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    Cutscene/Event Trigger Guide by Bone Chewer

    Version: 0.91 | Updated: 12/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    These are my own notes that I created while playing Tokimeki Memorial (SFC
    version) with bits of explanations added here and there before i submitted this
    to GameFaqs so it may look a bit messy to you. Since I've already completed the
    game it's not very likely for me to add more info here myself. However, if you
    have more things you like to add or suggestions on how to improve this feel free
    to drop me an e-mail at bone_chewer@hotmail.com
    ? marks items that I don't remember clearly or did not experiment on it enough
    times to fully conclude that what I believe to be the triger is true.
    For the dolphin show look for the katakana characters* イルカ (i-ru-ka) when
    reading the magazine.
    For the Gagi's art display look for ガーギー (ga-gi-).
    *For IE users, if you can't see the Japanese characters, goto View -> Encoding -
    > Japanese (Auto-Select) If you don't see that option to you, for WinXP users
    try installing Eastern Fonts, for Win9x/ME download the Japanese language
    support from Windows Update. (This applies to my Combat Notes as well)
    v0.91 Fixed a bad typo
    Must have at least 30 appearance to not piss yer date off upon meeting.
    Mio and Nozomi has two endings. Mio Glasses vs. Contact Lenses, Nozomi Short vs.
    Long hair. Mio's ending is decided by the movie event. I got Nozomi's ending 2
    by not meeting her at all starting Jan 1st, '99 (I DID meet her for the new
    years hatsumoude event) it could also be the fact that I 'won' her before or
    have triggered all of her events.
    Wont Ski:
     Mio Kisaragi, Yuina Himoo, Ayako Katagari, ??Megumi Mikihara??
     Miharu Tatebayashi and Rei Injuin (of course)
    Skiing Events:
     Yukari Koshiki, Mira Kagami(?), Yuko Asahina ('99, 3rd time), Yumi Saotome
    Beach Events:
     Mio Kisaragi, Mira Kagami, Ayako Katagari,
     Nozomi Kiyokawa (takes you somewhere, no cut-scene on first time, rain on the
    second time)
    Planetarium Events:
     Ayako Katagari (Winter)
    Karaoke Events:
     Ayako Katagari (All? Spring?)
    Green Garden Events:
     Yukari Koshiki (When?), Nozomi Kiyokawa (Fall), ???Mio Kisaragi???
    Zoo Events:
     Megumi Mikihara (All?), Yuina Himoo (Koala)
    Aquarium Events:
    Art Museum Events:
     Ayako Katagari (Gagi, Fall), Nozomi Kiyokawa  (Sculptures, Spring)
    Central Park Events:
     Shiori Fujisaki (Spring), Megumi Mikihara (All?), Saki Nijino (All?)
    Theme Park Events:
     Yumi Saotome (Spring)
    Stadium Events:
     Saki Nijino (Baseball), Yumi Saotome (Pro-Wrestling, Fall)
    Movie Theater Events:
     Mio Kisaragi (Love Romance, Effects ending)
    Library Events:
     Mio Kisaragi (All?)
    Game Center Events:
     Yuina Himoo (Medal Games)
    Video Games -> Koala slicing -> Fall(?) -> Ayako Katagari only?
    Video Games -> Tokimeki Quest -> Fall(?) -> Yuko Asahina only? -> When medal
    games first come out?
    Bowling Events:
     Nozomi Kiyokawa (Spring)
    Shopping Events:
     Mira Kagami (Apparel, Fall?)	- 3 colors of dresses
     Yuina Himoo (Junk Shop, Winter, All?)	- Big Sale
     Mio Kisaragi  (All? First time)- Compatibility Machine
     Saki Nijino (When?)		- Baseball-like Drawing Machine
     Yukari Koshiki			- Three cups 1 ball game
    Misc Events:
     Shiori Fujisaki	- Rainy Day at School (Summer? Fall? Was performing school
     Mio Kisaragi		- Carrying books outside of classroom
     Yuina Himoo		- Lack of inspiration for ideas at school rooftop
    			- Visit on Your Birthday - Have her at either the top two
    affection state
    			  Only once per game. She will make you drink one of 3
    			  A, Red	- Raises Stress by 20
    			  B, Orange	- Raise Science to 999 until the end of the week.
    			  C, Blue	- Raises stress by 30
    			  (after some experimenting i don't think the the order
    			- Robo combat - Have her at blushing stage by Feb 27 '99.
    			  She'll stop you on your way home. (I think she's saying that
    you're in
    			  her way to world domination?) Must have met all other
    requirements for
    			  her to confess.
