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    FAQ/Walkthrough by necropenguin

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                 _  _  __  ___  _       ___     ___ _  _ _ ___
                 |\/| |  | |__] | |    |___    [__  |  | |  |  
                 |  | |__| |__] | |___ |___    ___] |__| |  |
    VVVVVVVVVVV               VVVVVVVV
      V::::::V                 V:::V
       V::::::V               V:::V
        V::::::V             V:::V _____                 _
         V::::::V           V:::V / ____|               | |
          V::::::V         V:::V | |  __ _   _ _ __   __| | __ _ _ __ ___
           V::::::V       V:::V  | | |_ | | | | '_ \ / _` |/ _` | '_ ` _ \
            V::::::V     V:::V   | |__| | |_| | | | | (_| | (_| | | | | | |
             V::::::V   V:::V     \_____|\__,_|_| |_|\__,_|\__,_|_| |_| |_|
              V::::::V V:::V      
    Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
    Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    Genre: Side-Scrolling Shooter
    Version 1.1
    Written by Necropenguin
    Started: April 23rd, 2004
    Completed: May 17th, 2004
    Versions History:
    Version 1.0:
    --Another guide done... V! V! V! Victory!
    Version 1.1:
    --Went through and corrected a few things.
    This document is copyrighted to Necropenguin@yahoo.com, that's me, and 
    this document may NOT be altered, reproduced, sold for profit, or 
    especially plagiarized in any way shape or form without my permission, 
    which you won't get so don't ask. As of tonight April 2004, GameFAQs is 
    authorized by my decree to display this document for public use. If I 
    find out that my hard work (well not really hard, but you sit here and 
    try doing this) is being ripped off I will be forced to take a rather 
    unhappy legal action, plus Ill just plain find you and hurt you.
    1)   Introduction
    2)   Game Controls
    3)   Game Basics
            --The Game Screen
            --Weapons and Tactics
    4)   Walkthrough
            --Rave River
            --Space Dust
            --Hiland Area
            --Zanscare Area
            --Zanscare Colony
            --Big Cannon
            --Macedania Colony
            --Neo Cartegena
            --Death Valley
            --Angel Halo
    5)   Thanks
    \                           /------------\                            /
    /                           \------------/                            \
       Mobile Suit Victory Gundam is a fun little game that follows the 
    story of the popular Japanese animated series of the same name. The 
    game is kind of fun and sometimes challenging, but incredibly short, 
    with only twelve combat missions in the entire game. It can easily be 
    beaten in an hour or two, even on the hardest difficulty. It adheres 
    close enough to the story of the television series, but due to crushing 
    a fifty-one episode series into such a short game, everything is not 
    explained in full, and characters tend to appear and die off without 
    even getting a chance to develop fully. But either way, it's fun for a 
    little while, but don't expect a life-changing gaming experience.
    \                           /-------------\                           /
    [===========================|Game Controls|===========================]
    /                           \-------------/                           \
    D-Pad Up: Move mobile suit up
    D-Pad Right: Move mobile suit to the right
    D-Pad Down: Crouch/Move mobile suit down
    D-Pad Left: Move mobile suit to the left
    Start Button: Pause the game
    Left Shoulder Button: Activate Beam Shield
    Right Shoulder Button: Switch between hand held weapons
    A Button: Activate thrusters
    B Button: Fire head vulcans/Overhang Cannons
    X Button: Change angle of hand held weapons fire
    Y Button: Attack with current hand held weapon
    \                           /-----------\                             /
    [===========================|Game Basics|=============================]
    /                           \-----------/                             \
       In Victory Gundam the point is to destroy the evil Zanscare pansies 
    trying to take over our Earth! You will be thrown into a side-scrolling 
    combat area, which will be filled with a few of Zanscare's mobile 
    suits. If you destroy all of the mobile suits in the mission, the 
    mission will end, and you will go on to the next one. Well doesn't that 
    sound easy enough?
