Review by DarkAkatosh

Reviewed: 03/24/08

The best platformer you never played.

DoReMi Fantasy, a cheesy title, huh? Well, this game never got released outside of Japan, so you're probably wondering where the title came from. Yep, that's the title translation. It is a brilliant platformer, so let's break the greatness down.

This is your typical damsel in distress game. Aris the fairy, a companion of Milon (the protagonist) is captured by Amon, the game's antagonist. It's Milon's job to travel across seven worlds to free Aris from Amon.

This is the defining aspect of this game. Milon's primary weapon is his bubble shooter. To kill enemies, you shoot bubbles at them, thus encasing them within a bubble. Push them off the screen to kill them. Alternatively you can use enemies as platforms to get to higher places, but this does not kill them. When you do kill enemies, however, as soon as you go back to where they were they'll respawn. Other challenges to the levels include forced scrolling levels and wind. There's more, but I'll leave that up to you to find out. For a cutesy platformer such as this, the degree of difficulty increases as you progress through each world. It's not ungodly easy like most platformers similar to this (think the Kirby series). It's by no means a game where you'll never lose a life. You'll die somewhere, somehow as you progress through the game.

From the second world onward, you have to find 5 musical stars hidden in the levels on the world map marked with a star, otherwise you can't complete the world. The musical stars form instruments upon completion of the world. These instruments give Milon special abilities, which help out in later levels.

The graphics are of great quality for a SNES game. The colors are vibrant, making the backgrounds something nice to look at. Worlds include an ice world, a fire world, and a forest world. I did say there were 7 worlds, right? I'll leave that up to you to find out about those remaining worlds.

For a cutesy platformer, the music isn't all cheery. Sometimes, the music can have a dark tone to it, which is unusual for a platformer like this. The sound effects and music blend in nicely. They aren't an annoyance.

Replay Value
This game is worth playing through again once you beat it. There isn't a clear percentage. Just beat the final boss and the game is over. But this game is so great, you'll be wanting to come back for more once you beat it.

The game is not translated, which is probably the only minor blemish I can find within the game. It would have been nice to see what the characters were saying during cutscenes. However, you only need the Wii's operation's guide to understand the basics of the game. Before you do anything, you'll have to read through it, otherwise you'll have trouble navigating some of the early levels. It's your only resource, because like I said earlier, this game is not translated.

Final thoughts
You've never played this platformer since it never got released outside of Japan. Here's your chance to play possibly the best platformer you've never played. It's engrossing and you'll keep coming back for more, believe me. I did not give this a perfect score simply because the game isn't translated, but that shouldn't distract from what is probably one of the greatest platformers to never hit western shores, until now. It is very much worth your 900 wii points. Don't pass this gem up.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure (US, 03/10/08)

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