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    Majin Guide by Nakratos

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                      |  Copyright - 2015 - Arom Silva  |
                      |Shin Megami Tensei I - Majin FAQ |
                      |         By Nakratos             |
                      |         Version 1.1             |
    |                                  Index                                      |
    In order to keep the guide organized and facilitate its use, this FAQ
    contains a "Keyword" feature. Just press "Ctrl+F" and type the code in the
    brackets to jump directly to the section you want to read.
    | 1.   Intro___________________________________________________________(INT) |
    | 2.   Contact_________________________________________________________(CNT) |
    | 3.   About the Author________________________________________________(ATH) |
    | 4.   Frequently Asked Questions______________________________________(FAQ) |
    |                                                                            |
    | 5.   Majin Hunting Guide_____________________________________________(GUD) |
    |	5.1   The Easy Way_____________________________________________(ESY) |
    |       5.2   Preparations_____________________________________________(PRP) |
    |       5.3   Locations where Majin are found__________________________(LCT) |
    |       5.4   Hunting Down the Majin___________________________________(HNT) |
    |              5.4.1   Majin Hunting on SNES___________________________(SNS) |
    |              5.4.1   Majin Hunting on Emulator_______________________(EML) |
    |                                                                            |
    | 6.   The Majin_______________________________________________________(MJN) |
    |       6.1   High Priest______________________________________________(HGH) |
    |              6.1.1   The Reaper's Bell_______________________________(WP1) |
    |       6.2   David____________________________________________________(DVD) |
    |              6.2.1   The Stradivari__________________________________(WP2) |
    |       6.3   Pale Rider_______________________________________________(PLR) |
    |              6.3.1   The Angel's Trumpet_____________________________(WP3) |
    |                                                                            |
    | 7.   Thanks and Credits______________________________________________(CRD) |
    | 8.   Legalities______________________________________________________(LAW) |
    |       8.1    Terms of Distribution___________________________________(TOD) |
    |       8.2    Disclaimer______________________________________________(DSC) |
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 1. |                             Intro                        |    (INT)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    This is an unofficial guide for the SNES version of Shin Megami Tensei
    that will focus on the three rarest enemies in the game, the "Majin", or
    "Fiends", as they will be called fom now on. Here you will find informations
    about them and efficient methods to find these extremely rare foes.
    Be warned, though, that the Fiends in this game are disappointingly
    weak and their drops - albeit excellent - are as rare as the Fiends themselves.
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 2. |                             Contact                      |    (CNT)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    If you have anything to add, ask or correct, feel free to  message me on my
    Youtube Account: "http://www.youtube.com/user/DonMaximusRomeo".
    There, you will also find videos of the Majin.
    You could also e-mail me at "Arom.Silva23@gmail.com".
    Alternately, you could look for me, "Nakratos", in Shin Megami Tensei
    SNES version Gamefaqs' board.
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 3. |                         About the Author                 |    (ATH)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    First and foremost: English is not my native language, so bear with me.
    I'm quite confident about my rhetoric and my vocabulary is quite extensive, but
    - just like any human being - I may commit mistakes. I hope you'll be patient
    with any spelling and/or grammar errors you might find in this FAQ. In fact, if
    I let anything slip through my proof-reading, feel free to contact me.
    Now that this important detail is out of the way, let's talk about my
    favorite subject...
    I'm joking, but you wouldn't know. I don't use emoticons or jargons and
    slangs very often. On one side, this means that you won't see me saying things
    like "I used to [insert absolutely anything here], but then I took an arrow to
    the a"...nyway, this also means that there will be hardly any decent humor in
    my FAQ, just failed attempts like this last one.
    Shin Megami Tensei is my favorite RPG series. I've always liked Dungeon
    Crawlers and the ability to customize my party to some extent and SMT is just
    about that. I have played many MegaTen titles and the main series is my
    favorite. However, while Nocturne is full of FAQs and SMT II has enough great
    ones, SMT I is kind of lacking good information sources, especially about the
    Fiends, who are merely briefly mentioned in Re-Miel's FAQ. That's why I decided
    to write this guide: to share all the information I obtained through research
    and trial and error. If you want to know about gameplay basics, check Re-Miel's
    or Infinity Dragon's FAQs, they are quite good and guaranteed to help.
