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    FAQ by RyuSeiryuu

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          WW        WW        OOOOOOOOOO   RRR     RRR  MMMM      MMM    SSSSSSSS
                                 Worms FAQ             
                              By: RyuSeiryuu           
                        Email: ryu_seiryuu@email.com   
                          Version 1.2 September 21, 2003   
                       Copyright 2001-2003 RyuSeiryuu  
    Disclaimer: Any of the following information that I have given are written
    by me. I have not plagiarized in any way and any information that I have 
    listed that are similar or exactly yours are coincidental. Any of my works 
    may be published on their site IF and ONLY IF you email first. I have the 
    right to contact authority on your misdemeanor if I or any of my friends 
    see my work on an unlisted site.
    <^> Table of Contents <^>
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Basic Fundamental Gameplaying
    4. Tips and Tricks
    5. Credits
    <^> Version History <^>
    v1.2- March 22, 2001
        - Update of FAQ, and submission to GameFAQs
    v1.1- July 20, 2001
        - Worked on the Introduction of FAQ
    v1.0- July 20, 2001
        - Creation of the FAQ
        - Set the outline for FAQ
    <^> INTRODUCTION <^>
    Many have probably never played this or even heard of this game. I have looked
    on the GameFAQs server and saw that this game wasn't listed in the SNES section.
    I have recently played this and I was hooked on it. I don't really understand
    what made me come back to play this but I was enjoying it and having fun.
    There is nothing better than to fight against your friends as a bunch of worms
    and no storyline is involved at all. I guess this basically falls under the 
    category of a Strategy game since you need to aim your weapon with precision 
    and place your army worms in an area that would keep them out of harm.
    Overall, its a very fun game if you have someone to play against. Alright,
    enough of my chit chat introduction. It's time to go into the FAQ. 
    The main controls that you would use would be the directionals (up, down, 
    left, right), Start, Select, A button, and B button. 
    -Left & Right- 
    This would move your worm left and right across the screen and select a 
    certain weapon in the Weapon Menu.
    -Up & Down- 
    This will move your target aim around. You would do this to aim, for example 
    a bazooka, at another worm.
    This button is used to initiate a game and pause the game.
    Brings up the Weapon Menu. Pressing Select again would bring up another Weapon 
    Menu. You also use this button to select teams you want to play against.
    -A Button-
    This will fire a weapon. Holding the A button would determine how far an 
    object would fly and the impact of a weapon. A full charged Bazooka hitting 
    straight into a worm could make the worm fly out of the screen and your worm 
    gets credit for the kill.
    -B Button-
    This button just makes your worm jump around. That's basically it.
    <The Main Screen>
    The Main screen will pop up and you have to choose from the 5 choices.
    -Game Start-
    This will bring you into the battle mode where you can choose from either the
    League or Friendly.
    -Team Entry-
    This selection will allow you to change team names, character names, make this
    team under human control or computer control, and your Life Bar.
    You are able to customize what kind of weapons you want to have in the 
    beginning of the game. You are also allowed to set the amount of time each 
    worm gets to move/attack, how many rounds you must win before victory, and 
    worm placement. Worm placement can be random or placed in teams. 
    This will show the top worms in the game. It tells you how many games each 
    worm has played and many kills each one made.
    This is to just view the people who have worked on it. Have a look at it.
    <Weapon Menu>
    Here are my descriptions of what each one does and how I would use each one.
    A weapon that launches a small missile towards a worm or group of worms. I 
    would use this when there is no wind or the wind is in your favor.
    A weapon this is not affected by the wind. It can bounce off objects and such.
    This weapon explodes after a set amount of time regardless of where it is.
    -Cluster Bomb-
    Similar to the Grenade except when this explodes, there are multiple bombs 
    that are release. This could be devastating for any worms within the vicinity.
    Close-range weapon. Depending on how close you are to your
    target, you can fire 1 or 2 shots. If you're too close, then you'll take
    Same as shotgun, except it fires a burst of rounds, and again,
    if you're too close, you'll take damage. (5 points to be exact)
    -Fire Punch- 
    Point-blank weapon. It causes your worm to leap into the
    air, and if there is any dirt above it, that will be removed, and the 
    target, (if you have one) takes 30 damage.
    -Dragon Ball- 
    Close-range. A small blue ball will fly in the direction the worm is 
    facing and will damage anything in its path, except for dirt.
    When you choose this weapon, pressing the fire button will
    cause a stick of dynamite to appear where your worm is. That's 
    your cue to jump away like no tomorrow. Will explode after a set 
    Causes 5 bombs to drop out of the sky towards your
    target. Effective against clusters of worms.
    Moves your worm to a spot that you designate.
    Removes dirt in a horizontal direction. Can also use to
    damage worms.
    Same as blowtorch, except moves down.
    Whimsical. The worm flies a red flag, and then zips in the 
    direction it's facing, and then explodes.
    It skips your turn.
    Kills your entire team. You lose.
    Bonus weapon. Bouncing sheep move in the direction you're
    facing and explodes on your command.
    -Banana Bomb- 
    Think cluster bomb, except when it initially explodes, bananas 
    fly in several directions and explode.
    Bonus weapon. A suped-up Uzi.
    <^> TIPS & TRICKS <^>
    To be continued.
    <^> Credits <^>
    I would like to thank...
    Team 17 Software, Ltd.-The makers of Worms.
    GameFAQs- For graciously supporting many FAQs already.
    FAQ writers- People who spend lots of their time writing FAQs to help people
    Readers- People who read FAQs and voice their opinions and views.
    Mason Roberts - For providing me an email with the descriptions of the 
    (End of FAQ)

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