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    Dragon Quest I FAQ/Walkthrough by Darkniciad

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/26/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Quest 1-2 Remix
    Dragon Quest 1 FAQ
    Version 1.1
    Christopher Lee Boger
    http://darken.0catch.com/goblin/ggdomain.htm (The Goblin's Domain)
    http://www.dqshrine.com (Dustin's DW/DQ Shrine)
    Remember to link from each of these sites to the other fine locales for
    pursuing Dragon Quest on the internet.
         As always, if you find any errors in this FAQ (other than the fact
    I'm a treasure hunter and like to power up way more than is necessary
    before performing any quest) feel free to e-mail me and you'll be credited
    in the revised FAQ.  Likewise, any contributions to the contents will be
    much welcomed and credited.
         You may use and distribute this FAQ as you see fit, so long as the
    original contents remain unedited.  Addendums may be added, provided
    none of the original content is changed, but I would prefer you send
    any such addendums to me.  These would then be worked into the "official"
    FAQ and re-posted at all the FAQ's homes so it can be available to the
    public at large.
         There is (or will be, depends on how quickly you got ahold of this
    after I completed it ^_^) an online version of this FAQ with descriptive
    pictures and some more specific sections available at the Goblin's
    *** CONTENTS ***
    (I)   Some notes about play on emulators
          (1) My stance on emulation
          (2) Notes about playing this game via emulation
    (II)  Menu Translations for the Japanese Impaired
          (1) Main Game menus
              (a) Select which DQ you want to play
              (b) "Continue your Quest" menus
          (2) Command menus
              (a) Main Command Menu
              (b) Status Menu
              (c) Equip Menu
              (d) Spell Menu
          (3) Inn, Shop, Etc., Menus
              (a) Inn Menus
              (b) Item/Weapon Shop Menus
              (c) Vault Menus
          (4) Battle Menus
              (a) Main Battle Menu
              (b) Spell Battle Menu
    (III) Some notes about the Remix
    (IV)  Various Charts
          (1) Weapon Stats
          (2) Armor Stats
          (3) Shield Stats
          (4) Spell descriptions
          (5) Item descriptions
          (6) Enemy Charts
          (7) Experience chart
    (V)   Walkthrough
    (VI)  Credits and Acknowledgements
    *** (I) Some notes about play on emulators ***
    ~~~~~(1) My stance on emulation~~~~~
         First and foremost, if you are playing the game and enjoying it,
    you should be doing your utmost to pay for the fun you are having.
         The best case scenario is that you are playing the game on an
    emulator in order to use English patches released by Translation Groups
    on the 'Net because you can't read Japanese, not because you don't have
    the actual physical cart.  There is absolutely nothing illegal about
    having a copy of a cart you own on your computer.  Now having it on your
    web site or downloading it from one is a different matter.....
         Considering the extreme limitations on obtaining some of the older
    and more popular games (which DQ1-2 definitely fits in) another scenario
    of which I approve is to have downloaded the game in order to play
    something you could not have otherwise obtained.  This does NOT mean you
    should stop looking for a copy of the original cart.  You should be
    making every effort to pay the wonderful people who made the game for
    their efforts.
         Basically, it boils down to this.  If you downloaded the game
    simply so you could get it for free, we're at odds.  I hate that whole
    stinkin' "WaReZ" scene garbage and the people it attracts.  Now I'm
    done ranting.
    ~~~~~(2) Notes about playing this game via emulation~~~~~
         At the original time of this FAQ's writing, there was no complete
    translation of the game.  There has since been a complete translation,
    which I have unfortunately had no opportunity to play, as well as an
    official release on the color Gameboy by Enix.  You can find the 
    translation patch wherever translations are distributed, and you should
    still be able to find the cgb cart in stores or online stores.
         Many of the emulation issues listed below deal only with the ancient
    RPGe patch.
    CHOICE!!!!! Ninety percent of the time reading those and a little bit
    of experimentation will teach you what you need to know about these
    fascinating little programs and how to run them.  Don't harass page
    maintainers with questions about emulators if you don't want to get
    flamed.  I will be posting a FAQ on this on my page sometime, so
    you might check and see if I've uploaded it yet.
         Continuing on..... There is a bug in the most recent release of
    the Translation Patch by RPGe.  This cause significant story events
    not to proceed properly.  The events affected are: Rescuing Gwaelin,
    Obtaining the Staff of Rain, Obtaining the Rainbow Drop, and forming
    the Rainbow Bridge.  There is, however, a way to play the game and
    maintain the aid of the partial English patch.....
         First, you must have a copy of the original untranslated rom
    somewhere in storage.  It must be named the same as the one you are
    playing the game on.  You may then play up to the point of the event
    (Just before talking to Gwaelin in Swamp Cave for example) and use
    a "Save State" to save your game at that point.
         Then, switch positions of the patched and unpatched roms.  Load
    up the unpatched rom and use "Restore State" to return to the point
    where you saved it earlier.  Now activate the event by talking to
    whoever or using your item.  Once the event has occurred, you may
    do the switch again and continue playing with the partial English
         If you don't know how to use "Save State" and "Restore State",
    read the documentation!  It differs depending upon which emulator
    you are using.  You could also do a renaming trick instead of a
    swap trick to accomplish this same goal, but this is the way I
    always do it.
         Next on the agenda.... I'm not sure if this is a problem with
    the patch, or the original rom, or just emulation in general,  but
    this game tends to crash on occasion.  If the music stalls in one
    long note, it's crashed.  I recommend that you use the "Save State"
    often to avoid losing progress due to a crash.  By "often" I mean
    near constantly.  Every two or three battles, or every foot or so
    you walk on the overworld.  The game has a BAD tendency to crash,
    and if you get in the habit of keeping your save state updated you
    will find yourself screaming a lot less often.
         You should be on a system with AT LEAST a 100 MHZ processor
    or better to play this game via emulation.  With that speed and
    the sound turned "off" the game will run at a speed that is
    somewhat bearable.  It can be played on slower systems (I can
    run it on a 486 50 MHZ) but the speed will drive you batty
    most likely.  For full sound and speed, I'd say go for something
    in the 200 MHZ + range.  That's what I run it on and I don't have
    any frame skip whatsoever.
         Final notes..... If the emulator you are using doesn't support
    transparencies, or your system can't support the VESA required to
    do so, then you will have no need for Torches or the Radiant spell
    in the game.  The caves will always be fully visible without them.
         Disappointed with the boost a Defense Seed or Lifeforce Acorn
    has given you?  Make sure you "save state" before you use any of
    these items.  Then just keep hitting restore until it gives you a
    boost that makes you smile (6 is max).  But remember, this is
    cheating and I highly discourage this unless you have already
    beaten the game and are just playing around (or writing a FAQ
    and trying to stay a step above the monsters ^_^)
    *** (II) Menu Translations for the Japanese Impaired ***
    NOTE: I use the original Dragon Warrior 1 terms or a logical
          English word for all sections of this FAQ.  These are not,
          nor are they meant to be, direct Japanese translations.
          I felt this would allow people who have played in the
          world of Dragon Warrior before to identify with the
          commands better.
    ~~~~~(1) Main Game menus~~~~~
         (a)---Select which DQ you want to play.---(a)
             I don't even know why I'm putting this on here, except for
    fear that somebody won't figure it out and will ask me about it.
             At the opening title screen, there will be a menu at the
    bottom.  The top choice is "Dragon Quest 1" and the bottom choice is
    "Dragon Quest 2".  Now that wasn't so hard, was it ^_^
         (b)---"Continue your Quest" menus---(b)
             The first thing you should know is that the first time you
    start the cart (or the rom in the emulator) there will be no data saved,
    so only the "Begin a New Quest" option will be present.  Likewise, if
    all the slots are full, there will be no "Begin a new Quest" or "Copy
    a Quest" option available.  These are the menus in a standard
    configuration where a game is saved on the cart.  With that out of the
    way, here are the options of the main screen as they appear.....
             CONTINUE A QUEST
             BEGIN A NEW QUEST
             COPY A QUEST
             ERASE A QUEST
             I'm not typing up a manual here, so you can figure out what
    these options represent ^_^
             When you select "Continue" "Copy" or "Erase" You will then
    be prompted with a menu listing the saved games which these functions
    may be performed on.
