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"I'd like to call this the best game ever, in fact I am going to call it that."

Imagine what happens when the two greatest RPG creators make a game, now add fun beyond what you can think. Here it is.
If you're a gamer and you have a pretty good working brain then you should know what the game Chrono Trigger is, or at least have heard of it. Chrono Trigger is an RPG that came out in 1995 for the Super Nintendo. 1995 was five years into the Super Nintendo's lifespan so it didn't have much more time to go but Chrono Trigger still did extremely well. Maybe if not for sales, than for overall quality and using the Super Nintendo to it's fullest potential. But one cool thing about Chrono is that it's even more RPGish than a lot of modern RPG games. It's more in depth and fun. It's a lot more in depth than a game like Evolution Worlds even if it may not have the 3D high tech graphics. (Wait, did I just call Evolution World's graphics high tech?!) It outdoes many modern RPG games is the point I'm trying to make.

In Chrono Trigger you take the role as the voiceless (voiceless as in he doesn't talk, because none of the game has voice acting) character Crono and you start off in a small town in the year 1000 A.D. At that time a special event called the "Millenium Fair" is going on to celebrate the 1000th year. When you are walking around you bump into this girl named Marle who is wearing a strange pendant. She then joins your party and you go to find your inventor friend Lucca. Lucca's special invention is a device that lets you warp from one station to another except malfunctions occur when Lucca steps in and it warps her to 600 A.D. Crono and Lucca then go find her and that's where the quest begins.

What I told you above was just half the story and the story is a big part of the game. As you can expect, 600 A.D. isn't the only time era you'll warp to. You eventually lead yourself to the future of 2300 A.D. and almost everything is a waste with few survivors. You find out here that a grand monster named Lavos who destroys nearly everything in the year 1999 A.D. so then you decide that if you want a future, then you should go back and defeat Lavos. At the same time, (Well not really) a war in 600 A.D. is waging between man and monster and the monster's leader is the mighty evil wizard, Magus. And Magus has connections with Lavos so you decide to beat him however you need a special sword called the Masamune and only a frogman can wield that. Now you have an idea of the places you'll be but there is still more. You'll go to the prehistoric ages, the ice age and more, time traveling in an RPG is a very cool thing and Chrono Trigger is a very cool game.

Now what is an RPG without battles? Not much I'll tell you because battles are one of the core elements that builds that kind of game. I'll garuntee you that Chrono's battles are spectacular. First off, they're surprisingly fast paced and second off, this is no watered-down RPG. You'll find spells, techs, and all that here. In the beginning of the game most enemies can be taken out with common attacks but once you get to this place called 'The End of the World' where it pretty much links all the time eras together, you'll learn magical spells. From then on, the boss battles and common enemies become tougher and a lot of times you can only beat certain bosses and enemies with magic only making it harder because you'll have to stock up on those ethers and mid-ethers.

The battles are turn based but the funny thing is that they don't get old. In many games battles will get tiresome and you'll just feel like running from many of them. That's not the case with Chrono Trigger. I have played through every battle in Chrono Trigger and enjoyed every second of them. The boss battles are very creative and require different methods to beat. The game maintains a newcomer welcome pace and difficulty making it rarely ever frustrating. Also, remember the time battles from Final Fantasy VIII? Well they've been inspired by Chrono Trigger. It's where you have to wait for a meter to go up before you can attack. In Chrono, these meters aren't repetitive and don't take as long to charge up so there will almost never be those moments where you're just waiting and doing nothing.

One thing many RPG's nowadays suffer from is dungeons and world maps that drag on. Chrono has easy world maps where you'll remember where everything is. They're not particularily large however you'll be going through different times so they always change. The dungeons in Chrono Trigger require a little exploring but for the most part they're are straighforward hwoever they never feel linear. This game is open ended and you have access to anywhere anytime. In fact, once you've opened up the End of the World, you have access to anywhere and you can fight the last boss anytime. (*Not saying you'll win because you should be at least on level 35 to have a chance, however if you do lots of training and then fight him early you can get different endings.)

How many of you get tired of having those tedious random battles? Well if you do than you're going to love Chrono Trigger. You see where all the enemies are and there are no enemies whatsoever in world maps. The only enemies are boss battles or are in dungeons, caves, facilities, stuff like that. Well you may be thinking that then you won't level up as quick, however, you get more experience than you would in a Final Fantasy game, the enemies usually come back when you leave the room and then return, and you level up quicker because you don't need as much experience to level up. Also, when you level up it doesn't expect a whole lot more experience more than before to level up again so it seems like every five or so battles you get in at least one of your characters levels up.

Because you're going through time, you get partners from different time areas. You get a robot, a frog, a cave woman and more and the cool thing is that you can bring them anywhere including out of their time once they're officially on your party. You can have three people fighting at a time and the others stay in the End of the World which you just press the Y button when you're out of a battle to switch. The downfall is that you can't switch during a battle so if you choose wrongly, you're screwed so you'd be best off just resetting the game and restarting the battle. When all three characters time meters are filled up at a same time they can do combos attacks, techs and spells these can rake up some massive damage and really save your butt on boss battles. Without these, the game would be quite a bit tougher.

