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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MunkiBleedsGreen

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 G U N P L E 
                         G U N M A N ' S  P R O O F
                             Walkthrough / FAQ
                     ||     By MunkiBleedsGreen     ||
                     ||    munki@inferiority.org    ||
                     ||   V 1.0 - Updated 12/21/02  ||  
    /Table Of Contents\________________________________________________________
      I. Exposition
       - Updates
       - Intro
       - Story
       - Controls
      II. Walkthrough
      III. Frequently Asked Questions
      IV. Reference
       - Zeal Coins
       - Techniques
       - Items
       - Special Weapons
      V. Misc.          
       - Thanks
       - Version History
       - Copyright/Disclaimer
    _________/ I - Exposition \________________________________________________
      - Updates -
      12/21/02 - First version. Completed entire FAQ while running through
               the game. Every section completed, and sent into GFAQs.
               E-mail any comments/suggestions/info to munki@inferiority.org.
      - Intro - 
        For those of you unfamiliar with this game... Gunman's Proof is an 
      action/adventure title released for the Super Famicom in early 1997. 
      Never translated nor released to America, due to both the dying
      interest in the states in the SNES and the focus on the next generation
      of gaming, the title was released and soon forgotten with almost
      no interest from domestic players in seeing an English copy. 
        However, five years later, and the title gains interest from the
      ROM translation team of Aeon Genesis (http://agtp.romhack.net). The
      prime reason for the interest being the game's highly original theme.
      Gunman's Proof is literally Zelda set to the old west, starring a cast
      of Aliens as the enemy du jour. 
        And so, fire up your emulators, kids. Time to take a trip back to the
      past, where Aliens wore ten gallons and the earth's only hope of 
      survival was a teenage farmboy, possessed by a miniature space man.
      - Story -
        In the year 1880, a pair of meteors came streaking down torwards the 
      Earth. They landed in the American West, on Strange Island. One would
      think this would cause a huge ruckus. But the people of that era were
      so busy scratching out their meager livings that no one thought much
      of it, and the incident soon passed from memory. And yet...
        This was where our tale truly began. So then, a short while later,
      after the meteor's landing, disturbing events befell the once peaceful
      island. Bizzare monsters appeared and began to assault people. And
      wherever a monster attacked, it left and eerie looking crest in its
        This word, inscribed on the crests, became the name for these 
      enigmatic foes. And now we come to Bronco Village. A tiny little town
      in the south of the island, and home to our young hero...
      - Controls -
        I'd try to work an ASCII-ed controller here, however a) I suck at
      ASCII, and b) 99.9% of you will be playing the game on an emulator 
      anyway. And so...
        A ... Fire Gun / Talk    Y ... Throw Punch    L or R ... Strafe
        B ... Duck / Crawl       X ... Fire Bomb      Select ... Map 
                             Start ... Inventory
    ________________/ II - Walkthrough \_______________________________________
    -|                        - P R O L O G U E -                            |-
      Quick reference key. Items marked W are part of the actual walkthrough,
      boxes marked with S are story sequences, and ! are important messages.   
      !-For sake of coherency, the hero of the game will be named, aptly
       enough, "Hero" for the walkthrough. Besides, you only _get_ four spaces
       to name the sucker with anyway.
      |S|                                            |
      |-  The game opens with Hero getting nagged at |
      |by his mother for DARING TO VENTURE OUTSIDE!!!| 
      |Our manly hero manages to whine his way out of| 
      |it though. Loving father vows to give the boy |
      |a stern talking to.                           |
      |                                              |
      |  Erstwhile, a third meteor crash lands in    |
      |front of Hero. The meteor turns out to be a   |
      |spaceship containing two tiny aliens, Zero and|
      |Garo. Hero cowers in fear, but the aliens shut|
      |him up. They're Space Sheriffs, seeking both  |
      |the Space Criminal Demi, and their fellow     |
      |Sheriff, Mono. However, the aliens can not    |
      |survive for long in the Earth environment, so |
      |they need to "borrow" Hero's body.            |
      |                                              |
      |  After much more cowering, Hero does duty and|   
      |allows Zero to possess him. Garo stays behind |   
      |to fix the UFO and gather info on Demi and his|   
      |cohorts.                                      |
      |                                              |
      |  Just then, the local Sheriffs come by and   | 
      |discover the new crater. They send you back to|
      |town, and we're finally in control of our new |
      |Space Sheriff Teenage Cowboy, Hero.           |
      |                                              |
      W- Welcome to Bronco Village, both your base of operations and the
       _only town on Strange Island_. What follows is a basic little 
       ASCII map to just mark the locations for sanity's sake.
      |    ___    *N     ___   ___ |    Of Interest
      |   | H |         | 1 | | O ||    ___________
      |    ---           ---   --- |    
      |                            |    H ... Home
      |  ___                       |    O ... Sheriff's Office
      | | 2 |                      |    C ... Church
      |  ---    ___                |    S ... Saloon
      |        | C |             *E|    M ... Merchant
      |         ---                |    W ... Weapon's Dealer
      |*W            ___           | 
      |             | S |          |    Everything Else
      |              ---       M   |    _______________
      |    ___                     |
      |   | W |          ___       |    *N ... North Exit (Waterfall)
      |    ---          | 3 |      |    *W ... West Exit (to Forest)
      |                  ---       |    *E ... East Exit (to Dungeon 1)
      |           *S               |    *S ... South Exit (to Beach)
       ----------------------------      1 ... Sheriff's Home
                                         2 ... Dealer's Home
                                         3 ... Stables
       Now then, head back to home to move the story along.
