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    FAQ/Move List by KageKaze

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/16/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       SNES - JAP
      8888          88 88
     8888           88 88
    8888     .8.       88
     8888   .888.   88 88      .88888. 88 88
      8888 .88 88.  88 88      88   88 8888
     8888 .8888888. 88 88      88   88 88
    8888  88     88 88 8888888 "88888" 88
                    PRETTY SOLDIER SAILOR MOON R (Romance)
                    8888     8888                             88888.
                    88 88   88 88                             88  88.
                    88  88 88  88                             88   88
                    88   888   88 .88888. .88888. 8888   88   88 88P"
                    88         88 88   88 88   88 88 88  88   8888C
                    88         88 88   88 88   88 88  88 88   88  8D.
                    88         88 "88888" "88888" 88   8888   88   8D.
    FAQ by KageKaze
    "Tsukini kawate ohshokiyo!" (In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!)
    Version 1.5
    Version 1--
            Initial released (originally un-numbered)
    Version 1.5 (11/16/98)--
            Changed format to 76 coloums per line (at most 77) to allow better
              viewing on an 640x480 display and for easy printing.  If there is
              still a printing problem with the few 77 coloum lines, let me know
            76 coloum display also used to fit with standards set by GameFAQs
            Changed "Lonely Heart Vibration" to "Rolling Heart Vibration"
              I found this out from reading the Manga (actual attack)
            Changed the 'Character Attack' referance to 'Sudden Death Attack'
              since this is what the attacks are called in japan.
            Fixed typo on "Shining Aqua Illusion" for Mercury (sorry)
            Changed "Sparkling Vital Pressure" to "Sparkling Wide Pressure"
              I finally got to read the Katakana for this attack in the Manga
              as well.
            Changed "Everything for Love" to "Love for All" for Aino Minako
            Added the URL to my web page at the top
            Other various minor fixes to the text
            Last but not least, some Copyright and posting information added
            1.  TITLE SCREEN
            2.  OPTIONS MENU
                    B>  OPTIONS EXPLAINED
            3.  THE SAILOR SENSHI
            4.  CONTROLS
                    A>  ALL SENSHI
                    B>  SUDDEN DEATH ATTACKS
                    C>  INDIVIDUAL SENSHI
                            1>  SAILOR VENUS
                            2>  SAILOR MERCURY
                            3>  SAILOR MOON
                            4>  SAILOR MARS
                            5>  SAILOR JUPITER
                            6>  CHIBI-USA
                    D>  COMPETITION CONTROLS
                            1>  COMPETITION SPECIAL MOVES
            5.  SECRETS
                    A>  MOVING 'DRAIN-ATTACK'
                    B>  SAME SENSHI SELECTION
                    C>  TWO-PLAYER CHIBI-USA
            6.  CHIBI-USA MODE
                    A>  CHIBI-USA MENU
                            1>  CHIBI-USA MODES EXPLAINED
            Akushon (action)        Chibiusa
            Opushon (Option)        Taisen (competition)
            Action    --  Play the game with one of the 5 senshi in one or two
                          player mode.  In two player mode, you both cannot be
                          the same senshi, unless you activate a code wich will
                          be listed later.
            Chibiusa  --  One player only (unless you activate a code).  Play
                          through the game as that brat you love no matter how
                          much you want to hate her.  That's right, you get to
                          play as Chibiusa, and the best part is she's so small
                          that almost all attacks just go right over your head!
                          she only real downside, no throws.  That and she's
                          very weak, but that's nothing for near invulnerability
            Option    --  Select game options in this mode.
            Taisen    --  Competition is the translation of this japanese word
                          and it's exactly what it sounds like.  You and a
                          friend fight it out with the senshi of your choice in
                          a 2 round battle for superiority.  Just like two
                          player normal mode, both of you cannot be the same
                          senshi unless you activate a code.
            Reberu                        futsuu / muzukashii / yasashi
               (Level)                  (normal) / (difficult) / (easy)
                                  *progression by pussing right on control pad*
            Kontinyuu  (continue)                 3 / 4 / 5
            Ongaku  (music)                       1 (1 - 23)
            Koukaon  (sound effects)              1 (1 - 36)
            Onsei  (voice)                        1 (1 - 55)
            Owari  (the end)
            Level           - Select the difficult level.  It's on Normal by
                              default.  By pressing right on the control pad it
                              goes from normal to difficult, to easy, then back
                              to normal.
