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"Magical is the Key Word Here"

Magical Drop is a puzzle game that was only released in Japan. For new players to this certain type of puzzle game, it might be very difficult but with a little understanding of the game and practice, it is easy to master.


This game is basically easy to play, but there are an uncountable number of possibilities that can occur during gameplay. Every puzzle game can include their own unique style and features, which this game surely does have. What you do in this game is have marbles on the top of the screen, press a button to have the marble fall to the character on the bottom of the screen, move to the area you want to move to, and then put the marble back up. Of course, there is more strategy to then this, but that is what the basics of the game are. It's a puzzle game so not much can be said about gameplay.


The graphics are very clear and colorful. It reaches about mid-level of the SNES video compatibility. Everything you see in the game is what you would expect, but without special effects.


Controlling the game is no chore but also not the easiest. When the character is moved to the left or right and the button is held for that direction, the character won't continuously move in that direction, which could have been a good feature to help players that aren't able to press buttons quickly. After playing this game for the first time, for about an hour straight, the hand you where using to move the character would most likely be sore.

Sound and Music-9

Like all puzzle games similar to this one, sounds are going to be played when the prior amount of the object that needed to be matched, is matched. When that is done the character will say something after you finish the single or combination. This might get annoying to certain people. Of course, since this was only made in Japan, the characters are going to be speaking in Japanese when they say anything. The music is pretty soothing and isn't really loud.


This game can be very fun and addicting or very boring depending on the type of person you are. If you ever have played Tetris or even Bubble Bobble (Puzzle Bobble for the European version) and liked them, then this is most likely your type of game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/12/05

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