Review by Dan Hopkins

"A cute Japanese Game ....."

Graphics - 10

One word here; CUTE! Milon is drawn perfectly..and I love the way his outfit changed color depending upon power ups you got. green, red, then blue. Also the bubbles were a very cute effect, and very effective too. The backgrounds were wonderful drawn, exquist, and very very anime-like. The enemies and foreground also were very very well done. I love the cake and toy lands. The church world really bored me but the last land was..well your just gonna have to play to see for your self.

Music and Sounds - 6

Umm the music is annoying at times but the sound effects were orginal. The only land I disliked for music was the church land. That got old fast...and I mean FAST. All the other worlds (especially the world with the giant fountain and water fall) were very catchy in the music department.

Gameplay - 7

I won't lie, it had flaws, but over all the gameplay was very well done. The game was aimed at kids between 5 and 12 so it makes sense the controls are simple. Milon jumps, shoots bubbles, powers up bubbles, and does basic movement and swimming. I give it credit for trying. There are a few things (like boss battles) that really go to show just how difficult this game can get at times.

Replay Value - 9

It will take a few sittings but you will eventually beat this game and when you do you should try and play it all again after some time of letting it collect dust. You may find yourself wondering where certain things came from, how you missed seeing other things, and how in heck Milon can survie both extream cold and heat with out dying.

Buy or Rent? - Buy

The game is worth the import fee and the adapter for the USA version of SNES. (and for those of you who download roms, despite the illegal stuff, I suggest keeping that download)

The Final Grade - 8

The game has it's up points and down points. The Final Grade is an 8 due to the fact that the story and ending are a bit...well can't tell ya. Just have to play it for your self. Of course good luck finding a good translation of the game, but if your lucky and know some Japanese then go for this game 100% Just ignore the jumping problems during boss battles, I promise it doesn't get any worse then that.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/25/02, Updated 02/25/02

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