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    Pro Action Replay Codes by Lord Alvein

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 01/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fire Emblem IV: Genealogy of War Pro Action Replay Guide
    Created by Lord Alvein.
    Version 0.2
    January 6, 2002
      All right! It's update time! So far, all the weapons have been done 
    and I corrected most of the errors I found in my guide. (sorry for those 
    who saw those errors.) Sorry, I guess there's no Holy Blood/Skill Code 
    for the First Generation, but I'll keep trying to find one.
    Version 0.1
    November 23, 2001 - I manage to put in Character Codes. Although I 
    haven't found any holy blood code for the first generation,  I at least 
    have them for the second generation. Holy Blood Digits are complete and 
    Skill Digits as well.  The weaponry section is still under development.
    Tables of Contents
    A. Character Codes
     01. Lover Modifier- Modifies Lover of the character
     02. Bonus Stats- Gives +5 to the stats and +3 for movement.
     03. Max HP- The amount of HP the character has.
     04. Strength- How much strength they have for weapons.
     05. Magic- The magic power for spells.
     06. Skill- Accuracy/ Also activites skills
     07. Speed- Effects in the dodge area.
     08. Defense- How much the character can subtract physical damage.
     09. Magic Defense- How much the character can subtract magic damage and 
    immunity to status change.
     10 .Luck- Effects in the dodge area.
     11. Class Change- Modifies a characters class. (Note: Do not change 
    Sigurd's class! You can't conquer  anything afterward.)                                      
     12. Level- Modifies a characters current level.
     13. Leadership- For Sigurd only. Modifies Leadership.
     14. Money: Low amount of money.
     15. Money: High amount of money.
     16. Exp: Modifies the experience points of a character.
     17. Skills 1: Modifies Skills with Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Wrath, 
    Awareness, Prayers, Charisma
     18. Skills 2: Modifies Skills with Critical, Ambush, Duel, Shooting 
    Star Hit,  Moonlight Hit , Sunlight Hit
     19. Skills 3: Modifies Skills with Life, Elite, Bargain. 
     20. Holy Blood 1: Modifies Holy Blood with Baldo, Narga, Dain, Noba.
     21. Holy Blood 2: Modifies Holy Blood with Odo, Ulir, Neir, Fala.
     22. Holy Blood 3: Modifies Holy Blood with Tordo, Holsety, Blagi, 
     23. Holy Blood 4: Modifies Holy Blood with Loputous.
    B. Weaponary
      1. Weapon Modifier: Edits Weapon.
      2. Weapon Usage: Edits the usage of weapon.
      3. Weapon Kills Modifier: Edits the kills of the weapon.
    C. Digits 
      1. Lover Digits
      2. Class Digits
      3. Skill Digits
      4. Holy Blood Digits.
      5. Weapon Modifier Digits. 
    (Note:  Some characters from the second generation share the same codes 
    with the characters from some of Second Generation. Warning, these codes 
    can rotate constantly. I just put the first input of the character when 
    they first appeared.)
    Sigurd  Code/ Finn 2
    Lover Modifier: 7e2d34**
    Bonus Stat Code: 7e2d3bff
    Max HP: 7e2d40**
    Strength: 7e2d41**
    Magic: 7e2d42**
    Skill: 7e2d43**
    Speed: 7e2d44**
    Defense: 7e2d45**
    Magic Defense: 7e2d46**
    Luck: 7e2d47**
    Class Modifier: 7e2d48**
    Level: 7e2d49** 
    Leadership: 7e2d4a**
    Money: 7e2d4b**
    Money: 7e2d4c**
    Exp: 7e2d4d**
    Noish/ Yohan/ Yohalvier
    Bonus Stat Codes: 7e2d17ff
    Lover Modifier: 7e2d10**
    Max HP: 7e2d1c**
    Strength: 7e2d1d**
    Magic: 7e2d1e** 
    Skill: 7e2d1f**
    Speed: 7e2d20** 
    Defense: 7e2d21**
    Magic Defense: 7e2d22**
    Class Modifier: 7e2d24**
    Level: 7e2d25**
    Money: 7e2d27**
    Money: 7e2d28**
    Experience: 7e2d29**
    Alec/Yohalvier/ Oifaye
    Lover Modifier:  7e2cec**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2cf3ff
    Max HP: 7e2cf8**
    Strength: 7e2cf9**
    Magic: 7e2cfa**
    Skill: 7e2cfb**
    Speed: 7e2cfc**
    Defense: 7e2cfd**
    Magic Defense: 7e2cfe**
    Luck: 7e2cff**
    Class Modifier: 7e2d00**
    Level: 7e2d01**
    Money: 7e2d03**
    Money: 7e2d04**
    Experience: 7e2d06
    Adan/ Oifaye/ Yuria
    Lover Modifier: 7e2cc8**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2ccf**
    Max HP: 7e2cd4**
    Strength: 7e2cd5**
    Magic: 7e2cd6**
    Skill: 7e2cd7**
    Speed: 7e2cd8**
    Defense: 7e2cd9**
    Magic Defense: 7e2cda**
    Luck: 7e2cdb**
    Level: 7e2cdc**
    Money: 7e2cdd**
    Money: 7e2cde**
    Experience: 7e2cdf**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2ca4**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2cabff
    Max HP: 7e2cb0**
    Strength: 7e2cb1**
    Magic: 7e2cb2**
    Skill: 7e2cb3**
    Speed: 7e2cb4**
    Defense: 7e2cb5**
    Magic Defense: 7e2cb6**
    Luck: 7e2cb7**
    Class Modifier: 7e2cb8**
    Level: 7e2cb9**
    Money: 7e2cbb**
    Money: 7e2cbc**
    Experience: 7e2cbd**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2c80**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2c87ff
    Max HP: 7e2c8c**
    Strength: 7e2c8d**
    Magic: 7e2c8e**
    Skill: 7e2c8f**
    Speed: 7e2c90**
    Defense: 7e2c91**
    Magic Defense: 7e2c92**
    Luck: 7e2c93**
    Class Modifier: 7e2c94**
    Level: 7e2c95**
    Money: 7e2c97**
    Money: 7e2c98**
    Exp: 7e2c99**
    Lover Modifier:  7e2c5c**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2c63ff
    Max HP: 7e2c68**
    Strength: 7e2c69**
    Magic: 7e2c6a**
    Skill: 7e2c6b**
    Speed: 7e2c6c**
    Defense: 7e2c6d**
    Magic Defense: 7e2c6e**
    Luck: 7e2c6f**
    Class Modifier: 7e2c70**
    Level: 7e2c71**
    Money: 7e2c73**
    Money: 7e2c74**
    Exp: 7e2c75**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2c38**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2c3fff
    Max HP: 7e2c44**
    Strength: 7e2c45**
    Magic: 7e2c46**
    Skill: 7e2c47**
    Speed: 7e2c48**
    Defense: 7e2c49**
    Magic Defense: 7e2c4a**
    Luck: 7e2c4b**
    Class Modifier: 7e2c4c**
    Level: 7e2c4d**
    Money: 7e2c4f**
    Money: 7e2c50**
    Exp: 7e2c51**
    Lover Modifier:  7e2c14**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2c1bff
    HP Max: 7e2c20**
    Strength: 7e2c21**
