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"Can you improve upon a legend?"

Greatly improved graphics
Much better-sounding music
Map at top left now works right
Basically same story/gameplay as original Zelda I

Never finished by anyone
Only officially released in Japan
Needed the BantaView add-on to the SNES (Japan only)
A few areas changed
A LOT easier than the original Zelda I

The Legend of Zelda for the NES was a legend upon release. Zelda I was fun to play, had good music, and was a fairly long action/adventure game. Now, a special team of developers has re-mastered Zelda I, and started a work known as "BS Zelda." This was a game that was released without being completed, and received updates through the BantaView Satellite add-on for the SNES. The BS was only released in Japan, and the project was discontinued. Now, we have a non-completed remake of a legend, and it's amazing.

The story of Zelda was that she was kidnapped by Ganon and the Triforce pieces needed to be recovered. Now, the game hasn't been finished, so there is no ending, but assuming it's the same (as it should be), there are 8 dungeons with Triforce pieces and bosses, and it's your job to beat them all, then beat Ganon in the final dungeon. The game is in Japanese, but there's very little text that you have to read in the game to understand how to play.

Graphics wise, the game looks a lot like the third Zelda, A Link to the Past. Now there is a great color variety and more colorful and detailed graphics. The game is less colorful and detailed than A Link to the Past, but a lot closer to that than to Zelda I. The character and enemy sprites are much improved, too.

The music to BS Zelda is, to say the least, dramatically changed. The music to Zelda I for the NES all sounded like.. NES music. They had those beeps and stuff that the system was capable of. Now, on the SNES, all of the music has deeper bass, has more layers to the sound, and many songs have been re-mastered, featuring things such as deep guitar plucks. The sound effects haven't improved as much as the music, and some sound overly fake, but that is a minor issue.

The gameplay of BS Zelda is a little different from Zelda I. First, when you're at full health, the sword you throw forward has a lot more range width-wise than it looks, so you can kill enemies that aren't quite in front of you. You can't move diagonally, of course. Also, the world map is missing a few rows, so a few areas have been changed a little, and some of the dungeons have also been re-worked. Overall, the gameplay is like the original Zelda I, but made easier through a number of factors. Controls are the same.

BS Zelda is simply a REAL remake of Zelda I. It has improved music and graphics that are vastly different from the originals. It's kind of hard to legally get your hands on this game, but if you play the unofficial hacked dump, it really has no major differences. The one thing you can be sure about is that this is a legend that will not be forgotten.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/11/05

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