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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gman-Xixis

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 08/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tokimeki Memorial Super Famicom version FAQ
    Version 1.0
    by Gman-Xixis
    email address : gman-x91@durian.usc.edu.ph
    Table of contents
    1. General FAQ info
    	Theres a first time for everything
    	1.0 Reserved space
    	1.1 Introduction
    	1.2 Version history
    	1.3 Differences between the Super Famicom version and the other versions
    	1.4 Some things you need to know first ...
    	1.5 Whats in store for the future
    	1.6 Whats NOT in this FAQ
    2. The commands
    	What you can do to yourself.
    	2.0 Legend
    	2.1 Humanities command
    	2.2 Science command
    	2.3 Arts command
    	2.4 Athletics command
    	2.5 Socialize command
    	2.6 Fashion command
    	2.7 Rest command
    	2.8 Do some events affect stats ?
    3. Special statistics
    	What the various clubs can do to you.
    	3.1 Clubs ?
    4. Menu Translation
    	Translations of the initial screens
    	4.1 Title screen
    	4.2 File select screen
    	4.3 Player initialize screen ( name imput screen )
    	4.4 Player's birthdate screen
    	4.5 Shiori's birthdate screen
    	4.6 Game start screen
    5. Icon Bar Functions
    	5.1 Humanities command
    	5.2 Science command
    	5.3 Arts command
    	5.4 Athletics command
    	5.5 School club command
    	5.6 Socialize command
    	5.7 Fashion command
    	5.8 Rest command
    	5.9 Phone command
    	5.10 Date command
    	5.11 Examine command
    	5.12 System command
    6. The game screen
    	Looking ...
    	6.1 The table
    	6.2 The game screen
    7. Phone command
    	Your second best friend
    	7.1 The phone book
    	7.2 Translation of the phone book
    	7.3 When calling Yoshi .......
    	7.4 When calling Rei .......
    	7.5 When calling girls .......
    	7.6 When you're called .......
    8. The Memorial Spot - the newspaper
    	Better than the internet ( in this game at least )
    	8.0 Whats the deal ?
    	8.1 General layout
    	8.2 Interpreting it
    9. System menu
    	An in depth look
    	9.0 Where can I find it ?
    	9.1 The OPTIONS menu
    	9.2 The SYSTEM menu
    10. The concept of the BOMB
    	Your roadblock to cassanovahood
    	10.0 Whats a BOMB ?
    	10.1 The warning signs .....
    	10.2 Why do these occur anyway ?
    	10.3 When do they occur ?
    	10.4 How to fight off bombs
    11. The characters
    	Meet the people
    	11.1 Shiori Fujisaki
    	11.2 Mio Kisagari
    	11.3 Yuina Himoo
    	11.4 Ayako Katagiri
    	11.5 Saki Nijino
    	11.6 Yukari Koshiki
    	11.7 Nozomi Kiyokawa
    	11.8 Mira Kagami
    	11.9 Yuko Asahina
    	11.10 Megumi Mikihara
    	11.11 Yumi Saotome
    	11.12 Miharu Tatebayashi
    	11.13 Yoshi Saotome
    	11.14 Rei Injuin
    12. The special events
    	Make your three years count
    	12.0 Whats a special event ?
    	12.1 New Years Day
    	12.2 Valentines Day
    	12.3 March 14
    	12.4 Early or late March : Cherry Blossom Festival
    	12.5 Golden Week : First week of May
    	12.6 Mid July or Mid August : Double date
    	12.7 First Sunday of August : Summer Festival
    	12.8 School Fair
    	12.9 Field Trip
    	12.10 School Club Fair
    	12.11 Rei's annual Christmas Party
    	12.12 Exam Week
    	12.13 College entrance exams
    	12.14 Last day
    	12.15 Birthdays
    	12.16 Misc. special events
    13. The date spots
    	make memorable memories
    	13.0 What are those date spots ?
    	13.1 Neighborhood Park and Kirameki Park
    	13.2 Shopping Center
    	13.3 Sea World, Zoo, and Green Gurden
    	13.4 Planitarium
    	13.5 Art Museum and Library
    	13.6 Game Center
    	13.7 Star Bowling and Karaoke Box
    	13.8 Amusement Park
    	13.9 Melon-Pan Dome Stadium, Cinema Paradaise, and Concert Hall
    	13.10 Pool and the Beach
    	13.11 Summer Festival
    	13.12 Skating Rink and Ski Resort
    14. The dating game ( general overview )
    	14.0 Welcome
    	14.1 Dating for newbies
    	14.2 Decisions, decisions
    	14.3 Love at first sight. Or is it ?
    	14.4 Getting to know each other better
    	14.5 Bomb avoidance
    	14.6 Birthdays
    	14.7 In short ...
    15. The dating game ( advanced thingies for various questions )
    	15.0 Now what ?
    	15.1 How come the aforementioned date spots were not available ?
    	15.2 How come she didn't meet me in our date ?
    	15.3 She's asking me about somthing. What should I do ?
    	15.4 What about this " walking home " business ?
    	15.5 I made two dates on the same day ! What should I do ?
    	15.6 I'm being presented with choices on where to go on my date day ? What should I do ?
    	15.7 Its her birthday. Should I give her a gift ?
    	15.8 How will I know when a girl is in love with me ?
    	15.9 Is it really necessary to treat her with things that she likes ?
    	15.10 Do I get something for finishing the game ?
    	15.11 Is there some significance to whatever girl Yoshi ends up with ?
    	15.12 I'm a sadistic deranged friendly pychopathic maniac. I want to lose. How can I ?
    	15.13 I have read the other FAQs. And they mention something about setting Shiori's
    			birthday to sometime on March. Why ?
    	15.14 How about Mio's movie experience ?
    	15.15 Is it possible to call Miharu ?
    	15.16 Do the other girls have answering machines ?
    	15.17 My alter-ego's mumbling about something while reading the Memorial Spot. What is
    			he saying ?
    	15.18 Does Miharu call me ?
    	15.19 Is there a " nude code " or something hmmmmmmmm ?
    16. The dating game ( and how to win it )
    	16.0 I did it my way
    	16.1 What I did first
    	16.2 What I did next
    ( isolated part of this FAQ )
    Legal Stuff
    Special Mentions
    1. General FAQ info
    1.1 Introduction
    	Hello, and welcome to this FAQ. This is on the game called Tokimeki
    	Memorial of which by reading this FAQ, you ought to know something
    	about it right now. One important thing you should know is that,
    	this FAQ is based on the Super Famicom version of the game. And will
    	feature the usual stuff found in the other FAQ's but in much more
    	detail. Think of this FAQ as a supplementary reference guide. And
    	please understand that whats being presented in this FAQ may not
    	apply to the other platforms.
    	And if you simply want to win. A part of this FAQ ( section 16 )
    	details an almost step-by-step guide on building stats. ( high stats
    	will mean easy going for the rest of the game )
    	And since were dealing with a fairly old game. And a couple of FAQ's
    	have already been released on this game ( excellent ones at that )
    	And by reading this one, I'm assuming the reader already knows the
    	basics. Or simply put : not a complete stranger to the game. So
    	this FAQ will more or less start out with stuff that new players
    	couldn't care less about. And if you're a complete beginner, check
    	out section's 4 and below first.
    	Yes, I can understand a bit of Japanese ( with help from a Kanji
    	dictionary :) ) And no, I don't enjoy translating huge amounts of
    	kanji. So don't ask for dialogue translations or something of that
    	Yes, this is an OLD game.
    	And yes, I'm fully aware that in this day and age, nobody plays the
    	Super Famicom and Super Nintendo unless they REALLY want to. And as
    	such, I half-expect those reading this FAQ are playing the PS, Saturn
    	, PC-Engine Super CD, or the Win95 version. So ? .... Read the other
    	FAQ's first and read this LAST.
    	And lastly, this FAQ was created entirely in Wordpad which, quite
    	unfortunately, is due to the file size. This is already been tested with
    	Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.2. With an environment of 800 x 600.
    	The entire page gets displayed on Wordpad, but some of the text gets
    	clipped at the right edge of the window when viewed with IE 3.2.
    	Forcing you to use the bottom scrollbar to view the remaining text.
    	A minor nuisance really. Sorry.
    	Also, most of the right side of this FAQ gets clipped when viewed
    	with MS-DOS EDIT. So don't even bother.
    1.2 Version history
    	Beta stage. ( non-public release )
    	1 - creation of this FAQ.
    	1.1 - added section 1 plus the Legal section and the special mentions.
    	1.2 - added section 4, 5, 6.
    	1.5 - completed section 5. Added sections 7 to 9.
    	1.6 - completed section 4.
    	1.8 - completed section 6, 7 and 10
    	2.5 - major revision to the layout. Added corrections. Completed
    			section 8 partially completed sections 3, 9, 11, 12, and
    			13. Plus further additions to section 1. Various corrections.
    	2.6 - Added sections 14,15,16
    	2.8 - Completed section 14 and 15. Partially completed section 16. Various
    			corrections and various additions. Reached 100k file size.
    	2.9 - Completed section 11. Additions to section 1 and 15.
    	3.0 - Entire document edited for any errors and corrections. Submitted to
    			like minded friends for " debugging " and additional input.
    	Public release
    	1.0 - so far so good.
    1.3 Differences between the Super Famicom version and the other versions
    	( or reasons why you should play the 32-bit versions in the first place )
    	Please note, these are based on my observations alone. I haven't
    	thoroughly played the other versions. But I have personally seen
    	the PS and Win95 version.
    	= No voices
    	= No movies
    	= Graphics resolution is normal Super Famicom. Text resolution is
    		at 512
    	= 2 save slots
    	= Minimal animation
    	= Color depth around 256 colors
    	= Feeble ( by todays standards ... ) FM synth tunes
    	= None of the cheats for the Saturn and Playstation work ( to the
    		best of my knowledge )
    	= Field trip locations are changed
    	= Theater and Concert events seems to be the same as the Saturn
    		version ( I'm not sure )
    	= Game time starts at 1996 and ends at 1999
    	= Variety of mini-games not even close to the CD versions
    	= A small CD ( around 1.2 inches from the core ) is supposedly included.
    		Contents unknown, though its highly likely to contain the OP and EP
    		songs or some bitmaps. The CD, if it exists at all, is also likely
    		to be multi-platform compatible ( both Win95 and MacOS will be able
    		to use the disc without difficulty, but I don't expect it run on a
    		Unix or Linux-based system though :) )
    1.4 Some things you need to know first ...
    	- Download, save, then view it with Wordpad in a full size window. It gets
    		a bit crowded when viewed with internet browsers.
    	- Lookup the topics you're interested in. Don't read it straight
    		from the start till the end, unless you want to kill a
    		good hour or so it may seem.
    		And besides, thats what the other FAQ's are for ..
    		This one's more like a reference guide more than anything else.
    	- Expect mispellings, it happens ...
    	- I would also like to address this subject. This game is NOT a realistic
    		simulation of Japanese high school life. But it does give you
    		a certain idea of how their school system works. One example is on
    		the amount of holidays you have, the subjects they take, etc ..
    	- I'm not sure whether whats being presented here applies to the Playstation,
    		Saturn, or the PC Engine Super CD version. So if some things here
    		does not work on what ever CD-based system you have, tough luck.
    		And no, I'm not sure on the Win95 version also.
    	- This FAQ is for Tokimeki Memorial : Forever with you. Its doesn't have
    		anything to do with its Tokidrama side stories, puzzle games, quiz
    		games, and its arcade variants.
    1.5 Whats in store for the future.
    		Okay ....., If everything goes on as planned, expect to see an HTML
    	version of this FAQ soon.
    		visit this location if you're curious :
    		At the moment this address holds only the title page. If an HTML
    	version REALLY gets made, then it would be featured here. But don't expect
    	it anytime soon .....
    		And no, it may not be as informative and complete as this FAQ.
    		And yes, I'll do some FAQ's on other similar games. I'm not sure
    	when it'll be released or even be made, so we'll just hope for it.
    	The Debut 21 FAQ is already started and is around 5% complete. I'll
    	possibly have a FAQ made on Dream Generation, and Noel La Niege Special.
    	And maybe even Refrain Love 2 if it gets released on the PS. ( don't
    	have a Saturn )
    		And again, don't get your hopes up too much. I'm not promising
    1.6 Whats NOT in this FAQ
    		There will be NO Stadium, Concert, or Movie reference table here.
    	Read the other FAQ's first.
    		No gift guides for birthdays. Choose the first option. ( except
    	for Shiori's first year birthday, choose the second option )
    		No dialogue translations.
    		No date-related special events and occurances are mentioned here.
    	Read the other FAQ's for such info.
    		No ending translations. Again read the other FAQ's.
    2. The commands
    2.0 Legend
    	Here is the legend :
    			Almost always - Will occur almost always when in that
    						particular activity.
    			Occationally  - Will occur but not as frequent as
    						" almost always "
    			Sometimes     - Will occur only once or twice in a
    						turn or not at all.
    			Rarely	  - Will occur only once or twice every
    						few turns.
