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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Arcadia

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    Gunman's Proof FAQ/walkthrough
    by Arcadia
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    ----0. General Comments
    This file is best viewed using a fixed-width font.
    If you're looking for the answer to a specific question, but don't 
    want to risk spoiling the rest of the game, check the "Frequently 
    Asked Questions" section first to see if it's there.
    ----I. Story
    The game takes places in western America in 1880. 2 meteors fall 
    to earth on Strange Island near Bronco Village. Most people 
    ignored them, not wanting to disturb their familiar daily lives. 
    Since then, odd creatures called Demiseeds have begun to appear 
    around the village and mysterious holes have appeared in the 
    ground. Then one day, a third meteorite falls...
    The hero in this game is a boy from Bronco Village who sets out to 
    solve the village's problems after an encounter with the third 
    ----II. General Game Advice
    Shoot your gun by pressing the A button. Punch by pressing the Y 
    button. Crawl by holding the B button. Move while facing the same 
    direction by holding the L or R buttons. Throw a bomb by pressing 
    Bring up the status screen by pressing Start.
    You can look at a map of Strange Island, or of whatever dungeon 
    you're in, by pressing Select.
    You can save your game by sleeping in your bed. Your house is in 
    the NW corner of the village.
    Always remember to go see Peggy in the Sheriff's Office after 
    defeating a boss. You don't want to miss out on the reward!
    The treasures in dungeons don't do anything useful. They just add 
    to your score.
    You can restore life points by catching crabs on the beach.
    Special weapons have a limited amount of bullets, but your base 
    weapon has infinite ammo.
    Some places can only be reached by jumping down onto them. Look 
    for gaps in walls and cliffs where you can jump.
    ----. Weapon lists
    ---1. Guns
    Learn how to use these from Corobucci, the gun store owner.
    Name: Machine Gun
    When available: After dungeon 1
    Max bullets: 99
    A rapid-fire gun. Hold down the A button to fire repeatedly. 
    Individual bullets don't do much damage, but what it lacks in 
    quality it makes up for in quantity.
    Name: Shotgun
    When available: After dungeon 1
    Max bullets: 30
    The Shotgun shoots bullets in 5 directions at once.
    Name: Bazooka
    When available: After dungeon 2
    Max bullets: 16
    The bazooka fires a powerful explosive shot.
    Name: Burner Gun
    When available: After dungeon 3
    Max bullets: 99
    A flame-thrower! Fire! Fire! Huh huh huh...
    ---2. Punch weapons
    These are also learned from Corobucci.
    Name: Drill Arm
    When available: After dungeon 4
    Max charges: 10
    Attack with a metal drill
    Name: Iron Ball
    When available: After dungeon 5
    Max Charges: 10
    An iron ball attached to a chain. Hold down the Y button to keep 
    swinging it.
    ---3. Bombs
    Bombs can be found in chests or dropped by monsters. You can carry 
    up to 3 bombs at once. The number and type of bombs you're 
    carrying is shown by the dots in the upper right corner of the 
    Name: Blossom Bomb (Yaegiku)
    Mark: Purple dot
    Effect: A large flashy blast directly in front you.
    Name: Star Mine
    Mark: Three yellow dots
    Effect: Full-screen blast
    ----. Skill lists
    ---1. Gun Skills
    Name: Charge Shot (Tameuchi)
    Where to get: Talk to a traveling gunman in Bronco's Saloon
    Press the A button to build up energy, then release it for a 
    powerful shot.
    Name: Scattershot (Midareuchi)
    Where to get: Learn from "Quick Draw" Dog Wandy, in a house east 
    of the desert, after beating dungeon #3
    Repeatedly tap the A button to fire in all directions
    ---2. Punch Skills
    Name: Big Punch
    Where to get: Learn from Gantetsu, in a cave near Red Canyon, 
    after beating dungeon #2.
    Press the Y button to build up energy, then release it for a 
    powerful punch.
    Name: Deluxe Combo
    Where to get: Learn from Gantetsu's brother Tenkai, on an island 
    in the SE corner of the map (need the Scuba Set)
    Press the Y button repeatedly when next to an enemy to execute a 
    series of punches.
