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    Combat FAQ by Bone Chewer

    Version: 1.21 | Updated: 12/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This Combat FAQ should have complete info on everything about the TokiMemo's
    Mock-RPG Battle system. If you discovered something new or found a mistake
    please e-mail me at Bone_Chewer@Hotmail.Com
    You can see the Japanese characters in this file by switching the web-browser's
    View -> Encoding -> Japanese (Auto-Select). If its not available, download the
    Japanese Language Support from Windows Update. (For IE users).
    v1.21 Some unicode problems should be fixed. Fixed an inconsistancy I missed on
    the last update.
    体調 (taichou)	Stamina	- Increases HP Max
    運動 (undou)	Fitness	- Increases Damage Max
    ストレス	Stress	- Increases miss rate???
    - Wild animal attacks occur during oversea field trips.
    - Gangster attacks happens only once and only after you have learned a Style
      You will bump into them on your next immediate date that does not take place
    at the
      local park, the central park, pool, beach, skating, and skiing. I believe it
    takes priority
      over cut scenes even if you visited the location with the right girl at the
    right season.
      Need neutral or better relationship???
    - Enemies in TokiMemo will only target you.
    Defeat, or when your HP drops to 0:
        You won't die, just end up with a very disappointed date and stamina loss.
    *The only real way to lose is during the gangster battles and purposely NOT do
    anything for... ever... (or use the speed up function for a couple minutes if
    you're using an emulator). Your health recovers way more than the amount you
    lose when you use the defend command.
    There are three battle commands:
    攻撃 (kougeki)	Attack	- Deals Damage with a damage maximum determined by
    your fitness.
    防御 (bougyo)	Defend	- Reduces damage to 1/2~1/4 and recovers hp by 5%.
    奥義 (Ougi)	Style Moves (Literally, "[Secret] [Principle]") - Do your super
    		*Available only when you have learned one.
    		*Style Moves requires you to wait for four turns before using it
    		 You MUST input four commands, either attack or defend, or it won't
    		 This counter is also reset to 4 during consecutive battles if it
    wasn't available
    		 to you at the end of the previous battle (namely, the gangster
    Style Moves That You can Learn:
    *Must stay in club for 3 consecutive years (attended all 3 Club Retreats) to
    learn Style Moves, so you may know only one through each game.
    Literature Club	: 熱意の説得		(netsui no settoku)	Touching Speech
    		  (Literally, "[Enthusiasm]['s] [Persuation]", or "Persuasion of
    		- Makes a speech to the enemy. Defeats all gangsters.
    		- Deals 2940 dmg to 番長. Can miss, but not often.
    Science Club	: 戦闘衛星ハキング	(sentou eisei hacking)	Combat Satellite
    		- Directs missles for 2100~2300 dmg x 2~3 hits
    Drama Club	: 暗黒舞踏		(ankoku butou)		Dark Dance
    		- Does a sickly dance, Drains health from enemy to replenish your
    		  (Less hp, more dmg. 0 dmg if full hp)
    Art Club	: 呪いの絵		(Noroi no E)		Cursed Painting
    		  (Literally, "[Curse]['s] [Picture]", or "Picture of Curse")
    		- Summons demon goat from painting for 6666 dmg on one target
    Music Club	: 誘惑の音色		(yuuwaku no neiro)	Discord
    		  (Literally, "[Temptation]['s] [Timbre]", or "Tone of Temptation")
    		- Plays some notes on an electric guitar, confuses multiple enemies
    		  dealing 100~150 dmg to one target. Confusion effect doesn't always
    		- Deals 2510~5020 dmg to 番長 through holy sound damage. Can miss.
    Hit Rate 75%???
    # Dmg Numbers I've seen so far
    # 2510 x 5, 3012 x 3, 4016 x 3, 5020 x 1
    # I believe that's enough data to conclude that the damage is NOT randomized for
    this move.