    	The points :
    			The points given are the " average " gain or loss of
    			that particular statistic. For example, a gain of
    			+2 or +3,+5 means that it will increase the associated
    			statistic at least 2 or 3 points with a peak gain of
    			5 points. These aren't exact figures though, but it
    			does give a good impression of how " helpful " or
    			" damaging " a particular command can be to a particular
    2.1 Humanities command
    	Will increase
    			- Humanities Points almost always ( +2 or +3, +5 points )
    			- Stress Points almost always ( +2 to +5 points )
    			- Science Points occationally ( +1 to +2 points )
    			- General Knowledge Points sometimes ( +1 to +2 points )
    			- Art Points rarely ( +1 to +2 points )
    	Will decrease
    			- Stamina Points almost always ( -1 to -5 points )
    			- Athletics Points almost always ( -2 to -4 points )
    			- Appearance Points sometimes ( -1 to -3 points )
    			- Perseverance Points rarely ( -1 to -2 points )
    2.2 Science command
    	Will increase
    			- Science Points almost always ( +1 to +5 points )
    			- Stress Points almost slways ( +1 to +7 points )
    			- Perseverance Points occationally ( +1 to +2 points )
    			- Humanities Points sometimes ( +1 to +2 points )
    			- General Knowledge Points rarely ( +1 point )
    			- Art Points rarely ( +1 point )
    	Will decrease
    			- Athletics Points almost always ( -1 to -5 points )
    			- Stamina Points almost always ( -1 to -5 points )
    			- Fashion Points almost always ( -1 to -3 points )
    2.3 Arts command
    	Will increase
    			- Art Points almost always ( +3,+4 to +5 points )
    			- Science Points occationally ( +1 to +2 points )
    			- Humanities Points occationally ( +1 to +3 points )
    			- Stress Points occationally ( +1 to +3 points )
    			- General Knowledge Points rarely ( +1 point )
    	Will decrease
    			- Stamina Points almost always ( -1 to -4 points )
    			- Athetics Points almost always ( -1 to -3 points )
    			- Fashion Points occationally ( -1 to -2 points )
    			- Stress Points sometimes ( -1 to -3 points )
    			- Perseverance Points rarely ( -1 to -2 points )
    2.4 Exercise command
    	Will increase
    			- Athletics Points almost always ( +1,+7 to +8 points )
    			- Perseverance Points almost always ( +2 to +4 points )
    			- Stress Points occationally ( +1 to +3 points )
    			- General Knowledge Points rarely ( +1 point )
    	Will decrease
    			- Stamina Points almost always ( -2 to -8 points )
    			- Fashion Points occationally ( -1 to -3 points )
    			- Humanities Points sometimes ( -1 point )
    			- Science Points sometimes ( -1 point )
    			- Art Points rarely ( -1 point )
    2.5 Socialize command
    	Will increase
    			- General Knowledge Points almost always ( +1 to +6,+7 points )
    			- Fashion Points almost always ( +1 to +5 points )
    			- Stress Points sometimes ( +1 to +2 points )
    			- Athletics Points sometimes ( +1 to +2 points )
    	Will decrease
    			- Stamina Points almost always ( -1 to -4 points )
    			- Humanities Points occationally ( -1 to -3 points )
    			- Science Points occationally ( -1 to -3 points )
    			- Art Points rarely ( -1 points )
    			- Stress Points rarely ( -1 points )
    2.6 Fashion command
    	Will increase
    			- Appearance Points almost always ( +2 to +8,+12 points )
    			- General Knowledge Points occationally ( +2 to +3 points )
    			- Stress Point sometimes ( +1 to +2 points )
    	Will decrease
    			- Perseverance points almost always ( -1 to -4 points )
    			- Stamina points almost always ( -1 to -3 points )
    			- Humanities Points sometimes ( -1 point )
    			- Science Points sometimes ( -1 point )
    			- Art Points rarely ( -1 point )
    2.7 Rest command
    	Will increase
    			- Stamina Points almost always ( +3,+5 to +12 )
    	Will decrease
    			- General Knowledge Points almost always ( -1 to -3 points )
    			- Stress Points almost always ( -1 to -5 points )
    			- Fashion Points almost always ( -1 to -4 points )
    			- Perseverance Points rarely ( -1 point )
    2.8 Do some events affect stats ?
    	Well, there is one I now of. Refused date offers can add around +10 on your stress.
    	Seriously offending girls on after-school events can also affect Stress to a certain
    	level (?)
    3. Special statistics
    3.1 Clubs ?
    	Aside from doing the various normal activities such as those stated above,
    	you also have the opportunity to join various school clubs as well.
    	These clubs more or less, do the same effect as your normal activities.
    	But they differ in 4 aspects :
    				- Clubs tend to increase more points in more attributes
    				- Clubs can also lead to some special events
    				- Club activities decrease your Stamina like there's no
    				- The higher the points, the more successful you'll be
    	The first difference, is that they can increase more points in more attributes.
    	But they can only increase RELATED attributes. So joining the Literature Club
    	will increase your academic attributes, physical attributes are seldom affected
    	except for Stamina and sometimes Fashion. On the other hand, joining the Soccer
    	Club will increase your physical attributes, your academic attributes ( Science,
    	etc ... ) are only affected slightly. Joining the Band Club, which isn't directly
    	related to any of your attributes, will increase almost everything little by
    	little, the remaining attributes are decreased.
    	The second difference, is they can also lead to special events as well. Joining
    	the Soccer Club for instance, will let you play a match between another school
    	in certain times. Joining the Band Club, will lead you to play in the concert on
    	school fairs. And if a club is related to a girl, its sure as hell you'll get to
    	meet her. And in the early stages of the game, you'll get meet her quicker than
    	just waiting around for her to notice you.
    	The third difference, is that joining ANY club can seriously drain your Stamina
    	points. So frequent club activities are not advised.
    	The fourth difference, is that you'll perform better when your points are high.
    	As an example, you'll literally breeze through the science club when your Science
    	points are on the above 130 mark. Making a hefty increase in your attributes
    	without much take back. ( if you're still wanting to push your points even further )
    	The fifth difference, is that clubs are not essential to your success in this game.
    	I played thru find without joining any club.
    	And yes, since clubs are not that important, I will not do the same point tables
    	like I did with section 2. Just keep in mind that the club and its relation to
    	your stats are pretty obvious. ( i.e. Science club will increase Science points,
    	sport clubs will increase Athletics points, etc.. )
    4. Menu Translation
    4.1 Title Screen
    					- Game Start
    					- Option
    4.2 File select Screen
    	After choosing Game Start, this will appear. Presents you with file options.
    	In order from the left :
    					- Continue saved game
    				 	- New game
    					- Copy saved game ( copies into another slot )
    					- Delete saved game
    	The two rectangles on the bottom represent your 2 save slots.
    4.3 Player Initialize Screen
    	After pressing " New game " This would appear. The buttons on the left are as
    	follows :
    					- Use Hiragana characters
    					- Use Katakana characters
    					- Use English and special symbols
    					- Use Kanji characters
    	This is the screen to input your name.
    	The two symbols on the bottom right are for your cursor controls.
    	The Kanji symbol beside these stand for :
    					- Done
    	You are presented here with 3 spaces for your surname, 3 spaces for your given
    	name, and 6 spaces for your nickname. Three fields in all. Remember, after
    	entering each name field, press " Done " to proceed to the next field.
    	Also, if you press " Done " without inputting anything. The computer will fill
    	in the field with a name, surname, or nickname of its own choosing. Its randomly
    	choosen though.
    	And yeah, you can mix and match your name to whatever writing system you like.
    4.4 Player Birthdate Screen
    	The first set of numbers corresponds to " Month "
    	The second set of numbers corresponds to " Day "
    	The last set is your " Blood Type "
    	As before, the " Done " button is located on the lower right and should be
    	pressed to move on to the next field.
    	And also as before, pressing " Done " without inputting anything will let the
    	computer randomly fill in for you.
    	After which you'll be asked to verify if the info is correct.
    	The 2 Hiragana symbols on the bottom stand for :
    					- Yes ( the left option )
    					- No ( the right option )
    	Choosing Yes will proceed you to Shiori's birthdate screen. Choosing No will
    	start the whole process over again.
    4.5 Shiori's Birthdate Screen
    	Same as before. Choosing Yes will start the game, choosing No will prompt you
    	to input again.
    4.6 Game Start Screen
    	There will be two options :
    					- View the prologue
    					- Skip the prologue
    	The prologue will fill you in on the basic story. Pointless if you don't know
    	Japanese. After which the game proper will start. Skipping the prologue will
    	start the game immedietely.
    5. Icon Bar Functions
    5.0 This section helps you locate the various buttons on the icon bar.
    	Plus the descriptions. Look at section 2 to see what they do.
    5.1 Humanities command [ The icon with a book ]
    		- Read about literature.
    5.2 Science command [ The icon with the beakers / test tube ]
    		- Learn the science stuff. Chemistry, Biology, and
    			all that rot.
    5.3 Arts command [ The icon with a painting and a pencil ]
    		- Sketch the tree over and over again.
    5.4 Exercise command [ The icon with the weights ]
    		- Jog around.
    5.5 School Club command [ The icon with the school building ]
    		- Participate in your choosen club. First use will let
    			you choose which club to join. Successive use
    			will later present you on whether to stay with
    			the club or not.
    5.6 Socialize command [ The icon with laughing two heads ]
    		- Chit chat with your pal.
    5.7 Fashion command [ The icon with a mirror and a reflection ]
    		- Improve your looks.
    5.8 Rest command [ The icon with the bed and you sleeping in it ]
    		- Doze off to regain Stamina and relieve Stress.
    5.9 Phone command [ The icon with the phone ]
    		- Call and touch someone. Presents you with your available
    			phone numbers.
    5.10 Date command [ The icon with the heart ]
    		- Go with the girl of your dreams. Or nightmare. Only
    			functional on date days. Assuming you have arranged
    			a date in the first place.
    5.11 Examine command [ The icon with the magnifying glass ]
    		- Read the newspaper. The Memorial Spot. Functional only
    			on mornings.
    5.12 System command [ The icon with the Super Famicom ]
    		- Changes various system settings.
    6. The game screen
    6.1 The table.
    	[Stamina	    ][Humanities	    ][Science	    ]
    	[Art		    ][Athletics	    ][Gen. Knowledge  ]
    	[Appearance	    ][Perseverance    ][Stress	    ]
    6.2 The game screen
    	Below the table, would be the main game screen.
    	At your left is the Icon Bar. Refer to the previous section for detials.
    	At your right is the Calendar. It lists from top to bottom :
    					- The month
    					- The day
    					- The season (?)
    	At the bottom is the Message Box. Here various messages or comments will
    	be displayed. Whether you're talking or a sound effect has occured, it will
    	be displayed here.
    	At the center will be your Window screen. Which really doesn't serve any
    	purpose except for telling whether its a night or a day. But some Icon Bar
    	commads has shortcuts here. Clicking on the phone is the same as the Phone
    	command at the Icon Bar. Clicling on the piece of paper is the same as the
    	System command.
    	In the other platforms, the Window screen holds a ton of various " Easter
    	Eggs " or hidden secrets. Its still unknown whether the Super Famicom
    	version has one.
    7. Phone command - an in depth look
    7.0 Here's an in depth look at the Phone command and what it does for you.
    7.1 The Phone Book
    	The Phone Book lists all phone numbers available to you at the
    	moment. You must contact your pal Yoshi first, for the other phone
    	numbers. This is the screen you'll see when the Phone command is
    	In other to gain new telephone numbers, you must have at least
    	been properly introduced to a girl. Properly introduced means
    	that the girl ought to know your name. Mere bumping doesn't
    	Once you do, you can contact Yoshi and ask for her statistics.
    	After which her name will be listed in your phone book. Which
    	you can now call.
    7.2 Translation of the Phone Book
    	In their correction positions :
    	Yoshi Saotome		| Saki Nijino			| Megumi Mikihara
    	Shiori Fujisaki		| Yukari Koshiki		      | Yumi Saotome
    	Mio Kisaragi		| Nozomi Kiyokawa		      | Rei Injuin
    	Yuina Himoo		      | Mira Kagami			|
    	Ayako Katagari		| Yuko Asahina			| Exit phone book
    7.3 When calling Yoshi ..... ( for your survival )
    	After some palsy-walsy talks, you'll be presented with 2 choices :
    					- Ask what the girls think about you.
    					- Ask for date spot recommendation.
    	Asking about the date spots are useless though, theres your newspaper for
    	that. Plus you ought to know where your particular girl likes to go for
    	a date. Look at her stats ! ( section 11 )
    	After choosing the first option, you'll now be presented by a series of
    	iconic faces. Representing the respective girl's attitude towards you.
    	The order is more or less the same as in the phone book, except with
    	two columns instead of three. Anyway, the faces are more or less self
    	explanatory. From the " raging red mad " to the " violet neutral " to the
    	" blue blushingly enraptured head-over-heels in love ". You get the
    	picture ?
    	You may also see some blinking bombs in the face or faces. That is a sign
    	that you will be bombed soon by that particular girl or girls !
    	After which you will be prompted again to :
    					- Check with a certain girl's statistics
    					- Never mind ( exits the conversation )
    	Checking with a girl's statistics will present you with a list at the
    	bottom. These are the girl's names, in much the same order in your
    	phone book. After clicking on the one you want you'll be presented
    	with a screen with your girls face plus her statistics.
    7.4 When calling Rei ......
    	Simply put, you'll just pester him/her. Excessive calling however can
    	lead to unexpected things on the end !(?) ( And I mean TRULY EXCESSIVE )
    	Calling him/her will help you though in getting invited in Rei's
    	annual Christmas Party. More details are on section 12.11
    7.5 When calling girls .......
    	It will automatically mean that you want a date. Refer to section 13
    	for the dating details.
    7.6 When you're called .......
    	Look at the color of the text. If its RED, then its a bomb. If its
    	BLUE, then it probably means an invitation from Yoshi to join him
    	in a double date at the amusement park. Otherwise, then its simply
    	someone else that you couldn't care less about.
    8. The Memorial Spot
    8.0 Whats the deal ?
    	Okay, the Memorial Spot is your source of information about : whats on Cinema
    	Paradise, whats playing on the Concert Hall, whats playing in the Melon-Pan Dome,
    	new date spots, events, and such.
    	In other words : This is your window to the outside world. Without it, your love
    	life will get pretty dull pretty quick.
