Review by GoemonandPastel

Reviewed: 06/17/04

A good Final Fight/Double Dragon type game, based on the TV show

Kamen Rider was a good show, and the game was also fun. and this is a review for this game. This game was released in Japan. Because Bandai cannot release this game based on the popular show to the USA.

Story: 10
Shocker , the evil army, which has plans to destroy Japan. Tobei Tachibana has sent out Takeshi and Hayato, to become Kamen Riders, to defeat them. There are 6 stages.

Graphics: 9
The graphics were good. Only problem is some less animation (i.e. transforming, etc.), due to the certain amount of memory. The Shocker Riders were there, too!! The cutscenes were good.

Audio: 10
The musics were great!! The only music I knew is the opening theme song to Kamen Rider. And guess what? Song of Kamen Rider is not in this game!!! Digitized sounds were added in this game, such as "Rider... Henshin!", etc.

Controls: 9 1/2
The controls were simple. B is jump, A is none, Y is attack, and X is transformation. If transformed, you can do moves like Rider Kick, Rider Chop, Rider Throw, etc. Push Left/Right twice to run, and directional buttons to move.

Gameplay: 10
You are Takeshi Hongou (Hayato Ichimonji, if 2 player game). You battle all the Shocker soldiers, break crates, barrels, etc. to get items, etc. You must hurry, because the boss's energy is filling up!!! The game ends after Stage 5, if you are playing on the easy difficulty.

Challenge: it depends...
It depends if you're playing on the difficulty level. If you want a real challenge, go to Options, set it on Hard, and set lives to 2. Also that, you have 3 continues!!!

Buy or Rent:
Neither. If you are a Kamen Rider fan, download the rom, and find out. This game is extremely rare, even on eBay.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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