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Reviewed: 03/05/04 | Updated: 06/07/04

The definition of repetitive, uninnovating, and boring wrapped into 1 game.

I must admit that I’ve never really been a Castlevania fan. There are only two games that I have played in the series that are actually worth playing; Castlevania 3 and Super Castlevania 4. I hear the games on the playstation are great but I have never played them either. Castlevania Dracula X is a terrible game. I really wanted to like it too, but I just couldn’t. This game would leave me frustrated after about only 5 minutes. Do yourself a favor and buy the other Castlevania game on the SNES. Castlevania Dracula X is not worth any amount of money it sells for.

Gameplay – 9/30
The gameplay is terrible. It is exactly the same as the other Castlevania’s, nothing new. Same attacks, same items, same weapons, same bad guys, etc. This is where the game was doomed from the start. Watching the main character move happens about as fast as watching a bunch of 80-year-old grandpas, run a 100-meter relay. Its like walking in quicksand for the entire game and is really a drag. This slows the game down to a mere crawl and makes it very boring. On a somewhat similar note, because your guy moves so slowly, it makes it impossible to dodge enemy attacks. Basically you had better hope that you can kill all the enemies before they start attacking otherwise you will take damage. Lets say an enemy throws a weapon at you, you don’t have to worry about dodging it because no matter what you do it will hit you. It is very annoying and left me very frustrated. Also like the others your guy has the jumping agility of a slug. Once your feet leave the ground you will go until you finish your jump or knocked back down by another bad guy. Once you begin your jump you have no control over how your guy moves, other than attacking, until he comes back down to the ground. Since a lot of this game involves precision jumps this is an obvious flaw. Also, it seems Konami has made it so a bad guy pops his face up everywhere a precision jump is required. Here’s an example: You see a 3-foot gap, no bad guys around so it appears safe to jump. So you hit the A button and off you go. All looks good until about 2 inches away from landing when an enemy jumps up from the bottom of the screen and knocks you off the ledge where you plummet to your death. Since you have no control over what your guy does in the air you sit there hopelessly as you watch your character go through this annoying routine over and over again. Also you can no longer attack up or diagonally. The gameplay here is terrible and needed work.

Funfactor – 4/20
With your limited agility and lack of direction to attack in makes this game hardly fun. Enemies always seem to come from the angle you cant attack and since you cant dodge them it’s a guaranteed hit. This game is not fun and will make most people angry at it

Control – 5/15
Awful, describes it nicely I believe. The jumping thing I mentioned above is a stand out contributor to this awful score. Plus in the last Castlevania you could attack in multiple directions, so why did they remove it from this game. No excuse.

Graphics – 8/15
Graphics are average. They look a little bit worse than Super Castlevania 4. Characters look plain, and backgrounds are hardly exciting.

Music/Sound - 7/15
The Castlevania series always had very moody music that fit in perfect with the level the gamer was playing. This concept no longer holds true to Castlevania Dracula X. The music is dull and uninspiring. It hardly helps create the mood for the level. The sound effects are average. Seems like the same old sounds that have just been ported onto each continuation of this series.

Story – 1/5
Several hundred years have passed since Dracula was last killed. He has been revived and decides to enact his revenge on the Belmont family. He takes Rictor’s (the main character) wife and sister hostage. So Richtor must go save them.

Replayability/Lastability (Bonus) – 0/5
This game is the definition of linear. There is only one path to take from the beginning of the level to the end. Nothing new will occur the 2nd time through this game.

Conclusion – 34/100

-Long time Castlevania fans may enjoy this game

-Game is very slow
-Limited jumping agility
-Same weapons, bad guys, power-ups as the other games

How long can a series go without adding any new concepts to their gameplay? Evidently awhile because the gameplay here is the same as all the countless Castlevania games before it. If you are looking for a good game look elsewhere.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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