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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CMori

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    Emerald Dragon Walkthrough
    Version 1.5 - 12/19/2001
    by Carlos Satoshi Mori (csmori@hotmail.com)
       This is a walkthrough for Emerald Dragon, a game released for the Super
    Famicom (SFC) in 1995. I decided to write this because I remember this game
    from my MSX playing days, and I was pleased to see it was ported to other
    systems, such as the PC Engine - and the SFC, of course.
       Please keep in mind that this walkthrough is only a poor substitute of the
    actual game experience: I recommend that you play this game your own way, and
    only resource to this document in case you're really stuck, or want to see if
    there's anything left to do after you finish the game. This FAQ can be a big
       Also, I should already tell you this game is text-intensive, and those who
    don't have any knowledge of japanese may have a hard time figuring things out
    even in this FAQ. I do make use of japanese text here, so if you're unable to
    see japanese text, you'll see only some garbage text at some points.
    LEGAL STUFF (what people use to call Disclaimer)-----------------------------
       (Let's keep it short) This document copyright 2001 Carlos Mori. No one is
    allowed to change this document, in any way, without my express permission.
    No one is allowed to sell this document, nor use it as a gift or as a
    promotional tool of any kind.
       As of this version (1.5), the only website allowed to publish this file is
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) - its publishing is strictly forbidden for any
    other sites. Similarly, this document can't be reproduced, even partially, in
    any other kind of media, including magazines or guides.
       The game Emerald Dragon is copyright 1995 MediaWorks, Glodia and 
    LightStaff. Super Famicom is a trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd.
    TABLE OF CONTENTS------------------------------------------------------------
     I    - Gameplay Details
               1 - Basic Controls
               2 - Menus
               3 - Battle
               4 - Dragon Attacks
     II   - Characters
     III  - Items
               1 - Regular Items
               2 - Story-Related Items
     IV   - Equipment
               1 - Weapons
               2 - Shields
               3 - Suits and Armors
               4 - Helmets
     V    - Walkthrough
     VI   - Help Needed
     VII  - Contact Information
     VIII - Version History
     IX   - Credits
    GAMEPLAY DETAILS-------------------------------------------------------------
       Just some information for those that may be clueless about the basic
    functions of the game...
    1 - Basic Controls
       These are the basic moves you can perform on this game. Keep in mind not
    all controls can be performed from the beginning; they need to be learned or
    you need to obtain some item to be able to perform them.
     Directional Pad - moves your character or the cursor
     A Button        - select/confirm selection
     B Button        - cancel selection/exits menus
     X Button        - calls menus
     Y Button        - not used in this game
     L Button        - not used in this game
     R Button        - calls World Map
     Select Button   - not used in this game
     Start Button    - not used in this game
    2 - Menus
       Pressing the X button at any moment calls the main menu of the game. These
    are the options in this menu:
     状態 (Condition)  - Allows you to see the stats of each character, like his/
                         her strenght and equipment.
     相談 (Discussion) - The party characters discuss the current situation among
                         themselves. This may remind you of your next mission, in
                         case you forgot or wasn't paying attention.
     道具 (Means)      - An 'item' menu. When you select this, you're presented a
                         sub-menu with two choices:
         ツール   (Tools) - The items you can use at your will, and all pieces of
                            equipment nobody is wearing at the moment. Choose the
                            item you want to use and press A. The game'll ask you
                            whether you wish to use it or discard it (in case you
                            chose an equipment, it'll ask whether you want to see
                            its stats or discard it).
         アイテム (Item)  - Displays the story-related items you have. You're not
                            allowed to do anything with most of them.
     装備 (Equipment)  - Allows you to equip your characters with whatever pieces
                         of equipment you have at the moment.
     MAP               - Calls the World Map. Same as pressing the R button.
     設定 (Settings)   - Allows you to configure certain aspects of the game.
         文字速度 (Text Speed)   - Set the text speed to high, medium or low.
         歩行速度 (Walk Speed)   - Set the speed you walk (fast, medium or slow).
         隊列順序 (Team Order)   - Order the characters within your team.
         攻撃態勢 (Attack Formation) - Set your team battle formation.
         背景     (Background)   - Choose a background to this screen.
         サウンド (Sound)        - Set the sound to stereo or monaural.
     記録 (Record)     - Save or load the game.
       While in battle, pressing X calls a different menu: the battle menu. These
    are the options available in it:
               Item                Instructions        Run Away
               Dragon              Defense             Anime ON/OFF
     道具      (Item)          Use an Item. Simply choose an item, and choose who
                               you want to use it in.
     命令      (Instructions)  Give any of the other team characters instructions
                               on which enemy to attack now. Choose the character
                               you want to instruct, then the enemy you want him/
                               her to attack. Notice that none of your characters
                               will come out of his/her own characteristics (i.e.
                               Tamryn does not usually attack, so ordering her to
                               attack this or that enemy will not make her a more
                               aggressive character).
     逃げる    (Run Away)      Try to make your party escape the battle.
     ドラゴン  (Dragon)        Makes Atorushan use a Dragon Attack. Details on it
                               in the "Dragon Attacks" section.
     防御      (Defense)       Makes Atorushan to take a defensive position until
                               the next turn. In this defensive position, he will
                               sustain lower damages than he normally would.
     アニメON  (Anime ON/OFF)  Switches battle animations 'on' and 'off'. Turning
                               animations 'off' should be nice to save some time,
                               but in practice there is little difference between
                               these two modes.
    3 - Battle
       In this game, battles are pretty simple: the order of your party indicates
    the order your characters move - that is, the first character in your team is
    always the first one to move; the second character moves next, and so on.
       The blue bar above the battlefield is the 'motion' meter: it shows you the
    amount of moves the current character (friend or enemy) has left.
       The only character you can control in battle is Atorushan - all others are
    Non-Player Characters (NPCs). On Atorushan's turn, a square area will lighten
    up; it's the area he can reach with his current amount of moves, so the light
    square becomes smaller and smaller as he walks around.
       To attack an enemy, just move close to the enemy and push yourself against
    him (i.e. if the enemy's above you, press up; if he's below you, press down).
    Attacking spends moves, and the stronger the weapon you're equipped with, the
    more your blue bar gets reduced with a single attack.
       At any moment of any of your characters' turns (not only Atorushan's), you
    can call the battle menu (described in the previous section), and make use of
    any of its options (except the "Dragon" and "Defense" commands; they can only
    be used during Atorushan's turn).
       As mentioned before, all other characters on your party are NPCs, and each
    of them has his/her own 'style' of actions on their own turns. The motion and
    attack patterns of each character is described in the "Characters" section.
    4 - Dragon Attacks
       Dragon Attacks are (probably) the single, most effective attack available.
    These consist of Atorushan reverting to his original dragon form, in order to
    launch a powerful strike with the help of the Emerald Graces. The attack used
    varies according to the Emerald Grace chosen.
       To use these attacks, Atorushan must be in good conditions (at least about
    85 to 90% of his max HP), otherwise you will just receive a message saying he
    does not have enough HP. Also, after using one of these attacks, his HP drops
    considerably, a consequence of the curse cast against any dragons in Ishburn.
    Dragon attacks can only be used once per battle.
       These are the Dragon Attacks Available:
    Silver Scale           When Atorushan transforms, a round area appears around
                           him. All enemies receive a regular physical attack (of
                           about 100HP damage on each enemy) and then all enemies
                           (within the forementioned white circle) get burned and 
                           receive another damage of about 100HP.
    Purple Dragon Crystal  Atorushan transforms, and each of the enemies gets hit
                           for a damage of about 100HP, like the previous attack,
                           Then, Atorushan launches a crystal attack that damages
                           each enemy for exactly 500HP.
    Golden Fangs           The usual physical attack when he transforms, followed
                           by an attack consisting of a dragon biting each enemy,
                           damaging them for 1000HP.
    Black Dragon's Claw    Again, starts with a physical 100HP damage attack, but
                           after that Atorushan summons a Black Hole, to suck out
                           the enemies. Since this is an "instant kill" move, you
                           should not expect any stronger enemy to be sucked into
                           the hole.
    Red Dragon's Horn      Physical 100 HP attack after transformation  (why do I
                           even bother to write that again and again?), and calls
                           for a fire storm that damages all enemies for 3000HP.
       Notice that the dragon attacks from earlier Emerald Graces tend to consume
    less AP that later ones, but usually the amount of AP used is large enough to
    make Atorushan's turn end. Therefore, it's usually better to spend as much AP
    as possible doing regular slashes at the enemies and only then make use of an
    Emerald Grace.
       For organization sake, I decided to separate the characters in two groups:
    'main' characters and 'other' ones. It doesn't really reflect their relevance
    in the storyline.
    1 - Main Characters
       What differentiates these characters from the other ones is that you'll
    keep them constantly in the game (that is, once they join they'll never leave
    your party). Because of that, they are the only characters that can level up.
    When you access the menu, these characters have an extra line under their
    stats - it's the amount of experience needed to go to the next level.
     Atorushan (Human)
        The human form of Atorushan. Except for the very beginning of the game,
     this is the only character you can control in battle.
        The reason Atorushan came to the humans' land. Your regular wizard kind
     of character: lower stats than warriors, which means she should be left 
     back in battles. In battle, she always focuses in healing whoever needs to
     be healed first, than worry about other things. Usually, her moves aren't
     focused on damaging enemies, but damaging their stats (and increasing yours)
     instead. She makes no physical attacks, except in the beginning of the game.
     When she makes attack spells, she can cause some serious damage, but, again,
     you can't count on her for that.
        Tamryn (and every other healing-able character) heals 300HP at first; 
     when she reaches level 24, she heals 1500HP. At levels 64 and above, she is
     capable of healing a character completely.
    2 - Other Characters
       These characters join and leave your party as the story demands. They can
    not level up - every time they join your team, they have a fixed level, that
    won't change no matter how much you fight, until they leave your party. This
    prevents you from insanely leveling up your entire team, making the game a
    little bit harder.
     Atorushan (Dragon)
     Dragon Tribe Boy/Dragon Tribe Youth
     Level: 1, 3
        The true form of Atorushan, a blue dragon. Can't use any equipment, but
     has power enough to live without it. Of the 'other' characters, he's the
     only one that is player-controlled.
     Level: 6
        Once Chief of the Guard for the king of Elbard, he fell on disgrace and
     now spends his days in the pub... His attack pattern is very common for
     warriors: he just lashes against the closest enemy. In the end, his greatest
     merit is to join you at a time you _really_ need a hand.
     Level: 10
        A rather powerful wizard, and has a daughter he hasn't seen in a while...
     Typical Wizard attack pattern (heal, then _may_ consider attacking), similar
     to Tamryn's. However, he tends to use offensive spells a little more often 
     than Tamryn.
     Level: 17, 53, 90
        Prince of Elbard (and hates to be called by his title), and a not-very-
     discrete womanizer. Just like every other swordsman, although visually his 
     attacks are a bit more stylish. In addition, later weapons for him have the
     merit of spending a relatively low amount of AP, which allows him to attack
     many more times per turn.
     Level: 15, 28, 33, 80
        A monk of Elbard, has some feelings towards Hathram, and tends to 
     respect him more than Hathram'd like her to. She has a quite unique battle
     style: she's capable of using spells (mainly cure ones), but also can make 
     use of weapons, which makes her a pretty useful member of your party.
     Level: 18, 28
        The son of the Dardwa Forest Village leader. With him, you're able to 
     find your way inside Dardwa Forest. He's an archer, which means his HP is 
     smaller than those of the warriors. However, because he doesn't need to 
     approach the monsters, he's usually able to attack lots of times per turn.
     Level: 35, 45
        The leader of the Resistance. A basic swordsman, although he can use
     some heavier weapons. Either way, his attack style is the same as every
     Level: 41
        The son of Julius, the legendary Hero of the Fire, and one of Hoslow's
     most trusted soldiers. For what you care, he's pretty much the same as
     Hoslow, and joins you at a time you really need an extra swordsman.
     Level: 60, 86
        The world-famous Hero of the Wind. Just like Yaman, he can attack from a
     distance, which helps a lot. His handicap is most of the equipment available
     for him reduces his stats, otherwise he'd be plain awesome.
     Level: 60
        A great doctor, and not a bad warrior either: he's kind of an archer type
     of fighter, except he tosses a scalpel around (!). He's not able to heal 
     (is he actually a doctor?), but has a healthy tendency to cast a spell that
     makes your guys invulnerable. I tend to consider him an improved version of 
     Falna - too bad he doesn't heal.
       These are the items you can use during the game. Notice not all items may
    be here - this list will be completed as the walkthrough progresses.
    1 - Regular Items
     ヒールポーション (Heal Potion)     $10 - Restores 120HP of one character
     ハイポーション   (Hi-Potion)      $120 - Restores 1200HP of one character
     テント           (Tent)            $40 - Fully restores all your party's HP
                                              (can't be used in battle)
     ワイン           (Wine)            $50 - Restores 500HP of one character
     ワラムルのくすり  (Waramuru's      $100 - Heals one character's HP completely
     ヒール・ジン     (Heal Gin)     $10000 - Heals one character's HP completely
     ミコのかたみ     (Sorcerer's           - Heals Atorushan completely
     クリアポーション (Clear Potion)   $180 - Heals one character's status
                                              (i.e. mute, paralyzed)
     スリープ・ジン   (Sleep Gin)      $500 - Puts enemies to sleep
     クラッシュルビー (Crash Ruby)    $5000 - 500HP damage to all enemies
     ニンフのキノコ   (Nymph Mushroom) $200 - Intelligence + 80 for one battle
     パワー・ナッツ   (Power Nuts)     $200 - Attack + 100 for one battle
     プロテクグラス   (Protec Glass)   $200 - Defense + 500 for one battle
     サソリのたまご   (Scorpion Egg)   $200 - Max HP + 100 for one battle
     ウエストウインド (West Wind)      $200 - Agility + 80 for one battle
     ソルトフラワー   (Salt Flower)    $200 - Point + 15 for one battle
     プラチナ         (Platina)       $4000 - Not available in stores; you can
                                              sell it for money ($2000)
     ダイヤモンド     (Diamond)      $20000 - Like the Platina, you can sell it
                                              for money ($10000)
     ラーのはね       (Rah's Wing)        - - A story-related item, actually
     ワ・インテル     (Wa-Intel)          - - Intelligence + 50 (permanently)
     ワ・パワー       (Wa-Power)          - - Strenght + 50 (permanently)
     ワ・プロテク     (Wa-Protec)         - - Defense + 200 (permanently)
     ワ・ライフ       (Wa-Life)           - - Max HP + 100 (permanently)
     ワ・クイック     (Wa-Quick)          - - Agility + 50 (permanently)
     ワ・ムーブ       (Wa-Move)           - - Point + 5 (permanently)
     ワ・ハスラム     (Wa-Hathram)   $10000 - Makes Hathram go up to level 90
    2 - Story-Related Items
       These are the story-related items of the game. There isn't much you can do
    with them, but I figured I'd describe them anyway.