      |S|                                            |
      |-  Sure enough, Pa gives you one stern talking|
      |to. The outside is DANGEROUS, dammit. Before  |
      |he can get into discussing the dangers of both|
      |pre-marital sex and not chewing your food     |
      |thoroughly, Zero takes control of Hero and    |
      |tells his surrogate father about how he plans |
      |on battling the Demiseed, and that his sense  |
      |of Justice had been awakened! Like any good   |
      |father would, he strikes Hero down with a     |
      |fierce slap. Hero insists that he alone can   |
      |taken down the Demiseed, and so his father    |
      |commands him never to return home until he    |
      |manages to kill one of the Demiseed. And with |
      |that, Hero is literally punched out of the    |
      |house.                                        |
      |                                              |
       W- You'll have to leave town through the East to get to the first
        Dungeon. But before you leave, head to the Saloon and talk to the
        Cowboy there. He'll teach you your first skill, the Charge Shot.
        Hold down A until you begin to flash, and simply release to use it.
        It's pretty effective against enemies, since it can carry on past
        the first hit, but the long charge makes it fairly useless in
        heated action. Now, head to the Sheriff's house (to the left of his
        office) and talk to his daughter, Sarah, upstairs. She'll knock
        Hero out with a single blow. Not a good sign considering you'll soon
        have to deal with armed Aliens. After this, talk to the cowboy 
        guarding the Eastern exit to leave town.   
          This is the first time you'll actually be able to use your 
        weapons. Try to get accustomed to firing while strafing. Hold down
        either L or R and you'll maintain the direction you're facing while
        still moving around, making it much easier to deal with enemies who
        are returning fire. You can avoid most enemy fire by ducking, as
        well. Talk to Garo if you wish, and he'll tell you that he's 
        discovered Demiseed energy in the southeast forest. Take note that
        despite the fact that Hero lives on an island, he can't swim. Falling
        into water will cost him one heart. Clear out the enemies here and 
        head south.
          More enemies to warm up on here. In the middle of the screen are
        two plateaus with ladders. The one on the left has a chest with
        Yaeigeku Bombs (known as Chrysanthemum Fireworks in updated patches,
        but I'll be referring to them as Yaeigeku). Clear out the enemies
        and head northeast. Enter the temple here and you'll now be in the
        first dungeon.
    -|                        - D U N G E O N  1  -                          |-
      !- When you complete a Dungeon, you're given a grade and coordinating 
       score based on how fast you completed it. As of yet, this has no 
       proven affect on the game. Also in every dungeon, there are four chests 
       with pieces of treasure inside. The treasure is added to your score 
       when you finish a Dungeon. Until your score and Dungeon rating are
       found to have any importance, these walkthroughs will be concise and
       used only to speed through the dungeons. The only items I'll be 
       pointing out are the important ones, such as additional hearts or 
       power ups
      W- Take the opportunity in this dungeon to learn the basics of fire
       fights in cramped spaces. Make use of both strafing and ducking to 
       avoid enemy fire. Anyway...
         Head through the middle door in the main room. You can either fight
       the lava monsters here or just go right. Waste the enemies here and
       go north. Follow the hallway, and when you come to a series of
       faces on the walls, crawl past them to duck their fire. Go into the
       first door you come across. Head right from here and stroll through
       the next two rooms, and then go downstairs. Go to the lower half
       of this room, following the only path you're given, and clear anything
       in your way. Run by the lava beasts in the next room, and you'll now
       be just outside of the first boss's room. Enemies will leap from the
       waters here. Take them out and try to avoid any damage. Now you'll
       face off against the first boss, Miracle 5. 
       Boss Strategy - Miracle 5
       He'll simply wiggle about the room at first. Run around his path and
       get in as many shots as you can. Soon he'll leap into the air, 
       landing in separate pieces. Take this chance to get in a few more shots
       on his parts, and then take cover by standing right in front of the
       room's door. He'll resume wiggling after this. His next attack is much
       like the first, however the parts will bounce around at angles. Stand
       in either corner and get in as many shots as you can. By now a few
       parts will most likely die off, which makes dodging his attacks while
       damaging the other slabs far easier. Anyway, he'll return to wiggling
       and simply repeat those two attacks continuously. Once all four of
       his lower parts are destroyed, he'll sprout legs and wiggle about on
       his own. It'll only take a few shots to finish him off here.
      W- Collect a Zeal Coin (extra heart) and the Demiseed Crest from the
       chest. In the second box which appears, you'll find Space Sheriff Mono.
       ... Inside of a donkey named Robaton. Mono will join you now, but
       insists you call him Robaton from now on, since he's taken such a liking
       to being a jackass.
      !- From now on, enemies on the overworld will randomly drop carrots
       when they're killed. Pick up the carrot to summon Robaton. You'll
       be invincible to all damage, and capable of killing any enemy by
       running into them. Robaton can not enter dungeons or houses, though,
       and you can't open up treasure chests while riding him. The effect
       lasts for about 30 seconds.
      W- Return to the village now. Visit the Sheriff's Office first to
       hand in the Demiseed Crest to get the next Dungeon location, and for
       the $250 bounty. Next, head to the Weapon Dealer to learn how to use
       your first special weapons, the Machine Gun and the Shotgun.
      !- From now on, enemies on the overworld will randomly drop a gun icon
       when they're killed. The icon will scroll through the various special
       weapons you currently know how to use. Pick it up when it scrolls onto
       the weapon you want to use. Special Weapons take the place of your
       original weapon for a limited time, and will disappear once their 
       ammunition is gone. 
