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"Not too bad for a beat 'em up that is basically an advertisement for a ramen noodle company."

The Nissin Food Products Company apparently needed some kind of medium to attract more attention to their ramen noodles. They decided to go with a beat 'em up based on a superhero they created, for the Super Famicom. While it is similar to what Burger King did with Sneak King over a decade later - some admirable effect went into trying to create an enjoyable game.

Graphics 5/10

The visuals are nothing special, but not particularly bad either. The backgrounds are pretty varied, with lots of spectators cheering on their ramen based superhero. The animation is pretty standard, some of the enemies doing back flips or melting in and out of humanoid forms. After defeating each boss, the hero strings them up with a bunch of ramen noodles like something out of a hentai movie.

Sound 5/10

The music is somewhat tedious, and a bit too whimsical for my taste. The punches and kicks are a bit underwhelming and none of the enemies have death cries. There is a bit of voice acting when the hero unleashed a special move or using his "meal attack" abilities in the cut-scenes.

Control 7/10

All the fighting and whatnot goes on pretty smoothly. I didn't like the key assignment very much, and you kind of have to pound on various buttons to unleash the special attacks.

Game-play 4/10

The core of the game is rather boring, actually. While it was slightly amusing to punch around giant fork monstrosities or arachnid packs of french fies - there were only about 6 total enemies and one usable vehicle type weapon. The item in question is a unicycle that allows the hero to run over everyone on screen and kind of spice up the normal combat. Your special attacks include freezing the enemies in one place to pummel them endlessly, or shooting out a beam of noodles. The game is also only one player, and you have simply the ramen hero to use as a character.

Replay value 2/10

The only thing that kept me interested in the game the first time was seeing the noodle crucification scenes and what weird enemies would pop out next. Maybe you could pop the cartridge in with a couple of friends and just laugh at the zaniness of it all.

Overall 5/10

I'm giving this game a point more than I normally would because it was a budget title that I suspect a person got for free after mailing in some proof of purchases. Despite all unpolished game-play, short length, and limited number of enemies - it ranks much higher than several other "real" beat 'em up games. If for some reason you get offered UFO Kamen Yakisoban for only a few bucks - take it. I wouldn't, however, pay the $20 or so people sell it Ebay for - unless you're a collector.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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