     銀のうろこ         (Silver Scale)  - Protects Atorushan from the Ishburn
                                          curse by transforming him into a human.
     紫龍の水晶         (Purple Dragon  - Gives a great sense of transparency 
                         Crystal)         when held in the palm of the hand.
                                          Hold it to the sky and it shines in
                                          seven colors.
     黄金の牙           (Golden Fangs)  - Large as a dagger. How much pain can't
                                          it cause?...
     黒龍の爪           (Black Dragon's - One size smaller than the Golden Fangs.
                         Claw)            Found by the Evil King on Wowolkasha 
     赤龍の角           (Red Dragon's   - Found on the Hellmand Mountain
     龍のカギ           (Dragon Key)    - A shining green stone. It can open the
                                          door of the Dragon Fortress.
     長老の紹介状       (Elder's Note)  - A letter to be given to Barsom.
     角笛               (Horn)          - One of Atorushan's horns, given to 
                                          Tamryn when she returned to Ishburn.
     フラワルドの密書   (Fraward's      - Some kingdom's secrets stolen by Baron
                         Secret Scroll)   Fraward for the Evil Forces.
     地下牢のカギ       (Prison Key)    - The key to Zahma Stronghold underground
                                          prison cells.
     ザーマのカギ       (Zahma Key)     - Zahma Stronghold main key.
     フィトマの指輪     (Fitma's Ring)  - A ring worn by the now gone Fitma.
     バギンの手紙       (Bagin Letter)  - A letter left to you by Bagin.
     レジスタンスの書簡 (Resistance     - A letter from Dap identifying you as 
                         Note)            a friend to the Resistance.
     魔軍兵士の鎧       (Evil Soldier   - An armor of an Evil Forces' soldier.
     前線司令部のカギ   (HQ Key)        - A key to the front door of the Evil
                                          Forces' Front Line HQ in Fworwie.
     手紙               (Letter)        - A letter from Hoslow to the leader.
     ダードワの森の地図 (Dardwa Map)    - A Map of Dardwa Forest.
     アヴェスタ         (Avesta)        - A treasure taken in order to be traded
                                          for Hathram's life...
     死者のカギ         (Key of the     - A key to the city of the dead, given to
                         Dead)            you by Fairy Fuwaru.
     ネックレス         (Necklace)      - Found in a pond south of Hellroad City.
     破魔の矢           (Evil-Breaking  - Given to you by Fushurunum.
                         Arrow)           Can destroy the Evil King's barrier.
     黒水晶             (Black Crystal) - Holds a cursed Hathram inside...
     ある薬草           (A Certain Herb) - Necessary to free Hathram.
     紅の古文書         (Red Ancient    - Contains an extensive overview of the
                         Documents)       sea, for navigation.
     青白の古文書       (Pallid Ancient - Contains the locations of the light
                         Documents)       points inside the dark caves.
     禁断の実           (Forbidden      - Grows inside the Forbidden Cave once
                         Fruit)           every 100 years.
     テレポスタ         (Teleposta)     - An ancient gods' treasure from the 
                                          Sorcerer of the Sea. This power is...?
       I describe here the equipment available for your characters. I'm afraid 
    you can only equip them properly if you know japanese, so I'm writing their
    japanese names here as well. While equipping, keep these rules in mind:
     - The first option in the equipment menu is always "release equipments".
     - Whenever you move the cursor over a piece of equipment, the characters 
       that are moving are those who can equip this item.
     - An arrow pointing up next to the character indicates this particular piece 
       of equipment is better than the current one. An arrow pointing down 
       indicates it's worse, while a dash ("-") indicates the attack or defense 
       power of this equipment is equal to the one you're using.
       'Attack' is the weapon's attack power, 'AP' is the amount of moves this
    weapon consumes each time it's used, 'Defense' is the equipment's defense
    power. 'Point' is the maximum amount of moves (AP) the character has.
    1 - Weapons
     ショートソード         Short Sword           $100  AP=03  Attack + 15
     ノーマルソード         Normal Sword          $200  AP=04  Attack + 32
     ロングソード           Long Sword            $600  AP=04  Attack + 53
                                                               Agility - 1
     ブロードソード         Broad Sword          $1500  AP=04  Attack + 78
                                                               Agility - 2
                                                               Point - 1
     バニーのナイフ         Bunny Knife           $100  AP=01  Attack + 82
                                                               Intelligence + 10
                                                               Agility + 10
     グレートソード         Great Sword          $4000  AP=05  Attack + 112
                                                               Agility - 5
                                                               Point - 2
     ホーリブレード         Holy Blade           $7000  AP=05  Attack + 146
                                                               Intelligence + 25
     ナイトレイピア         Knight Rapier        $7000  AP=04  Attack + 196
                                                               Intelligence + 2
                                                               Agility + 11
     デーンスレーヤー       Demon Slayer         $9800  AP=06  Attack + 217
                                                               Intelligence + 10
                                                               Agility + 5
     オリハルソード         Orichal Sword       $18000  AP=04  Attack + 250
                                                               Agility + 20
     ソードガラディン       Sword Galadin       $10000  AP=10  Attack + 252
                                                               Intelligence + 5
                                                               Agility + 9
                                                               Point + 20
     ゴッドブレード         God Blade            $8000  AP=06  Attack + 310
                                                               Intelligence + 15
     ファイヤーブレード     Fire Blade          $14980  AP=07  Attack + 350
                                                               Intelligence + 5
                                                               Agility + 5
     プリンスレイピア       Prince Rapier       $16000  AP=04  Attack + 390
                                                               Intelligence + 7
                                                               Agility + 21
     ワラムルのメス         Waramuru's Scalpel       -  AP=05  Attack + 510
     サンダーブリンガー     Thunder Bringer     $35000  AP=07  Attack + 620
     ゲイルレイピア         Gale Rapier         $40000  AP=04  Attack + 630
                                                               Intelligence + 13
                                                               Agility + 25
                                                               Point + 4
     ローヤルレイピア       Royal Rapier             -  AP=05  Attack + 970
                                                               Intelligence + 28
                                                               Agility + 55
                                                               Point + 5
     ヴェンディダード       Vendidard                -  AP=08  Attack + 999
                                                               Intelligence + 72
     スタッフ               Staff                  $80  AP=04  Attack + 30
     バギンのつえ           Bagin's Cane            $2  AP=05  Attack + 50
                                                               Intelligence + 10
                                                               Agility + 7
                                                               Point + 4
     グリールのつえ         Grill Cane           $4000  AP=04  Attack + 87
                                                               Intelligence + 40
     スカル・ロッド         Skull Rod             $100  AP=05  Attack + 98
                                                               Intelligence + 43
     アースのつえ           Earth Cane           $1000  AP=06  Attack + 110
                                                               Intelligence + 45
                                                               Agility + 10
                                                               Point + 6
     マジックロッド         Magic Rod              $10  AP=06  Attack + 590
                                                               Intelligence + 37
                                                               Agility + 28
                                                               Point + 4
     バニーロッド           Bunny Rod             $100  AP=01  Attack + 802
                                                               Intelligence + 82
     ワンドオブアテナ       Wand of Athena           -  AP=00  Attack + 000
                                                               Intelligence + 50
                                                               Agility + 15
                                                               Point + 15
     モーニングスター       Morning Star         $1300  AP=05  Attack + 65
     ウォーハンマー         War Hammer           $3800  AP=06  Attack + 140
     バトルアックス         Battle Axe           $6200  AP=06  Attack + 169
                                                               Agility + 6
     ダイヤハンマー         Diamond Hammer       $9000  AP=07  Attack + 179
                                                               Intelligence + 25
                                                               Agility + 30
     スターアックス         Star Axe             $4500  AP=07  Attack + 208
                                                               Intelligence + 10
                                                               Agility + 23
     トライデント           Trident              $8000  AP=06  Attack + 380
                                                               Intelligence + 3
                                                               Agility + 23
                                                               Point + 4
     ハルバード             Halberd             $32000  AP=07  Attack + 680
                                                               Agility + 42
                                                               Point + 2
     スリング               Sling                 $120  AP=04  Attack + 25
     セルフボウ             Self Bow              $300  AP=06  Attack + 53
     ライトクロスボウ       Light Crossbow        $700  AP=07  Attack + 113
     ロングボウ             Long Bow             $1300  AP=08  Attack + 173
                                                               Agility - 2
     コンポジットボウ       Composite Bow        $3000  AP=09  Attack + 257
                                                               Agility - 3
                                                               Point - 1
     アーバレスト           Albarest             $4900  AP=12  Attack + 360
                                                               Agility - 10
                                                               Point - 12
     サオシュヤントの弓     Saosh'yant's Bow         -  AP=10  Attack + 450
                            (sealed)                           Intelligence + 12
                                                               Agility + 20
                                                               Point - 10
     サギーカッター         Sagii Cutter             -  AP=05  Attack + 777
                                                               Agility + 40
     サオシュヤントの弓     Saosh'yant's Bow         -  AP=10  Attack + 900
                            (un-sealed)                        Intelligence + 15
                                                               Agility + 20
                                                               Point - 7
    2 - Shields
     レザーシールド         Leather Shield         $30  Defense + 10
     かわのてぶくろ          Leather Glove          $10  Defense + 18
     バニーのてぶくろ        Bunny Glove           $100  Defense + 19
                                                        Intelligence + 8
                                                        Agility + 2
     バックラー             Buckler               $150  Defense + 20
     ヒールハープ           Heal Harp                -  Defense + 50
     ハードグローブ         Hard Glove            $280  Defense + 53
     オペのてぶくろ          Operation Glove          -  Defense + 70
     ナイトシールド         Knight Shield        $2000  Defense + 120
     ヒーテルシールド       Heatel Shield        $4200  Defense + 200
     ルーンバックラー       Rune Buckler         $6500  Defense + 310
     シルバーリング         Silver Ring              -  Defense + 420
     ドラゴンシールド       Dragon Shield        $9700  Defense + 620
     プロテスリング         Protes Ring              -  Defense + 800
    3 - Suits and Armors
     レザーアーマー         Leather Armor         $100  Defense + 20
     キルボアール           Kilvoir (?)           $300  Defense + 40
     チェインメイル         Chain Mail            $800  Defense + 80
     ブレストプレート       Breast Plate         $1800  Defense + 120
                                                        Agility - 2
                                                        Point - 1
     マジックプレート       Magic Plate         $10000  Defense + 120
                                                        Intelligence + 5
                                                        Agility - 2
                                                        Point - 1
     プレートメイル         Plate Mail           $4200  Defense + 340
                                                        Agility - 4
                                                        Point - 2
     くれないのレザー        Crimson Leather     $60000  Defense + 430
                                                        Intelligence + 16
                                                        Agility + 21
                                                        Point + 10
     アイアンプレート       Iron Plate           $8000  Defense + 450
     ナイトアーマー         Knight Armor          $500  Defense + 480
     ミスリルチェイン       Mithril Chain       $13000  Defense + 510
     ドラゴンメイル         Dragon Mail         $19800  Defense + 730
     ミスリルプレート       Mithril Plate       $32000  Defense + 820
     サジタリスパッド       Sagitarius Pad           -  Defense + 900
                                                        Intelligence + 38
                                                        Agility + 36
                                                        Point + 30
     アルテミトプレート     Artemite Plate           -  Defense + 980
     ドクターコート         Doctor Coat              -  Defense + 1150
     ローブ                 Robe                   $50  Defense + 18
     シルクのローブ         Silk Robe            $3000  Defense + 38
                                                        Intelligence + 10
                                                        Agility + 6
     レザーローブ           Leather Robe          $190  Defense + 100
                                                        Intelligence + 20
     マジックローブ         Magic Robe           $2000  Defense + 300
                                                        Agility + 28
     バニーのふく            Bunny Cloth           $100  Defense + 515
                                                        Intelligence + 10
                                                        Agility + 5
     バニーローブ           Bunny Robe            $100  Defense + 530
                                                        Intelligence + 50
                                                        Agility + 25
     クリスタルローブ       Crystal Robe             -  Defense + 800
                                                        Agility + 30
    4 - Headgear
     バンダナ               Bandana                $12  Defense + 3
     オープンヘルム         Open Helm             $150  Defense + 15
     ウィンドハット         Wind Hat                 -  Defense + 20
     ワラムルのぼうし       Waramuru's Hat           -  Defense + 30
                                                        Intelligence + 20
     もりのバンダナ         Forest Bandana         $10  Defense + 45
                                                        Agility + 40
     サーリット             Sirlit                $650  Defense + 50
     バニーのぼうし         Bunny Hat             $100  Defense + 82
                                                        Intelligence + 8
                                                        Agility + 2
     マザーリボン           Mother Ribbon         $100  Defense + 85
                                                        Agility + 23
     ヒュージハット         Huge Hat                 -  Defense + 100
     マジックフード         Magic Hood               -  Defense + 150
                                                        Intelligence + 15
     クロースヘルム         Cross Helm           $3000  Defense + 170
     デーモンヘルム         Demon Helm             $10  Defense + 800
                                                        Intelligence - 20
                                                        Agility - 20
                                                        Point -20
     ミスリルヘルム         Mithril Helm         $7500  Defense + 280
     ドラゴンヘルム         Dragon Helm              -  Defense + 300
       Notice my division by 'parts' is based on locations, therefore most of the
    game happens on Part II. Just in case you're wondering how long the game is.
    Part I - Draguria
       You start as (Dragon) Atorushan on the wonderful land of Draguria (that's 
    how they call it). One day, a ship wrecks at Draguria's coast.
       Move north to the cliff, from where you can see the shipwreck. Once you've
    talked to all three dragons, a red dragon will come out of the ship, bringing
    the only survivor of the accident - a little girl. She doesn't even know her 
    own name, but Atorushan hears the voice of the White Dragon (the leader of 
    the dragons) telling him her name is Tamryn.