    	You can only read it only at mornings, and it changes every three months. Or
    	every season. And using it will not affect game time. ( you can read it over and over
    	again and it would still be morning )
    8.1 General layout
    	|														    |
    	| Somewhere here would be the Magazine's                    Somewhere here would 	    |
    	|	name : Memorial Spot (a)					be the movie THAT will	    |
    	|                                                           be shown at the magazine's  |
    	|										date. (e)                   |
    	|														    |
    	|                                  Somewhere here would     Somewhere here would be     |
    	|						be the magazine's		the concert THAT will be    |
    	|						  date ( season )(d)	performed at the magazine's |
    	|										date.	(f)		          |
    	| Somewhere here would be the place for                                                 |
    	|     new date spots ( if any ) (b)		                  Somewhere here would be     |
    	|										the schedules of games or   |
    	| Somewhere here would be the notices				events in the Stadium that  |
    	|	of special events ( if any ) (c)				will take place on the      |
    	|										specified month. (g)	    |
    	|                                                                                       |
    8.2 Interpreting it
    	(a.) The magazine's name
    			self-explanatory, really ....
    	(b.) New Date Spots
    			If there's a new date spot coming up, it will show up here. Remember that
    		it will happen on the magazine's date. Meaning if you've read the magazine on
    		Februrary ( say 2/20/98 ) and the magazine's date is 3-4-5 ( March to May ) you
    		won't see the new date spot til the next month. Make sure you read the date
    	(c.) Events
    			If there's gonna be an event at say,... Water World or at the Art Museum.
    		It will be listed here with the month and possibly the day it will occur. If no
    		day is specified, then it means that it will occur for the duration of the month
    		or season.
    	(d.) Magazine date
    			Read this carefully. Most mistakes are from reading " Saayy ... There's
    		a KNM concert, better call Shiori ..... " then finding out that the concert is
    		for next month ( ooppps ) Better hope Shiori likes rock music ..............
    	(e.) Movies
    			Listed here will be the movie's name, and genre. The genre's written in
    		Katakana. Better brush up on your reading skills. Remember that it will happen
    		on the magazine's date.
    	(f.) Concert
    			As with Movies, listed here will be the musical group thats going to
    		perform and the type of music they play. Remember that it will happen on the
    		magazine's date.
    	(g.) Stadium
    			Listed here would be three months worth of schedules ( which isn't
    		saying much ) ranging from playoffs to wrestling matches. Unlike the other
    		schedules, stadium events more or less change every month and will be closed
    		on certain times. Hence, the actual month is specified along with the event.
    9. System menu - an in depth look
    9.0 Where can I find it ?
    	Its one of the most asked question about this game. Its only rivalled by this
    	next question : " How do I save the game ? ".
    	Well, you can find parts of the System menu on the Title Screen in Options.
    	The real system menu can be accessed via your icon bar : the System command.
    	The less obvious way of accessing the system menu is by clicking on the small
    	piece of paper on the center of your desk.
    9.1 The OPTION menu.
    	Here's the layout of the OPTION menu ( accessed on the title screen )
    	Mouse setting 			Left - Right
    	Sound setting			Stereo - Monural
    	Cursor speed			Slow - Normal - Fast
    	Text output speed			Slow - Normal - Fast
    				End		Omake ( bonus )
    	The mouse setting shifts the active button to either the left mouse button
    		or the right mouse button vice-versa with the cancel button. Choose
    		the Left setting if you're using the mouse with your right hand. Or
    		choose the Right setting if you use the mouse with your left hand.
    		Default is at " Left ". Controller users need not bother with this.
    	Sound setting lets you change the type of sound output to either in Stereo
    		or in Monural. Default is at " Stereo "
    	Cursor speed lets you change the speed of movement of the cursor to either
    		slow, normal, or fast. Default is at " Normal "
    	Text output speed lets you change the rate of text to be displayed to either
    		slow, normal, or fast. Default is at " Mormal ", but personally spekaing,
    		it didn't seem to have that much of a difference.
    	End. Exits the OPTION screen.
    	Omake. View the endings of the girls that you've won. Will only appear when
    	 	you've finished the game with at least one girl.
    9.2 The SYSTEM menu.
    	The SYSTEM menu is laid out like this :
    	Mouse Pad setting				Data Save
    	Text Output setting			Data Load
    	Sound setting				Exit
    	The mouse pad setting is the same as in the OPTIONS menu. Clicking it would
    		bring two submenus :
    					Mouse button setting
    					Cursor speed
    		These two function like the ones on the OPTIONS menu.
    	Text Ouput setting is the same as in the OPTIONS menu. The difference is that
    		the choices are presented from top to bottom, rather than left to right.
    	Sound setting's the same as in the OPTIONS menu.
    	Data Save will let you save your game in one of the two available save game
    		slots. It will be presented like this :
    					Save slot 1
    					Save slot 2
    		Moving the cursor and clicking either Save slot 1 or Save slot 2 will
    		save the game.
    		Saving into an occupied spot, the game will prompt you to overwrite the
    		existing save game or not.
    		You can only save on evenings.
    	Data Load will load a previously saved game. The layout is basically the same
    		as above. And you'll choose the save game to load in much the same way
    		that you save a game.
    		You can only load on evenings.
    10. The concept of THE BOMB
    10.0 Whats a BOMB ?
    	A BOMB is an abstract representation of bad gossip about you. Or
    	maybe not .... Anyway, a BOMB occurance is really BAD. It degrades
    	the attitudes of the girls towards you. Until in the end, you'll
    	have ALL of them angry or sad. Repairing the damage is costly and
    	not always effective. And it can also chain-react. Making bombs
    	harder to deal with, the more they occur.
    	In short, you simply don't want this to happen to you at any cost.
    10.1 The warning signs ...
    	The strongest sign a girl can give you before she bombs you is when
    	you'll encounter her after school. And either :
    				- She'll stare at you angrily. Says nothing.
    				- She'll stare at you with a sad face. Says nothing.
    				- She'll complain.
    				- She'll tongue-whip you.
    	Remember these, since they're different for every character. As a general
    	observation, mild-mannered girls complain, normal and shy girls stare, and the
    	holier-than-thou girls tongue-whip. This is the second warning the girls gives
    	you before bombing you.
    	The first warning sign is in your pal Yoshi's ratings. As stated before, a
    	blinking bomb on the iconic face or faces means that a girl/girls will plan
    	to bomb you. Yes, PLAN. If you continue to ignore them, they'll do one of
    	the above aforementioned " strong signs ". This means that she'll surely
    	bomb you, it will just take a matter of time.
    10.2 Why do these occur anyway ?
    	These occur when one or more of these conditions are met :
    				- When the girl is unhappy
    				- When you turn down the girl for a walk very often
    					( go back to reason #1 )
    				- When you ignore the girl in her happy state, this
    					means you've treated her nicely before and
    					suddenly you've set your sights on another
    					( go back to reason #1 )
    				- When you refuse their offers for dates, especially
    					ones that you have been ignoring
    					( go back to reason #1, again )
    				- When you don't show up for a date
    					( back to reason #1 )
    				- When you stood her up for another girl on a date
    					( back to reason #1, yet again )
    				- When you treat her like scum on your dates with her
    					( ditto )
    				- Or otherwise, you simply piss her off
    					( like reason #1 )
    10.3 When do they occur ?
    	On average, they occur 2 to 6 turns from the second warning. It varies from
    	girl to girl, some girls bomb you at the earliest opportunity, some girls
    	tend to wait out and see if you redeem yourself.
    	As a general rule, the relatively happy ones tend to bomb you much later than
    	those who are neutral or angry.
    	When a bomb has occured, you'll be phoned by Yoshi. You'll know this since the
    	text will be in RED. He'll say who bombed you, so take note.
    10.4 How to fight off bombs
    	Okay, one of the best things you can do is to PREVENT bombs from occuring in the
    	first place. Try to maintain a good relationship with the various girls. Yes,
    	a good relationship, NOT a romantic relationship. Once the first warning
    	occurs ( Yoshi's stats ) it would probably best to date whatever girl that
    	plans to bomb you. It would save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Now,
    	if there are more than 3 girls wanting to bomb you. THIS COULD BE A BIT
    	DIFFICULT. But its still in your best interest to date one of them. Chances
    	are, one of them will do the second warning in which you should date whoever
    	gives you the second warning first. If theres at least 5 warnings, either
    	you stick around a little longer and apply some of the tips below, or LOAD
    	a saved game. The situation at this point can still be fixed, if you're
    	lucky .....
    	If the second warning has occured, date her immedietly. You won't regret it.
    	If however you have been swamped with 3 second warnings in a row. Its time
    	to do a little research, try to see if one of those girls have a birthday
    	coming up. If there's actually one having a birthday in the next few weeks,
    	give her a gift ! It will buy you time, so date her LAST and concentrate
    	on the other 2. Now if the girl you happened to call refused your date offer,
    	thats also good. It can also buy you some time, so date the next one. Yep,
    	failed date offers COUNT !. Now if you have 5 second warnings in a row, keep
    	your fingers crossed and hope one of them has a birthday coming up. If not,
    	hope that your luck holds up, and at least some of them will refuse you.
    	Otherwise LOAD a saved game. Its gonna take a lot of luck and effort to fight
    	this one off .....
    	Another way to fend these warnings off, is by the " walking home " routine.
    	If a girl that going to bomb you happens to be in a Very Happy state, chances
    	are good that she'll ask you to walk with her before she bombs you, accept
    	the invitation ! And possibly buy some time ( its not always reliable ).
    	Otherwise, chances are also very good that the girl you're after will pop out
    	and ask you to walk home, and much to your dissapointment, a girl thats going
    	to bomb you happens to be directly affected by your girl. ( the interaction
    	between girls .... ) So if you're after Saki, then Yumi decides to bomb you,
    	then during the course of the week, Saki pops up and asks you walk home
    	together. Accepting the ivitation, ..... you'll be bombed by Yumi the next
    	day !. Even if there are 2 other girls wanting to bomb you, remember, Yumi
    	is already .... just a tad pissed off by your behavior .... and then you
    	decide to go with Saki .... who can affect Yumi's behavior the most ( after all,
    	Yumi got jealous over that lunch Saki made did she ? ... ). So the other girls
    	won't get affected by it much, in doing so, you have pushed Yumi " over the edge ",
    	prompting her to bomb you at her convinience. So one way to fight this one off,
    	is to sacrifice a few moments with your loved one. Not much effect isn't it ?,
    	anyway the important thing is that you now know that such a thing happens, and
    	you better be really careful in dealing with it. ( this can wreck havoc with
    	your finely tuned " bomb-diffusing " dating schedule doesn't it ? )
    	Another way to prevent bombs from going off all over the place is to use the "
    	advance date arrangements " technique. This works best when there are plenty
    	of holidays. Basically, what you do is to call up the girl that plans to bomb
    	you then set your date 2 to 3 weeks after the date you called ! When the next
    	weekend comes, call another girl thats going to bomb you ( if any ... ) then
    	set your date with her also after 2 to 3 weeks. Or alternately, call up the
    	girl you're after and date her the next weekend !. This works for 3 girls at
    	the most. And they should have given you the second warning around much the same
    	time. ( better pray there's a holiday coming up ) You can use this technique for
    	" mild occuring " bomb threats too ( thats when you don't get 3 bomb threats ON
    	ONE WEEK ) but its best to deal with this the conventional way : DATE THEM AS
    	Now during this time from the day you've called till the day of the propossed date,
    	the girl(s) will not bomb you. After all, would you bomb someone thats going to go
    	out with you, maybe in real life .., but not here. You may get a lot of encounters
    	with the girl(s) thats going to bomb you during after school. Use your judgement
    	whether to walk home with them or not. Don't push your luck though ...
    	Of course, if you're REALLY lucky. Loading a previously saved game helps too.
    	Since Tokimeki Memorial has a degree of randomness, its possible that the
    	girl that bombed you on your previous game will bomb you much later in your
    	current game. This has already helped me a couple of times now :) This is for
    	" doomed " saved games, save games that already has considerable number of bomb
    	threats. " Considerable " ?, anything more than 3 bomb threats can be said as
    	" considerable ".
    	Once a bomb has occurred. It will degrade most of the girls feelings about
    	about you and will seriously affect the attitudes of at least 1 girl. The best
    	you can do is to call the girl that bombed you. She will more or less ignore
    	you once or twice if you happen to have a good relationship with her before
    	( Remember, she doesn't have to be in her unhappiest state to bomb you ) Or
    	she will ignore you indefinitely if she's already angry at you in the first
    	place. Anyway, if you have less than 2 bomb threats now, do your best to obtain
    	a date with the girl that bombed you. She'll be back to normal in no time.
    	But once you have more than 3 bomb threats, once one bomb goes off, another one
    	will go off shortly, then another, then another, then another, then finally
    	you'll be pretty much hated by almost everyone, with no more chance for a date.
    	Consider it game over.
    11. The characters
    11.0 Notes
    	- I will list their names in the conventinal manner. ( first name, last name )
    	- The date spot recommendations provided here should not be taken too seriously.
    		After all, there no " wrong " date spot for any girl. As long as you know
    		how to reply her questions, you'll do just fine.
    	- The difficulty rating I give at the end of each of the girls is RELATIVE.
    		Depending on how you play the game, it may end up harder than you thought.
    	- The Constellation stat isn't included. As does the Notes stat.
    11.1 Shiori Fujisaki
    		Birthdate : Determined by player
    		Bloodtype : Determined by player
    		Height    : 158 cm
    		B-W-H	    : 1st. year 83-56-84
    			      2nd. year 84-56-85
    			      3rd. year 85-57-86
    		Club	    : Determined by her birthdate
    		Background : The star of the game. The Idol of Kirameki High. Good at most everything,
    					not to mention really beautiful. She was your best friend during
    					your childhood for 10 years. Then one way or another, you had to
    					leave her behind. Now, sometime has passed, and you finally saw
    					her again in Kirameki High. This it it. Your last chance to get
    					Shiori to fall madly in love with you and fulfill your destiny ..
    					get her confession under the tree, of her love to you that has
    					stayed with her all through these years ..... ( choke )
    		Dating strategy : Okay, she may have a special place in her heart for you. But
    					you'll have to prove your worth to her first. Shiori demands a
    					high to very high statistic points so by the end of the game you
    					ought to have around 150 of most of the stats. Except for the
    					Stress stat of course.
