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"A good game... A weak port..."

Dracula-X for the SNES is one of the best side-scroll adventure games for the system... though, it may be one of the more worse Castlevania games Konami brought out. Why? Check my review.

Graphics- 10/10
This is where most of the game was devoted to: the graphics. The sprites are designed like their 32-bit counterparts, yet, the game's sort of 8-bit build lessens the fluent animations the graphics are supposedly to produce. Also, there doesn't even seem to be any ''mode-7'' special effects in most of the levels, except, of course, the burning background of Stage 1. The graphics may not be that good, but are worth a look.

Sound- 10/10
Another thing worth mentioning of... the sound was directly ported over from the Turbo16 version, though, due to the game's crappy cartridge format, the effects and beats were quite limited or toned down from their original scores... Still, though, the music is done with a new or more 'modern' approach... and all of the scores deserve to be listened to... I recommend the cool remix of 'Bloody Tears' from Stage 3.

Story- 6/10
Like Bloodlines and a slew of other Castlevania titles, the story is your usual ''Belmont vs. the Count and co.'' thing. So here's the catch for this installment: 100 years after his banishment by Simon, Count Dracula gets revived by a group of twisted muthas bent on rebuilding the world and staging Drac as their leader. But first, Drac orders them to help him get revenge on Simon by cowardly plaguing his descendant, Richter. So, Count's thugs ransack Veros, kidnap Annete (his girlfriend) and her sister, Maria and then trap them inside his old Castle. Now, Richter must take up his duty as a Belmont and get rid of the Count using Simon's great whip.

Replay Value- 5/10
You won't like this as much as what the other titles have to offer. Why? Well, there are only quite a few things to get... you could try taking different routes, just like CV 3 and end up with different Boss Monsters for you to face... yet, you still end up with fang guy... And to only see a few ending screens...? Why actually bother?

Gameplay/Controls- 6/10
Konami came up with a great control set-up with CV 4 and Bloodlines for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Now, I wonder why the heck did they return the NES scheme...? Because of that, it's quite harder to pull of your attacks. Yeah... you have to hold 'Up' again to enter into 'aiming' mode to fire special weapons. This means, you can only fire your items while standing or in mid-air... and that's a big minus on your part, since some of the toughest enemies are weak to crouch blows. On the plus side, Richter has a set of defensive moves like the High Backflip to get you out of trouble... and, the controls aren't that weak either... the attack and jump buttons still act very precisely and smoothly.

Innovation- 5/10
Well, since this is a port-over, you'd expect some elements from it's counterpart to appear here. Everything's pretty much taken from the TurboGrafx16 version, which has all of the previous stuff taken from the NES games... Well, the game has different endings, areas and weapons to choose from... as well as the new special attack feature called 'Item Crash'. When you have enough hearts, you can use the Special Attack of each weapon by simply pressing 'X'... a neat little feature... And yes, they produce quite some cool effects when used.

Is it worth it?
Well, Dracula-X is a good game for all those side-scroller lovers... But, I woudn't say the same for CV fans, since it's difficulty level is quite low, and it just lacks a nag of a lot of things which fans expect from the series.

Cress' overall rating- 7/10
The game just doesn't have much to offer to a player... the cutscenes are quite boring, and everything is really much the same as with previous CV titles. It's worth the rent, because I'm sure you'd be able to finish it in about a day or so...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/10/01, Updated 10/10/01

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