    *TokiMemo's "confusion" only means locked out from attack commands for a couple
     番長 is immune to confusion.
    Baseball Club	: 1000本ノック		(sen hon knock)		1000 Knocks
    		- Hits 3 balls with a bat at the enemies, each dealing 1000 dmg.
    Soccer Club	: オーバーヘッド空竹割り (overhead sora take wari) Bamboo Splitter
    		  (Literally, "[Overhead] [Aerial] [Bamboo] [Divider]")
    		- Dash-jump for a backflip-kick dealing 1740 dmg to one target.
    		  Causes all gangsters to retreat.
    Tennis Club	: ブラックホールスマッシュ			Black Hole Smash
    		- Smashes a ball at the victim, turning into a black hole that sucks
    the victim
    		  to another dimention (removes the victim from battle). Causes all
    gangsters to
    		- Deals 2000~3600 dmg to 番長 through dimentional damage.
    Swimming Club	: 大海衝		(oomi shou)		Clashing Wave
    		  (Literally "[Ocean] [Clash]")
    		- Summons a great wave, defeats all gangsters.
    		- Deals about 1800 dmg to 番長.
    *I'm especialy not sure about the romanization of the kanji for this one)
    Basketball Club	: UFOダンクショート	(UFO Dunk Shot)		UFO Slam Dunk
    		- Jumps into the sky to grab a UFO and slams it into the target.
    		  Defeats all gangsters. Deals 2200 dmg to 番長.
    Moves for your friends:
    * In order for Yoshi and Rei to participate in combat, you must ask them to
    fight alongside with you (the 3rd option that becomes available when they
    accompany you on the overseas fieldtrip). The girls only participates in combat
    in the gangster battles that happens after you learn a club's Style Move during
    the summer retreat.
    早乙女好雄	Yoshi Saotome
        良雄稲妻脚	(yoshio inaduma ashi)	Yoshi's Flash Kick Special
          (Literally, "[Yoshi] [Lightning] [Leg]")
          - Launches a flying kick glowing with energy at the target.
    	Misses target, crack some bones (of your own), knocks own health down to
        良雄闘気拳	(yoshio touki ken)	Yoshi's Dueling-Spirit Punch
          (Literally, "[Yoshi] [Combat] [Spiritual Energy (Qi)/Aura] [Punch])
          - Jumps into the air toward the enemy with flaming fists.
    	Misses target, crack some bones (of your own), knocks own health down to
    *Will make a feeble attempt to run away after hurting himself.
    藤崎詩織	Shiori Fujisaki
        Tells everyone to not fight. Doesn't fight.
    如月未緒	Mio Kisaragi
        Trembles. Doens't fight.
    紐緒結奈	Yuina Himoo
       「これでもくらいなさい!」 (kore demo kurai nasai)	Black Magic
          - Yuina steps up and shouts, "To reach even this extent!"
    	(I don't this move actually has a name)
          - Creates a pentagram under a target which summons a thick beam of light
    	that deals about 300~500 dmg (I thought she said she didn't believe in
    this stuff!).
    片桐彩子	Ayako Katagari
        ポコポコ乱舞れ撃ち	(Poko Poko Ranbu re uchi)	Chaotic Dance
        (Literally "[Here and There] [Chaotic Dance] [Attack]")
          - Ayako starts running and jumping around toward people. 5~10 hits 2~250
    dmg per hit.
    	Low chance of attacking allies.
    虹野沙希	Saki Nijino
        がんばってっ!	(ganbatte)			Cheer
        (Literally, "Go, [you]!", an exclaimation to cheer someone on)
        - Restores 10~20 hp (a guess, but I've only seen 13 the most). Cannot heal
    beyond maximum.
    古式ゆかり	Yukari Koshiki
        お父様っ		(otou-sama)			"Daddy Help me!"
        (Literally "[Father]")
          - Summons the esper... *ehem*, Yukari's father by shouting, 「お父様ーーっ!