             When you select "Change message speed" you will first be
    prompted for a saved game to change the message speed for, then the
    actual message speed.  Move the cursor left for faster text, or right
    for slower text.
             When you select "New Quest" You will first be prompted for
    a name, then a message speed.  The option to end the name selection is
    the one in the bottom right corner, but with only four letters to enter,
    most of you will find your cursor there very quickly anyway ^_^
    ~~~~~(2) Command menus~~~~~
             (a)---Main Command Menu---(a)
             When you press the "A" Button, this menu will appear.  *'s
    indicate an option which expands into another menu.  Here then, is the
    main command menu screen.....
             TALK         SPELLS*
             STATUS*      ITEM*
             DOOR         SEARCH
             You should take note that there is no need to ever use the
    command menu to talk, search, or open a door.  Simply stand in front
    of what you want to perform one of these options on and press the X
    button.  Depending upon what is in front of you, or lack thereof, the
    game will select the appropriate action to perform automatically.
             If you select "Item" a list showing all the items you have
    will appear.  Hope you can recognize them so you know what you're
    trying to use ^_^
             (b)---Status Menu---(b)
             When you select "Status" a second menu will appear which
    asks which of the following you wish to do...
             If you select "Status" the game will show many important
    statistics of your character.  If you look in the upper right hand
    corner you should see a window showing how much Gold you have.
             Here is what appears in the status windows when you select
    this command.
             The left window, from top to bottom, lists the following
    things about your character: Name (and last name Roto or Erdrick if
    you prefer), Your level, Your current HP, Your current MP, and the
    three listings below that are the Weapon, Armor, and Shield you are
    currently equipped with.
             The right window, from top to bottom, lists the following
    things about your character: Strength, Agility, Defense, Max HP,
    Max MP, Attack %, Defense %, Experience.
             Now, if you press the A button, the screen will change.
    Displayed in the left window will be the spells you can use in battle.
    Displayed in the right window will be the spells you can use on the
             Press A again to exit the status screen.
             (c)---Equip Menu---(c)
             When you select "Equip" from the "Status" menu above, the
    game will scroll through several windows of equipment.  You may use
    the "B" key to go back a menu at any time, and if you do so in the
    first window, it will cancel your equip operation.
             The first window to appear is for equipping weapons.  At
    the top of the list will be shown all the weapons you possess.  The
    bottom option is always "none" if you choose to fight with your bare
             The second window to appear is for equipping armor.  It will
    function in exactly the same manner as the weapon window.
             The third window is the Shield window, and it is used in the
    same manner as the previous two.
             The fourth window is for your accessories.  If you have any
    accessories which can be equipped, they will be listed at the top of
    the menu.  The bottom option on this window ends your equip operation.
    In order to equip, or remove, an accessory you simply press the a
    button while the cursor is in front of the item.  An "E" will appear
    next to the item when it is equipped.
             (d)---Spell Menu---(d)
             When you select "Spells" a second menu will appear listing
    the spells which you can cast (If you have learned any such spells.
    If you have no spells, no menu will appear)  The spell menu appears
    in this order, and any spells you have not yet learned will be
    replaced by Question Marks on the menu screen.
    ~~~~~(3) Inn, Shop, Etc., Menus~~~~~
             There really isn't a menu for the key sellers or the nun
    who sells fairy water in Cantlin, so I'll just mention here that
    the price of the keys/fairy water appears in the text window and
    that they ask you Yes/No do you want to buy what they have.  Once
    you've maxed out your keys, you'll get a message saying you can't
    buy any more.  And as always, you can't buy anything if your
    backpack is full.
             (a)---Inn Menus---(a)
             The inn is pretty simple.  It displays a message saying
    how much the Inn costs (you should be able to read the number,
    even if you can't read the text) and there will be a simple
    Yes/No menu where you can decide whether to sleep at the Inn or
             (b)---Item/Weapon Shop Menus---(b)
             The first menu you will get when talking to a shopkeeper is
    the following....
             When you select "Buy", you will then be presented with a list
    of available items for purchase.  Refer to the sections for each town
    to see what the menus in each individual town will look like.
             In the case of weapon shops, once you have purchased a piece
    of equipment, the shopkeeper will ask if you wish to equip the item.
    Top option is Yes and bottom one is No.
             In the case of Item and Key shops, if you already have the
    maximum number of keys or Herbs, a message will be displayed informing
    you that you cannot hold any more.
             In all shops, if your backpack is full, you will receive a
    message that you cannot hold any more items.  Sell some items or store
    some in the Vault if you don't want to get rid of them.
             When you select "Sell", a window will open showing the items
    in your backpack.  You then select the item you wish to sell with
    the cursor and press "A" to sell it.  The shopkeeper will then ask a
    simple Yes/No question of whether it is OK to sell the item at the
    price listed in the text window.
             The "Exit" option simply exits the shop.  This can also be
    accomplished just as easily by hitting the "B" button repeatedly until
    you exit the shop.
             (c)---Vault Menus---(c)
             The vault is a place to store your excess gold and items.  It
    is located in the back of the Inn in Brecconary.  This useful addition
    in the Remix allows you to grab quest items at any time and then store
    them so that they are not clogging up your backpack.
             The first menu you receive in the Vault is the following.
             Selecting Exit will end your business in the Vault, but the "B"
    button works just as well.
             If you have nothing stored in the Vault, selecting the "Take"
    option will result in a message that says the Vault doesn't have anything
    that belongs to you.
             Selecting "Give" or "Take" brings up another menu which looks
    like this.
             Once again Exit just exits the menu and is easily replaced by
    the "B" button.
             Gold may be stored in the vault in increments of 1000.  When you
    select "Gold" a window will be displayed with a cursor.  Move the cursor
    to a digit position and press up or down to change the number until you
    have selected how much GP you wish to store in the Vault.  Likewise the
    same for taking gold from the vault, but the total you have stored will
    be displayed in the text window.  If you have no GP stored and you have
    selected "Take" then "Gold", you will receive a message saying that the
    Vault has no Gold stored for you.
             Selecting "Item" opens your backpack and allows you to select
    items to be stored in the Vault.  Simply move the cursor to the item and
    press the "A" button to store it.  Likewise taking items from the Vault,
    except the stored items will be displayed instead of your backpack.
    After storing or taking an item from the Vault, the keeper will ask you
    if you wish to store/take some more with a simple Yes/No question.
             If you have no items stored and try to select "Take" then "Item",
    you will receive a message saying the Vault doesn't have any of your
    things.  Also, if your backpack is full, you cannot take any items from
    the Vault.
    ~~~~~(3) Battle Command Menus~~~~~
             When you encounter an enemy on the overworld or in a dungeon,
    you will automatically snap into battle mode and the battle menu will
    be displayed.  Note that your quick status window showing your current
    HP and MP is displayed as well, keep track of it if you want to be a
    successful warrior!
             (a)---Main Battle Menu---(a)
             Following is the battle window which pops up when you encounter
    the enemy.
             Selecting "Item" will display the items you have in your backpack,
    select which one to use with the cursor and press "A" to activate.
             Selecting "Run" makes your character attempt to flee from the
    monster.  This does not always work, and some creatures cannot be run from
    under any circumstances.
             Selecting "Attack" causes your character to lash out with whatever
    weapon they are equipped with at the enemy.
             (b)----Spell Battle Menu---(b)
             When you select "Spell" from the main battle menu, a list of
    available spells is displayed.  If you have not learned any spells, no
    menu will be displayed and you will receive a message stating that you don't
    know any spells which can be used in battle.  Any spells you have not yet
    learned will be replaced by Question marks in the menu, which appears
             HEAL            HURT
             SLEEP           STOPSPELL
             HEALMORE        HURTMORE
    ***(III) Some notes about the Remix***
         The battles in the Remix are generally more balanced than they were
    in the original Dragon Warrior.  You'll find you spend a lot less time
    wandering in circles trying to build up GP and XP in this game than you
    did in the classic version.
         There are added shops, like the Vaults in Brecconary and Cantlin,
    and the wandering Item salesman in Rimuldar.  These make things a lot
    easier and clear up a couple of problems I had with the original game.
         There are items hidden in pots, dressers, etc. in the remix.  So
    as you've become accustomed to in more recent RPG's, search everywhere
    for bonus items that don't cost you anything.
