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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

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                Written and maintained by Torro (aka SubSane)
                        Last Updated  April 4, 2004
         1.1 Game Details
         1.2 Story
    2.0 BASICS
         2.1 Game Start
         2.2 Status Screen
         2.3 Controls
         2.4 Items
         2.5 Outfits
         2.6 Bonus Game
         3.1 Harvest Festival
         3.2 Falling Spores of the Forest
         3.3 Sands of the Jagged Mountains
         3.4 Flying Ship
         3.5 Shell of the Sea
         3.6 Crystal of the Snowy Mountain
         3.7 The Palace of King Pete
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.1 Version History
         5.2 Guide Credits
         5.3 Contact Information
         5.4 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================
                            1.1  Game Details
    This game was released in 1995, developed by Capcom for the Super
    It was the final installment in Capcom's Mickey trilogy, and can
    also be found as "The Magical Quest 3" for the Game Boy Advance. The
    first two games were "The Magical Quest" and "The Great Circus
                                1.2  Story
           (This is all speculation since I can't read Japanese.)
    It was a fine day, and Mickey was spending the day with his best
    friend Donald, as well as Donald's nephews. The nephews quickly got
    bored of the adults and they decided to go explore around the house.
    When they entered the attic they found a strange old book on the
    ground and opened it. A mysterious light suddenly flashed as an evil
    hand popped up and snatched the three ducklings into the book.
    Mickey and Donald got worried when the nephews didn't return, so
    they went to investigate. They also found and opened the book, but
    this time a beautiful fairy appeared.
    She told them about the nephews' disappearance, and the only way to
    save them would be for Mickey and Donald to go inside the book and
    fight the evil king who took them.
    ===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================
                               2.1  Game Start
    Game Start
    - - - - - -
    This option is to begin playing the game. You will then get to
    choose 1 or 2 players. Watch the intro movie, then you can choose
    the characters.
    - - - - -
    Go here to input a stage password. Passwords are acquired when you
    lose in a stage.
    Option Mode
    - - - - - -
    Here you can adjust the difficulty, and the controls for both
    The word with three characters is the Normal difficulty, the one
    with the quotation mark is Hard, and the final one is Easy.
                              2.2  Status Screen
    From left to right:
    Character Face
    - - - - - - - -
    The number under this face represents the number of lives.
    - - - -
    Each heart is one life point. You can gather large hearts and
    accumulate a maximum of ten hearts.
    Air Supply
    - - - - - -
    An air supply meter will appear when underwater.
    Armor/Magic Meter
    - - - - - - - - -
    If you have the armor or magic outfit, this is the meter that shows
    how much energy that outfit has left. The armor outfit recharges
    with time while the magic meter gets refilled with magic cards.
    - - -
    That gold coin with the famous silhouette is the number of coins you
    currently have.
                              2.3  Controls
    Start........... Pause
    Left............ Move, jump, or swim left
    Right........... Move, jump, or swim right
    Down............ Climb down trees, duck behind armor
    Up.............. Climb up trees, poles
    Y button........ Hold items and enemies, use outfit
    B button........ Jump, swim
    A button........ Change outfit
    L or R button... Select outfit
                                 2.4  Items
    Yellow blocks... Grab or destroy these
    Red blocks...... Grab or destroy these
    Star blocks..... Destroy these for a small explosion
    Magic cards..... Refill magic outfit energy level
    Gold coin....... Currency for stores, bonus points
    Apples.......... Bonus points
    Small heart..... Refill one life point
    Big heart....... Refill all hearts and gain one new point
    Character....... Gain one extra life
    1/4 heart....... Buy at General Store. Buy four to gain 1 new heart.
    Armor upgrade... Buy at General Store. Increase the recovery speed.
    Magic upgrade... Buy at General Store.
                                2.5  Outfits
    Armor outfit
    - - - - - - -
    Mickey wears knight's armor, but will not float in water. His glove
    javelin can be aimed up or down and his shield must face the enemy
    to block attacks.
    Donald wears a barrel that floats in water and blocks attacks from
    any direction. The hammer he carries only hits forward.
    Climber outfit
    - - - - - - - -
    Used to climb trees and grab stuff.
    Magic outfit
    - - - - - - -
    Mickey's magician suit quickly shoots magic birds. Donald uses a
    genie lamp to shoot, albeit a bit slower.
                               2.6  Bonus Game
    Every once in a while you should come across a door that leads to a
    bonus game. The bonus game is nothing more than wild guessing, but
    the rewards are worth the time spent. The best part is you can
    continue to go through the same bonus game as long as you like.