    古式様		Koshiki-sama	(Lord Koshiki. I don't know his first name.)
        おやじの怒り	(oyaji no ikari)	Father's Wrath
        (Literally "[Father]['s] [Anger]", or "Anger of Father")
          - 3 quick cross-slashes at one target for a total of 104~492 dmg.
    清川望		Nozomi Kiyokawa
        Insults the enemy, then walks back to where she was. Doesn't fight.
        When vs. 番長, gets scared after insulting and runs back instead.
    鏡魅羅		Mira Kagami
        魅惑の瞳		(miwaku no hitomi)		Charm
        (Literally "[Temptaton]['s] [Eye]", or "Eye of Alluring")
          - Bats her eyelashes throwing a "heart" at the enemy. No Effect.
    朝日奈夕子	Yuko Asahina
        Taunts the enemy, doesn't get scared. Doesn't fight.
        Her taunts have no effect on gangsters, but causes 番長 to become uneasy. No
    real effect.
    美樹原愛	Megumi Mikihara
        Becomes scared and hides during battle. Doesn't fight. Will return briefly
    every few turns.
    早乙女優実	Yuumi Saotome
        Cries. Doesn't fight. Causes 番長 to flinch (Lose a turn?).
    伊集院レイ	Rei Injuin
        私設軍隊 軍事衛星攻撃 (shisetsu guntai gunji eisei kougeki)
          Private Army Military Satellite Strike
          - Says something about depending on men, then dials on cellphone to the
    Injuin family's
    	private army. Defeats Enemy with several massive laser beams from space.
    	Rei will not use this move until your health has been dropped to 3 pts.
    	Will not recieve experience, gold, or treasures winning this way (not that
    it matters),
    	but you will recieve Injuin Family Crest Badge and Injuin Family Crest
    Keyholder as
    	souvenirs. ^_~
    クロクダイル				Crocodile
        タイルアッタク			Tail Attack
    	Lashes tail at you. Crocodile's normal attack
        ワイルドファング	(Wild Fang)	Wild Fangs
    	Roars and create flaming jaws flying at you. Knocks HP to 3
    Hit Points	: Infinite
    Location: Australia (Overseas Field Trip)
    Experience	: 820		Gold	: 573
        ワニ皮バック	(wani kawa back)	Alligator-Skin Leather Backpack
        ワニ皮ベルト	(wani kawa belt)	Alligator-Skin Leather Belt
    不良パンダ	 (Furyou Panda)		Evil Panda
    (Literally, "Corrupt Panda")
        竹槍アッタク	(takeyari attack)	Bamboo Thrust
        (Literally, Bamboo Spear Attack)
    	Thrusts a spear crafted from a bamboo at you. Panda's normal attack.
        熊猫光波斬		(panda kouha ki)	Panda Aurora Slash
        (Literally, "[Panda] [Light] [Wave] [Decapitation]")
    	Body glows then creates a blade (claw?) beam at you. Knocks HP to 3
    Hit Points	: Infinite
    Location: China (Overseas Field Trip)
    Experience	: 4,000		Gold	: 4,000
        笹の葉		(sasa no hi)		Bamboo Leaf
        竹ほうき		(take houki)		Bamboo Broom
    正義のカンガルー (seigi no kangaroo)	Kangaroo of Justice
        南十字星神拳	(minamijuujisei kami ken)	   Southern Cross God Fist
        (Literally, "[South Cross (the constellation)] [Godly Punch]"
    	Rotates arm then launches multiple punches at target. Defeats Crocodile.
    *Appears only when HP has been reduced to 3.
    鶴亀仙人	(tsuru hisashi sennin)	Master Crane-Turtle
    (Literally, "[Crane] [Turtle] [Immortal] [Man]", or "[Crane] [Turtle]
        中国四千年光線	(chuugoku kuni yon sen nen kousen) China 4000 Year Beam
    	Points staff at panda releasing a stream of energy. Defeats Rogue Panda.