    					She'll be attending the first-rate university. ( thats our Shiori ! )
    					You should do the same.
    					Shiori likes quiet and romantic places. So the Neighborhood Park,
    					Kirameki Park, and the Amusement Park are the places on which you
    					ought to spend most of your time with her. Whenever there's a
    					romantic movie in the theater or a KNM Orchestra concert, date her
    				 	there too.  Anyway, you should at take her out at one date spot at
    					least once. Its also worth mentioning that she's the only person
    					thats LEAST likely to bomb you.
    					You should date her anytime you can, winning her heart will
    					be a long and painful journey. But its worth it !! Trust me.
    					Just keep in mind that Shiori will easily fall in love with
    					you in no time, BUT, winning her in the end is an another matter
    					entirely. ( remember, she demands high stats plus a full
    					complement of frequent and steady dates :) )
    11.2 Mio Kisaragi
    		Birthdate : February 3
    		Bloodtype : A
    		Height    : 156 cm
    		B-W-H	    : 1st. year 80-59-82
    			      2nd. year 80-59-83
    			      3rd. year 81-59-83
    		Club	    : Either the literature or the drama club
    		Background : A quiet person. Mio's a shy romantic at heart. She really loves to
    					read novels and love stories. She's not close to altheletic
    					though, but it suits her fine. She'd rather be doing plays or
    					reading. She wants to experience romance like those on romantic
    					novels. You'll meet her when you have a good or high Humanities
    					point or when you join the Drama Club or the Literature Club.
    		Dating Strategy : Statistic-wise. Obviously, you should have high academics points.
    					Around the same as Shiori. She doesn't care as much as your
    					athletic prowess though so its okay to leave them at " mediocre ".
    					She does like her boyfriend to be good-looking though so make
    					sure your Appearance points by the end of the game is around 120.
    					She will attend a First-rate university. Natch.
    					In dating her, you should date her in quiet but not necessarily
    					romantic places. The Library, Kirameki Park, The Planitarium,
    					The Zoo, and such makes ideal dating places for her. Places to
    					avoid are those that involve atheletecism. You know, Stadiums,
    					Ski resorts etc.. When there's a romantic movie going on, take
    					her there. Go for stroll around Kirameki Park ...  In the early
    					stages, date her in educational places, gradually moving to the
    					romantic ones.
    					In a sense, her dating strategy seems to be similar to Shiori's.
    					Except a hell lot easier.
    					Winning her heart will be a bit hard though, so you better work
    					on your academics points and your Appearance point. She won't
    					respond to romance very well at first, but as time passes between
    					you two, she'll be ready.
    11.3 Yuina Himoo
    		Birthdate : July 7
    		Bloodtype : A
    		Height    : 161 cm
    		B-W-H	    : 1st. year 84-58-84
    				2nd. year 84-59-85
    				3rd. year 85-59-86
    		Club 	    : Science club ( natch )
    		Background : A really smart megalomaniac. Dreams of conquering the world someday.
    					Nah, she ain't athletic. She'll let her machines do the work
    					for her. Yuina's your average over-ambitious, science junkie.
    					Loves computers or anything else electronic. Goes crazy for new
    					data or new algorithms. With a mind like hers, she can only think
    					of inventing something. But deep down, she's a vulnerable person
    					and she can fall deeply in love with someone. Assuming they can
    					stay long enough with her .... experiments. You'll meet her in
    					the Science Club or when you have a high science point at the
    					early stages of the game.
    		Dating Strategy : Yuina's stat requirement is simple. It has to be at a level where
    					you can pass the First-rate university entrance exam. She doesn't
    					really care about your other stats. But as usual, make sure your
    					appearance is at 110.
    					She plans to attend a First-rate university. Like any good
    					gearhead megalomaniac would do.
    					Date spot-wise. She likes anything that has computers, or any
    					quiet place. So, in this respect, she likes : Kirameki Park,
    					the Junk Shop, Library, and the Game Center. She's OK with the
    					" fun " date spots too. Like Mio, avoid taking her too often to
    					anything with a relation to sports. She also likes Classic music.
    					And as usual, date her on special occasions. If there's one thing
    					weird about making dates with her, is that she simply won't go
    					out with you on dates when its a holiday.
    					Winning her heart is a bit hard on my games. You simply have to
    					please her anyway you can. As weird as she is. AND you have to
    					fight her robot near the end of the game. I don't know if you can
    					lose in this battle, but i'm at least certain that its possible.
    					And she'll visit you on your birthday, but for the wrong reason.
    11.4 Ayako Katagari
    		Birthdate : September 30
    		Bloodtype : B
    		Height    : 159 cm
    		B-W-H     : 1st. year 86-60-86
    				2nd. year 86-59-86
    				3rd. year 86-60-87
    		Club      : Either the art or the band club
    		Background : A fun-lovin bilingual. Ayako is a person that likes things some
    					people couldn't care less. And in her case : art. She isn't
    					so keen on romance, ... yet. Ayako loves to draw. She really,
    					really loves to draw. Not to mention her deep facination for
    					things grotesque. She gets interested in boys that are good
    					in arts. About the only thing that rivals her interest in art
    					is in her interest in singing. She also loves to sing her heart
    					out. She'll introduce herself if you have a high Art Point. Or
    					you're an active member of the Art Club. And depending on some
    					factors, you could also meet her in the Music Club. ( check
    					Yoshi for her stats to be sure ) Its also worth noting that
    					Ayako bust size is second to Mira's. ( which isn't saying much )
    		Dating Strategy : Your stat requirements for Ayako are simple. Around 110 on your
    					academic points. Plus a very high Art point. Perseverance can
    					be around 80, while your Athletic Point can be around 80-90.
    					I think your Appearance Points ought to be at 110.
    					She plans to study art abroad. Your college plans is irrelevant.
    					Her favorite date spots are the Art Museum, Karaoke Box, and the
    					Amusement Park. Or any " fun " date spot for that matter. Just
    					don't go on romantic spots until she's in the blushing stage.
    					And naturally, she likes horror movies. Remember that she likes
    					" fun " places, these doesn't necessarily need be " trendy ".
    					She'll fall in love with you in no time. As long as maintain the
    					same interests as she has. Such as works from Gagi. ( based on
    					Giger of the Aliens fame )
    11.5 Saki Nijino
    		Birthdate : January 13
    		Bloodtype : A
    		Height    : 156 cm
    		B-W-H	    : 1st. year 81-59-82
    				2nd. year 82-59-83
    				3rd. year 82-60-84
    		Clubs     : Either the soccer or the baseball club
    		Background : The idol of the sports club. Shes constantly on the lookout for
    					potential winners. She's not that athletic though, but she
    					enjoys sports events at the Stadium. She also loves to cook.
    					In fact, you might say that cooking is what she does best.
    					She likes boys that are strong of heart and mind and can
    					accept her for what she is. You can meet her if you actively
    					participate in either the Baseball Club or the Soccer Club.
    					Or she will let herself known to you by having a high Athletics
    					and/or Perseverance Points. Around 220 Athletics points and/or
    					90 Perseverance
    		Dating Strategy : As for her stat requirements, she likes her boyfriend to be
    					" average ". She doesn't demand high stats. So you ought to
    					have your statistics at around 100 or slightly more. Having
    					a high Athletics and/or Perseverance Points helps.
    					She plans to attend a college for chefs of sorts. Your college
    					plan is irrelevant.
    					You can choose any place you want to without having to worry
    					showing her a good time. She LOVES sports though, so when the
    					Stadium is holding a baseball match, go there. She's got no
    					particular preference for movies and concerts. As usual, go
    					with her on special date spots when they're available.
    					Winning her heart is relatively easy. If you have a, ahem ...
    					high Atletics and Perseverance Points. Just keep in mind that
    					Saki follows the saying : " It doesn't matter whether you win
    					or lose, its how you play the game " This holds true in your
    					sports activities and your dates with her. Should you miss
    					more than two weekends without dating her, she'll refuse your
    					date offers for quite a while. Should this happen, just keep
    					on asking for dates with her. She won't mind too much about
    					your responses to your questions. ( but that doesn't mean you
    					have to be impolite to her ! )
    					( In another note, she seems to like me the more I ignored
    					her. On New Years day or in the field trip, I refused her
    					offers, refused to go home together,( I was after Mira at the
    					time ) and dated her only when she decides to bomb me. Yet,
    					her face is still BLUSHING. In the end, when I took the
    					first-rate university exams and passed. She's the girl I got
    					in the end. I loaded a saved game and took the second-rate
    					university this time and I've won Mira )
    11.6 Yukari Koshiki
    		Birthdate : June 13
    		Bloodtype : B
    		Height    : 157 cm
    		B-W-H     : 1st. year 80-59-84
    				2nd. year 81-60-84
    				3rd. year 82-60-86
    		Clubs     : Tennis club
    		Background : The richest girl you'll meet, but she gives no hint at that. Yukari
    					is a slow, soft-spoken, free-spirited, and a tad self-centered
    					girl that just happens to like boys that excel in sports. But deep
    					inside though, she wants a boyfriend that sincerely cares for
    					her, and shows her what the world has to offer. In other words :
    					She wants someone " exciting ". Could be you .. Oh yeah, she likes
    					to knit too. You'll meet her when you exercise frequently or when
    					you'll join the Tennis club. Or when you reach around 90 Athletics
    		Dating Strategy : Yukari's stat requirements are straightforward. High Appearance
    					and high Athletics points is what she wants. The other stats
    					should be at a somewhat high level too. Your Stress should be
    					below 30. You also should win any athletic contests in school
    					She plans to attend a Second-rate college.
    					As for date spots, the Amusement Park, the Sea World, or anything
    					else thats quiet but not serene. Aside from that, she's not too
    					particular about any date spot. Just date her in all the date
    					spots at least once a year. As always, date her in the special
    					date spots should they become available. One thing to think
    					about is that she craves adventure, but one with a sense of
    					Winning her heart is a tad hard. Remember, she's very easily
    					pissed. So treat her like a ridiculously expensive, beautiful
    					delicate, pink-colored, flower bud that talks back.
    11.7 Nozomi Kiyokawa
    		Birthdate : December 3
    		Bloodtype : A
    		Height    : 163 cm
    		B-W-H     : 1st. year 82-58-83
    				2nd. year 83-58-83
    				3rd. year 83-59-84
    		Clubs     : Swimming Club
    		Background : What we have here is olympic material. Does 50 kilometer jogs every
    					day, while doing around a measly 180 points in the academic
    					scoreboard. Nozomi's your typical cute athlete-type babe.
    					And even though she maintains a sort of a " tomboyish " image,
    					she does have a soft and sensitive side to her as well. After
    					all, she actually LOVES plants. And she actually knows quite a
    					bit about them too. And her ideal type ?, he has to be pretty
    					much in the same level of athleticism as she is. AND, he also
    					has to be kind and thoughtful too. She doesn't care if he's
    					dumb as a paperweight. In short, she wants her male equivalent.
    					You'll meet her when your Athletics around 100 or so or something
    					below that in the early stages of the game.
    		Dating Strategy : Her stat requirements are simple enough. High Athletics and
    					Perseverance is where its at. As usual, make your Appearance
    					points around 110 while keeping your stress around 10.
    					She doesn't have any college plan since she's aspiring to trying
    					out for the national team. ( swimming ? ). So your college plan
    					is irrelevant.
    					Her ideal date spots would be somewhere quiet with a touch of
    					nature. So the Kirameki Park, the Green Gurden, the Neighborhood
    					park, and the Zoo make good dating spots for her. And as with
    					girls of this type, don't go on anyplace thats " educational ".
    					She likes romantic movies and rock music so date her there when
    					these becomes available. Oh yeah, she's also the girl thats MOST
    					likely to bomb you at a moments notice. ( Mira ?, she tends to
    					keep to herself most of the time )
    					Winning her is easy. As long as you keep up your Athletics and
    					Perseverance. She doesn't require the same frequency of dating
    					as the other girls. She's already very happy whenever she gets
    					to spend her time with you. So winning her isn't quite like the
    					torture you have to deal with from the other girls.
    11.8 Mira Kagami
    		Birthdate : November 15
    		Bloodtype : O
    		Height    : 167 cm
    		B-W-H	    : 1st. year 90-60-88
    				2nd. year 92-61-89
    				3rd. year 93-61-89
    		Clubs	    : None. Shes in her very own fan club.
    		Background : She is the most " well-endowed " girl you'll ever meet in this game.
    					( you know what that means ... ) She's mature in both her
    					mannerisms and in her choice of dresses. Its not surprsing that
    					she's even got her very own fan club in school!. And with a
    					personality like that, its no surprise that she likes dresses and
    					jewelry. But even though she's already very popular with the boys
    					in school and she's seemingly happy the way she is, she hides a
    					sad and lonely past that still haunts her to this day. You can
    					meet her when you have a very high Appearance Points in the early
    					stages of the game.
    		Dating Strategy : Mira demands a very, very high Appearance Point. Around 300
    					points (?). Your other points can be around 110 or more.
    					She plans to attend a Second-rate university while persuing a
    					career in modeling. ( not model kits )
    					The date spots for her are the shopping strip, the beach, the
    					pool, and the ski resort. When going shopping choose the
    					clothing shop ( the Boutique ). When these aren't available,
    					your safe bets are the Kirameki Park, Green Gurden, and the
    					Art Museum. Or anything that has an object of beauty so you can
    					always reply : " Yep, that flower's beautiful, but not as
    					beautiful as you " :) heh.. heh.. She likes Classic music and
    					romantic movies but not to the same extent as Shiori. You should
    					avoid the " fun " date spots such as the Game Center, Karaoke
    					Box, etc.... or anything rowdy or lacks class.
    					Did I mention how much she loves the beach and the ski resort ?