    Here's what you get for each card:
     Mickey... 1 extra life
     Minnie... 1/4 heart
     Donald... 20 coins
     Goofy.... 5 coins
     Pluto.... 10 apples
     Pete..... Nothing, and you lose
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================
                            3.1  Harvest Festival
    So now you're off and in search of Donald's nephews. The first stop
    is a quaint town in the midst of their harvest festival. But
    something is amiss...
    Harvest Celebration
    What's all this? Pete goons? Crazy crows and corn? This can only be
    the work of the same guy who kidnapped Huey, Duey, and Louie.
    Make your way to the right and get familiar with the controls if you
    need to. One important technique is jumping on enemies and then
    grabbing them to use as weapons. Simple, but effective. The yellow
    blocks can also be used as weapons, and sometimes reveal good items.
    So go along and grab everything at will. Along the way you will also
    see these pumpkins on the ground. They can be picked up and moved
    anywhere you would need to jump high. One such spot is near the
    beginning, on top of some yellow block platforms. Use a pumpkin to
    jump up there and pull the chain on the big box for a couple of
    those coins.
    So on to the right, always to the right. When you reach the fountain
    pull open the big box to get a big heart, which will add another
    heart point for a total of 4. Not too shabby, ey?
    Right after that big heart you'll reach another pumpkin surrounded
    by a lot of trees. Grab the pumpkin if you want to reach a super
    cool, special bonus game.
    There are four blocks set up like this:
    You have to get the pumpkin on top of block 2 by jumping left from
    block 1 and throwing the pumpkin to the right. From there just jump
    on the platform and destroy the yellow blocks to reveal a hidden
    The bonus game is nothing more than a guessing game. Choose the left
    option and just pick a card. If you pick a good card you'll be
    rewarded with some coins, hearts, or bonus points. If you get a Pete
    card you'll be sent back to the stage. But here's the kicker: it
    never ends! You can go back in for more prizes as much as you want,
    which I highly suggest you do. Get lots of extra lives and coins to
    make your trek through the game that much easier.
    From there you can find another big box on the right with an extra
    life and some enemies. Go through all that and continue to the right
    when ready.
    The Canals
    Magnifico! It's the grand canals of the Harvest Festival. These
    gondolas don't seem to have a singing Italian on them, but there is
    a way to make them work. Jump on that green button in the middle and
    the gondola will go along for a few seconds before stopping. Jump
    again to continue, and if you fall off just wait for another one to
    come by.
    Now along the way you'll see many a thing. The small yellow blocks
    as always, a few large boxes, and several types of enemies. The corn
    and Pete goons are easily avoided, but the fish in the water can be
    a bother if you fall in. So, don't fall in the water.
    Most of the large boxes have cords you can pull to open them, but
    one or two of them don't. Those that don't will usually have some
    yellow blocks to jump on top of.
    Float along until you get to the red blocks at the end.
    Mid Boss: Turkey on Guard
    This Thanksgiving turkey gone bad seems pretty peeved, and I wouldn't
    blame him. Harvest time is usually Turkey-killin' time.
    But he's simple enough to defeat. The turkey will walk back and
    forth in an attempt to hit you, and every time you hit it he'll
    release a flurry of razor-sharp feathers.
    The easiest method is to grab a red block and throw it at the turkey
    as soon as it appears. This will send him into his feather toss
    attack. The trick is to grab another block and toss it as the
    feathers reach you. Repeat this and the turkey won't get a chance to
    attack you up close.
    The Ruins
    Proceed to the right and talk to the townsfolk to get the first
    outfit of the game: the armor outfit!
    What you get depends on which character you're playing with. Mickey's
    knight's armor is heavy and will quickly sink in any water. His
    shield has to face an enemy to block, but the javelin glove can also
    be aimed in any direction.
    Donald's wacky barrel armor is also pretty effective. It can block
    any projectile attack when ducked down, floats in water, and the
    hammer is strong enough.
    So now you can try out the new outfit. Go medieval on those yellow
    blocks and any enemies along the way to reach a crumbling part of
    town I call the ruins.
    Here there is a lower level and an upper level. In the upper level
    you'll find a few yellow blocks and large box full of hearts, so get
    'em if you need 'em. Along the bottom there will be some more blocks
    and boxes, including one with an extra life.
    The one point of interest at the bottom would be that Bonus game
    found all the way to the left. You'll have to kill the frog to reach
    it with Mickey, but Donald's floating armor allows him to float under
    it and break through the floor with his hammer.
    After collecting all that you need you can continue to the right by
    riding the gondola at the end.
    You'll have to jump to the top to continue, but first make your way
    under those ruined pillars to find a large Donald box. Bust it open
    for another extra life then go back to the left.