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 4. |                    Frequently Asked Questions            |    (FAQ)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
           There aren't any great questions about SMT I's Fiends, since most
    players don't even know about their existence, but here are some questions that
    I've been made more than once:
       Q: How rare are the Fiends anyway?
       A: They have a 1/256 spawn chance in some fixed spots. That means that if
    you are simply playing the game, they? are as good as impossible to find. You
    MUST know exactly where they spawn and actively hunt them down to have a very
    slight chance of meeting one.
       Q: Does that mean that it's useless to try to find them?
       A: Absolutely not! That's why I'm writing this FAQ. If you know where and
    how to look for them, finding them becomes very possible - albeit tedious.
       Q: Can I trust the info you give? How can you know their stats?
       A: This is a good question, because Fiends - being bosses - don't have their
    stats shown on the COMP Demon Data. However, if you search long enough, you
    will eventually find some Japanese sites containing all Fiend's status, I just
    confirmed that information through several tests. [Check (CRE) for links].
       Q: Do Lunar Phases make any difference when hunting Fiends?
       A: It's very difficult to say for sure, but I have found absolutely none.
       Q: How rare are the Fiends' drops?
       A: 1/256 again. It's 1/35566 of finding a Fiend AND collecting its weapon.
    Forget about the weapons, I'd say. Don't waste your lucky day playing video
    games, go play on the lottery instead.
       Q: When can I fight the Fiends?
       A: From your first visit to Shinjuku until the Great Flood.
                                ***END OF SPOILERS***
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    | 5. |                   Majin Hunting Guide                    |    (GUD)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    This is it, the main part of the guide. Here you'll find general tips
    and tricks for finding the Fiends with the least effort (which is still a lot
    of work, actually), or, as of version 1.1, you can actually use an easier
    method, which shall be posted before the original one.
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 5.1 |                     The Easy Way                        |    (ESY)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    If you're impatient, here's the gist of it: enter the code 7E050A23 before you
    enter any boss battle in the game and you'll fight David instead of the
    regular boss. Change the final 3 to a 4 for Pale Rider or a 5 for Daisoujou.
    Now the explanation, to those who might be interested.
    What if you don't want to keep hunting Fiends for hours and hours or if you
    finally managed to find a Fiend, but it wasn't the one you were looking for?
    In that case, I have some good news. With the use of codes, it's possible to
    encounter whichever Fiend you want with 100% chance!
    The drawback is that this method has its restrictions. Namely, it can't just
    be used at anytime. You see, Gamefaqs user "seannachie" came up with a very
    interesting piece of code that allows you to change which enemy you'll face
    in a regular battle. But, as you might realize upon checking his FAQ, there
    are no values for boss battles and, thus, no values for Fiends, meaning that
    you can't use that code for finding David and Co. Another interesting aspect
    is that the mentioned code only seems to change the enemy's sprite instead of
    actually changing the enemy itself, so even if you try to face, say, Vishnu
    when you would normally face a Pixie, what you'll find is a Vishnu with the
    same stats and attacks of a regular Pixie.
    For a long time, it was thought that the game stored values for boss
    encounters elsewhere and that was why it seemed to be impossible to find a
    code that would allow one to fight an actual- boss anywhere, as opposed to
    merely seeing the boss' sprite. We're still not perfectly sure about how all
    of this works, but recently it has been discovered that the game checks for
    some sort of "boss battle flag" and, after running this check, it selects
    which enemies can be found in that specific battle.
    Basically, if you enter the code 7E050A23 (for David) right before a regular
    battle, you will simply find the regular demon Cherub since the boss battle
    flag will be turned off. If, however, you enter that same code right before
    a boss battle, then, since the boss flag will be turned on, the game will
    pick an enemy from its boss table instead of its regular enemy table.
    In simpler terms, if normally, without the code, you would fight a regular
    enemy, you'll still get a regular enemy. If you would fight a boss, you'll
    still face a boss. In the end, it's just a matter of telling the game which
    specific boss you want to fight and that's why these codes only work as
    intended if activated right before boss battles.