    Magic: 7e2c22**
    Skill: 7e2c23**
    Speed: 7e2c24**
    Defense: 7e2c25**
    Magic Defense: 7e2c26**
    Luck: 7e2c27**
    Class Modifier: 7e2c28**
    Level: 7e2c29**
    Money: 7e2c2b**
    Money: 7e2c2c**
    Exp: 7e2c2d**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2bf0**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2bf7ff
     HP Max: 7e2bfc**
    Strength: 7e2bfd
    Magic: 7e2bfe
    Skill: 7e2bff
    Speed: 7e2c00
    Defense: 7e2c01
    Mag. Defense: 7e2c02
    Luck: 7e2c03
    Class: 7e2c04
    Level:  7e2c05
    Money: 7e2c07**
    Money: 7e2c08**
    Exp: 7e2c09**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2bcc**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2bd3ff
    Max HP: 7e2bd8**
    Strength: 7e2bd9**
    Magic: 7e2bda**
    Skill: 7e2bdb**
    Speed: 7e2bdc**
    Defense: 7e2bdd
    Magic Defense: 7e2bde**
    Luck: 7e2bdf**
    Class Modifier: 7e2be0**
    Level: 7e2be1**
    Money: 7e2be3**
    Money: 7e2be4**
    Exp: 7e2be5**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2ba8**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2bafff
    Max HP: 7e2bb4**
    Strength: 7e2bb5**
    Magic: 7e2bb6**
    Skill: 7e2bb7**
    Speed: 7e2bb8**
    Defense: 7e2bb9**
    Magic Defense: 7e2bba**
    Luck: 7e2bbb**
    Class Modifier: 7e2bbc**
    Level: 7e2bbd**
    Money: 7e2bc0***
    Exp: 7e2bc1**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2b84**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2b8bff
    Max HP: 7e2b90**
    Strength: 7e2b91**
    Magic: 7e2b92**
    Skill: 7e2b93**
    Speed: 7e2b94**
    Defense: 7e2b95**
    Magic Defense: 7e2b96**
    Luck: 7e2b97**
    Class Modifier: 7e2b98**
    Level: 7e2b99**
    Money: 7e2b9b**
    Money: 7e2b9c**
    Exp: 7e2b9d**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2b60**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2b68ff
    Max HP: 7E2b6c**
    Strength: 7e2b6d**
    Magic: 7e2b6e**
    Skill: 7e2b6f**
    Speed: 7e2b70**
    Defense: 7e2b71**
    Magic Defense: 7e2b72**
    Luck: 7e2b73**
    Class Change: 7e2b74**
    Level: 7e2b75**
    Money: 7e2b77**
    Money: 7e2b78**
    Exp: 7e2b79**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2b3c**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2b43ff
    Max HP: 7E2B48**
    Strength: 7e2b49**
    Magic: 7e2b4a**
    Skill: 7e2b4b**
    Speed: 7e2b4c**
    Defense: 7e2b4d**
    Magic Defense: 7e2b4e**
    Luck: 7e2b4f**
    Class Modifier: 7e2b50**
    Level: 7e2b51**
    Money: 7e2b53**
    Money: 7e2b54**
    Exp: 7e2b55**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2b18**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2b1fff
    Max HP: 7e2b24**
    Strength: 7e2b25**
    Magic: 7e2b26**
    Skill: 7e2b27**
    Speed: 7e2b28**
    Defense: 7e2b29**
    Magic Defense: 7e2b2a**
    Luck: 7e2b2b**
    Class Modifier: 7e2b2c**
    Level: 7e2b2d**
    Money: 7e2b2f**
    Money: 7e2b30**
    Exp: 7e2b31**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2af4**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2afbfe
    Max HP: 7e2b00**
    Strength: 7e2b01**
    Magic: 7e2b02**
    Skill: 7e2b03**
    Speed: 7e2bo4**
    Defense: 7e2b05**
    Magic Defense: 7e2b06**
    Luck: 7e2bo7**
    Class Modiefier: 7e2bo8**
    Level: 7e2b09**
    Money: 7e2b0b**
    Money: 7e2b0c**
    Exp: 7e2b0d**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2af4**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2ad7ff
    Max HP: 7e2adc**
    Strength: 7e2add**
    Magic: 7e2ade**
    Skill: 7e2adf**
    Speed: 7e2ae0**
    Defense: 7e2ae1**
    Magic Defense: 7e2ae2**
    Luck: 7e2ae3**
    Class Modifier: 7e2ae4**
    Level: 7e2ae5**
    Money: 7e2ae7**
    Money: 7e2ae8**
    Exp: 7e2ae9**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2aac**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2ab3ff
    Max HP: 7e2ab8**
    Strength: 7e2ab9**
    Magic: 7e2aba**
    Skill: 7e2abb**
    Speed: 7e2abc**
    Defense: 7e2abd**
    Magic Defense: 7e2abe**
    Luck: 7e2abf**
    Class Modifier: 7e2ac0**
    Level: 7e2ac1**
    Money: 7e2ac3**
    Money: 7e2ac4**
    Exp: 7e2ac5**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2a88**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2a8fff
    Max HP: 7e2a9450
    Strength: 7e2a95**
    Magic: 7e2a96**
    Skill: 7e2a97**
    Speed: 7e2a98**
    Defense: 7e2a99**
    Magic Defense: 7e2a9a
    Luck: 7e2a9b
    Class Modifier: 7e2a9c**
    Level: 7e2a9d**
    Money: 7e2a9f**
    Money: 7e2aa0**
    Exp: 7e2aa1**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2a64**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2a6bff
    Max HP: 7e2a70**
    Strength: 7e2a71**
    Magic: 7e2a72**
    Skill: 7e2a73**
    Speed: 7e2a74**
    Defense: 7e2a75**
    Magic Defense: 7e2a76**
    Luck: 7e2a77**
    Class Modifier: 7e2a78**
    Level: 7e2a79**
    Money: 7e2a7b**
    Money: 7e2a7c**
    Exp: 7e2a7d**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2a40**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2a47ff
    Max HP: 7e2a4c**
    Strength: 7e2a4d**
    Magic: 7e2a4e**
    Skill: 7e2a4f**
    Speed: 7e2a50**
    Defense: 7e2a51**
    Magic Defense: 7e2a52**
    Luck: 7e2a53**
    Class Modifier: 7e2a54**
    Level: 7e2a55**
    Money: 7e2a57**
    Money: 7e2a58**
    Exp: 7e2a59**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2a1c**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2a23ff
    Max HP: 7e2a28**
    Strength: 7e2a29**
    Magic: 7e2a2a**
    Skill: 7e2a2b**
    Speed: 7e2a2c**
    Defense: 7e2a2d**
    Magic Defense: 7e2a2e**
    Luck: 7e2a2f**
    Class Modifier: 7e2a30**
    Level: 7e2a31**
    Money: 7e2a33**
    Money: 7e2a34**
    Exp: 7e2a35**
    Lover Modifier: 7e29f8**
    Bonus Stats: 7e29ffff
    Max HP: 7e2a04**
    Strength: 7e2a05**
    Magic: 7e2a06**
    Skill: 7e2a07**
    Speed: 7e2a08**
    Defense: 7e2a09**
    Magic Defense: 7e2a0a**
    Luck: 7e2a0b**
    Class Modifier: 7e2a0c**
    Level: 7e2a0d**
    Money: 7e2aof**
    Money: 7e2a10**
    Exp: 7e2a11**
    Lover: 7e2d60**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2d67**
    Max HP:7e2d6c**
    Strength: 7e2d6d**
    Magic: 7e2d6e**
    Skill: 7e2d6f**
    Speed: 7e2d70**
    Defense: 7e2d71**
    Magic Defense: 7e2d72**
    Luck: 7e2d73**
    Class: 7e2d74**
    Level: 7e2d75**
    Money: 7e2d75**