         The Machine Gun is slightly weaker than your standard weapon, however
       it's high rate of fire makes it very useful for taking out packs of
       enemies. Also, while firing the weapon, you have to remain stationary.
         The Shotgun is, as you'd expect, more powerful than your handgun,
       but reloads slow. It fires five bullets at a time in a spread out
       pattern. It's useful for taking out multiple enemies at once, but 
       is much more effective at close range combat, which basically causes
       all five shots to hit a single enemy at once.
      W- Head home now to impress Pa' with your alien slaying skills.
      |S|                                            |
      |-  Mommy and Daddy will be a tad surprised to |
      |learn that their wimply little child has      |
      |managed to kill a Demiseed boss, to say the   |
      |least. Hero's father agrees to let him return |
      |home again, now that he's proven his manhood. |
      |                                              |
      W- Talk to the cowboy guarding the western exit to leave. Head north
       from here, and then west, past the waterfall. Spider enemies will
       show up here, and they can take a load of damage. Continue north
       through this area. You can go west next to pick up some more Yaeigeku
       bombs and $200 if you want. Head north afterwards, and on the next
       screen is the entrance to the second dungeon.
    -|                        - D U N G E O N  2  -                          |-
      W- If you wish, you can take the first door on the right. It's a one
       way path, with the very first Treasure Monster along the way. Treasure
       Monsters are, simply put, false treasure boxes which try to attack
       when you open them. They can take a lot of punishment, however they
       usually drop extra lives upon death. A piece of treasure is at the end
       of this path. Anyway, from the main room, take the northeastern door.
       In the next room, full of red space ants, take the northern path,
       and continue through the next room. You'll come to a room full of
       bouncing blue blobs. As near as I can tell, they're invincible, so
       just take the .5 hearts worth of damage, walk through one, and head
       north. Clear out the ants in here and head upstairs.
        In the next room, you'll have to navigate a narrow path to avoid 
       floor spikes. A few bats will fly across the room when you pass
       by them, but as long as you're walking straight ahead, they won't get
       to hit you. Take the southwest door and you'll already be in the room
       before the boss. Finish off the space ants here and move on. If any
       of the ants happen to drop a weapon icon, get a Shotgun.
       Boss Strategy - Psycho Ninja Brazil Circle
       Brazil will begin the battle by splitting into three forms. Only one
       is real, and will count as a hit. Hit either of the other two and 
       you'll have to deal with a few space ants before continuing. If you
       have a Shotgun, it's very possible to hit all three Ninja at once,
       which counts as a hit. Afterwards, he'll fire two streams of flames 
       from his shotgun. The flames track you, so be sure to stay away from
       Brazil when he fires them, and slowly move across the room to keep
       from getting hit. Make sure you strafe+fire while doing so to get
       damage on him. Now might be a good time to make use of the Yaeigeku 
       Bombs as well. He'll repeat this pattern for a while. 
       Watch though, when he fires the twin flames. If he draws his swords
       before vanishing, he's going to attempt to slash you. Run around the 
       room in a circle, and he should appear just behind you as long as 
       you don't stop moving. Take a few potshots at him before he vanishes.
       Brazil doesn't have too much life, fortunately. Eventually, he'll
       teleport into the middle of the room, grab Hero, and attempt some 
       sort of super secret Psycho Ninja attack. However, he'll instead
       ram his head into the ceiling and knock himself out.
      W- Collect your coin and crest, and return to the village. Check in
       with the Weapon Dealer first and he'll teach you how to use a 
       Bazooka. This weapon is just about as strong as a bomb, but it's 
       terribly slow and carries a long delay after it's fired. It's useful
       under certain circumstances, but more often than not, you'll want to
       choose another weapon. Head to the Sheriff's now to get the next
       dungeon location and your $400 bounty. 
         Take the western exit out of town. Head to the southwest of the
       first screen, and then head left, then up. Go into the cave here
       and talk to Gantetsu. He'll teach you the next skill, Big Punch.
       Hold down Y and then release to use it. Completely inpractical as a
       method of combat, but you need it to clear away large rocks. So
       head back two screens and clear away the boulders in your path.
         Head southwest of out this desert section, and then down the ladder
       on this screen. You can head down the second and to the left to
       pick up Starmine Bombs. Clear the boulders here and work your way
       past the next screen. Following that, head to the northeast half here,
       down the ladder, and go right. Follow the rock formation here for an
       extra life. Head back to where you entered this screen from, and go
       up the two ladders on the left to enter the third dungeon. Careful
       of the vultures, though, as they can still damage you while you climb.
    -|                        - D U N G E O N  3  -                          |-
     Special Items: Revolver (Lv2 Gun), Zeal Coin
     W- You'll be spending a bit more time in this dungeon than in previous
      ones simply because there's some extra stuff to collect. Follow the first
      few rooms until you come to the room with two holes in the floor. Jump
      in either, as it doesn't actually matter, unless you want to grab
      treasure. Work your way through these linear rooms until you come to
      a larger room with corridors and numerous aliens with guns. Take the 
      very most southwestern door (facing downwards) and pass through the
      next few enemy-infested rooms. At the end, you'll be given the 
      Revolver, the first upgrade to your regular gun. This effectively
      doubles your strength.
        Take the southeastern door now and follow the path to get back
      to the first floor. You'll eventually come to a room with locked doors
      and a single spine shooting alien. Kill it and head downstairs. Follow
      the next two doors, and then head south. Follow the only path to go
      and head outside. Once outside. Clear out the vultures first, and
      then climb the ladder. In the top right section, you'll be able to
      jump down a cliff. In the south will be another opportunity to jump.