Chrono Trigger is also very customizable. There is a vast array of items and weapons to obtain in the game and the menu system is in depth yet simple to learn how to use it and it tells you how much better the weapon or equipment is by showing you meters in numbers of the strength, speed, defense, etc. Weapons, items and accessories are buyable or you can find them in chests and places throughout the game and you'll want to upgrade because you can't beat it with the same old weak weapon. Well it would be really tough to. Items are simple to use because you have access to them any time during battle or outside of battle through the simple menu system.

Now that you've got the basic idea of what Chrono Trigger is like, you should understand that it's like a Final Fantasy mixed with Dragon Quest mixed with a fresh idea of it's own and that is an awesome thing to have in RPG games. This is what happens when the two greatest RPG creators, Squaresoft and Enix come together to make a game. (This was eight years before the merged in 2003 so at the time of Chrono's release they were just working together not a single company.) You'll also notice that in this game, like Dragon Quest certain characters look like DBZ characters. This was also in the Dragon Warrior/Quest series. The artist of the DBZ series was an artist for character designs in Chrono Trigger as well.

The graphics in Chrono Trigger do not disappoint. I already talked about the character designs and the art a little bit. Both are fantastic and even in one of the Super Nintendo's last years, this game looks amazing in every conceivable way. The design and backgrounds were well thought out and superbly detailed to the point that in more than one part in the game I literally said out loud, "This is a Super Nintendo game?!" Because the backgrounds surpassed what I thought SNES could hold. Look at Super Mario 64, the graphics were fantastic and it was in well done 3D/2D but past the backgrounds it was just black which looked a little bit strange. Chrono doesn't have that and it's cartoonier however that has nothing to do with the game looking good because it looks amazing, hands down. On the world map, things look pretty simplistic but the world maps environments are well detailed and it changes for the better when you enter a town, forest, battle, cave, castle, etc. Things look more drawn out and jaw droppingly spectacular. The character designs look great in battle and the animation is something special as well.

So for the animation, it's mostly found in the battles. Sure you can notice your characters movements on the world map but you'll see some awesome looking spells, attacks and techs in the battles. The spells all look very cool and you can tell what they are. They're not as spazzy as Final Fantasy spells but they sure as heck do the job well done. Animation is also well in the other places like forests, towns, castles and more. You can notice small animations like your character's movements and other characters interaction with each other and different objects. The game features some great cut scenes but are all done in real time considering it's on SNES. If you want high quality anime cut scenes than try the PS1 remake however the SNES version is considered more rare and of a collector's item. The cut scenes here don't disappoint though because even in real time they are fun and often funny to watch and really draw out the story for all it's worth and it's worth a lot.

I mean, the graphics in Chrono Trigger are so dang good that they're just great okay. So good that I can't even think up a great word to describe them so I'll say greatsome. Ya know, like "great" and "awesome" except combined? Ah never mind... They may not be the best ever, but they are definitely some of the best graphics you'll see on the Super Nintendo following right behind Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars which was released a year later. But at that time, PS1 was out and N64 to be out soon so the graphics weren't as well appreciated but Chrono's were because it was a little before the PS1 so they still looked great on the Super Nintendo.

After playing Secret of Mana, also for the Super Nintendo, I really enjoyed that game even though at the time I am reviewing Chrono, I have yet to beat Mana. But one thing about Mana is the music gets loud and repetitive. Now you could just adjust the volume but it still seems on the loud side. Chrono Trigger, however, has music that never gets old and I'm not just sticking up for the game or anything but it just didn't for me. The music was memorable and didn't seem too loud nor quiet and I never got tired of it. The sound effects sound pretty average but they didn't really mean a lot back then. They are great for the time but not nearly as noticable as the amazing music. The dialogue is extremely well written and more than often, hilarious. There are many laugh-out-loud moments with the characters but it knows when to be serious and when to be lighthearted making it a game for anyone really. There is quite a bit of dialogue, mainly in cutscenes or when you talk to certain people and there are no spelling errors or context errors or nothing like that, that I noticed and I'm sure that none of the game has any errors of that kind. Cutscenes and dialogue is rarely ever long winded and seems to be always fun to watch, or read.

Chrono Trigger is a fairly long game and with sixteen endings to see, there is a lot to see. If you want to see each ending, it will be hour after hour. Along with that, there is a handful of long sidequests to do. There are not too many sidequests but every one of them is long and may take a while to complete adding even more time. If you just go for the end without sidequests it will take out twenty or less hours but you'll want to see everything Chrono has to offer. You'll want to do every sidequests, see every sight and watch every ending. There is a lot to do and it's an addictive and time consuming game so you'll probably play this game much more than once or twice or even three time. I love this game still and am playing it still. It's that good.

Overall, Chrono Trigger is a rare gem in the gaming industry. You can tell many months and days and hours were put into making this game and the developers worked their butts off creating this game. If they didn't, they got lucky because this game easily fits with my other two favorite games, Ocarina of Time and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. This is one of my favorite games ever so suddenly and I hope it becomes on of yours too. That is, if you can find it. It's a rare game and the cart alone will make you fork out half a hundred. But hey, it's all worth it. Every second of this game is pure enjoyment and a game for everyone. Not too challenging, not too easy, extremely well done and well worth it. That is all I have to say Chrono Trigger and I hope you enjoyed my longest review yet.

Thank for reading a review for the game Chrono Trigger which now is a game that means a lot to me. I love video games and Chrono Trigger reminded me why I do. I hope you find just as much enjoyment in Chrono as I did. This is a must have.

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Originally Posted: 10/03/06

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