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"Final Fight.. with Girls"

I'm a Sailor Moon fan.. and as luck would have it, my sister visited Japan frequently over a three year span. Over the span, she picked me up some old Sailor Moon games. I'm here to tell you what I think.

First of all, this is what you'd expect. EXACTLY what you'd expect. You beat up stuff. You move on. You beat up more stuff. You move on. The Final Fight formula to the tee. While that's not a bad thing necessarily, I was hoping that BANDAI might stick its neck out and try and slap a few innovations on the game for the sake of my gals. Guess I expected too much.

Well, it's not a waste by any means. It's actually a fun game, just average. Well.. I suppose I should critique the finer points.

The game is based on the Sailor Moon cartoon, the first season. I don't know Japanese, so I didn't get much out of the small, neglible attempts at cinema, but I can assure you it has to do with defeating Queen Beryl before she uses the Negaverse to take over the World. ANYWAYS, when you start the game, you pick one of your Sailor Scouts. The game takes off from there, throwing you on a street and having you punch, punch, punch. The video game was successful in being faithful to the cartoon on many respects -- for instance, your "super move" is in tact -- tap the X button and watch the screen explode in your sailor's special move: the smart bomb of the game that is, of course, limited. However, watching the scouts fight is pathetic... sure, with the exception of Jupiter and Mars, they don't REALLY know how to fight anyways.. but these girls often look like they're trying to pat the bad guys in the face rather then wail them into oblivion.

The graphics are acceptable. The backgrounds show good variety, but the enemies aren't varied enough, and while the scouts are portrayed accurately in height in shape... like I said, it looks like they're trying to get kisses rather then defeat the evil forces of the negaverse. The sound is all right -- nothing fabulous, but it won't make your ears bleed or your teeth itch either. The satisfaction is so-so.. the game is not really challenging, but it ain't a push over either.

I'd say "rent it," except that's not really an option in the import scene. In that case, don't bother with it unless you're a fan or you can get it cheap.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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