    Don't go up the first set of blocks, instead go to the spot with the
    two crows. Jump up on those blocks to find a set of yellow blocks
    hiding a door. 
    The door leads to a General Store. These are where you can spend
    those hard-earned gold coins to buy items such as extra lives, outfit
    upgrades, 1/4 hearts, and energy hearts.
    From there go back up to the right and on top of the next bunch of
    ruins. There'll be a bunch of barricades set up, and I think you know
    what to do. Whip out that hammer or javelin glove and knock your way
    through the Pete goons and barricades until you get to the end.
    Boss: Pig King
    If the turkey was angry, I know the pig must be furious! I mean come
    on, I think I've eaten tons more pork than I have turkey.
    Well, this guy is also tough to beat. There are different strategies
    to beating him, depending on who you choose.
    Mickey's strategy is more effective. Just hold the attack button and
    crawl along the bottom, waiting for the pig to fly above. Just
    release the shot whenever he is directly above.
    Donald's method for dealing with the flying pig is simply to jump
    and strike with the hammer. This works best if you hit him after he
    has passed to avoid a direct hit.
    He may alternate between throwing out ears of corn and flying
    low, but those attacks rarely occur.
    After enough hits the pig king's flying bell pepper will fly down
    and crash, leaving the pig king himself! His only attack now is to
    bounce around on that big arse of his, and all you have to do is
    quickly hit him before he gets too close.
    Finish this guy off to save the blue nephew and get directions to
    the next location.
                      3.2  Falling Spores of the Forest
    The search leads us into a mysterious fungus forest. Who knows what
    kind of weird creatures call that place their home...
    The Forest
    The first thing you'll see is a small cottage under the dark foliage,
    as well as a crazy tree climber. Inside the house there'll be a small
    exchange before the kind folks give you a sweet climber outfit. Now
    you can actually climb up trees and poles quick as a monkey. Score!
    That belt they give ya is pretty easy to use. Just whip it and you
    can grab hold of blocks, enemies, and the large trees that you need
    to climb. There are also a few things you can do while in the trees.
    For one, have you noticed that when the character turns from one
    side of the tree to the next, the sack (or butt) jiggles. That jiggle
    is an attack, and a good one when you're stuck in a tree. Also, when
    that jiggle occurs you can jump twice as far as a normal jump, and
    this is vital when jumping from tree to tree. I like to call it the
    slingshot. Keep all this in mind for the later parts of the stage.
    Now then, what can you expect in this stage? A whole lot of tree
    climbing for one. Some of the enemies are also quite different. At
    the beginning, for example, are a caterpillar and a pink spore thing
    up in a tree. The caterpillar will get really angry if it is hit and
    spikes will appear all over. Use your belt to finish it with one hit.
    The pink spore thing release pink spores that stick to your character
    and slow him down considerably. Tap Left and Right repeatedly to
    shake them off.
    So those are the breaks, let's move on. Climb up the first tree to
    find a large box containing some of that sweet gold coin, and if you
    jump on the ledges below you can find another large box. Kill off
    anything in the way then climb up the tree to get over that gap.
    Keep grabbing enemies and blocks as you see fit until you reach
    another large tree. This tall and twisty tree leads down into the
    gap, and I want you to slide down there. Don't think, just do it!
    You'll find a cleverly hidden big hole in the wall that leads to one
    of those nifty doors. Here you can use your belt to tug that rock
    out of the way and enter. Hey hey, another bonus game! Get your fill
    of items and go back outside.
    From this point on it's important that you climb all the way to the
    top of EVERY tree. Not only for the cool items 'n such that are
    found up there, but also because you will often have to jump from
    one tree to the next using the slingshot move.
    So make your way across the trees while collecting as much as you
    can. Remember that the jiggle can take out any enemies in the way,
    as well as a good jump.
    Once you see the gray block platforms you will have reached the end.
    Hop onto the firm land below to continue.
    Mid Boss: Furious Moth
    Oh, so forest creatures don't like when people (or mice and ducks
    for that matter) come in and start causing trouble. Who could've
    Anyway, this moth's plenty peeved. She'll fly around in the air and
    attempt to hit you while your poor character is hanging onto a tree
    for dear life. But come now, it's only a moth.
    Remember that jiggle attack? Well, use it! It's all I have to say
    because that is your best chance to defeat this flying menace. You
    can try jump attacks, but it's difficult to target a jump when she's
    flying around and the screen is moving.
    After the few required hits the moth will go down, and you may
    proceed. Make sure NOT to break the yellow blocks ahead before you
    open the box to get some hearts.