    Money: 7e2d76**
    Exp: 7e2d77**
    Skill 1: 7e2d8a**
    Skill 2: 7e2d8b** 
    Skill 3: 7e2d8c** 
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2d8d** 
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2d8e**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2d8f**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2d90**
    Lover:  7e2daa**
    Bonus: 7e2da1ff
    Max HP:7e2da6**
    Strength: 7e2da7**
    Magic: 7e2da8**
    Skill: 7e2da9**
    Speed: 7e2daa**
    Defense: 7e2dab**
    Magic Defense: 7e2dac**
    Luck: 7e2dad**
    Class Modifier: 7e2dae**
    Level: 7e2daf**
    Money: 7e2db1**
    Money: 7e2db2**
    Exp: 7e2db3**
    Skill 1: 7e2dc4**
    Skill 2: 7e2dc5**
    Skill 3: 7e2dc6**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2dc7**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2dc8**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2dc9**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2dca**
    Lover: 7e2dd4**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2ddbff
    Max HP:7e2de0**
    Strength: 7e2de1**
    Magic: 7e2de2**
    Skill: 7e2de3**
    Speed: 7e2de4**
    Defense: 7e2de5**
    Magic Defense: 7e2de6**
    Luck: 7e2de7**
    Class Modifier: 7e2de8**
    Level: 7e2de9**
    Money: 7e2deb**
    Money: 7e2dec**
    Exp: 7e2ded**
    Skill 1: 7e2dfe**
    Skill 2: 7e2dff**
    Skill 3: 7e2e00**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2e01**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2e02**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2e03**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2e04**
    Lover: 7e2e0e**
    Bonus: 7e2e15ff
    Max HP:7e2e1a5**
    Strength: 7e2e1b**
    Magic: 7e2e1c**
    Skill: 7e2e1d**
    Speed: 7e2e1e**
    Defense: 7e2e1f**
    Magic Defense: 7e2e20**
    Luck: 7e2e21**
    Class: 7e2e22**
    Level: 7e2e23**
    Money: 7e2e25**
    Money: 7e2e26**
    Exp: 7e2e27**
    Skill 1: 7e2e38**
    Skill 2: 7e2e39**
    Skill 3: 7e2e3a**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2e3b**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2e3c**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2e3d**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2e3e**
    Lover: 7e2e3c**
    Bonus: 7e2e4fff
    Max HP: 7e2e54**
    Strength: 7e2e55**
    Magic: 7e2e56**
    Skill: 7e2e57**
    Speed: 7e2e58**
    Defense: 7e2e59**
    Magic Defense: 7e2e5a**
    Luck: 7e2e5b**
    Class: 7e2e5c**
    Level: 7e2e5d**
    Money: 7e2e5f**
    Money: 7e2e60**
    Exp: 7e2e61**
    Skill 1: 7e2e72**
    Skill 2: 7e2e73**
    Skill 3: 7e2e74**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2e75**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2e76**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2e77**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2e78**
    Lover: 7e2e82**
    Bonus: 7e2e89**
    Max HP: 7e2e8e50
    Strength: 7e2e8f**
    Magic: 7e2e90**
    Skill: 7e2e91**
    Speed: 7e2e92**
    Defense: 7e2e93**
    Magic Defense: 7e2e94**
    Luck: 7e2e95**
    Class: 7e2e96**
    Level: 7e2e97**
    Money: 7e2e99**
    Money: 7e2e9a**
    Exp: 7e2e9b**
    Skill 1: 7e2eac**
    Skill 2: 7e2ead**
    Skill 3: 7e2eae**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2eaf**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2eb0**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2eb1**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2eb2**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2ebc**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2ec7ff
    Max HP: 7e2ec8**
    Strength: 7e2ec9**
    Magic : 7e2eca**
    Skill: 7e2ecb**
    Speed: 7e2ecc**
    Defense: 7e2ecd**
    Magic Defense: 7e2ece**
    Luck: 7e2ecf**
    Class: 7e2ed0**
    Level: 7e2ed1**
    Money: 7e2ed3**
    Money: 7e2ed4**
    Exp: 7e2ed5**
    Skill 1: 7e2ee6**
    Skill 2: 7e2ee7**
    Skill 3: 7e2ee8**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2ee9**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2eea**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2eeb**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2eec**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2ef6**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2efdff
    Max HP:7e2f02**
    Strength: 7e2f03**
    Magic: 7e2f04**
    Skill: 7e2f05**
    Speed: 7e2f06**
    Defense: 7e2f07**
    Magic Defense: 7e2f08**
    Luck: 7e2f09**
    Class: 7e2f0a**
    Level: 7e2f0b**
    Money: 7e2f0d**
    Money: 7e2f0e**
    Exp: 7e2f0f**
    Skill 1: 7e2f20**
    Skill 2: 7e2f21**
    Skill 3: 7e2f22**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2f23**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2f24**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2f25**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2f26**
    Lover Modifier: 7e2f30**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2f37**
    HP Max: 7e2f3c**
    Strength: 7e2f3d**
    Magic: 7e2f3e**
    Skill: 7e2f3f**
    Speed: 7e2f40**
    Defense: 7e2f41**
    Magic Defense: 7e2f42**
    Luck: 7e2f43**
    Class Modifier: 7e2f44**
    Level: 7e2f45**
    Money: 7e2f47**
    Money: 7e2f48**
    Exp: 7e2f49**
    Skill 1: 7e2f5a**
    Skill 2: 7e2f5b**
    Skill 3: 7e2f5c**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2f5d**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2f5e**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2f5f**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2f60**
    Lover: 7e2f6e**
    Bonus Stats: 7e2f71**
    HP Max: 7e2f76**
    Strength: 7e2f77**
    Magic: 7e2f78**
    Skill: 7e2f79**
    Speed: 7e2f7a**
    Defense:   7e2f7b**
    Magic Defense:  7e2f7c**
    Luck:  7e2f7d**
    Class:  7e2f7e**
    Level:  7e2f7f**
    Money:  7e2f81**
    Money: 7e2f82**
    Exp: 7e2f83**
    Skill 1: 7e2f94**
    Skill 2: 7e2f95**
    Skill 3: 7e2f96**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2f97**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2f98**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2f99**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2f9a** 
    Lover: 7e2fa4**
    Bonus: 7e2fabff
    HP Max: 7e2fb0**
    Strength: 7e2fb1**
    Magic:  7e2fb2**
    Skill:  7e2fb3**
    Speed:  7e2fb4**
    Defense:  7e2fb5**
    Magic Defense:  7e2fb6**
    Luck:  7e2fb7**
    Class:  7e2fb8**