    Gates of Draguria
       Fifteen years later... You're talking to the White Dragon, and you learn
    that Tamryn left 3 years ago. At that occasion, Atorushan gave her one of his
    horns - if she ever needs help, she could blow the horn and Atorushan'd come
    to save her.
       Atorushan now wants to go after her, but the land of the humans (Ishburn)
    has a curse that kills any dragon there. The White Dragon gives you a key, 
    which opens the treasure room of the dragon fortress. There, you must get the
    Silver Scale, an item that will protect you from the curse.
       Enter the newly-opened cave. Walk at the Dragon Picture on the wall: right
    in the center of the wall, there's a small round slot. Walk into it, and you
    will automatically place the Dragon Key in, opening the door.
       The cave has some dead ends, but the way to the silver scale is still very
    obvious. The enemies here so much weaker than you you shouldn't have problems
    beating them - but since you can't get any money or exp out of these battles,
    fighting is kinda pointless.
       The Silver Scale is on a green altar - just approach it to pick it up. As
    soon as you get the scale, the White Dragon tells Atorushan to hit his own
    chest with the scale. He does it, and turns into a human - that's the way to
    protect yourself from the curse. In the pedestal, there are also weapons: you
    receive a Short Sword, Leather Armor, Leather Shield and $200.
       You'll be teleported out of the cave. Talk to the White Dragon, and you
    will automatically step into the teleporting pad, which will lead you to
    Part II - Ishburn
       While flying over Ishburn, you get to see a fortification being conquered,
    and you land near the place you heard Tamryn blowing the horn, The White
    Dragon also sends you a map - now, you can use the R button to see it. The
    arrow points the place you should go next. Go to the marked place - it is a
    Urwan City
       First, go north and talk to a man in a white coat and brown hat. He'll ask
    if you're planning to fight the evil army. Answer that you do (first option)
    and he will give you $100. The purple-haired girl standing in front of the
    weapon shop asks the same, and gives you a Heal Potion if you answer the
    first option again.
       Talk to everyone - you will receive information about Tamryn, among other
    things. The top left house is the village elder's place. Talk to him (he is
    the old man in green clothes) and he will ask you to go to a temple, in order
    to help a wizard named Bagin (he went there to prevent a creature called 
    Golem from waking up); Tamryn should also be there. You'll be given the 
    choice to ask the old man some questions - just ask the first one. You'll
    request some assistance: the old man gives you a letter (the Elder's Note)
    and tells you to give it to a man named Barsom at the local bar - you also
    get $200.
       Go to the bar, and talk to the man with brown hair - that's Barsom. You
    automatically give him the letter, and he joins you upon reading it. Get
    yourself some healing items (always try to keep a nice stock of items) and
    now you can go to the temple, just north of Urwan (follow the map).
    Temple on the Praying Hill
       Barsom knows how to open an entrance to the temple. Once you're inside, he
    notices a smell of dead meat... of those who came here before. After fighting
    the zombies, Barsom tells you to be careful, as he has a bad feeling about
    the next corridor. However, Atorushan sees Tamryn's Blow Horn in the floor,
    runs to get it, and falls into a trap.
       Atorushan falls into a cell, and finds Tamryn trapped there as well!  She
    has no idea who the hell she's talking to, and Atorushan says she'll soon 
    find out who is he. As Atorushan crashes the cell door open, Tamryn joins 
    your party.
       Once out of the cell, go to the other cell in order to get a Bandana. 
    Notice that, in this game, dead ends often have trasure chests in it - I 
    won't describe the locations of every chest, so exploring on your own is a 
    good idea, unless I specifically tell you not to. Get out of the cell and go 
    upstairs through the top of the screen.
       Upstairs, you'll soon rejoin with Barsom. Leave by the door on top of the
    screen after you get all chests in the room. The door doesn't open, but 
    Tamryn can feel a great power behind it - the Golem is waking up! Atorushan
    reverts into his dragon shape to open the door (at which moment Tamryn at 
    last realizes he's Atorushan), and falls to the ground afterwards, weakened:
    the curse cast over Ishburn prevents dragons from surviving.
       Enter the now open door. Inside, Bagin is using his power to hold the
    Golem. He asks you whether you can fight the Golem - the first answer means
    'yes', the second goes for 'no'. If you're ready to fight him, just answer
    'yes', and Bagin will give you a Crash Ruby and join your group before 
    letting the Golem out.
     Boss: Golem----------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Not very hard... First, focus on the BeanBalls (the spiked balls), in  |
    | order to kill them before they become too much of an annoyance. After     |
    | that, it's just a matter of beating the hell out of Golem. He shouldn't   |
    | last very long - Besides, having Tamryn and Bagin with you, you don't     |
    | need to worry much about your HP, especially after killing the BeanBalls. |
    |                                                                           |
       Bagin decides to stick with you, since you're willing to fight the Evil
    Forces. Now, you must go back to Urwan to report the Golem's destruction to 
    the village elder. However, as you leave the Temple, you find a girl who 
    tells you Urwan was attacked by the Evil Forces. Return to Urwan.
    Urwan City (again)
       The Evil Forces have already left, and killed everyone in town (except the
    bartender and the shop keepers; they apparently hid behind their counters).
    Now, refill your items, if necessary, and go to Elbard Castle, to report what
    happened to the King (again, follow the map).
    Elbard Castle
       The man standing in front of the inn offers you a chariot service: you can
    go immediately to any town you already visited by paying him $100. He'll be 
    in several cities around the world.
       The bottom left house is a colosseum. You can fight here by talking to the
    guy behind the counter. There are three levels to these fights: 'Beginner' 
    level requires a $100 bet; 'Normal' takes $200 and the 'Special' level takes
    $1000. You get no exp for these fights, but you collect the money for killing
    the enemies and twice the amount of money you bet.
       This city also has a casino. Inside, there's only one thing you can do: go
    talk to the girl in a blue bunny suit, appropriately called Bunny Blue. She's
    the youngest of five Bunny sisters in casinos around the world, and you can 
    play a game with her for $100.
       Bunny Blue's game is kind of a whack-a-mole game: you have to put your 
    cursor over the pictures of Evil King Garusia (the blue monster) and push A
    to hit them before Bunny Blue does it. Hitting Garusia's picture gives you 1
    point, and hitting Tamryn's picture makes you lose 1 point. Scoring 15 points
    wins this game, and gives you a Bunny Hat - a very good piece of equipment.
       Go to the Bar, and talk to the bartender. Barsom will tell you his story
    over a bottle... basically, he caught Baron Fraward stealing some of the 
    kingdom's secrets and was kicked out of the castle for having found it out.
    Now, your group offers to go with him to get the Baron.
       Buy yourself some new equipment. The armor shop is running a bargain sale;
    prices are as usual, but if you buy something from him, you get a free Heal 
    Potion. Anyway, I recommend you don't get carried away when buying equipment
    - in this game, money is probably the greatest constraint, since it's pretty 
    easy to level up Atorushan and Tamryn, and you'll usually be able to carry on
    with slightly outdated equipment.
       Once you're ready to fight, go to the house above the bar, and talk to the
    guard on the door. Defeat him, and enter the house. Inside, fight all the 
    soldiers, and explore all rooms to get a Kilvoir, a Heal Potion and $100.
    Eventually, you'll reach a large room with two tables on the top left corner.
    There's a scroll on one of the tables. Use a Tent, if your HP is low, and 
    pick the scroll up: those are kingdom secrets the Baron stole for the Evil
       The Baron catches you, and now is time to fight him:
     Boss: Baron Fraward--------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Have your party members focus on the Evil Knights, and use your Dragon |
    | attack to weaken all enemies (they all should approach you when the fight |
    | begins). Once the Knights are out, focus on Fraward. You'll only have     |
    | problems here if too many Knights survive the first round - they are      |
    | likely to attack only Atorushan.                                          |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Even when alone, Fraward can be a tough opponent, as his attacks can   |
    | take a lot of HP from your people, so don't be shy about using Heal       |
    | Potions.                                                                  |
    |                                                                           |
       With Fraward defeated, a second group of soldier arrive, but Bagin uses 
    his influence to get a meeting with the king, and uses Fraward's Secret 
    Scroll to prove his guilt. Now, Barsom's name is clean, so he'll stay at the
    castle. You'll be joined by Prince Hathram and Monk Falna, as they wish to 
    fight the Evil Forces. Now, you're going north to meet with Sada, one of the
    king's soldiers.
       Before leaving, take some time to look around the castle: you can get a 
    Silk Robe on the king's bedroom. Refill on items and follow the map to the
    next city.
    Sada's Stronghold
       Talk to the guard, and he'll let you in. Remember to pick up the Leather
    Glove on the chest in the roof. Inside, enter the room to talk to Sada. He'll
    brief you into their plans. There's a fortress northeast to your current 
    position, from which the Evil Forces are attacking southwards. This fortress
    is controlled by a guy named Ostracon and one of his minions, Barago. Since
    Ostracon has left the fortress in order to fight the Resistance, Barago is 
    left alone, giving you an opportunity to stage a counter-strike.
       Because they were only waiting for Hathram to arrive, the operation starts
    immediately. Go to the fortress.
    Zahma Stronghold
       It looks like a trap, but you're getting in anyway - Sada's already in. 
    Let the soldiers ram the door open, and follow them. Downstairs, you'll see 
    the soldiers being captured - fight the enemy soldiers left, and you'll get 
    the Prison Key.
       On the lowest floor, enter the prison cells - the captured soldiers are 
    there, as well as a Nymph Mushroom and a Chain Mail. Go up the stairs at the
    bottom left corner, and you'll meet with Sada. He followed Barago's forces
    to this place, but can't go any further without a Prison Key - it's up to you
       There are four prison cells in this floor. You cannot enter the top right 
    cell right now - you need a different key for it. Check the top left and 
    bottom right cells for items and cash, then get into the bottom left cell to
    meet Barago.
     Boss: Barago---------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    The Steelmen and Cobolts aren't that tough, but with Barago they can   |
    | hurt you good, so focus on them while you let your friends take Barago    |
    | (good time for a Dragon attack). Barago's attacks can damage a lot, but   |
    | he doesn't attack many times per turn, so this one should be easier than  |
    | the last.                                                                 |
    |                                                                           |
       After beating Barago, you receive a Zahma Key. Leave the cell and talk to 
    Sada. Hathram will use the Zahma Key to open the main gate, and than ask 
    Atorushan whether they should give Sada the key. Say you want to keep it a 
    little longer (the second option), and use the key to open the top right cell
    and get a Broad Sword. After that, talk to Sada, give him the key (the first 
    option) and he'll tell you to go southwest, into Gildeel City.
    Gildeel City
       There's a casino on the top right corner of the city. There you can play 
    against Bunny Yellow for $500. Her game is a slot machine game: she tells 
    you the name of a character and you have to make this specific character 
    appear completely on the slots (for non-japanese readers, the problem is to
    know which character she's asking for...). Winning this game grants you a 
    Bunny Glove.
       Go to the bar and talk to the bartender: he'll speak about a place to the
    north, Ovingston Cave. It's said that the place has dragon spirits within;
    after hearing that, Bagin wishes to investigate the place. Do any shopping
    you need to do and go there by following your map.
    Ovingston Cave
       Approach the boulder blocking the entrance and Bagin will destroy it with
    a fireball. Not long after you enter the cave, Bagin starts to feel tired and
    sits around to rest - move on without him.
       On the next screen, the scorpions are very annoying, so always focus on 
    killing them first. You can get a Great Sword in a chest on the bottom right 
    corner of the screen, and as soon as you try to reach the upper side of the 
    screen you'll find a skeleton. It has a ring on its finger; Falna will take 
    it and see the name on it - Fitma. She decides to keep the ring with herself.
    The path to the next screen is straightforward.
       On this screen, there are three exits. First, take the chests on the top
    exits, then go to the bottom one. You'll reach an underground lake.
       A dragon comes out of the lake, and he starts to make the ground shake, as
    he really doesn't want humans bothering him. Atorushan asks him whether he is
    the Emerald Dragon, so the dragon stops attacking - no human is supposed to 
    know this name. Once he finds out Atorushan is a dragon too, he becomes a bit
    more receptive.
       When Atorushan asks him for help to destroy the Evil Forces, he tells him 
    he is actually the Silver Dragon, the one who created the Silver Scale 
    Atorushan is using. Emerald Dragon (the most powerful dragon) is dead, but
    the Silver Dragon tells you to search the Emerald Graces, powerful dragon-
    created treasures scattered around the world. There are five Emerald Graces:
    the Silver Scale, the Purple Dragon Crystal, the Golden Fangs, the Black 
    Dragon's Claw, and the Red Dragon's Horn.
       It's said that once the Emerald Graces are gathered, both humans and 
    dragons would see a miracle... And once their powers are released, the evil
    and its creatures would have no fate.
       Return to the entrance of the cave. Once there, you find out Bagin has 
    left, leaving only his cane (Bagin's Cane). Return to Gildeel to see whether
    he is there.
    Gildeel City (for the second time)
       Talk to the bartender again. He'll tell you Bagin was there, but already
    left, towards Slosh Cave - let's go there and try to find him.
    Slosh Cave
       The entrance to the cave seems to have been opened by Bagin's magic. Going
    alone onto a cave isn't like him, but you can't worry about this now. Inside
    the cave, the signs on the walls basically explain you can only cross through
    the red stones.
       Do as the signs say: whenever you face a line of stones, cross through the
    red ones - stepping on the blue stones will cause the dragon statues to flare
    you back to the beginning. Notice that there are chests in every corner of 
    the room; your main goal is the top center of the room, where there's yet 
    another chest. Inside you'll find a letter from Bagin.
       Bagin explains that, 20 years ago, he went into Ovingston Cave with a
    close friend in order to get the Purple Dragon's Gem (the Purple Dragon 
    Crystal), but they were young and inexperienced. The skeleton you found in 
    Ovingston was Bagin's friend, who died out of Bagin's negligence. And, since 
    the Silver Dragon didn't have the Crystal, he was certain it'd be in Sloth's
       Now, he's going to Dardwa Forest to defeat a monster called Gohmes, which 
    is terrorizing Nanai Village. This is a promise he had made to his friend, 
    and he'll give you the gem as soon as this goal is achieved.
       Falna seems particularly concerned about Bagin... Well, you're going after
    him, but there's an Evil Force post between you and Dardwa Forest, the Arbath
    Stronghold. Leave this cave (you can simply step into a blue stone to be 
    flared to the entrance), and return to Gildeel to figure out a way to cross
    Gildeel City (third time)
       The house above the Bar is Dap's house. The people of the city say he's
    got some secrets (and some say he's a spy), and that he enjoys a good wine, 
    especially the ones of this city. Go to the item shop and buy a wine for $50,
    then go to Dap's house and talk to him.
