmen don't knock you back as this 
    will kill you, chances are. If you find yourself about to fall, jump forward 
    and whip if needed. This will help.
    Once you make it pass this, you will be at the end of the section and a bridge 
    will lower. You'll automatically jump on it and walk in the castle for the next 
    ----Section 2----
    Head right to see a lumbering skeleton and bat heading towards you. Kill these
    and the rest you see as you go right. Be careful after the second set as you'll
    encounter another skeleton who will throw a barrel at you.
    Jump over or whip it and kill the skeleton. A bat will fly afterwards but you
    might can just dodge it. When you approach the stairs, watch out for the barrel
    throwing skeleton at the top. Kill it and the remaining bat if you have to and
    go to the next section.
    ----Section 3----
    Continue on killing the zombies you see and collecting hearts. If you want it, 
    there's a dagger behind one of the candles, OTherwise, keep going. In this 
    area,you'll encounter two new enemies. One, a dark knight who will throw axes 
    at you.Second, a floating eyeball-like creature. Dodge what zombies might 
    appear as you kill the eyeball in two hits. 
    Go up the stairs and watch out for the knight's axe as he throws it. If you 
    keepgoing to the right, there will be a boomerang behind a candle if you want 
    it. Kill and knight and go on to the left up the stairs for the next area.
    ----Section 4----
    In this area, you will encounter two new enemies, a skeleton dog and the purple
    guard. The purple guard, in my opinion, is the second most annoying enemy in 
    this game behind the Medusa Head. Watch out for the skeleton dog as soon as you
    walk to the right. You'll have to kneel to kill it. It will take a few hits to 
    kill the purple guards. 
    Watch out for the ones on the top as their spears can hit you from above. If 
    you see the guard raise its spear upwards, watch out for its attack as it will 
    do quite a bit of damage. If you have the axe, use it on the guards on top to 
    take them out easily. If you're lucky, use it on the bottom ones as well. Keep 
    going until you go up the top stairs to the last normal section in this level.
    ----Section 5----
    As soon as you enter the area, you should see a skeleton dog waiting on you. 
    You'll have to move towards it some first though. But move slowly as a new 
    enemy will appear--a big skeleton chicken looking thing. Try using your 
    subweapon and hope you can kill both. The dog should go down in one hit whereas
    the big one might take two. 
    You'll encounter two more of the eye creatures, so kill them as well. At the 
    bottom step of the stairs, there is a hunk of meat if you whip it. Take that if
    you need it and prepare yourself for the second boss fight.
    ----BOSS FIGHT!: Giant Bat/Mini-Bats----
    This boss fight is a bit more difficult than Cerebrus, but not much. You have a 
    smaller area to fight the bat in than in the first level. However, this isn't a 
    problem. If you have the axe as a subweapon, and hopefully you've been 
    collecting hearts, you should have enough hearts to use the subweapon at will. 
    Use it when the small bats form the large one as much as possible. When the bat
    separates into the small ones, whip them as much as possible for added damage.
    When the bat erupts into flames, watch out. The small bats will suddenly shoot 
    out and hurt you if they hit. Otherwise, collect the orb and continue to stage 
    Stage Three
    ----Section 1----
    Whee, another tower to scale. Go to the right down the stairs and kill the two 
    dragon skulls you run into. Go on until you jump up to the second platform. Get
    the heart if you need it and go on to the left. Watch out for the moving 
    platform with the spikes and go up the stairs. You see the two platforms to the
    right and the stairs on the left? Go for the stairs. But watch out for the 
    Medusa heads so they don't pull an annoying and knock you off. Basically, just 
    keep going up until you reach the top.
    ----Section 2----
    This area is ultra short luckily. There are only two of those purple guards in 
    this room, so do your best to kill them as quickly as possible while watching 
    the one on the bottom floor. There's a bottle of holy water and hunk of meat in
    the room if you wanter either. Although if you already have a subweapon, I 
    wouldn't bother with the water. Kill the guards and collect the items and 
    you're good to go from here.