      Inside the cave below is another Zeal Coin, giving you a maximum of
      7 hearts now. Jump down the cliff outside and you'll find yourself
      on the beach. Head east and up the first ladder. Work your way back
      to the dungeon. Once inside, take the same route as before, only 
      instead of jumping down, take the door, which brings you back to
      the room with the spine shooter and the stairs. Get back outside, and
      this time, take the other cave entrance.
        Head through the door, and in the next room, take the very first
      door you see. Grab the one up here, and watch out for the boulder.
      Take the door to the left here and simply follow your only path from
      here on out. You'll have to deal with the usual gang of aliens, and
      try to learn how to finish them off while taking as little damage as
      possible, since a rather annoying boss is on his way. Along the way
      to the boss, if you come across a weapon icon, pick up a Bazooka and
      try to conserve the ammo. Finally, after half a dozen rooms or so,
      you'll be at the next boss.
      Boss Strategy - Galahad E3
      Demi speaks for the first time, and throws his pet Hydra at you. How
      kind of an introduction. The three heads, Lightning, Fire, and Ice
      will each take turns popping out of the shell, in that order. Their
      attacks spread in every direction in front of them. Your best chance
      at getting a shot in is standing as far away from the head as possible
      and finding an opening in the attack. Try to nuke the Lightning head 
      first though, with bombs or the Bazooka, as he is the most troublesome
      due to the limited area you have to work with avoiding his attack.
      Once the first head is destroyed, the rest is pretty elementary. You
      can actually stand beneath and just barely to the side of the other 
      two heads and still attack it without being in danger of damage. Once 
      all three heads are gone, the body causes a ruckus. Stand in the center
      of the screen as it bashes its way around the room's perimeter, and
      get whatever shots in on it that you can, though I don't believe you
      even have to. The shell eventually explodes, and Galahad's done for.
     W- Grab your Coin and the crest and make your way back to the village.
      When you get to the desert portion though, with the cactus enemies,
      head southeast instead. At the end of this path will be Dog Wandy's
      house. Talk to him and he'll teach you a new skill, Crazy Shot.
      Hit A rapidly to use it. Dozens of shots get sent in every direction,
      but as long as you're performing the attack, you can't move. Not a
      bad skill, but like most of them, doesn't serve much of a purpose.
      Now you can head back home.
        Talk to the Weapon Dealer first and he'll teach you how to use the
      Flamethrower. It's a pretty powerful weapon, which will kill a lot of 
      enemies almost instantly. However, it uses up its ammo very quickly
      and the actual fire moves across the screen fairly slow. Still, it's 
      probably the best special weapon yet, so you'll probably end up using
      it the most. Head to the Sheriff's place now to get the next dungeon
      location and your $600 bounty for Galahad. Before you leave the town,
      talk to the Merchant, who (finally) has something for you to buy. Pick
      up the Crucifix for $300 and leave the town through the west.  
        Go north from here and then take a right. On the right end of this
      screen will be a ghost with a banjo. The Crucifix will exorcise him
      and you'll be able to continue. Most of the enemies in this area, like
      the Ghosts and Skeletons, are undead, and will shortly return to life
      after being shot, so don't waste too much time trying to kill them. Head 
      north from here, and be sure to take the northern path on the next 
      screen. This entire area is a fairly straightforward section. On the 
      first screen, you'll find a one up. On the next screen, run by the 
      enemies, as they'll take forever to kill otherwise, and head west. 
      Along this western path you'll pick up some cash, and at the very end 
      of it, you'll get another Zeal Coin, giving you 9 hearts max now. Work 
      your way back now to the screen where you took the northern path, and 
      instead head east. Respond to the Pumpkin Ghost with a "Sure" and go on.
    -|                        - D U N G E O N  4  -                          |-
      Special Items: Iron Fist
        This place is quite a pain to navigate. Fortunately, this is a
      walkthrough, so there's no guess work for you. Head into the third house
      on the right, in the front row of houses. Head into the left room and 
      go downstairs. Avoid the bats and go right. Run into the room on the
      right here to get the second level fist, the Iron Fist. To be honest
      it's pretty useless, since punching is so horribly ineffective. In 
      any case, back out of this room and instead head north. Follow the
      hallway north and take the last door left. Take the northern door here
      and make your way through the next few rooms. Just stay on course for
      another few rooms, head up stairs, then downstairs, and eventually
      upstairs again. You'll come out just outside the main house.
        Apparently, to make up for all the trouble you would have had getting
      through this place without me, this entire house is completely linear.
      The spiked room full of bats might prove to be a bit of trouble, but 
      aside from that, it's smooth sailing until the boss.
      Boss Strategy - Ghost Suzuki & Apache 1
      Suzuki starts this battle off simply. He'll run around in a circle in
      the room while four other ghosts attempt to attack you. Strafe up and
      down the sides, damaging both the flunky ghosts and Suzuki, and you'll
      wrap up this portion with ease. Now he'll summon Apache 1, the Native
      American Death Machine.
      Apache 1 jumps about the room, spewing bombs and shards of ice in ever
      direction, quite rapidly. Fortunately, he has a blind spot. Back up
      against the room's wall, and when he lands from a jump, line yourself up
      so you're beneath him exactly, and a few steps to the right. Shoot as 
      fast as possible from here and you'll avoid the ice shards and be able 
      to shoot the bombs out of the air, all while still damaging Apache.
      Eventually he'll leap into the air and follow you around. Just keep
      running, only stopping to shoot him when he lands. After doing this 
      two or three times, he'll resume shooting wildly following a jump, so be
      careful or he could catch you off guard. Soon enough, Apache will blow
      and you'll be victorious again.