    The Caves
    Go inside and you'll find that not much has changed. There's a new
    cocoon enemy, but the belt can take care of it easily. Just go
    through and bust open any blocks and boxes while bashin' enemies.
    After you pass down two vine slides you should spot a fork in the
    tunnel. The top path will lead to a large box containing two lives,
    so make sure to grab it. Go down the bottom way when finished.
    Right after that you will see another split in the path that leads
    up. Ignore that and continue to the right. Jump on the gray platform
    when it appears and jump up to the left to get another large box
    with yet another extra life.
    The next big thing is a single tree vine in the middle of a large
    gap. Jump on it and climb to the top to see a small gray platform on
    the left. Slingshot over there to get, you guessed it, ANOTHER extra
    life! This stuff is like candy.
    From here there are three more paths to take. The first one on the
    top right has a barrier, so switch to the armor outfit and smash
    your way in. The door inside contains a large box with the ever
    important large heart! This baby should bump up the ol' energy
    hearts by one.
    Leave and jump down to open that large box, then bust through the
    barrier on the left to find the local General Store. At this point I
    hope you have at least 300 coins to buy the armor upgrade. This will
    boost the armor's recovery speed, which means you can unleash more
    powerful hits.
    Go on to the right to enter the next area.
    Boss: Bitter Flower
    So it seems the plants are as mad as the creatures in this forest.
    But just like before, anger won't help them. Once the flower is out
    and at full size it will start to shoot out some spiky spores to
    try and hit you. What a joke... a JOKE I tell you!
    Stand on that left platform and keep jumping while pressing the
    attack button. The belt will grab spores, which will then get tossed
    back at the flower. Only a few hits and the flower will go down
    harder than a sack of mulch.
    Score! You found the green nephew. Watch them talk for a bit before
    moving on to the next stage. Ya know, this is starting to seem like
    those "Princess in another castle" kinda quests...
                     3.3  Sands of the Jagged Mountains
    Man, what a ragged place. This eerie desert seems like the perfect
    place for evil doers to hide in. Stay alert...
    The Desert
    It seems that old guy was hit pretty hard by the looks of that tent.
    Whatever was causing trouble in the other areas came through here as
    This place is crawling with enemies, so I think it's best to use
    the armor outfit. The gophers in the ground can be popped as soon
    as they appear, and the scorpions can be taken out with one hit.
    Never jump on a scorpion unless you want a hot foot.
    Just go along smashing everything, including the boxes and yellow
    blocks up on the higher ledges. They're as easy to run through as
    the enemies. After a short walk you'll run into the third nephew.
    Just as quickly as he appeared he'll run away. Something must've
    spooked him...
    Mid Boss: Cattle Cadaver
    Oy, the cows have arisen and are ready to stampede all over you! But
    don't worry. A little bit of strategy can take of him in a jiffy.
    Start off by having the armor outfit on. Then, duck to go into
    shield mode. This will block the cow's horn attacks. Move around to
    avoid the jumping.
    Now then, the best time to strike is... every time! A hit will
    reduce the cattle into a pile of rubble, but the head will remain
    and fly around. Hit the head while its in the air to get another
    shot in, then repeat the process. Cut and dry, no?
    The Desert (continued)
    Hey, its the nephew again! He won't run away like a little scaredy
    duck this time, and he'll be so grateful that he will give you a
    cool new magic outfit. Score!
    It may seem as if the magic outfit is a regular attack weapon, and
    that's sorta correct. It actually has special abilities. Try it on
    the scorpions and flowers to see what I mean.
    With this new weapon you can easily plow through the enemies (yea,
    I know the aim sucks with Mickey, and the fact that you have to
    charge Donald's lamp isn't great either). Also remember to use the
    flowers to reach the higher areas for such sweet things as extra
    lives, coins, and small hearts.
    When you reach the second flower, stop! There is an important detour
    along the top here. Use that flower to jump onto the ledge on the
    far right, as many tries as it may take. Once you're there you
    should spot some blocks leading up to the top. They go to an extra
    life, but if you stop on the far right yellow block and jump off
    you'll land on another high ledge. There is also a door up here that
    leads to a General Store.
    It's on to the right again, using any flowers in the way to jump up
    to the higher ledges.
    The Mountains
    Things get kinda sharp around here, what with spiky hamsters and
    flowers all over the place. You can deal with the spiky roller
    rodents with one magic shot, while the flowers are actually there to
    help you. Shoot a spiky flower and it will create a small ladder up
    to the higher ledges.
    Eventually the path will split and lead up to the top, but don't go
    up yet. If you see a large Mickey box then you are in the right
    place. Continue to the right to find a door and an extra life
    out on the far platform. Go in the door to stock up on some bonus
    game items.