                               The Game Screen
       On the bottom of the game screen are a few gauges and numbers and 
    other random junk that you should know about.
                      |ZOLOAT                           |
                      |O========O                       |
                      |                                 |
                      |                                 |
                      |                                 |
                      |                                 |
                      |                                 |
                      | __                              |
                      ||  | O=============O ORIFLEO35OM |
                      ||__|x04 SCORE0001900   O======O  |
    --On the bottom, in the left corner is a bust of the Victory Gundams 
    head. The numbers to the right of the picture indicate how many lives 
    the Victory Gundam has left. If you loose all of your health, you will 
    loose one life and regain full health. If you loose all of your lives, 
    it is Game Over. You do have the option to continue from the start of 
    the mission you lost on, however.
    --Next on the right is the SCORE display. Every time you defeat an 
    enemy mobile suit, you will get points added to your SCORE. If you get 
    a high enough score, you may be given an extra life.
    --Above the SCORE is your Gundam's health bar. It starts out fully 
    yellow, but as the Victory Gundam is damaged by enemy attacks, it will 
    deplete to the left and turn red. If the bar is completely red, your 
    Gundam will fall down and start to explode, and you will loose a life 
    before being returned to a standing position with full health.
    --In the bottom right corner is the Gundam's thrust gauge, when you 
    activate you boost thrusters the normally blue bar will begin to 
    deplete to the right and turn red. If the bar turns fully red, your 
    thrusters will overheat and shut off. The bar will refill rather 
    quickly when the thrusters are not in use.
    --Above the boost gauge is the weapons bar. This will display what 
    weapon you currently have equipped, and how many uses it has remaining. 
    The beam rifles have 35 ammo, and the mega beam cannon only has 5 ammo. 
    And yes, the beams saber does have infinite uses, even though it only 
    says 1.
    --And finally, up in the top-left corner of the screen is the health 
    gauge of the last enemy mobile suit you attacked. Much like your own 
    life gauge, it will start off yellow and, as it depletes to the left, 
    turn red. When it is empty, the enemy mobile suit will be destroyed.
                             Weapons and Tactics
       Okay, so you've got the basics of the game done. You have to kill 
    stuff. But how? Well, this section will detail the various weapons in 
    the game, and give you a few hints on how to use them, and on how to 
    keep yourself alive as well.
       First of all, let's talk about the most useful piece of tech that 
    your Gundam is equipped with, your beam shield. By holding down the 
    Left Shoulder Button you will activate your Gundam's beam shield. This 
    shield of pure plasma goodness will nullify any enemy attack that hits 
    it, be it ranged or close! But the beam shield is not flawless. Any 
    attack that goes over or under the beam shield and hits you in the head 
    or foot, will do damage as usual. The beam shield will usually catch 
    95% of the crap that enemies throw at you, but you can crouch while 
    using the beam shield to try and lessen the risk of being shot in the 
    foot. However, besides being able to crouch and stand back up, you will 
    not be able to move the Victory Gundam while its beam shield is 
    activated. You will also not be able to use any of your handheld 
    weapons, such as your beam rifle or beam saber, when the beam shield is 
    active. However, your head vulcans are fully usable! Which leads us 
    into the next paragraph.
       Your head vulcans, the most pathetic and most useful weapon in the 
    game all in one neat little head-contained package. The head vulcans do 
    very little damage, and have a very limited range (only about three 
    paces in front of your Gundam). But when combined with the fact that 
    you can sit behind the relative safety of your beam shield and spam 
    your head vulcans into anything stupid enough to walk into them by 
    pressing the B Button, you have it made in the shade. The vulcans have 
    infinite ammunition, however it cannot fire continuously. After a few 
    seconds of constant firing, the vulcans will stop for a second or two 
    before starting to fire again. So infinite ammunition, and you can use 
    them while you are almost invulnerable, but very short range and crappy 
    damage. I'd strengths more than make up for its weaknesses, which is 
    why the head vulcans are the best weapons in the game.
       Up next on our parade of firearms, the trusty beam rifle. The beam 
    rifle is a sturdy side arm. It can fire all the way across the stage, 
    so it definitely has the range, and it has pretty good power, doing as 
    much damage as several vulcan bullets in only one shot. The beam rifle, 
    unlike the vulcans, can also be angled to fire diagonally up or down 
    instead of just forward. It can be rapid fired by quickly mashing the Y 
    Button, which will often stun your opponent in the whithering hail of 
    shots. These reasons all make it a good weapon, however it has only 
    thrity-five shots before the beam rifle is out of ammo, and is thrown 
    away. It can also be knocked out of your hands if an enemy knocks you 
    down, which potentially could waste a lot of your ammo. You also can 
    not use it while you are using your beam shield, and if you are 
    crouched while in water, your beam rifle is useless and any shots you 
    fire will be waste. So don't use it while you are crouched in water, 
    damn it! Depending on which difficulty you are playing on, you will 
    have an alternating number of beam rifles to make the game more 
    challenging or easier. On easy difficulty you have three beam rifles, 
    on normal difficulty you have two, and on hard mode you have only one 
    beam rifle.