    					Winning her heart is neither too easy nor is it too hard. Just
    					make sure you got to meet her early in the game, and consider
    					going shopping at least once a month. And make sure you're
    					handsome enough for her when the game ends. Dating her will
    					have a slight negative effect(?) on all the girls so you should
    					be very careful.
    11.9 Yuko Asahina
    		Birthdate : October 17
    		Bloodtype : B
    		Height    : 159 cm
    		B-W-H	    : 1st. year 83-59-85
    				2nd. year 83-60-86
    				3rd. year 85-60-86
    		Club 	    : None.
    		Background : The Wild Card. Hyper-sensitive to the latest fad and fashion
    					trends. Yuko's the kind of girl that takes pleasure in keeping up
    					with whats hot and whats not and not much anything else. She
    					doesn't really care about what she does in school. She's not
    					good at any athletics nor is she good in her academics. ( she's
    					almost always at the bottom of the score grid ) SHE JUST WANNA
    					HAVE FUN. Her ideal type would be someone just like her. Trendy,
    					somewhat good-looking, and fairly dumb. You'll meet her when you'll
    					bump her 3 or 4 times. And thats by being social.
    		Dating Strategy : Fair enough. Her stat requirements are obvious. You simply have
    					to be handsome enough for her. She couldn't care less about your
    					other stats. But her winning formula isn't in the stats. Its in
    					your actual dating habits with her.
    					She plans to attend a Third-rate university. ( like she has a
    					choice .... ) As for you, I think you'll fail to enter in a
    					first-rate university no matter how high your stats is and
    					you'll end up getting to the same university together. In other
    					words : your college plan is irrelevant.
    					Your dating strategy is simple. Know what places are the " in "
    					spot for that season and date her there. Zoo's having a new
    					shipment of koala's ? date her there. Amusemnt parks having a
    					night parade ? date her there. Anyway, as long as you keep this
    					in mind, you'll score big. And if you ran out of " hot " date
    					spots. Feel free to date her in the " fun " date spots like the
    					bowling alley. Just avoid the " educational " date spots ( unless
    					they're having some sort of an event ).
    					Getting her to fall in love with you will be a somewhat slow
    					process though. Slow but easy. Careful study of the magazine
    					is essential. Just keep it up and you'll win her in the end.
    11.10 Megumi Mikihara
    		Birthdate : September 5
    		Bloodtype : A
    		Height    : 150 cm
    		B-W-H     : 1st. year 78-57-79
    				2nd. year 78-58-79
    				3rd. year 79-58-80
    		Club	    : None
    		Background : The girl that stutters the most. Megumi's your not-so-shy-after-all
    					kind of girl. Not enough ?, Okay, so she's a cute, soft-spoken,
    					kind to animals girl with an inferiority complex. Still not
    					enough ? Then read this : she's ALSO Shiori's best friend. And
    					like Shiori, she also likes boys that are almost perfect in
    					every respect. Oh yeah, she's also got a " minor " crush on you.
    					That is ... unless you do something about it of course. Her
    					ideal type IS Shiori's ideal type too ( I wonder ... ) except
    					he also HAS to like cute and fuzzy things. You'll meet her in 1
    					of 3 ways : You'll meet her in the gates of Rei's mansion during
    					the Christmas party ( you didn't get in of course ), Shiori will
    					introduce her during the Christmas party, or Shiori will introduce
    					her during Valentines Day. The last two conditions assume that :
    					you have a good relationship with Shiori and/or you have high
    					stats and/or you've won every single contest on every single
    					school fair to date.
    		Dating Strategy : Stat requirements for Megumi is the same as Shiori's. Somewhat
    					high stats is what she requires.
    					She'll attend a second-rate university. ( tsk, tsk, too bad, too
    					bad ) she just couldn't cut it. It very ironic though that you
    					can take the first-rate university exam due to your stats.
    					Since she's a die-hard animal lover, her ideal date spots would be
    					the Zoo, Water World, and the Mascot shop on the shopping district.
    					She also likes quiet places such as the Ferris wheel ride on the
    					amusement park, Kirameki Park and the like. She's not too wild on
    					noisy and educational places though. Just think of a place where's
    					theres cute and fuzzy things. ( Koala's ? )
    					Okay, if it weren't for her ridiculously, unnecessarily hard
    					requirements for meeting her. Winning her heart will be even
    					easier than Nozomi. ( I managed to make her " enraptured " in
    					three dates ) Which is appropriete too, since you'll only get
    					around two years or less. ( if you're extremely lucky ) Go with
    					her to the aforementioned date spots and you'll do just fine.
    					And MOST importantly, dating her will have a considerable effect
    					on your relationship with Shiori ( if you're interested, that is )
    					She'll be somewhat upset if you're chasing Megumi most of the
    11.11 Yumi Saotome
    		Birthdate : May 16
    		Bloodtype : O
    		Height    : 155 cm
    		B-W-H	    : 2nd. year 79-80-82
    				3rd. year 81-60-84
    		Club	    : Basketball Club
    		Background : So this is what the " cute " voiced girl looks like !  And even though
    					she's one school year behind, she's setting her sights on you.
    					Yumi's the sort of your average fun-lovin, somewhat immature girl
    					with a taste for things other girls simply find revolting. ( you
    					know the type. don't you folks ? ) Aside from being an avid video
    					gamer ( she likes shooters. natch ), she also actually likes
    					anime ( which most of the other girls consider " childish " ) AND
    					she's very much into pro-wrestliing ( the only other girl that
    					can tolerate pro-wrestling is Saki ). And even with her peculiar
    					( for a girl ) interests, she has a great desire to be treated
    					like a " mature woman ". Which any boy that tries to date her will
    					find out very quick. Ideal type ?, she already saw her ideal type
    					on that morning on her first day of high school ( feel free to
    					guess ). You'll automatically meet her ( whether you like it or
    					not ) on the second year.
    		Dating Strategy : Hmm.. stat requirements.. Methinks you'll do just find being
    					average on everything except for Appearance. Which should be at a
    					somewhat high level. ( around 120 ).
    					Since you won't know what her college plans are. Its safe to
    					assume that your college plan is irrelevant. You might even say
    					that she'll follow your collge plan :), not that it matters much
    					in your case.
    					Okay, her favorite spots are the Arcade, the Amusement Park,
    					Kirameki Park. Or any other place thats " fun ". And as mentioned
    					before, she likes anime and pro-wrestling. So make sure to treat
    					her when these becomes available. Anyway, the theme here is to
    					have some fun with her. So simply avoid the educational stuff.
    					She's also the SECOND MOST likely to bomb you senseless.
    					Winning her will be quite easy, just remember what she likes. And
    					don't treat her like a kid. Responding with something like " Ooh
    					you look so cuuuuuuuuuute !!!! " is a definite no-no. Despite
    					her real obvious lack of all things that make mature girls, you
    					must do your best to make her, at least, feel mature.
    11.12 Miharu Tateyabashi
    		Background : She's your average high school girl thats got a serious crush on a
    					boy. Namely YOU. Her only problem is that she doesn't have the
    					courage to express her feelings to you. SHE'S A TAD SHY. The best
    					she could do is to bump into you, so you'll take notice of her.
    					Whether her strategy works or not, its up to you :) You'll bump
    					into her at least once. I also tend to call her " Trouble Girl ",
    					since she shows up when you're in a sticky situation.
    		Dating Strategy : I'm not so sure what level of stats she demands, but its safe
    					to assume that she wants your stats in the average to the very
    					I think your college plan is irrelevant, methinks she'll go to
    					the same college as you will do. ( kinda like what you ought to
    					do when chasing the girl of your dreams )
    					And yeah, you can't go on dates with her. But she does pop up
    					more frequently when you're being swamped with bomb threats.
    					And very, very rarely, you'll actually meet her in some date
    					spots " accidentally ". And she'll actually assume you're there
    					for her. But she'll act up again, and she'll be gone in no time.
    					She doesn't do bombs too.
    					Winning her heart is easy. Just don't go on dates with anyone
    					else. Yep, bombs don't affect her and neither does your standing
    					with the other girls. ( i.e. when Shiori is already in the
    					enraptured state and you still failed to win her in the end,
    					you'll still likely to get Miharu )
    11.13 Yoshi Saotome
    	" Pal "
    		Background : Your best friend and your buddy. He's THE source for information
    					about anyone you want to know. He sometimes invites you to
    					go on a double date. And yes, he does his part by introducing
    					you to Yuko if you're social enough. And by introducing his
    					little sister Yumi by the second year.
    11.14 Rei Injuin
    		Background : The male (?) equivalent of Mira. Mature and very braggish, not to
    					mention very rich. He/she will needle you any chance he/she gets.
    					But you gotta owe it to him for having the annual Christmas
    					Party. But all in all, he/she's still a friend of yours. With
    					a name like Rei, you'd half-expect this guy/gal to be something
    		Dating Strategy (?) : I'm not so sure about this one. They say that if you call Rei
    						on every single holiday and weekend for the entire game,
    						you'll meet him/her at the end game as he/she spills his/her
    						secret to you. However, I don't have the stomach to try
    						this one out myself ...... nor does most everyone else :)
    12. The special events ( non-date related )
    12.0 Whats a special event ?
    	A special event in this case are things that occur out of your normal schedules. Things
    such as holidays, parties, etc.. are considered special events. There are 5 types of special
    events :
    			- Non-date related special events
    			- Date related special events
    			- Special occurances
    			- Date invitations
    			- Date spot special events
    	The " Non-date related special events " are events that happen without much impact with
    your love life. Also known as  " Calendar events " These types of events need no special
    conditions for it to occur.
    	The " Date related special events " are events that occur on a particular place with a
    particular girl. Most events help you in your relationship, some events do not. And these
    things simply happen, you need not do something special for it to happen. Its effects is
    relevant. If a girl is in love with you, the event will make your relationship even stronger.
    If not, well. Nothing doing I suppose. Remember that it will only happen once. And some events
    of this kind really DO require the girl to be in love with you or close to be.
    	The " Special occurances " are events that occur rarely. These things tend to pop out
    when you least expect it. And all of these ( to the best of my knowledge anyway .... ) will
    only occur when you have a very good or romantic relationship with a particular girl. For
    example : Get good with Saki Nijino, and you'll have a very good chance of being invited to
    share lunch with her. Or maybe if you have a romantic relationship with Shiori Fujisaki, you'll
    have a very good chance of sharing an umbrella with her during a rainy day. These events is a
    sign of a very good relationship. These types of events simply require that the girl be in love
    with you or close to be.
    	The " Date invitations " are events where a girl will ask you out for a date. These
    things occur at random, and will occur more or less on the early stages of the game. Or when
    you still don't have steady dates.
    	The " Date spot special events " are events that occur on a certain time on a certain
    place. For example, the Amusement Park has a night parade every August. You always have the
    option of avoiding it. Another example is the " Summer Festival ". These types of events
    need no special conditions for it to occur. But it does require you to be at the specified
    place at the specified time to experience the event.
    12.1 New Years Day ( January 1st )
    	- get your fortune told ! -
    	On every 1st of January, you'll go to the temple/shrine to have your
    	fortune told. First you'll be presented with two choices :
    			- Invite a girl to go with you
    			- Go alone
    	Of course, we're on a mission to make a girl fall in love with you. So
    	you should choose the first option unless you have a good reason for
    	going alone. ( such as your girl hasn't showed up yet )
    	At the bottom, you'll see the list of girls. Its also in the same order
    	as in the Phone book.
    	Remember, you should already know the girl's telephone number for you to
    	call them.
    	After choosing one, you'll be set to go. Just answer her question of
    	whether her kimono looks good or not. ( you'll know what to answer, the
    	first option is usually positive )( note 2 : only comes out when your
    	girl is wearing a kimono and/or when she stops by in your house. )
    	In another note, if a girl has already fallen in love with you. She'll
    	invite you to go with her to the temple/shrine instead ! After some
    	talks you'll be presented with two choices :
    			- Accept her invitation
    			- Decline her invitation
    	If you decline, you'll be presented with the same choices as before.
    	Remember, this can also affect your relationship to some degree.
    	Once on the temple and after some dialogues, you'll now be asked what
    	fortune would you like to know :
    			- Studies fortune
    			- Health fortune
    			- Romance fortune
    	Picking either of the first two options will proceed you to the  fortune
    	telling screen. Picking the Romance option will present you with the same
    	list of available girls.
    	After which, you'll be presented with a bright, flashy screen ( Sorry folks,
    	don't know what it is ) with bright red large hiragana characters. Proceeding
    	will tell your fortune.
    	Fortunes will range from " very good " to the " very bad ". If you can read
    	a bit of katakana, you'll know if the fortune's good or bad. If its good,
    	your character will say " Lucky ! " written in katakana. Its bad if your
    	character says otherwise.
    	Don't take it lightly though, since it actually affects you ! A bad fortune
    	in say, .. a romantic relationship with Shiori. Will automatically make the
    	rest of the year very hard for you to make Shiori fall in love with you !
    	A good fortune on the other hand, will make your chances better than usual.
    12.2 Valentines Day ( Februrary 14 or 13 )
    	- its nice to know you're wanted -
    	Ahh, Valentines Day. Its tradition in Japan for girls to give chocolates
    	to their male colleagues, either obligatory or otherwise :)
    	First you'll meet with Rei with his/her usual classy-bragging ways. Then
    	you'll see a truck full of chocolates.
    	During the day, the girls that want to maintain good relations with you
    	or girls that are in love with you will give you chocolate !
    	Your character will even know if its obligatory or not. Generally speaking,
    	off-the-shelf chocolates are for obligatory purposes. Chocolates made
    	by the girl herself are very special and is for romantic intentions.
    12.3 March 14
    	- payback valentine -
    	Don't know what day it is. But rest assured, this day is YOUR TURN. Yep,
    	your turn to give something to the girl that you like.
    	You can only give to one girl. And you can only choose among the " happy "
    	to the " enraptured " ones. So if Shiori's still in a neutral state, you
    	can't give to her.