    Get up to the top once you're done and keep going. Use a few magic
    shots on the flying flowers to cross the gap and head to the right
    to find a rather disturbing creature.
    Boss: Sand Worm
    Is it me or are sand worms the most common enemy in desert stages? At
    least in the video games I've played...
    Well, this guy doesn't waste any time. As soon as you arrive he will
    begin to spout off some rocks through the tornado of his. I say we
    meet his challenge with some magic. Shoot any of the rocks to turn
    them into weights that will land on his head.
    After a hit the sand worm will duck down into the sand and then jump
    out at you. Avoid him by running into the center and ducking. Tap the
    jump button to keep from sinking into the sand.
    ...and that's it. Repeat it all until the sand worm is done for.
                               3.4  Flying Ship
    Looks like you have to take the fight to the skies. Just watch for
    pirates, and their little parrots too!
    Sky Hopping
    Oy, of course they expect you to actually get up to the ship. Head
    to the right and kill off any of those floating bugs until you see
    the gray platforms. Going up?
    Yes. Hop your way up while avoiding or killing any of the
    parachuters. Eventually some balloon-flying pirates will float their
    way up to you, but they're push-overs. Hop on their heads and keep
    jumping from one to the next until you reach the mouth of the great
    flying ship. Go inside.
    The Ship's Hold
    Here we are, in the belly of the flying wooden beast. But doesn't it
    seem kinda... quiet? Well, I'll break down the place for you.
    The first part is divided into a top and bottom floor. There isn't
    much to find along the bottom, so stick to the top. There you'll
    find plenty of treasure chests that you can open with your magic
    outfit. As well as...
    Ah, that's why it was so quiet! The pirates are hiding in the
    chests, and two whacks on the head will easily take them out. You
    may also notice some jars wearing an upside down smile. You can
    cheer them up with a magic shot and they'll reward you with a couple
    of free coins. Sweet trade!
    There's also a couple of secret spots you may want to check out. The
    first one is a secret room above a jar. Said jar can be found about
    halfway and when you give it a magic shot it will throw up a
    floating rope. Jump on the rope to find a large box (containing 2
    extra lives) and some treasure chests. 
    The other secret spot is below the stairs at the end of the dual
    floors. The switch for it can be found to the left. Except, someone
    (or something) has to stand on it for the door to open. Here's where
    that climber outfit comes in handy for something besides climbing.
    Switch to it and pull that barrel until it's on the switch and head
    over to the door. It's another of those sweet bonus games, so be sure
    to stock up on any extras you may need.
    Head up the stairs and into the little room to face the scurvy mid
    Mid Boss: Armored Wolf
    Oh, so this guy thinks he's the big wolf, what with his big armor and
    spiky helmet. I think you need to show him what your armor can do.
    So switch to it and get ready to block! The wolf's armor is
    impenetrable by our weapons, but not his own. See, he fires off
    cannon balls after a few jumps. And they pack QUITE the wallop. Go
    stand near him and duck down to use the shield. This will rebound
    the cannon balls back at the wolf, and enough of those hits will
    end the bout.
    The Ship's Deck
    Ahoy matey! Baton down the hatches, hoist the sails, do other
    ship-related stuff! Arrrr...
    Sorry, couldn't resist. So let's see. This area is indeed a ship
    deck, but you can also use the climber outfit to scoot up those
    masts. I'll just cover each part separately.
    The deck is a mix of crates and jumps and annoying enemies, and you
    can find the typical stuff such as yellow blocks and a few large
    boxes. There isn't anything spectacular, really. So suit up with
    the climber and climb as the crow flies: into the crow's nests! Get
    Anyway, starting from the left you can find some great stuff along
    the ropes. Extra lives, some hearts, and so on. About four or five
    masts in you should see six yellow blocks arranged in the usual
    door-hiding manner. Hop down from the rope and bust through to find
    a General Store full of the goodies, including a magic upgrade! Buy
    it if you can.
    Jump over those last few cannons to enter the captain's quarters.
    Boss: Captain Peg-Hook
    Ouch, lost a hand and a leg. That's gotta hoit! And despite that the
    guy still has the energy to try and destroy you. What a trooper...
    Too bad we have to destroy him. The captain has four attacks. The
    first is simple jumping around the room, much like every other boss
    so far. The second attack causes the room to tilt, and shoots you
    straight to the spiky walls on the sides. The gun attacks are easy
    to duck under, and those that do reach are blocked by the shield.
    And the final one is a kick from the air that only occurs after you
    hit him. For this you'll have to stand in the middle and move just
    before he reaches you.