       When se says he enjoys a good wine, offer him your wine (first option).
    He'll tell you he is a liaison member for the Resistance, and gives you a 
    Resistance Note (choose to take it, it's the first option) - you must give it
    to a man named Hoslow in the bar of Fworwie City. Dap also teaches you how to
    cross the Arbath Stronghold - you can disguise yourself as an evil soldier
    and go through the place easily.
       Go to the item shop again, and choose the first option. The girl will call
    an old man, who will see the Resistance Note and give you the Evil Soldier 
    Armor. Now you can go to the Arbath Stronghold.
       Before entering Arbath, however, you can go southwest from it if you want
    (you don't have to do this). You will reach an altar just like the one you 
    landed on when you came to Ishburn. Step on it and you'll hear a message from
    the White Dragon, telling you where's the Castle of Evil King Garusia. Having
    done this, enter the Arbath Stronghold.
    Arbath Stronghold
       When you enter the place, you automatically wear the Armor. You tell the 
    guards you have a message to Ostracon, and they let you in. Falna won't let
    you enter any of the buildings - after all, there are only more soldiers 
    there, and you're outnumbered. Just keep going down until you reach the exit.
       After you go through the guards on the exit, one of them asks you a 
    question, as they haven't heard anything about you. The first answer will 
    get them to find out about you, and the second answer is 'Run Away!'. Even if
    you fight the soldiers (it's an easy fight), you run away afterwards.
       Because of the fight, the Evil Soldier Armor starts to crumble, and 
    Hathram throws it away (if you didn't fight, Falna throws it out anyway, just
    because it stinks). Go to Fworwie.
    Fworwie City
       There's a colosseum at the bottom left corner of the city. It works the
    same way as the previous one, but the enemies here are tougher (probably too
    tough for you right now). You can buy new equipment for your party, but the 
    weapons are probably too expensive for you now, so save your cash to buy the
       The casino is above the weapon shop. There, you can play against Bunny Red
    for $1000. It's a simple memory card game: just pair up the identical cards.
    Whoever has paired more cards wins the game (notice the picture of the Dragon
    Atorushan is 'lucky': it's worth two points instead of one). The prize for 
    this game is a Bunny Knife.
       Go to the bar and talk to the bartender. You will be given three choices:
    Buy a drink ($20), give him a tip ($50) or come back later. Choose any option
    but the last, give him the money and you'll be able to ask him a series of
    questions. Choose the second question first (you show him you know Dap), then
    ask the remaining questions (do NOT ask him the last one).
       Now, talk to the man blocking the door to the left of the bartender - he
    will let you through. Cross the corridor into the next room, in which you'll
    find Resistance leader Hoslow - talk to him. He hasn't seen Bagin, and before
    you can talk more, you're forced to run out through a secret passage, because
    the Evil Forces are coming.
       You'll come out in a secret room, where you can talk a little more. Hoslow
    doesn't know the Dardwa Forest enough to guide you - only the villagers of
    Dardwa know the place that much. He suggests you go to the entrance to the
    Forest, as you may find a villager there willing to help you.
       Even better, you could ask a village chief - Hoslow tells you Ostracon has
    captured a village chief from near Dardwa, in order to get some secrets from 
    him. Hoslow also asks you to join their suicide corps in an operation against
    the Evil Army.
       Basically, the Resistance has lured the enemies out, and you can take the
    chance to go inside their Front Line Headquarters and save the villager. No
    matter what you answer, you are taking part on this operation. You get a HQ 
    Key to open the door of the building. Talk to the other man walking around 
    the room, and he'll give you a Sleep Gin.
       Leave the Resistance house, and go to the Evil HQ (the big building on the
    top of the city). You'll see no enemies nearby, and enter the place. As soon 
    as you enter, you'll have to fight some soldiers, but no big deal. Talk to
    the bartender, and he'll give you some info so you don't beat him. Go to the
    rightmost door, and check the books to find a document. It's written in some
    weird language... Bagin knew this language well, but Falna knows just a 
    little; all she can pick up is something about the existance of an ancient 
    divine treasure inside Dardwa Forest.
       Leave this room and now enter the leftmost door. Cross the corridor into 
    the next room, in which there is a Morning Star, a new weapon for Falna. 
    Approach the door, and before you get in you'll listen some voices from 
    behind it.
       It's Ostracon, and he's trying to get the village leader to give him some
    information. Ostracon breaks the villager up by threatening to kill all 
    villagers if he doesn't get what he wants. Before the villager says anything,
    Atorushan breaks in and makes a surprise slash attack on Ostracon, managing 
    to hurt him good.
       However, before you can finish Ostracon, one of his minions appears. This
    one is named Elm, and tells Ostracon to run away. Time to fight the second of
    Ostracon's main minions...
     Boss: Elm-------------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                            |
    |    Elm is a quite powerful wizard, and can cast a lightning spell that'll  |
    | hit your entire team. Still, he probably won't cause as much damage as his |
    | men. So, beat his buddies out before anything. When it's just you and him, |
    | things get way too easy: the only attack he makes is the lightining one,   |
    | and it spends way too much AP.                                             |
    |                                                                            |
    |    Just stay close to him and beat him up as much as you can. Because he   |
    | behaves like a wizard (and wizards try to stay away from physical fights), |
    | he'll waste some of his AP by moving away from you. After that, he won't   |
    | have enough to make his attack.                                            |
    |                                                                            |
       Well, Ostracon escaped, but at least you got to save the village leader, 
    who runs away without saying a word to you. Now, get back to Hoslow to tell 
    him you fulfilled the operation goals.
       Hoslow is pleased with what you accomplished, and throws a party to 
    celebrate this victory, but it's interrupted by a messenger: Ostracon is 
    attacking the Elbard Kingdom, and they already managed to kill Sada - now,
    it's just a matter of time before the Zahma Stronghold falls.
       Hathram decides to return to Elbard and help defend it; the rest of the 
    party wants to go along, but Hathram reminds them there are other things to 
    do. Hathram leaves, but your task remains unchanged: find the Nanai Village,
    inside the Dardwa Forest.
       Hoslow gives you a letter to be shown to the village leader, which might
    make him trust you; he also lets you know the Resistance has a secret base
    in a cave to the nrth of Fworwie. Buy whatever items you may need, and move 
    to the forest.
    Dardwa Forest Village
       The village has very little things to do. There's only an item shop and 
    an inn, as well as some houses.
       Enter the bottom right house, and then get into the door at the right side
    of it. The village leader is there, and you give him Hoslow's letter. The
    leader's son, Yaman enters the room. He has heard your conversation and wants
    to help. Yaman joins your party and now you have a guide to get deeper into 
    Dardwa Forest.
    Dardwa Forest - Part I
       With Yaman on your party, you get to know the paths on Dardwa. Notice 
    there's an 'aura' around Yaman, which allows you to see the secret entrance
    to the forest. At this part, the only chest you can find here contains a 
    Platina - all the hidden paths are just shortcuts.
       At a certain point, Yaman will explain to you that Nanai has become a 
    forbidden village. Due to the appearance of Evil King Garusia and mainly to
    the appearance of the monster Gohmes, they decided to seal the entire forest,
    and Nanai with it. Right after this talk, you'll reach Nanai Village.
    Nanai Village
       The top left house is an inn. The bottom left house has a man selling Heal
    Potions for $50 - a rip-off (they usually cost $10), but you have no choice 
    if you're short on potions.
       The woman on the top right house tells you the house in front of hers used
    to belong to a man named Fitma (the one whose ring Falna took, remember?).
    According to this woman, Fitma's huse is now empty, but, if you go there, you
    will find a woman.
       That aside, you also learn from the villagers that Bagin was here, and 
    went to fight Gohmes, just like he said he would. Exit the village by south, 
    and get ready to cross some more woods.
    Dardwa Forest - Part II
       Well, from this point on, there is only one path - even your 'aura' is
    disabled here. Just go on until you reach a mountain. Enter the cave in front
    of it.
    Gohmes' Nest
       Soon after you enter, you meet the monster Gohmes, but it moves away from 
    you. The bones it left behind are quite old, and are probably from a Nanai
    villager, but that's enough to make Falna worry about Bagin. Take the lower
    left path to pick up a Grill Cane, than go back and take the top left path 
    for $100. After that, return and follow the trail Gohmes left behind - do
    not step on his goo, though - it hurts.
       There's a Platina on a chest on the top right path - pick it up before 
    meeting with Gohmes. It'll toss a fireball on you, then run away again. Pick
    a Holy Blade on the top right path before going after Gohmes.
       This time, when you reach Gohmes, it'll dig a new cave to run away from 
    you. The rubble left behind prevents you from taking this path, so you have 
    to backtrack and take a path to the left in order to reach the newly dug way.
       After you find the way to reach Gohmes, you'll reach a large room, with 
    Bagin in it - he fought Gohmes, and lost. At this point, you find out he is 
    Falna's father.
       Before dying, Bagin tells Falna he once was in the Evil Forces. He was 
    wounded in battle, and was saved by Fitma - Falna's actual father. In order 
    to retribute this, Bagin had decided to help Fitma defeat Gohmes, and that's
    the reason they went to Ovingston Cave in the first place.
       Bagin gives his magic powers to Falna, who gets upgraded to level 28. In
    addition, you get the Purple Dragon Crystal, the second Emerald Grace.
       Now, go up a little longer, and you'll find Gohmes once again. The fight
    against Bagin has injured it a lot, and now it's up to you to finish it for 
     Boss: Gohmes---------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    First things first, the level-up Falna got is enough to make her heal  |
    | spell stronger - she now heals 1500 HP instead of 300. Gohmes itself can  |
    | cause some serious damage, so you can't afford to let the other enemies   |
    | live.                                                                     |
    |                                                                           |
    |    The Minotaurus enemies are not that much of a hassle, but the Gas      |
    | Clouds (which actually look more like blobs) can freeze your characters - |
    | frozen characters can't move for a few turns. You can use Clear Potions   |
    | to heal this condition, but you probably don't have many of those.        |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Use your newly-acquired Purple Dragon Crystal to cast a dragon attack  |
    | (use healing items if Atorushan doesn't have enough HP), which should let |
    | all minor enemies nearly dead. Have your team focus on the Gas Clouds     |
    | first, then on the Minotaurs. Alone, Gohmes can't do much damage to your  |
    | staff, and Falna shoud be able to completely heal the HP of any of your   |
    | guys. Actually, after the dragon attack, Yaman alone should be able to    |
    | kill Gohmes quite easily.                                                 |
    |                                                                           |
       With Gohmes taken down, your next worry is about the Evil Forces' attack 
    on Elbard. You'll leave the cave automatically, but you can go inside again 
    if you forgot any chests (and there won't be enemies in the cave anymore).
    Return to Nanai Village.
    Nanai Village (second time)
       Go to Fitma's house (the bottom right one) and talk to the woman in there.
    She's Falna's mother's ghost, and gives Falna a Mother Ribbon before fading
    away. You can sleep in the inn and buy items if you need to; when you're done
    you can leave the village through the north and get out of the forest.
       As soon as you leave the village, Yaman leaves your team. Now, leave the 
    forest (you still can see the secret passages, even though Yaman left); time
    to return and talk to Hoslow, as you're worried about Hathram. The place 
    marked on the map is the resistance's base.
    Resistance Cave
       Talk to Hoslow. Hathram has already returned to Elbard, and you offer to
    help the Resistance; Hoslow accepts, and joins your team. The Resistance 
    forces' next operation aims to take over Arbath: they'll open the gates, and
    you have to break in the stronghold. Refill at Fworwie, if you need to, and 
    move to Arbath.
    Arbath Stronghold (again)
       As planned, infiltrated Resistance members, led by Carshwall, take care of
    the guards at the gate of the stronghold, leaving the rest to you. Go to the
    nearest building and Hoslow will crash the door open; because Carshwall's 
    group is attracting the enemy forces away, the stronghold itself should be 
    relatively empty.
       Enter the building and take the stairs to the underground. There, the path
    is very simple. Take the stairs on the top left corner to reach a chest with 
    a Diamond, then go back; on the bottom right corner, the stairs lead to a 
    High Potion - pick it and go back down.
       In the top of the room, you'll see a door. Cross it to enter a hall, in
    which you'll find Bashita, the third (and last) of Ostracon's minions.
     Boss: Bashita--------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    The most annoying thing about Bashita's army of Living Deads is that   |
    | they can make themselves (and others) invisible. Still, a Purple Dragon   |
    | Crystal attack should kill (or almost kill) all the Living Deads, as well |
    | as reveal their positions so the rest of your team can finish whichever   |
    | ones survive.                                                             |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Bashita's physical attacks are not very strong, but he can also make a |
    | wind attack that may cause problems, especially for Tamryn and Falna, as  |
    | those two have a quite low HP. Just give them some potion if their HP is  |
    | too low. Bashita shouldn't last long, especially if the Living Deads      |
    | didn't make him vanish - if they did, the others won't attack him until   |
    | he is visible again.                                                      |
    |                                                                           |
       With Bashita dead, now you have taken control of the Arbath Stronghold.
    Leave the room, and go to the stairs at the top right corner to meet with the
    rest of the Resistance. While Carshwall's group is going to the Zahma 
    Stronghold, you must go back to Gildeel - Dap has been captured by the Evil
    Gildeel City (yet again)
       The city is deserted... the only person at sight is an Evil Soldier at the
    Bar door. Talk to him and beat him. At the bar, talk to the bartender. He'll
    tell you about Dap, but before you get to talk too much, you hear a voice 
    from outside the bar, saying they know the Resistance is here, and that they
    should show up at the city plaza, unarmed.
       Go to the city plaza to find Dap tied to a tree; talk to him, and he'll 
    tell you it's a trap (you saw that coming, didn't you?). Too late: a bunch of
    soldiers surround you, and attack.
     Boss: Gildeel Knight-------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Okay, this isn't much of a boss fight. The most troublesome enemy here |
    | is the Tsujigiri (the blue knight), who can cast a 'mute' spell on your   |
    | characters. If it hits Atorushan or Hoslow, no problem, but if it hits    |
    | Tamryn or Falna, they won't be able to heal unless you use a Clear Potion |
    | on them.                                                                  |
    |                                                                           |
    |    That aside, because there's a fair amount of enemies, you may get some |
    | serious damage. Kill the Tsujigiris first (a dragon attack is useful,     |
    | unless someone else on your group is too weak, in which case you should   |
    | let him her receive the healing first), and focus on the Knight - let     |
    | Hoslow beat the War Orcs. The Gildeel Knight shouldn't last long at all.  |
    |                                                                           |
       Dap is weakened, but a bottle of wine put him back up on his feet easily.