    *Appears only when HP has been reduced to 3.
    不良A, B, C	(Furyou A, B, C)	Gangsters
    (Literally, "[Corrupt] [A, B, C]")
        不良パンチ (Furyou Punch) Gangster Punch
        (Literally, "[Corrupted] [Punch]")
    	Punches you 1~2 hits for 5~10 dmg each.
    Hit Points	: 2,000 (Entire group, estimate)
    Location: All Dating Spots besides Local and Central park. (After learning a
    style move)
    Experience	: 2,360		Gold	: 3,600
        ミスリル学ラン	(Mithril Gaku Run)	Mithril School Uniform????
    or  炎のTシャツ	(honoo no T-Shirt)	T-Shirt of Flame
    *Calls 番長 for help upon retreating.
    *They appear to take damage as a group.
    番長		(Banchou)		Gang Leader
        超眼力	(chou ganriki)	Deadly Stare
        (Literally, "[Super] [Vision]")
    	One look at you. Deathblow (Knocks HP down to 0).
        袖龍	(sode ryuu)	Hidden Dragon
        (Literally, "[Sleeve] [Dragon]")
    	Releases a dragon from his sleeves for 300-500dmg
    Hit Points	: 10,000 (Estimate)
    Location: Appears after defeating gangsters.
    Experience	: 326,767	Gold	: 65,535
        ドラゴン学ラン	(Dragon Gaku Run)	Dragon School Uniform???
    and 不思議な学帽	(Fushigi na Gakubou)	Strange School Cap
    and エクスカリバー				Excalibur
    and 番長の証し		(banchou no akashi)	Proof of Gang Leadership
    *Becomes 元・番長 (Moto Banchou) Former Gang Leader After Defeat; You become the
    new 番長.
    You seem to earn differnt types of "Gang Leader" titles on victory. Does not
    Depend on the club or stats as I've tried this with the same file with
    save/load. Also have earned each of them through using Style Moves or normal
    moves so I dont believe the finishing blow is a factor. Could be purely random.
    Known titles:
        時空番長	(jikuu banchou )	Time-Space Gang Leader (Literal Translation)
        朝焼け番長	(asayake banchou)	Morning Glow Gang Leader (Literal)
        世界番長	(sekai banchou)		Worldly Gang Leader (Literal)
        銀河番長	(ginga banchou)		Milky Way Gang Leader (Literal)
    紐緒ロボ	(Himo-o Robo)	Yuina Robo
    aka 真・世界征服ロボ	(shin sekai seifuku robo)	True World Conquest Robo
     服従ドリルパンチ	(fukujuu drill punch)		Drill of Obedience
     (Literally, Obedient Drill Punch)
         - Combo Attack. Transforms one arm into a drill and launches it at you.
     独裁ミサイルシャワー	(dokusai missile shower)	Dictatorial Missle Shower
         - Combo Attack. Releases a pack of missiles targetted at you.
     世界征服ハイメガビーム	(sekai seifuku high mega beam)	Domination Hyper
     (Literally, "[World] [Conquest] [High] [Mega] [Beam]")
         - Combo Finisher. Charges up the core and unleashes a thick beam of energy
    at you.
           Cuts HP by half. Cannot bring HP below 49% (attacks will begin to miss).
    Yuina Robo is Immune to Touching Speech. (I'm guessing a few others too, but
    Combat Satellite Hacking works for sure.) Don't worry, though, you can't lose
    this battle even if you wanted to.
    Hit Points	: 4,000~5,000 (Estimate)
    Location: Local Park, Feb. 27, '99 (With all Yuina requirements met)
    Experience	: N/A	Gold	: N/A
        Yuina's Confession ^_~
        天使の声	(Tenshi no Koe)		Angel's Voice:
          Ressurection with +2000 max HP, Immunity to 超眼力, grants golden armor.
          Automatically cast when you are struck by 超眼力.

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