    	And yeah, theres no way out for this one. You HAVE to do it. Whether its
    	to the wrong girl or not. And it has a very strong effect on whomever girl
    	you give it to. So either you'll score big or you'll score big with the
    	wrong girl. ( heh .. heh .. )
    12.4 Late March to Mid April
    	- cherry blossom festival -
    	Dates that take place in Kirameki Park during late March to mid April will
    	be treated with a nice stroll under the cherry tree blossoms.
    12.5 Golden Week : First week of May
    	- break time -
    	Oh yes !!! 5 whole days vacation. Its up to you how to spend it though.
    	Either you can use it for stat gaining, or you can use it fight off a
    	couple of bomb threats ! ( very useful indeed ) You're given an opportunity
    	to save on the third day.
    12.6 Mid July or Mid August ( random, but it happens more on mid August )
    	- double date -
    	This event occurs randomly. And if it does occur it usually happens on July
    	or August. This is where your pal Yoshi will invite you to go on a double
    	date to the amusement park.
    	Depending on your game, the double date will consist of Shiori and another
    	girl. I'm not so sure whether another girl will replace Shiori. Though I
    	faintly recall having this event without Shiori ....
    	You will visit each of the three attractions on the amusement park. Your
    	first stop will the Ferris Wheel, the next stop will be at the Jet Coaster
    	or the Magic Bell ( Bevel ? ) it depends on the year, the last stop will be
    	at the Ghost House.
    	At each stop you will be asked which girl you should take on that particular
    	attraction. The first option will pick the first girl you've met on this
    	event.( usually Shiori ) The second option will pick the other girl.
    12.7 First Sunday of August
    	- let the festivities begin -
    	Again, I don't know what day this is. But its referred to as " Summer Festival ".
    	Any date thats arranged for the first sunday of August will be given an option
    	to go to a festival.
    	In 1997, you will be given an opportunity to grab some prizes at a mini-game.
    	In 1998, you will be treated to a fireworks display.
    	And unlike other events on this section. This one's actually a date. You're
    	free to choose this or not.
    12.8 School Fair ( June 8, 7, or 6 )
    	- join in -
    	Every June, your school will hold a special fair ( more like an intramurals ).
    	You'll participate in games during the fair. You can only play one game
    	though. There are a total of 4 games, 2 of which requires rapid button mashing,
    	the other two rely on rhythmic button pressing.
    	The first menu is :
    					- Do the 100 meter dash.
    					- Do the 3-legged race.
    					- Go to the group games. ( the second menu )
    	The 100 meter dash has you rapidly pushing 2 buttons to run. If you have a
    	high Athletics point, you'll do good here. The 3-legged race has you with
    	Shiori as your partner. You'll be pressing 2 buttons in a very smooth sequence.
    	Mess up the rhythmic button presses and either one of you will end up with
    	his or her face on the ground.
    	The second menu is :
    					- Do a shoot-the-basket like game
    					- Pass a big ball from the left to the right side
    					- Go back to the track-and-field games. ( the first menu )
    	The games on the second menu involve 3 or more people. The first game lets you
    	throw small balls on a basket perched atop a pole. This is the second button
    	mashing game. I'm not so sure how it works though basically two groups of people
    	will try to fill the basket with as much colored balls as they can throw into
    	the basket within the time limit. The group with the most balls on the basket wins.
    	The second game has you passing a huge ball from one side to the other. This
    	involves two groups, each trying to pass the huge ball from its starting basket to
    	the basket on the other side. Like thr 3-legged race, this game requires very
    	smooth rhythmic button pressing. The first group to get their ball to the end
    	basket wins.
    12.9 Field Trip ( September 15 )
    	- visit the places, meet the locals -
    	On September 15, you'll get to go on a field trip. Happens only once per game.
    	You'll be given two choices :
    					- Go to Australia
    					- Go to China
    	Either way, its only cosmetically different. You'll still see the sights and you'll
    	still fight a boss of sorts in the end. After the first menu screen, you'll trade
    	lip with .... who else .... Rei. Then you'll see the plane sequence.
    	Once on the hotel lobby, you'll be given two choices :
    					- Go with a girl
    					- Go with Yoshi
    	This works on almost the same manner as the New Years Day event. In which if you
    	already have a girl thats fallen in love with you, she'll ask you out instead.
    	Its in your best interest to go out with the girl you like. ( Yumi doesn't apply
    	though since she's not introduced in the game yet, and that exception also applies
    	to girls you haven't met prior to the field trip too )
    	After which you'll see the different sights, going to Australia, you'll visit the
    	famous Opera House, then you'll go the Myer's Rock. Going to China, you'll visit
    	the famous Red Square, then you'll go to the Great Wall.
    	After these, you'll be attacked by an animal. An alligator in Australia, and a
    	panda in China. You'll be given two choices :
    					- Run away
    					- Stay and fight
    	( if you happen to be going with Yoshi, then there's a third choice, not sure
    		what it does )
    	Running away doesn't seem to have much of an effect though, choosing the " fight "
    	option will turn the game into " combat " mode. Those who play console RPGs will
    	be very familiar with the layout.
    	In " combat " mode, your enemy is on the left, that puny character on the right is
    	you. Below right, you'll see your name plus your HP or health points. In the pop-up
    	menu, there will be two choices :
    					- Attack
    					- Defensive position
    	The " attack " command is self-explanatory. The second command will make your
    	character defend, reducing damage plus gaining 5 to 30 HP.
    	Your statistics will come into play here, here are some of the details :
    					- Your Stamina Points serve as your HP
    					- Your Perseverance Points will determind how fast you'll respond
    						and your endurance
    					- Your Athletics Points will determind how much damage you can
    					- Your Stress Points will determind your hit rate
    	You'll come across another fight scene randomly and rarely on the main game,
    	we'll save that for later .....
    	Back to the game !, your enemy will inflict around 100 - 300 points of normal
    	damage. And it can do around 300 - 700 points of special damage. It depends on
    	how strong your character is at that point. Winning the battle will make your
    	girl proud !, otherwise, she'll thank you anyway for your bravery. ( YOU WON'T
    	DIE, so don't sweat it if you're down to 3 HP )
    12.10 School Club Fair ( sometime October )
    	- the clubs strut their stuff -
    	Unlike the previous fair, this one simply has you visiting the various clubs to
    	see what they've got. ( assuming you've joined the atletics-related clubs or
    	you haven't joined any club at all ) I think this is the closest it can be to
    	a " Bunkasai ".
    	First, you'll be given two choices :
    					- Go with a girl
    					- go alone ( or go with Yoshi )
    	Going with a girl will present you with the very same girl-picking menu as
    	before. Also, as before, if a girl is already in love with you, she'll ask
    	you out instead.
    	After which, you'll be given 5 choices :
    					- Go to the Literature Club
    					- Go to the Drama Club
    					- Go to the Science Club
    					- Go to the Art Club
    					- Go to the Band Club
    	Going to the Literature Club, you'll get to browse thru different sorts of
    	topics, epithets, etc .... If you're a member, then you'll present a speech
    	or a poem. (?) If Shiori's in this club and you're not, then she'll present
    	a speech. If neither applies, then someone will.
    	Going to the Drama Club, you'll get to see a stage play. Its either a classic
    	Japanese samurai show, a sentai show, or a parody of Snow White. Anyway, if
    	you're a member of the Drama Club, you'll play the role of the leading male
    	character. ( if not, well, the lead male sure looks like your video game
    	alter ego though )
    	Going to the Science Club, you'll get to see a laser show, the second time
    	around, it will be a robot. If you're a member, and the girl that you've
    	already met is ALSO a member of the science club, then she'll do the demo.
    	( likely Shiori or Yuina )If you're a member, but you don't know anyone thats
    	a member of the science club OR if you're NOT a member in the first place,
    	then you'll do the demo. If Yuina is doing the demo, her face will appear
    	on the light show. Otherwise, it will be Shiori's face.
    	Going to the Art Club, you'll get to see them painting still life. ( nudes
    	no doubt, but since this is the Super Famicom .... make that semi-nude ) If
    	you're a member, then you'll paint. ( just a couple of dialogs )
    	Going to the Band Club, you'll get to see the band perform. The KEIONBU LIVE.
    	You'll be performing an " idol " type song. If you're a member, you'll be one
    	of the guitarists. ( anyway he DOES look similar to your alter ego ) Its a
    	shame that you'll only get to hear some FM synth tunes though.
    12.11 Rei's annual Christmas party ( December 24 )
    	- party on -
    	This happens every time. The difference is whether you'll get to attend
    	or not. Basically, you attend a party. Get a gift. And save yourself from
    	a very embarassing situation. Since your character is stupid enough to
    	attempt to attend this party.
    	First things first, how to get in. Here's what you do. If you're stats on
    	Appearance or/and Athletics are on a mediocre level around the Autumn season
    	( months 9-10-11 ), then immedietly start calling Rei and/or start some
    	heavy use of the Socialize command. If all goes well, you'll be permitted
    	inside when the time comes.
    	If you have a very high Athletics points, I think the bouncer will get
    	intimidated, and will let you in. Regardless of whether you have a high
    	Appearance points or not. You may have to call Rei a few times for this
    	to work.
    	If you have a high Appearance point ( around 90+ ) You will be permitted in.
    	Even if you haven't called Rei EVEN ONCE. But I think you ought to have a
    	decent score on your Athletics points though ....
    	Of course, if your Appearance is at around 150 points, then you'll have no
    	problems whatsoever.
    	If you fail to get in, you'll be treated to a pretty pathetic sequence of
    	you enjoying Christmas all by yourself wearing a pathetic Santa Claus
    	outfit, with a mini-Christmas tree with a single slice of cake and drinks
    	....... ( lets leave this scene behind ... . " MERI KURISUMASU !!!!!!! "
    	..... sick ..........)
    	Once you do get inside, you'll have a " friendly " chit-chat with Rei.
    	Afterwards  you'll get to meet at least 2 girls inside. These girls are
    	usually on the " happy " to the " enraptured " status. Except for Shiori
    	anyway. After which you'll get to pick your gift from a selection of four.
    	Picking the gift will take a lot of guess work. But keep in mind :
    		- Girls on the " very happy " or " enraptured " status will most likely
    			wrap their gifts with the " Heart " gift wrapping.
    		- Girls on the " happy " status will most likely place their gifts second
    			or in the third spot.
    		- Girls on the " neutral " status will place their gifts on the remaining
    			( if any ) spots. Highly unlikely though .....
    		- If either of the conditions above fail, chances are the gift will come
    			from Rei ! ( an autographed pic, no doubt )
    		- Girls that want to get to know you better will also most likely wrap
    			their gifts with the " Heart " gift wrapping.
    	Remember, that the preceeding guide doesn't always work. And remember that
    	only the girls that you've met on the Christmas Party will give gifts.
    12.12 Exam Week ( March 3 or 2, July 8 or 7, and December 9 or 8 )
    	- cram hell -
    	In these dates, you do the major exams for five subjects.
    	These are : Humanities, Science, Art, Gen. Knowledge, and Athletics.
    	This event is automatic. But you'll see how your character is doing.
    	The subjects with the most clout would have to be Humanities and Science.
    	Low scores on these, and its sure to have a pretty miserable overall scoring.
    	After this, you'll get to see how you fare against your classmates !! :)
    	I think the lowest score you can get is somewhere 180 points. The highest score
    	I got is 500. I'm not sure whether its possible to have a higher score.
    12.13 College entrance exams ( Februrary 20 on the last year )
    	- cram hell, again -
    	Your future ( in this game at least ) will be partly decided on what university
    	you plan to attend to.
    	First, you'll be given two options :
    					- Apply for the entrance exams
    					- Don't apply yet
    	The last option is your alternative if you happen to be pretty dumb, otherwise
    	you should take the entrance exams. ( and if you happen to be smart and if you
    	choosed NOT to apply, your character will argue that you should take the
    	entrance exams and, ... wait a minute ... your character REALLY is smart isn't
    	he ? )
    	After which you'll be given three options :
    					- Apply for the first-rank university
    					- Apply for the second-rank university
    					- Apply for the third-rank university
    	Then its exam time !!, just take the univeristy that reflects your significant
    	other's choice. But to pass, you'll have to be at a certain level of knowledge.
    	For example, if you place somewhere 200 below points on your overall score in
    	the school exam week. Then you'll do good at the third-rank university. If
    	somewhere 400 below, then take the second or first.
    12.14 Last Day ( March 1 of the last year )
    	- was your " destiny " fufilled ? -
    	This is it. This is the reason why you've played the game in the first place.
    	In the Last Day, the girl thats in love with you will confess her feelings
    	beneath the tree. Otherwise .... well ....
     	First you'll go to school and generally walk around till you'll get to your
    	In the classroom, if you did everything right, you'll receive a letter from
    	a girl ( you won't know who yet ... ) telling you to meet her by the tree.
    	Of course, your pal Yoshi is in the game too, he can also get a girlfriend.
    	If he has one, you'll meet Yoshi with the girl that confessed her love to him
    	in the tree sometime late February.
    	Should you receive a letter from a girl, you'll be presented with a sequence
    	..... nahh, you ought to play the game to find this one out.
    	Should you meet with Yoshi in the classroom instead, it means:
    						- you won't get a letter
    	If you didn't get the girl in the end, you'll be presented with your video
    	game alter ego biting the dating game dust. Better stick to playing Magical
    	Date instead :)
    12.15 Birthdays
    	- and what they could do to you -
    	On any girls birthday ( check section 11 ) You'll be prompted to either :
    						- give her a gift
    						- don't give her anything
    	Should you decide to give her a gift, you'll be presented with a choice between 3
    	potential gifts. The first gift is usually the best choice.
    	Giving her the best gift will increase your standing towards her. Giving her a so-so
    	gift will do nothing except maintaining a good relationship. Giving her a bad gift
    	will make her angry. Despite what she says.