    Note: It doesn't matter which boss you pick, the game will always say that
    it belongs to whichever race the original boss you should be fighting
    belongs to. So if you choose to fight Asura when you would normally fight
    Red Phantom, the game will introduce the boss as "Human Asura". That doesn't
    mean anything, however, as the bosses will retain their stats, movesets and
    macca/EXP/item drops. Yes, that does mean that this can be used to farm the
    top tier weapons, though as of now this still remains unconfirmed. If you do
    obtain one of the Fiend weapons, please post your findings on the SNES board
    in Gamefaqs, thanks.
    Enought explanatory banter, here are the codes you can use before a boss
    battle and which boss you'll find if you do:
    Enter the code:
    And change xx to get the following results:
    00 = Orias
    01 = Amanojaku
    02 = Doman
    03 = Gotou
    04 = Thor
    05 = Red Phantasm
    06 = Blue Phantasm
    07 = Take-Minakata
    08 = Arachne
    09 = Belial
    0A = Nebiros
    0B = Defense System
    0C = Kazfiel
    0D = Haniel
    0E = Yama
    0F = Nio
    10 = Ladon
    11 = Echidna
    12 = Vishnu
    13 = Ravana
    14 = Indrajit
    15 = Gabriel
    16 = Uriel
    17 = Raphael
    18 = Arioch
    19 = Astaroth
    1A = Surt
    1B = Law Hero
    1C = Chaos Hero
    1D = Lillith
    1E = Beelzebub
    1F = Michael
    20 = Asura Lord
    21 = Zenki
    22 = Goki
    23 = David
    24 = Pale Rider
    25 = High Priest / Daisoujou
    26 = Lord Masakado (likely to one hit KO everything)
    27 = Turtle
    28 = Octopus
    29 = Bishamonten (a statue)
    2A = Four Defenders (much like Bishamonten)
    Items that only seem to have a sprite so that they you can fuse them, like
    swords and the rings (they all seem to be immune to everything)
    2B = Renki-no-Ken 
    2C = Fuujin-Ken
    2D = Raiji-Ken 
    2E = Karyu-Ken
    2F = Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi
    30 = Futsu-no-Mitama
    31 = Ame-no-Murakumo
    32 = Hinokagutsuchi
    33 = Angel Ring
    34 = Pascal
    35 = Chaos Hero (who, very interestingly, in this patch, is called Waruo)
    After this, you'll only get bugged sprites with the names of races, spells,
    skills and equipments.
    Long story short, go to any boss of the game -- it doesn't matter if it's
    Doman during the vision you get upon talking to the old man near the park
    or Michael/Asura -- and enter the code 7E050Axx, where xx is 23 for David,
    24 for Pale Rider and 25 for Daisoujou and There you go.
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 5.2|                       Preparations                       |    (PRP)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    There's not much to be said here, I already stated that the Fiends are
    quite weak. They are still incredibly rare, of course, so you will need good
    preparation for finding them, not for the fights themselves.
    It may not make a lot of sense now, but I'll explain soon enough. The
    most important thing you need to find the Fiends is a demon who knows the spell
    Estoma/ Estma.
    Also, you will certainly want demons with decent physical power. A demon
    with Power = 80 can deal about 14 points of damage to the Pale Rider, any
    number higher than this will probably make the battles too easy, though.
    It will all depend on how late in the game you are. If you want a decent
    challenge, Fiends can put up a fight up to levels 20 or 25, but then you still
    wouldn't have access to Estoma/ Estma, since the lowest level demon who
    possesses this skill is Megami Kushinada-Hime, level 28.
    About items, they simply don't matter much if you have a healer, but if
    you are at level 20, you might want to save those Orbs the demons drop. That's
    it for preparations: a party, a demon with Estma and some orbs, for safety.