    Attacking the ol' captain requires more of the armor outfit, so make
    sure to have it on. DO NOT use the magic outfit because all it will
    do is power him up. So with the armor outfit on just, uh... hit him.
    No strategy required, really. Just hit him and avoid the attacks.
    Now, ABANDON SHIP!!!
                            3.5  Shell of the Sea
    That flight from the ship landed us smack in the middle of the ocean.
    And of course it has to be without a raft or inflatable duck...
    Under the Sea
    Unda' da sea, unda' da sea! ... and you know the rest.
    Now then, this part can be a challenge if you don't know where to
    go. I mean obviously you're swimming to the right, but because you
    can't breathe it's not smart to swim too far from those air bubbles.
    Keep an eye on your air meter just in case.
    I'll tell you right now that it's not a good idea to swim near the
    bottom. Not only can those green puffer fish trap you, but there are
    also these small cage things that grab hold and don't let go for a
    few seconds. Those few seconds can easily kill off one of your very
    important hearts. Just follow the air bubbles and grab a few yellow
    blocks and boxes if you want to get some bonuses.
    Eventually you'll see a whole lot of yellow blocks being guarded by
    two seahorse men. Ignore them and swim down into the gap to find a
    General Store door. I'm sure you can use a few free hearts, not to
    mention any upgrades or 1/4 hearts you can afford. Leave when you're
    After leaving the door you'll see some gray blocks. Swim under them
    to find a bubble, then swim straight up to find the next one. Avoid
    the fish as best as you can and make a marathon swim straight to the
    right. It'll be a close call, so don't lag.
    From here it's more bubble hopping, but stay close to the bottom
    after you pass that one long swim. There will be another door that
    goes to a bonus game, and I just know how you love those.
    Keep swimming from bubble to bubble until you see the big purple
    shell at the end. Go in to enter the next area.
    Within the Shell
    Finally out of that ocean! Switch to the magic outfit and make your
    way through the crabs and other small sea creatures living in the
    shell. Obviously you'll want to take care of any yellow blocks in
    the path as well.
    When you reach the end of the first floor you'll have to jump on a
    few gray blocks to get up to the next. There will be some more of
    those cages in the way, but a magic shot will make them harmless.
    Clear any enemies and blocks and continue on to the left.
    You may recognize that gray pillar from the second stage, and that's
    a hint to switch to the climber outfit. Use that pillar to reach the
    right side and keep going, taking care of anything in the way.
    Go up when you hit the end, and remember to use that gray pillar to
    go to the right and open the large Donald box at the top for an
    extra life. You can never have too many lives, am I right?
    For the next part it's more pole hopping. Ya know, like in the second
    stage. Use your belt on any crabs and make your way along them until
    you see the next big gap. There will be some yellow blocks at the
    bottom, and I'd like you to jump down there. It's cool, don't worry.
    It leads to an awesome door, which has an awesome large box with an
    awesome large heart! You can leave once everything has been cleared
    So obviously you'll have to jump down and go back around to the top,
    then use the poles at the top to slide and get some speed to make the
    jumps. Go on to the right to exit the shell.
    Boss: Spotted Octopus
    Sunlight, beautiful sunlight! But of course a huge, ugly creature
    has to come along and ruin it. Bummer...
    The octopus isn't that tough. His only attack is a surprise tentacle
    that pops up from the surface, but this can be avoided by jumping
    around and not staying in one spot. From there his head will appear,
    so use your armor outfit to strike with a full-powered shot. A few
    of these and the octopus is as good as sushi.
                      3.6  Crystal of the Snowy Mountain
    So, what's cooler than being cool? Ice cooooold! You have to get
    over this last freezing obstacle to confront the guy in charge of all
    the scum and villainy.
    Frozen Hills
    Over the hills we go, freezing our tails off all the way! Ha ha
    ha... Ok, that was my last song reference. For this stage anyway.
    The hills aren't a big deal, but a few enemies may catch you
    unawares. The first you'll see are Pete goons on sleds, but a jump
    or a whack with the armor outfit will do away with them. The next
    ones would be these white gopher things, which you may recall from
    stage 3. Just watch for the moving snow piles and strike when you
    see 'em. The third (and most annoying) enemies are the ice crystals.
    They are a bluish color and blend in so well that it's hard to spot
    them. Watch for the eyes and use the armor or magic outfit to remove
    Go over to the right and proceed with the usual breaking of blocks,
    killing of enemies, and busting of large boxes. It's more of the
    same ol'
    But, at one point you should reach a lonely cliff with a single
    crystal atop its pointy peak. Get rid of the crystal and follow the
    single yellow blocks on the left to find a "hidden" bonus door. Get
    your fill of the good stuff and move on when you're ready.