    	One point to consider is that giving her a bad gift is more damaging that not
    	giving her a gift at all.
    	If it happens to be your birthday. You'll be given a gift from any of the girls that
    	you've met. You'll have a maximum of three gifts. But its also possible that no one
    	will give you a gift at all. Girls that are happy with you will give gifts. And its
    	usually in order of preference. The first name to pop up will be the girl thats in a
    	relatively happier state than in the other two.
    12.16 Misc. special events
    	- whats that again? -
    	The following events are considered unclassifiable ( at the moment ). And for sake
    	of convinience, they'll all be found here.
    					- Find the marble under 3 cups game. Happens when shopping.
    						So far happened only with Yukari and Saki in my games.
    					- Roulette-like game. Happens when shopping. So far happened
    						only with Saki in my games.
    					- A digital compatibility meter of sorts. Happens when shopping.
    						Happened with Mio. They call it " Bio-rhythms "
    					- Fight 3 crooks and a boss, RPG style. Happens when shopping.
    						So far happened only with Yuina in my games.
    					- Eavesdropping on bathers. Get to see an almost naked bathing
    						female ( lucky !! ), or get to see muscle-bound guys
    						( if you're extremely not-so-lucky ). But you'll more or
    						less likely to see an empty bathroom. Happens on weekend
    						academic club sessions ( Science club, Literature .... )
    13. The date spots
    13.0 What are those date spots ?
    	Having a bit of trouble deciphering those Kanji ? Here's a helpful table :
    	1st. page
    	Neighborhood Park				Green Gurden
    	Kirameki Park				Planetarium
    	Shopping Center				Art Museum
    	Sea World					Library
    	Zoo						Game Center
    	2nd. page
    	Star Bowling                    	Concert Hall
    	Karaoke Box					Pool
    	Amusement Park				Beach
    	Melon-Pan Dome Stadium			Summer Festival
    	Cinema Paradaise				Skating Rink
    	3rd. page
    	Ski Resort
    	Remember, not all of these are available in a given time. Some date spots will
    	appear only in a certain month. While some date spots are unavailable at the
    	early stages of the game.
    	And most importantly, they will only become available when you read the magazine
    	every season.
    	The topmost right kanji is the " Next Page " button.
    13.1 Neighborhood Park and the Kirameki Park
    	- take a stroll -
    	The neighborhood park and Kirameki parks is just that. Parks. Kirameki Park is
    	a lot larger though and the places in the park you go for dates changes
    	depending on the time of year. Worth a million visits. Though not necessarily
    	with the same girl in the same month.
    13.2 Shopping Center
    	- take an expensive stroll -
    	You'll get to choose from three stores :
    						- Clothing Store ( Boutique )
    						- Mascot Store ( Plush toys )
    						- Junk Store ( Electronics )
    	The clothing store is self-explanatory. The mascot store is a store that sells
    	all sorts of cute and fuzzy things. The junk store sells resistors, step-down
    	transformers, IC's, well, you know. Its a kind of place girls love to hate. All
    	in all, worth a visit. But avoid the Junk store whenever possible unless you're
    	dating Yuina. You can't go wrong as much in this date spot, all girls love
    	shopping one way or another.
    13.3 Sea World, Zoo, and Green Gurden
    	- an educational stroll -
    	Either of these three exibit living creatures. Educational stuff. Worth a few
    	visits with any girl. Especially those who like piece and quiet.
    13.4 Planitarium
    	- education with a bit of romance -
    	Unlike the previous three, this one's educational, yet, its setting in a pitch
    	black sky with stars is inherently romantic. Worth a visit when you've ran out
    	of romantic date spots.
    13.5 Art Museum and Library
    	- REAL education -
    	Unlike the Planetarium, these ones don't even come close to romantic. Should be
    	frequently be visited by only those girls who like either art or reading. It
    	shouldn't take you long to know who ...
    13.6 Game Center
    	- fun for kids of all ages -
    	You get to choose where to go :
    						- Video arcade games
    						- Parlor games
    	The arcade lets you display your video game talent. Want pachinko ? Then go
    	to the parlor games. You don't actually win anything though. Worth a visit
    	with fun-lovin or techno-saavy girls.
    13.7 Star Bowling and Karaoke Box
    	- yet more fun -
    	These are the politically correct " fun " date spots. Worth a few visits.
    13.8 Amusement Park
    	- even more fun -
    	What makes this different from the other " fun " places is that no girl you know
    	will dislike it. Yep, the Amusement Park is a good " filler " date spot. This is
    	the date spot to go to when you want to add some variety to your dating schedule.
    	In the park you'll have three places to go :
    						- The ferris wheel
    						- The Jet Coaster or the Magic Bell
    						- The Ghost House
    	The ferris wheel is the romantic ride on the Amusement Park, the next ride is for
    	those who want excitement. The Ghost House is not recommended for frequent visits.
    	But it depends on the girl you're dating with.
    	The Jet Coaster and the Magic Bell more or less has the same effect. It will be the
    	Jet Coaster in the early stages of the game, then it will be replaced with the Magic
    	And in August. They'll hold a special sentai show ( y'know, Japanese super hero shows
    	kinds like Shaider, Kamen Rider Black, the Mighty Morphin Powe .... lets stop there )
    	Then they'll hold a night parade at night.
    13.9 Melon-Pan Dome Stadium, Cinema Paradise, and Concert Hall
    	- get social -
    	These three places have three things in common. First, they all hold performances.
    	Second, girl's don't expect romance when dated at these places ( with one exception )
    	Third, they change performances over time.
    	What makes these date spots special is that if your girl happens to like a particular
    	sport, movie, or music bands. You'll score big here. Worth a visit when it warrants
    	your girl's attention.
    13.10 Pool and the Beach
    	- fun in the sun -
    	Both of these date spots only appear in late July to the end of August and both of them
    	also involve water. And both of them gives you an excuse to see your girl in a swimsuit :)
    	You should visit these whenever they become available.
    13.11 Summer Festival
    	- night fun -
    	Refer to section 12.7 for the details. In my method on playing the game, I choose
    	this spot as the first date of whatever girl I plan to win. Call me romantic.
    13.12 Skating Rink and Ski Resort
    	- winter fun -
    	These date spots only appear in late December till the end of the first week of January
    	The skating rink is just that, a skating rink. Most players prefer to go to the Ski
    	resort. Classy ... not to mention seeing your girl bundled up on winter clothing. ( makes
    	a refreshing change don't you think ?, Mira looks soooooo happy )
    	You should visit these whenever they become available.
    14. The dating game ( general overview )
    14.0 Welcome
    	Welcome to the most tiresome 3 years of high school life. The goal of Tokimeki Memorial
    	should you choose to accept it, is to win the heart of any one of the 10 girls that
    	you're gonna meet during the course of the game. Winning the girl ain't easy, losing
    	is just one bomb away. So what are you going to do ? Play the game again and again.
    	Thats the second-best tip ever ! Nothing can teach you better than experience. Just
    	apply all you have learned on the previous sections. But if you have played the game
    	a thousand times and still you haven't even got Miharu, best read the section 16.
    	It'll detail what I did to win. It works.
    14.1 Dating for newbies
    	Heres a step-by-step simple explanation on how to make dates :
    	1. Meeting her. You have to know the girl and the girl ought to know you.
    	2. Call up Yoshi. Ask for her stats so you'll also be given her phone number.
    	3. Call up the girl. Call the girl you want to date.
    	4. Choose the date. A calendar will appear, choose the day. You can only date
    		girls on weekends or holidays.
    	5. Choose the place. After selecting the date, you'll be presented with the
    		available date spots. Choose the venue.
    	6. Waiting for her approval. After this, you'll have to wait and see if she
    		accepts your offer.
    	7. Interpreting. You'll know you've got a date when at the last screen of this
    		process, your character will say " Yatta " in katakana and the month and
    		day of the date in numbers. Otherwise you failed to get a date.
    	8. The day. In the day of your date, you'll be notified in the message box of
    		the date. It will display the name of the girl you've dated and the place.
    	9. Date. Click on the date icon and you're set.
    14.2 Decisons, decisions
    	First and foremost, decide you're going to win. Changing your mind in mid-game can
    	have disatrous effects. Once you've decided, now do your best to meet that particular
    	girl. As an example, in this game, you've planned to court Mio. Reading section 11,
    	you'll note that Mio demands a high academics and appearance points but doesn't care
    	on how strong you are. So in a nutshell, she wants at least an intelligent, handsome,
    	and wimpy boyfriend. So you better work on those.
    14.3 Love at first sight, or is it ?
    	Second is the meeting part. After all whats good for wanting to date a person if she
    	doesn't even know you exist. Following the example above, to meet Mio, you ought to
    	have a high academic points, while being handsome. So what you're going to do to get
    	her attention ? Study of course. Work on your Humanities. Or alternately, join the
    	Drama club. Then you'll meet her, after which you should call Yoshi immedietly for
    	her stats and phone number. If you want to meet another girl, then look in section 11.
    	And find out how to meet her.
    14.4 Getting to know each other better
    	Third is the dating part. Now since you've got Mio's phone number. Call her when you
    	get the chance get dates from her. Persevere, shrug off bombs, keep your stats up, date
    	her some more. Easy ? it sounds easy doesn't it ? Actually its as simple and complicated
    	as that. You'll know what it means when you've played the game.
    14.5 Bomb avoidance
    	During the course of the game, you'll be getting bomb threats from other girls that think
    	you're not treating them right. Its in your best interest to fight these off. Refer to
    	section 10 for the details.
    14.6 Birthdays
    	Lets face it, everyone has a birthday, including you. So when Mio's birthday comes, give
    	her the best gift !. When its the " other " girl's birthday, give her the so-so gift.
    14.7 In short ...
    	So, - in how to fall in love - Tokimeki style. Heres the lowdown :
    	1. Meet the girl
    	2. Know the girl's phone number
    	3. Know what the girl likes
    	4. Date her
    	5. Date her some more
    	6. Date the others
    	7. Date her some more
    	8. Give her the best gifts
    	9. Show her what she likes
    	10. Give her the best answers to all her questions
    	11. Date her in special occasions
    	12. Date her some more
    	13. Never refuse her offer to go home with her
    	14. Never refuse her date offers
    	15. Occationally turn down the other girls offers
    	16. Experience every single special event with her if possible
    	17. Date her some more
    	18. All the while when doing the above, build your stats
    	19. Choose the same college as her
    	20. Never let a bomb go off
    	21. Build your stats some more
    	22. Date her some more
    	23. Give her something on March 14
    	24. Never do anything that would offend her
    	25. Pray nothing goes wrong
    	26. Date her some more
    	There, that pretty sums up whatever you have to do. Doesn't it ?
    	At least you now know how to make a date. And I heartily recommend
    	that you play the game by yourself at this point and discover all
    	the ups and downs of the game. Do not rely on the FAQ at this point.
    	Should you be in need of help after a couple of hours playing the
    	game. Then consider reading the remaining chapters.
    15. The dating game ( advanced thingies for various questions )
    15.0 Now what ?
    	Ans : If you did fine with just the above information. Then you don't need to read
    		this part of the FAQ.
    15.1 How come the aforementioned date spots were not available ?
    	Ans : Because :
    					- Some date spots will only be available on certain times.
    					- Some date spots will only be available when the time comes.
    					- New date spots will only appear WHEN YOU READ THE NEWSPAPER.
    		Check the newspaper every season. And check section 13 of this FAQ for the
    15.2 How come she didn't meet me in our date ?
    	Ans : She stood you up. It happens when a girl is angry at you.
    15.3 She's asking me about something, what should I do ?
    	Ans : On every date, the girl will ask you a certain questions. As an example,when
    		going on dates in the theater, she'll want your opinion about the movie. The first
    		option usually means " I love it ". The second option usually means " I absolutely
    		hate it ". The last usually means " Just okay ".
    		Now in dates in Kirameki Park in the Spring and Winter season. She'll comment
    		about the scenery. You'll have to say something. The first option usually is
    		a romantic gesture. The second option usually is an insult like " its sickening ".
    		The third option usually has you agreeing to whatever the girl is saying.
    		Now you should reply the " romantic " or the " good " respondses for girls that
    		you want to make happy. Reply with insults if you want to make her unhappy or
    		down-right pissed. The effect of your answer will be reflected on the girls face.
    		As a general rule, almost always choose the first option. Its very likely to be
    		a good response. And yes, even though the questions and answers change during the
    		course of the game, the first option is still very likely to be a good response.
    15.4 What about this " walking home " business ?
    	Ans : At certain times you'll either encounter a girl after school or the girl will
    		meet up with you. You'll either choose to walk home with them or refuse.
    		The more you walk home with a particular girl, the more she'll expect from you.
    		( i.e. she'll think that you really like her ... ) Keep that in mind.
    		There are some times when you walk home with someone, she'll talk with you
    		something private. This event to the best of my knowledge occurs more during
    		summer or winter and before exam weeks. Either they'll say " what do you think
    		of the coming exams ? " or they'll mention the date spots they want you to take
    		them. In either case, if it happens when you refuse to walk with them. Your
    		character will curse on how stupid he was ( " baka baka baka " ) and you'll receive
    		a bomb threat soon after. Such effieciency ....
    		One thing that you could use to your advantage is that girls don't bomb you when
    		you and that certain girl have a date planned in the coming weeks. When she pops
    		up after school, feel free to turn down her offer.
    		As a rule, go home with your girl EVERY time she pops up. And go with the other
    		girls most of the time.
    		There are some special exceptions. Shiori will refuse to walk home with you
    		until she's in a " very happy " to " enraptured " status. And so does Mira.
    		Nozomi will make her presence known to you, without walking with her home
    		when she's in a " very happy " to " enraptured " status. Especially when you're
    		ignoring her.
    15.5 I made two dates on the same day ! What should I do ?
    	Ans : Pray ? Seriously though. You have to be really stupid to have let this happen.