         One of the most significant things added to the game are the
    "Seeds" and "Acorns".  These are like the items in Dragon Warrior 4 and
    increase your stats when used.  They are hidden in dressers and such,
    but also replace a lot of the more useless treasure chests that were in
    the original game.  Searching for and acquiring every treasure chest is
    actually worth your time in the Remix.
         Some monsters will "Go on Guard" in the remix.  Goldmen and the
    two stronger Scorpions are the two creatures who do this most often.
    When a creature is "on guard" your shots will do less damage than usual.
         Some monsters can now not only dodge your attacks, they can dodge
    your spells.  Skeleton monsters and dragons are the most notorious for
    this little addition.
         The Sleep spell seems nearly worthless in the Remix.  The Stopspell
    however, seems to be stronger and work more often.  If you see a ring
    of stars fly at your enemy when casting Stopspell, it worked.  Otherwise,
    you'd best be ready to cast it again.
         Look in the status box with your HP and MP during battle.  If there
    is a pinkish colored notation near your name, then you are affected by
    either Sleep or Stopspell.  If you're still attacking, you can bet it's
    Stopspell and not Sleep ^_^
         One item, the Flame Sword, can now be used as an item in battle.
    By the time you acquire it, however, the value is more "neato" than
         Herbs seem weaker than your Heal spell this time out, so use those
    herbs to heal up before major battles to save the stronger Heal spell
    for the actual battle.
         Some monsters (Golem, Dragon guarding Gwaelin) have had their
    HP significantly increased.  To balance this out, they give you a huge
    load of XP when you beat them!
         There is a healer in Tantegel now, but his value is limited since
    the "Light Shine Upon Thee" dude is there as well, and he's not behind
    a locked door.
         There are a few other differences, but they are mainly in dungeon
    design and graphics quality.  The overworld is identical, so you can
    wander about on it exactly as you did before.
    ~~~~~(1) Weapon Statistics~~~~~
    Towns referred to in "Where Bought/Found" B-Brecconary C-Cantlin
    G-Garinham K-Kol R-Rimuldar   "ATP" means Attack Power.
    Wep. Name       | Cost | ATP | Where Bought/Found  (Special Note)
    Bamboo Stick    |   10 | + 2 | B,C
    Club            |   60 | + 4 | B,C,G
    Copper Sword    |  180 | +10 | G,B,K,R,C
    Hand Axe        |  560 | +15 | G,R,K,C
    Broadsword      | 1500 | +20 | R,C
    Flame Sword     | 9800 | +28 | C                   (Use as item in battle)
    Erdrick's Sword |    0 | +40 | Charlock Castle
    ~~~~~(2) Armor Statistics~~~~~
    Towns referred to in "Where Bought/Found" B-Brecconary C-Cantlin
    G-Garinham K-Kol R-Rimuldar "DFP" means Defense Power
    Name of Armor   | Cost | DFP | Where Bought/Found  (Special Note)
    Clothes         |   20 | + 2 | B
    Leather Armor   |   70 | + 4 | B,G,C
    Chain Mail      |  300 | +10 | G,C
    Half Plate      | 1000 | +16 | K,R
    Full Plate      | 3000 | +24 | K,R,C
    Magic Armor     | 7800 | +24 | R,C         (Restore 1 HP per 4 steps)
    Erdrick's Armor |    0 | +28 | Hauksness   (Restore 1 HP per 1 steps)
                                               (Also no dmg. barrier or swamp)
    ~~~~~(3) Shield Statistics~~~~~
    Towns referred to in "Where Bought/Found" B-Brecconary C-Cantlin
    G-Garinham K-Kol R-Rimuldar "DFP" Means Defense Power
    Shield Name   | Cost  | DFP | Where Bought/Found
    Small Shield  |    90 | + 4 | B,K
    Large Shield  |   800 | +10 | G,C
    Silver Shield | 14800 | +20 | C
    ~~~~~(4) Spell Descriptions~~~~~
    In the "What it does" column -BAT- means can only be used in battle.
    -WAL- means can only be used in walkabout mode
    -UND- means can only be used underground
    -ABV- means can only be used aboveground
    Spell     |    | Level  |           What it
    Name      | MP | Gained |            Does
    Heal      |  3 |  3     | Restore HP
    Hurt      |  2 |  4     | Damage enemy         -BAT-
    Sleep     |  2 |  7     | Put enemy to sleep   -BAT-
    Radiant   |  2 |  9     | Light up caves.      -WAL- -UND-
    Stopspell |  2 | 10     | Block enemy spells   -BAT-
    Outside   |  6 | 12     | Exit Dungeon         -WAL- -UND-
    Return    |  8 | 13     | Return to Tantegel   -WAL- -ABV-
    Repel     |  2 | 15     | Stops Random attacks -WAL- -ABV-
    Healmore  |  8 | 17     | Restore more HP
    Hurtmore  |  5 | 19     | Damage enemy more    -BAT-
    ~~~~~(5) Item Descriptions~~~~~
    In the "Where found/bought" column, the following letters pertain to
    towns where items may be purchased  B-Brecconary C-Cantlin G-Garinham
    K-Kol R-Rimuldar
    Name of item       |Cost| Effect                  | Where found/bought
    Cursed Belt        |  0 | Cursed                  | Charlock, G. Garinham
    Cursed Necklace    |  0 | Cursed                  | Mountain Cave
    Dragon Scale       | 20 | Raise Defense +5        | B,G,K,R
    Erdrick's Token    |  0 | Special                 | Swamp S. Cantlin
    Fairy Flute        |  0 | Put Golem to Sleep      | Kol
    Fairy Water        | 12 | Stop random attacks     | C
    Fighters Ring      |  0 | Better % enemy run away | Mountain Cave
    Herb               | 10 | Restore HP              | B,G,K,R
    Torch              |  8 | Light up caves          | B,G,K,R
    Rainbow Drop       |  0 | Create Rainbow Bridge   | Shrine S. Rimuldar
    Silver Harp        |  0 | Attract enemy & Special | Grave Garinham
    Staff of Rain      |  0 | Special                 | Shrine W. Kol
    Stones of Sunlight |  0 | Special                 | Tantegel Castle
    Wings              | 24 | Return to Tantegel      | K,R,C
    Strength Seed      |  0 | Increase Strength 1-6   | Various
    Agility Seed       |  0 | Increase Agility 1-6    | Various
    Lifeforce Acorn    |  0 | Increase Max. HP 1-6    | Various
    Magic Acorn        |  0 | Increase Max. MP 1-6    | Various
    Magic Key          | 24 | Open Doors              | R, Tantegel Castle
    Magic Key          | 32 | Open Doors              | C
    ~~~~~(6) Enemy Charts~~~~~
    "Dungeon" indicates the monster is found wandering in dungeons.
    "S"-Swamp Cave "G"-Grave of Garinham "M"-Mountain Cave "C"-Charlock
    Number after letter indicates first level of dungeon the monster
    appears on.
    Hit points vary widely in the game, and the listings for HP are
    relatively close averages.  HP may be lower or higher from encounter
    to encounter.
    In "Powers Used" either a name of a spell or one of the following...
    "Breath" is flaming breath attack
    "Guard" means the enemy goes on the defensive, taking less damage
    "Agility" means the enemy dodges attacks often and/or acquires first
              attack in a battle round often.
    "Resist" means the enemy resists damage from magical spells
    "Immune" means the enemy is immune to magical spells
    "No Effect" means sleep and Stopspell don't work against enemy
    Second Green Dragon (with ~) is guarding Gwaelin.  It is stronger
    than the standard Green Dragon breed.