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 5.3|          Locations Where the Majin Are Found             |    (LCT)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    This is, perhaps, the most important part of this guide, If everyone
    knew this, there would be no need for a FAQ after all. First, let me erase the
    biggest misconception that stops most players from even having the slightest
    chance of finding a Fiend: Fiends are NOT found just by wandering around
    dungeons. When I say that they are found in specific spots, I mean SPECIFIC
    Do you remember those tiny one-cell rooms that simply greet you with a
    random enemy? No treasures, often just one cell and no doors other than the one
    you entered from, see? Ever noticed how, after you killed the random enemy, if
    you reenter the room, the enemy will be replaced by the message "Nobody is
    here"? Suspect, no? You certainly understand now, but to be a gentleman
    and drive the point home...
    There are four specific locations where Fiends are said to be found,
    let's analyse them.
       "Shibuya - Close to the Entrance"
    Not always in these words, but always this vague, this piece of advice
    isn't untrue, it just doesn't help very much. Actually, it talks about the
    room marked on this map:
    (I hope I've made evident enough which room I'm talking about, heh.
    And if the link is dead, tell me, check the contact section.)
    There, you will ALWAYS find either a Rusalka or an Archangel. Don't
    believe me? Yeah, this is a healthy habit. But do cast Estma and see for
    yourself, the encounter is fixed there. And I said it was healthy to don't
    trust me, because I just lied. There, you can actually find a Rusalka, an
    Archangel OR any of the three Fiends. Moving on.
       "Shinjuku Mall Basement, where the resistance is, during 199x"
    This one is very true, it talks about Shinjuku B2.
    I this room, you'll always find a Goblin, a Cyak or a Fiend.
       "Shinjuku basement, to the North of the eastern stairs"
    This one is my favorite, because it's the earliest Fiend spawn point
    that you can access in the game. This one is easy to figure out, but there
    you go:
    Here, too, you will find a Goblin, a Cyak or a Fiend, and this is the
    room where I found a Fiend for the first time.
       "Kongokai, South of the Red Phantasm room".
    This one is probably the most misleading clue that roams the Internet.
    The actual room is moderately far from the reference and I wouldn't say it's
    "to the South of the Red Phantasm room", I'd say it's in the second outer
    layer of cells, one of the rooms to the East. See if you agree with me:
    This room is populated by Tangies, Yakshinis and, eventually,
    violinists, Sokushinbutsu Monks and Horsemen of Apocalypse.
    Now that we know where to find them, let's study how to find them.
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 5.4|                  Hunting Down the Majin                  |    (HNT)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    This part is of extreme importance, if you just close this window now
    and try to find a Fiend, it'll probably take you even longer than it took me.
    I divided this section in two parts, explaining how to do things correctly in
    case you are playing on an actual SNES or using Emulators. Before I explain
    each method, however, I'll explain the mechanics. If you don't care about the
    behavior of the game's Random Number Generator, skip to (SNE) or (EMU).
    Now, SMT's Random Number Generator (or RNG) is just semi-random, so it takes
    some effort to randomize it. And, as you know, Fiend encounters work with a
    1/256 chance. Each step randomizes the RNG, but playing around with the menu,
    turning to another direction or ramming a wall doesn't. Allow me to make a
    simple example:
    Let's suppose you get to the cell right next to where a Fiend is supposed to
    appear. Your chances of finding the Fiend are already pre-determined, and for
    this example, let's say that you wouldn't find one this time. The step that
    you take when entering the Fiend's room DOESN'T randomize your chances,
    so you still wouldn't find one this time. If, instead, you turn back, walk
    one cell, then turn around again and go back to the cell right next to the
    Fiend - the cell where you were at, at the beginning of the example -
    the RNG has been randomized, and now you have a chance of finding a Majin.
    Now, each of these Fiend's rooms has two regular enemies that you can find at
    random: one of them is extremely common, the other is somewhat rare. For
    another example, let's say you are using an emulator and right now you are
    right in front of  the Fiend's room. You save state and enter the room, only to
    find the common enemy. If you just load state and enter again,
    you'll find the regular enemy infinitely. If you use that simple method to
    randomize the RNG I mentioned just now - walking back one room, then going
    back to the room you saved state in - your chances are randomized again. So
    you save state a second time, having randomized you RNG, and try to enter
    the room again. This time, though, you find the rare regular enemy, instead
    of the common one. If you load state and simply enter again, you will ALSO
    keep finding the rare enemy infinitely until you randomize the RNG again.