     W- Collect the coin and crest and return to town. On your way back,
      you should notice that all of the weaker enemies have now been replaced
      by new, stronger enemies. Still no match for Space Sheriff Cowboy Hero,
      but stronger nonetheless. Talk to the Weapon Dealer back in town to
      learn how to use the Drill Arm. Having a drill is apparently "every man's
      fantasy" according to the game, which makes me severely worried about
      the lives of Japanese men... Drill Arm, by the way, is the first 
      special weapon which instead replaces your standed punch, instead of
      gun. It kills most regular enemies in a single shot, however, it only
      comes in tens, which is wasted rather fast. Check in with the Sheriff to
      get the next location and your well earned $1000 bounty. Check back
      in with the Merchant to purchase a swimming set for $500. You can 
      now swim by mashing the A button. Don't get too excited though, there's
      not too many places to swim _to_. 
        In fact, it's time to get one of the _two_ things the swimset is for.
      Exit town through the south and you'll be on the beach. You've never
      been here if you followed the walkthrough because there is simply no 
      reason to have been here. There's a restaurant here that serves healing
      food, but paying money to heal is not only idiotic, but pointless.
      Anyway, jump into the water and swim east. Pull up the map with Select.
      See the little icon in the bottom right that says "Map"? Swim to there.
      On that island, you'll meet Gantetsu's brother, Tenkai. He'll teach
      you Deluxe Combo. Apparently these brothers were duelling to get you
      to learn the most useless skills imaginable. Tenkai wins. DX-Combo
      is used by rapidly hitting Y. What results is a fast combo of punches,
      ending with a Big Fist. Should anything actually fall into the range of
      this attack, they'll be moderately damaged. Whatever gets in range of
      you, however, will probably also damage you anyway. You're probably
      overwhelmed with joy now, having learned the secret art of the useless.
        Head back to the village now, and take the eastern exit. Go to the
      top right portion of this screen, and swim north. There'll be a small
      piece of shore for you to walk onto. To the west, you'll find a $1000
      chest. Head east instead, and then up the ladder to get into the next
    -|                        - D U N G E O N  5  -                          |-
      Special Items: Magnum, Zeal Coin
     W- Straightforward dungeon for the first half. When you come to the room
      with two doors to go into, take the right to get another, and your
      easiest, Zeal Coin. Now head west. This entire portion is as linear
      as could be possible. Head outside, and then go into the next cave.
      If you don't have at least $2100 on you right now, you should probably
      head left and right, killing enemies for cash and to find the $1500 in
      total in the treasure chests. If you do have enough, just talk to the
      trenchcoated stranger and pay his $300 fee. In the next room, pay him
      $600. Head south in this room, and head into the next room. When you
      come to the multiple paths, head north, and you'll find the Magnum,
      the strongest regular gun available. Now head back to where you came
      from downstairs and take a right. Pay the stranger $1200 to pass. Take
      a right and you'll be in the pre-boss room.
      Boss Strategy - God Suzuking
      Don't let the look intimidate you, this thing has just as many weaknesses
      as every other boss you've come across thus far. First, decide which
      hammer you want to kill first. Now face that direction and do nothing
      but strafe/fire. The hammers attack three times, and then Suzuking will
      move over. Make sure you stay between the two hammers at all times. 
      Feel free to use any bombs you have, but you may want to save them.
      Once one hammer's destroyed, it'll be a cake walk to get the other.
      Suzuking will retreat, but soon return. This time, with a gun on each
      side of his body. The bullets fired spread in two different directions,
      so stand between the bullets and fire at the guns. Once both guns are
      destroyed, Suzuking will begin to fire rounds of two or three bullets
      from the hole in his belly. Your job's a lot easier this time around if
      you know where to stand. Line up against the back wall and stand right
      between the lamp and support beam on the right. Angle yourself at 
      Suzuking, lock your location with L or R, and begin firing. If you're
      positioned right, he will never hit you. Soon enough, that's another
      boss down
     W- Collect your coin and crest now, and return home. Check in with the
      Weapon Dealer to learn the last special, the Iron Ball. It also replaces
      your standard punch attack. It's also the most unqiue of the specials, 
      as it spins a mace around you. The longer you hold Y, the faster it
      spins. It's capable of taking out even the strongest of enemies in a 
      couple hits, but it leaves you open to enemies who manage to get 
      within it's minimum range. Still, far better than Drill Arm, and a 
      decent weapon all around. Also, now without anything to teach you, the
      Dealer isn't sure what to do next. He'll figure it out after Dungeon 6,
      I'm sure. Check in with the Sheriff to get the next dungeon location 
      and a $1400 bounty for God Suzuking. 
        Now, since getting to dungeon six involves getting up a waterfall,
      you're going to need to get the last skill. First, head to Gantetsu's
      place, which is still southwest of Bronco Village. He'll teach you
      half of the skill. Now head to Tenkai's, the island underneath the 
      word "Map" on the map, and he'll teach you the other half. Now you've
      learned the final skill, Almighty Upper. Hit down then up quickly, and
      the B to use it. It's much like a Shoryuken/Dragon Punch from the Street
      Fighter series. Head back to the village now and go to the waterfall
      in the upper middle area. Use the skill at the waterfall's base and
      you'll jump right up it. At the end of this path is another Zeal Coin,
      bringing your total up to 13. Exit the village through the west, and
      then head north. Get to this waterfall's base, use Almighty Upper, and
      talk to Jinba here. He'll give you the Red Bandana, which increased
      both your attack and defense by almost double. Jump back down now and
      head west, then north, then west. At the far west section of this
      screen is another waterfall. You know what to do. Head up the first
      ladder, jump down the cliffs, and grab another Zeal Coin, which makes
      14 hearts total. Go back up and now take the second ladder. Make your
      way north and enter the sixth dungeon.