    Level:  7e2fb9**
    Money:  7e2fbb**
    Money:  7e2fbc**
    Exp:  7e2fbd**
    Skill 1:  7e2fce**
    Skill 2: 7e2fcf**
    Skill 3: 7e2fd0**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e2fd1**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e2fd2**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e2fd3**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e2fd4**
    Lover: 7e2fde**
    Bonus: 7e2fe5ff
    HP Max: 7e2fea**
    Strength:  7e2feb**
    Magic:  7e2fec**
    Skill:  7e2fed**
    Speed:  7e2fee**
    Defense:  7e2fef**
    Magic Defense:  7e2ff0**
    Luck:  7e2ff1**
    Class:  7e2ff2**
    Level:  7e2ff3**
    Money:  7e2ff5**
    Money:  7e2ff6**
    Exp: 7e2ff7**
    Skill 1: 7e3008**
    Skill 2: 7e3009**
    Skill 3: 7e300a**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e300b**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e300c**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e300d**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e300e**
    Lover:  7e3018**
    Bonus: 7e301fff
    HP Max: 7e3024**
    Strength:  7e3025**
    Magic: 7e3026**
    Skill:  7e3027**
    Speed:  7e3028**
    Defense:  7e3029**
    Magic Defense:  7e302a**
    Luck:  7e302b**
    Class:  7e302c**
    Level:  7e302d**
    Money:  7e302f**
    Money:  7e3030**
    Exp: 7e3031**
    Skill 1: 7e3042**
    Skill 2:  7e3043**
    Skill 3:  7e3044**
    Holy Blood 1:  7e3045**
    Holy Blood 2:  7e3046**
    Holy Blood 3:  7e3047**
    Holy Blood 4:  7e3048**
    Lover Modifier: 7e3052**
    Bonus:  7e3059ff
    HP Max: 7e305e** 
    Strength: 7e305f**
    Magic:  7e3060**
    Skill:  7e3061**
    Speed: 7e3062**
    Defense: 7e3063**
    Magic Defense: 7e3064**
    Luck: 7e3065**
    Class: 7e3066**
    Level:  7e3067**
    Money: 7e3068**
    Money: 7e3069**
    Exp:  7e306a**
    Skill 1:  7e307c**
    Skill 2: 7e307d**
    SKill 3: 7e307e**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e307f**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e3080**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e3081**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e3082**
    Lover: 7e308c**
    Bonus: 7e3093**
    HP Max: 7e3098**
    Strength:  7e3099**
    Magic:  7e309a**
    Skill:  7e309b**
    Speed: 7e309c**
    Defense: 7e309d**
    Magic Defense: 7e309e**
    Luck: 7e309f**
    Class: 7e30a0**
    Level: 7e30a1**
    Money: 7e30a3**
    Money: 7e30a4**
    Exp: 7e30a5**
    Skill: 1: 7e30b6**
    Skill 2:  7e30b7**
    Skill 3:  7e30b8**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e30b9**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e30ba**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e30bb**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e30bc**
    Lover: 7e30c6**
    Bonus: 7e30cdff
    HP Max: 7e30d2**
    Strength: 7e30d3**
    Magic:  7e30d4**
    Skill:  7e30d5**
    Speed:  7e30d6**
    Defense:  7e30d7**
    Magic Defense:  7e30d8**
    Luck:  7e30d9**
    Class:  7e30da**
    Level:  7e30db**
    Money:  7e30dd**
    Money: 7e30de**
    Exp: 7e30df**
    Skill 1: 7e30f0**
    Skill 2: 7e30f1**
    Skill 3: 7e30f2**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e30f3**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e30f4**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e30f5**
    Holy Blood 4:  7e30f6**
    Lover: 7e3100**
    Bonus: 7e3107ff
    HP Max: 7e310c**
    Strength:  7e310d**
    Magic:  7e310e**
    Skill:  7e310f**
    Speed: 7e3110**
    Defense:  7e3111**
    Magic Defense:  7e3112**
    Luck: 7e3113**
    Class: 7e3114**
    Level: 7e3115**
    Money: 7e3117**
    Money: 7e3118**
    Exp: 7e3119**
    Skill 1: 7e312a**
    Skill 2: 7e312b**
    Skill 3: 7e312c**
    Holy Blood 1: 7e312d**
    Holy Blood 2: 7e312e**
    Holy Blood 3: 7e312f**
    Holy Blood 4: 7e3130**
    7e3d8b** (Alec Iron Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3d8c** (Alec Iron Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3d90** (Alec Iron Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3d91** (Ethrin/Leif Iron Sword Modifier)
    7e3d92** (Ethrin/Leif Iron Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3d96** (Ethrin/Leif Iron Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3d97** (Adan Iron Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3d98** (Adan Iron Sword Weapon Usage Modifier)
    7e3d9c** (Adan Iron Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3d9d** (Deu Iron Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3d9e** (Deu Iron Sword  Usage Modifier.)
    7e3da2** (Deu Iron Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3da3** (Delmud Iron Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3da4** (Delmud Iron Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3da8** (Delmud Iron Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3da9** (Nanna Iron Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3daa** (Nanna Iron Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3dae** (Nanna Iron Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3daf**  (Sigurd Steel Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3db0** (Sigurd Steel Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3db4** (Sigurd Steel Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3db5** (Iron Sword 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3db6** (Iron Sword 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3dba** (Iron Sword 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3dbb** (Noish Iron Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3dbc** (Noish Iron Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3dc0** (Noish Iron Sword Kills Modifier) 
    7e3dbf** (Sigurd Silver Weapon Modifier)
    7e3dc0** (Sigurd Silver Usage Modifier)
    7e3dc6** (Sigurd Silver Kill Modifier)
    7e3dc7** (Silver Sword 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3dc8** (Silver Sword 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3dcc** (Silver Sword 2 Kill Modifier)
    7e3dcd** (Holin Iron Claymore Weapon Modifier)
    7e3dce** (Holin Iron Claymore Usage Modifier)
    7e3dd2** (Holin Iron Claymore Kills Modifier)
    7e3dd3** (Ayra Iron Claymore Weapon Modifier)
    7e3dd4** (Ayra Iron Claymore Usage Modifier.)
    7e3dd8** (Ayra Iron Claymore Kills Modifier)
    7e3dd9** (Skasher Iron Claymore Weapon Modifier.)
