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"An obscure, somewhat difficult beat 'em up that suffers from a dated look and feel."

I'm surprised someone beat me to reviewing this obscure beat 'em up, but I would like to add onto what has already been established. Apparently this game is a manga adaptation, though I have no idea what budget or expected fan-base the developers were working with. Regardless, this game looks and plays like it is from 1992 instead of 1995. Onto the review..

Graphics 5/10

Very lacking in this department, especially considering that the year it was released. Although not terrible, the animation seems a bit stiff and the detail isn't going to awe anyone who isn't completely oblivious to the SNES/SFC beat 'em up scene. I personally think the Dragon Ball Z type character transformation looks visually cheap and artistically tacky. I will mention that I liked how the enemies had large and fully colored facial portraits, better than just about brawler on a 16-bit console.

Sound 6/10

The music was alright, seemingly pretty standard MIDI fare for the genre. The sound effects had some slight variety when dealing with battle noises and miscellaneous item pickups.

Control 10/10

Koryuu no Mimi does controls well, especially when it comes to handling weaponry you acquire. Instead of limiting all your attack with say, a gun - you have the option of attacking normally then firing with a separate button. The shoulder buttons activate the powering up ability, so you won't be hitting it by accident unless you have big sloppy fingers.

Game-play 6/10

Much like The Ninja Warriors, or Kung Fu - Koryuu no Mimi takes place on a single movement level. While you don't fight the same amount of enemies at once at those classic games allow, you're often kept pretty busy. There are a number of weapons to equip: katanas, wooden planks, brass knuckles or even pistols. Some of these items have impressive offensive properties (the katana/plank), some simply boost up your normal punching abilities (the knuckles), and some are often more trouble than they're worth (the pistol). The enemies attack rather aggressively, often times with some leaping at you while others fire guns. To make things harder, you only get a single life before getting teleported back to a checkpoint earlier on in the level. In a rip-off of the popular anime Dragon Ball Z, your character eventually builds up enough power to transform into a super version of himself. His hair even turns all spikey and blonde, and a lame looking aura envelopes his body. While all this is going on, your health is refilled, your attacks are stronger, and some kind of golden whirlwind hovers around you. In the third level (inside an airplane), you get a brief bit of help from a computer controlled partner - but have to dodge annoying refreshment carts that glide across the screen. While the computer partner is nice, I would have preferred a real second character to be controlled full time by a second player.

Replay value 3/10

There's not much here to keep you coming back. The game does have a lot of dialogue for a beat 'em up, with frequent cut-scenes and boss-to-character interaction. So if you can read Japanese and know the manga source material - your impressions might be a little better here.

Overall 5/10

The dated visuals and game-play mechanics will turn off a lot of players. A high difficulty and often cheap enemies will probably turn off even more. Unless you a fan of the manga or have an obsession with beat 'em ups, Koryuu no Mimi isn't worth more than $5 should the obsession arrive.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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