       Now, we talk about the overhang pack. This gizmo, when attached to 
    the back of the Victory Gundam, gives it a boost in speed and 
    firepower, and even a name change. When equipped with the overhang pack 
    the V-Dash Gundam, CAN NOT use its beam shield, head vulcans, or beam 
    saber, which is really a pain in the ass. But to make up for the loss 
    of the use of your head vulcans, the overhang pack is equipped with 
    what are called overhang cannons. These cannons are very powerful. Upon 
    pressing the B Button, they will fire a slow moving ball of pink 
    energy. This blast is VERY powerful, and can travel across the screen, 
    however the lag on the cannons is horrible, and you can only fire the 
    shot straight forward. You can only fire one shot every three seconds 
    or so, but the damage more than makes up for this.
       Also, when you are using the overhang pack, the V-Dash will have a 
    weapon called the mega beam rifle. This is the most powerful weapon in 
    the game, but it has some downsides too. The mega beam rifle must be 
    charged before it can be fired. Hold down the Y Button to begin to 
    charge the rifle. It will begin to hum and sparks of pink energy will 
    jump between the two rails on the rifle. As the rifle charges, the hum 
    will increase in pitch and frequency and the amount of pink sparks will 
    increase. When the pitch of the humming stops increasing and the entire 
    length of the rails are full of pink energy you know the mega beam 
    rifle is done charging. Releasing the Y Button will fire the mega beam 
    rifle. It will fire a long line across the screen, and any enemy caught 
    up in the blast will be pushed along the length of the line taking more 
    damage the longer it is in contact with the shot. The best way to use 
    this weapon is to hold a charge, and fly right in front of an enemy and 
    blast right into the center of your enemy. This gun can easily take off 
    a quarter to half of the enemies' health and can be angled to fire up 
    or down, but the charge time is disgustingly long and it only has a 
    total of five uses! It's good while it lasts though.
       Last but not least is the beam saber. This is indeed a trusty 
    weapon, and can be used a variety of ways. The basic saber slash is an 
    overhead swing, which will hit anything slightly above and in front of 
    you. While crouching, you can swing your beam saber low across the 
    ground, but the range is reduced. By holding left or right and the A 
    Button to boost forward, you can hold the Y Button to do a two-hit 
    saber slash combo. Later in the game, this attack will turn into a beam 
    saber thrust attack, which will push the enemy along in front of your 
    beam saber for a multi-hit attack. You can also use your beam saber to 
    block other enemies beam saber attacks, and the two sabers will clash 
    and spark for awhile before both you and your opponent are pushed back. 
    If you double tap the boost button and hold the direction button 
    towards your opponent, you will boost along the ground and do a 
    shoulder ram into the opponent, which will knock them down onto the 
    ground, setting them up to be attacked with your beam saber. The lag 
    can be kind of slow at times but overall the beam saber is a very nifty 
    tool, especially when used in conjunction with boosting and dashing.
    \                           /-----------\                             /
    /                           \-----------/                             \
       It is the year 0153 of the Universal Century. As the Earth 
    Federation continues to weaken, a radical space-dwelling group known as 
    the Zanscare Empire has arisen in the cluster of space colonies known 
    as Frontier 2. With their extreme religious fanaticism, they declare 
    war on the Earth Federation in an attempt to take over the planet, 
    which they feel that only they are worthy to dwell on. The Earth 
    Federation in its weakened state is incapable and even unwilling to 
    stop the attacks of the invading Zanscare. But, a group of Earth-
    dwellers band together to try and stop the Zanscare invasion, and 
    together form the League Militaire. A young boy, by the name of Usso 
    Evin has a fateful encounter with the League Militaire, as he saves 
    pilot Marbet Fingerhut's Core Fighter from a Zolo mobile suit and then 
    manages to steal the Shokew unit of Zanscare Empire ace pilot Chronicle 
    Asher. Embarrassed, Chronicle returns in his personal red Zolo to 
    recapture his mobile suit, and succeeds in recapturing the stolen 
    Shokew. Thinking that Usso is dead, Chronicle leaves with his Shokew. 