    -|                        - D U N G E O N  6  -                          |-
      Special Items: Power Hand
     W- First thing's first. Take the northwest door, continue west, take
      the northern door, and then follow this path to the end. Waste the
      Demiseed here and open the chest for the Power Hand, the strongest of 
      all the gloves, but still completely useless. Return to the main room
      and take the northeastern door. This'll lead upstairs. Take the stairs
      in the following room, and then head south. Another staircase here.
        Once upstairs, head right. The chest on the left is a Treasure 
      Monster, but you're insanely powerful now, so wasting it will be a
      breeze. It should drop an extra life, but it might just be bombs. Head
      out through the north, waste the enemies here, and go upstairs. In this 
      room, try clearing out the bats by shooting down the walls, and then
      activate the Treasure Monster, whom is the first chest you see. Waste
      him and move on. Things are linear from here up, and then comes the boss.
      Or actually, this time around, bosses.
      Boss Strategy - The Beautiful Fighting Sisters of Love & Justice
      Or just call them Sally and Mary. After the Sailor Moon speech, Sally
      starts off. This is actually a very straightforward boss battle that
      very little can be said about, strategy wise. Sally fires flaming
      punches downward as she moves about the screen. If you get too close 
      to her, she'll knock you back with a cartwheel kick. Just strafe about
      and unload into her. If she manages to damage you, she'll stop to strike
      a pose, so take that opportunity to wound her even more. Mary steps in
      next and does _the exact same thing as Sally_, only she seems to have
      even less HP. Well, can't blame them for trying to be synchronized.
     W- Collect your coin, collect your crest, get the hell out of here. Get
      back to town and check in with the Sheriff.  
      |S|                                            |
      |-  Wow, haven't had one of these in a while.  |
      |Pa and the Sheriff discuss how amazing Hero is|
      |as he walks in. Sheriff congratulates him and |
      |informs Hero that the last hideout has lost   |
      |it's electrical barrier, allowing Hero access.|
      |Hero collects his $2000 bounty and heads      |
      |outside, where Sarah is waiting for him.      |
      |                                              |
      |  She's just absolutely sure that the Hero who|
      |has been destroying the Demiseed _ISN'T_ the  |
      |klutzy yet lovable oaf she's always known.    |
      |However, before the conversation can get too  |
      |in-depth, Baron Alps, the man with the Yellow |
      |Poncho interrupts, and kidnaps Sarah. He tells|
      |Hero that if he wants to rescue the girl, he  |
      |better come to Stone Tower. How fortunate, as |
      |that happens to be the seventh hideout...     |
      |                                              |
     W- Before you leave, check in with the Weapon Dealer. He's now selling
      Yaeigeku and Starmine Bombs, for cheap too. I recommend picking up
      three Yaeigekus to make your life easier. Leave town through the west
      and head north. Take the eastern path here, and continue east through
      the chameleon infested woods. Go north, through the path you followed
      a while back to get a Zeal Coin, but instead of heading west this time,
      go up the ladder and go east. You'll now be at the entrance to the
      seventh dungeon. 
    -|                        - D U N G E O N  7  -                          |-
      Special Items: Power or Defense Suit
     W- Hey, is it me, or do those enemies with magnets on top of their heads
      look an awful lot like that typewriter cartoon character from the old
      school Sesame Street? Well, anyway... take the northwest stairs down.
      Follow the southern path, past all the spark thingies, and eventually
      you'll come to a door blocked by a gigantic rock monster. Get in close
      at an angle to avoid his fists, and then just use some fancy footwork
      to dodge his shots. He isn't too powerful. Once he's gone, head inside
      and open up the red chest. The Spirit of the Chest will now offer you
      one of two treasures. The purple suit increases your defense by quite
      a bit, and the green suit increases your offense by an equal amount. 
      The choice is really yours. In effect, it doesn't much matter which 
      you select. You'll either last longer to do more damage, or do more
      damage in a shorter amount of time. Since I'm rather clumsy with enemies
      though, especially whem I'm in a rush, I go with the Defense Suit.
      Besides, every regular enemy falls to you in a couple of shots. 
        Regardless of your choice, head back upstairs, and this time, take
      the staircase in the northeast. From here, you've got a fairly direct
      ride to the top. You can rush through most of these rooms, in fact.
      You're nearing the boss when you come to a room containing only a chest
      with Delicious Meat inside. Get prepared for Baron Alps, Bandit of the
      Yellow Poncho.
      |S|                                            |
      |- Baron Alps greets Hero warmly. He then      |
      |reveals that he knows Hero's true identity.   |
      |And right in front of Sarah, he called our    |
      |beloved Cowboy Hero, Space Sheriff Zero. Sarah|
      |is obviously a bit shocked. Alps sends Sarah  |
      |away, and she's urged to go by Hero. And so,  |
      |the battle begins.                            |
      |                                              |
      Boss Strategy - Baron Alps
      Feel free to use any of your Yaeigeku bombs during this fight.
      Baron's first weapon of choice is a rather pitiful gun. Just dodge his
      shots and return fire whenever possible. Rather swiftly, he'll be off,
      only to return with a larger gun. This time, you'll have to fire ahead 
      of his movement, and then duck his shots, as you aren't presented much
      of an opportunity to hit him directly. Eventually, he'll give up that
      gun and move on. He'll return with a faster gun, and the same strategy.