    Name: Invincible Mid-air Uppercut (Muteki Taikuu Appaa)
    Where to get: From Gantetsu and Tenkai, after dungeon 5
    Press down, up and B quickly. You can use this to attack flying 
    enemies, or travel up waterfalls. ccccc
    ----. Item list
    In this game, you don't carry and use items. Monsters drop them, 
    and you use them by stepping on them. 
    Apple - Restores 1 life point
    Bread - Restores 2 life points
    Corn - Restores 5 life points
    Meat - Restores all life points
    Carrot -
    Once Robaton joins you, you can call him by picking up a carrot. 
    While riding Robaton, you'll be invincible. He doesn't like dark, 
    narrow places, so he only comes on the world map.
    Weapons -
    When a monster drops a weapon, it will cycle through all the 
    weapons you currently know how to use. Wait until the one you want 
    shows up before you pick it up.
    ----. Tools
    These are items shown in the small window on the left side of the 
    Name: Crucifix
    Where to get: Peddler in Bronco, after beating dungeon 3
    Use: Gets rid of ghosts
    Name: Scuba Set
    Where to get: Peddler in Bronco, after beating dungeon 4
    Use: Allows you to swim
    Name: Red Handkerchief
    Where to get: From Jinba, on a plateau on the center of the map 
    (need to be able to climb waterfalls)
    Use: Raises defense and punch attack damage
    Name: Attack Clothes
    Where to get: Choose between this and the Defense Clothes on B1 of 
    Stone Tower (dungeon 7)
    Use: Raises attack power
    Name: Defense Clothes
    Where to get: Choose between this and the Attack Clothes on B1 of 
    Stone Tower (dungeon 7)
    Use: Raises defense
    ----. Life Capsule locations
    1. Get after defeating Miracle 5
    2. Get after defeating Brazilmaru
    3. Cave near Red Canyon (go through Red Canyon, then drop down)
    4. Get after beating Galahad E3
    5. Get after beating Ghost Suzuki
    6. Chest in SE corner of Abandoned Mine
    7. Get after beating God Suzuking
    8. Chest on plateau north of Bronco village (need to be able to 
    climb waterfalls)
    9. Chest on ledge near Wood Tower's waterfall (climb waterfall, 
    then drop down from above)
    10. Get after beating the Pretty Fighter Sisters
    11. Chest over Ninja Cave (go around from the west)
    12. Get after beating Baron Takayama
    ----. Extra life locations
    1. 1up in a monster chest in Ninja Cave (dungeon 2)
    2. 1up in a chest near Wood Tower (go through trees near Ninja 
    3. 1up in a chest near the beach (Wade through the water from Red 
    Canyon, or use the Scuba Gear)
    4. 1up in a chest NE of Red Canyon.
    5. 1up in a chest on B2 of Red Canyon (dungeon 3)
    6. 1up in a chest west of Ghost Town
    7. 1up in a monster chest on 4F of Wood Tower (dungeon 6)
    8. 3up in a chest in Suspicious Mountain (dungeon 8)
    ----. Weapon Upgrades
    ---1. Gun upgrades:
    Name:            Location:
    -----            ---------
    Revolver.........B2 of Red Canyon (dungeon 3)
    Magnum...........B2 of Abandoned Mine (dungeon 5)
    ---2. Punch Upgrades
    Name:            Location:
    -----            ---------
    Iron Glove........SE corner of Ghost Town (dungeon 4)
    Power Hand........1F of Wood Tower (dungeon 6)
    ----. Frequently asked questions
    Q: How do I get the chest near the Wood Tower?
    A: Go through the trees near the Ninja Cave.
    Q: How to I get past the rocks blocking the way to Red Canyon?
    A: You need the Big Punch skill to break the rocks. Learn in from 
    Gantetsu in a nearby cave.
    Q: How do I get past the ghost in the forest?
    A: You need to buy the Crucifix from the travelling salesman 
    first. It will scare the ghost away.
    Q: How do I get to the house on the island in the Ghost Town?
    A: Go down into the dungeon, go to the NE corner, then up again 
    into the island house.
    Q: How do I climb the waterfall?
    A: Get the Invincible Mid-air Uppercut move by talking to Gantetsu 
    and Tenkai after beating dungeon 5. Use it in front of the 
    waterfall to climb.
    Q: Hey, isn't this just a low-rent Zelda clone?