    The League Militaire sets about its business of locating its hidden 
    mobile suit development factory.
       After finding the secret mobile suit development factory, and the 
    mass-produced Victory Gundams hidden inside of it, the League Militaire 
    now has the ability to put forth more noticeable resistance. Back at 
    the League Militaire base, Usso's young friend Warren Trace notices a 
    Zanscare mobile suit is approaching. Launching the top and bottom 
    fighters of their new secret weapon, the components combine with the 
    core fighter to form the new Victory Gundam.
       As the mission begins, Chronicle's red Zolo will fly out of the 
    trees in the background. Usso will challenge him, and Chronicle will 
    fly on over. This is a pretty easy fight. The Zolo has the ability to 
    fly using the beam rotors on it arm, so it will spend most of its time 
    airborne unless you can knock it out of the sky. Its primary method of 
    attack is its beam rifle, with which it will fire at a downward angle 
    one single shot on occasion. If you get close to the Zolo, it will 
    attack with its beam saber. Press the R Shoulder Button to switch to 
    your beam rifle and hold the L Shoulder Button down to activate your 
    beam shield to avoid taking damage. When the Zolo lands in front of you 
    drop your shield and blast the Zolo with your beam rifle nonstop. Is 
    your run out of ammo, switch to your second beam rifle and continue to 
    blast it. Once the Zolo goes down, the mission will end.
       Chronicle will report back to his superior, Katejina. She will scold 
    him for getting beaten, and again for losing the Shokew in the first 
    place. She will report she is headed to Arti Gibralter and that they 
    should return back into space.
                                 Rave River
       This mission is noticeably much more difficult than the last. You 
    will arrive in a flooded out city, and will be attacked by Albeo 
    Pippiniden's Yellowjacket squad. You start off fighting two Tomliats. 
    They can be pretty mean, since they have a habit of double teaming you. 
    If you can get the both of them on one side of you, you will have a 
    much easier time, but if they surround you they will tear you apart. 
    They primarily attack with their beam bazookas, which they will fire in 
    quick succession. They can also fire semi-homing missiles from their 
    legs, and in close range they can attack with their beam tomahawks. 
    They have the ability to transform into a helicopter-like mobile armor, 
    but they tend to spend the majority of their time on the ground. The 
    easiest way to victory in this mission (No pun intended.) is to get 
    down off the submerged ruined building and into the river. Head over to 
    the lower-left corner of the screen, and facing to the right, crouch 
    and hold down the L Shoulder Button to keep your beam shield activated. 
    Spam the B Button to fire your head vulcans, which will pass through 
    your beam shield and hit anything close to you. While you are crouched, 
    the Tomliats will often fire over you head, and any shots that they do 
    angle down or any close range attacks they make will be nullified by 
    your beam shield. The goofy Tomliats will attempt to jump over you and 
    attack, but they won't be able to get past your beam shield, and the 
    withering hail of vulcan fire you should be letting loose will slowly 
    chip away at their health. It will take awhile, but they will 
    eventually go down. After one Tomliat is destroyed, another Tomliat 
    will fly in to replace it. Destroy another Tomliat and a fourth Tomliat 
    will arrive. Just stay ducked with your beam shield up while firing 
    your head vulcans and after a while, they will go down. After all four 
    of the Tomliats are destroyed, the mission will end.
       This really isn't a mission, but just serves to progress the story. 
    After the battle at Rave River, the League Militaire meets up with 
    Oliver Inoue. They are given order to rendezvous with the leader of the 
    League Militaire, Djinn Gehennam at a point code-named D.D. Usso hears 
    that Oliver formed an elite unit of pilots known as the Shrike Team. 
    They meet up with the Shrike Team at D.D., and find out that the team 
    is composed of nothing but beautiful women. Marbet accuses Oliver of 
    being a pimp, and the combined forces leave point D.D. and head out 
    towards Arti Gibralter. But as the teams leave, they come under attack 
    from the Zanscare Forces, and one of the Shrike Team members, Helen 
    Jackson, is killed as the League Militaire escapes.
