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"Other than skimpy dresses and tight tops, is there anything really different about this game?"

I was never really a fan of Sailor Moon. It wasn't that I didn't like it, I just didn't become a Sailor Moon fan. Don't get me wrong, I love the outfit. If it were up to me, I wouldn't have played this game. However, it was a present, and the person who gave me this game actually stayed to watch me play to see if I would enjoy it. So, to humour her, I played for about 30 minutes. It basically reflected what I felt about the TV show: I don't hate it, but I don't love it.

The story of the game is again a resemblance of the TV show. The Moon Kingdom had been attacked and the five warriors (Sailors Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter) were sent to Earth (namely, Japan) with no knowledge of the matter. Fortunately, two cats named Luna and Artemis, the only two beings to survive the attack, were also sent to Earth and recruited the five warriors to take back the Moon Kingdom. To do that, they must defeat the Dark Kingdom who conveniently have arrived to the Earth. The story is about a break from the regular save the world stories. While it still has the save the world premises, those premises get partly shadowed by all other aspects of the story such as inter-group fighting, love stories involving the ''charming'' Tuxedo Mask, and the lives of the five warriors.
I give the storyline a 9/10.

The controls are simple and easy to remember. The X button acts as ''the super move that clears the screen''. The move itself is a good way of saving yourself in a tight situation, but it's too easy to use. A minor slip from say, the Y button, which is a regular attack button, will cause an unwanted and wasted super move. It should have been something like L+R or a combination of other buttons. Other than that, the buttons respond very well.
I give controls a 8/10.

At the beginning of every level, there is about 15 seconds of really corny baby music. I don't really understand why it's there, other than to introduce the next level. It takes away the entire point of the aspect of fighting. Some other parts, such as when you fight the bosses of each stage, are very aptly complemented with music. It has the fast and low music which, in my opinion, works very well to display a mental thought of danger. The sound effects aren't terrible, but they are very predictable. Hitting the opponents causes a WHAP sound. Wow. SO exciting.
I give the sound a 7/10.

The way you can move up and down on the screen, not just left and right, makes it seem 3D, which makes it a very nice part of the game. Even though this game is just a 16-bit game, the characters are drawn very well and are a match for their television counterparts. Some of the background pictures, like the area at the end of the first level, didn't really look too nice. However, that isn't a very bad thing because one doesn't really notice the background when fighting a bad guy. Again, at the beginning of the level, there is a 15 second introduction. Those cartoons in the 15 second introduction are really baby and corny and should be taken out.
I give the graphics a 6/10.

After beating the game, what's there to do afterward? There are no sidequests, no special people to acquire, no ''beat the clock'' challenges. Sure, you could try to beat the game without dying, or not losing any energy, or not using the ''grab'' manuever, but what else can you do after that? There is no point of replaying this game. It's basically a one or two time through and then it's back on the shelf for you.
I give the replayability level a 4/10

Others things to ponder:

- Side-scrolling games really tick me off. Why can't you move until you've beaten all the characters? Shouldn't I have the option of running away, and then possibly running into a dead end before I have to fight them? This reminds me of that game on Game Boy... Kung Fu Master or something.

- Other than the SUPER move, there are two other special moves. One is the character's signature move (Moon Tiara Magic!! etc.) which takes about one second to charge out and shoot. There is no point in using it becase you cannot move while charging, you're left vulnerable for that entire second, and it often misses. The other move is a special attack, and if you connect, you deal more damage to the enemy, you also lose some damage yourself. This is also a useless move. Just use your fury of Y-Attacks or use a throw.

- At the end of every level, you're given a grade to show how well you did that level: points, damage received, lives lost etc. are all taken into consideration when given you that grade. What the point of it is, however, has not been revealed to me.

Buy or Rent: At the price it's at today, why not buy it? It's probably only $15. Still, not many people like doing that, so I suggest renting it first. Some Sailor Moon fans would enjoy adding this game to their collection, while other gamers wouldn't hate this game either.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/22/02, Updated 06/22/02

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