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"One of Square's Greatest Works."

Chrono Trigger is a RPG for the SNES. Made by Squaresoft the RPG gods. Chrono Trigger was a amazing game when it came out. It's still amazing today and has aged amazingly well. If your interested in this game read on to discover why it owns.

Graphics:10/10:Chrono Trigger's graphics are the second best graphics on the SNES. The only game that beats it is Super Mario RPG. Characters are well detailed and have variety. Enemies are designed greatly as well. The areas in the game are beautiful as well.

Gameplay:10/10:Chrono Trigger is a amazingly fun game. It's not a very old-school RPG. It's go from town to dungeon like every RPG. Unlike old-school RPG's the game requires hardly any leveling and is easy. Battles and exploring are done with a three man party. It uses the ATB battle system from Final Fantasy for battles. In battle each character has a bar. The bar fills up and it's that character's turn. What's a cool innovative feature of Chrono's battle system is dual and triple Techs. When a certain two characters get their turns they can use a dual tech. Dual techs usually have much better effects then a single tech. Even cooler is if you have three specific characters you can do triple techs. Same as dual tech but all three characters must get their turns.

The game is pretty easy. You'll never really need to level. Even with no leveling though the game remains very easy unfortunately. The game starts very easy and doesn't get hard until the very end. Then enemies get much harder and you can die from a battle if unprepared. My only problem with the difficulty is the final boss. The final boss receives a major difficulty increase compared to other bosses. For the final boss I had to level for a long time before I could beat it. Overall Chrono Trigger is a lot of fun and has aged incredibly well.

Storyline:10/10:Chrono is a normal boy who one day goes to the fair. He accidentally bumps into a girl. She drops her pendant and he returns it to her. Her name is Marle and she asks if she can join Chrono. Chrono allows to her to walk around the fair with him. Chrono and Marle decide to head over to where Lucca is at the fair.

Chrono's friend Lucca is a genius inventor. She built a teleporter with her father that is able to transport someone. It can warp someone from one area to another. Lucca needs someone to volunteer to test the teleporter. Marle volunteers and while she is being warped something goes wrong. A different warp appears and Marle is sucked into the warp to another dimension. As she is warped her pendant drops on the teleporter. Realizing that her pendant is what caused the other warp to appear Chrono wears it. He volunteers to go into the warp and find Marle...

Music:10/10:The music in Chrono Trigger is fantastic. Every area has different music that usually fits it well. I think the battle music could be a little better though. The boss music is great and dungeon songs are fantastic. Overall Chrono Trigger has one of the best SNES soundtracks.

Overall:10/10:Chrono Trigger is a amazing game even today. It's a lot of fun and has aged well. Has a amazing soundtrack and some of the best Graphics during it's time.Also has a amazing storyline with a good character cast. A must play game for any RPG fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/18/08

Game Release: Chrono Trigger (US, 08/22/95)

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