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Reviewed: 03/07/05

Alice in Wonderland, the game

Alice in Wonderland is one of the oldest Disney movies, and yet one of the most famous ones, at least in my view. Apart from some guest appearances in the games "Kingdom Hearts" (for playstation 2 and gameboy advance), this movie appears not to have many games related to it. Plus, this game was only released in Japan. Was there any reason for it? Read this review to find out...

After making your way to the main menu, you will be able to choose from 4 different options (well, 3 plus the usual options screen), each one having its own purpose...

The first option is somehow like a story mode, you will listen to the entire story (exactly the same one of the movie), and sometimes you will be able to control a small hand, which I think that would be used to interact with the scenes. However, only Alice seems to be able to be interacted with, being that the only way to proceed in the story.

However, this first option also has also new mode, where you will be controlling Alice and the small hand. Using this small hand, you will now need to interact with many things in the scenario, in order to finish each scene, which will unlock a arrow to the next scene. This turns out being a really nice feature, turning this game into something that resembles a graphic adventure, rather than a boring game.

Now, the second option lets you paint 3 different images (one of the rabbit, one of Alice and the queen, and one of the crazy hat man) and draw in one, but I don't think this is very important, since they won't be saved once you leave it, for some odd reason.

The third option is way better, since it lets you play 3 mini-games related to the movie. In the first one, you will have to him some characters in the face with some pies, the second one is basically a pairs game (you know, you need to find the matching pairs) and the third one is played almost exactly the same way as the first one, except that you will have to paint the white roses from the queen using a red brush.

Ok, and that's all for the modes...

If we are thinking of the story mode, it has exactly the same story as the Disney movie, which was based in Lewis Carrol tale. Alice was once reading a book, and she found a white rabbit who was in a hurry. She found this to be quite weird, so she followed him to the inside of a tree, where she had a huge fall. At the end, she finds a really small door, which the rabbit crosses. After eating a cake that makes her small, she enters a new world, where many adventures will unfold, despite the game only gives some small references about them...

Anyway, will Alice ever be able to return to her world? And after all, why was the rabbit in such a hurry? That's what you will find out if you get this game, or if you see the movie...

Those are not perfect, but they are really good. Don't forget that this game was released just 1 year before a pearl called Star Ocean, and almost at the same time as Chrono Trigger, so people could expect more from this game. Ok, the character can be seen clearly and all that, but some static menus are not very clear (like the image seen before the main menu), plus the menus are also not very clear, you can even see all the pixels... Oh, and the animations are quite well drawn!

The sound in this game is amazing, you can clearly hear everything, and the musics are great. Maybe it's only me, but this game seems to have musics that appear to be of cd quality, which is really impressive!

Play Time/Replayability
Ok, except for the story mode, most of the things in this game wouldn't be interesting for a random person. However, in that mode you will find some things which can change with your selections, which is interesting and turns out being a nice thing for replay value. As for play time, this mode also adds more to the game, and the mini-games can be fun for 1 or 2 hours...

Final Recommendation
Like I said some times during this review, this is game will be a lot more enjoyable if you are a fan from the movie. However, if you understand japanese this will be a lot more enjoyable, as you will understand the full story...

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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