    A: No. It's a low-rent WESTERN Zelda clone.
    ----. Walkthrough
    ---0. Intro
    After starting a new game, enter the name of your character. You 
    can use hiragana, katakana, or roman letters. Select the bars on 
    the right side to switch alphabets. Select the bar in the lower 
    right corner when done.
    After the first two meteorites fell on Strnge Island, monsters 
    started appearing and making mischief. Every time, they left 
    crests bearing the name "Demiseed" behind.
    A boy in the Bronco Village (a.k.a. you), on the southern end of 
    the island goes out to play at the "Meeting Tree". As he arrives, 
    a third meteorite lands right in front of him. The meteorite turns 
    out to be a tiny flying saucer! Two tiny aliens come out of the 
    saucer. They are Zero and Garo, members of the Galactic Police 
    Force. They're here looking for an escaped fugitive named Demi. 
    The boy doesn't know anything about Demi, but tells them about the 
    Demiseeds. Another officer, Mono, was sent after Demi, but went 
    missing on this planet. Zero, the senior member of the pair, 
    decides to look for Mono and asks the boy if he can borrow his 
    body to do so. Wanting to help his village, the boy agrees. Zero 
    enters the boy's body, and Garo hides the ship near the tree. Men 
    from the village come to investigate the noise. The boy/Zero 
    convinces them the hole in the ground was made by Demiseeds who 
    have since left. They return to the village.
    ---1. Dungeon #1, Forest Ruins
    The men won't let you out of the village. Your father is steaming 
    mad that you went outside the village. Go to your house in the NW 
    corner of the village. Your father scolds you for not listening to 
    your mother. You tell him you intend to rid the island of 
    Demiseeds, but he just whacks you. He demands that you promise not 
    to leave the village without permission any more, but you can't, 
    at least not until you get rid of the Demiseeds. He whacks you 
    again. Finally, he tells you to do whatever you want, but he won't 
    let you back into the house until you defeat 1 Demiseed boss and 
    knocks you out the door. You'd better get going!
    The house just south of yours belongs to Corobucci, the gun 
    dealer, and his wife. Corobucci's wife is there. She tells you 
    that her husband had all his merchandise stolen by Demiseeds. 
    Corobucci's gun store is in the far south of the village (with the 
    gun on the sign). Even though he doesn't have any guns to sell 
    you, he can still teach you how to use them. Come see him 
    periodically to learn new weapons.
    The house in the NE corner belongs to the sheriff and his 
    daughter, Sayla. When you go into her room, you startle her and 
    she whacks you into the wall. Afterwards, when you ask her name, 
    she thinks she hit you a bit too hard and you hit your head. After 
    all, you two have been friends since childhood, so there's no way 
    you'd forget her name.
    The Sheriff's Office is next to the house. Whenever you defeat a 
    Demiseed boss, bring its crest here to collect your reward and 
    find out where the next boss is.
    Talk to the man by the eastern exit and he'll let you through.
    Go see Garo by the Meeting Tree to find out where the first 
    Demiseed boss is. He says he's detected something powerful in the 
    forest to the SE.
    Head south across the bridge, then east to the Forest Ruins. Along 
    the way, there is a chest containing some Fire Flower bombs.
    This dungeon is fairly straightforward, so there's not much to 
    tell here.
    In the room west of the entrance, statue there is shooting 
    bullets. You can't destroy the statue, so wait for a gap in the 
    bullets and run through. On the other side, turn north and start 
    shooting. A line of Ant Ninjas is coming your way.
    When you see a blue slime monster, dodge immediate. They spew out 
    globs of goo in all directions.
    The faces on the wall shoot bullets when you get near. Pause 
    before passing them to avoid being hit.
    There are three stairs leading down. The southern two lead to the 
    same area, which contains the Lapis Medal. The northern one leads 
    to the boss.
    The boss of the dungeon is a living totem pole called Miracle 5. 
    Shoot at the bottom block as he moves. When the top head laughs, 
    it means he's about to jump. After he jumps, the blocks spread out 
    across the room. They stay still for a few seconds after jumping, 
    so blast away. After you defeat the first four blocks, his head 
    sprouts legs and runs after you. Just make sure you don't get hit 
    when he jumps. After you win, you'll get a life capsule and a 
    Demiseed crest.