    Name           |  HP |  GP |  XP | Powers Used         | Dungeon
    Armored Knight |  82 | 152 | 172 | Hurtmore, Healmore  |C(6)
    Axe Knight     |  78 | 165 | 130 | Sleep               |C(1)
    Blue Dragon    |  92 | 150 | 180 | Breath, Resist      |C(3)
    Demon Knight   |  42 | 148 |  90 | Agility             |*
    Drakee         |   6 |   6 |   3 |                     |*
    Drakeema       |  16 |  25 |  20 | Hurt, Heal          |M(2) G(1)
    Droll          |  31 |  30 |  18 |                     |M(2) G(1)
    Drollmagi      |  48 | 110 |  58 | Hurt, Heal, Sleep   |G(3)
    Druin          |  18 |  21 |  14 |                     |S(1) M(1)
    Druinlord      |  32 |  95 |  56 | Heal                |G(3)
    Ghost          |   7 |   8 |   4 |                     |S(1) M(1)
    Goldman        |  98 | 650 |   6 | Guard               |*
    Golem          | 150 |  10 |2500 |                     |*
    Green Dragon   |  60 | 160 | 135 | Breath, Resist      |C(1)
    Green Dragon~  | 150 | 950 |   0 | Breath, Resist      |S(1)
    Knight         |  49 | 150 |  78 | Stopspell           |*
    Magician       |  10 |  16 |   8 | Hurt                |S(1) M(1)
    Magidrakee     |  13 |  20 |  12 | Hurt                |*
    Magiwyvern     |  45 | 135 |  83 | Sleep, Breath       |*
    Metal Scorpion |  19 |  48 |  31 | Guard               |G(2)
    Metal Slime    |   4 |   6 | 775 | Hurt, Immune        |*
    Poltergeist    |  21 |  19 |  15 | Hurt                |M(2) G(1)
    Red Dragon     | 100 | 143 | 350 | Sleep, Resist, Stops|C(6)
    Red Slime      |   4 |   4 |   2 |                     |*
    Rouge Scorpion |  31 | 110 |  70 | Guard               |*
    Scorpion       |  13 |  25 |  16 | Guard               |S(1) M(1)
    Skeleton       |  27 |  42 |  25 | Agility             |M(2) G(1)
    Slime          |   3 |   2 |   1 |                     |*
    Specter        |  27 |  72 |  47 | Heal, Hurt          |G(3)
    Starwyvern     |  68 | 169 | 105 | Healmore, Breath    |C(1)
    Stoneman       | 140 | 148 | 155 |                     |C(3)
    Warlock        |  25 |  50 |  28 | Sleep, Hurt         |G(2)
    Werewolf       |  52 | 155 |  95 | Agility             |C(1)
    Wizard         |  66 | 185 | 120 | Hurtmore, Stopspell |C(1)
    Wolf           |  30 |  60 |  40 | Agility             |G(2)
    Wolflord       |  33 |  80 |  52 | Stopspell, Agility  |G(3)
    Wraith         |  32 |  62 |  42 | Heal, Agility       |*
    Wraith Knight  |  41 | 120 |  72 | Heal, Agility       |G(3)
    Wyvern         |  32 | 105 |  64 |                     |*
    Dragonlord     |     |     |     | Healmore, Hurtmore  |
    (Wizard Form)  | 200 |   0 |   0 | Sleep, No Effect    |C(8)
    Dragonlord     |     |     |     | Breath, No Effect   |
    (Dragon Form)  | 350 |   0 |   0 | Supreme Agility     |C(8)
    ~~~~~(7) Experience Chart~~~~~
    Level  | Experience Necessary (Total XP)
     1     |     0
     2     |     7
     3     |    23
     4     |    47
     5     |   110
     6     |   220
     7     |   450
     8     |   800
     9     |  1300
    10     |  2000
    11     |  2900
    12     |  4000
    13     |  5500
    14     |  7500
    15     | 10000
    16     | 13000
    17     | 17000
    18     | 21000
    19     | 25000
    20     | 29000
    Level 21 to max level 30: Add +4000 XP per level.
    Example Level 21=33000
    ***(V) The Walkthrough of Dragon Quest I***
         Treasures:  Chest of GP, Magic Key, Torch, Herb
         Shops:  None (But the "Light shine upon thee" dude is here)
         Talk to the King and find out a little about your quest.  Take the
    chests in the room to obtain the three items.  Then make your way to
    the stairs (No stairs command! Yes!) and go to the ground level of the
         Talk to everyone (or not if you can't read Japanese ^_^) and explore
    the Castle a bit.  If you search the pots near the guard who is lying on
    the ground, you can obtain an Herb to aid you in your travels.
         You can save your game by speaking with the King.  He firsts tells
    you how many XP you need for the next level (in the text window) and then
    asks you a Yes/No question, "Do you wish to save the game?"
         Next, the king asks in which slot you wish to save the game.  A list
    of three available save slots is presented, choose where to save the game.
         Next The King will ask a simple Yes/No question of "Is this OK?" If
    you haven't goofed up and selected an incorrect save slot, say Yes to end
    the save process.
         Treasures: Wing of the Wyvern
         Shops: -Weapon Shop-          -Item Shop-               -Inn-
                 Bamboo Stick   10      Herb          10          3 GP
                 Club           60      Torch         8
                 Copper Sword   180     Dragon Scale  20         -Vault-
                 Clothes        20
                 Leather Armor  70
                 Small Shield   90
         Gather some information.  Search a dresser in the Inn to obtain a free,
    and very helpful, Wing of the Wyvern.
         My recommendation is to purchase the Clothes and the Club from the Weapon
    Shop.  Also purchase the Dragon Scale from the Item Shop and either Equip it
    or "use" it from the "Item" menu, both accomplish the same goal.
         The Vault is located here.  This is a handy addition to the game and I
    use it frequently to store items I wanted to grab, but don't want cluttering
    up my backpack.
         Once you've completed your business in town, you might wish to run back
    to Tantegel Castle and save your game.
    ----Power Trip 1----
         Time to gain a bit of power.  Exit town/Castle and wander around on the
    overworld near the Castle.  Fight slimes to earn XP and GP.  Battles in the
    remix are much more balanced, and you should have no trouble staying outside
    long enough to earn level-2 or 3 without healing up.  Rest when necessary and
    save your game often (after each level-up if you want my suggestion)
         Once you reach level-3, you can do a trick that works in the first three
    Dragon Quest/Warrior games and the remixes.  The key to this trick is the Heal
    Spell you learn at level-3.  Enter Tantegel Castle.  South of the guard who is
    lying on the ground is an old man behind a desk.  Talk to him and he fully
    restores your MP.  All you have to do is keep casting Heal and talking to him
    to restore your MP until both your HP and MP are full.  You never need to
    spend a dime at an Inn while near Tantegel again!
         Save your game, because it's time to make your way a bit farther from
    the castle and explore Erdrick's Cave.
    {{{ERDRICK'S CAVE}}}
         Treasures: None (Except the Tablet itself)
         Enemies: None
         To reach Erdrick's Cave, travel North from the Castle and stay on the
    grassy plains.  You should soon see a desert off to the West.  When you are
    even with the desert, strike out West toward it.  The cave is in the middle of
    this desert.
         Be careful of Drakees as you head toward this cave.  They are stronger
    than Slimes, but not so dangerous that you can't handle them.
         This cave is so simple, I'm not going to bother dividing it up into levels
    as I will with later caves.  On the first floor, head toward the Southeast corner
    and you should find the stairs to the next floor.
         On the Second floor, there's only one path to follow.  Follow it and you'll
    find the tablet with Erdrick's words on it.  'Course, if you can't read Japanese,
    it won't do you a lot of good :p  Once you're done reading the tablet, exit the
    cave and head back toward town.
    ----Power Trip 2----
         Before you continue on, it might be a good idea to do the following things..
    Earn level-4, purchase the Small Shield, and purchase the Leather Armor.
         The shopkeepers in the remix don't offer to buy back old equipment when you
    buy new stuff, so you'll need to go into the sell menu of the shop and sell your
    old clothes once you buy the Leather Armor.
         Level-4 gets you the Hurt Spell.  This spell can pull you out of some sticky
    situations by quickly dispatching a dangerous foe you accidently encountered.  If
    something is beating the tar out of you and you're not hitting with your weapon for
    much damage, blast it with Hurt Spells.
         Save your game, because it's time to head for the town of Garinham.
         Treasures: None
         Shops: -Weapon Shop-               -Item Shop-                     -Inn-
                 Club          60            Herb           10               6 GP
                 Copper Sword  180           Torch          8
                 Hand Axe      560           Dragon Scale   20
                 Leather Armor 70
                 Chain Mail    300
                 Large Shield  800
         To reach the town of Garinham, strike out North of Tantegel and stay on the
    grassy plains.  You'll see a path on the plains going East, but ignore it for now and
    continue North until you reach the Sea.  Then turn West and stay on the grassy plains
    until you reach the town.
