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    Prologue Translation by Mari chan

    Version: 1.04 | Updated: 03/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Translated by Mari-chan (2003-8-11)
    v1.04 (2004-1-26)
    	Minor grammar fixes and revision of a couple of clumsy phrasings and <gasp>
    stuff I messed up before.  This is the final edit.  ^_^v
    For ease of translation purposes, I will be using these names for the player:
    Last name: Takami
    First name: Naoto
    Nickname: Nao-kun
    Takami Naoto is the name given to the player's character in the radio dramas.
    All names are Japanese format with surname first, given name second.
    Begin from the prologue
    Don't watch the prologue
    Takami:		My name is Takami Naoto.  I'm a new student here at Kirameki Private
    High School.
    Takami:		I thought my first choice school was impossible to get into, but
    luckily I was able to pass the exams.
    Takami:		I feel great.  The reason why is because the girl I secretly have a
    crush on also applied to this school.....
    Fujisaki:	Ah, Naoto-kun!
    Takami:		Shiori!
    Takami:		(She is Fujisaki Shiori.  She and I have known each other since we
    were in grade school, and even though we were playmates because her house is
    next door.....  I don't know since when, but my feelings for her.....)
    Fujisaki:	What's wrong?  Is there something on my face?
    Takami:		N, no.  It's nothing.  That is, we still have to go to the entrance
    ceremony, right?
    Fujisaki:	That's right.  I'm glad we could pass the exams together.
    Takami:		(Because Shiori's score on the exam was good, she probably had some
    breathing room, but as for me, it was almost impossible.....)
    Fujisaki:	That's right.  We had to work so hard on them, didn't we.
    Takami:		(I worked that hard just so I could enter the same school as Shiori.)
    Fujisaki:	Ah, the entrance ceremony is starting.  My mother came to see it, so
    I'll go on ahead.
    Takami:		I'd better go soon, too.
    Takami:		Phew, the entrance ceremony is over, so let's do our best for the next
    three years.
    Fujisaki:	Naoto-kun.  We'll be in the same class.
    Takami:		Ah, Shiori.
    Fujisaki:	Let's do our best together from now on.
    Takami:		Yeah, that's right.
    Fujisaki:	Well then.....
    Takami:		Ah, Shiori.  If it's alright with you, why don't we go home together?
    Fujisaki:	Eh, I wonder what I should do.
    Takami:		I beg you.  The truth is, I don't remember the way home very well.
    Fujisaki:	Jeez, I guess it can't be helped, then.  I want to meet some friends
    in another class after this, but is after I do that alright?
    Takami:		Yeah, that's fine.
    Fujisaki:	Well then, let's meet at the school gate after that.
    ???:		Yo, what's with that dumb look on your face?
    Takami:		Eh.....  Nothing.....  (What an easy-going guy.....)
    Yoshio:		I'm Saotome Yoshio.  Nice to meet you.  What's your name?
    Takami:		I'm Takami Naoto.  Nice to meet you, too.
    Yoshio:		Well anyway, I saw that just now.  What's your relationship with that
    Takami:		We were just ordinary childhood playmates.
    Yoshio:		Heh..... Is that right.....  Then, give me her profile.
    Takami:		Okay, but why do you want to hear that?
    Yoshio:		Look at it this way, I'm checking all my intelligence reports on the
    cute girls.
    		And regarding her, I've clearly got an obligation to check her data.
    Takami:		That's some strange kind of logic, but whatever.
    Yoshio:		Oh, are you going to tell me?
    Takami:		Her name is Fujisaki Shiori.  Her birthday is <Shiori month> <Shiori
    day>, and her blood type is <Shiori blood type>.
    Yoshio:		Mm-hm.  And what about her hobbies?
    Takami:		I think it's music appreciation.  If I remember correctly, I think she
    said she likes classical music.
    Yoshio:		Mm-hm.  Then, what are her three sizes?
    Takami:		Errr.....   How am I supposed to know that?
    Ijyuin:		What are you two speaking about?
    Yoshio:		Geh, who's this?
    Ijyuin:		How rude.  I am Ijyuin Rei, because I have a proper name.
    Takami:		Ijyuin?  I wonder where I've heard that before.....
    Ijyuin:		Although I don't think there is anyone who doesn't know.....  I am the
    Ijyuin Rei who is the grandson of the chairman of the board of directors.
    Yoshio:		I think this guy's popular with the girls because he's rich.  He's
    pushing his luck.
    Takami:		Now that you mention it, back when he was introducing himself, the
    girls were all going crazy, weren't they.....
    Ijyuin:		Hah ha ha ha.  The gentlemen in this class are inferior.  Well, as for
    any further association between us, this will suffice, won't it.
    Takami:		What's up with that guy?
    Yoshio:		I wonder how come we ended up in the same class as that jerk.
    Takami:		Ah, me too.
    Yoshio:		But, this school has a lot of cute girls.  So, from now on, I'll do my
    Takami:		You mean, you'll do your best to check out the girls?
    Yoshio:		Well, if there's anything you want to know about the girls, give me a
    call.  I'll help you out.
    Takami:		O, okay.....  Thanks.
    Yoshio:		Well then, I'm going to go.  Didn't you also promise to meet that
    Shiori-chan from before somewhere?
    Takami:		Ah, that's right.  I promised Shiori that we'd go home together.
    Takami:		(Shiori said to meet her at the school gate, didn't she.)
    Takami:		Hey, that's rude.
    Ijyuin:		Well, if it isn't you.
    Takami:		You're that guy from before.....
    Ijyuin:		Do me a favor and walk more slowly in the hall.  You've ruined my
    Takami:		I have?  Sorry.
    Ijyuin:		You could also say that because my family is rather wealthier than
    yours, one or two uniforms won't make any difference.
    Takami:		.........
    Ijyuin:		Hah, ha ha ha.  Well then, excuse me.
    Takami:		(Ijyuin Rei, what a jerk.)
    Takami:		Oh, I've got to hurry to the school gate.
    Takami:		(Huh, Shiori is over there.)
    Takami:		Shiori.
    Fujisaki:	Ah, sorry.  Were you waiting?
    Takami:		N, no.  That's not why, but what are you doing here?
    Fujisaki:	....I came to hear from my friend from before about the legend that
    is passed down at this school.
    Takami:		Legend?
    Fujisaki:	Isn't there a big tree standing over there?
    Takami:		Ah.
    Fujisaki:	They say that if a girl confesses her love to a boy beneath that
    tree, those two will be happy together forever.....
    Takami:		Heh, so they have that kind of legend.....
    Fujisaki:	No one knows who started it, but.....  It's a wonderful legend, isn't
    Takami:		(Who on earth will be standing in front of Shiori when that
    Fujisaki:	But, before that, I'll have to meet that wonderful person.....
    Takami:		R, right.
    Fujisaki:	Well then, shall we go home now?
    Takami:		Right.  Let's go home.
    Takami:		(And so, with hope and anxiety, my high school life began.....)

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