    Items to find:
    Star Mine
    Ruby Ring (16000 pts)
    Beast Fang (12000 pts)
    Bronze Mirror (8000 pts)
    Lapis Medal (32000 pts)
    After the score for this dungeon is tallied, a red chest appears. 
    Inside is a talking horse! The horse is really Mono, a Galaxy 
    Police Officer, who borrowed the body of this horse, just like 
    Zero borrowed yours. When he followed Demi to Earth, he got stuck 
    to this horse named Robaton. Zero is understandable mad, and 
    Robaton/Mono apologizes profusely. He joins you as Robaton the 
    horse. Whenever an enemy drops a carrot, pick it up to ride 
    Robaton. While riding Robaton, you'll be impervious to enemy 
    Go back to Bronco Village and show the crest to your father. He is 
    quite surprised, but reluctantly lets you come back in the house. 
    After telling your father, go report your deeds to the sheriff. He 
    tells you that the Demiseeds' base is in the creepy mountain 
    surrounded by clouds in the center of the island, but no one can 
    get near it. Since you can't get to the main base, yet, you'll 
    just have to attack the smaller ones 1 by 1. He says that the next 
    Demiseed base is in a cave northwest of the village.
    See Peggy to get your reward. The bounty on Miracle 5 was 200 B.
    Go see Corobucci in his store. Your bravery has inspired him and 
    he agrees to teach you how to use more powerful weapons. He 
    teaches you how to use a Machine Gun and Shotgun. Over the course 
    of the game, he'll teach you many different weapons. See the 
    Weapon List section for what and when.
    ---2. Dungeon #2, Ninja Cave
    Talk to the man in front of the western exit and he'll let you 
    through. Ninja Cave is in the far NW. It's not hard to spot, with 
    its bright red gate. The cave is populated by Ant Ninjas.
    One of the chests on the second floor is actually a monster, but 
    if you beat it, you'll get an extra life.
    A room on the first floor has blue blobs bouncing back and forth. 
    These are immpossible to destroy. Just try to dodge them. It's 
    tricky, but possible.
    The boss of the dungeon is Brazilmaru. Sort of a cross between a 
    ninja and a gunfighter. At first, he splits into 3. Only 1 is the 
    real Brazilmaru. If you shoot one of the copies, he summons some 
    Ant Ninjas like you saw earlier in the dungeon. Then Brazilmaru 
    appears again and shoots at you with with shotguns. The bullet 
    follow you, so move quickly. Shoot at him until he fires, then run 
    into the corners. After that, the cycle repeats until Brazilmaru 
    is defeated. When Brazilmaru is down to about half his life 
    points, he'll start slashing with his sword. When he's lost all 
    his LP, he'll try to do his ultimate attack, The Ninja Colony 
    Drop, but the ceiling is too low for that, and he ends up hitting 
    his head. After you defeat him, you'll get a life capsule and a 
    Demiseed crest.
    Items to find:
    200 B
    1up (monster chest)
    Necklace (45000 pts)
    Bronze Mirror (8000 pts)
    Ruby Ring (16000 pts)
    Crystal Ball (50000 pts)
    Go see the Sheriff and Peggy. The reward for defeating Brazilmaru 
    is 400 B. The Sheriff says that the next base is Red Canyon, in 
    the SW.
    ---3. Dungeon #3, Red Canyon
    Red Canyon is SW of the village, but the way is blocked by large 
    rocks. You'll have to find a way to break them.
    Go west from the rock and you'll find a cave. A travelling martial 
    artist named Gantetsu lives inside. He'll teach you the Big Punch 
    skill. Use it to break the rocks.
    The entrance to Red Canyon is marked by a gold crest. Watch out 
    for the vultures and bomb-throwing pelicans.
    There are places here where you can drop down to the floor below. 
    Holes like this will have the floor visible through them, bot be 
    black like regular holes. Some rooms can only be reached by this 
    The one item you need to find here is the Revolver. It will make 
    your base gun more powerful. It is on B2.
    At one point, you'll have to exit the dungeon back onto the world 
    map. Before going back into the cave, go north to find a chest 
    containing a Meat. There is also a place where you can drop down 
    to a cave containing a Life Capsule.