    That's always true, if you had found a Fiend, then you could load state and
    you'd still find the Fiend until you randomized the RNG once more.
    There is always the annoying "random battle" factor. While you walk back one
    room to randomize the RNG, there's always a chance of finding an enemy, and any
    battle outside of the Fiend's room means nothing to you and will just take
    time. That is why I advised you to bring a demon who knows Estma. The Fiend's
    room battle is fixed, so even if you use Estma, you can still find a Fiend, and
    this way you don't have to worry about annoying and useless random battles.
    This DOES NOT mean that you will instantly find a Fiend, you still have a 1/256
    chance of finding them and most of the time you will still find a regular enemy
    inside the Fiend's room, Estma will simply eliminate battles OUTSIDE of the
    Majin's room.
    As a last note, once you kill any enemy in a Fiend's room, that room will
    remain empty until you reset the game. That means that if you don't find a
    Fiend, you shouldn't kill the regular enemy, you should load state.
    Anyway, this was supposed to be just a simple mechanics explanation, not a
    guide. Here are the guides:
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    |5.4.1|             Majin Hunting on the SNES                   |    (SNS)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    Simply skip this part if you are using an emulator, finding them on the actual
    SNES is infinitely more difficult and this method is just being included here
    because I didn't want all that work of mine to go unmentioned.
    Now, one can't save states on the SNES, so there is absolutely no way to know
    if one would find a Fiend now, or if further randomization would be required.
    That just makes the process excruciatingly slower. You'd also need more
    Two important things if you want to find Fiends without the blessing of Save
    States: go make a huge jar of coffee and get your favorite 500 musics playing.
    Try to have at least 400 musics as long as Freebird, Rhyme of the Ancient
    Mariner or Stairway to Heaven. This will, most likely, take a few days.
    As you might have guessed, walking back and forth between rooms doesn't help
    now, since you can't enter the Fiend's room to actually see if there's a Fiend
    there or not, and if you kill a regular enemy, the room will remain empty until
    you reset the game and load your save file. It definitely doesn't help that
    all the Fiend's rooms are so far away from Terminals, but I HIGHLY recommend
    Shinjuku's First Basement for this. It's the closest to a terminal and the
    way to the Fiend's room is pretty much just a straight line.
    Here's the plan: Save in Shinjuku B1 Terminal. It's right to the North of the
    western stairs. You must get here:
    The first thing to be done is to cast Estma as soon as you leave the Terminal.
    Now head towards that Fiend's room and, as you approach it, pray. Or just hope
    hard, if you think you are Chaos aligned as a person.
    Enter the room and see what is inside. If it's a Goblin... reset the console
    and restart the process. If it's a Cyak... reset the console and restart the
    process. If it's a Fiend... reset thNO, I mean, dance the safety dance!
    Now seriously, you will reset the game so many times that it's actually very
    likely that your natural reflex will be "reset the console", even if you find
    a Fiend. It is, after all, extremely difficult to remain entirely focused on a
    boring, simple and repetitive task, but do pay attention. If you did beat a
    Fiend on an actual SNES, congratulations! We are part a an EXTREMELY select
    group. That doesn't mean much... it means nothing, actually, but at least
    tap yourself on the back. All those hours along all those days finally paid
    off... kind of. All your friends probably think you are dead and you'll REALLY
    have to make up for it with your girlfriend, but you did find an exceptionally
    weak and even more exceptionally rare enemy in an exceptionally unknown game.
    So, it's basically:
    1. Save in Shinjuku B1 Terminal.
    2. Cast Estma.
    3. Walk into the Fiend's room.
    4. See what enemy is in there...
       4.1. If it's a Goblin, reset the game and repeat steps 2-4.
       4.2. If it's a Cyak, reset the game and repeat steps 2-4.
       4.3. If it's a Fiend, you've made it.
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    |5.4.2|              Majin Hunting on Emulator                  |    (EML)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    First, since you are using emulators and the distance between the Fiend's room
    and the Terminal doesn't matter, you may choose whichever location you want
    among those I presented earlier in (LOC). I just personally dislike Shinjuku
    B2, because you have to move sideways instead of back and forth, so try to
    avoid that one. Here we go:
    First, go to the room right next to the Fiend's room you chose, but don't
    enter the Fiend's room yet. Summon your demon who knows Estma and cast it,
    then Return all your demons to the COMP, you don't want to run out of Magnetite
    (don't worry, you won't fight the Fiends without them).