       At Arti Gibralter, the League Militaire is instructed to board a 
    shuttle and launch their forces into space. But the Zanscare attempt to 
    stop them. As the mission begins you will be immediately swarmed by two 
    Tomliats in helicopter mode. They will bombard you with missiles, so 
    put up your beam shield the second the mission starts to nullify all of 
    the damage. In the background, one of the Shrike Team members will 
    battle the Memedorza. The Memedorza will take out the shuttles launch 
    ramp, but using her Gun EZ, Kate will prop up the ramp to prevent it 
    from collapsing so the shuttle can launch, but the Memedorza will stab 
    through the Gun EZ's cockpit with its beam saber, killing her. Keep up 
    your beam shield, and fire your head vulcans at the two Tomliats while 
    staying crouched. Head over to the bottom-right corner and crouch, 
    while firing your beam rifle at the Tomliats. When one Tomliat is 
    destroyed a third Tomliat will arrive. Destroy another Tomliat and the 
    Memedorza will arrive on the scene. The Memedorza can fly with the 
    beams rotors on its shoulders, and can even launch off the beams as 
    flying discs to attack you. It can also charge up the rotors, and 
    release a single powerful shot straight forward. But, the Memedorza 
    seems to favor close combat, and it can be a cruel melee opponent. It 
    will continually stab at you with a beam spike, easily stacking up 
    major damage. But just keep your beam shield up and stay ducked while 
    firing your vulcans to make short work of the Memedorza. As it 
    continuously walks forward attempting to stab you, it will walk into 
    your vulcan fire. It will take awhile but eventually the Memedorza will 
    go down easily. Now just finish off that final Tomliat. A Zanscare 
    shuttle will launch in the background, and Chronicle's Tomliat will 
    grab onto it to be carried into space along with them. With the 
    Zanscare forces in the area defeated, the League Militaire can safely 
    launch into space. As the shuttle leaves Earth, Usso blames himself for 
    the deaths of Shrike Team members Kate and Helen.
                                  Space Dust
       As the shuttle heads through a cluster of debris in the Earth's 
    atmosphere on its way to the Hiland satellite, it is attacked by a 
    single Zoloat. This is your first battle in space, and as expected zero 
    gravity is a hoot. Force the Zoloat against the right side of the 
    screen, and stay just underneath it. The Zoloat will fire its beam 
    rifle, but also has an attack where it will fire two electrical spears 
    from its shoulders, which will stay out for awhile forcing the Zoloat 
    to remain stationary. Hover under the Zoloat to trick it to fire its 
    spears, and while it is stationary slash at its feat with your beam 
    saber. After the Zoloat is destroyed, the mission will end.
                                 Hiland Area
    As the shuttle arrives at the Hiland Satellite, the League Militaire 
    watches a speech by the spiritual leader of the Zanscare Empire, Queen 
    Maria Pia Armonia. She asks all of Zanscare to trust their lives in her 
    and to spread her ideals. Usso wonders if Queen Maria is the true face 
    of his enemy. The Victory Gundam and a stolen and repainted Zoloat head 
    towards the Hiland Satellite to help the main League Militaire fleet.
       This battle is a little more difficult than the last. This time you 
    start off fighting two Zoloats. Switch over to your beam rifle, and fly 
    to the left as fast as possible by using your thrusters. Turn around 
    and blast the hell out of the pursuing Zoloats. Stay low so the 
    Zoloat's beam rifle shots pass over your head, but your shots hit their 
    feet. After one Zoloat is destroyed, another Zoloat will arrive. When 
    you run out of ammo in both beam rifles charge the Zoloats and position 
    your Gundams head so that it is against the Zoloats feet and pump your 
    vulcans into their feet. They will have a hell of a time trying to hit 
    you while you are blow them, and you can chip away their life slowly. 
    Just destroy those last two Zoloats and the mission will be complete.