    The next couple of cliffs can be a bother if not jumped correctly,
    especially the dip between that cluster of yellow blocks. The best
    thing to do is use the hill to jump onto the yellow blocks and jump
    to the right from there. Easy as cheese. Get over to last few cliffs
    to find a large Donald box at the top and some yellow blocks.
    See that palace in the background? That's where you're going so
    continue to the right to leave this area.
    Icy Mountain
    Here we are. The final icy stretch. It's a climb up the sheer cliff,
    so guess what outfit you'll need? That's right, the good ol'
    On the right you'll see an old tree and some gray pillars. Jump up
    the tree and pillars so you can reach the hidden door above. It goes
    to the General Store full of goodies and knick knacks, and I highly
    suggest you buy any upgrades you still need. If there's any cash
    left, buy an extra life or two.
    Now, just climb. There won't be any big surprises, and if you get
    stuck remember the slingshot move (for the poles) and that running
    down hills will give you some speed.
    When you get to the top you'll see a thin ice bridge suspended over
    a huge gap. Don't stall because that thing will collapse as soon as
    you step on it. And as sad as it will be to go, the exit is right
    after that bridge.
    Boss: Furry Ice Beast
    What's with all the chains? It makes the beast look like a slave or
    something. But who would use a slave... oh yea. The bad guy in that
    The ice beast has few attacks, though what did you expect from such
    a top heavy fella. One attack is a simple squish attack, only this
    guy flys instead of jumping around. Move to avoid it. Another attack
    is a smashing whip of that ice chain. This one's tough to block, if
    at all, so just try to keep your distance. The final is just a
    demonstration of his bad breath. The whirlwind will freeze you if it
    gets you but just shake Left and Right to get out of it.
    Well then, this isn't tough at all. The armor outfit will be the best
    choice again, and much like before its best to use full-powered hits.
    He'll take to the skies after each hit, so keep your distance and
    strike when your meter is back at full strength.
                         3.7  The Palace of King Pete
    And on we march, to the palace of King Pete. Knowing him (and this
    type of game), King Pete will be hiding at the very top of the
    highest tower in the palace. Get ready for a long and treacherous
    Palace Hall
    You'll be tossed straight into the thick of things from the
    beginning. Avoid that first Pete goon and get up on a block to avoid
    the fire from those statues. That's a past version of the last boss
    by the way. He was the last boss in the previous game.
    Once again it's time for the armor outfit. Switch to it to deal with
    the statues, enemies, and any blocks and large boxes in the way.
    Fight your way through to the stairs, then use the red blocks to get
    out of the way of those flame sparks. The exit is over there at the
    Hall of Flame
    Since they gave you three costumes I assume they would want you to
    use them, so switch to the climber costume. This part is going to
    be kinda fast-paced with flames chasing you up, so remember to use
    the slingshot move.
    The enemies here aren't that bad, but one hit will send you down
    into the flaming abyss. Those spinning dragon statues shouldn't be
    any trouble but go around them just in case. Then there's those
    fire caterpillars. They will follow you as you head up the
    pillars, so keep them away by jumping around. Don't try to kill
    Along the way there will be a couple of things you can pick up, and
    they'll mostly be on the left side. Stay over there as often as
    possible and you'll see the large boxes I'm referring to.
    Eventually the room will stop moving and you will be able to
    Ghostly Chamber
    The ghosts in this place aren't that aggressive, but switch to the
    magic outfit just in case. When you shoot them they will turn into
    jars and reveal some sweet items.
    Go along to the right and use the ghosts to bounce over any large
    pits. It's difficult to do but it's also the only way to get over
    Shoot the floating platform when you reach it to get it moving up
    and down, and follow it to get to the door at the top. Get your fill
    of the bonus game fun and continue on to the right by bouncing on a
    Destroy that group of blocks and large box to get more little items
    and a new large heart! That baby should bump up your heart points by
    one. Go through that large door to enter the next area.
    Mid Boss: Armored Wolf
    Yea, this guy again. Much like before, all you have to do is duck to
    rebound his cannon balls back at him.
    Now move on to the right to get a whole bunch of shiny gold coins
    and a meeting with an evil little wizard. What was up with that?
    Second Ghostly Chamber
    This is much like before, but with a lot more of those spike pits.
    Switch to the armor outfit and use it to actually bounce over pits.
    See, when you press Y and attack the character will get a little
    push to the right, which is helpful for getting across.