    He heard that Ostracon attacked Elbard, and that Hathram was captured - and
    likely killed. Still, you don't have time to worry about that: you have to go
    to the Zahma Stronghold, but first go to the shops to see the new stuff for 
    sale (most of the new items are probably too expensive for you, though). Talk
    to the kid in front of the bar, and he'll give all his money to help the 
    cause of the Resistance: $1000! Go to the Zahma Stronghold.
    Zahma Stronghold (second time)
       As you enter, the only person you see is a Resistance member named Tomas.
    He'll tell you Carshwall's forces arrived here and found the place empty, so
    Carshwall and the rest of the group went inside the stronghold, as the gate 
    is closed. Tomas was the only one left behind and now he doesn't know whether
    Carshwall is okay or not.
       Enter the stronghold. Ignore the cells (there's nothing new there), and go
    downstairs. When you reach the three cells, enter the rightmost one to find 
    an enemy soldier. Talk to him, and he'll ask you whether you want to know 
    what he's doing there. No matter what you answer, he'll ask whether you want
    to hear what he has to say. Again, no matter what you answer, you have to 
    fight him - he's only going to tell you if you defeat him.
       He's a very easy fight - the Purple Dragon Crystal Attack should leave him
    and his Wizards nearly dead. After you beat him, he'll tell he heard Ostracon
    would be waiting for your party at Fraward's mansion, at Elbard (the place 
    you fought Baron Fraward, remember?).
       The soldier will ask you whether you understood it or not - if you answer 
    'no' (first choice), he'll repeat it. Answer that you understood (second 
    choice), and he'll tell you his mission is complete, and ask you if you're 
    willing to let him run away. The first answer is 'yes', the second is 'no'.
       If you don't let him go, you have to fight him again; if you do let him 
    run away, he'll leave, but will attack you as soon as you exit the cell (he 
    doesn't want to return to Ostracon defeated). Either way, the battle is the 
    same: he's a little bit stronger than before, but is still quite easy. When
    you win, you get the Zahma Key back.
       Keep going until you're out of the building. Outside, you can use the 
    Zahma Key to open the right side gate. Carshwall is waiting for you at the
    other side. He's been to Elbard, but didn't see any trace of Ostracon there.
    Anyway, he's staying there to take care of whatever may happen at Zahma, and
    you are going to Elbard. Still, take a small stop at Sada's Stronghold (just
    north of Elbard).
    Sada's Stronghold
       A quick stop: just go inside and open the chest there: it has a Knight 
    Elbard City
       The city is totally deserted, and you can't enter the castle. The only 
    thing to do is going to Fraward's Mansion. Of course it's a trap, but Hoslow 
    says you've come too far to turn back now. Go to the mansion (it's the house 
    above the bar, if you don't remember).
       There are no enemies inside, so just go to the same place where you found 
    the Secret Scroll in your previous visit: the big room with two tables in it.
    Now, there'll be a big map on one of the tables. Take a look in it and Falna
    will discover that this building has a secret passage to the underground in 
    its northeast side.
       Go to the northeastern room. When you get there, your team will seek for 
    the passage and find it. Enter the passage. There are enemies from this point
    on, so be prepared.
       In the room with blue walls, go up the first corridor, and then all the 
    way right to find a Platina and $100. From there, go up as soon as possible
    and then all the way left to find a Hi-Potion. After that, go to the bottom
    left corner of the screen to find a door that leads to a room - enter this 
    room, and the door will close after you. Next thing you know, you're floating
    in another dimension.
       You meet with Ostracon there; he has raised back his three minions you
    killed, and has Hathram captured. He traps Hathram inside a Black Crystal
    right in front of your eyes, and explains that Evil King Garusia isn't 
    interested in just a small kingdom.
       The source of the power of the ancient gods, the Avesta, is hidden at the
    Dardwa Forest. However, the only person that knows its exact location is the 
    Dardwa Forest Village Chief - the man you rescued from Ostracon in the past.
    Ostracon wants you to find and take the Avesta to him.
       You're teleported back to the room you were before. From there, you hear
    Ostracon's voice saying that, if you give him the Avesta, you get the Black
    Crystal; he'll be waiting for you at the Mithramifle Stronghold. By the way,
    from now on Falna is level 33.
       Leave this building, and the people will be back at the streets. There's 
    very little left to do at this city: hit the casino, if you haven't done so, 
    and you may be able to beat the 'Special' level at the Colosseum (notice that
    if you do beat the Special fight, you can no longer fight at that Colosseum).
       You have to go to Dardwa Forest, but for some reason the chariot service
    only goes as far as Gildeel (where you should now buy the equipment you still
    don't have), so you have to reach the Arbath Stronghold by foot.
    Arbath Stronghold
       The stronghold is empty, but, as you're exiting the place, you meet Yaman.
    He now wishes to defend the entire world against Garusia, and joins your team
    again. Go to the Dardwa Forest Village, but you can stop at Fworwie to refill
    items and buy equipment.
    Dardwa Forest Village
       Just go to the village chief house (the bottom right one) and talk to him.
    He's not happy with Yaman, since he decided to leave the forest; Yaman asks
    him for a map of the forest, and his father reluctantly tells him this map is
    in the bookshelf on the corridor.
       Go for the bookshelf in the corridor. Yaman will search and find the map
    inside a book. With it, you can go deeper inside the forest. Go to the Dardwa
    Dardwa Forest
       The first part of the forest and Nanai Village have nothing new. However,
    when you reach the second part of the forest, notice you now have that 'aura'
    that allows you to see the secret passages (you didn't have it the first time
    you came); check all the place to find shortcuts and hidden chests with a 
    Leather Glove and a Hi-Potion.
       Go to the mountain in which is Gohmes' Nest; instead of entering the nest,
    walk around the mountain. Yaman will point out the location of a passage that
    will allow you to go even deeper into the forest - even he doesn't know this 
    place well from this point on, but the map points the existance of a temple 
    Dardwa Forest - Part III
       Check the trees to the right to find a secret passage that leads to a 
    chest with $100 - all the other secret passages are shortcuts. At the 
    bottom right of the screen is the road to the next screen.
       At the second screen, there's a Hi-Potion, a Skull Rod and a Tent. There's
    also a secret passage that leads to a seemingly empty clearing in the woods; 
    however, this clearing hides a fountain  with two statues around it - this 
    fountain refills all your party's HP. The way to the third screen is by the
    bottom left of the screen.
       At the third screen, ignore all secret passages leading left; they're dead
    ends. At the bottom of the screen, there's a secret passage leading to a 
    mansion in ruins, but there's nothing you can do with it right now. The 
    Dardwa Temple can be reached by the top left corner of the screen.
    Dardwa Temple
       The woman inside the temple is the Fairy Fuwaru, the ruler of the temple 
    and of the forest; she'll answer your questions. Ask her all questions; among
    other things, she'll teach you the ancient gods were actually members of a 
    species called the Hols, who came to this land before the dragons and were 
    capable of using great magic powers. Once you're done asking her questions, 
    she'll open the door to the cave in which the Avesta is - go there.
       This cave consists of a large room (with a stone plate in the middle) from
    which several narrow caves come out. You start at the lowest of these small
    caves. Read the stone tablet; I'm not sure if the contents of the tablet 
    change from one game to another, but when I played it, the tablet said: 
    "Reveal the Earth-carrying Water, know the Fire-carrying Wind, and they all
    will become a path to the Sky".
       Now, check the smaller caves (except the one you came from, of course).
    Some of them have chests - get a Salt Flower, a Diamond and $5000 (x2). Other
    caves have signs into the walls. Read these signs, and you'll find the golden
    sign represents the Earth, the origin of all things; the blue sign is the 
    water, shapeless and purifying; the orange sign stands for the mutating fire;
    the green sign is for the sky; and the silver sign represents the world-
    shaping wind.
       Go to the top cave (the one with the five signs). The idea is that you 
    have to step in the signs in the right order to open the next passage. So, if
    the contents of the stone plate don't change from one game to another, you
    have to step in the signs in the following order (which is exactly the order 
    the stone plate listed them): Earth (golden), Water (blue), Fire (orange), 
    Wind (silver) and Sky (green).
       If you did it right, the door opens, and you receive a warning: what is 
    sealed inside there is an forbidden power, and taking it away is prohibited.
    Enter the door, and you'll find yourself in a room with the Avesta and the
    remains of the Golden Dragon (apparently killed by the curse).
       Try to pick up the Avesta, and the Golden Dragon skeleton will stand up
    to stop you from taking it away...
     Boss: Dragon Zombie--------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Defeat the War Orcs as soon as possible, but feel free to leave the    |
    | Nightmares (the green creatures) alone, as they don't attack; they may    |
    | occasionally heal other enemies, but that's tolerable. The Dragon Zombie  |
    | can cause a lot of damage to your party, so care is advisable.            |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Do not use dragon attacks here, unless you have lots of healing items, |
    | because your healer characters will probably already have a lot of work   |
    | in their hands healing those attacked by the dragon - it's unwise to give |
    | them one more character to heal.                                          |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Still, the Dragon's HP seems to be relatively low, so he doesn't last  |
    | long. After the Dragon and the Orcs are gone, take your time to destroy   |
    | the Nightmares and you'll be done.                                        |
    |                                                                           |
       After defeating the Dragon Zombie, you get to keep the Avesta, and also 
    get the third Emerald Grace, the Golden Fangs! Leave the cave, and talk to
    Fuwaru once again. She'll ask you to go talk to the city of the dead, and 
    talk to the spirits there; she gives you the key to this place (the mansion 
    in ruins you saw not long before coming to the temple).
       When you leave the temple, Fuwaru offers to teleport you out of the forest
    - answer 'no' (the second answer). Leave the temple screen by the south and 
    go to the mansion in ruins you found before: you can enter the city of the 
    dead now.
    City of the Dead
       The inhabitants of this city are people who were killed by the Evil Forces
    (including several people of Urwan City) and whose spirits can't rest because
    of that. Whenever you talk to a person, you usually say something conforting 
    to him/her, which allows this spirit to move on.
       The women on the center left house give Hoslow a Diamond Hammer and a Hard
    Glove; there's a secret passage behind the shelf, but it seems to lead you 
    nowhere. The house above the bottom left house is an inn, run by an old woman
    from Urwan Ciry Inn; she tells you to sllep in before vanishing, and your 
    team gets their HP refilled.
       The top left house is a casino, but there's nothing to do there. The top 
    right house has a staircase leading to a dungeon - a copy of the Arbath 
    Stronghold underground. Talk to all soldiers to let them go, and the one on 
    the top right corner asks you to say goodbye to his father (who lives in 
    Kasha island) for him.
       That done, leave the city and return to the temple. Just get in and talk 
    to Fuwaru again - she'll say nothing new. When you leave the temple, she'll
    ask again whether you want her to teleport you out of the forest. This time,
    answer 'yes' (first choice) and you'll be teleported out of the woods. Go to
    the Mithramifle Stronghold; however, to reach it, you must cross a bridge...
    Big Bridge
       Ostracon sends some Dark Soldiers to take over the Avesta from you. Those
    soldiers are way easy, but it makes clear that Ostracon simply can not be 
    trusted. Move on.
    Mithramifle Stronghold
       You're ambushed by some more Dark Soldiers as soon as you cross the bridge
    - just as asy as the previous ambush. Inside the castle, Ostracon tells you 
    he won't come to you; you have to meet him upstairs instead.
       First, move forward (not going up any stairs) and pick up the Waramuru's
    Medicine in the chest. Then go up the left side stairs and go up until you
    reach a set of stairs going up - go upstairs (the stairs on the bottom lead 
    to some chests, but you can reach the same chests by taking this path).
       Now, you should be on the outside of the second floor. Pick up the chests 
    for a Salt Flower and $100. Then, you'll see a girl being chased and captured
    by some evil soldiers. Enter the same door they did and save the girl - just
    so you have to fight her...
     Boss: Death Woman----------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Well, she's more of a mid-boss than a boss, so don't sweat. Use the    |
    | Golden Fangs dragon attack and you should have them all down by the first |
    | turn.                                                                     |
    |                                                                           |
       Leave the room and go right, picking up two more chests (a Diamond and 
    $100). Take the stairs down on the top right side and the stairs up on the 
    next room.
       In this room, go left first to take a chest (Hi-Potion), then right and 
    through the stairway. Before taking the stairs on the top left corner, go 
    down from it to get a Magic Robe from a chest. At the third floor, get into 
    the room and up the stairs; you will be at the top of the castle, and find 
    Ostracon at last!
       Ostracon forces you to give him the Alvesta, but doesn't give you the
    Black Crystal back; instead, he destroys it. Well, now, the only thing left
    to do is defeat him...
     Boss: Ostracon-------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Ostracon is capable of damaging your entire group a lot, so don't use  |
    | dragon attacks here; even so, you may need to use healing items to stop   |
    | him from killing your party.                                              |
    |                                                                           |
    |    As usual, ignore the Nightmares and focus on Ostracon. he shouldn't    |
    | last long if you focus on him and don't let any of your guys die.         |
    |                                                                           |
       Ostracon is defeated, but not dead: he escapes, taking away the Avesta to 
    Evil King Garusia, at Durgwand Castle.
       Falna no longer has any will to fight, so she leaves your party. Leave the
    castle and you'll meet with Carshwall. His group followed Ostracon to this
    place, but lost track of him now. The Resistance is grouped at Fworwie City, 
    and plans an attack against Durgwand Castle. Hoslow has to go back to make 
    arrangements for this attack, but leaves Carshwall behind to give you a hand.
       Carshwall tells you you should have no regrets - given the circumstances 
    and your resources, you did your best in this situation, and you should worry
    about the future. He also tells you Durgwand Castle's defenses are not simple
    and tells you to go to Hellroad City, in the west, to get some clues on it.
    Hellroad City
       When you arrive there, you see a kid practicing with his bow and arrow to
    fight the Evil Forces and avenge his father. The boy is not very good at it, 
    though, so Yaman gives him some tips on archery.
