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Reviewed: 01/22/01 | Updated: 01/22/01

Overlooked, but enjoyable

Though it receives little credit for being one of the better games in the castlevania series, Dracula X for Super Nintendo was just that, though it was missing a few elements from other games in the series.

Story-7/10: The lead character this time around is Richter Belmont, and he sets off on a quest to destroy the newly-brought-back Dracula, who has kidnapped his beloved. Nothing special here, except you can choose between several paths and save your girlfriend's little sister in one of them, resulting in a better ending.

Graphics-8/10: Some of the better graphics for a 2D action game on the Super Nintendo. The bosses are large for the most part, and the backgrounds scroll. A little more detail on monsters ala castlevania 4 would have been nice.

Sound-9/10: Suprisingly, not quite up to par with others in the series, but since its castlevania, you know the music's going to be good, and the rock tracks/ gothic techno do deliver in this installment as well.

Control-5.5/10: Richtor's controls are a tad looser than his predecessors, but the lack of whip/ special techniques and the easiness with which he can fall off a ledge can be annoying and inferior. His only special technique is a pretty useless(more the most part) backflip.

Challenge-7.5/10: This was the most disappointing aspect of the game. It is considerably easier than any of the others in the series. You have multiple paths, but all of them lead to Dracula's castle all too quickly. Several more dungeons and the addition of more difficult bosses, along with some mini-bosses, would have upped the challenge ante a bit. This is probably the easiest castlevania game ever made- even with the loose controls. Konami should have at least given a set amount of continues.

Overall-7.5/10: With all of the negative, it's still just fun to play through this game several times and take the different routes, listening to the music and trying to do it all without losing a life/continue. This game has one of the highest replay values of any in the Castlevania series. It's still no match for Symphony of the Night, but it stands solid in it's own right. If they had lengthened it a bit, added some extra difficulties, and maybe put in another character and had more special techniques/ attacks, this would have been one for the ages. Nevertheless, I still highly recommend picking up a copy if you can, especially if you're a fan.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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