            Continue        - Select how many continues you want - 3, 4, or 5.
            Music           - Listen to the music of the game
            Sound Effects   - Listen to the sound effects of the game
            Voice           - Listen to some of the game's phrases
            The End         - Exit the Options Menu
    If you don't know about Sailor Moon, then here are the Senshi as they appear
            Attack  --  Y button
            Jump  --  B button
            Sudden Death attack  --  Hold Y, release.  Long range attack based
                                     on your senshi.
            Life draining attack  --  Y + B  or  A.  An attack that damages
                                      everyone close to you, taking abit of
                                      damage from you when it connects.  Not
                                      enough to really hurt you, but enough to
                                      cause serious trouble if used too often.
            "Bomb" attack  --  X.  This attack damages all enemies on the screen
                                   by quite abit.  Everyone, even Chibi-Usa has
                                   one.  You have a very limited supply of these
                                   and they are indicated by the ribbon icon to
                                   the left of your sudden death attack.
            second jump attack  --  While jumpping, hold down while you press
                                    the Y button to do a second jumpping attack
                                    that won't knock down your opponent so you
                                    can keep attacking.
            Grab opponent  --  Walk up to them without attacking
            Throw     --  Grab, press Towards or away + Y.  Towards and away
                          dictate wich direction you throw your opponent.  This
                          allows you to throw your opponent into other
                          opponents.  Can be useful against Bosses.  Chibi-usa
                          does not have this move.
            Smack     --  Grab, press Y.  You attack your opponent about 3 times
                          before they get knocked down from the pain.  Each
                          character has their own way of doing this.  This move
                          appears to be abit more powerful than the throw.
                          Chibi-usa does not have this move.
            Attack/throw  --  To throw your opponent instead of doing a knock
                              down attack while you're fighting, hold down while
                              you're attacking, and on your final blow, you'll
                              end up throwing your opponent.  Can be useful
                              later on when opponents tend to attack before you
                              can lay your final blow.  Chibi-usa does not have
                              this move.
            Slam Throw  --  grab, jump + A.  As you hold your opponent, jumpping
                            and pressing A will cause your senshi to flip and
                            slam the opponent into the ground.  This is the most
                            powerful throw in the game and really helps on the
                            bosses.  Chibi-usa does not have this move.
            Team-up attack  --  (2 player mode only).  Your senshi can grab
                                eachother, but they wont attack eachother.
                                Whoever pushes the attack button will throw
                                their team-mate into the air.  If that person
                                pushes attack in mid-air, they'll preform an
                                airial diving attack wich looks to be very
                                powerful if it connects.
           Above your life line is a hollow white bar.  While you hold down the
    attack button (Y) this bar will start to fill up.  When you release the
    attack button when it's full, your character will unleash her specific
    attack that comes directly from the series or manga.  This attack is
    relativly strong but it's main usefulness lies in using it to keep opponents
    at a distance.  Bosses love to move around and make this technique useless,
    so it's usually not the best move for them.