       Since you now only have one healer on your team, it's advisable to mantain
    a good stock on healing items (Heal Gins are too expensive though). The woman
    in front of the inn provides chariot services, just like the man in cape does
    in other cities.
       The woman on the top right house tells you about a very rare sword left on
    a dragon mark; we'll go for that later. On the top of the screen, you can see
    the graves of those who died in the hands of the Evil Forces.
       The top left house is a Colosseum; however, this one is different from the
    previous ones: a famous hero, Saosh'yant, is looking for strong warriors to
    join him in his fight against the Evil Forces (Saosh'yant is the guy wearing 
    a yellow hat). Beat the musculous guy in the center of the ring to prove your 
       Saosh'yant'll say he can use you guys to go through the Hellroad Mountain
    Caves (he wants to meet a hermit that lives there, called Fushurunum); follow
    him out of the Colosseum. As you step outside, Yaman is killed in a bow and 
    arrow accident. After your party buries Yaman, Saosh'yant joins your party.
       Leave the city, go west and walk south along the mountains. Soon, you will
    find a dragon altar. Step on it and Atorushan will find a Demon Slayer - the 
    'rare sword' the old woman on the city was talking about.
       From the dragon altar, go east until you find a forest. In the center of
    this forest, there is a lake - get into that lake. You'll find yourself near
    a small lake surrounded by trees; approach the lake from above, and Tamryn'll
    find a Necklace. Return to the city, go to the Bar and talk to the purple-
    haired lady on the top left corner; the Necklace is hers. Return it to her, 
    and she'll give you a tip: she hid her life savings near the place she lost 
    her necklace and, if you find the money, you can keep it. Now, go back to the
    lake, and walk around it; eventually you'll find $3000.
       That done, go to Hellroad Mountain.
    Hellroad Mountain
       It's said that this place is inhabited by monstruous scorpions, which is
    why Saosh'yant needed your help - there is no other route to meet Fushurunum,
    so you'll have to deal with the scorpion, if necessary.
       First, go right to pick up $100 from a chest and up the stairs for a Salt 
    Flower, then go left and into the cave. Inside, get two Diamonds and a Wind 
    Hat, then go up for the next section of the cave. There, take the left exit 
    for another $100 then go back in and get the Waramuru's Medicine. Leave this
    part of the cave by the right side exit.
       Soon you'll find yourself outside the caves. Cross the bridge, and get the
    Earth Cane from the chest. Now, go for the big scorpion blocking your path...
     Boss: King Scorpion--------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Well, three big scorpions, each of them capable of causing some pretty |
    | serious damage. Tamryn might be able to heal your people enough, but do   |
    | not hesitate in using items if you feel like she might not be keeping up  |
    | with the damage.                                                          |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Most important, have everyone attack only one of the scorpions at a    |
    | time, so you can take them down faster - their HP is actually quite low.  |
    |                                                                           |
       Once the scorpions are out of your way, move to the house on the top of 
    the mountain.
    Fushurunum's Mansion
       Talk to Fushurunum, and you get to make all sorts of questions to him, but
    after one or two questions, he flies out to another part of the mansion; just
    look around to find him and you can make more questions. He gives you lots of 
    info, these are the main stuff:
     - As someone mentioned before, the Hols' race were in this world long before
       the dragons. Some 3000 years ago, the dragons appeared. Soon, they started
       to fight for the dominance of this land (they regarded it as a holy land),
       and this war claimed the lives of many dragons and Hols. Both species have
       long live spans, and are seldom blessed with children. Naturally, a result
       of those two factors was that both sides - dragons and Hols - soon started
       to face the possibility of their own extinction.
       So, to prevent extinction, they worked out an agreement: While the western
       prairies were for the Hols, the eastern continents were for the dragons to
       live in. Later, the Hols, by their own hands, turned their prairies into a 
     - Emerald Dragon is the hero of the dragons, one that could not be replaced.
       Due to the curse cast over the dragons at Ishburn, Emerald Dragon died. To
       ressurect the Emerald Dragon, the elder dragons from the old times created
       five treasures, that'd become the Emerald Dragon's flesh - these treasures
       are the Emerald Graces.
       Of the two Emerald Graces you still have not obtained, Fushurunum can tell
       you Evil King Garusia has the Black Dragon Claw.
     - The Alvesta is the product of the Hols' great inventive power. It can take
       the spirits of people and convert them into a huge power. Just to give you
       a notion, the Alvesta is what turned the western prairies into a desert...
       Imagine what'll happen if Garusia manages to draw its real power.
     - Ostracon sold out his soul to the evil side, and became an Arch-Demon that
       doesn't fall behind even to Garusia. Be very careful.
     - Tamryn has one or two secrets... "Isn't it, Tam-chan?"
       Once you asked all questions, Fushurunum asks whether everything is clear,
    and if you want to ask anything again (first choice is yes, second is no). He
    also tells you Hathram is still alive; the black crystal Ostracon crashed was
    a fake. Once you manage to retrieve the real crystal, take it to a man called
    Waramuru, for he should be able to reverse this curse and free Hathram.
       After saying that, Fushurunum vanishes again, but this time he went out of
    the house. He will give you a Heal Gin, a Nymph Mushroom and a Crash Ruby. To
    wrap up the package, he gives Saosh'yant an Evil-Breaking Arrow, an item that
    will help you defeat the Evil King.
       Follow Fushurunum back into the house, and talk to him yet again - he will
    say there is nothing more he can do for you. Talk to him again and again - by
    the third time (or so) you talk to him, he gives up and presents you with one
    more item, to be chosen from the following list:
     - Dragon-Killer Sword
     - Fushurunum's Staff
     - Orpheus' Hat
     - Crystal Robe
     - Protes Ring
     - Crash Ruby
       The thing is, he is NOT willing to give most of that stuff. He will refuse
    to give you the Dragon-Killer Sword, because you should have no need to fight 
    dragons (okay, that's actually a valid point...); he won't give you his staff
    because he needs it to walk (...); he says the Orpheus Hat's one tenth of the
    hat Saosh'yant is using right now, and he won't let you get luxury items; the
    Crystal Robe's a souvenir from a woman and he doesn't want to give it up.
       So you're left with the Protes Ring and the Crash Ruby. I STRONGLY suggest
    you choose the Protes Ring (a protective ring only Tamryn can wear) - you can
    buy Crash Rubies elsewhere, even though they're very expensive. If you choose
    the Crash Ruby anyway, he will mention you really don't have much of a taste,
    but will give it to you if you want. In this event, he'll also give you $9646
    (apparently to make up for your lousy choice).
       All right, now you've leeched from him as much as he is willing to let you
    do, so leave the mansion and return to the entrance of the mountain. A kid'll
    be waiting for you to tell you Hoslow is waiting for you at the Hellroad City
    Hellroad City
       Go to the bar, Hoslow and the Resistance are there. They've already set up
    the operation to attack Durgwand Castle, and you are going to take a big part
    in it. Unlike any of the Resistance's previous strikes, this one doesn't take
    advantage of the circumstances, nor it uses any nice strategy or trick: it is
    just a plain and simple front attack - and they expect to lose lots of men in
    it. Hoslow joins your party again (remember to reequip the Diamond Hammer and
    the Hard Glove on him).
       Now, you should go to Durgwand, but first go south, and once you reach the
    shore go west. You should stumble on a City of the Dead, just like the one on
    Dardwa Forest (this one is called "Ghost Town" though).
    Ghost Town
       The top house leads to a ghost copy of the main room of Sada's Stronghold.
    Inside, you can talk to Julius, the Hero of the Fire - and Carshwall's father
    - killed on an enemy trap. Talking to him gives you a Star Axe, a good weapon
    for Carshwall.
       The child near the top right pond gives you a Silver Ring (not very useful
    right now, unless you didn't get the Protes Ring). The bottom house leads you
    to a copy of Zahma Stronghold. Sada's there with another soldier, but there's
    nothing you can do to let him go at this moment.
    Durgwand Castle
       Everything is set fot your attack, except that the castle is surrounded by
    a misty barrier that prevents you from breaking in. Saosh'yant uses the Evil-
    Breaking Arrow to push off the mist, and let the Resistance do their part.
       Once the main gate is open and you are in, take the right side path - it's
    straightforward, and eventually you'll find yourself outside. Touch the lever
    to activate it and open the gate, then return to the beginning of the castle.
    Take the middle path and up the stairs. Like the previous route, this path is
    straightforward, and you'll soon be outside the castle again.
       By now, the Resistance has already seized the place, and it seems Ostracon
    has left the castle. Go to the right side of the castle, into the little room
    there. Inside, go down a couple of floors and you'll be at a room with narrow
    passages over the water. Take the right side road for the chest with a Heatel
    Shield, then go left: soon, you will enter a room and find Ostracon.
       Some busy guy, Ostracon: everyone has a beef against him: Saosh'yant wants
    to retrieve his bow (Ostracon stole it), Hoslow wants to avenge the deaths of
    his family, and Carshwall wants revenge for his father. Ostracon presents you
    his three resurrected minions (Barago, Elm, Bashita) and is now ready to deal
    with you...
     Boss: Ostracon-------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Ostracon is capable of damaging your entire party, so you still should |
    | not use dragon attacks here, as tempting as they might seem. As usual, be |
    | ready to use items whenever necessary.                                    |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Of Ostracon's minions, I find Zombie Bashita is the most dangerous, as |
    | he is still capable of casting some nasty spells and attacking a few good |
    | times; Zombie Elm isn't very strong, but may occasionally heal Ostracon - |
    | and is able to resurrect any of the other enemies you already killed; and |
    | Zombie Barago is plain pathetic. You may want to slash them into oblivion |
    | while your buddies deal with Ostracon.                                    |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Things do get considerably easier once Ostracon is alone, but he still |
    | deserves some respect. In time, he'll fall just like his men.             |
    |                                                                           |
       Defeated, Ostracon asks Garusia for more power, so that he can destroy you
    all. His wish is granted, and Ostracon morphs into a monster. Carshwall falls
    while protecting Atorushan from the creature - which Saosh'yant appropriately
    calls 'the fallen one'...
     Boss: Arch-Demon-----------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Well, now things are tough. First, some of your men might already have |
    | ended the previous fight quite short on HP, and the Arch-Demon can damage |
    | you as much as Ostracon did - but he gets to attack more times per turn.  |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Second, if the Arch-Demon does not kill you right off, the Imps might. |
    | There are four of them, and they're annoying as usual. Clearly, the first |
    | thing to do is to dispatch the Imps away. By now, you should know all the |
    | Nightmare monsters are inane.                                             |
    |                                                                           |
    |    In a sense, this battle should be dealt the same way the previous one, |
    | except this one will take much more of your inventory. If you survive the |
    | first move of the Arch-Demon and the Imps, use healing items to cure each |
    | and every character in your group, then use a dragon attack - this should |
    | take care of the Imps, while leaving your guys with enough HP to take the |
    | next assault.                                                             |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Without Carshwall, it'll probably take a little longer for you to beat |
    | this one, but the Arch-Demon may fall sooner than you expected.           |
    |                                                                           |
       This time, Ostracon is down for good, and, at last, you manage to retrieve
    the Black Crystal; Saosh'yant recovers his bow too. Pick Ostracon's helm next
    to his body - it's the Demon Helm. Before you leave the room, Garusia appears
    and takes the Alvesta from Ostracon's body, while making clear to you all the
    sacrifices you made were in vain. To demonstrate the Alvesta's power, Garusia
    makes his own castle fly, and obliterates the smallest of the Kasha Islands.
       Now, the Durgwand Castle is all yours... Go down the stairs until you meet 
    the rest of the Resistance. Talk to them to learn there is a sorcerer, at the
    Shrine of the Sea on the largest of the Kasha Islands, that may know a way to
    counter the Alvesta's power. Once outside the castle, go to the right side to
    get a Crash Ruby from a chest. To get Hathram out of the Black Crystal, go to
    Virgil City.
    Virgil City
       At the casino, you can challenge Bunny Pink for $5000 (make sure you saved
    your game before entering the casino). The name of this game is "15 Puzzles".
    You are presented 15 tiles with your characters' faces, and must arrange them
    in the way Bunny Pink asked you to. To move a tile, select it, press and hold
    'A', and use the directional pad to select where you want the tile to move to
    (obviously, you can only move a tile if there's an empty space near it).
       The problem here is that if you don't know japanese it's nearly impossible
    to figure out what Bunny Pink wants you to do with the tiles. Defeating Bunny
    Pink gives you the Bunny Clothes.
    [NOTE: what Bunny Pink asks changes from game to game, but it seems to always
    involve the character that has four tiles on the table; also, the goal of the
    game is always to order the forementioned character's tiles in a given row or
       Waramuru's house is the bottom right one. Ignore the line (it never moves,
    anyway) and get inside to show him the Black Crystal. Being the genius he is,
    Waramuru soon finds info about how to free Hathram from the spell. You need a
    particular kind of herb for it. None of you has it, but Waramuru calls you to
    go with him to collect it (and he does not take 'no' for an answer). Waramuru
    joins your team, and tells you to go to the mountains.
    Mine Ruins
       There are plenty of herbs around, but the one you are looking for is a red
    flower. Several enemies in this place have the habit of self-destructing, and
    it takes a lot of HP from you, so watch out. All over the mountain, there are
    green plants around; they're not what you are looking for, but remember their
    locations for later...
       Inside the first cave, go to the bottom right exit. From now on, you'll be
    getting in and out of caves, until you reach the top of the mountain. The red
    flower is there alright, but there's something odd about it...
     Boss: Man Eater------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    One good thing is that the Metro Worms don't self-destruct, so they're |
    | not as bad as other enemies you fought here. A dragon attack could speed  |
    | up things against the Metro Worms, but only use it if your characters got |
    | a fair amount of HP. The Man Eater itself is awfully weak, and won't last |
    | much longer than the worms.                                               |
    |                                                                           |
       That was quite unexpected, but at least you got the red flower you needed.
    To make use of it, return to Virgil City.
    Virgil City (again)
       Go to Waramuru's house. What do you know, the damn herb does free Hathram!
    Waramuru leaves your party and is, of course, replaced by Hathram - now, back
    to dealing with the Evil King.
       From now on, whenever you visit Waramuru, you can have him make new things
    for you, as long as you provide him the ingredients:
      Wa-Intel  requires Heal Gin
      Wa-Power  requires Power Nuts
      Wa-Protec requires Protec Glass
      Wa-Life   requires Scorpion Egg
      Wa-Quick  requires West Wind
      Wa-Move   requires Salt Flower
       Time to move on to the Great Kasha Island, to find the Sorcerer of the Sea
    and see if there is anything you can do to reach the Garusia's flying castle.