    After casting Estma and returning all you demons to the COMP, save state in
    this room adjacent to the Fiend's room. Now enter the room and you'll be forced 
    into a battle. If it's not a Fiend, load state. This time, instead of entering, 
    turn your back to the Fiend's room entrance, step ahead once, then
    go back to the room you had save stated just now. Save state again and enter
    once more. If it's still not a Fiend, load state and do the same: walk back one
    cell, then back to the room right next to the Fiend's room, save state and
    enter. Once you finally find a Fiend, load state, summon your demons, DO NOT
    step out of the room you are in. After making all necessary preparations, and I
    enphasize: NOT walking out of the room you had save stated in, finally do enter
    the Fiend's room and, if you did not walk out before you were told to, he'll
    still be waiting.
    So, basically:
    1. Choose your favorite location from the ones listed in (LOC)
    2. Go to the room right beside the chosen Fiend's room, but don't enter.
    2. Cast Estma.
    3. Return all demons to the COMP.
    4. Save state.
    5. Walk into the Fiend's room.
    6. See what enemy is in there...
       6.1. If it's a regular (common or rare) enemy...
            6.1.1. Load state.
            6.1.2. Walk one cell away from the Fiend's room (so that there's an
                   empty cell between your current location and the Fiend's room).
            6.1.3. Go back to the room adjacent to the Fiend's room (where you had
                   save stated).
            6.1.4. Repeat steps 4-6.
       6.2. If it's a Fiend...
            6.2.1. Load state.
            6.2.2. Summon all your demons and heal your party.
            6.2.3. Enter the room, and the Fiend wil still be there. You've made
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 6. |                        The Majin                         |    (MJN)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    The Majin, or The Fiends, for the Occidental audience, are recurring demons in
    the Shin Megami Tensei series. They are said to be incarnations of death
    itself (as a concept, not as the reaper), and very often have skeletal faces.
    They are commonly Neutral-Evil aligned and serve as mostly optional bosses who
    usually provide a better challenge than Story-Line bosses. Fiends, however, are
    not "Ultimate Bosses" and thus aren't meant to be fought by an overpowered
    party, but a simple, often "mid-levels" one.
    "Fiends" is actually the name of their clan, much like there are "Megamis",
    "Tenshis", "Yamas" and so many others, but it eventually became their "Title",
    and in recent SMT games, they call themselves "Fiends" as a sign of status and
    power. Needless to say, they are vastly loved by the audience and the producers
    Let's analyse the Fiends found in the original SMT.
     .... .......................................................... .............
    | 6.1|                      The High Priest                     |    (HGH)    |
     '''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    Despite his name, "The High Priest" represents the Chaos alignment
    among the Fiends. He drops the "Reaper's Bell", but more on that later.
    He is heavily magic oriented... he just doesn't know any magics at all.
                                Name: High Priest
                                  Clan: Majin
                                   Level: 99
                           Dropped item: Reaper's Bell
                                   HP: 999
                                   MP: 999
                             Base Experience: 2772
                                  Money: 4752
                                Magnetite: 1980
                                 Strength: 15
                               Intelligence: 40
                                  Magic: 40
                                 Stamina: 10
                                  Speed: 10
                                  Luck: 20
                                 Power: 128
                                Accuracy: 14
                                Defense: 64
                                Evasion: 15
                               Magic Power: 45
                               Magic Effect: 45
                          Physical Attack (One target)
                     Blood Steal (One target Paralysis)
                          Petora (One target, Petrify)
                        Devil Smile (One target, Curse)
    Better known as "Daisoujou", this Fiend is based on the Buddhist Sokushinbutsu.
    Sokushinbutsu were Monks who performed a ritual of "Self Mummification".
