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"An overlooked and underrated game! Get it while you can!"

Castlevania: Dracula X quietly crept into the market in 1995, then quietly faded into the abyss of sleeper hits. Although it was one of the greatest Castlevanias of them all, either people loved it or they hated it. People exclaimed it was a disgrace to the series. How could they say that? This set the premise for the greatest of the series! I can't believe people didn't like this. So do you want to know why I loved it? Sure you do! ONTO THE REVIEW!!!

GRAPHICS: Some of the best hand-drawn graphics available, next to SOTN. Richter Belmont, the new clan member, looks great. The only problem is that he is a bit smaller on screen than Simon Belmont of Super Castlevania IV. The characters are great and the bosses are horrifying. The first stage, which is a burning village, actually sends a chill down your spine. Richter's whip and special items are great. Enemies are huge and maniacal looking. Some of the enemies are cameos from earlier chapters in the series. Animation is a little stiff, but it doesn't really matter when you're fighting for your life. If you liked all of the other Castlevania games, you're gonna love this one. (9.5/10)

STORY: This is a little rusty for me, so I'll do my best: Richter Belmont is resting at home, waiting for something to do. Suddenly, his fiancee's father storms into his home in a frantic rage, looking for the vampire hunter descendant. His fiancee and her sister, Maria, had been taken by a revived Dracula for sacrafice. Terrified for their lives, Richter grabs his his trusty whip and sets out, only to find his village burning. Dracula has found out where the Belmont resides, and will destroy all of Europe in order to pull the hunter from the shadows. The last stage of the game is actually the first of SOTN... or maybe the end of Bloodlines... I'm not sure, but still, the story really isn't any different from any of the other games, although it is a classic story. (N/A, DUE TO LACK OF ORIGINALITY)

GAMEPLAY/CONTROL: The game isn't too hard compared to the original trilogy, but that isn't necessarily bad thing. The long and many stages make up for the lack of challenge. i would have appreciated more of a challenge, though, since this game is one of the scariest out of them all. Each stage is extensive, and at some points you can choose what direction you would like to go in to the heart of Dracula's residence. The only downside of this, though, doesn't really effect the outcome of your journey in much of any way, although you will save a different chick :-) This game isn't very innovative, besides the fact that there are a few more weapons for your pleasure. Each stage has a different song and new area to explore, which is great so there is a bit of variety in the gameplay. There are new moves for you, plus some returning ones. The Whip Flank is back so you can take out multiple enemies, plus you can slide, slide kick, and backflip. You can use these new abilities to help with your battle strategies with the most fearsome foes yet. The control is great, although you still get knocked back when you get hit while jumping. They respond quickly and truly. The only downside is the sudden disappearance of having an eight direction whip. It was one of the most useful abilities available, but it was in only one game! (8.5/10)

SOUND/MUSIC: Tough and scary orchestrated music haunts the air of Dracula X. The new tunes are nice, while you might notice some returning songs from earlier in the series. Sound is better than in Super Castlevania IV, but not by a lot. The whip actually sounds like a traditional chain whip flailing outward. I like it. (9/10)

-Players: 1
-Fun Factor: 10. I can't believe how people didn't like this!
-Replay Value: 8. There are only two seperations in the gaming path, but you'll be drawn in forever if you like the whole Castlevania series.
-Rent or Buy: You gotta buy it while it's still out there... try eBay.

Dracula X was too overlooked and too underrated. Some people have bombarded the game with bad critical analysis, but it is defenately one of the best action/adventure games out there. I hope this somewhat convinces you that even the best of critics are wrong... what a minute... am I dissing myself? Or am I the best? This hurts my head.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/25/00, Updated 02/25/00

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