    ----Section 3----
    Head down the stairs and grab the stopwatch if you want it, although it uses a
    total of five hearts in one use. There's also a bottle that makes you 
    invincible in the other candle, so be sure to get it.
    ----Section 4----
    You're now in an basement like area. All you basically have to do in this area 
    is make it safely across the water on the hovering platforms while dogding 
    flying bats, the few spikes, and fishmen. When you reach the fishmen, watch out
    for them jumping offand hitting you. It will almost certainly knock you in the 
    Once across, head up the stairs you see and enter the next area.
    ----Section 5-----
    Head to the right first and kill the skull tower. Then head up to the second 
    floor and to the edge of the platform right before the one the dark knight is 
    on. Crouch and continue whipping away until the knight is dead. Kill the last 
    skull tower and head on.
    ----Section 6----
    If you are going for the best ending, i.e. saving both Annette and Maria, then 
    be ultra careful in this section. You see the pillars you must jump to and gaps
    in-between? If you happen to fall inbetween the pillars, this will give you an 
    alternate level to the upcoming level. If you fall, forget about getting the 
    best ending of saving your girlfriend and her little sister. Complicating 
    matters is the fact that--see it coming?--Medusa Heads will be flying your way 
    the entire section. 
    If you get knocked down the gaps but want the best ending, you'll have no 
    choice but to restart the whole level again.
    ----Section 7----
    If you made it across all the pillars, congratulations. You still are not quite
    guaranteed to get the best ending, but you're on your way if you made it. At 
    the end of this section is the key you need to save one of the two hostages. 
    Unfortunately, this proves to make the upcoming boss fight rather difficult. If
    you die one time, you lose this key and can not save your girlfriend's younger 
    sister. Good luck!
    ----BOSS FIGHT: The Knight----
    This is a quite a bit harder than the first two bosses. One thing is that he 
    has quite a bit more attacks than the first two that cause a bit more damamge. 
    Watch out for when the knight throws his head and it follows you. If it hits 
    you, not only will it hurt you, but it will slow you down. The knight will also
    stab his lance into the ground sending stuff to damage you. Also watch out for 
    his lance even if he is not actively attacking with it as it will still cause 
    The biggest tip I can offer you in this battle is to never, never get back into
    either one of the corners. Chances are, if you do, you will lose the battle as 
    with my experience. Also, if you need it, there's a hunk of meat behind the 
    candle on the left side. 
    When this boss is defeated, prepare to move on to the next level!
    Stage Four - The Underworld
    ----Section 1----
    You start the level off in some underground cavern type place. Remember, you 
    need that key! Do not lose it until you use it! This is a pretty short area, so
    continue right fighting whatever zombies pop up and climb the stairs.
    ----Section 2----
    Watch out for the bats flying around and the skeleton up top throwing bones. 
    The skull tower you can go on and take out from underneath it if you want. 
    Either way, continue left. You'll need to be careful going up the stairs at the
    end so the skeleton won't kill you. Defeat it and the skull tower and go right 
    killing all the bats and skeletons. Now leave the area when possible.
    ----Section 3----
    When you reach it, wait for the spikes to drop and jump across when its below 
    you. Oh great, another new enemy, a red knight. It works about the same way as 
    the dark knight, so do the same thing. Along your path, you'll come to a candle
    that is directly in the path of the dropping spikes. This contains a hunk of 
    meat,so try to get it if you need it and continue a few more feet to leave this
    ----Section 4----
    NOTE: This section holds Maria, one of the two people Dracula is holding!
    See the ledge directly across from you with the candle? If you whip the wall 
    enough, you'll find a 1-up. Get it but watch out for the flaming skull. These 
    are new enemies that take several hits to kill. Jump up the moving platforms 
    until you see a wooden "block" on the right side ledge. Jump over to it, use 
    the key, and enter. Inside you find Maria, Annette's young sister.
