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    FAQ/Move List by Zotmeister

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    The ZotGuide Series:
    ClayFighter [SNES]
    by the Zotmeister (Adam R. Wood, zot@ccs.neu.edu)
    Version 6
    Joypad: D=down, U=up, T=towards opponent, A=away from opponent
            two adjacent letters represents the appropriate diagonal
            hold = hold the pad down in that direction for about 2 seconds
                   minimum before continuing (except where noted)
    Buttons: P=punch, K=kick
    	 Usually, light attack buttons execute shorter and/or slower versions
             of the special moves than when stronger attack buttons are used.
    	 When the effect is radically different, I will specify what happens.
    Notes: 1) Commas separate motions that should be done consecutively;
    	  for example, if given D, DT, T, rotate the pad from down to towards,
    	  going through the diagonal.  Ampersands (&'s) represent moves to be
              done simultaneously. [Just in case you've never played a fighting
              game before.]
           2) For "hold" moves listed as "(can be done in midair)", hold away while
              on the ground, then jump backwards (still holding away), then press
    	  forward and the attack button.
           3) For charge moves, the direction to be held can be replaced by an
    	  adjacent diagonal [for example, DA may be held instead of D], but
    	  the proper direction must be returned to before the move is
    	  launched.  [For example, Frosty's Snow Ball may be done by holding
    	  DA for 2 seconds, then rotating the pad up to A for just a split
    	  second, then going to T and pressing P.]  Actually, note 2 is
    	  just a special case of this.
           4) For those moves not mentioned in the manual, I have used literary
    	  license to give them my own names.  If you have better suggestions,
    	  email me.
           5) All moves listed work for both Tournament Edition [TE] and Original,
    	  except where noted.  Changes in the moves themselves are also
    	  listed where applicable.
    Bad Mr. Frosty
    Holds with brutal punch
    Frozen Fist: D, DT, T&P
    Ice Ball: A, DA, D, DT, T&P
    Shoulder Charge: A, T&P
    Snow Ball: hold A, T&P (can be done in midair)
    Arcing Snowball: hold D, U&K
    Foot Slide: D, DT, T&K
    Flying Headbutt:  T, DT&P in Original; T, D, DT&P in TE
    Big Arm Sideswipe Hack [BASH]: hold D, U&P (three second charge)
    	[By far, the most damaging move in the game.  In TE, the range
    	 of this move is considerably shorter, so watch out.]
    Throws with brutal kick, holds with brutal punch
    Taffy Whack Punch: A, T&P
    Taffy Whack Kick: A, T&K
    Two-fisted Charge: hold A, T&P (can be done in midair)
    Taffy Tornado: A, DA, D, DT, T&P
    Aerial Tornado: T, DT&P
    Dizzy Fake:  D, DA, A&P
    	[This makes Taffy pretend he's dizzy.  He recovers the instant
             an attack button is pressed.  Don't ask me what this move is good
             for, because I don't know.]
    Throws with brutal kick, holds with brutal punch
    Sucker Punch: D, DT, T&P
    Backfist Whip: D, DA, A&P
    	[This move has a considerable recovery time in TE.]
    Medicine Ball: hold A, T&P (can be done in midair)
    Arcing Ball: hold D, U&K
    Air Tackle: hold D, MediumP&MediumK
    Holds with brutal punch
    Vertical Clay Stomp: D&Brutal kick
    Arcing Clay Stomp: T, DT&Brutal kick
    	[These are not, repeat NOT, special moves.  They do no damage if
    	 blocked, and cannot be used for a Super KO.  They are listed here
    	 because of the peculiar way they are done.  The vertical stomp
    	 goes straight up and down; the arcing stomp does arc forward, but
    	 only ever so slightly.]
    Clay Spit: D, DT, T&P
    Somersault Headbutt: D, DA, A&P
    	[This move can doublestrike an opponent at the far edge of the
    	 battle arena in TE.  I wonder why they added this in?]
    Slide Smack: A, DA, D, DT, T&K IN ORIGINAL ONLY!
    	[This move has been eliminated in TE.  This change I understand.]
    Buzzsaw: hold A, T&P
    	[In Original, this move, if blocked, will cause Blob to bounce
    	 against his opponent repeatedly, essentially doing more damage
    	 than if it had hit in the first place.  In TE, it will hit only
    	 once if blocked.  This is the most prominent, and most
    	 necessary, change between the two versions.]
    Flying Roundhouse: A, T, D, DT&K in Original; T, D, DT&K in TE
    	[This move must be done rather close to the opponent, otherwise
             the backkick won't hit a thing.]
    Blue Suede Goo
    Throws with brutal kick
    Humming Attack: D, DT, T&P
    Hair Blade: D, DA, A&P
    Hair Slice: T, DT, D&K
    Song of Pain: A, DA, D, DT, T, A&K
    Ickybod Clay
    Throws with brutal kick, holds with brutal punch
    Ecto Ball: D, DT, T&P
    Ecto Punch: T, DT&P
    Dart Dive: hold A, T&P (can be done in midair)
    Teleport: P&K (can be done in midair)
    	[The attack buttons must be of the same strength.  The light attack
    	 buttons will teleport you to the left side of the screen, the
    	 medium attack buttons to the center, and the brutal attack buttons
    	 to the right side.]
    Throws with brutal kick, holds with brutal punch
    Viking Ram: D, DT, T&P
    "Armpit of Doom" Jumping Uppercut: D, DT, T&K
    "Val-Holler" Yodel: hold A, DA, D, DT, T&P
    Valkyrie's Ride: hold A, DA, D, DT, T&K
    Throws with brutal kick, holds with brutal punch
    Flying Pie: D, DT, T&P
    Cruising Pie: D, DT, T&K
    Cutting Cartwheel: hold A, T&P
    Clown Dive: hold D, U&P
    Cream Spray: A, DA, D, DT, T&P
    Aerial Shuffle [from ground]: A, DA, D, DT, T&K
    Aerial Shuffle [from midair]: hold U, K (one second charge)
    	[Neither version of the aerial shuffle can hit someone on the
    	 ground; the opponent must be in midair.]
    Feet-Forward Butt Dive: hold U, P (one second charge)
    	[Now THIS is an enigma.  In Original, this is a midair block! 
    	 If you get hit while doing this, you will take no damage (except
    	 for the sliver that accompanies a special move).  The move does
             no damage to opponents - it is not an attack.  In TE, you can
    	 still execute the move, but it does not defend you, and it
    	 still does not do any damage... rendering it totally worthless!]
    Special thanks to Christopher L. Schneider for Bonker's midair Aerial
    Shuffle and for helping to make a correction to moves previously listed
    as T, D, DT.
    Thanks to Clay Schwenn for buying my old Original ClayFighter off of me.
    If someone is annoyingly looking over your shoulder reading this, tell him or
    her to email me at zot@ccs.neu.edu or visit Andy Eddy's FAQ FTP site at
    ftp.netcom.com /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs and get their own damn copy.
    						Adam R. Wood
    						the Zotmeister

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