     Ayako Katagari		- Encounter by the pool, Hiding from Swimming Class?
    			  (Was doing music club practice in summer but doubt that's
    the trigger)
    			- During 3rd and last Club Retreat (I did Music club, it was a
    			  Ayako's cooking made everyone sick, yet everyone managed to
    			  recover the next day.
     Saki Nijino		- Lunchbox in the hallway (Can happen more than once in
    the same year)
     Nozomi Kiyokawa	- Carrying massive books to the teacher's office
     Mira Kagami		- Fan Club in the hallway
     Yuko Asahina		- Scorned by teacher
    			- Bumping (Doing classroom activities or raising appearance)
     Megumi Mikihara	- Rainy Day at School (Summer? Fall? Was performing school
     Yumi Saotome		- Picking up the phone instead of Yoshi Saotome
     Everyone Above: Praise you for 100% success in activities if they were with you
    that week.
     Rei Injuin
        After Calling N Times:
    	- Bump, hear girlish voice (Near end of 1st year)
    	- Kidnapping Event (Middle of second year?) Resolved by private army.
    	  Choosing the top option to visit the warehouse where Rei was kidnapped
    while discussing
    	  with Yoshi about this event is probably the better idea if you wish to
    recieve the Rei
    	- Yoshi Saotome discovers her secret but then drugged (Near End of 3rd yr)
        Consistant Events:
    	- Valentine's, White Valentine's, Christmas Party, School Vacation
    	* Need 80? appearance or 120? fitness to get through the bouncer to attend
    the X'mas party.
    	  Celebrate X'mas alone otherwise.
        Rei's Visit to make fun of you:
    	- If you had been unsuccessful in studying all week
        Sight-seeing with Rei on Vacation
    	- Have all girls at neutral with you(?) Calling her is NOT required as I
    did not call once.
    	  (I'm only aquainted to Shiori and Saki, rested through game except for
    baseball club)
     Miharu Tatebayashi
    	- Occasional (intentional) bumping
    	- Rare phone messages
    	- Rare appearances at date spots
     Yoshi Saotome	- Bad/Disappointed mood on phone(?) Often
    	- Theme Park Double Dating Invitation (Often, during August)
    	- Sharing the joy of being confessed to (Sometime during week before
    	  I've only seen him confessed to by a girl who's about to be bomb me in
    blushing stage.
    	- Meeting Yoshi after the Principal's speech - You've failed to win a
    girl's heart.
    	  After discussing future plans and reflecting on the past three years.
    You'll be
    	 'rewarded' with front row seats to hear "Ballad of the Lonely Man",
    performed by your
    	  alter ego. (Does not count toward the 15 omake's)
    Other Events:
     New Years Hatsumoude
     縁日 Festival Day	 - First Sunday of August
     School Sports Fest	 - First Saturday of June
     Club Summer Retreat	 - Second week of August
     Public Bath Peeping	 - End of Summer Retreats (must attend it). Mods stress
    base on results.
    			   No change if you chose not to peek.
     School Vacation	 - 2nd week of September of '97
     School Club Fest	 - First Saturday of October
     Art Club Nude Sketching - School Club Fest '97
     Sports Competitions*	 - Every 3 months (on the 3rd week of Mar, Jun, Sep,
    Dec) Sports Clubs only
     Pool & Beach Availabile - Last weekend of July ~ End of August (In other words,
    Summer Break)
     Skating Rink & Ski Rsrt - Last weekend of December and First weekend of January
     Theme Park Parades	 - During August at nighttime (after you've done your
    day rides)
    			   Seems like everyone likes it more or less.
     Hero Show at Theme Park - Being Invited? Spring and Summer? (The only two times
    I encountered the Hero show was being invited, once in spring the other time in
    Central Park (Does NOT follow seasonal changes)
     Cherry Blossom	- March	and	April
     Park Pond	- May	and	June
     Tree Path	- July	through	January
    *Sports Competitions are NOT dependant on stats, purely random. Game Losses adds
    10 pts to stress.
     Start of New Yr - For Japanese schools, its April 4th.
     Golden Week	 - First week of May (5-Day Weekend)
     Summer Break	 - Last Wk of July through entire August.
    		   No school, so no random encounters from "night" commands
     Winter Break	 - X'mas Eve through end of First week of January. (as Summer
     Trimester Exams - After first weekend of March, July, and December
     Grounded 1 wk	 - Failing in 3 or more subjects.
    		   You need 30pts to pass during the 1st yr. 10pts more after each
    *Random Encoutners refers to seeing eachother afterschool and ask to walk home,
    being praised or taunted for good/bad performance, bumping into Miharu,
    invitation for a date, acquainting girls through methods that requires school
    (ex. studying science to meet Yuina), etc.