    7e3dda** (Skasher Iron Claymore Usage Modifier)
    7e3dde** (Skasher Iron Claymore Kills Modifier)
    7e3ddf** (Lakche Iron Claymore Weapon Modifier)
    7e3de0** (Lakche Iron Claymore Usage Modifier)
    7e3de4** (Lakche Iron Claymore Kills Modifier)
    7e3de5** (Shanan Steel Claymore Weapon Modifier)
    7e3de6** (Shanan Steel Claymore Usage Modifier)
    7e3dea** (Shanan Steel Claymore Kills Modifier)
    7e3deb** (Steel Claymore 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3dec** (Steel Claymore 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3df0** (Steel Claymore 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3df1** (Steel Claymore 3 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3df2** (Steel Claymore 3 Usage Modifier)
    7e3df6** (Steel Claymore 3 Kills Modifier)'
    7e3df7** (Silver Claymore Weapon Modifier)
    7e3df8** (Silver Claymore Usage Modifier)
    7e3dfc** (Silver Claymore Kills Modifier)
    7e3dfd** (Hannibal Silver Claymore Weapon Modifier)
    7e3dfe** (Hannibal Silver Claymore Usage Modifier)
    7e3e02** (Hannibal Silver Claymore Kills Modifier)
    7e3e03** (Lachesis Prayer Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e04** (Lachesis Prayer Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e08** (Lachesis Prayer Sword Kill Modifier)
    7e3e09** (Thief Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e0a** (Thief Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e0e** (Thief Sword Kill Modifier)
    7e3e0f** (Laylea Barrier Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e10** (Laylea Barrier Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e14** (Laylea Barrier Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e15** (Fee Beserk Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e16** (Fee Beserk Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e1a** (Fee Beserk Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e1b** (Ayra Yuusha Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e1c** (Ayra Yuusha Sword Usage Modifier )
    7e3e20** (Ayra Yuusha Sword Kill Modifier)
    7e3e21** (Selice Yuusha Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e22** (Selice Yuusha Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e26** (Selice Yuusha Sword Kill Modifier)
    7e3e27** (Patty's Sleep Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e28** (Patty's Sleep Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e2c** (Patty's Sleep Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e2d** (Ethlin Thin Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e2e** (Ethlin Thin Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e32** (Ethlin Thin Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e33** (Thin Sword 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e34** (Thin Sword 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3e38** (Thin Sword 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3e39** (Sypheel Thin Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e3a** (Sypheel Thin Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e3e** (Sypheel Thin Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e3f** (Selice Thin Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e40** (Selice Thin Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e44** (Selice Thin Sword Kills Modifier) 
    7e3e45** (Sypheel Defender Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e46** (Sypheel Defender Usage Modifier)
    7e3e4a** (Sypheel Defender Kills Modifier)
    7e3e4b** (Fire Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e4c** (Fire Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e50** (Fire Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e51** (Lachesis Earth Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e52**(Lachesis Earth Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e56** (Lachesis Earth Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e57** (Thunder Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e58** (Thunder Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e5c** (Thunder Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e5d** (Deu Wind Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e5e** (Deu Wind Sword Usage Modifier)
    7e3e62** (Deu Wind Sword Kills Modifer)
    7e3e63** (Ethrin Light Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e64**(Ethrin Light Sword Usage Modifier
    7e3e68**(Ethrin Light Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e69** (Eltosian/Ares Mistolin Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e6a** (Eltosian/Ares Mistolin Usage Modifier)
    7e3e6e** (Eltosian/Ares Mistolin Kills Modifier)
    7e3e6f** (Sigurd Tylfing Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e70**(Sigurd Tylfing Usage Modifier)
    7e3e74** (Sigurd Tylfing Kills Modifier)
    7e3e75** (Shanan Balmunk Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e76**(Shanan Balmuk Usage Modifier)
    7e3e7a** (Shanan Balmunk Kills Modifier)
    7e3e7b** (Armor Cutter Sword Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e7c** (Armor Cutter Sword  Usage Modifier)
    7e3e80** (Armor Cutter Sword Kills Modifier)
    7e3e81** (Oifaye Armor Cutter Weapon Modifier )
    7e3e82** (Oifaye Armor Cutter Usage Modifier )
    7e3e86** (Oifaye Armor Cutter Kills Modifier)
    7e3e87** (Wing Clipper Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e88** (Wing Clipper Usage Modifier)
    7e3e8c** (Wing Clipper Kills Modifier)
    7e3e8d** (Hannibal Wing Clipper Weapon Modifier)
    7e3e8e** (Hannibal Wing Clipper Usage Modifier)
    7e3e92** (Hannibal Wing Clipper Kills Modifier)
    7e3e93** (Sigurd Iron Spear Weapon Modifier )
    7e3e94** (Sigurd Iron Spear Usage Modifier)
    7e3e98** (Sigurd Iron Spear Kills Modifier)
    7e3e99** (Finn Iron Spear Weapon Modifier )
    7e3e9a** (Finn Iron Spear Usage Modifier)
    7e3e9e** (Finn Iron Spear Kills Modifier)
    7e3e9f** (Iron Spear 3 Weapon Modifier )
    7e3ea0** (Iron Spear 3 Usage Modifier)
    7e3ea4** (Iron Spear 3 Kills Modifier)
    7e3ea5** (Finn 2 Iron Spear Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ea6** (Finn 2 Iron Spear Usage Modifier)
    7e3eaa** (Finn 2 Iron Spear Kills Modifier)
    7e3eab** (Ares Iron  Spear Weapon Modifier )
    7e3eac** (Ares Iron Spear Usage Modifier)
    7e3eb0** (Ares Iron Spear Kills Modifier)
    7e3eb1** (Cuan Steel Spear Weapon Modifier )
    7e3eb2** (Cuan Steel Spear Usage Modifier)
    7e3eb6** (Cuan Steel Spear Kills Modifier)
    7e3eb7** (Steel Spear 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3eb8** (Steel Spear 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3ebc** (Steel Spear 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3ebd** (Steel Spear 3 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ebe** (Steel Spear 3 Usage Modifier)
    7e3ec2** (Steel Spear 3 Kills Modifier)
    7e3ec3** (Silver Spear Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ec4** (Silver Spear Usage Modifier)
    7e3ec8** (Silver Spear Kills Modifier)
    7e3ec9** (Silver Spear 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3eca** (Silver Spear 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3ece** (Silver Spear 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3ecf** (Cuan Javelin Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ed0** (Cuan Javelin Usage Modifier)
    7e3ed4** (Cuan Javelin Kills Modifier)
    7e3ed5** (Javelin 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ed6**(Javelin 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3eda** (Javelin 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3edb** (Oifaye Javelin Weapon Modifier)
    7e3edc** (Oifaye Javelin Usage Modifier)
    7e3edd** (Oifaye Javelin Kills Modifier)
    7e3ee7** (Finn's Hero Spear Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ee8** (Finn's hero spear Usage Modifier)
    7e3eec** (Finn's hero spear Kills modifier)
    7e3eed** (Fury's Thin Spear Weapon Modifier)
    7e3eee** (Fury's Thin Spear Usage Modifier)
    7e3ef2** (Fury's Thin Spear Kills Modifier)
    7e3ef3** (Thin Spear 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ef4** (Thin Spear 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3ef8** (Thin Spear 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3ef9** (Cuan Gey Borg Weapon Modifier)