         If you don't read Japanese or don't have an English patch, this visit will be of
    little use to you.  Gather information if you can read the text.  Most of the nice new
    equipment here is out of your price range for the moment.
         Gather up enough gold fighting monsters nearby to acquire the Copper Sword (It's
    time to stop whacking monsters with tree limbs!) and earn level-5.  Then head back to
    Tantegel and save your game, it's time to journey far to the East to the town of Kol.
    {{{TOWN OF KOL}}}
         Treasures: Clothes, Strength Seed
         Shops: -Weapon Shop-                -Item Shop-                -Inn-
                 Copper Sword     180         Herb           10          12 GP
                 Hand Axe         560         Torch          8
                 Half Plate Armor 1000        Dragon Scale   20
                 Full Plate Armor 3000        Wing of Wyvern 24
                 Small Shield     90
         To reach the town of Kol, strike out North from Tantegel Castle.  Remember that
    path to the East you skipped earlier?  Take it now.  Just stay on the grassy plains
    and keep following this trail.  You'll cross two bridges.  Once you cross the second
    bridge, head North.  As soon as you run out of grassy plains to walk on, you should
    see the Town of Kol nestled in the mountains.
         If you get into trouble fighting Magicians (Hurt Spell), Magidrakees (Hurt Spell),
    or Scorpions (Strong Defense) along the way, blast them with a hurt spell to save your
    hide.  You'll almost certainly have to use hurt against the scorpions at your current
    level, so stay out of that desert East of the grassy plains which is where Scorpions
    appear in large numbers.
         If you search a dresser near the fountain of Kol you can find a free set of
    clothes.  Worthless to you now, but you can sell them for GP.  In another dresser here
    you will find a Strength Seed.  Open your item menu and use it to increase your
    Strength from 1-6 points.
         Gather information if you can read the text.  Again, most of the equipment is out
    of your price range for the moment.  Time to do some more powering up.
    ----Power Trip 3----
         This is just a personal preference on my part, and the full extent of this power
    trip is far from necessary to make it to the next town of Rimuldar.  I just like to
    do the full power up for safety reasons.  With this level of power, little on the
    other side of the bridge will be more than moderately dangerous.  If you go earlier,
    you'll have more of a challenge, but you can make it with a bit of luck.
         You should be safe to wander around and fight enemies anywhere from Garinham to
    Kol right now.  Once you reach level-6, you should be safe to venture inside Swamp
    Cave for short jaunts.
         At level-7, you'll get the Sleep Spell.  This doesn't always work (it seems
    quite a bit weaker in the Remix, seems to work less often), but may pull you out
    of a sticky situation by allowing you to beat the tar out of an enemy while they
    snooze away.  If you upgrade your equipment to either the Hand Axe (preferred) or
    the Chain Mail, you should be fairly safe to make short jaunts out the other side
    of Swamp Cave to fight the XP and GP rich enemies on the other side.  Just beware
    that one Sleep spell from Warlocks could be the end of you!
         Level-9 earns you the Radiant spell, so you no longer need torches to see inside
    the caves (if you ever needed them at all... emul.)  Level-10 gives you the Stopspell,
    which is the weapon that makes Warlocks into practice posts you can hack up with your
    sword without problem.  The Stopspell seems stronger in the Remix than it was in the
    original game.  If you see a ring of stars appear in front of your enemy when you
    cast this spell, it was successful.  If you don't see that, it didn't work.
         Once you've got Level-10, you've completed the level portion of the power trip.
    I usually have enough GP that I purchase the Large Shield and the Half Plate Armor
    before I leave for Rimuldar.  Make sure and save your game often during this long
    power trip, and don't forget to save before you make the next journey to Rimuldar.
         Treasures: Wing of the Wyvern, GP, Defense Seed, Lifeforce Acorn
         Shops: -Weapon Shop-                -Item Shop-                   -Inn-
                 Copper Sword       180       Herb            10            24 GP
                 Hand Axe           560       Torch           8
                 Broadsword         1500      Wing of Wyvern  24           -Key-
                 Half Plate Armor   1000                                    16 GP
                 Full Plate Armor   3000
                 Magic Armor        7700
         To reach Rimuldar, go through Swamp Cave (It's on the Southern tip of the area
    of land Kol is on if you haven't found it yet).  Don't open the door in this cave,
    as you won't like what you run into if you do ^_^  Make your way through the cave
    to the exit in the Southwest.
         Once outside the cave, head South.  You'll see a break in the mountains that
    will end up being on your West as you travel South, but pass it up.  Eventually
    you'll come to another place where the mountains taper off.  Head West here and
    you should see Rimuldar on it's island a bit North and West.
         Beware of Warlocks and their Sleep spell (Hurt too) as you travel toward here.
    Wolves are also very dangerous, because they are quick and hit you for quite a bit
    of damage.  You might want to purchase a few Herbs for emergencies before you head
    toward Rimuldar.  Metal Scorpions have a high armor rating and will sometimes go
    "on guard" to farther reduce the amount of damage you can do to them.
         There is a merchant standing near the Northeast side of town.  This is a very
    welcome addition in the remix, as it was annoying not being able to purchase Herbs
    while in Rimuldar in the old version.
         Near the item merchant, in a house with a girl, if you search a dresser you
    will find a Wing of the Wyvern.  Behind the two locked doors in the South is a
    Lifeforce Acorn, which increases your Maximum HP.
         The Key Cutter's Shop is reached by going to the entrance of town and walking
    along the outside wall around to the Northwest corner of town.  Here you will find
    an entrance to the Key Cutter's Shop.
         Search the pots in the Key Cutter's Shop for some GP and a Defense Seed.  You
    can purchase some keys if you wish, they are much cheaper in the Remix than they
    were in the original.
         I usually hang around Rimuldar and earn enough GP to buy myself the Broadsword
    before continuing on, as it offers you a fine boost in attack power to combat the foes
    of the next dungeon.
         Once you've got the Broadsword, head back to Tantegel and save the game.  Then
    strike out for Mountain Cave.
         To find Mountain Cave, go first to Garinham.  From here, set out to the South and
    cross the bridge when you come to it.  Continue South until you see a finger of
    Mountains sticking out toward you from the East.  There will be a poisonous swamp near
    this area.  If you head East here, you should find Mountain Cave.
         |FIRST FLOOR|
         Treasures:  Gold
         The first thing you want to do is go South until you find a path that lets you
    go East.  Keep going East until you hit the far Eastern wall of the Dungeon.
         Turn South and you should see a body of water to the West.  There is a chest of
    Gold near this body of water which you can take.  The nearby stairs in the SE corner of
    the dungeon are a dead end.
         Go toward the body of water and take a path which opens South of it allowing you to
    go farther West.
         Follow this until you have a choice of going North or South, and choose the path
    which goes North.
         The path will then split East and West, Go East.  Follow this as it takes a short
    turn North, then back West past a line of pillars.  Keep following this path until you
    reach the stairs down.
         |SECOND FLOOR|
         Treasures:  Gold, Torch, Large Shield, Fighter's Ring, Strength Seed, Magic Acorn
         Head East upon arriving on this floor.  Along the North edge of the floor there are
    two chests containing some GP and a Torch.
         Keep going East, grabbing the chests if you wish, until you are forced to go South.
    Stay on this path and take the first path West you see.
         Once you've turned West, take the first path to the North you see.  The chest in the
    East surrounded by torches contains a Large Shield.  The chest in the West at the end of
    the carpet contains the Fighter's Ring.  Equip this from the item or equip menus as soon as
    you acquire it.
         Two chests nearby, in the South, contain a Strength Seed and a Magic Acorn.  They're
    well worth the short walk it takes to grab them.
         Now exit the cave and head home to save your game.  The next part is going to be very
    dangerous, and you don't want to lose your progress.
         Treasures:  None (however, an event here leads to receiving "Gwaelin's Love")
         Before you head into this confrontation, I recommend the following statistics:
    Level-11, Broadsword, Full Plate Armor.  If you are missing any of these elements, better
    go earn them before attempting to rescue Princess Gwaelin.  You will also need at least
    one Magic Key, so purchase some keys at Rimuldar if you don't have any yet.  I always go
    ahead and fully stock up on keys at this point.