       The League Militaire main fleet decides to use the Hiland Satellite 
    to attempt a microwave attack on Keilas-Guile, which is being converted 
    by the Zanscare into a giant mega particle cannon. The Victory Gundam 
    is equipped with an overhang backpack to give it extra speed and 
    firepower for the attack, transforming it into the V-Dash Gundam. The 
    V-Dash can not use its beam shield (DAMN...), or its beam saber (DOUBLE 
    DAMN!!) and its vulcans have been replaced by the powerful but slow as 
    hell overhang cannons. You also have access to the super powerful mega 
    beam rifle, but as powerful as it is, it takes awhile to charge and 
       The second the fight begins, a Zoloat will attack you. Hang out near 
    the middle of the right side of the screen, and when the Zoloat shoots 
    at you, move up to dodge the blasts and fire your overhang cannons and 
    beam rifle into the Zoloat. Once the Zoloat is destroyed, another 
    Zoloat will come along. You have to destroy a total of twelve Zoloats 
    and this first part of the mission will end.
       As the second part of the mission begins, the V-Dash will jettison 
    the overhang pack and move in closer to the Zanscare fleet where Usso 
    will be confronted by Chronicle in his brand new Contio. The Contio can 
    be a tough fight if you don't play defensive. It is quite fast, and can 
    fire off its beam rifle very quickly. It also has a chargeable attack, 
    in which it will charge up the three cannons in its chest and fire 
    forward. It also will attack with its beam saber in close combat. It 
    can also transform into a mobile armor mode, which increases its speed. 
    Stay in a corner and keep your beam shield raised, and fire your head 
    vulcans. When the Contio is in front of you and begins to charge its 
    chest beam cannons lower your beam shield and blast the Contio with 
    your beam rifle, and raise your shield again when the Contio fires the 
    blast from its chest. Other than that, just keep your beam shield 
    raised and chip away at the Contio's health. Once the Contio is 
    defeated the mission will end.
                                Zanscare Area
       A part of the League Militaire heads for the Zanscare Empire's 
    capital colony of Amelia. You once again start off with the V-Dash, so 
    no beam shield for this mission again. You have to destroy ten Zoloats 
    again, one at a time. Slowly chip away at the first few Zoloats with 
    your overhang cannons, while dodging their fire. The last three Zoloats 
    are much more ferocious than the first half dozen. They will repeatedly 
    fire their beam rifles at you, so to destroy them as quickly as 
    possible repeatedly blast them head on with your beam rifle and 
    overhang cannons until they are destroyed. The stun by being hit by so 
    many beam rifle shots in a row will prevent them from firing off any 
    shots at all.
       After all ten of the Zoloats are destroyed, you will arrive near the 
    colony and the screen will stop scrolling. Here you will have to fight 
    a Shy-Tarn. Quickly switch to your mega beam rifle and charge it fully 
    and fire straight forward down the middle of the screen. The blast 
    should take out at least a quarter of the Shy-Tarns health before it 
    even arrives on the screen. The Shy-Tarn is an excellent ranged 
    opponent. Try to stay underneath it, and to the left, because it can 
    fire shots out of the cannons on its back at three angles. It also has 
    a beam rifle, which it is pretty handy with, and it will attack with a 
    beam saber if you get close, but you should try to stay away from the 
    Shy-Tarn. Angle your beam rifle up, and try to blast the Shy-Tarn from 
    below. After the first Shy-Tarn is destroyed, a second Shy-Tarn will 
    come in from the right again. Switch to your mega beam rifle again, and 
    charge it up, and the second the second Shy-Tarn appears on screen, 
    line up with it and blast the hell out of it. After the second Shy-Tarn 
    is destroyed, this mission will end.
                               Zanscare Colony
       Usso meets up with his friend Shakti inside Amelia. He finds out 
    that Shakti has discovered that her mother is Maria, the Queen of the 
    Zanscare Empire. She asks Usso if he thinks her mother is a bad person, 
    because she thinks she is truly good. She tells Usso she doesn't want 
    to be his enemy. As the Zanscare forces begin to approach, Usso leaves 
    to return to the Reinforce Junior. On his way back to the ship, he is 
    able to apprehend Queen Maria. Chronicle has badly damaged the Gun EZ 
    of Shrike Team member Peggy Lee, but Usso tries to haul her Gun EZ back 
    to the ship. Chronicle attacks, unaware that Usso is carrying Queen 
    Maria. Peggy boosts off to tell Chronicle to back off, but she is 
    killed by Chronicle. Maria tells Chronicle not to kill Usso, and he 
    hesitantly agrees. The Queen is returned, and the League Militaire 
    return back to Keilas-Guilie.