    7e3efa** (Cuan Gey Borg Usage Modifier)
    7e3efe** (Cuan Gey Borg Kills Modifier)
    7e3eff** (Lex Iron Axe Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f00** (Lex Iron Axe Usage Modifier )
    7e3f04** (Lex Iron Axe Kills Modifier)
    7e3f05** (Iron Axe 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f06** (Iron Axe 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3f0a** (Iron Axe 2 Kills Modifier) 
    7e3f0b** (Steel Axe Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f0c** (Steel Axe Usage Modifier)
    7e3f10** (Steel Axe Kills Modifier)
    7e3f11** (Steel Axe 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f12** (Steel Axe 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3f16** (Steel Axe 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3f17** (Steel Axe 3 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f18** (Steel Axe 3 Usage Modifier)
    7e3f1c** (Steel Axe 3 Kills Modifier)
    7e3f1d** (Silver Axe Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f1e** (Silver Axe Usage Modifier)
    7e3f22** (Silver Axe Kills Modifier)
    7e3f23** (Hero Axe Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f24** (Hero Axe Usage Modifier
    7e3f28** (Hero Axe Kills Modifier)
    7e3f29** (Hand Axe Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f2a** (Hand Axe Usage Modifier)
    7e3f2e** (Hand Axe Kills Modifier)
    7e3f2f** (Mideel Iron Bow Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f30** (Mideel Iron Bow Usage Modifier)
    7e3f34** (Mideel Iron Bow Kills Modifier)
    7e3f35** (Lester Iron Bow Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f36** (Lester Iron Bow Usage Modifier)
    7e3f3a** (Lester Iron Bow Kills Modifier)
    7e3f3b** (Bridgette Steel Bow Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f3c** (Bridgette Steel Bow Usage Modifier)
    7e3f40** (Bridgette Steel Bow Kills Modifier)
    7e3f41** (Steel Bow 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f42** (Steel Bow 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3f43** (Steel Bow 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3f49** (Silver Bow Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f48** (Silver Bow Usage Modifier)
    7e3f4c** (Silver Bow Kills Modifier)
    7e3f4d** (Faval Silver Bow Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f4e** (Faval Silver Bow Usage Modifier )
    7e3f4f** (Faval Silver Bow Kill Modifier)
    7e3f53** (Hero Bow Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f54** (Hero Bow Usage Modifier)
    7e3f58** (Hero Bow Kills Modifier)
    7e3f59** (Jamka Killer Bow Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f5a** (Jamka Killer Bow Usage Modifier
    7e3f5e** (Jamka Killer Bow Kills Modifier)
    7e3f5f** (Bridget Ichival Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f60** (Bridget Ichival Usage Modifier)
    7e3f64** (Bridget Ichival Kills Modifier)
    7e3f65** (Azel Fire Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f66** (Azel Fire Usage Modifier)
    7e3f6a** (Azel Fire Kills Modifier)
    7e3f6b** (Fire 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fbc** (Fire 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3fc0** (Fire 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3fc1** (El Fire Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fc2** (El Fire Usage Modifier)
    7e3fc6** (El Fire Kills Modifier)
    7e3f77** (Volcano Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f78** (Volcano Usage Modifier)
    7e3f7c** (Volcano Kills Modifier)
    7e3f7d** (Tiltyu Thunder Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f7e** (Tiltyu Thunder Usage Modifier)
    7e3f82** (Tiltyu Thunder Kills Modifier)
    7e3f83** (Thunder 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f84** (Thunder 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3f88** (Thunder 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3f89** (Tinny El Thunder Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f8a** (Tinny El Thunder Usage Modifier)
    7e3f8e** (Tinny El Thunder Kills Modifier)
    7e3f8f** (Torron Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f90** (Torron Usage Modifier)
    7e3f94** (Torron Kills Modifier)
    7e3f95** (Wind 1 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f96** (Wind 1 Usage Modifier)
    7e3f9a** (Wind 1 Kills Modifier)
    7e3f9b** (Wind 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3f9c** (Wind 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e3fa0** (Wind 2 Kills Modifier)
    7e3fa1** (Levin El Wind Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fa2** (Levin El Wind Usage Modifier)
    7e3fa6** (Levin El Wind Kills Modifier)
    7e3fa7** (Tornado Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fa8** (Tornado Usage Modifier)
    7e3fac** (Tornado Kills Modifier)
    7e3fad** (Levin's Holsety Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fae** (Levin's Holsety Usage Modifier)
    7e3fb2** (Levin's Holsety Kills Modifier)
    7e3fb3** (Sety's Lightning Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fb4** (Sety's Lightning Usage Modifier)
    7e3fb8** (Sety's Lightning Kills Modifier
    7e3fb9** (Yuria Lighting Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fba** (Yuria Lighting Usage Modifier)
    7e3fbe** (Yuria Lighting Kills Modifier)
    7e3fbf**  (Yuria's Rizziah Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fc0** (Yuria's Rizziah Usage Modifier)
    7e3fc4** (Yuria's Rizziah Kills Modifier)
    7e3fc5** (Diadora's Aura Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fc6** (Diadora's Aura Usage Modifier)
    7e3fca** (Diadora's Aura Kills Modifier)
    7e3fd1** (Ethrin Live Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fd2** (Ethrin Live Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e3fd7** (Lachesis Live Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fd8** (Lachesis Live Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e3fdd** (Rana Live Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fde** (Rana Live Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e3fe3** (Edin's Relive Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e3fe4** (Edin's Relive Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e3fe9** (Yuria's Relive Staff Weapon Modifer)
    7e3fea** (Yuria's Relive Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e3fef** (Nanna's Relive Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ff0** (Nanna's Relive Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e3ff5** (Recover Staff 1 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ff6** (Recover Staff 1 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ffb** (Recover Staff 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e3ffc** (Recover Staff 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e4001** (Libro Staff 1 Weapon Modifer)
    7e4002** (Libro Staff  1 Usage Modifier)
    7e4007** (Libro Staff 2 Weapon Modifier)
    7e4008** (Libro Staff 2 Usage Modifier)
    7e400d** (Claude Reserve Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e400e** (Claude Reserve Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e4013** (Ethrin Return Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e4014** (Ethrin Return Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e4019** (Edin's Warp Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e401a** (Edin's Warp Staff)
    7e401f** (Rescue Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e4020** (Rescue Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e4025** (Recover Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e4026** (Recover Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e402b** (Valkyrie Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e402c** (Valkryie Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e4031** (Diadora's Silence Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e4032** (Diadora's Silence Staff Usage Modifier)
    7e4037** (Sleep Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e4038** (Sleep Staffs Usage Modifier)
    7e403d** (Berserk Staff Weapon Modifier)
    7e403e** (Berserk Staff Usage Modifier)
    1. Lover Digits
    Note: It is not suggested that you should pair Sigurd, Diadora, Ethrin, 
    or Cuan with another character besides their destined lover. 