    For one thousand days, these Monks would only eat nuts and seeds and practice
    intense physical activities, to get rid of any body fat. After this, they would
    go into yet another diet, for yet other thousand days, this time eating only
    bark and roots and drinking Urushi tea, a lightly poisonous tea made from the
    sap of Urushi tree. This poison caused constant vomit, which caused quick loss
    of bodily fluids, but also made the Monks' body too poisonous to be eaten by
    maggots. After all of this, they would be locked in a small box only large
    enough for them fo fit in while sitting in the Lotus position. The box only
    had a small fissure linked to a tube to ensure the passage of air, and the
    Monks were given a bell. Every day, the Monk would ring the bell to let the
    people outside know that he was alive. Eventually, the bell would stop
    ringing - so the people would understand that the Monk had died. The tube that
    granted air to the box was removed and the box was entirely sealed for one
    thousand days. After this period, the box was unsealed. If the Monk's body did
    not decompose, he was considered a Buddha. If it did, he was regarded as
    valorous for trying, but his soul would return to Samsara, like anything that
    Despite this ritual not being practiced any longer, this is not a mere legend
    and this feat is quite possible, thanks to the absence of bodily fluids and
    fat and the poison of Urushi tea, factors that severely slowed down the process
    of decomposition. About twenty Sokushinbutsus have been successful, other
    millions have failed. Including Daisoujou.
    Anyway, High Priest Daisoujou here drops the Reaper's Bell...
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    |6.1.1|                   The Reaper's Bell                     |    (WP1)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    The Reaper's Bell is arguably the strongest Chaos Alignment weapon in the game.
                                Reaper's Bell
                                  Power: 223
                                 Accuracy: 23
                                 Strength + 3
    Note that those Power and Accuracy values suppose that the character is level 1
    and fully unequipped, if you add them up to your parameters, both Power and
    Accuracy should go be at the very least 40 points higher.
    The Reaper's Bell, another reference to the Sokushinbutsu, and to Daisoujou
    himself. The High Priest is a reaper who once held this bell, when he tried
    to become one with the Great Buddha. Having failed, not only he, but the very
    bell he held were tainted.
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    | 6.2 |                         David                           |    (DVD)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    David represents the Neutral Alignment among the Fiends, he is a minstrel who
    never ceases to play his violin. He doesn't seem to have been inspired in any
    mythology or religion. David fights by attempting (and failing horribly) to
    status lock the party.
                                 Name: David
                                 Clan: Majin
                                  Level: 99
                          Dropped Item: Stradivari
                                  HP: 999
                                  MP: 999
                            Base Experience: 2772
                                 Money: 4752
                               Magnetite: 1980
                                Strength: 25
                              Intelligence: 35
                                 Magic: 25
                                Stamina: 20
                                 Speed: 40
                                 Luck: 40
                                 Power: 160
                                Accuracy: 46
                                Defense: 86
                                Evasion: 53
                              Magic Power: 29
                              Magic Effect: 38
                         Physical Attack (One target)
                       Hapilma (Full party, Happiness)
                         Pulinpa (Full party, Panic)
                      Marin Karin (One character, Charm)
    As previously noted, David doesn't seem to have been inspired on any religion
    or mythology. He drops the Stradivari...
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    |6.2.1|                      The Stradivari                     |    (WP2)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    The Stradivari, or Stradivarius, is arguably the best Neutral Alignment weapon
    in the game.
                                   Power: 260
                                  Accuracy: 12
                                   Magic + 3
    "Stradivari" is a reference to Antonio Stradivari, a famous Italian string
    instrument crafter. Due to his fame and exceptional skills unmatched by any
    other luthier, his surname - and its latinized form, "Stradivarius" - are often
    associated with excellence and majesty in any field. "The Stradivari", then,
    would mean "the best", as in best weapon in the game. That, however, is hardly
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    | 6.3 |                      Pale Rider                         |    (PLR)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    Pale Rider, being one of the Horsemen God Himself sends upon the Earth on the
    day of Judgement, represents the Law Alignment among the Fiends. Does anyone 
    else think that High Priest and Pale Rider should swap Alignments?
    Anyway, this Fiend fights by using instant death, status ailments and strong
    physical attacks.