    When you get to the boss' room, you hear Demi's voice. She's mad 
    that you trashed two of her bases. She sends a monster called 
    Galahad E3, and promises him some beefsteak if he manages to kill 
    Galahad E3 has three heads. One shoots fire, one shoots ice and 
    one shoots lightning. They all go it pretty much the same pattern. 
    Running to the other side of Galahad will avoid them. Shoot the 
    heads as the emerge, but run away before they shoot. I'd recommend 
    tackling the front head first. The side heads are much easier to 
    hit if you don't have to worry about the front head. After all the 
    heads are gone, the shell will jet around the sides of the room. 
    Stay in the center and shoot it as it goes past. After you defeat 
    Galahad E3, you'll get a life capsule and a Demiseed crest.
    Items to find:
    Star Mine (monster chest)
    Lapis Medal (32000 pts)
    Beast Fang (12000 pts)
    Gorgeous Sword (84000 pts)
    Necklace (45000 pts)
    Go see Peggy and the Sheriff. The Sheriff tells you that the next 
    dungeon is in the Ghost Town to the NE. Peggy gives you a reward 
    of 600B.
    ----4. Dungeon #4 (Ghost Town)
    A singing ghost is blocking the way to the Ghost Town. You'll need 
    to move it before you can go there.
    Go see the travelling peddler in Bronco Village. He finally has 
    something to sell. He has a Crucifix that he'll sell for 300 B. 
    Just the thing for getting rid of ghosts.
    Go show the crucifix to the ghost. It will leave. Now you can go 
    to the Ghost Town. Go north and east around the lake, then north 
    across the bridge.
    The skeletons and ghost in the Ghost Town can't be killed. After 
    all, they're already dead. If you shoot them, they'll crumble for 
    a while, then get back up.
    The houses have staircases to the dungeon below. In order to get 
    to the boss, you'll have to go through the dungeon from the SE 
    house, then to the NE corner and up onto the island.
    The house in the NW corner has a hole you can jump into. You'll 
    need to jump down it to get the 10000 Yen.
    Be sure to get the Iron Glove in the SE corner. A staircase in the 
    SE house is the closest. It will make your punch attacks stronger.
    The boss of the dungeon is Ghost Suzuki. She calls some ghosts. 
    First, shoot all the ghosts. If you have any Blossom Bombs, these 
    work well. Ghost Suzuki has a fit and calls her ultimate weapon, 
    "Mr. Apache #1". Mr Apache #1 will jump, and then spew ice and 
    bombs. Ducking will avoid the ice, but not the bombs. Try to get 
    behind him before he lands, as it's easier to dodge there.
    Items to find:
    Iron Glove
    Blossom Bomb
    200 B
    Gorgeous Sword (84000 pts)
    10000 Yen Note (100000 pts)
    Crystal Ball (50000 pts)
    Goblet (62000 pts)
    Go see the sheriff. He tells you that the next base is in an 
    abandoned mine to the east of the village, but to get there, 
    you'll need to cross the river. The reward for Ghost Suzuki is 
    1000 B
    ---5. Dungeon #5 (Abandoned Mine)
    If you jump in the water, you'll drown. You need to be able to 
    swim if you're going to reach the mine. Go see the peddler. He'll 
    sell you a Scuba Set for 500 B.
    Go east from the village and jump in the river. If you haven't 
    already, go the other side to find 200 B. Swim north. After 
    leaving the river, go west to find 1000 B. Go north to the mine 
    After a few rooms, you'll exit the mine and reenter it through 
    another door. A figure will be blocking the way north. He won't 
    let you through unless you pay the "toll" of 300 B. Finish the 
    rest of the rooms in the area before following him.
    In the next room, he's there again, and wants 600 B this time. Pay 
    it go down to the second level.
    Once of the second level, go west then north to find the Magnum, 
    the last gun upgrade. This can kill many enemies with one shot.
    East of the stairs, the strange man is blocking the door again. 
    Now he wants 1200 B.
    The boss' room is to the east. The strange is there, and finally 
    reveals who he is- Ghost Suzuki! So why did a ghost need all that 
    money? To build a new ultimate weapon, of course. Enter God 
    Suzuking! God Suzuking starts by trying to pound you with hammers. 
    Stay near the center of the robot to avoid the hammers, and shoot 
    at them when they're down. Once both arms are destroyed, he brings 
    out two guns. Shoot at the guns while dodging Suzuking's bullets. 