      Just keep firing ahead of him and ducking, allowing him to run into
      your bullets. Next, he'll return with a rail gun missile launcher. 
      Try to stay in the middle of the platform, either in the very center
      or torwards the back, and fire ahead rapidly. Your shots should detonate
      any dangerous missile before it hits you, and a few shots will manage to
      get by and damage him. Don't bother using bombs here, as they'll almost
      definitely go off before they get to him. Just keep shooting, and soon
      enough you'll beat him. He'll return one more time, with an even 
      bigger gun, but it'll backfire before he can use it.
     W- You know the drill. Get your coin, get your crest, and you'll
      automatically return to town.
      |S|                                            |
      |- The Sheriff thanks you for saving his       |
      |daughter and congratulates you on defeating   |
      |Demiseed. However, Hero knows it's not over   |
      |just yet. Since he's just a no nothing redneck|
      |he'll leave the Demiseed matters to you.      |
      |                                              |
      |  And then, before you head out to find Demi, |
      |Sarah thanks Hero, no matter who he actually  |
      |is. She asks to know if the real Hero is okay,|
      |and Zero responds that he'll be just fine.    |
      |And with that, Sarah kisses Hero, and you're  |
      |on your way to battling Demi. Lookit that,    |
      |Earth girls _ARE_ easy... </horriblepun>      |
      |                                              |
     W- Now then, speak to Peggy in the Sheriff's Office for a $3000 bounty.
      Not that you need it, but you earned it dammit. Pick up some more bombs
      if you want, but their effectiveness in the last area is a bit 
      questionable. Talk to the Merchant if you want, but if you leave the 
      town without talking to him, he'll just approach you anyway. He'll
      give you the Ascension Bomb. And no, it isn't a regular bomb, it's a
      key item, like the Crucifix or Swimming Gear. Now, head out of town
      through the east and talk to Garo. He'll inform you that he's found
      Demi's hideout. Also, he's powered up Robaton. So now you have a 
      Super Donkey capable of flight. Now head back into town and exit through
      the west. Kill a few enemies here, and one of them is bound to drop
      a carrot. Robaton will ask if you want to head to Demi's. You know
      what to do. He'll warp you in front of a cave. Wait for his time to
      run out, and enter the final dungeon.
    -|                        - D U N G E O N  8  -                          |-
     W- Alright well, this isn't much of a dungeon. More of a very linear tower
     with nothing but repeat bosses on each floor. First up is Miracle 5. 
      Bosses Redux
      Miracle 5 - Absolute joke. Between the Magnum, the headband, and, if you
      chose it, the Power Suit, he should go down before he even finishes his
      first attack
      Brazil Circle - Another joke. He maintains his old pattern, but he
      still has a lack of HP, and you're still incredibly strong. He should
      drop in about 8 hits or so, or about 4 with the Power Suit.
      Mecha Galahad E3 - The only significantly changed boss. While the heads
      are as weak as before, Galahad now fires missiles out of the empty
      head holes when the head has been slain. Still quite easy. 
      Mary & Sally - This time they'll fight together. This only creates
      a ruckus, not a challenge. They'll both be gone in under a minute.
        At the top, you'll find a few robotic indians to fight. Finish them
      all and then grab the two treasure chests for three extra lives and
      full health. Head inside and go through the hallway until you arrive...
      |S|                                            |
      |- Demi attempts to make an evil villain speech|
      |to set the mood. However, Hero will have none |
      |of that, and he promptly throws the Ascension |
      |Bomb, destroying both the mood, the room, and |
      |Demi's complexion. Now rather angered, Demi   |
      |releases his secret weapon, a funky looking   |
      |mech. Cower in fear, Hero.                    |
      |                                              |
      Boss Strategy - Demi's Mech
      Demi begins the fight by sending a few aliens your way while wildly
      flailing his mech's arms. He'll then fire off the spiked hands as a 
      pair of rockets. Step around them by waiting for one to pass and then
      getting behind it. Take refuge in the corner now as he attempts to drill
      you with his fists. From either corner, you can fire without danger.
      The hands will go down soon enough after repeating this pattern a few 
      Demi breaks out the Razor Blade hands now. He'll start this set off by
      firing dozens of blades at you. Find a location to fight from and shoot
      them down as they come. Next, the razors will come at just as the rocket
      hands did. Do the same to avoid them. He'll repeat these two attacks,
      which admittedly is a pretty crappy of an attack for a final boss to
      have. Eventually, the blade hands explode to, and with them, most of
      the mech.
      And finally, only the head remains. However, as is the problem with
      every damned Gunman's Proof boss, he has a blind spot. Seek refuge in
      either corner and fire angled up at him. He won't hit you, he can't
      hit you, he'll soon die. 
      And so, Demi's been captured, but the hideout's now collapsing. Rather
      than spoil the ending, I'll just close up the walkthrough section of 
      the FAQ. Isn't it a shame how easy this was?
    ________________________/ III - FAQ \______________________________________
    1. Where can I find the translation patch for this game?
    2. I'm at "x"'s house but he won't teach me the technique. What's wrong? 
     -You either need to gain more hearts (for Crazy Shot), or you're going 
     there at the wrong time (Almighty Upper or Big Fist). 
    3. Is it possible to _miss_ any techniques?
     -No, you can always return to the teacher at any time to learn one.
    4. What's the point of having a score / getting Dungeon rankings?
     -Honestly, I'm not sure yet. I'll probably try running through the game
     as fast as possible one of these days to get A rankings in all 8 of the
     dungeons one of these days just to check. 
    5. Is there really a point to writing a FAQ for such an easy game?
     -Shut up.
