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Castlevania Dracula X could be referred to as a hidden gem of the Castlevania series. For example, the game was released by Konami for the SNES as a port in 1995. I only first learned of this game about roughly three months ago. And that was only because I happened to stumble across the title somewhere. I had actually never heard anyone ever talk about this game before, believe it or not.

However, with the recent beating of this classic game for the first time, here I came with a review!

Story - 10/10
The year is 1792. The infamous Count Dracula has been revived and has returned to his old tricks. As Simon Belmont's great-grandson Richter Belmont, you must travel from your village to Count Dracula's castle in an epic showdown to stop him and fulfill your Belmont destiny. Unfortunately, complicating matters is the fact Count Dracula has kidnapped Richter's girlfriend and her younger sister. Along your trek, you must locate these two in the two areas they are being stashed and save them before challenging the vampire lord himself.

Graphics - 10/10
I will admit one thing. I was actually a bit impressed by the graphics in this late SNES game when I first played the game. Quite a nice leap from its NES predecessors. The graphics and coloring were very crisp and well done, unlike some games I played for the SNES back in the day ((See my review for a certain Star Trek game on the SNES in my "Reviews" section)). Effort was obviously involved.

Music - 10/10
The music is another part of the game I really enjoyed when I took the time to actually pay attention to it (although, I admit that wasn't much as I was so into the game and often had the sound turned down a bit). The music will get your blood pumping and you into the current scene of the game.

Difficulty - 8/10
While you can not set the difficulty, the difficulty of the game is pretty reasonable. The game is far from being easy enough to blow through in twenty minutes but hard enough where you will, chances are, get stuck on a boss for quite a while. But there is nothing in the game you won't have much of a problem getting by. You won't be seeing anything where the game stops being fun and challenging and goes to "AHHHH!!!!" and you throw the game and controller against a wall.

Bosses - 10/10
The bosses are pretty well done as well. Many of the bosses in the game are frequent visitors in the other games from what I've heard. Of course there is Count Dracula, the ultimate boss for the game (as should be obvious). You'll go from fighting a three headed dog to the Grim Reaper to Count Dracula. But you will not encounter every possible boss in the game in one playthrough. No, instead a boss or two you will face only depending on what path you take at a certain juncture later in the game.

I did find a few of the bosses to be a bit tricky to defeat, but nothing where I would not play the game again or dread fighting them. You just have to keep at it and practice.

My Overall Opinion

I found Castlevania Dracula X to be a very fun game. I'm still surprised that I only first heard of this game a literal few weeks ago. Would I suggest trying this game out? Are you a Castlevania fan? Definitely so. Are you interested in trying out the Castlevania series but don't want to dive head first into the more recent ones? Again, definitely so.

So the question still remains. Do I honestly think this is a great game? One that should be played? The answer lies in the next paragraph.

I've played the first three games on the NES and never got that far in them (Then again, I never put that much effort into them even though I loved them) and one on the N64 that I never beat either before playing this. So I'm not exactly a newcomer to the series and have always had an interest in the series. I've always been what you might call a "semi-fan" of the series. This is not the case anymore. I will forever refer to Castlevania Dracula X that cemented my fandom for the Castlevania games.

Chances are, I will play through the game again and again in the future. After all, it *was* the first CV game I ever beat.

All in all, I highly suggest you check this game out. I doubt you will regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/20/07

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