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"Perfects an already perfect and epic RPG"

Totally redesigned graphics
Added animations
Added in-game minigames and bonus dungeons
Music is much richer
Lots and lots to do, see, and get

It's Japanese only
DQIII is really long, and I mean REALLY long

Dragon Quest III (Dragon Warrior III in the US) was originally released on the NES, and was one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Many of us in the states are more familiar with Dragon Warrior III for the Game Boy Color, which was more or less the same as the NES original. However, there was a step between the NES and GBC, and that was the Super Famicon (Super Nintendo in the US) port, which has many great changes to everything imaginable. Why Enix didn't push for it to be released in America is beyond me, because this is one of the brightest snining stars for the SNES, and it really re-defines perfection.

The story of Dragon Quest III remains the same. You are the 16-year-old son of the famous warrior Ortega, and you are setting off to try to accomplish what your father wanted to do: Defeat the Archfiend Baramos. As the game is in Japanese, you need to play either the NES original or GBC port to know the storyline. At the beginning of the game, you are asked questions that define your character, which define what kind of person you are at the start of the game. If you are trying to read Japanese you've never seen before, it's a little hard to know what you're saying ;). If you show bad character, you get to be a flame-breathing demon for the opening to the game, but it's only temporary. As you progress, you'll fight bosses, get new people, and learn more about the wonderful world of Dragon Quest. In fact, this game is SO epic and so long, with so many things to do and get and see, that I've never fully finished the game.

The graphics of Dragon Quest III are, simply put, brilliant. The game is very colorful, very detailed, and bears nearly no resemblance to the 8-bit graphics of the original game. The sprites are very well done, the battle animations are brand-new and well done, everything about the graphics adds so much more than the NES could ever offer. However, despite all the improvements, you still can't move diagonally :p. Well, they didn't re-write the game code, did they?

The music of Dragon Quest III alone is almost enough reason to buy this Japanese game! The 8-bit music of the NES and the music of the Game Boy can NEVER compare to these fully-orchestrated and rich pieces! Some of the music has had so many layers added for a rich, full sound that the prominent melodies of some tracks may not be recognized immediately. The town themes sound very peaceful, and the Field theme for the world is very, very nice. The world theme is a great orchestration, with a brass beginning, a string solo, and more instruments added on throughout. If you thought the music in the original Dragon Quest III was good, this will blow you away. Koichi Sugiyama, keep on composing and conducting!

There is really no reason why you shouldn't have played one of the several versions of Dragon Quest III. This game really is an epic masterpiece whose likes have not been seen very often since. The NES and GBC games are the only officially translated games, and they are masterpieces. Of course, if you can read Japanese or if you can find a translated ROM, that would be preferable. Dragon Quest III for the Super Nintendo really re-defines perfection for what was already a perfect game, so what are you waiting for?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/14/05

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