    SENSHI (Name "name translation")--
    SAILOR VENUS  (Aino Minako "Love for All")--
            Chain Strike                 --  jump, down + Y
            "Rolling heart vibration"    --  charge Y
            Spinning Chain               --  Y + B  or  A
            "Cresent Beam Shower"        --  X
            Leg Throw                    --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Knee                         --  grab, Y
    SAILOR MERCURY  (Mizuno Ami "Friend of Water")--
            Downward Punch               --  jump, down + Y
            "Shabon Spray Freezing"      --  charge Y
            Reverse Break Step           --  Y + B  or  A
            "Shining Aqua Illusion"      --  X
            Overhead Throw               --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Flip Kick                    --  grab, Y
    SAILOR MOON  (Tsukino Usagi "Bunny of the Moon")--
            Downward Punch               --  jump, down + Y
            "Moon Tiara Action"          --  charge Y
            Spinning Uppercut            --  Y + B  or  A
            "Moon Princess Halation"     --  X
            Leg Throw                    --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Slap                         --  grab, Y
    SAILOR MARS  (Hino Rei "Spirit of Fire")--
            Charm Punch                  --  jump, down + Y
            "Fire Soul Bird"             --  charge Y
            Spin Kick                    --  Y + B  or  A
            "Burning Mandala"            --  X
            Leg Throw                    --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Toe Stomp                    --  grab, Y
    SAILOR JUPITER  (Kino Makoto "Wisdom of Forest"<?>)--
            Elbow Drop                   --  jump, down + Y
            "Jupiter Thunder Dragon"     --  charge Y
            Jupiter Double Axel          --  Y + B  or  A
            "Sparkling Wide Pressure"    --  X
            Neck Breaker                 --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Punches                      --  grab, Y
    CHIBI-USA  (Chibi-usa "Little Usagi")--
            Downward Parasol Strike      --  jump, down + Y
            "Comet Power"                --  charge Y
            Parasol Spin                 --  Y + B  or  A
            "Luna P Attack"              --  X
    "Tsukino hikariwa ai no message"
             (The moonlight carries your message of love)
            Punch          --  Y
            Kick           --  X  (instant knock down)
            Jump           --  B
            Jumpkick       --  jump, Y or X  (Y doesn't knock down, B does)
            S.Death Attack --  A
            Block          --  L or R
    These moves are your energy-drain attacks, only they don't take energy now.
            Spinning Chain  --  Toward, Back, Toward + A
            Reverse Break Step  --  Toward, Down, Down-Toward + A
            Spinning Uppercut  --  Back, Down-Back, Down + A
            Spin Kick  --  Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Toward, Toward + A
            Jupiter Double Axel  --  Back, Up-Back, Up, Down + A
    Sailor Moon's move is the only one I cannot do.  but it should work.
    I got these moves off the TELE-Pathetic Industries (C) web page.
    Ever wanted to move around while you're doing your energy drain attack?
    Want to have the Jupiter Double Axel to run into the opponent instead of
    them running into it because the range is too short?  Well, now you can.
    After fooling around with the controls and watching some of the intro
    screens I've discovered this nice little helpful hint.
    TIP:  L + R + <direction> + A
    To move while doing your energy drain attack, hold L and R and the direction
    you want to go the press A to preform your move.  You'll find yourself still
    moving in the direction you pushed.
    CODE:  L + R + Select + Start (on "player-2" in action menu)
                                  (also can be done on "competition")
    You really want to fight as the same senchi in a two player game?  ok, I'll
    tell you how.  After you've selected "Action" put the cursor on "Player-2"
    then push and hold L, R, and Select.  While you're holding these, push
    Start.  You should now be able to play as the same senshi in 2 player mode.
    This can also be done on "competition". Just put the cursor there and do the
    code.  Now you can fight it out and see who is the best senshi on equal
    (EMULTAION NOTE:  On snes9x you must push and hold A + Z + Shift then push
        Ctrl. Alt will not work for some reason, tho it's a 'start button' too.)
    CODE:  L + R + Select + Start (on "chibiusa")
    You want two Chibi-usa's?  You got it.  Put the cursor on "Chibiusa" then
    push and hold L, R, and Select.  While you're holding these, push start and
    a new menu should appear.  This menu will be explained below in the
    'Chibi-usa mode' area.
    (EMULATION NOTE:  The same note above applies to this code as well)
            Sutaato (Start)           Nakayoshi (Intimate Friend)
                                      2P-serekuto (2P-Select)
            Start       --  2 player mode where both players are Chibi-usa
               Friend   --  Same as above.  There seems to be no differance
                            really.  I thought I had it figured out, but I was
                            wrong...  If you figure out the differance, let me
                            know, please.
            2P-select   --  Player 2 will play as Chibi-usa while player 1 can
                            be one of the 5 senshi.  great combo!
    This FAQ is Copyright KageKaze (Troy Ludwig), this document may be
    reproduced as long as no information is changed or edited in any way.
    The only thing I ask from any webmasters or publishers is to please notify
    me if this FAQ is used on their forum. (web page, article, etc..)

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