                                 Big Cannon
       The League Militaire has begun to position Keilas-Guilie to be able 
    to fire on Amelia and the Zanscare fleet. Chronicle notices that the 
    League Militaire has not sent out all of its mobile suits and believes 
    they are planning something. Usso asks if they are really going to use 
    Keilas-Guilie, and Captain Gomez tells them that they could end the war 
    now if they wipe out the Zanscare fleet. He orders all pilots out.
       When the mission starts two Zoloats will already be near you. You 
    should try to keep up your beam shield and blast them with your head 
    vulcans. They will constantly fly straight-towards you like morons, so 
    you will slowly chip away at their health before they activate their 
    beam shields and get pushed back, only to charge you again. If they 
    both shoot out their electric spears, switch to your beam rifle and 
    blast them, and then put your beam shield back up. When one Zoloat is 
    destroyed, another will fly in from the right. When destroy your second 
    Zoloat a Contio will arrive. As well as its standard attacks, the 
    Contio will now launch off it shoulder claw units. This Claw will fly 
    around, and occasionally charge up a blast and fire at you twice before 
    returning to the Contio. Just keep your beam shield raised and blast 
    with your head vulcans and you will be safe. The Contio loves to be 
    right in front of you, so your vulcans will tear it apart... at a very 
    slow pace, anyway. Once you destroy the Contio, the Claw will be 
    automatically destroyed with it. Now just angle your beam rifle up and 
    blast that remaining Zoloat straight to hell to end the mission.
       Chronicle will have planted a bomb on the side of Keilas-Guilie. 
    Junko Jenko attempts to disarm the bomb, but is killed in the process. 
    The explosion knocks Keilas-Guilie slightly off course, and as the mega 
    particle cannon fires, it misses the majority of the Zanscare fleet.
                               Macedania Colony
    After failing to completely wipe out the Zanscare, the League Militaire 
    is forced to retreat. They high tail it to the colony of Macedania. The 
    crew of the Reinforce is taken hostage by the forces of Macedania. They 
    manage to escape from custody and are rescued by the White Ark carrier. 
    Usso receives the new Victory 2 Gundam from the White Ark and heads out 
    to clear an escape path for him and his friends aboard the Reinforce 
       The only enemy you have to worry about in this mission is a single 
    Gedlav. But this enemy can be quite formidable. It can fire its beam 
    rifle like no tomorrow, at many different angles which will stack up 
    very quick damage if many shots hit you. Try to stay over or under it, 
    and angle your beam rifle up or down and blast that damn Gedlav. Stay 
    back and just shoot it. You should make short work of the Gedlav. Once 
    it is destroyed the mission will end.
                                Neo Cartegena
       The main Zanscare fleet has begun to move. The League Militaire head 
    to the moon to attempt to stall the main fleet. Oliver ends up crashing 
    his Core Fighter into one of the ships to attempt to disable it, and is 
    killed in the process.
       Once again, as soon as the mission starts you will be attacked by 
    two Zoloats. As soon as one Zoloat is destroyed, a Tomliat will fly in. 
    Destroy your next enemy, and another Zoloat will appear. After the next 
    enemy is destroyed, an additional Zoloat will zoom in. After the next 
    enemy is killed, a second Tomliat will fly in. Destroy it and the third 
    Tomliat will arrive. Destroy it and another Zoloat will appear. Destroy 
    the final normal enemy and you will be forced to fight two Gedlavs.
       Fly into the lower-left corner of the screen and raise your beam 
    shield. The two goofy Gedlavs will fly right above you, and swing their 
    sabers and shoot all they want, but will probably never hit you. Adjust 
    your beam rifle so it is aiming up and blast to your hearts content to 
    attempt to drain as much life as possible out of the two Gedlavs. After 
    one Gedlav is destroyed, a third Gedlav will enter the area. Destroy 
    the remaining two Gedlavs and the mission will end.
       Finding out about the death of Oliver, the crew is saddened. Marbet 
    cries with the kids about him, and Usso wonders if it's his fault. The 
    Zanscare's Motorad fleet launches from the moon, headed towards Earth.
                                Death Valley
       The League Militaire follows the Zanscare's Motorad fleet back to 
    Earth. The Victory 2 will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and attack 
    the Mototrad battleship Adrastea currently moving through North 
    America, carving a path of death and destruction through the land.