    When they're detroyed, Suzuking shoots bullets. Find somewhere 
    safe and fire away. Stand just to the side of one of the lanterns 
    and the bullets won't hit you. After you win, Ghost Suzuki vows 
    revenge. After all, ghosts don't die so she has all the time she 
    Items to find:
    Life Capsule
    500 B
    1000 B
    10000 Yen Note (100000 pts)
    Goblet (62000 pts)
    Gold Bar (250000 pts)
    Diamond (300000 pts)
    Go see the sheriff. He says that the next base is in the Wood 
    Tower to the NW. However, there's no way to get there unless you 
    can somehow climb the waterfall. The reward for God Suzuking is 
    1400 B.
    ---6. Dungeon #6 (Wood Tower)
    To get to Wood Tower, you'll need to be able to climb the 
    waterfall. Maybe Gantetsu can help here. Go see Gantetsu in his 
    cave near Red Canyon. He says he'll teach you his ultimate 
    technique, but he can only teach half of it. His brother, Tenkai, 
    can teach you the other half. Tenkai's house is on an island in 
    the SE corner of the map (about where the "Map" sign is). Tenkai 
    will teach you the Invincible Mid-air Uppercut. You can use it to 
    blast your way up the waterfall near the Wood Tower (and any other 
    waterfalls you see, too).
    Go NW from the village, west of Ninja Cave. There are 2 chests 
    containing 200 B to the south, and a chest on a ledge containing a 
    life capsule. To get that, you'll need to drop down onto the ledge 
    from above.
    Go around the ledge to the waterfall. Use the Mid-air Uppercut to 
    climb it. The Wood Tower is in the far NW. There is a chest just 
    south of the tower containing a Star Mine.
    Some rooms in the tower have knives flying around. These can't be 
    destroyed, so dodge them.
    Some of the faces on the wall shoot bullets.
    The Power Hand is on the first floor. This is the last Punch 
    attack upgrade. It's more powerful than both the special punch 
    A room on the 4th floor has holes to drop down from. Use the far 
    west one. You'll drop into a room containing the Silver Mask. Drop 
    through the north hole there and take the stairs to the third 
    A monster chest else where on the 4th floor has an extra life.
    The Boss of the dungeon is the Pretty Fighter Sisters, Sally (in 
    red) and Marie (in blue). First you fight Sally, then Marie. Both 
    shoot fire balls. Just dodge and shoot back. It's not a hard 
    Did you notice the door to the north? Go back there after beating 
    Sally and Marie and there will be a staircase to the roof. There 
    is a monster chest containing some Star Mines there.
    Items to find:
    Power Hand
    Blossom Bomb (monster chest)
    500 B
    Gold Bar (250000 pts)
    Silver Mask (600000 pts)
    Star (500000 pts)
    Diamond (300000 pts)
    Go see the Sheriff. He's talking with your father. The Sheriff is 
    talking about how you're getting rid of the Demiseeds, and your 
    father is happily basking in your reflected glory.
    The Sheriff says that the next base is the Stone Tower, to the NE. 
    The reward for Sally and Marie is 2000 B.
    ---7. Dungeon #7 (Stone Tower)
    When you leave the Sheriff's office, Sayla is waiting for you. She 
    wants to talk to you. Follow her over to the river. She asks if 
    you're not the real you. The real you wasn't this strong, and was 
    too much of a space-cadet to do anything useful. But she felt 
    happy being around you, and she doesn't feel that any more. Before 
    you or Zero can answer, a man comes out from behind the tree. He 
    introduces himself as Baron Takayama, and kidnaps Sayla. He tells 
    you that if you want her back, you'll have to go to the Stone 
    Go through the forest toward the Ghost Town, then go north. The 
    Stone Tower is to the NE. But before you go there, go west to find 
    a chest containing 500 B. Keep going and you'll end up over the 
    Ninja Cave. There is a chest there containing a life capsule. East 
    of the tower is a chest containing some Star Mines.
    The barrier blocking the Stone Tower should be shut off now.
    In B1 of the tower, there is a stone pillar blocking one of the 
    doors. If you examine it, it will come to life and attack. Defeat 
    the stone giant and go through the door. There is a red chest in 
    the next room. There is a fairy inside it. She'll give you some 
    special clothes for finding her. The one on the left raises your 
    defense. The one of the right raises your attack power. You can 
    only pick one.