    She thanks you for saving her but says Annette is trapped in another place 
    (You know, that sounds awfully familiar....) and asks you to save her as you 
    leave. Congratulations, you are halfway to getting the best ending.
    In an act of good will, the game actually gives you full health once you leave 
    the room. Thanks game! Continue going up until you reach the top and go left to
    leave. Just try your best to dodge the skulls.
    ----Section 5----
    In this new area, you'll encounter two new annoying enemies. Fleamen and red 
    skeletons. The fleas jump around and are a bit hard to hit. The skeletons can't
    be killed. Fun, right? Just head left and do your best to defeat the annoying 
    enemies as you go until you reach the end.
    ----Section 6----
    Here you go. Another spot the game splits off. You can go one of two ways here.
    However, since you're reading this for the best ending, there's only one 
    choice. See the door at the top? This is the way you want to go. Fortunately, 
    you don't even have a boss to fight this time around! Good job on saving Maria. 
    Now onward to the next level!
    Stage Five - Water World
    ----Section 1----
    Looks like the fishmen from earlier in the game make a return. Watch out for 
    ones jumping up and whip any that get in your way as you go. Also in this 
    section, a new enemy comes our way--water skulls. These skulls are easily 
    killable and can be spotted coming out of the water by the bubbling animation. 
    Continue on and grab the axe from one of the candles you see above one of the 
    top platforms you see. At the end of this section, kill the skele-dragon and 
    proceed to the following area.
    ----Section 2----
    Head down and let the fishmen jump down. Once you make it to the platform that 
    you first spot the spikes on the side, wait for a platform to hover your way 
    and drop down to it. Be careful not to miss it though. On the other side, make
    your way up and get to the next area.
    ----Section 3----
    This is my least favorite section in this level. Basically, you're in a room 
    that is quickly filling with water. You must dodge enemies and spikes to get to
    safety. Fortunately, when you make to the very top and to the last skeleton 
    dragon, the water stops. So avoid the red skeleton and kill the skeleton dragon
    and go forth. Don't worry about getting hurt as long as you have enough energy
    not to die and to get to the next section.
    ----Section 4----
    It is now time to save Annette! You see the small waterfall? Whip it and 
    destroy it. The water will now drain. Jump down the left side along the red 
    wall to the safe floor below and enter the room. Annette greets and thanks 
    you, but warns of Dracula's growing power. In another good act, your health 
    You leave the room, so scale back up to the top. Now go up the stairs and 
    ----Section 5----
    Now in this area, go right and kill all the fishmen and skulls you encounter. 
    Seconds later, you encounter a gap you must leap across. It's not that wide, so
    if you fall, shame. Wait, what...no! Where did that crow come from?
    The above paragraph happened to me. As soon as you jump, a crow will fly from 
    its perch and knock you down the gap. Do not let this happen to you! Use the 
    axe you found in one of the candles and kill it first. The best thing is that 
    when the axe hits, it destroys part of the concrete and reveals some meat. Eat 
    it needed.
    Continue on killing enemies and grabbing what you want. Eventually you'll come 
    to another gap like the one where the crow was. No worry though, there's no 
    crow here. Leave the area and prepare yourself for another boss.
    ----BOSS FIGHT!: The Water Dragon----
    Personally, I found this boss to be the hardest boss in the best ending path. 
    The dragon jumps around and I haven't noticed a pattern to anything it does 
    yet. Only that it spouts fire from its mouth only once every few jumps. For 
    subweapons, I would suggest taking either the axe or dagger with you. I took 
    the axe. 
    This boss can be pretty tricky in its patterns. If you do have the axe as your 
    subweapon, try waiting until the dragon lifts up to shoot the flames at you. 
    You'll recognize this when it stops its head up in the air. This is your moment 
    to throw an axe. If you hit it, the dragon will run again without attacking. 