    00: No Lover
    01: Sigurd/Selice
    02: Noish/Shanan
    03: Alec/Sukasha
    04: Adan/ Faval
    05: Finn/Leif
    06: Cuan/Yohalvier/Yohan
    07: Mideel/Corpul
    08: Levin/Sety
    09: Holin/Delmud
    0a: Azel/Finn
    0b: Jamka/Lester
    0c: Claude/Hannibal
    0d: Beowulf/Ares
    0e: Lex/Arthur
    0f: Deu/Oifaye
    10: Diadora/Patty
    11:  Ethrin/ Rackhe
    12: Lachesis/Rana
    13: Ayra/Yuria
    14: Fury/Althena
    15: Tiltyu/Fee
    16: Sypheel/Tiltyu
    17: Edin/Lynn
    18: Bridgette/Nanna
    2. Class Digits
    00:Social Knight
    01:Lance Knight
    02:Arch Knight
    03:Axe Knight
    04:Free Knight 
    06:Lord Knight
    07:Duke Knight
    08:Master Knight
    09:Paladin Male
    0a:Paladin Female
    0b:Bow Knight  
    0c:Forrest Knight
    0d:Mage Knight
    0e:Great Knight
    0f:Pegasus Rider
    10:Pegasus Knight
    11:Falcon Knight
    12:Dragon Rider
    13:Dragon Knight
    14:Dragon Master
    15:Bow Fighter
    16: Sword Fighter
    17: Sword Master
    18: Sniper
    19: Forrest
    1a: General
    1b: Emperor
    1c: Baron
    1d: Weird Class
    1e: Weird Class
    1f: Weird Class
    20: Weird Class
    21: Weird Class
    22: Lance Armor
    23: Axe Armor
    24: Bow Armor
    25: Sword Armor
    26: Barbarian
    27: Axe Fighter
    28: Mountain Thief
    29: Warrior
    2a: Hunter
    2b: Pirate
    2c: Junior Lord
    2d: Mage Fighter Male
    2e: Prince
    2f: Princess
    30: Mage Fighter Female
    31: Queen
    32: Dancer
    33: Priest
    34: Mage
    35: Fire Mage
    36: Thunder Mage
    37: Wind Mage
    38: High Priest
    39: Bishop
    3a: Sage
    3b: Bard
    3c: Shaman
    3d: Dark Mage
    3e: Dark Bishop
    3f: Thief
    40: Thief Fighter
    41: Civilian
    42: Child Civilian
    43: Range Arch
    44: Iron Arch
    45: Killer Arch
    46: Gold Arch
    47: Dark Prince 
    3. Skill Digits
    Skill 1
    00: No Skills
    01: Wrath
    02: Pursuit
    03: Wrath, Pursuit
    04: Consectutive Hit
    05: Wrath, Consecutive Hit
    06: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, 
    07: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit
    10: Charisma
    11: Wrath, Charisma
    12: Pursuit, Charisma
    13: Wrath, Pursuit, Charisma
    14:  Consectutive Hit, Charisma
    15:  Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Charisma
    16: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Charisma
    17: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Charisma
    40: Awareness,
    41: Wrath, Awareness
    42: Pursuit, Awareness
    43: Wrath, Pursuit, Awareness
    44: Consectutive Hit, Awareness
    45: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Awareness
    46: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Awareness
    47: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectuive Hit, Awareness
    50: Awareness, Charisma
    51: Wrath, Awareness, Charisma
    52: Pursuit, Awareness, Charisma
    53: Wrath, Pursuit, Awareness, Charisma
    54: Consectutive Hit, Awareness, Charisma
    55: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Awareness, Charisma
    56: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Awareness, Charisma
    57: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Awareness, Charisma
    80: Prayers
    81: Wrath, Prayers
    82: Pursuit, Prayers
    83: Wrath, Pursuit, Prayers, 
    84: Consectutive Hit, Prayers
    85: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Prayers
    86: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers
    87: Wrath,Pursuit Consectutive Hit, Prayers
    90: Prayers, Charisma
    91: Wrath, Prayers, Charisma
    92: Pursuit, Prayers, Charisma
    93: Wrath, Pursuit, Prayers, Charisma
    94: Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Charisma
    95: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Charisma
    96: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Charisma
    97: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Charisma
    C0: Prayers, Awareness
    C1: Wrath, Prayers, Awareness
    C2: Pursuit, Prayers, Awareness
    C3: Wrath, Pursuit, Prayers, Awareness
    C4: Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Awareness
    C5: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Awareness
    C6: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Awareness
    C7: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Prayers, Awareness
    D0: Charisma, Awareness, Prayers
    D1: Wrath, Charisma, Awareness, Prayers
    D2: Pursuit, Charisma, Awareness, Prayers
    D3: Wrath, Pursuit, Charisma, Awareness, Prayers
    D4: Consectutive Hit, Charisma, Awareness, Prayers
    D5: Wrath, Consectutive Hit, Charisma, Awareness, Prayers
    D6: Pursuit, Consectutive Hit, Charisma, Awareness, Prayers
    D7: Wrath, Pursuit, Consectutive Hit,  Charisma, Awareness, Prayers
    Skills 2
    00: No Skills
    01: Critical
    02: Ambush
    03: Critical, Ambush
    04: Duel
    05: Critical, Duel
    06: Ambush, Critical
    07: Critical, Ambush, Duel
    08: Shooting Star Hit
    09: Shooting Star Hit, Critical
    0a: Shooting Star Hit, Ambush
    0b: Shooting Star Hit, Critical, Ambush
    0c: Shooting Star Hit, Duel
    0d: Shooting Star Hit, Critical, Duel
    0e: Shooting Star Hit, Ambush, Duel
    0f: Shooting Star Hit, Critical, Ambush, Duel
    10: Moonlight Hit
    11: Moonlight Hit, Critical
    12: Moonlight Hit, Ambush
    13: Moonlight Hit, Critcal, Ambush
    14: Moonlight Hit, Duel
    15: Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical
    16: Moonlight Hit, Duel, Ambush
    17: Moonlight Hit, Duel,Critical, Ambush
    18: Shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit
    19: Shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical
    1a: Shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Ambush
    1b: Shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Ambush
    1c: Shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel
    1d: Shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Duel
    1e: Shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Ambush, Duel
    1f: Shooting Star Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Ambush, Duel
    20: Sunlight Hit
    21: Sunlight Hit, Critical
    22: Sunlight Hit, Ambush
    23: Sunlight Hit, Critical, Ambush
    24: Sunlight Hit, Duel
    25: Sunlight Hit, Critical, Duel
    26: Sunlight Hit, Ambush, Duel
    27: Sunlight Hit,Critical, Ambush, Duel
    28: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit
    29: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Critical
    2a: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Ambush
    2b: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Critical, Ambush
    2c: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Duel
    2d: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Critical, Duel
    2e: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Ambush, Duel
    2f: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Critical, Duel
    30: Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit
    31: Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical
    32: Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Ambush
    33: Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Ambush
    34: Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel
    35: Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical
    36: Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Ambush
    37: Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical, Ambush, 
    38: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit
    39: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical
    3a: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Ambush
    3b: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Critical, Ambush
    3c: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel
    3d: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical
    3e: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Ambush
    3f: Shooting Star Hit, Sunlight Hit, Moonlight Hit, Duel, Critical, 
    Skill 3
    01: Life
    02: Elite
    03: Life, Elite
    10: Bargain
    11:  Life, Bargain
    12: Elite, Bargain
    13: Life, Elite, Bargain
    4. Holy Blood Digits
    Holy Blood 1
    00: No Holy Blood
    01: Baldo
    02: Baldo*
    04: Narga
    05: Baldo, Narga
    06: Baldo*, Narga
    08: Narga*
    09: Baldo, Narga*
    0a: Baldo*, Narga*
    10: Dain
    11: Dain, Baldo
    12: Dain, Baldo*
    14: Dain, Narga
    15: Dain, Baldo, Narga
    16: Dain, Baldo*, Narga
    18: Dain, Narga*
    19: Dain, Baldo, Narga*
    1a: Dain, Baldo*, Narga*
    20: Dain*
    21: Dain*, Baldo
    22: Dain*, Baldo*
    24: Dain*, Narga
    25: Dain*, Baldo, Narga
    26: Dain*, Baldo*, Narga
    28: Dain*, Narga*
    29: Dain*, Baldo, Narga*
    2a: Dain*, Baldo*, Narga*
    40: Noba
    41: Noba, Baldo
    42: Noba, Baldo*
    44: Noba, Narga
    45: Noba, Baldo, Narga
    46: Noba, Baldo*, Narga
    48: Noba, Narga*
    49: Noba, Baldo, Narga*
    4a: Noba, Baldo*, Narga* 
    50: Noba, Dain
    51: Noba, Dain, Baldo
    52: Noba, Dain, Baldo*
    54: Noba, Narga
    55: Noba, Baldo, Narga*
    56: Noba, Dain, Baldo*, Narga
    58: Noba, Dain, Narga*
    59: Noba, Dain, Baldo, Narga*
    5a: Noba, Dain, Baldo*, Narga*
    60: Noba, Dain*
    61: Noba, Dain*, Baldo
    62: Noba, Dain*, Baldo*
    64: Noba, Dain*, Narga
    65: Noba, Dain*, Baldo, Narga
    66: Noba, Dain*, Baldo*, Narga
    68: Noba,  Dain*, Narga*
    69: Noba, Dain*, Baldo, Narga*
    6a: Noba, Dain*, Baldo*, Narga*
    80: Noba*
    81: Noba*, Baldo
    82: Noba*, Baldo*
    84: Noba*, Narga
    85: Noba*, Baldo, Narga
    86: Noba*, Baldo*, Narga
    88: Noba*, Narga*
    89: Noba*, Baldo, Narga*
    8a: Noba*, Baldo*, Narga*
    90: Noba*, Dain
    91: Noba*, Dain, Baldo
    92: Noba*, Dain, Baldo*
    94: Noba*, Narga
    95: Noba*, Dain, Baldo, Narga 
    96: Noba*, Dain, Baldo*, Narga
    98: Noba*, Dain, Narga* 
    99: Noba*, Dain, Baldo, Narga*   
    9a: Noba*, Dain, Baldo*, Narga*
    A0: Noba*, Dain*,
    A1: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo   
    A2: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo*       
    A4: Noba*,Dain*, Narga
    A5: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo, Narga    
    A6: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo*, Narga
    A8: Noba*, Dain*, Narga*
    A9: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo, Narga*
    AA: Noba*, Dain*, Baldo*, Narga* 
    Since I'm lazy to do the other holy bloods :p, I found another 
    Holy Blood 2                        Holy Blood 3                                 
    Holy Blood 4
    Baldo = Odo             Baldo = Tordo                   Baldo= Loputous
    Narga = Ulir              Narga = Holsety
    Dain = Neir               Dain = Blagi
    Noba = Fala              Noba = Hezul   
    Note: These are only temporary despite saving the game with the code on.
    5. Weapon Modifier Digits
    00: Iron Sword C
    01: Steel Sword B
    02: Silver Sword A
    03: Iron Claymore A
    04: Steel Claymore A
    05: Silver Claymore A
    06: Prayers Sword C
    07: Thief Sword C
    08: Barrier Sword C
    09: Berserk Sword C
    0a: Yuusha Sword B
    0b: Sairusu No Ken C
    0c: Sleep Sword C
    0d: Thin Sword C
    0e: Defender C
    0f: Fire Sword C
    10: Rizziah Sword C
    11: Thunder Sword C
    12: Wind Sword C
    13: Light Sword C
    14: Mistolin* (Anybody with Hezul* Blood can use this)
    15: Tylfing * (Anybody with Baldo* Blood can use this)
    16: Balmunk* (Anybody with Odo* Blood can use this)
    17: Armor Cutter C
    18: Wing Clipper C
    19: Broken Sword A
    1a: Broken Sword B
    1b: Broken Sword C
    1c: Iron Spear C
    1d: Steel Spear B
    1e: Silver Spear A
    1f:  Javelin C
    20: Knight Killer C
    21: Yuusha Spear B
    22: Thin Spear C
    23: Gungnir* (Anybody with Dain* Blood can use this)
    24: Gey Borg (Anybody with Noba* Blood can use this)
    25: Broken Spear A
    26: Broken Spear B
    27: Broken Spear C
    28: Iron Axe C
    29: Steel Axe C
    2a: Silver Axe C
    2b: Yuusha Axe B
    2c: Swanchika* (Anybody with Neir* Blood can use this)
    2d: Handaxe C
    2e: Broken Axe A
    2f: Broken Axe B
    30: Broken Axe C
    31: Iron Bow C
    32: Steel Bow B
    33: Silver Bow A
    34: Hero Bow B
    35: Killer Bow C
    36: Ichival * (Anybody with Ulir* Blood can use this)
    37: Broken Bow A
    38: Broken Bow B
    39: Broken Bow C
    3a: Range Arch C
    3b: Iron Arch C
    3c: Killer Arch C
    3d: Gold Arch C
    3e: Fire Book C
    3f: Elf Fire B
    40: Volcano A
    41:  Fala Flame * (Anybody with Fala* Blood can use this)
    42:  Meteor C
    43: Thunder C
    44: El Thunder B 
    45: Torron C
    46: Thor Hammer * (Anybody with Tordo* Blood can use this)
    47: Thunder Storm C
    48: Wind C
    49: El Wind B
    4a: Tornado A
    4b: Holsety * (Anybody with Holsety* Blood can use this)
    4c: Blizzard C 
    4d: Lightning C
    4e: Rizziah A
    4f: Aura A
    50: Narga* (Anybody with Narga* can use this)
    51:  Yotsumgand C
    52:  Fenfir B
    53:  Hell B
    54:  Loputous * (Anybody with Loputous* Blood can use this)
    55: Unusable Book A
    56: Unusable Book B
    57: Unusable Book C
    58: Live Staff C
    59: Relive Staff C
    5a:  Recover Staff B
    5b: Libro Staff B
    5c: Reserve Staff A
    5d: Return Staff C
    5e: Warp Staff B
    5f: Rescue Staff B
    60: Charm Staff A
    61: Recover Staff B
    62: Valkyrie Staff * (Anyone with Blagi Blood can use this)
    63: Silence Staff B
    64: Sleep Staff B
    65: Berserk Staff B
    66:  Shiihu Staff B
    67: Broken Staff A
    68: Broken Staff B
    69: Broken Staff C
    Fire Emblem IV: Genealogy of War is owned by Nintendo and Intelligent 
    If you plan on using this... please ask for my permission. I really 
    busted my butt on this Pro Action Replay Guide. If you have any 
    questions, feel free to ask at satoshi_strife2004@yahoo.com.
    First off, I like to give thanks to that Astanyx guy ( I hope I spelled 
    the name right). That was my source of finding the codes when I 
    downloaded the patch. It took me forever, but I manage to make the most 
    of it. So basically, I owe him most of the credit. I also like to owe 
    something to this site I found... well... right after busting my rear 
    end to find all the codes, I somehow found (Actually, stumbled into) a 
    japanese site with most of the character's code. Oh well, I might as 
    give credit to this site as well.

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