    The lightning balls flying around some of the rooms can't be 
    destroyed. Just dodge them.
    Baron Takayama is on the roof of the tower. He knows that "you" 
    are really Zero from the Galactic Police. Sayla is shocked, but 
    reluctantly runs away.
    Baron Takayama swoops back and forth through the air, shooting 
    bullet at you. Ducking will dodge the bullets. He brings out 
    progressively more powerful guns, until finally he brings a missle 
    launcher. As powerful as the missle are, they don't reach to the 
    back of the tower. Stand there and fire at will. After destroying 
    the missle laucher, Baron returns with a laser cannon. 
    Unfortunately, it doesn't work, and explodes.
    Items to find:
    Attack Clothes or Defense Clothes
    Clown (708000 pts)
    Star (500000 pts)
    Silver Mask (600000 pts)
    Gold Madk (1200000 pts)
    After beating Baron Takayama, you take Sayla back to the village. 
    The Sheriff is very grateful, and you father is still enjoying the 
    reflected glory. The Sheriff figures that with 7 bosses gone, the 
    Demiseeds are finished, but you tell him you have to get rid of 
    the real boss. Sayla thanks you and asks if the real you is okay. 
    She must have liked Zero's answer, because she gives you a kiss!
    Go see Peggy for the 3000 B reward.
    ---8. Dungeon 8 (Suspicious Mountain)
    Go see the peddler. He is impressed by your progress and gives you 
    the Acension Bomb. There's only one, so be careful with it!
    Corobucci has started selling bombs from his store.
    Go see Garo by the Meeting Tree. He's finally found a way to get 
    to Demi's main base. Using the ship's microenergy power plant, 
    he's souped up Robaton. Robaton should be powerful enough now that 
    he can warp through Demi's force field to the base.
    Go kill stuff until you get a carrot. Now when you pick up the 
    carrot, Robaton will ask if you want to go to Demi's base. If you 
    say yes, you'll warp to the mountain in the center of the map.
    There's not much here, but you'll have to fight some of the bosses 
    you encountered earlier again. The good news is that they haven't 
    gotten any stronger, so if you've gotten all the weapon upgrades, 
    they're a piece of cake. Miracle 5 is first. Brazilmaru is second 
    (he decides to go to space and become the "Ultimate Space Ninja" 
    after you beat him). Galahad E3 is third. This time, Galahad 
    shoots missles while the heads are inside the shell. The Pretty 
    Fighter Sisters are fourth. You'll have to fight both at once this 
    After fighting the Sisters, you'll come to the top of the 
    mountain. Go west to find 3 extra lives, and east to find a Meat. 
    Now go into Demi's tower.
    Demi is in the back. No, the cool-looking machine isn't Demi. Demi 
    is another of the tiny aliens. As Demi does the usual you'll-
    never-escape-alive villain schpiel, you take out the Acension Bomb 
    and throw it at her.
    Demi is charred, but still alive. She throws a fit and sics her 
    machine on you (after turning on the lights and music). It's only 
    at 70% power thanks to the bomb, but she thinks its enough to 
    defeat you.
    First, attack the robot's claws. If they fly out to the side, that 
    means they're attacking from the side, so duck. Next, spinning 
    blades. In addition to flying in from the side, it can also shoot 
    blades at you. If both arms stop moving near the body of robot, 
    it's about to shoot. Ducking won't work, so be prepared to shoot 
    fast. Next, the body blows up and the head attacks. It shoots 
    spikes. Once you destroy the head, Demi is captured.
    With Demi gone, the base starts to crumble. Robaton warps in and 
    takes you out. The resulting earthquake is eve felt in Bronco 
    Village. Sayla runs off to see if you're okay. You run into her at 
    the Meeting Tree (literally). Zero leaves your body and returs to 
    the ship. Robaton is exciting to finally be leaving, but Zero 
    tells him he has to stay as punishment for disobeying orders. 
    Maybe they'll come to get him once all of Demi's bases are 
    destroyed, in about 50 years. Zero and Garo leave, and the real 
    you wakes up with no memory of what happened since meeting Zero.
    Congradulations! You have finished Gunman's Proof!

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