         This cave is fairly easy to negotiate.  From the Northern entrance, head East to the
    edge of the dungeon.  Then just start making your way South while staying on the Eastern
    third of the dungeon.  You should eventually come to a locked door.  Not far beyond this
    door you will find your enemy, the Green Dragon.
         Beating the Dragon is pretty simple.  Don't waste MP on the Sleep Spell, as it rarely
    ever seems to work.  Just keep whacking on the Dragon with your Sword and heal any time
    your HP has dropped to 40 or less.
         Once you beat the Dragon, who has about 150 HP or so, you'll receive 950 XP!  That's
    quite a boost!  Now go talk to Gwaelin and take her back to Tantegel Castle.
         !!!NOTE!!! If you are using the emulated version with the partial English patch, here
    is one of the spots where you'll need to load the original unpatched game in order to
    proceed!  See the section about emulation for instructions.  Gwaelin will not leave the
    cave with you otherwise.
         Treasures:  Agility Seed, Magic Nut, Magic Key, Gold, Stones of Sunlight, Herb,
                     Lifeforce Acorn, Gwaelin's Love
         Shops:  -Key-                "Light Shine upon thee" dude
                  24 GP               Healer who restores to max HP for free
         Once you've returned to the Castle with Gwaelin, talk to the King to receive his
    thanks and Gwaelin will give you the item "Gwaelin's Love".  If you use this item while
    on the overworld, it tells you how much XP you need to reach the next level.  It also
    tells you how far you are away from Tantegel castle and in what direction.
         Since you've got keys now, unlock the treasure room on the Western side of the
    Castle's first floor to obtain an Agility Seed, Magic Acorn, Magic Key, and some GP.
         Since you're here with keys, and the vault is nearby, may as well go ahead and get
    the Stones of Sunlight.  Head to the North from the treasure room, then head toward the
    Northeast corner of the castle.  Here you'll find a door to unlock.
         Behind this door you can gain access to a Key Cutter's shop.  The keys are a bit
    more expensive here, but still way cheaper than in the original.  There is also a cleric
    here who will restore your HP for free, but the only time you can ever really use him is
    after crossing the barrier to talk to the guard in the South of this same area.
         Now, go toward the Key Cutter's shop and make your way South along the outside wall
    of the Castle and it's moat.  Here you will find a set of stairs in the Earth.
         Once downstairs, talk to the old man and he'll get out of the way and let you take
    the Stones of Sunlight from the chest.  Then head over to his room in the East and grab
    the Herb and Lifeforce Acorn from his drawers.
         Go to the Vault in Brecconary and drop off the Stones of Sunlight, because you
    won't be needing them for a while.  Then rest and recharge, and save your game.  It's
    time to head off to Garinham and the dungeon of Garinham's Grave.  Make sure you're
    stocked up with a couple of keys before you leave!
         Treasures: Copper Sword, Torch, Gold
         Shops:  Same as before
         Unlock the door in the North with one of your keys.  Inside you will find three
    treasure chests containing Copper Sword, Torch, and some Gold.
         Head up to the Northwest corner of this new area.  3 steps to the right of the
    NW corner if you head North, you'll pass through a secret passage into another area.
         Head West and talk to the old man to make him get out of the way and grant you
    passage into the Grave of Garinham.
         |FIRST FLOOR|
         Treasures:  Magic Key, Gold, Lifeforce Acorn
         If you head toward the Northwest corner, then head East to the Northeast corner,
    you can obtain the chests containing the Magic Key, Lifeforce Acorn, and some GP.
         Make your way into the Southeast corner of the dungeon and find a door.  Open this
    door and follow the path behind it to the stairs leading down to the second floor.
         |SECOND FLOOR|
         Treasures:  Gold (actually on 3rd floor, but reached from here)
         The stairs in the center of the floor and those in the NE corner where you arrive
    are both dead ends.  The staircases in the NW and SE corners both lead to a chest
    containing some Gold.  Grab it if you want, and you think you can handle the extra
    time on the lower floors at your current power level.  The stairs you need to use to
    continue on in the dungeon are those in the Southwest.
         |THIRD FLOOR|
         Treasures: None (at least from this staircase)
         Head North.  Take the Eastern fork when the path splits, as the Western one is
    just a dead end.  You'll find some stairs here down to the fourth floor.
         |FOURTH FLOOR|
         Treasures:  None
         Head for the stairs in the center of the floor.
         Treasures:  Silver Harp.
         This one is obvious.  Just head up and grab the Silver Harp.  Then either exit
    the dungeon with the Exit spell or walk your way out.
         Treasures:  The Staff of Rain
         Heal up and save at home, then set off for the area near Kol.  West of town
    is a valley between two mountain ranges which starts out as a small land bridge
    between two bodies of water.  Walk out onto this landbridge into the valley and
    make your way West and North to the Shrine.
         !!!NOTE!!! This is one of the spots where RPGe's patch messes up.  Get ready
    to do that swapping trick again.
         Talk to the guardian of the shrine.  He will take the Silver Harp and move
    out of the way so that you can open the treasure chest and obtain the Staff of
         Head back home and drop off the Staff of Rain in the Vault, then heal up and
    save your game.
    ----Power Trip 4----
         Before you head into the next section of the story, you should have the
    following stats....  Full stock of 6 Herbs, Broadsword, Magic Armor, Level-15.
    For the GP, I recommend the area South of Rimuldar near the bridge to the Southern
    Island.  Goldmen appear here and are worth over 600 GP.  It won't take long to
    get your money fighting them.  Wyverns also appear here, along with other critters
    who are good for acquiring XP as well.  Watch out for the Wraiths, which can cast
    the Heal Spell on themselves, Wolflords will use Stopspell at times.  Goldmen
    sometimes go "on guard" to reduce the damage you can do to them.
         Treasures:  Fairy Flute
         First things first, head to the town of Kol and pick up the Fairy Flute.
    Veteran Dragon Warriors may have already done this the first time they were
    there to save the trip, dropping it off in the Vault.  The Fairy Flute is
    hidden 4 steps South of the fountain.  Don't forget that you only move 1/2
    a step per tap on the directional buttons in the Remix.  Generally, just
    go South from the fountain a few steps and start searching that area.  You'll
    find it in fairly short order.
         Go to Garinham and head South.  Pass up where you turned to reach Mountain
    Cave near the poisonous swamp.  Keep going South until you reach another bridge
    and cross it.
         On the other side of the bridge, beware of dangerous enemies.  Wraith and
    Demon Knights dodge not only your weapon shots, but your spells as well very
    often.  Wraith Knights will cast the Heal Spell on themselves, and both of
    these skeletal enemies will hit you for significant amounts of damage.
    Knights hit hard and cast Stopspell.  Rouge Scorpions will go "on guard" to
    reduce the damage you can do to them, which isn't much anyhow considering their
    high natural armor rating.  They also hit for significant amounts of damage.
         Head South.  You'll see Hauksness sitting in the middle of a desert to
    the East, but ignore it for now.  Keep going South to the Sea.  Here on the
    Southeast corner of the landmass you will find another bridge leading to
    the East.
         Once you near this bridge, you need to be on the alert for a new group
    of dangerous enemies.  First off, Metal Slimes appear here.  They cast the
    Hurt Spell, and are completely immune to magic themselves.  You can do a max
    of 1 point of damage to them (barring a tremendous blow) per shot.  They have
    a very high tendency to run, and this is because they are worth 775 XP each.
    If you manage to kill one, you'll get a significant boost toward your next
    level.  Magiwyverns will cast the Sleep Spell, and hit for solid amounts of
    damage as well.  Starwyverns will Cast Healmore on themselves.  Make sure
    you use Stopspell on these enemies.  Werewolves are fast, dodge your strikes
    with annoying efficiency, and hit hard.  Wizards cast Hurtmore and Stopspell,
    making them another immediate Stopspell target.  Their magical staffs also
    do a fair amount of physical damage even when you deny them magic.  Green
    Dragons can appear near Cantlin itself, and are dangerous foes.
         Cross the bridge and make your way North and East.  You'll see a bridge
    in the East not long after you begin this journey, but skip it for now.
    Make a note of where it is, because you'll be returning later.