    __________________________________/ IV - Reference \_______________________
    Zeal Coins (those not gained from bosses)
    1st Coin 
    -Outside of the 3rd Dungeon, jump down the cliff when going between caves.
    2nd Coin 
    -At the end of a path west of the 7th dungeon, northwest from the 4th.
    3rd Coin 
    -At the beginning of the 5th dungeon, take the first right.
    4th Coin 
    -At the top of the Bronco Village waterfall. Need Almighty Upper.
    5th Coin 
    -At the top of the waterfall west of the 2nd Dungeon. Need Almight Upper.
    Charge Shot 
    -Taught by the Cowboy in the Bronco Village Saloon. No requirement.
    -Hold and release A. Powered up shot that carries past first hit.
    Comment: Generally worthless due to required length of charge.
    Big Punch 
    -Taught at Gantetsu's cave, southwest of Village. Complete 2nd Dungeon.
    -Hold and release Y. Short range powered up punch. Destroys rocks.
    Comment: Impractical in battle due to lack of range.
    Crazy Shot 
    -Taught at house far east of 3rd Dungeon. 7-8 hearts required.
    -Rapidly press A. Quickly fires bullets in several directions.
    Comment: An okay battle tactic, but it leaves Hero open to much damage.
    Deluxe Combo 
    -Taught at Tenkai's Island, east from the beach. Swim Gear required.
    -Rapidly press Y. Fires off several ranged punches, ends with Big Fist.
    Comment: Another impractical attack, due to how open the Hero is during it.
    Almighty Upper 
    -Visit Gantetsu and Tenkai again. Must have completed 5th Dungeon.
    -Quickly press down, up, then B. Uppercut with fireball, invincible during.
    Comment: Moderately useful due to range and invincibility.
    -Found in 3rd Dungeon.
    -Doubles attack power of all Guns.
    -Found in 5th Dungeon.
    -Quadruples attack power of all Guns.
    Iron Fist
    -Found in 4th Dungeon.
    -Doubles attack power of Punch attacks and Iron Ball.
    Power Hand
    -Found in 6th Dungeon.
    -Quadruples attack power of Punch attacks and Iron Ball.
    Yaeigeku Bomb (Chrysanthemum Firework)
    -Dropped by enemies/chests, sold at Weapon Shop after Dungeon 6 ($100 each)
    -Single bomb which does high damage to whatever it hits.
    Starmine Bomb
    -Dropped by enemies/chests, sold at Weapon Shop after Dungeon 6 ($100 each)
    -Causes multiple explosions on the screen. Weaker than Yaeigeku.
    -Sold by Merchant after 3rd Dungeon. $300.
    -Removes Blocking Ghost from Path.
    Swimming Gear 
    -Sold by Merchant after 4th Dungeon. $500.
    -Allows Hero to swim.
    Red Headband 
    -Given by Jinba, atop the waterfall northwest of Bronco.
    -Approximately doubles Attack and Defense.
    Power Suit
    -Found at the bottom of 7th Dungeon. Choose either Power or Defense Suit.
    -Approximately doubles Attack.
    Defense Suit 
    -Found at the bottom of 7th Dungeon. Choose either Defense or Power Suit.
    -Approximately doubles Defense.
    Ascension Bomb 
    -Given by Merchant automatically after completion of 7th Dungeon.
    -Story item used on Demi automatically.
    Special Weapons
    !-All Special Weapon power is proportional to your current gun power.
    Machine Gun 
    -Taught after completion of 1st Dungeon.
    Power: F - Speed: A - Ammo: 99 - Overall: B
    Comment: Moderately useful throughout game.
    -Taught after completion of 1st Dungeon.
    Power: C - Speed: D - Ammo: 30 - Overall: C
    Comment: Good short range, poor long range.
    -Taught after completion of 2nd Dungeon.
    Power: A - Speed: F - Ammo: 16 - Overall: D
    Comment: Useful VS a few bosses but impractical in standard combat.
    -Taught after completion of 3rd Dungeon.
    Power: A - Speed: B - Ammo: 99 - Overall: A
    Strongest and most useful of the specials. Very good VS Swarms.
    Drill Hand 
    -Taught after completion of 4th Dungeon.
    Power: A - Speed: B - Ammo: 10 - Overall: C
    Hampered due to limited # of uses.
    Iron Ball 
    -Taught after completion of 5th Dungeon.
    Power: A - Speed: B - Ammo: 10 - Overall: B
    Excellent VS Swarming enemies.
    ______________________________________________/ V - Misc \_________________
      - Thanks -
      -Aeon Genesis Team Productions  (http://agtp.romhack.net)
      for translating this quirky little gem, and so many others
      -Myself (http://inferiority.org)
      for being bored and sick enough to run through gunman's proof again
      -CJayC (... well duh)
      obligatory no? oh, and for hosting the faq and being awesome in general
      -Doritos (http://doritos.com)
      for making a bag of cool ranch large enough to last through faq writing
      - History -
      12/21/02 - First version. Completed entire FAQ while running through
               the game. Every section completed, and sent into GFAQs.
               E-mail any comments/suggestions/info to munki@inferiority.org. 
      - Copyright / Disclaimer -
      This document is © Shaun Pilling.
      (aka MunkiBleedsGreen, munki@inferiority.org)
      Reproduction of part or whole of this document for profit is silly.
      This FAQ should only be found at www.gamefaqs.com. Should it be found
      anywhere else, or if you would like to ask permission to use this FAQ
      elsewhere, please contact me at munki@inferiority.org.
      My eyes hurt. This disclaimer was brought to you by VOODOO MAGIC.

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