    Just keep doing this and do your best to dodge it the rest of the time until 
    you beat it.
    Stage Six - The Clocktower
    ----Section 1----
    You start out in another rocky-like area. The first two enemies you encounter 
    are the red skeleton and a crow. Be careful of the crow as it can knock you 
    down one of these gaps you see. Kill it fast, knock down the skeletons in your 
    way, and move to the second area.
    ----Section 2----
    Jump to the next ledge. Go up the stairs some and, if you have the axe, use it
    to kill the bird. Go further and kill the skull statue. Just keep going up 
    killing any enemies you spot. Watch out for the dark knight at the very top.
    ----Section 3----
    Oh great. More purple guards and moving platforms. Kill the purple guard from 
    the level below if possible and continue to the right. Now, jump all the way to
    the right among the moving rocks while dodging bats as best as possible. Hey, 
    a hunk of meat and a big heart in the candles here. How nice. Grab'em and go 
    back to the left while staying high up.
    ----Section 4----
    Now we've made it out of that area, we find ourselves in what appears to be a 
    clocktower. Interesting. Move up dodging bats amd killing guards when you see 
    them. One, however, might be more than it's worth with such a small ledge. Just
    take your damage and go. 
    ----Section 5----
    Move right. Oh great, more of these stupid red skulls. Well, hop on across 
    until you see the red knight. Kill it if you want. But if it charges past you, 
    just go on to the next section and don't bother.
    ----Section 6----
    As you go up, there's a subweapon in the first candle if you want it. 
    Otherwise, continue up watching out for Medusa heads and falling off the cogs 
    onto spikes. Grab the hunk of meat behind the candle near the left wall too if 
    you need it. Go straight up until you can leave the area.
    ----Section 7----
    This is the last section before you fight the boss. All that there is in here 
    are several big hearts and a dagger subweapon. If you need it, grab it. But it 
    doesn't really matter. You can beat the next boss with just your whip.
    ----BOSS FIGHT!: The Grim Reaper----
    Whatever you do, don't let him touch you. This will slow you up and chances are
    you will get cut up by the scythes. Basically that's all the first form does is
    float around trying to touch you and scythes will pop up and fly at you. I 
    always thought this boss fight was a bit cheap since you have such a small area
    to walk and sometimes so many scythes will appear, you will literally have no 
    chance to dodge them AND Death. 
    Either way, just whip Death every chance you get. When his health gets to 
    roughly a little less than half, he'll switch to his second form. 
    In his second form, he'll no longer float around. Intead, he carries a large 
    scythe. In his second form, he has two attacks. One, he'll swing the scythe at
    you. Second, he's jump up and roll towards you from the air with the scythe 
    swinging. Be careful, both do a nice amount of damage to you. 
    Stage Seven - Heading for Count Dracula
    Here we are. The last level. We've come a long way since our burning village. 
    So don't give up now!
    ----Section 1----
    The good news is that all you have to do is simply head up the stairs to the 
    next area. So head thay way.
    ----Section 2----
    All this area contains are candles and zombies. Either Dracula is very smart or
    very stupid. I would think that Dracula would throw stronger enemies at you. 
    Ohwell, don't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that. Continue on to the 
    next area.
    ----Section 3----
    The first thing you see is another tall skull tower. Kill it. There are just 
    two more skull towers in this room. Why Dracula is throwing all the weakest 
    enemies at you, I still don't understand and never will. Kill the other skulls
    and leave this area.
    ----Section 4----
    Only a dragon skull chain in this room. Kill it and leave. The candle above 
    can't be whipped right now.
    ----Section 5----
    Hey, it's another big chicken looking skeleton from earlier in the game. Jump 
    down and kill it fast and leave.