    		( happened to me only once :) ) My best advice is to load a saved game. You won't
    		regret it as much as to decide who to date on that day. And suffer the wrath of
    		the other.
    		I have yet to find out whether its possible to have two dates on the same day
    		on the same place. ( I can imagine the chaos ...... )
    		Otherwise, read the next question.
    15.6 I'm being presented with choices on where to go on my date day ! What should I do ?
    	And : This happens when you made 2 or more dates that are close together. Like
    		having a date today and tommorow or a having another date on the next week.
    		This also happens on having two dates on the same day.
    		Unless you have the particularily sticky situation as in the previous
    		question. This is normal, and was added to give some sort of " a challenge ",
    		" a temptation ", or " a sure fire way to piss off someone ".
    		First you'll be given at least 2 choices. These choices are the date spots
    		that you've planned to go to for the next 2 dates. Normally, they're
    		arranged in chronological order. The date spot that you'll go first will
    		be listed first. But occationally, it'll jumble up the available choices.
    		So in effect, the first choice is usually safe. But to be absolutely sure,
    		ask someone that can read and understand advanced japanese. Or consider using
    		a Kanji dictionary. Otherwise, you'd better know what date spot been listed.
    		Picking any of the listed date spots for that day. You'll now be given 2
    		choices :
    							- Wait
    							- Go to the other date spot
    		Assuming you've picked the correct date spot for that day, you should wait.
    		She'll appear soon after. Should you picked the wrong date spot, then immedietly
    		go to the other date spot. You'll find the girl you've dated for that day
    		patiently ( or otherwise )waiting for you. More often, she'll be really, really
    		Now, in the unlikely event that you have 2 dates on the same day. Choosing
    		any date spot will have the same consequence. You'll offend the other girl
    		that you've planned to have a date with.
    15.7 Its her birthday, should I give her a gift ?
    	Ans : Depends. If thats the girl you're after, or if she's gonna bomb you, or you
    		want to improve your relationship with her, then give her a gift. You always
    		have the option not to give anything. Or better yet, the option to give her
    		the not-so-great gift. Just remember that giving her a bad gift is more harmful
    		than not giving her anything.
    		To be safe, just give her a good gift.
    15.8 How will I know when a girl is in love with me ?
    	Ans : The most reliable way is in Yoshi's stats. A blushing iconic face is a sure
    		sign. A more realistic way is to look at her face. At a " very happy " state,
    		her face would already be blushing. And will continue to be until she's in an
    		" enraptured " state. At this point she ought to call you by your nickname.
    		But some girls would still refer to you by your first name. With a -chan suffix.
    15.9 Is it really necessary to treat her with things that she likes ?
    	Ans : Not really, just keep in mind the more she likes her time spent with you, the
    		quicker she'll fall in love.
    15.10 Do I get something for finishing the game ?
    	Ans : How's about self-fulfillment and peace of mind ? Other than that, you'll have a
    		new option in the Option menu. The " Omake " or bonus option. With this, you
    		can view the endings of the girl or girls that you've finished with. I have yet
    		to find out what will happen when you've finished the game with everyone.
    		Including with Rei Injuin.
    15.11 Is there some sort of significance to whatever girl Yoshi ends up with ?
    	Ans : Not really. Nor should you care.
    15.12 I'm a sadistic deranged friendly psychopathic maniac. I want to lose. How can I ?
    	Ans : Hmmm. For you to lose, you should have your stats pretty low. And you should
    		try to date someone. The best girl to date when you want to lose is Shiori.
    		When shes enraptured for you but you don't meer her stat requirements, you'll
    		lose ..... and you won't even get Miharu. That is if your stats are really
    		low. If its high, then its likely you'll end up with Miharu.
    15.13 I have read the other FAQs. And they mention something about setting Shiori's
    	birthday to sometime on March. Why ?
    	Ans : Although its not required for you to win Shiori, they say you'll be treated
    		to a " romantic " birthday party with you and Shiori in her house should
    		you set Shiori's date correctly. Though I should say that I haven't encountered
    		that one on the Super Famicom version.
    15.14 How about Mio's movie experience ?
    	Ans : They also mention that when watching a romantic movie sometime winter, she'll
    		ask you whether she looks good with glasses or not. The answer should determind
    		what she looks like at the end. Either wearing glasses or should you choose
    		otherwise, contact lenses. Although this event DOES occur in the Super Famicom
    		version, I don't think it made a difference at the end.
    15.15 Is it possible to call Miharu ?
    	Ans : Its verified for the other platforms. You simply do the " speed dial " trick.
    		for Miharu's phone number. But they say you'll only reach her answering machine.
    15.16 Do the other girls have answering machines ?
    	Ans : Maybe ?
    15.17 My alter-ego's mumbling about something while viewing the Memorial Spot, what is he
    	saying ?
    	Ans : Personally, I don't know. Something about save games ...... I think.
    15.18 Does Miharu call me ?
    	Ans : Yes. She'll try to invite you to a date, but she'll act up yet again. Otherwise,
    		she'll talk ( a bit ) on different topics concerning special events or so.
    15.19 Is there a " nude code " or something hmmmmmm ?
    	Ans : No, none, never, not in a million years. But if you're feeling etchi, I did have
    		a doujinshi called " Virgin Night " that have characters that are very, very, very
    		similar to the girls of Tokimeki Memorial ( I gave it to a friend a long time ago )
    		Sure, there's a Shiori look-a-like, someone who looks just like Mio, Nozomi, Yumi,
    		well y'know ....  The doujinshi has 12 chapters, each chapter features one girl.
    		Oh yeah ... the Shiori look-a-like ( with a hairband )is featured in chapter 1.
    		And yes it is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very etchi. XXX material
    		folks. Nuff said.
    15.20 End of Section. End of Section ? End of Section !
    16. The dating game ( and how to win it )
    16.0 I did it my way
    	The following is the technique I used to win all the girls in Tokimeki Memorial.
    	You should use this only when you're desperate. Otherwise I heartily recommend
    	playing and experiencing the game first. You'll have more fun. Of course, if
    	you're frustrated that you haven't got the girl for the umpteenth time, then by
    	all means use whats being presented here.
    16.1 What I did first
    	What I do first is stat-building. At this stage, you should never go on dates yet.
    	Go alone on festivals and such. Whats important here is that you'll have free reign
    	on what to do with your time. No one's going to bomb you at this point should you
    	not go on dates. Just accept date invitations though. And if a new girl pops up,
    	call up Yoshi for her phone number. Now, remember to follow the following instructions
    	EXACTLY. Also, read the newspaper every season. You'll need it. This whole process
    	should be done at the start of the game. And should last until August of next year.
    	Step one : Build up your Appearance Points to 200. Yes, around 200. We will sacrifice
    			a lot of it for your other stats. Never mind your other stats, or how
    			you will do in exams or in school activities. You'll also meet Mira at
    			this point, saving you a lot of trouble should you decide to go after her.
    	Step two : Once your Appearance Points have reached 200. Start working on your Stamina.
    			Keep on resting until your Stamina has reached around 200 points or more.
    			Miharu will make an appearance sometime this stage.
    	Step three : After which, you should now work on your Perseverance Points via the
    			Exercise command. Exercise until your Perseverance has reached around 60
    			points. At this point your academic attributes ought to be pretty much
    			very low. And chances are, you'll already met either Yukari or Nozomi.
    	Step four : After that, work on your Humanities until they reach around 60 points. Do
    			the same for your Science and Art stats. Remember to increase it by one stat
    			at a time. ( don't do this : Humanities - Science - Art - repeat. do it
    			this way : Humanities - repeat until reached 60 - move on - Science - repeat
    			until reached 60 - move on - etc ... ) Your Stamina ought to reach at the 100
    			level by now. Rest until it goes back to 150.
    	Step five : Remember to maintain your Appearance too. Once it dips below 120, immedietly
    			push it back up to 150. Do this anytime it occurs. Also as mentioned above,
    			once your Stamina hits the 100 mark, immedietly rest until it goes back
    			around 150. Do this anytime once it occurs. And most importantly : MAINTAIN
    	Step six : Go back to working your academic attributes. Reach around 90 points for your
    			Humanities, Science, and Art. At this point, chances are good that you have
    			already met either Mio, Yuina, or Ayako.
    	Step seven : Your Perseverance ought to be in the 60 or 70 point range. ( via the Science
    			command ) Go back to exercising and push it to around 110. Remember to
    			maintain your Stamina and Appearance and Stress. And at this point your
    			Athletics stat will be at around 180 to 200 or so points. At this point
    			its very likely you'll meet Saki.
    	Step eight : Go back to work on your academics. Reach around 120 points. Its also safe
    			to assume at this point that you've met Yumi. At this point you can now go
    			on to increase your General Knowledge points via the Socialize command.
    			Remember that should you decide to go after Yuko, socializing is necessary.
    	Step nine : Repeat the cycle, and make it around 150 points. Remember to maintain your
    			Stamina and Appearance and Stress.
    	Step ten : You may date whomever you want now. If you decide to push your stats even
    			further, repeat the entire cycle. Just remember that it'll be harder this
    			time around since you'll be actively dating girls, leaving no weekends
    	There you have it. By August you may have already met or exceeded Shiori's stat
    	requirements. Maybe except for General Knowledge, but thats nothing with a few more
    	turns with your academics. Also, should you decide to go after Mira, feel free to
    	increase your Appearance points to a ridiculous level.
    	During the process, once I've reached July of the next year. I'll immedietly phone
    	whoever girl I decide to win and arrange a date with her on the Summer Festival.
    	This would be the start of the second part. Dating.
    	This is most important. If you're going after Shiori, date her immedietly !!!
    	You only have a year and a half left to win her heart. Delaying for even 2 weeks
    	will almost always spell out FAILURE in the end. ( or for Miharu fans : sheer
    	JOY )
    16.2 What I do next
    	Winning the heart of most of the girls will be easy at this point. Thats because of
    	your high stats.
    	I'll spend most of my initial weekends dating the girl I want to win. I also occationally
    	call up Yoshi to know if there's any bomb threats. If one exists, then I'll date that
    	particular girl immedietly. Returning to having steady dates with my girl. There will
    	be a field trip soon, best go with your girl on this one.
    	And remember, do not miss more that 3 turns without dating the girl you want to win.
    	This isn't rocket science though. The moral of this paragraph is : the rewards go to
    	the persitent.
    	Hmm, autumn season. There will be plenty of date spots at this point of the game.
    	( thats assuming you read Memorial Spot every season ) You know what to do.
    	Then its winter !!! After spelunking in Rei's mansion on his Christmas party.
    	Date your girl ( if possible ) on the Ski resort or the Skating rink ( girls prefer
    	the Ski resort ). And yes, you should prepare for this during the first few weeks
    	of December. ( thats BEFORE the Christmas party )
    	By next year, arrange a date on New Years Day. Your girl ought to be in an " enraptured "
    	status at this point. And will in most circumstances, ask you out instead. If not, well
    	call her then !!!
    	Maintain your stats. And bomb threats.
    	By Valentines Day, you ought to be swamped with chocolates. Except for Shiori. ( unless
    	Shiori's in a " very happy " to the " enraptured " state )
    	By this year, you should go out with your girl to experience special events. Look at
    	the Character section for info. You should also go out with her on special date spots
    	should they become available.
    	When summer comes, go first to the festival. And if you're still free, date your girl
    	again on the beach or at the pool. You won't regret it.
    	By the last year, you should take the college entrance exams. Deciding which college
    	will be determined by your girl. If she decides to go to the First-rate university.
    	You should too.
    	Maintain your stats yet again.
    	By March 1. You'll win her. ( if you wanted to in the first place ) Anyway. Whats
    	important was the stat-building. With more or less one year devoted to make sure your
    	stats are in tip top shape
    16.3 What you'll do next
    	After the ending sequence, you'll be asked to whether you should save the game or
    	not. You should. A file called the prologue will be present the next time you start
    	the game. Choose to load the prologue, and you'll start the game with having a stat
    	of winning one girl. ( a score of sorts )
    	The next time you won another girl, you'll still be asked whether you should save
    	the game at that point. And the result is the same. A new save game file called
    	the prologue will be created in one of the save game slots. Except it will now say
    	that you've already won 2 girls. ( thats assuming you started the game with the
    	prologue file )
    	This is a convinient way of having you play the game 12 times just to collect all
    	the endings. ( sheer replay value what ? )
    	After finishing the game and winnning the girl of your dreams. A new option will
    	appear on the OPTION menu at the title screen. Its the OMAKE option.
    	It lets you view the endings the whatever girl(s) you won
    	HAVE FUN !!!!
    End of File.
    For those interested .....
    Legal Stuff / Legal Disclaimer
    	Tokimeki Memorial and all related merchandise, objects, or properties
    are trademarks of Konami of Japan. Magical Date is a trademark of Taito of
    Japan. Super Famicom and all related thingies are trademarks of Nintendo of
    Japan. Sony Playstation is a trademark of Sony of Japan and/or Sony Computer
    Entertainment Inc. Sega Saturn is a trademark of Sega Enterprises of Japan.
    Superman and all related references are trademarks of DC comics. All other
    trademarks on this FAQ that we fail to mention here are owned by their
    respective owners.
    	This FAQ is provided free of charge and it should remain that way.
    Its bad enough to pay your ISP .....
    Special Mentions
    			  - its the kind of scum they are -
    in no particular order : Edison " rabid " Yau, Dennis " confused " Ong,
    Frederick " preoccupied " Calderon, John " choke " Cusido, Jewen " TCP/IP "
    Presbitero, Ulysees the Thinking Giant, Jonard " slippery " Tan, Paul
    " vital " Cos. All my friends in speech class, my teacher Watanabe-sensei
    for all your help. Nelson, for the *($#%^ unit :)
    And all those people who made FAQs of this game in an effort to familiarize
    non-Japanese players on how refreshingly enjoyable a game can be without
    violence AND still has a real story to go along with it. Thank you.
    End of File. Honest.

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