     Counseling for Future Plans
        on Apr. 4 '98 last yr of your HS year you will visit the office for advice
    on your future plans. You will choose between continuing your education in
    college or begin your career. They will then evaluate at your current situation
    (your stats) if you'll likely be able to qualify for 1st, 2nd, 3rd rate
    college/job, or if it's utterly hopeless. If you hit the border for them saying
    that you're qualified for a certain rate for something, though, it seems that
    you actually need about 10~20pts more in each stat to actually make it.
    College/Job Examination	- Feb. 20 '99:
     Final chance to choose whether to take the College Exam or Job Exam, then
    choose 1st, 2nd, or 3rd rate you wish to try for. You have only 1 chance.
     Tome-san's Phone Message, Sunday night of '98 the week before the Temple
    Festival, regarding the fireworks (tells you the name of it to help you impress
     Main Char's Mumbling while reading the magazine... just various hints at
    'hidden' (or just rare occuring events) in the game such as the name of the Gang
    Leader's attack.
     Yoshi Saotome	- 1st day
     Shiori Fujisaki - Childhood friend
     Mio Kisaragi
    	- Studying Humanities at school (100+ = almost guarenteed)
    	  Scattered Books(?)
    	- Humanities Club Practice (Occasional, how?)
    	- Humanities Club Retreat (Dare Pairing Event???)
    	- Drama Club Practice (Occasional)
    	  Pass-out while carrying stage props
    	- Drama Club Retreat (Dare Pairing Event)
     Yuina Himoo
    	- Studying Science at school (100+ = almost guarenteed)
    	  Visit afterschool or Noticing usage of science lab room.
    	- Science Club Practice (Occasional)
    	  Run-in on human experiment.
    	- Science Club Retreat (Dare Pairing Event???Forgot)
    	- Visiting Science lab room (Random, Forced club-joining)
     Ayako Katagari
    	- Studying Art at school (100+ = almost guarenteed???)
    	  Compliment on painting
    	- Art Club Practice (Occasional)
    	  Compliment on painting???
    	- Art Club Retreat (Dare Pairing Event)
    	- Music Club Practice (Occasional)
    	  Compliment on music.
    	- Music Club Retreat (Dare Pairing Event???)
     Saki Nijino
    	- Any Classroom Activity or Resting with 90+(85+?) Perseverence
    	  Visit during recess in classroom
    	- Baseball Club Practice???
    	- Baseball Club Retreat (Pass-out from Exhaustion/Dehydration?)
     Yukari Koshiki
    	- Jogging on School Days (100+ = almost guarenteed)
    	  Hit by tennis ball.
    	- Tennis Club Practice (Occasional, how???)
    	- Tennis Club Retreat (Hit by ball and pass-out???)
     Nozomi Kiyokawa
    	- Jogging with 100+ Fitness
    	  Meeting at the near-by park.
    	- Swimming Club Practice (Occasional)
    	  Compliment on Good performance.
    	- Swimming Club Retreat (Stroke)
     Mira Kagami
    	- Raising appearance during school with 100+ Appearance.
    	  Bumping and falling in the hallway.
     Yuko Asahina
    	- Yoshi Saotome introduction after 4th bumping.
     Megumi Mikihara
    	- Introduced by Shiori at the X'mas party or on Valentine's.
    	  Must have good relations with Shiori.
     Yumi Saotome
    	- April 4th, '97, Yumi Saotome becomes 1st year student at Kirameki.
     Rei Injuin
    	- First Day
     Miharu Tatebayashi
    	- Graduation Day (If She likes you and no one else is confessing)
    *With the exception of Miharu Tatebayashi you will get to know any new people
    after you started the 3rd school year (April 4, '98).
    Love, Likes, & Hates:
    The "love/like/hate" does not necessary mean how they feel about these places
    but how they feel towards the many idiotic responses you are limited to. (ex.
    Saki liked the Cherry blossom but the main character complains about not being
    able to eat her cooking that day..)
    "Love" means that at best you can make a "perfect" impression.
    "Like" means that at best you can make a "Great" impression.
    "Hates" means that you can't make any better than "so-so" impression (does not
    improve relationship, but clears "bombs") and sometimes you can't do anything
    but hurt your relationship.
    Shiori Fujisaki
    	Loves	: Classical Music, Love Romance Movies, Central Park (Path and
    		  Festival (Always), Theme Park (Jet Coaster), The Pool, The Beach
    	Likes	: ?
    	Hates	: ?
    Mio Kisaragi
    	Loves	: Love Romance Movies, Central Park (Path & Pond)
    	Likes	: ?