    ----Section 6----
    In here, there are several purple guards and Medusa heads. Don't worry about 
    having to kill the guards--waste of time. Watch out for the Medusa heads 
    instead. You see the second to last purple guard? You see the beam on the left
    side of the screen? Whip it until a 1-up pops out, go up one more level, and 
    head left.
    ----Section 7----
    In this area are more Medusa heads and a dark knight. Unless you want all the 
    small hearts down below, head across the hovering platforms watching out for 
    Medusa heads. On the second hovering platform, remain crouching and attack the
    knight until it dies. Now leave the area.
    ----Section 8----
    Well, here we are. The last area before Dracula himself. Not too bad
    considering these were his last ditch efforts to stop Richter, huh? All that is
    in here are every subweapon in the game and big hearts. However, I highly
    suggest taking the axe with you. This will make the fight much, much easier.
    I suppose you could replace the axe with any subweapon in the boss section, but
    I've never had much luck using anything but.
    ----BOSS FIGHT!: Count Dracula----
    [[-Form 1-]]
    Note: If you need it, there is a hunk of meat on the left end. Also, I'll be 
    writing this section assuming you have plenty of hearts to spare as always do.
    If not, just rework this to suit your needs.
    Here we are. Dracula and Richter. It all comes down to this.
    When you enter the room, Dracula is in the background sitting on his throne. 
    He stands and laughs before appearing in the foreground. Unfortunately, you
    must fight Dracula while not falling inbetween the pillars. But this isn't that
    In his first form, Dracula can only be hurt when his cape is opened to attack 
    and his weak point is his head. If you took the axe like I suggested, I hope 
    you have plenty of hearts. I've always had at least 80 and usually 90+ hearts 
    by the time I fought Dracula. If you have plenty, you won't even need to use 
    your whip if you have the axe unless Dracula appears on a pillar below yours.
    Either way, throw two-three axes every time Dracula opens his cape. Also, 
    always remain on the lowest pillars! Most of the time, I stayed on the low 
    pillar in front of his throne.
    Dracula in his first form only has two attacks: fireballs and these
    electrified looking black masses. Both can be easily dodged on the lowest
    pilars by crouching. However, sometimes the fireballs will still head directly
    in front of you but can be whipped. Although remember to crouch when doing 
    that. Continue remaining on the lowest pillars--especially in front of his
    throne if possible--and continue using your subweapon until he's defeated. As
    for the black masses, they'll almost never go low enough to hit you while 
    I did exactly this and every time I've, at worst, been hit one or two times.
    [[-Form 2-]]
    Once his health runs out, Dracula roars and a blinding flash fills the screen. 
    When it disappears, Dracula has transformed into a large flying demon. In this 
    form, he has two different attacks. Two much larger fireballs that will aim
    directly for you, but can be destroyed by attacking them, and a more powerful
    move that I'm not sure of the official name for where a blue projectile shoots
    in a horizontal nature. This is easily avoidable though on low pillars. Just
    remember, Dracula can fly around now, so if you need to move, do so.
    Begin using the axe on him nonstop. If you can, head to the right to the
    farthest pillars. This will help you not get knocked off just in case and you
    can easily avoid his non-fireball attack. 
    That's really all I can think of to tell you to do for Dracula. This should be 
    easy enough if you're careful. I got through without getting touched by Dracula
    more than five times the entire boss fight. Just remember the hunk of meat if 
    you need it. Once defeated, remember to grab the orb and finish the game.
    Good luck to you and enjoy the best ending!
    5) Conclusion
    There you have it. I hope this guide proved to be useful for you. Not only for 
    you, but for me as well. This is because, believe it or not, in the six years 
    I've been a member of Gamefaqs, this is the first guide I have ever written and
    submitted to the stie. I really enjoyed this game. If you need to contact me 
    for anything about this guide, such as more tips for boss fights for example, 
    feel very free to email me to talk about this. My address is in the 
    introduction. See you next time gamers!
    --Justin "VideoMaster" Mullins

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