         Continue North and you'll find another bridge that leads into a
    poisonous swamp.  Cross this bridge and head South toward the town of Cantlin.
         Right at the entrance of the town is the Golem.  Heal yourself back up
    to max power with Herbs before you approach the gates of town.
         Your first move should always be to use the Fairy Flute.  It always
    works, putting the Golem to sleep.  How long it works will vary, but it will
    always be long enough for you to heal up any damage you have taken.  While
    the Golem sleeps, heal yourself up, then proceed to whack on him with your
    sword until he wakes up.  Once he wakes up, use the Fairy Flute again and
    repeat the process until he's dead (approx. 150 HP).  You'll get a whopping
    2500 XP for defeating this simple enemy!  Now walk over the scattered chunks
    of the Golem's corpse and enter Cantlin.
         Treasures:  Defense Seed, Magic Key, Lifeforce Acorn
         Shops:  -Item Shop 1-                  -Item Shop 2-             -Inn-
                  Dragon Scale      20           Dragon Scale     20       50 GP
                  Wing of Wyvern    24           Wing of Wyvern   24
                 -Weapon Shop 1-                -Weapon Shop 2-           -Water-
                  Bamboo Stick      10           Hand Axe         560      12 GP
                  Club              60           Broad Sword      1500
                  Copper Sword      180          Full Plate Armor 3000     -Key-
                  Leather Armor     70           Magic Armor      7700      32 GP
                  Chain Mail        300
                  Large Shield      800                                    -Vault-
                 -Weapon Shop 3-
                  Flame Sword       7800
                  Silver Shield     14800
         The Vault is found by going to the Northwest corner of town and going up a
    set of stairs.
         Item Shop 1 is just South of the Vault, and there is a bodybuilder across
    from it behind a desk who doesn't sell anything (anything you can buy anyway)
         Item Shop 2 is located on the Eastern side of town, and is near a locked door.
    The shop faces the large area under the roof in the center of town.
         Weapon Shop 1 is in the Northeastern side of town and has a Sword and Shield
    sign out front of it.
         Weapon Shop 2 is located in the Southeastern side of town and has a grey
    Shield sign out in front of it.
         Weapon Shop 3 is behind the locked door near Item Shop 2.  The Key Cutter is
    also located behind this locked door.
         The Fairy Water Salesman is the Nun who is near Weapon Shop 2.  She has a
    rectangular pool of water behind her.
         If you search a dresser in the Inn, you will find a Defense seed in one of
    the drawers to boost your defensive capabilities.
         Search in a dresser near the Fairy Water salesman and Weapon Shop 2 and you
    will find a Lifeforce Acorn in one of the drawers.
         There is a merchant in a house on the Southwestern side of town.  If you
    open one of the doors you can search one of his drawers for a Magic Key, but
    why bother when it takes a key to get in there and odds are you can't understand
    what the merchant is saying to you? ^_^
         If you're close to obtaining the Flame Sword, hang around and earn enough
    GP to purchase it.  I recommend having it or the Silver Shield before you take
    on the next challenges.  The monsters outside town are strong, so you may wish
    to Return via the spell home and save your game.  You can then use Goldmen near
    Hauksness to your advantage to build GP in a quicker and safer manner.
         The Flame Sword can be used as an item in battle.  It sends a burst of flame
    at your enemy which does damage that usually is about equal to the Hurt Spell.
    It does occasionally hit for greater damage, up to 32 or so, but not very often.
    Skeleton monsters don't seem to be able to dodge this effect as well as they do
    your sword shots or standard spells.
    ----Power Trip 5----
         What you want to do now is earn level-17 for the Healmore spell, as well
    as enough GP for the Flame Sword or Silver Shield, or both if you prefer the
    safest route.  GP won't take long with Goldmen, and XP is quick to come by
    near Cantlin.  Odds are, you are probably close to both these goals (at least
    one piece of equipment anyway) already.  When you're ready, head out and get
    Erdrick's Armor.
         Treasures:  Erdrick's Armor
         Head into the town of Hauksness (in the middle of the Desert, two
    bridges South of Garinham)  While making your way here and heading
    toward the guardian of the Armor, try not to use any MP if you can help
    it.  Heal with Herbs after battle and take advantage of the Magic Armor's
    ability to heal your HP every four steps or so on the overworld to keep
    yourself healthy.  You might be wise to run from any enemy in the town
    itself who you would normally use Stopspell against in order to conserve
    the MP.
         There will be a destroyed building in front of you when you enter the
    town.  Head South to get around it, then go East.  Once you are fully around
    the building, turn North toward 4 trees in a "T" shape.
         To your East near these trees you should see a poisonous swamp, a single
    block of grass, and then a tree.  Erdrick's Armor is on the block of grass,
    and it's guardian is in the swamp right in front of it.
         When you enter the battle with the Axe Knight (approx. 80 HP) your first
    move should be to cast Stopspell, or his Sleep Spell could be the end of you.
    After that, just beat on him with your weapon and use Healmore any time you
    are at less than 54 HP or so.  You should beat him without much trouble.
         Take a step forward and search the spot of grass in order to obtain
    Erdrick's Armor.  Equip it immediately, as it's defensive powers, inherent
    abilities to prevent damage from swamps/barriers, and heal you with every
    step you take will make the walk out of Hauksness quite a bit easier if you
    have taken a beating from the Axe Knight.
         Treasures:  Erdrick's Token, Rainbow Drop
         Remember that bridge you always passed up on the way to Cantlin?  Go
    there now and cross it.  Head South from the bridge and make your way into
    the huge Southern Swamp.
         In the middle of this swamp, it will narrow down to a single square
    wide.  Standing at the end of this narrow spot, walk forward six paces.
    (remember, you only move 1/2 a step per button tap).  Search this spot of
    the swamp to obtain Erdrick's Token.  If you use Gwaelin's Love while
    standing on the spot, you should see the numbers 140 and 80 in the text
    screen after the number defining how much XP you need for the next level.
         Now cast the Return Spell to get back home to Tantegel.  Head over to
    the town of Brecconary and retrieve the Staff of Rain and the Stones of
    Sunlight from the Vault.  You may have to leave something like Gwaelin's
    Love in the Vault in order to make room in your backpack for the three
    items you will need for the next part.  Make sure the Staff, Stones, and
    Token are all in your backpack before you proceed.  Then go save your
    game at the Castle.
         Head for Rimuldar.  From there, go South until you find a bridge that
    crosses onto a Southern Island.  In the middle of this island is the
    Shrine you need to enter.
         !!!NOTE!!! Here comes one of those spots where RPGe's patch messes
    up!  Get ready to do your swap trick to proceed!
         Talk to the old man in this Shrine and he'll call upon the powers
    of magic to fuse the Staff of Rain and Stones of Sunlight into the
    Rainbow Drop.  Then proceed forward and search to obtain it.
         !!!NOTE!!! If you had to do the switcheroo to get this event to
    proceed properly, don't switch back yet!
         Now head back off the Southern Island.  Make your way North and head
    to the Northwestern corner of the landmass that Rimuldar sits on.  Here
    you will see two fingers of sand reaching out toward each other,
    separated by only a thin stream of water.  Stand in front of the thin
    stream of water and use the Rainbow Drop to form the Rainbow Bridge,
    which allows you to pass onto the Isle of the Dragonlord.
         !!!NOTE!!! Now it's safe to return to using the patched game, and
    it will not be necessary to switch again.
         Head back home and drop off Erdrick's Token in the Vault.  Then save
    your game and check your stats against the following list.... Level-17,
    Silver Shield, Erdrick's Armor, Flame Sword.
         Once you have this checklist fully complete, it's time to make your
    first assault on the Dragonlord.
         Watch out for Axe Knights with their Sleep Spell, Dragons are strong
    and fast and are fairly immune to Hurt.  Stonemen have high HP and hit
    hard.  Wizards could still be dangerous with Stopspell and Hurtmore.  You
    will need at least 1 Key while in this dungeon.  I recommend that you have
    3 in your inventory, at least.
         |FIRST FLOOR|
         Treasures: None
         Head West and follow the curving path.  Avoid the door you see, as it
    leads to a dead end.  The one in the East does as well, if you're curious.