       You're back on Earth, so as a reminder: Gravity sucks! You will be 
    immediately attacked by a Tomliat and a Gedlav. Just sit in the corner 
    and crouch while blasting them with your head vulcans and always keep 
    your beam shield on. The Tomliat will mostly fire its beam bazooka 
    right over your head if you are crouched. But it also tends to stay out 
    of the range of your head vulcans, so if you have an open shot at it 
    drop your beam shield and fire your beam rifle at the Tomliat while you 
    remain crouched. The Gedlav on the other hand will usually be jumping 
    all over you, so the head vulcans will carve it up at a steady pace. 
    But be careful because the Gedlav can sometimes manage to jump on top 
    of you and force its way down behind your back, pushing you away from 
    the protection of the corner of the screen, and allowing the Gedlav to 
    knock you down and slash you with its beam saber. You can sometimes 
    prevent this by standing up when the Gedlav jumps up at you, but there 
    is no guarantee it won't happen. If you are forced from the lower-left 
    corner, just boost like hell to the lower-right corner. Once you 
    destroy one enemy, another Tomliat will appear. Destroy your second 
    enemy, and another Gedlav will appear from the left. Destroy the 
    remaining two enemies and the mission will end.
       The mission is over, and the crew is informed that the Federation 
    and the Zanscare Empire have signed a cease-fire. Usso continues to 
    attack the Adrastea in rage as it flees, and Connie and Marbet grapple 
    with the Victory 2 to keep it from attacking. Later, everyone tries to 
    use the peacetime to dig makeshift graves for all of their comrades 
    that have been killed during the battles they have fought.
                                 Angel Halo
       The Zanscare, by declaring a false cease-fire, have been given a 
    chance to deploy their ultimate weapon, the Angel Halo. By using the 
    combined power of thousands of Newtypes, and the powerful Newtype mind 
    of Queen Maria as a focus, the Zanscare have created a terrible weapon. 
    They wish to use the Angel Halo to wipe out the minds of everyone 
    living on the Earth, reducing all of humanity to a vegetative state in 
    an act of global bloodless-genocide. The League Militaire is scrambled 
    to attack and destroy the Angel halo at all costs.
       We're back in space again. From the very beginning you will be 
    attacked by a Contio. Force the Contio into the lower-right corner, and 
    hover in front of it with your beam shield up and blast it with your 
    head vulcans. After the Contio is destroyed, a Gedlav will appear. 
    Destroy the Gedlav and a purple Contio will fly in from the right. This 
    Contio's Claw can do close range beam saber attacks, so be sure to 
    always keep your beams shield up when it is deployed. Fire your vulcans 
    constantly and when the Claw is not deployed and the Contio is slightly 
    higher than you are, drop your beam shield and fire into the Contio's 
    feet with your beam rifle. After the purple Contio is destroyed the 
    mission will end.
       The Victory 2 Gundam will activate the Wings of Light on its back, 
    and jet straight to the Angel Halo in a blur of purple light. If you 
    beat the game on hard, you get to see the credits and the end. The 
    Victory 2 Gundam destroys a few Zoloats as Usso travels to the Angel 
    Halo. When Usso gets close to the Angel Halo, Chronicle shows up in his 
    Rig Contio. Chronicle tells Usso he doesn't understand the pain he has 
    to go through as the queen's brother, and that he hates seeing her used 
    by the Zanscare leaders. They both draw their beam sabers and prepare 
    to clash for the final time...
                            _____   _____   __   _
                           |  ___| |_   _| |  \ | |
                           | |_      | |   |   \| |
                           |  _|     | |   | |\   |
                           | |      _| |_  | | \  |
                           |_|     |_____| |_|  \_|
    \                             /------\                                /
    /                             \------/                                \
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    --Yoshiyuki Tomino for creating the Mobile Suit Gundam universe!
    --The Coca-Cola Corporation for deciding to once again produce Cherry 
    --http://www.network-science.de/ascii/input.html for some great instant 
    ASCII art.
    --My new keyboard, for not sucking like my old keyboard!
    --The Muse who inspired me to write this jibberish!
    --And especially you, who are reading this. I hope it helps!
    This document is copyrighted to Necropenguin@yahoo.com, that's me, and 
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