    	Hates	: ?
    Yuina Himoo
    	Loves	: Shopping (Junk Shop), Central Park (Pond), Skating, Art Museum
    (Normal & Statue),
    		  Zoo, Aquarium, Classical Music, Fireworks, The Pool, The Beach
    	Likes	: Central Park (Path, Cherry Blossom), Zoo (Koala), Art Museum
    (Gagi), Karaoke
    	Hates	: Game Center (All), Theme Park (All, but Jet Coaster - haven't
    		  The Library, Romance Movies, New Music Concerts
    *Yuina wants Yes or No answers from you, don't give her a "maybe"... "sort of"..
    etc. answers.
     Ex. When dating her at spots that would give you choices between "It was
    great!" "It was bad."
     or "It was so-so." Don't pick the まあまあ (so-so) option and you'll have a 50-
    50 shot at it.
    Ayako Katagari
    	Loves	: Art Museum, Comedy Movies, New Music Concerts, The Pool, The Beach
    		  Central Park (Path), Zoo, Aquarium
    	Likes	: Shopping (Any), Central Park (Pond), Green Garden
    	Hates	: Idol and Classical Music, Romance Movies, The Library
    Saki Nijino
    	Loves	: Central Park (Path)
    	Likes	: Stadium (Pro-Wrestling)
    	Hates	: Theme Park (Hero Show), Central Park (Cherry Blossom)
    Yukari Koshiki
    	Loves	: Central Park (Path and Cherry Blossom), Zoo (Koala)
    	Likes	: Shopping (Non-Junk Shop)
    	Hates	: ?
    Nozomi Kiyokawa
    	Loves	: Romance Movies (first and third one only), Skiing, Central Park
    		  Aquarium, The Pool (1st time), The Beach, Festival, Skating (1st &
    3rd time)
    		  Theme Park (Ferris Wheel, Ghost House, & Space Battleship), Rock
    	Likes	: Green Garden, Stadium (Baseball), Art Museum, Aquarium (Dolphin
    [iruka] Show),
    		  Game Center (Video & Medal), Skating (2nd time), Shopping (Apparel
    and Mascot),
    		  Karaoke, Zoo, The Pool (2nd time), Festival (Fireworks),
    Planetarium (1st time),
    		  Stadium (Pro-Wrestling, Baseball)
    	Hates	: Action & Horror Movies, Zoo (Koala), Classical Music, Shopping
    (Junk Shop)
    		  Theme Park (Magic Bell/Cup), Planetarium (2nd time).
    Mira Kagami
    	Loves	: Skiing, Theme Park (Ferris Wheel), Green Garden
    	Likes	: Central Park (Path & Pond), Festival Crane Game (Candy)
    	Hates	: Festival Crane Game (Stuffed Pig)
    Yuko Asahina
    	Loves	: Theme Park (Jet Coaster), Action Movies, The Pool, The Beach,
    Skating, Skiing,
    		  Shopping (Mascot), Shopping (Apparel, 1st time only), Fireworks
    	Likes	: Theme Park (Ghost House), Bowling, Central Park (All), Game Center
    (Video Games)
    	Hates	: Shopping (Junk Shop), Theme Park (Hero Show & Ferris Wheel), Green
    		  Game Center (Medal Games)
    Megumi Mikihara
    	Loves	: Theme Park (Ferris Wheel, Ghost House), Horror Movies(???)
    	Likes	: Theme Park (Magic Bell/Cup)
    	Hates	: ?
    Yumi Saotome
    	Loves	: Anime & Action (SF) Movies, Aquarium (Dolphin [Iruka] Show),
    Aquarium, Fireworks
    		  Game Center (Video Games), Central Park (Cherry Blossom, Pond),
    		  The Beach (2nd time) Art Museum (Sculptures), Shopping (Apparel &
    	Likes	: The Pool, The Beach (1st time), Bowling, Game Center (Medal
    Games), Skating,
    		  Green Garden, Stadium (Pro-Wrestling), Central Park (Path)
    	Hates	: Planetarium
    *Seems like only Ayako Katagari and Yuina Himoo can tolerate Gagi's art display
    event at Art Museum
    *While everyone likes fireworks, not all of them LOVE it. Top choice always
    *For places they hate, bottom choice is likely to be the best, sometimes top,
    rarely 2nd choice. You'll see a lot of these with weirdos like Yuina. Because of
    this, the popular belief that top choice is 'always the best' is wrong. Another
    example would be first time giving Shiori her b'day present. Top choice is a
    novel, second is a classical music cd.. dont remember third, but she likes
    classical music much more than a novel.

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