    Keep following this path until you reach the throne in the middle of the
    barrier.  Stand dead center behind the throne and search to find the
    secret stairs to the second floor.
         |SECOND FLOOR|
         Treasures: None
         Open the door and follow the path, which leads generally South.  The
    path you see North shortly is a small dead end alcove.  Keep following this
    path until it forks in the Southern area of the floor.  Here you will be
    offered a choice of two paths which go farther East, take the Northern one.
         Almost immediately after taking this path, you will notice a small
    alcove dipping to the South.  Pass this one up, but just a short walk East
    and you will find another one.  Wander around in this area, the stairs to
    the next floor are near the center of this alcove.
         |THIRD FLOOR|
         Treasures: None
         Immediately upon entering this floor, you have a choice of North or West.
    Take the Western path.  Follow this winding path, skipping an alcove West and
    a dead end path East.  You will reach a corner and be forced East right after
         Once on this path you will be forced North, then turn East.  You'll then
    be turned South and presented with two paths.  Take the one which is due South.
         Follow this to the Southern wall and wander around in the space here
    without entering the dead end path.  You should find the stairs near the center
    of this area.
         |FOURTH FLOOR|
         Treasures: Gold, Herb
         If you go West, there are two chests containing some GP and an Herb if you
    feel you are in need of it.
         Grab the chests if you wish, then head back and go East.  You'll soon see
    an alcove formed by a lower case "n" shaped wall.  In the middle of this alcove
    is a staircase, but it leads to a dead end.  Continue past this to the West.
    Near where the path turns South, wander around the corner to find the stairs
    down to the next floor.
         |FIFTH FLOOR|
         Treasures: None
         Head South and make your way toward the torches.  Near the one that is
    farthest North you will find a set of stairs back to the Fourth Floor you need
    to use.
         |FOURTH FLOOR (2)|
         Treasures: None
         Head Southward.  Near the Southeastern point you should find stairs back
    to the Third Floor which you need to use.
         |THIRD FLOOR (2)|
         Treasures: None
         Head toward the Northeast torch and find the stairs back up to the Second
         |SECOND FLOOR (2)|
         Treasures: Erdrick's Sword
         Head up and claim Erdrick's Sword from the chest and equip it.  I now
    recommend that you use the Outside Spell to exit the dungeon and go back to
    save your game.
         Don't forget to restock your supply of Herbs to maximum, heal your HP
    and MP back to max as well.  I also recommend that you be at least Level-19
    before you make your final foray into the castle, though 20 or better would
    make it a little easier.
         |FLOORS 1-4|
         Treasures: None
         Follow the same path you did before to reach the Fifth floor.  Waste
    no MP during this journey to and through the castle.  Take advantage of your
    armor's healing abilities, and try to use Herbs to heal between fights if
    at all possible.  Maintain 60+ HP while traveling and you should be safe.
    Use Healmore if you reach danger level while in battle, never waste any MP
    on the weak Heal Spell.  You should be strong enough to avoid using
    Stopspell on most enemies as well.  I'd avoid using it until you reach the
    Sixth Floor, because you're going to need every drop of MP you can get.
         |FIFTH FLOOR|
         Treasures: None
         There is another set of stairs on this floor near the Southeastern
    torches, but they lead to the infamous Charlock "Eternal Loop".
         Head East past the area with the torches and you should enter a hallway.
    Follow this East, then North to an area with four pillars.  Wander around the
    pillars and you will find the stairs.
         |SIXTH FLOOR|
         Treasures: None
         Follow the U shaped path around.  The stairs are at the other end.  You
    might wish to Stopspell Red Dragons (Sleep Spell) and Armored Knights (Healmore,
    Hurtmore) from here on in.  A Red Dragon Sleep Spell can make very short work of
    you indeed.  You should still conserve MP as much as possible, however.
         |SEVENTH FLOOR|
         Treasures: None
         Head straight East across this room, the stairs are in a direct line with
    those you came down to this floor on.
         |EIGHTH FLOOR|
         Treasures: Cursed Belt, Magic Acorn, Herb, Gold, Magic Key, Gold, Wing of Wyvern
         If you head North once you enter this floor, you can open a treasure vault and
    obtain several treasures.  Starting with the one directly in front of the door and
    moving clockwise, here is what the treasure chests contain.
         Cursed Belt, Magic Acorn, Herb, GP, Empty, Magic Key, Empty, GP, Wing of Wyvern.
    That Herb could possibly be helpful, and if you are forced to retreat before you reach
    the Dragonlord, that Magic Acorn could be beneficial.  Otherwise, there is little need
    to enter this treasure room.
         Take the treasure chests or not, as you feel is most appropriate, then head back
    toward the door and loop around the outer edge of the castle.  First West, then North,
    then East, then South across the broken landmass.
         Finally, head over to the Dragonlord's throne.  Heal up with Herbs if you have
    them before the battle.  If you are out of Herbs, only use a spell if you are at less
    than 60 HP.  If you are at less than 100 MP, I'd advise retreating and trying to get
    back to the Dragonlord again with that amount of MP.
         Talk to the Dragonlord.  He will ask you two questions, which you should say "No"
    to both of which.  "No" is the bottom selection.  Battle with the Dragonlord will then
         The Dragonlord has Sleep and Healmore this time out, and he uses them to his best
    advantage.  Stopspell and Sleep seem to be useless against the Dragonlord, so don't
    waste the MP.
         My guess is that the Dragonlord has about 200 HP.  He's crafty and only luck
    is going to help you now.  An ill timed Sleep Spell that fails on his part, or a
    tremendous blow on your side may be all that gets you past this surprisingly intelligent
    enemy.  If you can't seem to beat him, try to get a level or two and try again, but
    luck is still your greatest weapon in this fight.  Once you manage to defeat him, he
    will transform into his true image, the Dragon.
         Keep your HP at 100+ because the Dragonlord can do 50+ points of damage per
    round and often gets the first attack in a round.  I figure the Dragonlord's final
    form has about 350 HP, and luck will again be your greatest weapon.  If you stick
    to the healing pattern above however, the only thing that will prove a major
    danger is running out of MP.
         This time out, I entered the castle at level-19, but attained level-20 on the
    final floor of the dungeon.  I still had 6 herbs and 120 MP upon reaching the
    Dragonlord, and used 3 of my Herbs to heal up before confronting him.
         The Dragonlord used Healmore on himself twice during this fight, and only when
    he tried to use Sleep without success and followed up with a surprisingly weak attack
    was I finally able to defeat him.  I had about 78 HP when I began the battle with
    the Dragonlord's final form.
         I whipped off a Healmore spell to get back in the 100+ range, and fortunately
    the Dragonlord didn't get the first attack for a couple of rounds thereafter.
    I was also lucky that a few of the Dragonlord's flame breath attacks only did
    about 12-18 points of damage during this battle.  In the end, a tremendous blow
    was what finally brought the Dragonlord low.  I still had about 60 MP left because
    of this stroke of luck.
         Once you defeat the Dragonlord, you'll find the Ball of Light and release
    it from his dark clutches.  Light will once again come to the land of Alefgard
    and you will be transported outside the castle.
         No enemies will attack you now, and all poisonous swamps have been changed
    into flower beds ^_^
         You can run around and listen to the townspeople praise you if you wish
    (and you can read a word they are saying :p ), but your goal is to return to
    Tantegel Castle.
         Talk to the King, and then say "Yes" to Gwaelin, as you really don't have
    any say in the matter.
         Sit back and watch the much improved ending and congratulate yourself!
    You have restored peace and light to the land of Alefgard, proving that you
    are the true descendant of Erdrick, the DRAGON WARRIOR!
         First off, have to credit the development teams and Enix for making the game
    to play in the first place ^_^
         Second, Thankye to Mohamme, Cie, Dustin, Dwaine, Neil_, Cliff, and everybody 
    else who continually supports and praises my work in the DQ community.  You all are
    gonna give me a big head here ~_^
         Now, some actual credits to people who've corrected me mistakes!  Thanks go out
    to Thanatos for informing me about the Cursed Necklace and the Fighters Ring.
         Thankems out to Metal Babble for informing me I'd reversed my Status and Equip
    menu listings (D'OH! =P)
         And finally, big Thankyous for Robin.  You're the one who keeps me on an even keel
    and keeps my sails to the wind.  Full speed ahead Mr. Cohen! *GOL*

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