                                Name: Pale Rider
                                  Clan: Majin
                                   Level: 99
                          Dropped Item: Angel's Trumpet
                                   HP: 999
                                   MP: 999
                             Base Experience: 2772
                                  Money: 4752
                               Magnetite: 1980
                                 Strength: 40
                              Intelligence: 10
                                 Magic: 25
                                Stamina: 30
                                 Speed: 35
                                 Luck 20
                                 Power: 208
                                Accuracy: 45
                                Defense: 110
                                Evasion: 38
                               Magic Power: 26
                               Magic Effect: 13
                          Physical Attack (One target)
                        Tentarafoo (Full party, Panic)
                  Mudo (One or two characters, Instant Death)
              Mudoon (Three or four characters, Instant Death)
    The final Horseman of Apocalypse, who, according to the Book of Revelations, of
    the Christianity, descends to Earth after Conquest, War and Famine. He is often
    associated with a scythe, but actually he's the only horseman who isn't said to
    carry any weapons or objects. He rides a horse pale as a corpse and wherever he
    walks he leaves the trail of Hell. To him is given the power over one fourth
    of the humanity left on Earth, for him to kill "with sword, and with hunger,
    and with death, and with the beasts of the earth". (Extracted from the end of
    Revelations, 6:8). By the way, there is no such thing as a "Pestilence"
    Horseman of Apocalypse. I'm agnostic and even I know, read the Bible.
    Pale Rider drops the Angel's Trumpet...
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    |6.3.1|                      The Angel's Trumpet                |    (WP3)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    The Angel's Trumpet is arguably the most powerful Law Alignment weapon in the
                                  Angel's Trumpet
                                    Power: 208
                                   Accuracy: 23
                                   Strength + 3
    The Angel's Trumpet is a reference to the Trumpeters of Apocalypse (on whom,
    by the way, a Fiend was later inspired), the angels who sounded the trumpets at
    the day of Apocalypse, each Trumpet bringing about different catastrophes upon
    the land. Just like the Horsemen themselves, these Trumpeters appear in the
    Christian Book of Revelations.
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    |  7. |                     Thanks and Credits                  |    (CRD)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    This was my first FAQ, and while I'm not entirely satisfied with it, it'll do
    the trick. I did seek some guidance, though, otherwise I couldn't have even
    started. So I'd like to thank:
    - Gamefaqs, for hosting it and having such an organized "Help Section".
    - Atlus, for making such a great game.
    - Infinity Dragon and Re-Miel, who wrote very good Guides that helped me when
      my game decided to glitch up.
    - Dragon Wizard, for his "Iten PAR Codes" that helped me research on the
      attributes of the weapons dropped by the Fiends.
    - Snake, of Illusion City, for posting some of the info that made me start all
      this quest.
    - Gamefaqs user Senshi_Baldios, for insisting that I share all this
      information, which led to me writing this guide.
    - Gamefaqs user mcabel for resparking the discussion, which ultimately led to
    the recent findings of version 1.1.
    - Claudia, who taught me English. I definitely wouldn't be able to write any of
      this if not for her.
    Now, none of this could have happened if I didn't have the informatiom that
    helped me get here. So, of course, I must give credit where credit is due.
    - hkaityo.hp.infoseek.sk/wiz/. This Japanese site gave me a lot of useful
      information, including the Fiends' stats.
    - AgoraJournal published the interesting article about the Sokushinbutsu, from
      where I took many pieces of information.
    - Gamefaqs user A l e x, because I used his FAQ format as a guideline.
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    |  8. |                         Legalities                      |    (LAW)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    I'm well aware of my rights and will easily be able to recognize an infraction.
    Don't bother trying. If you do... I know where you live. And if any of these
    days you wake up with your house set ablaze and with a Tarantula inside your
    mouth... tough luck.
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    | 8.1 |                      Terms of Distribution              |    (TOD)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    As of January, 5th, 2015, any site that so desires may host this FAQ as long
    as proper credit is given.
     ..... ......................................................... .............
    | 8.2 |                           Disclaimer                    |    (DSC)    |
     ''''' ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use.
    Thanks again, Gamefaqs.

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