    From the weapon and armor shops, go west to find the boat house. Talk to the 
    man there to travel to Kasha.
    Palsie's Ship Place
       You're already on Kasha, but you can go back if you want to - it costs 
    $5000 to do that, though. Palsie City is right to the south.
    Palsie City
       This city is only a place you can use to buy items (no equipment) or rest
    at the inn. When you're ready, go to the place marked on the map.
    Shrine of the Sea
       Quite a small temple, this one. When you're about to enter it, your party 
    is attacked by the commander of the Evil King's Air Force, a winged monster 
    called Hittel. He was sent there specifically to destroy you...
     Boss: Hittel---------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    You probably should not use dragon attacks here - depending on your    |
    | level, Hittel and his Harpies will attack after Atorushan, but before     |
    | Tamryn has any chance to heal you; if it happens they'll probably kill    |
    | Atorushan.                                                                |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Just take your time fighting the Harpies, as Hittel doesn't cause that |
    | much damage - leave him for last (he can heal 3500HP of his buddies, and  |
    | can even summon more Harpies, but you can't afford to let those pesky     |
    | flying thingies keep hitting you).                                        |
    |                                                                           |
       This attack proves the Evil King knows your next moves, and is determined
    to prevent you from succeeding. Enter the temple and talk to the sorcerer.
    He already knows what you want, but can't help you unless you obtain the
    Red Ancient Documents for her. They're to the northeast.
    Ruins Cave
       Behind the closest doorway there's a big pool of lava that you can't cross
    right now. From the starting up room, go to the left side doorway. Explore 
    all paths - all dead ends lead to items. Your main objective here is to find
    the grey columns and touch them (when you do that, yu activate them and they
    go down).
       Eventually, you'll be back to the same room you started. Go to the lava 
    room and now there'll be a line of columns you can use to cross the lava. 
    After the lava, there's a guardian, which is activated by your presence...
     Boss: Silver Armor---------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    With the Silver Armor come Lesser Demons. The Lesser Demons are not    |
    | very strong, but the fact that there are seven of them makes necessary    |
    | for you to take out at least some of them.                                |
    |                                                                           |
    |    The Golden Fangs dragon attack will leave the Lesser Demons just about |
    | dead, although the Silver Armor itself can take much more than that. The  |
    | Silver Armor can damage you for some 400 to 600HP per attack, but he also |
    | has a tendency to wandering around the screen, which eats a little of its |
    | AP. No secrets, just attack him constantly.                               |
    |                                                                           |
       Beating the Silver Armor immediately gives you the Red Ancient Documents.
    Go back to the Temple.
    Shrine of the Sea (second time)
       The sorcerer tells you that to beat the Evil King, first it's necessary to
    save the Sorcerer of the Mountains. To reach the Shrine of the Mountains, you
    need to use the Pallid Ancient Documents against the red ones. Go get yet
    another set of documents on the marked spot of your map.
    Forbidden Cave
       This cave has lots of broken bridges and ledges from which you can jump to
    the floor below. Jump from the bridge, and you'll be at a place with three 
    ledges to jump from. Go down and pick a Protec Glass from the chest, then 
    fall from the leftmost ledge. From there, go down the stairs below you and 
    pick a Forbidden Fruit from the chest. Go back up the stairs, and go up and 
    right until you get to find more stairs going up - go through them, and up 
    the next set of stairs as well. Pick the Diamond from the chest, then jump 
    off the ledge below you.
       You'll be back to the room with three ledges. This time, jump from the 
    rightmost one. and go left and up the stairs. Pick the Scorpion Egg from the
    chest, then jump off the ledge above. You'll be at a large platform. Go to
    the left and jump off the ledge. You'll fall on thelowest floor, of the cave,
    where you'll face yet another guardian...
     Boss: Gold Armor-----------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    The Gold Armor has seven Fire Slimes as his cannon fodder, way worse   |
    | than Silver Armor's Lesser Demons. Dragon attacks are helpful, but it'll  |
    | take a little more than that to beat the Slimes. Make sure your guys are  |
    | aiming at the Slimes first, just to get rid of the minor enemies first.   |
    |                                                                           |
    |    The Gold Armor itself can only attack some three times per turn, but   |
    | can take over 700HP per attack, so never let anyone on your group short   |
    | on HP. Keeping that in mind, the Gold Armor won't last once you are all   |
    | lashing at him.                                                           |
    |                                                                           |
       You get the Pallid Ancient Documents as soon as you beat the Gold Armor.
    Go through the corridor he was blocking, and up the stairs. Go up all the 
    stairs, until you find a chest - it has a Fire Blade. Then, go upstairs one
    more time, then jump off the ledge at the bottom of the screen. You'll be
    back to the entrance of the cave.
       Leave the cave, but before returning to the Shrine, go to the western edge
    of the island (from the Shrine, go west) and you'll find a small village.
    Village Without a Name
       Go to the top left house, where you'll find an old woamn and a dying 
    old man. His last wish is to eat a legendary fruit. Give the Forbidden Fruit
    to him, and he'll recover. Talk to the old woman and she'll give you a Hi-
    Potion as a token of gratitude. As a matter of fact, no matter how many times
    you talk to her, she'll give you a Hi-Potion every time - refill your stocks 
    on her. Go to the bottom house - now you can open the door and sleep inside.
       Once you've slept and got all the Hi-Potions you want, you can return to
    the Forbidden Cave again (read below to see why), or go to the Shrine.
    Forbidden Cave
       Go to the lowest floor of the cave and open the chest there: you will find
    a Forbidden Fruit. You can go to Palsie City (northern end of the island) and
    give the fruit to the woman on the top right house (she'll give you a Platina
    in exchange), or you can go to the Village Without a Name (western end of the
    island) and give it again to the old man in bed - he'll give you a Power Nuts
    for it.
       Once you traded the Forbidden Fruit to someone, you can return to the Cave
    and pick up another fruit at the same spot. You can come back and get as many
    fruits as you want, and trade for items as many times as you want. As soon as
    you have all the Power Nuts and Platinas you want, go to the Shrine.
    Shrine of the Sea (third time)
       The sorcerer tell Tamryn something, and gives her a "Teleposta". Having
    both Ancient Documents, he opens a passage for you to the city of Margiana, 
    from where you'll be able to reach the Mountain Shrine. Go down the stairs
    and through the passage.
    Exit of the Shrine of the Sea
       As you come out of the Shrine, there's already a bunch of Evil Soldiers
    waiting, led by Bakki, the commander of the Evil Forces Guard.
     Boss: Bakki----------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    A Golden Fangs Dragon Attack will let both Bakki and the Hell Soldiers |
    | half dead. Enough said.                                                   |
    |                                                                           |
       With Bakki out of your way, go to Margiana City, just southeast of the 
    Margiana City
       There is a casino in this city - the last one. Bunny Green takes $10000 to
    play (ouch!) and her game is Roulette. Just push 'A' to make the cursor move,
    and 'A' again to make it stop. If the cursor stops on Atorushan's drawing, 
    you get one point, and you get to move again; if it stops on Garusia's face, 
    you lose one point, and pass your turn to Bunny Green; if the cursor stops on
    a blank tile, you lose no points, but pass the turn to Bunny. On her turn, 
    Bunny is subjected to exactly the same rules you are, and the first player to
    score two points wins. The prize for this game is the Bunny Robe. If you've 
    beaten all casinos, Bunny Green tells you there's still one Bunny sister left
    for you to play against, but you have to find her on your own...
       If you haven't been very careful about money over the game, now you are 
    gonna get really strapped for cash - all equipments in here are extremely 
    expensive. Buy what you can - chances are Hoslow is currently your lowest
    leveled character, so consider giving him the best equipment.
       This city also has a chariot sevice, but you can't use it yet - this is
    still Evil Forces' territory.
    Mountain Shrine Mountain
       Ignore the stairs right in front of you and go up those to the right, then
    go to the left, picking up the $100 on the way. Inside the cave, exit through
    the top right and pick up the Rah's Wing.
       While you're crossing the bridge, Tamryn spots something coming... Garusia
    himself! He's about to show you his power, but is trapped by the Sorcerer of
    the Sea - who turns out to be a descendant of the Hols. Still, his power is
    not enough to hold the Evil King; Garusia breaks free, and the sorcerer just
    disappears. Time to fight the king:
     Boss: Garusia--------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    The sorcerer has weakened Garusia a lot, so this fight is considerably |
    | easy. He can cause as much damage as his Hell Knights, and often wastes   |
    | most of his AP to call for more Knights. So, always kill the Hell Knights |
    | first - after all, at this point they're just as dangerous as Garusia,    |
    | and only attack Garusia when you have no more targets.                    |
    |                                                                           |
    |    He might cast mute spells on your guys, but it only truly affects you  |
    | if it hits Tamryn, as she's the only one on your current team that uses   |
    | any spells at all. In this case, use Clear Potions on her, unless you're  |
    | already about to finish him.                                              |
    |                                                                           |
       From now on, the path is totally straightforward, so just move on until 
    you reach the Mountain Shrine.
    Mountain Shrine
       The Mountain Sorcerer gives Saosh'yant a blood-stained Leather Armor. It's
    the sorcerer's blood in the armor, and should compensate for the seal cast on
    his bow, making it feel like it is quite back to it's original power. He also
    opens a door for you, but then Garusia strikes again and reduces the sorcerer
    to, apparently, goo.
       Pick up whatever it is that left of the sorcerer: it's the Sorcerer's 
    Souvenir. Enter the room, and step on the light tile: it's a portal to the
    Evil King's Castle!
    Evil King Palace
       As soon as you arrive, you're greeted by a bunch of Phalanx Knights - very
    easy. Before you go down the stairs, go to the left and the right to pick up
    the treasures.
       Inside the castle, you can go to the right to see a room with a chest - it
    is a trap, the box is actually a monster. The Demon's Box is pretty beefy, 
    and can hurt you a lot, but each of them gives 500 exp, so fight it if you 
    wish. Anyway, if you do fight it, go back to the beginning of the castle 
       Go up, and then to the left. enter the room and cross the corridor to find
    a chest with a Heal Harp. Again, go back to the main path, and go left. Below
    you can find yet another Demon's Box (again, fight it if you want), and the
    stairs up are above. Outside, a guy named Bawoo is blocking your way - beat 
    him out. Before going downstairs, take the Crash Ruby from the chest to the
       Back inside, go up as soon as you can, and get the Gale Rapier from the 
    chest before entering the door. Go on until you're outside again, where you 
    have to fight Karimer, yet another guy blocking your path. Downstairs, you
    have to fight Buren, the fourth of Garusia's soldiers. Inside the room, there
    is a Tent - pick it, up, leave the room and go up the stairs.
       Now, you're almost reaching the throne room of the castle. Defeat Goliath,
    the strongest demon of the Evil Forces (strong, but not so tough to beat).
    Before entering the door, use a Tent to heal yourself.
       Inside the throne room, you meet with Garusia; he tells you now you'll see
    his true power. When asked whether the Avesta could deliver an even greater 
    power-up than it already did, he explains he was summoned by no other than 
    the Hols themselves and has an agreement with them: in order to recover their
    Avesta, they made the Evil King for the Avesta to gather power. Garusia sends
    the Avesta back to the Hols, thus ending their contract.
       So, now Garusia's got the entire surface of the world to do whatever he 
    wants - the Hols are currently living well above the Hellmand Mountain, and
    aren't the gods people take them to be; they're quite evil, and are the real
    creators of this whole situation. Tamryn can't quite believe all of this, but
    it makes no difference to Garusia - he's gonna kill you anyway.
     Boss: Garusia--------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Garusia can take 700 - 800 HP per attack, which you may not be ready   |
    | to take. His Death sidekicks aren't that strong, but should be killed     |
    | fast to prevent them from hitting you too much. Oddly, Garusia falls      |
    | prety quickly...                                                          |
    |                                                                           |
       Garusia can't believe he was defeated by you, but before dying he realizes
    one of you isn't a human... With Garusia's death, the seal that was casted on
    Saosh'yant's Bow it removed, and it recovers its original power. Also, you're
    given the fourth Emerald Grace, the Black Dragon's Claw.
       Without the Evil King, the castle starts to crumble. The exit collapses, 
    and your party is trapped inside. Tamryn uses the Teleposta the Sea Sorcerer
    gave her to try and take everyone out.
       Later, already on the surface, when Tamryn and Atorushan meet again, she
    starts rambling about how she didn't know what the Evil Forces were up to -
    and Atorushan doesn't understand what she's trying to say. She explains that
    the Sea Sorcerer told her the Teleposta could only be used by Hols people, 
    and since she could use it...
       Long stories short, Atorushan doesn't care about what she is, and soon 
    they're found by Hathram and Saosh'yant. Hoslow was wounded, but went walking
    by himself to Waramuru's place. Tamryn uses the Teleposta one more time to
    take everybody to Elbard.
    Elbard Castle
       Obviously, you're treated as heroes reception on Elbard Castle. The Elbard
    King is deciding how to honor you and your victory (comemorative coins, all
    kinds of monuments, medals, hero candy, Hathram-shaped dolls...), but there's
    still the Hols issue to deal with, so Hathram decides to go after them, as 
    well as Saosh'yant and Atorushan. The king does not know where Falna is, but 
    Barsom later tells you she once said she'd be at an oasis to the west, if 
    they ever needed to find her.
       As Hoslow is pretty beaten, he leaves your party so he can rest a little -
    Waramuru tells you not to worry, he'll be fine. Return to the castle, and go 
    to the rooms left and right of the throne room. These are the treasury rooms,
    and were usually blocked by a guard, but now the king's ordered the guards to
    let you get what you wanted from it, as a reward for your services - get an 
    Artemite Plate, $100, Royal Rapier and a Crystal Robe from the chests.
       And, before I forget, notice Saosh'yant is at level 86 now. Assuming you 
    have beaten all casinos, go to the City of the Dead on Dardwa Forest (if you 
    haven't beaten all the Bunny sisters, do it now, or ignore the next section).
    City of the Dead
       When the fifth Bunny sister mentioned there was another Bunny somewhere in
    the world, it was kinda obvious it was here, wasn't it? The casino is the top
    left house of the City of the Dead, and it takes no money at all to play. The
    last Bunny is a ghost. Her name is Bunny Black; the name of her game is "Weak
       "Weak Nerves" is nothing but a rematch duel of all the games you've played
    against the previous Bunny sisters. The only difference is Bunny Black's much
    tougher to beat than any of the other bunnies. On the bright side, losing one
    of the games doesn't mean you have to start all over - you'll only replay the
    game you lost.