    When you reach those magic platforms, go to the second one. Use the
    magic outfit to turn on the switch and then switch back to the armor
    outfit. You'll have to use it to smash through the block ceiling
    above and reach the General Store. There isn't much left, but get
    what you may need for the coming battle.
    Go on to the right to find another old friend.
    Mid Boss: Captain Peg-Hook
    This guy too? It's like a reunion over here. Well, the same strategy
    applies as before, plus the room will no longer tilt left and right.
    Just use the good ol' armor outfit and finish him off.
    Mid Boss: Dark Wizard
    Well if it isn't that skinny little wizard from before. He'll skip
    the talk and go straight into his attacks.
    The wizard can do a couple of things. One is simply jumping around
    randomly, which I think you've had enough of. The next attack is a
    conjuring spell that will bring some ghosts out of the cauldron.
    Then there's his flame attack, which will send flames along the
    ground. A jump will avoid those. Finally, his split vision. That
    causes him to split into two wizards, but only one is the real one.
    Just try to hit one and hope to get lucky.
    Here's some extra info from Matthew Choy:
    I was fighting Dark Wizard on a playthrough of my own, and I noticed
    two things. First off, the little smirkmaster isn't the only one who
    can use the cauldron to their own use. Shoot some magic at it while
    Dark Wizard is standing on it, and flames will leap out, scorching
    him and making the whole battle easier, not to mention much safer.
    The second point is that it is very easy to tell which is the fake
    mirage when he employs his Split Vision attack. Just watch which way
    he's facing before he splits up: the real one always ends up on the
    side of the screen that he was facing. 
    As for attacking this guy, use the armor outfit again. You can either
    jump on him or strike with the glove javelin, but it's never a tough
    fight. Continue with the pounding to beat the wizard and move on to
    the final battle.
    Boss: King Pete!
    It's the King himself. Although you'd expect the final boss to be the
    toughest of all, he's not. He's actually a lot easier than the Petes
    in previous games.
    He'll start off with his magic ring, and in fact that ring is the
    weak spot. When Pete brings the ring up for an attack, use the armor
    outfit to hit him. The ring will call logs from the air and flame
    sparks as well, but they're easy to avoid. Also watch out when the
    log goes up in flames.
    After a few hits King Pete will pull a copy-cat and switch his outfit
    to match yours. Now Pete has an armor outfit.
    But once again, quite easy. His two attacks are a flame spark attack
    from the top of his head and a strike with that snake staff. The snake
    staff is actually what you need to defeat him. Jump on the snake staff
    when it's out and you'll find yourself face to face with King Pete.
    Use the armor outfit to hit him at full strength and cause massive
    Keep it up and King Pete will eventually bow down in defeat.
    Congratulations! You just defeated the evil King Pete and beat the
    game. Although the ending is in Japanese, you should be able to
    understand what's going on. Unless you CAN read Japanese, in which
    case good for you.
                            THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!
    ===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================
    Stage Passwords
    - - - - - - - -
    Stage 1... Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald
    Stage 2... Goofy, Minnie, Donald, Pete
    Stage 3... Daisy, Goofy, Pete, Minnie
    Stage 4... Minnie, Pluto, Mickey, Daisy
    Stage 5... Mickey, Daisy, Donald, Pluto
    Stage 6... Daisy, Pluto, Mickey, Pete
    Stage 7... Pluto, Pete, Daisy, Minnie
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================
                            5.1  Version History
    April 4: Version 1.0
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Added some extra info from a reader.
    January 27: Version 0.9
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    There ya go, I have now written for all of Capcom's ol' school
    Mickey games. Enjoy!
                             5.2  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. Capcom, Disney, and Sega for creating this great little series.
    It takes me back to a time when games were fun.
    2. Thanks to Wilson Lau, whose Bart vs. the Space Mutants guide
    inspired me to write video game guides.
    3. winnie the poop (AKA Martin) for translating the stage names and
    other small tidbits. He's da cooooooooolest!
    4. Matthew Choy for his extra info about the Dark Wizard.
    5. YOU, for reading this thing. I hoped it helped out in some way,
    shape, or form.
                          5.3  Contact Information
    The address is: subsane@gmail.com
    The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
    respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
    a subject. Put 'Magical Adventure 3 FAQ' or something similar in the
    subject line.
                              5.4  Legal Stuff
    1. "Mickey and Donald: Magical Adventure 3" is copyright © 1995
    Capcom. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and any other Disney characters
    are property of the Walt Disney Corporation.
    2. This guide copyright © 2004 Torro (AKA SubSane). This guide may
    be distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and
    UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced
    for commercial purposes.
    3. If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is
    being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide
    removed from that location.

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