       The first game is the Memory Game: pair up the identical cards (again, the
    picture of Dragon Atorushan is 'lucky', and worth two points instead of one).
    Game number two is the Whack-a-Mole; as before, hit the pictures of Evil King
    Garusia and avoid hitting Tamryn. On this one, you will probably start to see
    how tough Bunny Black is.
       Game three is the Slot Machine; make the character she asked for appear on
    the slots. Unlike previously, the picture of Garusia appears at the slots, to
    make things harder. Also, the slots seem to spin faster than before. The next
    game is the Roulette - this time, there are way more pictures of Garusia laid
       Finally, 15 Puzzles is the last game. Like before, you have to order tiles
    in a given order to win; and, again, you need to know japanese to know what's
    Bunny Black asking for. To make things even worse, you now are given a little
    less time to finish the puzzle.
       In case you finish this puzzle, Bunny Black is defeated, and gives you the
    Bunny Rod. Leave the City of the Dead, go to Dardwa Temple and talk to Fuwaru
    - choose the first option to leave the forest. Now, go meet with Falna.
    West Desert
       Reach the oasis at the west end of the desert to find Falna and, after the
    usual chatting, she will rejoin your party - remember to reequip her, you got
    better equipment than the stuff she's wearing now. Now, you're supposed to go
    north to Hellmand Mountain, but there are a few little things more for you to
    do before going there. First, go to the Ghost Town (if you don't remember the
    right location, it's southwest of Hellroad City and Durgwand Castle).
    Ghost Town
       Go to the bottom left house and talk to Sada. Hathram has the authority to
    relieve him of his duties, so he can go rest in peace. There shouldn't be any
    ghost left in this city (if there's anyone left, just talk to him to make him
    go away). Go to the Mine Ruins (the place you picked up the Red Flower to get
    Hathram out of the Crystal).
    Mine Ruins
       Remember the green herbs that apparently had no use to you when you wanted
    to free Hathram? Just check these herbs again to find a West Wind. That done,
    go to Virgil City.
    Virgil City
       Go to Waramuru's house. On the top room, you can see Hoslow resting in his
    bed... Talk to Waramuru: he has a new potion for Hathram (called Wa-Hathram),
    which costs $10000. Buy it, and Hathram feels much stronger when he drinks it
    - check his stats out and see he's gone up to level 90!
       This done, have Waramuru make all the 'Wa' potions you want and then go at
    last to the Weat Deseter, more specifically to Hellmand Mountain.
    West Desert
       On Hellmand Mountain, there's no entrance, just an altar. Step on it, and
    you will be attacked by the Monster Bird Rah.
     Boss: Rah------------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Use the Black Dragon's Claw dragon attack to instantly get rid of the  |
    | Hell Scorpions, then just beat the hell out of Rah. Rah may cast a 'mute' |
    | spell, probably on Tamryn, but Falna can cure that. So, with both healers |
    | curing your characters and Hathram at such a high level, you will be able |
    | to destroy Rah in no time.                                                |
    |                                                                           |
       After beating Rah, you get a Rah's Wing (now you have two). Also, a cave's
    opened on the mountain - enter it.
    Hellmand Mountain
       The path is completely straightforward; there are no bifurcations at all,
    so just reach the top of the mountain. The enemies here are somewhat strong, 
    but they shouldn't be a problem for your high-leveled party.
       When you are almost reaching the peak of the mountain, you are attacked by
    two... eyes, that vow to kill anyone that wants to fight the Hols.
     Boss: Hades Eyes-----------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Those two eyeballs use lots of spells that hit all your party; Each of |
    | these attacks can't hurt you much, but they may add up to kill your guys. |
    | Do not use dragon attacks here, as they will not damage them much, and    |
    | your healers have to be ready to restore the HP of the rest of the party  |
    | (because of the collective spells, all your fighters may find themselves  |
    | running out of HP at the same time).                                      |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Other than that, the only precaution you should take is to focus on    |
    | one Eye at a time, to ensure they die faster.                             |
    |                                                                           |
       Beating the Hades Eyes gives you the fifth, and last, Emerald Grace: the
    Red Dragon's Horn! Go to the top of the mountain; apparently, the Hades Eyes
    were defending a sword.
       When Atorushan is about to pull out the sword, you listen a voice. It's 
    the spirit of Emreald Dragon, inside the Magic Sword - called Vendidard. When
    picked up, Vendidard tells you he was waiting for you to arrive, and tells 
    you to use the Emerald Graces to find the Hols.
       You are given the option to go to the Hols now (first option) or return to
    get supplies. If you're not ready to go, return to a city and get yourself 
    items, and then return to this peak; if you're ready, it's time to meet the
    Part III - City of the Hols
       The doors to your left and right are locked, so don't even bother. Walk up
    a little bit, and you'll be surrounded by soldiers - apparently you guys were
    being expected. Everyone covers Tamryn, while she tries to use the Teleposta;
    upon seeing this, the soldiers call for "Lord Tiridates". When this Tiridates
    comes, he calls Tamryn "Fial Vim Strati".
       Tamryn has no clues of what Tiridates is saying, so he explains the former
    king went to the world surface to seek for the Teleposta and the Alvesta, and
    Tamryn followed him there when she was just a small child. The Teleposta is a
    treasure only the legitimate successors to the throne can use.
       Claiming "security reasons", Triades has the rest of your team taken away.
    Your party gets locked up without Tamryn; you listen your cell guards talking
    among themselves: they say that were some rumors, fifteen years ago, that the
    disappearance of the royal family was part of a conspiracy from Triades.
       Vendidard prevents Atorushan from turning into a dragon; at the Hols City,
    the curse is even stronger than usual, and Atorushan may not be able to stand
    it - instead, he should believe in Tamryn like she trusted him before.
       In the meantime, Tamryn's dressed up as Queen of Hols, and is warned human
    spells will not work on that room. Tiridates says he served as Prime Minister
    to her father, the late king, who stupidly abandoned his mission and tried to
    run away on a ship; he also recommends Tamryn not to repeat the same mistake
    of her father - yep, Tiridates sank the ship, and has decided to crown Tamryn
    - she should not pose any resistance, or her imprisoned friends will feel the
       Once you get to move again, go explore the room. You can look inside the
    large armoire at the top right - nice clothes, but nothing she can use. Check
    the mirror, and Tamryn will notice she's wearing a hairpin, and imagines she
    could use it to open the door. Go to the door, Tamryn will try and pray she's
    able to pick the lock... and then discover it wasn't locked at all.
       There are guards outside that try to get her back into the room, but they 
    are attacked by a guy named Jessill; he's a swordsman at the service of the 
    Hols' Royal Family, and his father is the one who put the royal family into 
    that ship, hoping they could escape from Tiridates.
       Jessill gives Tamryn her normal clothes, and says he'll escort her. Follow
    him outside, and then left, into the prison block. There, you get to control
    Atorushan again: talk to all your friends, and Jessill and Tamryn will appear
    to free you. Tamryn explains the Hols are not responsible for what happened -
    those are the work of Tiridates and his radical associates. He summoned the
    Evil King to get rid of the king and put his hands on the Alvesta, which he
    wants to use to attack the external world.
       After you leave the cell room, go into the bottom left house of the city.
    Talk to the man there, and he will give you items to help you beat Tiridates.
    You can choose between a Heal Gin, a Tent, and a Clear Potion, and you can 
    have as many as you want - make yourself a fair stock on all these items.
    There is no need to avoid the guards here - they will no longer fight for 
    Tiridates. When you're ready, go through the door above the one in the main
    Hols Citadel
       Enter all rooms to get new equipment and items from the chests. Pick up a
    Sagii Cutter for Falna, a Wand of Athena for Tamryn (if you have the Bunny 
    Rod, you may want to keep it; just as well, you can equip the Wand of Athena 
    on Tamryn and give Falna the Bunny Rod - its stats are better than the Sagii 
    Cutter's, but is a short range weapon) and a Huge Hat for Saosh'yant. There's
    also a chest with $100 - pick it, but what's the point?
       You can use dragon attacks here, but keep in mind Atorushan gets extremely
    weakened here after dragon attacks - he may be left out with less than 100HP.
    Then again, you have plenty of healing items, so you can indulge yourself at
    times. On the top left side of the screen is the exit. Climb the tower.
    Hols Tower
       A fair share of the chests here are Demon's Boxes. I remind you they're 
    quite beefy, but also give some good exp, so it's good to fight them all. 
    Go up the tower as far as you can, and you will eventually reach a point from
    where you can enter two doors - take the right one, left is a dead end.
    Inside, go right and up until the stairs, remembering to pick the Magic Hood
    from the chest on the top left.
       Upstairs, visit the room to left to get a Sagitarius Pad for Saosh'yant.
    Leave the room and enter the door to the left. Get the $100 from the chest at
    the top right corner, than go upstairs. Before reaching the top floor of the
    tower, enter the last room (one floor below the top) and pick up a Tent. Get 
    the hint and use a Tent before entering the room at the top of the tower.
    Hols Throne
       Thee are no random battles inside this room, so just walk the spiral path 
    until you reach Tiridates. He still tries to convince Tamryn to join his side
    by saying the Holy Land is now filthy with humans and dragons - that's why he
    casted the curse on Ishburn (that's right, you can blame him on anything bad 
    that happened). Well, for the Hols' glory, Tiridates is going to dispose of
    you all...
     Boss: Tiridates------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Tiridates is guarded by five Hols Knights, which, curiously, are less  |
    | damaging that the regular enemies you fought on the tower. Tiridates, on  |
    | the other hand, can damage you bad, but it shouldn't be such a big deal,  |
    | as you have two healers, and plenty of Heal Gins.                         |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Destroy the Knights first, as they can heal each other and Tiridates,  |
    | then focus on the boss himself. He can summon more knights - beat them as |
    | soon as they appear, as well as casting a spell that damages one of you   |
    | for 1000HP. As I mentioned before, that should not be a problem for you,  |
    | and Tiridates should fall pretty fast.                                    |
    |                                                                           |
       Tanryn senses a bad thing coming... On the other hand, Tiridates actually
    has a good feeling when his body is breaking down; he feels his power rising,
    and attacks Tamryn - he decided that he does not need the Hols to attack the
    humans. Vendidard identifies someone it calls Zandig inside Tiridates. This
    Zandig creature at last reveals itself...
     Boss: Zandig---------------------------------------------------------------
    |                                                                           |
    |    Zandig has five Death Harpies with him; these Harpies can't cause much |
    | damage to you, but can cast freezing spells, so destroy them fast. Zandig |
    | himself can use the same 1000HP damage spell of Tiridates, and launch a   |
    | beam that takes 1500HP from anyone in front of him. Use Clear Potions on  |
    | any frozen character, especially if they're right in front of Zandig.     |
    |                                                                           |
    |    Without the Death Harpies, it's much easier, but you still need to     |
    | keep an eye on your HP, as Zandig can actually hurt your guys faster than |
    | Tamryn and Falna can heal them.                                           |
    |                                                                           |
       Your fight is over, but the power of the Alvesta starts to grow more and 
    more. Vendidard says the time has come, and tells Atorushan to give him the
    Emerald Graces. He does so, Emerald Dragon rises once again. Without Zandig,
    the Alvesta is running wild, and soon the Hols City will fall - you better go
    now. As the Hols fall, the western desert turns green, and the curse on the
    dragons is over... Enjoy the ending!
    [NOTE: if you did beat all casinos, you get a small extra at the ending - 
    just wait (a lot) after the MediaWorks logo appears. It's a selection of 
    small scenes - kind of a "bloopers" event.]
    HELP NEEDED------------------------------------------------------------------
       I will place in this section any doubts I might have about the game.
    Hopefully someone might be able to help me with them. More questions will be
    posted as they arise.
     - Is it possible to go to the Smaller Kasha Island? Now that I think of it,
       I never even tried to go there before it got destroyed.
    CONTACT INFORMATION----------------------------------------------------------
       If anyone has questions, comments or suggestions to make, please feel free
    to mail me at the address written on the beginning of this document (which is  
    csmori@hotmail.com). Before doing that, however, please pay attention to the
    following requests/facts:
     - Write "FAQ" as your subject, just so I can separate your mail from junk 
     mail and things alike. Also remember to write, at some point of your mail,
     the name of the game you're talking about.
     - Make sure you have the latest version of this document, and that your
     question isn't already answered here.
     - Given the amount of mail I receive, I probably won't be able to respond
     all e-mails. So, if you receive no response, it doesn't mean it hasn't been
     received and/or read. Don't send it over and over.
     - Feel free to let me know if I made grammar mistakes or anything like that.
     I could use some english advice, and it'd only help the quality of the text.
     - Don't ask me where you can get "romz". If it depends on me, you won't get
     them. You're on your own.
     - As a matter of fact, don't ask me anything about ROMs, emulators or
     patches, nor complain to me if you can't run it on your computer.
     - No 'l33t'language please. I just hate it.
       Those rules obeyed, feel free to mail me about pretty much anything else.
    VERSION HISTORY--------------------------------------------------------------
     V 1.0  (11/26/2001) - Initial Release.
     V 1.1  (12/04/2001) - A little more to the Walkthrough, Item, Equipment and
                           Characters sections.
     V 1.3  (12/11/2001) - I misread the name of the forest, and just noticed it 
                           now; so, I replaced 'Dartwa' with 'Dardwa' - my bad.
                         - The usual adding to the Walkthrough, Item, Equipment
                           and Characters sections.
     V 1.5  (12/19/2001) - Added one more 'Forbidden Cave' bit to the Walkthrough
                           to describe more things you can do with the Forbidden
                         - I believe the Walkthrough is now done (including the
                           little ending extra), as well as all the remaining 
                         - I just read a japanese site that says the character
                           and location names for this game actually refer to
                           various ancient middle east mithologies, mainly 
                           Zoroastrism. I should research a little and see if I
                           can find the names that appear on this game, so I can
                           use the actual names instead of relying on my own
                           romanizations; I don't guarantee this will ever be 
                           done, though.
     * Mediaworks, Glodia and LightStaff - for having created this game.
     * Nintendo - for having made the Super Famicom.
     * Glenn Rosenthal - for having written JWPce, the program I used to
     translate much of the japanese text and information of the game.
    End of file.

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